Rachel Connolly Kwock, CD(DONA), CLC Photo

Rachel Connolly Kwock, CD(DONA), CLC

Birth & Postpartum Doula Srvcs + Photo & Lactation

Morristown, NJ Service range 25 miles No bridges or tunnels. I do not serve NYC


Birth Fee

$2000 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $55

Availability Remarks: Please contact Rachel to schedule a free consult.

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2400

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $55

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 10 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2010

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 2 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I do not work in homes where there are people who smoke. Love pets.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Including: Morristown Medical Center, Chilton Hospital in Pompton Plains, Summit Overlook, St. Peter's University Hospital New Brunswick, St. Joseph's Hospital Paterson, Pascack Valley Westwood

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Yes - Morristown Our Birthing Center, Birth Center of NJ in Union, and St Peter's Birth Center

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Yes, when a licensed midwife is present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Newborn
  • TENS units rental

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Rachel is an experienced doula who received her training via Penny Bussell Stansfield and DONA International. She has been practicing since 2011 with a focus on the hormones and physiologic birth as well as balance and fetal positioning. Her approach has been influenced by her 4.5 yrs of work experience as content creator for Orgasmic Birth as well study of Spinning Babies. Rachel resides in northern NJ with her husband and two teenage children. She volunteers with NNJDoulaNet.

Fee Details

Base Flat Rate for in-person services starts at $2000, paid in 3 installments, (10% off for Military & Repeat Clients) & includes one to two prenatal visits and one postpartum visits, in addition to additional prenatal/childbirth education as well as continuous attendance at your birth. Additional postpartum visits and/or Mini Photo Add-on ($400) can be added for fee (for existing clients only). POSTPARTUM Rate is $50 per hour for packages covering first 6-weeks (currently daytime only).

Service Area

Morristown, NJ Service range 25 miles No bridges or tunnels. I do not serve NYC

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Client Testimonials for Rachel Connolly Kwock, CD(DONA), CLC

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Rachael M


My husband and I were certain a doula played a key role in our birth team for our home birth when we found out I was pregnant. We interviewed several doulas, but didn't feel that connection. Then we reached out to Rachel. From our first phone call, I loved the calm, peaceful energy she exuded and I immediately knew I wanted her to help support us at our birth. Throughout my pregnancy, Rachel was attentive and staying in contact to hear any updates from prenatals and how I was feeling. We had two virtual appointments which were so helpful and put both of us at ease the more we got to know Rachel. At our first home visit, we explored so many different positions, aromatherapy options and discussed phrases and mantras that might be helpful in labor. As a person who has no desire to breastfeed, Rachel was an amazingly helpful resource, pooling as much information as she could to help me in the postpartum period to dry up my supply and reduce engorgement, even bringing me sage from her garden to make tea. I had no expectation of this help, but Rachel went out of her way to give me the same amount of resources and support she would normally provide a breastfeeding client, and that was truly such a gift. 

In labor, she was intuitive to my needs, always anticipating what I was looking for and I genuinely couldn't have gotten through it without her. Her AMAZING hip squeezes and gentle suggestions were everything to me. She was ever calm, patient and attentive and got along great with our midwives as well. She was the perfect person for the job. We also hired Rachel for her birth/newborn photography and she hit it out of the park, seamlessly transitioning into photographer and getting some amazing shots. We can't say enough to recommend Rachel; I can't imagine labor without her and anyone looking for a doula would be incredibly lucky to have her by your side. 



Lauren P.


Rachel was the best thing we did for our pregnancy and birth!!! The 4 pregnancy sessions were so informative and helpful. We did the 2 virtual information sessions, which honestly could have replaced the hospital sessions we did as Rachel’s were so much more useful and chock full of great content. The final 2 sessions were so nice to do in the comfort and privacy of our home, and a nice way to try different exercises and stretches ahead of labor. 

Rachel was fantastic and the best support system we could have asked for during the labor. I had an induction so she came to the hospital once active labor started and helped me try different positions in the shower and bed. Her guidance for laboring and discussing medical interventions were so helpful to us. She helped me start breastfeeding during the Golden Hour, and stayed with us until we got to the Mother & Baby section of the hospital. 

Post-partum, she’s continued to be a valuable resource and support system. She came to our house one day after we got home from the hospital to check on my recovery and help us with some breastfeeding and latching issues. We had another home visit at 6 weeks and her continued support from the in home visits to texting, was so helpful in navigating this new phase. 

