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Char Perkins RN LCCE, CD(DONA)


Davenport, IA Service range 34 miles

(563) 340-2241

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 466 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2007

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Genesis Medical Center-Davenport

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? No Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of the RI Abuse Council 2/11/13-present. Member of the QC Birth Coalition. Founding member of the Doulas of The Quad Cities group (est. 01/2015).

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Half of the fee is due upon hire and the remainder of the fee is due 5 weeks before the due date. Payment plans are available to discuss.

Davenport, IA Service range 34 miles

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Client Testimonials for Char Perkins RN LCCE, CD(DONA)

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Claire Fourdyce


Char was our doula for my second pregnancy. My husband and I felt uninformed and out of control during our first labor and delivery experience so we knew we wanted a doula the second time around. We hired Char due to her education, vast knowledge, and many years of experience. Char was an amazing support for my husband and myself throughout our pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She provided education materials and resources throughout our pregnancy that helped us know what to expect. She listened to us about our previous experince and developed a birth plan to meet our needs. Char was the support person we needed during labor. She helped us know our options and make decisions when our labor took unexpected turns. We are so grateful for Char's support and could not recommend her more. She is 100% the doula you need! 

Amy Foley


Char Perkins was our doula for the births of both our children. My daughter was born in April of 2016 via C-Section after painful hours of labor and remaining stuck at 8-9 cm. Char ensured my spouse was present, that he was able to cut the cord, and that baby was placed skin-to-skin as quickly as possible. She took photographs that illuminated the loveliness that emerges in unexpected & “unpleasant” ways. Everything in my first birth plan went awry and yet it was beautiful in the most perfectly imperfect way. Char played an important role not only in my coming to terms with how things went, but in my finding a way to believe in my body again after feeling betrayed by it.  While never dismissing or judging my anxieties & fears, Char simultaneously empowered me to reclaim the strength of my body & mind. We strategically developed a birth plan that provided me with a sense of motivation & ownership. Char prepped me to know what to expect when the doctor told me about my “odds for having a successful VBAC”; she instilled in me the confidence I had to move forward even when the doctor told me those odds had dropped (with induction) to a 38% chance of success. During labor, Char ensured I was as comfortable possible – replenishing water, chapstick, and juice. She also assisted my partner in understanding how to best support me without ever making him feel dominated or uninvolved (if anything, she enables partners to be more involved). She works side by side with nurses, doctors, and midwives seamlessly and regularly provides suggestions about positioning & movement (both before and during labor) to help get baby out! In September of 2019 I had a successful VBAC and I could not have done it without Char’s wealth of knowledge, support, and empowerment. She is an incredible human and doula, and I am eternally grateful for her role in those birth stories I will tell again and again with tears of joy.

Kait Shell


My husband and I first met Char taking the Childbirth Prep class at Genesis East that she was teaching. We did not know what a doula was or the services that they could provide in preparing for birth and during the process of labor and delivery. My husband suggested we meet with Char to learn more about her services, and see if it would be something we would be interested in as we were preparing to welcome our first child. After meeting with Char we were impressed with all her knowledge and felt that her services as a doula would be extremely beneficial to us. We hired Char late in my pregnancy, and my only regret is that we didn't hire her sooner! This was our first, and all of the resources and information that she provided during pregnancy were very informative and helpful.  My labor time at the hospital was extremely short, but having Char there helped my husband and I to feel more comfortable during the whole process. Char was a calming presence in the delivery room, she helped my husband to coach me through each contraction, and give encouragement when I wasn't sure if I could keep going. Char was a great advocate for us throughout labor and delivery. I think my husband was especially glad to have Char in the delivery room so he didn't have to feel the pressure of remembering everything and felt supported as well. This allowed my husband to focus on encouraging me throughout my delivery, and not having to worry about remembering things we had learned in class. Hiring Char helped make our first delivery of our daughter such a positive experience. We would definitley recommend Char to other parents looking for doula services! 

Katy Robertson Hammer


When we found out I was expecting our second child, the first person I contacted was Char! She was amazing at the birth of our first child so I wanted to get on her calendar right away. My second labor was considerably shorter than my first, but it was really different - things felt more hectic, I hated things that I loved the first time, and we had our toddler with us for the first few hours. You might think you know what to expect the second time around, but you never know how things will go! Char quickly adapted and helped with alternate pain management techniques, provided extra support while my husband waited for his parents to pick up our toddler, and helped address some things that I wanted to go differently from the first labor. I highly recommend hiring Char, even if this is your second (or more!) pregnancy.

