Keli Engleson, HCHI, HCHD, IPPA, RYT Photo

Keli Engleson, HCHI, HCHD, IPPA, RYT

In Harmony Birth


Phone: (702) 480-8829

Birth Fee: $800 to $1700

Postpartum Rate: Not specified

Birth Doula Experience: 7 years and 300 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 4 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 2 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • HCHI Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor

Other Relevant Certifications

  • IPPA Placenta Specialist

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Single parents
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Placenta encapsulation

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Instructor, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, IPPA Placenta Specialist, Belly Binding, Prenatal Yoga Instructor RYT

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Conshohocken, PA
Travel Range: 45 Miles

Client Testimonials for Keli Engleson, HCHI, HCHD, IPPA, RYT

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I first met Keli when she came to our home to assist my husband and I with a Hypnobabies Birth Rehearsal.  After spending a few hours with her, my husband and I knew we wanted her with us in the delivery room!  We were so fortunate that she accepted and was willing to be our doula.  Keli is one of the warmest, most encouraging and positive people I’ve ever met.  Just being around her makes you feel at ease and I credit her with helping me maintain that positivity through my birthing time.  She was always checking in with me and sending me encouraging messages – letting me know that “I got this.” 

When I found out that my birthing time would have to begin by induction, I was terrified to think that my birthing plans were out the window.  I am eternally grateful to Keli because she reminded me that nothing had changed and that many beautiful births had begun by induction.  She was with me every step of the way, explaining what to expect, what audio tracks might be best for me…I truly feel she helped me achieve my dreams of having a natural, unmedicated birth!  My husband even had to call Keli in the middle of the night to tell her that I was 5cm dilated– she didn’t hesitate and got right up and out the door so she could be there with us.  Just knowing that she was with us provided us both with such a calm.  We are forever grateful to her!

My husband and I were so honored that Keli was there to share in the first moments with our baby.  She will always be a part of our family! 

Posted 2/19/2019

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Angelina Itri

Wow, where do I start! My husband and I met with a few doulas before keli and I remember just walking out of starbucks feeling SO confident. We both felt stronger and more secure in our birth plan.. She made our "dream" of having a VBAC seem closer and more acheivable for us. Throughout our time leading up to Coltons birth Keli educated and supported us so much. I truly feel like I gained a friend. Her hypnobabies class was so inspiring and motivating, we recomend it to ALL our friends. When it came to Coltons birth I personally feel like Keli played a huge roll in how I percieved my birth while it was happening. She kept me in a calm state of mind and reminded me of all my stength. I cant thank Keli enough for all the love and support she showed us. 

Posted 5/15/2018

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Katie Messina

Where to begin?! Keli was and remains a huge part of our family's birthing experience. My husband and I interviewed several doulas and were struck by Keli's vast knowledge and obvious passion for her work as a doula. Throughout my pregnancy, Keli was responsive, thoughtful, and incredibly helpful in assisting me in advocating for myself and my baby's health.  Keli always listened to my concerns and offered unbiased information to help me make the right decisions for me.  Keli educated my husband and I about typical prenatal and birthing norms in the hospital setting, informing us of benefits/risks of various practices that we might experience.  Keli explained all possibiities, and we were able to confidently state what we wanted in our birth plan.  During my labor, Keli supported my husband and I both physically and emotionally.  I found her presence alone to be calming and positive.  She joined us in our home, and with her assistance, I was able to labor at home for awhile before going to the hospital to deliver. Keli helped me to remain calm and focused, encouraged me to maintain strength and hydration, and offered suggestions of various positions to help tolerate contractions. She assisted in the logistics of getting me to the hospital, and then to the maternity ward, which gave my husband a second to park the car and bring in my belongings.  Keli continued to answer my questions throughout the labor, often explaining medical terms again in a way that I fully understood. I felt empowered having her with me. Keli inspired confidence throughout labor and was an incredible coach when it came time to push. I don't think I would have been able to deliver vaginally without her coaching. I cannot say enough good things about working with Keli. She is truly so special. I strongly believe she played a large role in the safe and natural delivery of my son.