Rachel has the magical combination of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum experience and knowledge while feeling like yours talking to a supportive family friend. I’ve really appreciated being able to just have an open conversation about all my questions along this journey without feeling rushed or judged. She also provided personal touches like bringing me dried raspberry tea leaves from her garden, to letting me borrow exercise balls ahead of labor and a Solly wrap for baby wearing post-birth. These extra resources were invaluable! 

Everyone should consider hiring a doula and we would work with Rachel again in a heartbeat!

Shelly O


We owe our positive birthing experience all to Rachel. After an emergency c-section with my first, I was determined to have a VBAC for my second. My midwife recommended I get a doula, and after interviewing a few, we decided we wanted to work with Rachel. Not only for her expertise and experience, but also because of her demeanor and warmth. She gave us so many useful suggestions, recommendations to other providers, and access to her library of knowledge and tools.

Fast forward nine months, it was finally go time. We had a few false starts and a long drawn out early labor. Rachel kept us grounded and gave us suggestions on how to better engage the baby. She knew it was too soon to go in to the hospital, and if she didn't give us this guidance, we definitely would have gone in too soon. When we were there, Rachel was a source of calm and stability. When you're in labor, all you've learned can go out the door. Rachel provided comfort measures and was a true advocate throughout the whole process.

I was able to achieve the VBAC I so desired, and I know in my heart it wouldn't have been possible without Rachel by my side. She's been there for our family from the day we hired her till now postpartum, and I am so glad we made the investment to hire a doula. The return is invaluable and I will always be grateful for her guidance, partnership, and advocacy. Thank you so much, Rachel!!! 

Penny Zhao


I have great experience with Rachel! She is very considerable and help us a lot through the postpartum period without our family members. She also brings a lot of items to help me recover, and also let me and my husband to take a break from the hectics! Whenever we have problems, Rachel is always communicable and make her way to check on us even at night and see if anything she can help. All of our family, including our dog likes her and we appreciate her help!

Maya Magier


My family is forever grateful to Rachel and will 100% use her again if we decide to have another.

BEFORE BIRTH: From all of the prenatal education on zoom, to home visits, to library of online resources, Rachel helped us to feel knowledgeable and empowered leading up to labor (first time parents). 

DURING BIRTH: Rachel knew exactly what to say and how to say it to keep me calm and centered and focused on the right things. I am an anxious person and she definitely kept me in my element and away from fear for as long as physically possible. When things did not go as planned, she consoled us and helped us prepare for unexpected interventions. She even helped little baby latch on to me for first breastfeeding after surgery when my arms were still numb and shaking. 

AFTER BIRTH: Rachel was so sweet. She checked in often, came to help out, sent new resources and ideas, and connected me with other moms. 

All in all I'm so grateful we found her and that she is in our lives now. Rachel is the GOAT 

Swetha Priya Sathiyam


I was 36 weeks into my second pregnancy when my fears of a very long labor (48 hrs) from my first flashed before my eyes. As much as everyone said second babies tend to deliver faster , I knew my pain tolerance ,my body and decided to take the help of a doula to cope with delivery. When I first searched Rachel and found her review/ recommendation very good ,I was certain she might have been overbooked. thankfully she was kind enough to accept and we hit it off immediately. We fast tracked a few sessions to understand nuances and ways to work with. Her gentle and calm sense drives the stress out through the door ! My labor was less than 12 hours and she eased me with multiple pain management techniques. Towards the end , she was a great partner working with the nurse on duty to deliver my boy which the doctor was convinced to end up in cesearean birth.  I cannot thank her enough for being a part of my child birth plan and being with me every stage of labor.  She s a wealth of knowledge to hit you with support and materials about anything you need to know  post partum as well. I am proud that my son shares his bday with such a wonderful human being ! 

Emily Hillman


We could not be more grateful for everything Rachel did and taught us on our pregnancy and birth journey. She is full of knowledge and really made us feel at ease during some stressful and uncertain times. My husband was skeptical when I first mentioned I wanted a doula but he now says he would have felt lost and helpless without her by our side. She is calm and confident which was exactly what we needed. Rachel was also there for me during a difficult transition into postpartum. She really went above and beyond our expectations and has since become a great friend.



I had an induced birth with no pain medication and Rachel was a calming presence throughout with massages and gentle encouragement.  She helped with getting the nurses and doctors when I needed them. She also had great knowledge about making the birth go faster and be less painful. I would 100 percent recommend her to anyone looking for a doula as part of their birth team. 