Allie Scott


Our baby girl is just over two days new, so I’m writing this still in a bit of a haze. I labored quickly and wasn’t able to get the pain medication I wanted, so labor for me was a bit more traumatic than “planned.” Hiring Char was hands down one of the best decisions my husband and I made throughout our journey. Yes, our hospital team was AMAZING, but Char knew just what to say to me and my husband and how/when to inform my family of updates during my labor. Not only did she say all the right things to keep me focused and on track, but she truly truly helped me survive the experience by physically supporting me as I labored. I seriously appreciate everything Char did for us - she isn’t scared of anything! Haha

The expertise she provided us throughout pregnancy was never ending! Char  immediately made me feel confident that I could handle anything thrown my way and she provided so much helpful material that I was able to feel confident in (I mean there is soooo much info out of the internet)! Never once did she make me feel bad/guilty for a decision I made for my birth plan. Hiring Char for any and ALL future babies!! Worth every penny and then some! 

Briana Witthuhn


The moment my partner and I met Char, we knew that we had to work with her!

Not only is she a competent and experienced doula, but her genuine empathy and centered presence was truly remarkable. It was so refreshing to be able to call or text her at any point with questions - especially as first time parents!

When we went to labor and delivery, she was a total godsend. Not only did she create the perfectly peaceful environment that I envisioned in my birth plan, but she helped guide my partner in being an equal part of the experience.

I do not have enough good things to say about our experience with Char Perkins and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a beautiful, empowering birth experience.

Totally worth the investment!


Rene Mulka


I hadn't even met Char in person and knew she would be a great doula. Her reputation had preceeded her, and on the recommendation of several friends I set up a meeting to discuss my birth goals and the role of a doula in these. Hiring Char was one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy with our second child. My goal was to have a VBAC and I knew having Char with me and going to the Group (I switched providers) would set me up for success. 

After hiring Char, every time I spoke of 'my doula' the provider would ask, "Oh, is it Char?" They would continue to talk about how much they loved working with Char and how having her in the delivery room was such a wonderful presence. Now that I have gone through my delivery, a successful VBAC, I more than understand their sentiments! 

I told my husband he helped provide me with physical strength during our daugther's birth and Char helped with mental strength. She was a steady, constant voice helping guide me through the birthing process and attending to my needs and the challenges which arose along the way. I had two advocates in the room with me at all times. 

My friend told me that the birth process is something you only get to do a handful of times and it belongs to you and you alone. Having a doula with as much experience and compassion as Char helped to make the birth of my daughter an unforgettable and joyous event. I will never forget her arrival into the world with Char and my husband by my side. 

If you are considering hiring a doula I think that's a wonderful step towards an amazing delivery. If you hire Char, I don't know how you could ever regret it. 



We would highly recommend Char! She was such a great help and it was so nice to have the additional support!

liz eckman


My husband and I were so happy we had Char's doula services throughout our pregnancy and during labor. She provided so much information to us to help us make informed decisions about our birth. It was helpful to know she was just a text or call away if something came up.  During labor, she was a calming and knowledgeable presence that was helpful for me and for my husband. We highly reccomend Char! She was an important part in making our labor and delivery a positive experience. 

Lindsay Olson


We have now had the privilege of working with Char for two deliveries. Her soothing presence is extremely helpful during a time where I’m in need of a lot of reassurance. If God blesses us with a third baby I would love for Char to be there for the arrival!

Megan Baker


I experienced Char as warm, kind, knowledgeable, generous, humorous, deeply compassionate and passionate about supporting me in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is exactly who I needed to calm my worries, support my plan for a VBAC, precipitous labor/delivery and postpartum.  She was an incredible resource and I am immensely grateful.

Kari Van Genderen


Char was amazing during our whole experience! She helped me with my anxiety beforehand. I had a swift birth and from the second she entered the hospital room she was able to help my husband calm me. She took charge in helping me breathe and rubbing my back. She explained everything that was happening to me. I didnt understand things as they were happening because they were so quick and she really got me through a labor that scared me. She was such a wonderful resource to have and I would recommend her to anyone!

Emily Hintze


Having Char's experience and expertise as part of my birth journey is without a doubt the best decision I made. Although I did not have any issues or complications during pregnancy, knowing that I had someone on my side to advocate for me was essential in keeping my stress low and educating me so I could make choices to best fit my needs. When I was in labour, Char was the perfect calming presence for the delivery room, and made the experience for me and my family the best it could. As well, Char was an advocate for me the entire way. When the hospital was talking about inducing and using pitocin, Char helped me make the best choice in keeping with my birth plan and ultimate wishes, while still considering what would be best for me and baby. As well, Char made sure to advocate for me when further complications arose, and ensured that nothing was done without my explicit consent. Having Char with my family was key in our postive experience. 