Posted 3/26/2018

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Amber Midgley

My husband and I met Keli when we took her Hypnobabies birthing class and I knew I had to hire her as my doula! She is full of energy, very fun, and honest. We emailed and spoke on the phone regularly in the weeks leading up to my guess date and she was always quick to answer any questions and remind me to keep up with my Hypnobabies prep. When my labor began, she was available to us via phone and text in the wee hours of the morning. When things got more intense, we were debating going to the hospital but instead Keli came to our house. My husband said he noticed an immediate change in my demeanor. Her presence made me feel more confident and relaxed. She assured me over and over that I was “doing it” and that everything I was experiencing was normal. Throughout the process she always explained my current options and empowered me to make all of the decisions for myself. When the time came, she left for the hospital before us, so she was there to be with me and carry my stuff while my husband parked our car. She was extremely encouraging while my labor was most intense and as a result, I never even thought about asking for pain relief. I had the birth I wanted and I definitely believe having such an amazing doula was a huge part of my success! In the beginning, my husband wasn’t so sure about inviting a person we just met into such an intimate moment of our lives, but in the end he was extremely happy about our decision. She was a wonderful addition to my birthing team and I will definitely book her immediately whenever I am pregnant again!

Posted 3/20/2018

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Gina Bradley

It‘s hard to even put in words what Keli means to my husband and me. I remember my first conversation with her when my doula recommended her Hypnobabies class. I was slightly skeptical and really uneducated on birth in general. Keli immediately puts you at ease and you know you are in good hands, she knows her stuff! My situation was slightly different, I was strongly advised to try to have a natural birth because of a tumor on my spine where an epidural needle could possibly cause issues with. I had zero knowledge about birth in general and I was walking in blindly as an anxious first time Mom. The knowledge and tools about birth that I learned in Keli’s class are 100 percent the reason I was able to successfully achieve a beautiful Hypnobabies med free birth. My husband and I whole heartily believe Keli was to thank on all our decisions, moves, attitude, tools, etc. to help me ride my waves to meeting our precious little man. We had a lot of tough things occur during my birthing time and we attest all our confidence to her class. She even came and visited us in the hospital which helped me remember all the knowledge I had learned in her class and gave me strength to keep pushing through! She is soooo amazing, whether you take her class, use her as a doula, or anything else, you won’t find better than Keli. She is a birth guru with a heart of gold and passion for helping you achieve the birth you want. Good luck to you reading, the fun has just begun! 

Posted 3/6/2018

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Matthew & Kimberly Spair

I whole heartedly recomend Keli! Her support and guidance were exactly what we needed to VBAC our baby girl. Her calmness and confidence in me and my body’s ability to birth my baby was exactly what I needed throughout my pregnancy. When it was time for my birth, Keli was my ROCK. As I hit bumps in the road during a very long labor she brought me back each time and reminded me of my ability. I will never forget her telling me “you ARE doing it” as I doubted myself throughout transition and a very long time pushing. We had a successful/Natural VBAC and I couldn’t have done it without Keli’s physical, mental, and emotional support from start to finish. If you want the BEST, you have found her! ??

Posted 12/21/2017

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Angelina Miller

I first found Keli looking at her website for Hypnobabies. I knew I wanted to take a Hypno baby class and I also knew that I wanted to have a dual at my birth. It was very important to me to have a natural unmedicated birth. After talking to Keli asking questions about Hypno-babies and the Doula Services I knew I had to have her at my March 2017 birth. Her confidence and passion was contagious. She made me realize that I was able to achieve the perfect birth I'd hoped for with the knowledge of Hypno babies. I also had her belly binding and placenta encapsulation services. She went beyond my expectations in every aspect of my birth. Keli makes me excited to plan for a second baby, I couldnt imagine giving birth or doing it again without her! 