Diana Campoverde


I cannot express how grateful I am for Rachel! She was an absolute gem to have be part of my birthing team. She went above and beyond and made me feel much calmer going into my birth. Rachel was helpful every step of the way and even after birth remains as someone I go to with questions.



Rachel was both our birth doula and postpartum doula, so she played a huge part in shaping my birth experience.  I chose her because she made me feel at ease and like I had the space to be in tune with myself.  At the same time, I could trust her to be a strong support and guide me through my delivery. This was valuable, not just for the delivery, but for my entire pregnancy. I could anticipate my birth experience with confidence because I knew Rachel would be guiding us through the whole thing.  When the time came, she was everything we expected and more. Without her we would've survived, but my birth experience would not have been the positive, empowering experience that it was.

The decision to have Rachel's help as a postpartum doula was a challenging one because, as a first-time mom, it was hard to anticipate exactly what our needs would be. She helped us in such a wide variety of ways, but was also equipped to meet the very specific needs of both mom and baby that come with the postpartum period.  There is so much weight a mom has to carry after the baby arrives, and having Rachel was like having someone say "I'll carry this, you go lie down."  

THE BOTTOM LINE: Some doulas make themselves accessible to their clients at a certain point in the pregnancy. Rachel encouraged us to keep her updated as soon as we hired her. She was by our side the whole time, and we could feel that she was invested and truly with us. She strikes the perfect balance between enabling the client to be true to themselves while being a strong, reliable support. We are so grateful.



Rachel was an amazing doula, and I highly recommend her!  Without her, the entire birth experience (including the month before and after) would not have been nearly as positive as it turned out to be.  I am very grateful for her support!

She was very flexible with our scheduling, as we came to her late in the game.  She adjusted her schedule for several prenatal visits, doing lots of education and comfort/positioning visits.  She helped us understand all of our options for the delivery process, and we went into the hospital feeling informed and confident in our choices.  She understood our plan and was supremely helpful in ensuring it was carried out, even when both my husband and I were too distracted or overwhelmed.

During my labor / delivery, she was an essential presence.  She ensured we were ready beforehand with some tips, tricks, and supplies, and she met us at the hospital as soon as we needed her.  She brought another whole set of suggestions and supplies, and having her around as a second set of hands and support for my husband (giving him ideas of how to support me) was crucial.  It was a little chaotic at the moment of birth, and she remained focused on helping me and my husband, ensuring that I was cared for and comfortable.  I appreciated feeling supported while everyone else's attention was on the baby.

Throughout the whole process, she was very communicative.  We appreciated being able to reach her at any time via text, and if we didn't check in every so often (forgetful as we were with a newborn!) she was proactive about checking in on us.  She visited us a few days postpartum and solved a lot of my breastfeeding issues!  She helped with improving the latch and positioning, and she had some great suggestions to make it more comfortable for both me and baby.  She was genuinely concerned about my mental health and ensured I was processing the experience.

Yun Xu


Rachel was absolutely wonderful. She helped me through the pregnancy and birth of my second baby. My first pregnancy ended in an emergency C-Section and I had a lot of doubts about my ability to have a normal delivery, but thanks to Rachel's help I was able to have a natural birth. She was very knowledgeable about what I went through and always had great advice to help me feel more comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone, and would definitely seek her out again if we decide to have more children.

Mary T


We hired a Rachel as a doula for the birth of our first child. I was expecting to have someone be there during the birth and that I would be in labor for many hours and that would really be my main interaction with Rachel and that's it. The experience ended up being quite different! I ended up having a very short, fast active labor and even though Rachel was there for just a short time, I felt very supported and that she was able to assist my husband in motivating me to deliver without an epidural and feel very empowered and proud! Rachel also referred me to my fantastic midwife, who made the birth of my son even more empowering and memorable, an experience that I don't think I would have had with the OB I was seeing beforehand. 

What really surprised me and impressed me about Rachel's services were her support during pregnancy and postpartum. She served as a sounding board and guide for me. She is very well connected and had so many resources to support birth readiness, handling complications, my mental health, my holistic health, and resources for my difficult breastfeeding journey. Rachel gave this information both verbally in presentations and lended me plenty of educational and easy to read books. She was always a kind, patient, and nonjudgemental listening ear which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend her doula services for the great value they provide and I would use her as a birth or postpartum doula in the future for sure!