I give Char the highest reccomendation as a doula and as a birth support person, and if I have more children, will want her to be a part of my journey again.

Catherine Glidewell


Char was amazing and an important part of my birth experienc. She was attentive, helpful, and provided a good support for my husband and myself. I do not think I could have done it without her there!

Andrea Gillio


Char is an amazing Douka! She was my rock during labor & offered so much helpful advice prior to the delivery!

She suggested positions & techniques that I believe not only put my baby in a perfect position but helped during some of the stronger contractions.

As a first time mom at age 40 I was unsure that I’d be able to deliver naturally but Char gave my confidence & encouragenent.

If I have more children, I will have her as a Doula once again.

Thabk you so much, Char!

Rosie Harvey


Hiring Char as our doula was one of the best decisions we could have made.  I would not even try to give birth again without having her as my Doula.  She was such an important piece of achieving the birth that I so desperately wanted.  I was able to avoid an epidural, catch my baby, and birth sitting upright - which I knew I wanted but since it was my first birth, I didn’t know how I would be able to tolerate the pain.

Its hard to put into words the gratitude I feel towards her or summarize all the things she did to support not only me, but my wife as well.  

Being a doula obviously is very natural for her - and she is well liked and respected by all the nurses, midwives, and physicians in our community.  We were also very drawn to the fact that on top of being an experienced doula, she is also a nurse - I don’t think there are any doulas in this area that have that kind of medical background.  

During my labor, Char did so much to be emotionally and physically supportive.  She encouraged me to try different positions, got me all kinds of equipment that she thought I might need - birthing ball, CUB chair, birthing stool, extra pillows to put between my legs.  

I will always remember is her saying low, deep moans” and reminding me to breathe with each contraction because I was so overwhelmed by each one that I would forget what to do. I think  I might have asked for an epidural if I didn’t hear her gentle reminder each time... it was what got me through.  

Char also guided my wife on how to support me which I honestly didn’t know my wife was capable of doing so well (With guidance).  My wife says having Char there took all the stress out of seeing me in a lot of pain.  

She made us a really cool timeline of the events and also checked in with us afterwards.  She’s the best!

Jacob Russell


My wife and I were on the fence of hiring a doula. After hearing fantastic things about Char, we decided we should hire her for our labor/delivery. Char was FANTASTIC!! She was helpful before labor and throughout. She made labor go smooth and was right there to help you when needed and before you knew you needed help. She did a fantastic job keeping my wife calm and talking her through contractions. 

As a father going through this experience, it was great. I was able to become more relaxed. Having the ability to go get dinner, update family in waiting room or simply getting more water, I felt comfortable leaving the room for the brief time knowing that my wife was in great hands with Char. 

Char is full of knowledge. She knows which positions work the best for certain contractions and where in the labor my wife was. She is right there to help translate everything the nurses and doctors say they need to do or what is going on. Char helped keep me calm and help me keep my wife comfortable. 

After delivery, Char wrote out a timeline to show us what all we did and the main events thoughtout labor. Char also contacted us afterwards to check in with us and see if there was anything we needed help with. 

We were only going to use Char for our first child, but after having her there, we will not have another child without Char right there to help us out. To sum everything up, Char is absolutley fantastic. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula or on who to choose, I feel you cannot go worng with hiring Char. 

Thank you so much Char!

Jacob, Tabetha and Baby Carmelita

Emily Kalinowski


My husband Scott and I could never express just how thankful we were to have Char by our side for the planning and birth process for our first little girl. She was responsive, respectful of our wishes, extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Everyone at Genesis loves her and we all had a great experience working with her. We would both HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a kind soul who you will genuinely come to love during the birth process. Thanks again Char! 

Kelly Shepard


Char is a great Doula! This is the second birth we've had with her now and both births have been such a positive experiences where I felt fully supported the entire time. She is not only very supportive of me, but very supportive of my partner. She would continue to build him up during labor and give him ideas on how to support me during labor so that he felt empowered and involved. I would highly recommend her!

Brandi Zinn


It was great working with Char again. My delivery was pretty quick, but having her there to talk me through my fears and provide support to my huband was priceless. Thanks, Char!