Posted 6/19/2017

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Britt Ezra Linn

My husband and I took Keli's Hypnobabies class and both of us are SO grateful for it. Keli is beyond awesome, as a teacher myself, I can say with confidence, that Keli effectively engages her  students, she has a warm presence, and is also very grounded (she's not super hippy dippy at all, she's warm and highly educated, and SO relatable, so  even if YOU are hippyish or - totally the opposite- you will easily be able to connect with her). She is plain and simple just a very cool person who offers you her wealth of knowledge so that you and your partner can feel fear free when it comes to birthing. Besides the actual Hypnobabies techniques being great, the childbirth education component of this class truly  aided in both my husband and I feeling very confident about the birthing process as first time parents.  Keli went through all of that information in a way that made it feel much less daunting/scary  then I would have generally imagined, and actually both my husband and I feel really excited about the whole process now!  I feel 100% more confident in myself after going through the Hypnobabies course Keli taught, and my husband said he couldn't imagine NOT taking it. If you are considering this course, or simply wondering about Keli as a person (because you are looking for a doula) just know that it's a no brainer, she's the bomb, and you can't go wrong with her!

Posted 6/12/2017

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Krissy G

We had an outstanding birth experience with our daughter almost five months ago. Our first birth was very challenging and perhaps many choices were unnecessary. We felt better informed and prepared for this birth. We took Keli's childbirth education class and she was our doula.  Keli made all the difference. I understood everything happening during my birthing time and felt confident. Her encouragement and physical support allowed me to remain relaxed. She has a very warm and positive vibe.  I was able to relax knowing she would calmly give me suggestions when I needed it. She met us at our home before heading to the hospital which was just a few miles away. We arrived the hospital at 7cm. She helped my husband and I have a positive birth experience together. We are so thankful for have had Keli by our side. Thank you Keli!

Posted 4/24/2017

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Yana Banerjee

Hands down, the best decision we made in preparing for our birth was taking Keli's hypnobabies class. At each class, we were able to talk in depth about what to expect, potential scenarios, what our options were, and most importantly what tools we could use during through our birth experience. The hypnobabies daily & weekly practices gave my wife the tools she needed to be able to comfortably work through her labor, and as a partner, I felt more and more confident in what I c...ould do to help her. We also felt so well-informed and educated about pregnancy and birth, so we were not really apprehensive at all as the day approached, and instead were just excited.
Our baby was born 15 days past our due date, and Keli was always easy to reach by text when I had questions during those 15 days! When my wife finally went into labor, we were thrilled. We spent 17-18 hours in the birth center working through her labor calmly and peacefully as she progressed from 5 to 9.5cm, and even as she stayed at 9.5cm for several hours. The midwives could hardly believe she was having contractions and dilating so well, because she was so calm, breathing through strong contractions and even taking naps in between them.

Of course, we can't control everything, and it so happened that our little one was wrapped up twice in her umbilical cord and so wasn't able to fully descend, and we had a C-section. So while the last 2 hours of our birth was spent in the hospital, due to circumstances out of anyone's control, we still remember our daughter's birthday as a calm, happy 18 hours or so in the birth center - and that is completely thanks to Keli and her hypnobabies classes. I can't imagine the experience being anywhere as wonderful without her. Thank you Keli!

Posted 4/20/2017

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Kelly Snow

Keli was both my doula and my hypnobabies instructor as my husband and I prepared for the birth of our daughter in February 2017. We started working with Keli when I was 17 weeks pregnant and she was an instrumental part of my positive pregnancy and birthing experience. Working with Keli gave me the knowledge, confidence, reassurance, strength and most importantly empowerpant to have a truly joyful birth. Her positive, uplifting, fun and funny personality radiates from her and is contagious, and was exactly what we needed while enduring 4 days of prodromal labor, 22 hours of a truly amazing unmedicated labor, and finally during my unplanned c-section.My husband and I are so happy we found her, so grateful for all she taught us and the support she offered us. We can not recommend Keli highly enough.

Posted 4/14/2017

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R. Tina Tuli

I love Keli! She has a warm, calming energy that always put my husband and I at ease.  We loved our hypnobabies classes with her and knew right away that we wanted Keli to assist during the birth of our first child.  During labor she was present, engaged and knew when to step in and when to back away and give us privacy.  She also handled the hospital staff and my mom amazingly.  She helped give us the birth we wanted by advocating for our birth plan and I feel that we have also found a friend in her as well. 