Adrienne Trudell


Where can I begin. Rachel was such a source of information, a calming spirit and my advocate.  My biggest fear being pregnant was recurrence of preeclampsia.  With so Many articles circulating of black women dying from childbirth and being ignored by their providers when expressing concerns, I was adamant not only to not repeat what happened postpartum my first pregnancy but I wanted to live. I expressed all of my concerns with Rachel and she truly was my advocate.  She provided many resources from techniques, massages, list of specialists, to even essential oils during delivery. My daughter was born during CoVid and there were many things uncertain. Rachel was a beacon of information and was familiar with the Hospital's protocols. I can't say enough regarding my family's positive experience with Rachel. We were blessed to have her as our Doula.



I met Rachel mid labor with my first baby and it was just meant to be! She came as a back up since my original Doula could not make it. Upon hearing of the change of course I was saddened and nervous but it was actually a blessing! Rachel is so sweet, kind, thoughful and caring. She quickly observed and then joined my husband in supporting my labor. She has such a gentle touch, voice and presence that I was immediately put to ease and was so thankful she was there. Rachel is full of knowledge, so easy to talk too and will surely be able to support you in any way you need from preparing for a new baby to laboring to postpartum care. And with photography too!!  I was lucky to be able to use her again for my second baby. She captured the most beautiful, powerful and now unforgetable moments for us and I am forever grateful for those images. My husband and I are both so thankful to have had Rachel by our side as we welcomed our babies to the world.

Mercedes Safarpour


Working with Rachel turned out to be one of the best decisions of our pregnancy. We chose Rachel because her calming, positive and supportive energy was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. We got to know her very well during her prenatal visits. During those visits, she was full with infitite wisdom and was able to show us plenty of stretches, techniques and practices to help prepare for labor. She had plenty of books and documentation that she shared with us to help us feel even more prepared. We really enjoyed the prenatal visits because we were able to get to know Rachel and become very comfortable with her. 

During labor she was so supportive and helped me labor with confidence and positivity. She was in constant contact with my husband via text during early labor until she met us at the birthing center. During labor Rachel was quick to offer comfort measures and position changes to help me. After the delivery, my husband held the baby while Rachel was supporting me during my bleeding and repairs. Rachel stayed with us for hours after the birth and helped us with the first breast feedings. She made she that we were comfortable, fed, and hydrated. She even snapped a few memorable pictures when our baby was first born that we will cherish forever. 

Rachel has continued to check up with us during our postpartum period to ensure we were recovering and getting adapted to parent life. She's continued to offer advice and to help troubleshoot with breastfeeding during the first weeks at home.

John McCrann


We are so grateful to Rachel for her help before, during, and after our son's birth. She was a thoughtful listener, wise mentor, and kind friend. She helped us discern what we wanted at every stage -- from crucial steps in the labor/delivery to small details like how to manage houseguests after the birth. She had a laser focus on us and what we wanted throughout the process. After our son was born she was invaluable providing care for him, amazing food for us, as well as continued advice and resources for learning. We highly recommend Rachel! 



Rachel was a Godsend from the very beginning. She is sweet, caring, genuine and grounding. At every appointment, she brought with her a Mary Poppins bag of wonderful tools from a birthing ball to a robozo to resources gaslore. She lent us books, set up Google folders FULL of resources, was there for every question I had (even late at night!!) and genuinely cared about me and my husband's experience. My labor quickly became a c-section and even then, Rachel was right there with us. She sat with us and read us "The Gift of the Magi" while we waited for an operating room to open up. She stayed with my husband while I prepped for surgery. She met us in post-op with a huge smile, love and support. She was there for us every step of the way, even coming over twice during postpartum to help out, bring gifts (a tulip and our own copy of "The Gift of the Magi"!!!) and nourish us body and soul. I feel so grateful to have had her support and to be able to now call her a friend. Thank you so much for everything, Rachel!!!



After my initial phone call with Rachel, I felt comfortable with her.  I was anxious about experiencing labor and birth for the first time and Rachel was so generous with her time, resources and support throughout my pregnancy and my baby's birth to reassure me.  I never felt like I was putting her out; she was always available by text, phone call or to stop by in person if needed. She has such a soothing tone of voice, with a positive and encouraging demeanor that helped me try to relax during labor.  Rachel was never afraid to get in the trenches with me at the hospital!  I am very glad that my doula search ended with her and grateful for her guidance and help during my pre- and post-partum periods.

Kimberly Rand


Rachel exceeded all expectations for our first born son for his December 2019 birth.  Before the birth Rachel met with me and my husband twice to discuss my anxiety and nervousness, gave me tips, provided me with positive outlooks and supplied us with a magnitude of research.  Rachel stayed throughout my whole challenging labor and delivery at the hospital and made the process easier for me and my husband.  We can’t imagine if we didn’t have Rachel at my side.  We would love to have her help for any subsequent deliveries if we are so lucky!!