Rebekah Franklin


My husband and I wanted a natural birth. This was my first pregnancy, so I had no prior experience and didn't know where to start. My family was not local. I knew I needed extra support, so I google searched Doulas in the area. Google once again came to my rescue because Char was the first option, and for good reason. She was AmAzInG. She came to the hospital quickly and was geared up for success. We actually nearly called her too late because she said to call when I was either dilated to 5 or unable to handle labor. Well, labor went fast for me and I handled it perfectly fine, thanks to the techniques she taught us. She showed my husband what to expect and how to help support me through the process. I look back on my natural labor with good feelings because I went in prepared and confident. She also provided us with loads of education on all things labor and delivery. We had some complications at the end of my pregnancy, so I texted Char, and she immediately flooded my phone with links and information on what I can expect. I was so vulnerable, so I'm so glad i entered into this adventure with someone who is literally an expert on the topic. I also loved that I could text Char at any time with any questions. I cannot imagine going through my first labor without her. She was indispensable and I am SO THANKFUL were choose to have her on our team.

Amanda Podolski


Char is absolutely amazing! She takes time to get to know each family and respects their birthing preferences. Char is very knowledgeable, experienced, and remains current with medical and doula practices. She is a valuable member to a mother's support team, and a great coach during labor. She was present for the birth of both our sons, and we plan to utilize her services for our future children. 

Diane Hassaballa


Char was an incredibly valuable addition to our birth team.  The support she provided my husband and I from the time we hired her until after delivery was fantastic.  Char's took the time to sit down with my husband and I to get to know us and learn what expectations I had for labor and delivery. Taking birthing classes from her gave us additional time to get to know her.  Additionally, her birth preparation classes contained a good balance of covering all options of interventions without much bias towards or against any intervention, or lack thereof. I also appreciated her honesty during classes.

During labor, Char was fantastic.  She acted confident and cheery the entire time she was at the hospital with me.  During labor, Char knew exactly what to say and when to say it.  Her encouragement was absolutely invaluable.  Labor was long, but having Char there made the experience smooth and bearable. i would not hesitate to recommend her to any expecting parents.

Keely Anderson


We cannot speak more highly of Char. We first met with her during my first trimester and stayed in contact with her until our baby girls arrived. Char was always very prompt with any questions we had and if she didn’t know the answer she found it. I had a high risk pregnancy and was put on bed rest half way through so Char came to our home for several meetings to go over our birth plan and educational material. When the time came to deliver Char met us at the hospital within 15 minutes of our call and was with us every step of the way. She helped significantly while I was in labor with questions we had and of course support/guidance/comfort while I was in labor. The Doctors and Nurses all knew Char well and they worked great together as a team. Char provided us with pictures of us with our daughters at birth that we will always cherish and a timeline of events for the entire delivery. Having Char by our side on this journey was not only reassuring, but a blessing. She is great at what she does and we are so thankful. 

Steffany Dietz


Where do I even begin to describe how amazing it was to work with Char? From the first meeting with Char she has been supportive and so knowledgeable. As first time parents it's hard to navigate through your first pregnancy not knowing what to expect but Char was there to answer all of our questions and encourage us to have the experience  that was right for us. Char helped us devise a birth plan that she advised us may end up changing, however I was set on a natural, medication free birth and made it clear I would not deviate from that plan. Well, reality set in when labor started and there was no way I could get through it without medication. Char was SO supportive of this decision and it made me feel so encouraged to keep pushing through knowing that she would be there for us. Having her there to work me through my contractions made it so much better but when it came time to push was when her support was overwhelming. With the help of her coaching and my husband I made it through the pushing stage like a breeze and can't thank her enough for all of her help. I highly recommend Char to anyone, no matter what kind of birth plan you are wishing to adopt, because having someone like her in your corner makes you feel like a rockstar! Thank you Char!!! 

Stephen Thompson


My wife and I were very fortunate to be able to work with Char. She was amazing before the birth, helping us organize and plan things for the birth like refreshing our knowledge of medical records. As the day got closer, Char was very patience with us and now only helped answer our questions right away, but provided beneficial documentation to help grow our understanding. Once early labor started, Char was promptly at the hospital, dispite dangerous weather conditions to help ease our fears and assist in the process. She helped provide comfort, give suggestions for different positions and give the constant, extra attention. It was if we had our own private nurse, 150% dedicated to us and keeping us informed and translating everything that was going on. Once it came time to push, she assisted in different positions and helped coach and comfort until our daughter was delivered. After birth, she took pictures for us to help capture the very first precious memories. With Char by our side, we were able to focus on the highlights of the birthing process instead of worry about the minor details. Char will be highly recommended by us to anyone and everyone we know who is pregnant, and based on the quality of service Char provides, I know we are following suit with the rest of her clientelle. 