Posted 3/13/2017

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Danielle Chu

Keli was my hypnobabies instructor. We had a wonderful experience working with her. She is clearly passionate and committed to birth and helping mothers and families alike. She's knowledgable and experienced. We don't have enough good things to say about her. 

Posted 3/9/2017

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Jessica Santiago

Keli was amazing to work with, and her positive energy is infectious! From the moment she was referred to me, she provided all the information I needed to better understand the process of placenta encapsulation. This whole experience was new for me, and not many people I know have gotten their placenta encapsulated. So, I really appreciated all the information Keli provided, it made me feel well informed and sure of the decision I was making. She made herself available for any questions that I had in the weeks leading up to my labor, which I was really grateful for. 

Not only did she do an amazing job with the pills, she also gave me advice, and really helped me in more ways then she knows. I can tell since I've been taking the pills, my energy is high, my mood is great, and my milk production is incredible! 

The package I purchased included the placenta pills, tincture (lasts forever), an umbilical cord keepsake shaped into a heart, and a beautiful placenta art print that I will keep forever! I'm so happy I chose this package, I am in awe everytime I look at the art print, to think that this beautiful art piece was what kept my baby and I connected for 39 weeks! It's just incredible! 

If you're thinking of placenta encapsulation, Keli is your go to resource! She is super knowledgable and has tons of great resources! I will certainly be hiring her again if I decide to have a 2nd child. 

Posted 8/4/2016

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Rebekah Mackawgy

Kelli was absolutely amazing!!!!!! Such an amazing spirited women!! Her positive energy was the reason why I chose her! I got my placenta encapsulated and it was the best thing ever!!!! I feel amazing! I'm a 2nd time mom so I have allot of comparrsison since I didn't get them last time! This time around I'm currently 2 weeks PP : I have lost over 30 lbs (12 more to go) my baby reached her newborn weight 3 days sooner than needed, my milk is FULL of pumped milk!!!!! (Over 60 oz) my recovery was much faster! And my patience for my son (4 yrs) even with no sleep is great! I always have so much energy I truly feel like myself again in such little time!! I owe it all to Kelli!!! she also made me a beautiful print of my placenta which I have franed in my daughters room! She also spelled the word love with my cord and I am putting in a shadow box! It's beautiful, I would never trust anyone else with such a sacred thing! Definetly will be using kelli again! 

Posted 7/21/2016

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Jarrod Orszulak

Working with Keli was a great experience for my wife and I. As (busy) first time parents we didn't have a lot of time to read books, the internet and get all of the unsolicited advice that it seems every other new-parent has time to do. Meeting with Keli helped us to identify the things that were most important and to stay focused and calm. On the day of the delivery it was helpful to have Keli there, explaining the process as things progressed, but also their as an active member of the birthing team for my wife. As for myself it was great to someone to confide in. Although I'd recommend speaking with multiple doulas before deciding on one since it is so important to make sure they are a good fit for your personality and preferences, I would strongly suggest speaking with Keli.

Posted 4/30/2016

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Natalya Utesheva

I am so happy we got a chance to work with Keli as our doula for the birth of our baby girl Sophia. Thanks to her I had a relaxing day leading up to labor (even got a pedicure!) and the labor was so quick that we only spent 2 hours in the hospital. As a bonus, we have beautiful candid shots of our new family - priceless memory for us.

Posted 2/8/2016

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Michael Gorman

We had Keli with us as our Doula for the birth of our little girl Sophia, and wouldn't have had it any other way. She was great throughout the process, and really helped facilitate a wonderful birth experience for my wife. I would highly recommend working with her to future parents.

It was really valuable to have someone with experience that my wife could turn to during difficult times who could tell her that everything was fine, and progressing well, based on experience that I clearly did not have. We would be lucky to have Keli at our next birth, and I hope we are able to.

Posted 2/3/2016

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