I could not emphasize enough how important it's been for me to have Rachel by my side during my delivery. It has been one of the hardest and the most important experience of my life. Rachel made the whole process so much more comfortable for me by incorporating massage, aroma therapy and constant support for my husband and I. I will be forever greatful to her for everything she has done for all of us and if we have another baby I will not even think of going into a delivery room without her. 

Tiffany O’Donnell


I am so grateful to have had Rachel as a resource before, during and after birth for our baby born in March 2019. She had a calming presence that immediately made me feel like she was the doula I would like to assist me. She visited our home before birth to give us resources such as books and exercises for optimal baby positioning. As a first time mom I really appreciated all the information and she answered any questions we had on what to expect. 


My husband and I talk all the time about how much she helped us during delivery. My labor was incredibly long and Rachel stayed with us the whole time. She advocated for me and discussed my options with me when things changed course. She was exactly the kind of person I wanted there- assertive, yet gentle and calming. 


She also helped us with breastfeeding after we settled back home. I highly recommend her and doula support for all women.

Naomi pena


Best experience ever !!! Rachel is amazing she helped with my vbac beyond words can describe. If I ever get pregnant again I will be hiring all over again. She’s so sweet and very encouraging idk how I would have done it without her. She helped during labor and delivery beyond expectations. If it wasn’t for her I would have opted for another csection. So thank you Rachel for everything you helped me achieve everything I ever wanted. Me and my family can’t thank you enough we are so grateful for you. 

Jennifer Kady


Best investment I can remember!! If there is ever a time to spoil and pamper oneself it’s during the beauty and difficultly that is giving birth and labor and delivery. My husband and I decided to research a doula after hearing one too many scary birth stories and wanting more support. What a special time, and apparently a time for people to share their war stories. We were scared. 


During my 23 hour start to finish L&D - in a hospital- I felt completely supported, cared for and ready as the day went on. When I had questions she helped me find answers. When I was weak she fed me ice chips - consistently- and organic honey (!!!) to keep me going. When my husband and I forgot the yoga ball at home due to rushing, she had a peanut and bike pump ready in her bag. During painful contractions she supported me like a mamma bear breathing through it and coaching me along. And, when baby was finally here she helped me feed him for the first time and fed me a sandwich because I had no hands to feed myself while holding my new babe.

Rachel also gave my husband much needed breaks to visit the family in the waiting room and grab coffee- she treated him with care, kindness and love as well during our entire process. 

The love and support she showed us in the hospital on that fine day gave me a beautiful birth story I am proud to share with my friends, coworkers and family. My birth story is an awesome beautiful one I am so grateful for and Rachel has a lot to do with that. I am so happy to give her this rave review and highly recommend her for anyone seeking a doula.

Postpartum- Rachel checked in, came to the house to help me with some early woes of breastfeeding, helped to figure out a baby carrying gadget and recommended a massage therapist when I inquired. She continues to be a caring resource. I’m thrilled I found Rachel and am happy to refer her to anyone who asks. 




I had an incredible birth experience that would not have transpired the way it did without the help and support of Rachel! She paid attention to every single detail from start to finish, and did her very best to make my husband and I as comfortable and “sane“ as possible. With Rachel’s calming voice and spirit, she kept me believing I could make it till the end, accomplishing my goal of having an intervention-free waterbirth. My husband and I will be forever grateful for her presence and guidance as a birth doula! If I ever choose to have more children in the future, I would not think twice about hiring her again!


Amber and Edelzamir



My husband and I interviewed several doulas and ultimately chose to work with Rachel because of her calm presence and professionalism.  Having never been through childbirth before (this was our first), we had no idea what to expect and of course nothing went as planned.  The birth was long and Rachel was with us every step of the way.  She helped us through a night at home when contractions started, guided us through the weekend when the contractions never progressed and met us at the hospital when the midwives chose to start pitocin.  She helped us to understand our options to get labor going and had many suggestions for things to try.  It was clear that she was comfortable working in a hospital setting and maintained her professionalism even as we struggled with the demeanor of one of our midwives.  She was able to help my husband navagate the hospital enviornment and knew how to keep us comfortable.  She was constantly working even as labor dragged on, always trying to think of movements or measures of comfort to help as labor progresed.  It was clear that she was committed to staying by our sides throughout the entire process.  After the birth she stayed to see that we were settled in, had gotten some food to eat and had established breastfeeding.  Leading up to the birth we were never quite sure how having a doula to help us would be but we decided to hire one anyway even though our budget was limited.  After the birth both my husband and I knew that we were able to make it through because we had the constant support and guidance of Rachel and honestly don't know how we would have made it through without her!  We would highly recommend hiring a doula and we highly recommend Rachel!

Tanja Nenadovic


RACHEL ROCKS!!!!!!!!! She is kind and gentle, she is great listener, she puts effort in understanding you and your needs as well as your, partner's, and family goingons. She has great knowledge about different valuable technics that can help you during your pregnancy and especially during birthing. She wilingly shares recourses so that you can be as informed as you wish or as possible. She is gentle but firmly keeps you on the course of priorities when you want to run through the walls, as I almost did :)(I was banging walls really hard and waisting my energy, until Rachel's soft firm voice brought me back to what's really important: "Breath in and send the energy to your baby, she needs your support to arrive safely." she kept repeating)

Thanks to Rachel's presence I went through birthing with my second child, which is usually shorter but more intense then the first one, successfully and without any medications,  as I wanted, vaginally and as naturally as possible. My beautiful little girl was over 9lbs and 20inch long, so you understand that my goal was not easy to achieve. But Rachel was by my side every second of that process. She even stayed untill we were safely snugled together in postpartum units, despit long hours of hard work behind us.

Was it easy? No. But with Rachel was easier! Hence, I recommend her everywhere warmheartedly and confident that she will be the best help you could ever imagine!

The best to you during your pregnancy and birthing! And if you are rethinking, just remember: RACHEL ROCKS!!!! 

J Butterfield


Rachel assisted us for Doula services for the birth of our first child in July 2017 in total we had three visits in addition to the initial meet and greet she came to our house for a prenatal visit, was with us the entire day at the hospital for labor and the birth, and came for a postpartum visit as well. During the prenatal visit she brought tons of educational materials for us to borrow and showed us various different positions to help with labor she also enlightened us as to what to expect at the hospital the day of the birth. As the due date approached she was very diligent about letting us know her whereabouts and staying in close touch with us. On the day of the birth she came to the hospital and stayed with us for the entire duration of the day which was about 12 hours. Immediately after the birth she stayed to help with some breastfeeding tips. For the postpartum visit she continued to help with some breastfeeding tips and helped us with any other questions we had about our newborn. You will want to rely on the Hospital physicians and pediatricians for medical advice but there are things that the hospital or doctors won't tell you in terms of coaching. Having a doula is great for those types of situations and support. Although Doula services not covered by insurance it is well worth the cost and Rachel charges a very fair price for what she offers

Aquilla Edwards


Rachel was our birth photographer, and we couldn't be happier with our experience with her. She is warm, has calm, positive energy, and is clearly passionate about her work. Rachel went above and beyond her role as a photographer at our homebirth, stepping in when extra hands were helpful. When photographing, Rachel was unobtrusive, yet she captured our most intimate moments wonderfully. The photos are our most precious possessions. They take us back to that magical day every time we look at them. We have Rachel to thank for that and wholeheartedly recommend her!

Leon Gellineau


Rachel is Amazing!

My wife and I couldn't be happier that we chose to hire Rachel as our Doula/Photographer. We were skeptical in needing a doula to begin with due to the expense but now we wouldn't do it any other way, thanks to Rachel. As new parents, not only did we need a Doula, we also wanted to hire a photograper to take pictures during our special day. Rachel captured every wonderful moment without any direction from us whatsoever and the quality was amazing!

Our birth plan was based upon Hypno-birthing and Rachel was a perfect fit. Her calm and pleasant style of working is exactly what we needed. Anytime we had questions or needed help with research, she responded within minutes to a day at most.

We highly recommend Rachel Connolly Kwock as a Doula and Photographer. You won't be dissappointed!


Leon (New father!)

Ashlyn Lehr


?"? Rachel acted as both my photographer and birth doula both before and during my delivery. I cannot say enough good things about her. She was calm, kind, helpful, and never made me feel uncomfortable. She supported me before the birth and was there whenever I had questions and this eased a lot of my fear.
I encourage all women to have this precious moment in our lives captured because we so quickly forget. I'm SO glad i did this and came to know her.

Thank you Rachel!

Tanja Nenadovic


I am grateful to Rachel for much more than just our majestic and lovely pictures. I am grateful to her for being so present and willing to help with everything and anything needed during my birthing; to generously share her knowledge as doula and give suggestions for new positions that will help me birth our son naturally and without any medications; for taking initiative and making sure that my wonderful birthing dream team is fueled with food so that they can cope with my twenty-four-hour-long birthing. THANK YOU, RACHEL!!!! We are so grateful that you were with us during my birthing and for everything that you did to make it so very special for me and my family!

Sara Ibr


We were very happy that we found Rachel. She made the entire birth experience much easier and pleasant for us. She spent all night long with us in the hospital during labor which I didn't expect, but was very grateful for. We were educated and guided through the entire process with not just what to expect, but techniques to deal with pain, positioning of the baby, and inner strength. She counseled us as first time parents starting from weeks before labor to weeks after. It was the smartest thing we could have done. Her compassionate, patient, and soothing nature helped us greatly to get through the experience with much comfort and happiness.

Mollie Plunkett


Rachel was the best doula experience I could ever imagine! She is the sweetest and most reliable woman around. Anything that she could help with, she was more than happy to. She possessed a wide range of knowledge about any and all questions or concerns I had. Prenatally she provided great help, provided any necessary resources, and had the best advice for everything throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. She really made my birth experience impressively pleasant. She was SO comforting during my labor and delivery which was obviously really important. She seriously went above and beyond. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat and if another baby comes along at some point she will be the first person I call. I can't thank her enough!!!!! (:

Neda Dibaee


Rachel was amazing

i needed a doula literally last minute and under very unorthodox circumstances and she was so understanding

she has such a calm demeanor which is so important to me

highly recommended !!

Courtney Conway Lozano


Rachel was my doula at my first birth December 2013 and I couldn't wait to have her there by my side again for my second birth May 2015. During my second birth I arrived at the hospital at 6 cm dilated and everything was progressing very quickly. Contractions were intense and Rachel helped me to remain as calm and comfortable as possible using aromatherapy, the birth ball, tens machine, hip squeezing and massages. Her calming voice and kind demeanor helped me get through a quick and intense labor.  I was lucky enough to get a room at Morristown medical center with a whirlpool birthing tub. Coping with contractions while in the tub was unbelievably helpful and relaxing.  Rachel stayed by my side to guide me through each contraction and helped me to remain focused.  Not only did I cope with the contractions in the tub I actually ended up having a water birth because everything progresses so fast. Although this was not my original plan, it was truly a beautiful experience. Rachel took pictures so I will never forget how incredible this once in a lifetime experience was.  I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful team by my side. Rachel m truly has a beautiful soul, this is her calling. I would recommend her to anyone!

Megan Stark


Rachel is an incredible doula! She recently attended my marathon birth and was by my side throughout the entire experience. During my pregnancy Rachel was supportive with resources, support and care. Once labor began she came to my home and assisted my husband in comfort measures, and came to the hospital after that. She gave me massage, continued to encourage me to hydrate, provided me with encouraging words, and supported my husband as we worked through labor.  Rachel is kind, patient, and attends your birth with no agenda other than supporting Mothers and Fathers wishes. I highly recommend Rachel as a doula to support the birth you want!

Jennifer Major Goldenberg


Rachel, was so pleasant to work with. She was very caring and attentive to my birth plan and what I wanted to occur during the birth of our child. I remember the entire birth as so beautiful and unlike many of the stories I had been told about childbirth. We were truly blessed to meet Rachel . She was with me and David every step of the way before the birth during and even after the birth she helped to make preperations as to what our wishes would be. Although I was unsure of exactly what her role would be in the birth I am so glad that I decided to have a doula and  include Rachel in the special day.. I can not imagine ever laboring without a doula, especially one as attentive as Rachel. My labor was very long and drawn out and she stood with us the entire time helping to calm me throughout. The happiest day of my life was made so much more precious by Rachel and her compassionate skill  and grace. I would highly reccomed her services to anyone looking for a doula. Thank you Rachel for sharing in the most magical day of my life.

Heather Longbrook


For you who are reading Rachel's profile and reviews to see if she is a good match for you: I was in the same situation a few months ago. It was very difficult for me to make such an important decision based on a webpage. Let me tell you, you can make no better decision than to meet and work with Rachel. I loved her from the instant I met her. She has such a warm, caring demeanor that shines through with the very first handshake I received from her. I was nervous about pretty much everything and Rachel was nothing short of patient, supportive, and kind beyond imagination. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has so many resources that she educated me with. Even with all my bizarre, off-the-wall questions she humored me and if she didn't know the answer she immediately went to a solid source and got back to me quickly. I didn't know what to expect during labor and delivery and Rachel was by my side encouraging me, comforting me, being my advocate, and even allowing me to literally lean on her! I can't imagine doing this without Rachel. I had such an amazing Labor & Delivery experience thanks to Rachel. I can't imagine doing this without her and I can't even express to you how deeply thankful and appreciative of her I am. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her, so I truly hope that you get the opportunity to work with her and see for yourself :) The only reason I write all of this is because I want you to have the same incredible experience in your own way. Rachel is vital to my positive experience and I couldn't have enjoyed it as deeply as I did without her. She not only prepared me for L&D, carried me through it, but she has been such a pillar of strength for me in the post partum period. Rachel is the perfect doula: experienced, prepared, 100% focused on you and ensuring that you get what you want, understanding, and extremely kind and caring. Much love Rachel, you are so gifted and perfect for what you do!

courtney conway


I gave birth to my first child on December 5 2013 at Morristown Medical Center.  I found Rachel on the DONA website and after talking with 2 other doulas, I chose Rachel because I felt most comfortable with her. Me and my husband STILL talk about how we could not have done this without a doula ....and choosing Rachel was the best decision we ever made. Her knowledge of what to expect, her endless options
for relaxation techniques and her sweet demeanor and compassion helped us get thru 14 hours of labor. I was really anxious leading up to the birth and had a lot of questions about having a natural birth. Any questions I had, Rachel came to
the rescue and was amazing with her follow through. Any time I had a question she always provided information, referrals and resources right away, whether it was sharing internet links, lending books and dvds, or discussing experiences of other births she has attended. Me and my husband were contemplating whether we were going to hire a doula due to affordability but it was worth every penny. Rachel came prepared with her bag of tricks which helped with relaxation and calming techniques during labor. She went over everything with me at our pre birth visit (in Oct) so I would know what to expect  and what relaxation options we could use on the day of the birth. She also provided a post birth visit and provided me with my birth story.That whole day was such a blur and she helped me to re-live the entire experience . Having the birth story was such a wonderful part of the doula experience. Giving birth to my son was so beautiful and I am so glad Rachel was there to share this special day with me.  I would reccomend her to anyone! and I will certainly use her again for our 2nd baby!

Carey Salerno


 Rachel was incredible to work with. During my pregnancy, she met with us several times and lent us some great books and dvds. She always listened intently and generously to my worries, concerns, fears, and anxieties all without judgment. She truly is an amazing and giving person. I had lots of "early labor," and Rachel counseled me through it all. She did it in the best way, though---never intrusive, but just the right amount of support and care. On the birth day, Rachel was with us from 5am until 11pm. She was terrific at keeping our spirits up and helping me try to cope the best I could with the waves of contractions. We did 9 hours of labor together before I threw in the towel and got the epidural, and even though I'd been vehemently against getting any sort of drugs during the labor, Rachel remained supportive of me and my decision, and we went forward like that had been the plan all along. She helped our nurses when they came in and asked for support. She barely left our sides the entire time. Our son's birthday, which was also her daughter's birthday, was more beautiful because of Rachel's presence. My husband, who had been completely skeptical of getting a doula to work with us at all said it best when he proclaimed during labor, "having Rachel here was the best decision we ever made." Yep, pretty much. 

Mary P. Healy


    I have known and worked with Rachel for several years.  She has a calm, quiet demeanor that is comforting to her clents.  In the hospital setting, she is professional and constantly present to her laboring clients.  She has assisted me as a back-up Douls and I am sure that my clients are in excellent hands. At a recent Post-Partum visit, Rachel was kind and encouraging to a busy new mother.  She is active in that Doula Community, expressing her passion for safe, gentle, memorable birth.  I look forward to shared births with Rachel in the future.

     Thank you for the opportunity to offer a testamonial.  Sincerely,



Holly Brianceau


Rachel Connolly Kwock is a wonderful doula who assisted with the birth of our son almost 2 years ago.  I had a previous experience of giving birth to my daughter without the support of a doula, and I was hoping for a different experience when giving birth to my son.  Rachel was extremely supportive during the entire process.  She was very gentle, but strong, and had an amazing calming presence that helped tremendously during labor.  She put together a wonderful birth story for our son, and stopped by our house a few times after our son was born to see how we all were doing.  She really cares about her clients and really works as an advocate for women to have the birth experience that they are hoping for.  I highly recommend Rachel as a doula.  She is amazing!

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