Katie Petersen


 Char was our doula for both of our children‘s births. As a first time mom, having Char‘s advice and input was invaluable. As a second time mom, I thought I would have fewer questions or needed support, but in many ways, it was the opposite, as I learned how every birth is different. Char listened to our concerns and questions, and doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather presents ideas and options. It‘s clear, too, that healthcare providers respect Char and look forward to working with her. When I would bring up Char’s name in OB appointments or said that she was on her way to hospital staff, my husband and I would see genuine smiles and a welcome response. She is an asset to the birth team, and by asset, I really mean essential. We are so thankful that we had Char there for two of the most important days of our lives.

Jenna Lovaas


Early on in my pregnancy, I knew I wanted a doula (my husband was less convinced initally), and we are so happy we found Char. This was our first, and all of the resources and information she provided and/or suggested during pregnancy were very informative and helpful for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. My labor time at the hospital was rather short (in part thanks to Char's excellent advice about staying home as long as possible!), but having Char there helped both me and my husband feel more comfortable and confident during the whole process. I think my husband was especially glad to have Char in the delivery room, because he didn't feel like he had to remember everything or do everything, and he knew if for some reason he had to leave me for a few minutes, I would still have Char. Char was wonderfully supportive and encouraging, and is a great advocate for her patients. I've already recommended her to a family member and we will definitely be hiring her again if we have a second child!  

Katy Anderson Miller


I didn't know what a doula was until we met Char at our first birth class. I was thrilled when my husband said "wanna meet with Char?" Char has a warm enthusiasm for life and birth that helped me transition from fear to excitement about birth in our first meeting. The big day of induction came.... and lasted for 54 hours. My husband still recalls trying to get me up and stretching to promote labor, to which I gave a flat NO. Char walked in and in minutes he says I was happily stretching with a flexibility he didn't know I had. By the end I was wimpering for a c section as Char fed me her magic labor slushee and calmed me down. She helped me relax and coached me so well that I dilated from a 5.5 to a 10 in a few hour sleep. Delivery time finally came. It was a thrill. I was ready. Baby was ready. Char and I locked eyes at times. In just a few pushes, our daughter joined us in the room. It was the most breathtaking encounter of our lives and Char brought so much beauty into that delivery room.



Abbey White


Char was an absolute blessing to have in the labor and delivery room with us. She is the epitome of the caring, helpful, encouraging professional you want with you, especially for your first delivery. We cannot say enough about how happy we were to have her with us on our special day. Her communication through the process was excellent. She is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing advocate for her patients. 

Cara DeMarlie Taylor


My husband and I were expecting our first baby when we started the process of finding a Doula! Char Perkins was amazing to work with. We couldn’t expect anyone else to help us through this very exciting and somewhat scary experienc. My labor was super short and when the time came Char was only there for a little bit but it was worth every single penny! My husband felt so much better when she was there with us. She has so much experience and was beyond knowledgable about the entire process. She prepared us for our labor and birth. We can’t thank her enough for all that she did during our pregnancy. We will definitely be getting her back if we become pregnant afain. We cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her services to anyone. 

amy gibbs


we were so blessed to have Char there to help with the birth of our baby girl.  She has the most calming and reassuring presence, which was exactply what I needed, and also what my husband needed.  I mean it when I say I couldn't have done it without her.  This was my first birth, and neither myself or my husband knew what we were doing.  I wanted a natural experience  and through the ENTIRE process Char was there by my side with anything to try and manage my uncomfortable contractoons. i can't recommend her enough!!

Gretchen Spies Schroer


We just welcomed our second child into the world and Char was with us again!  I contacted her early on in the pregnancy because we knew we wanted her support again. Not only is Char an amazing resource in the delivery room but also during the pregnancy. I had prodromal labor this go around and she provided me with great information to make this easier. She is compassionate, has a wealth of knowledge, and helps bring a sense of peace to pregnancy and the delivery room. We Cason say enough great things about her. You want her on your labor team!!

Ann Soenksen


I would recommend Char to anyone. Her services are priceless ! All the love and support you recive from Char is just simply amazing! From her answering my silly pregancy questions, advice about Dr. 's, procesures, and her being there for my delivery, I don't know what I would of done without her! I went through a long and hard (17 hours) labor and I'm already thinking about my next pregnancry with Char ! 

Anthony “A1552” S


We got to see Char for our first, and now our second child birth! If you have met Char, you know that getting to be around her is a joy.  Char is very kind, perceptive and is always looking out for what you want and for your best interests.

Speaking as the husband, if your reading this review...and are on thr fence about hiring Char as your doula....DO IT! You won't regret it. Your husband will be SO thankful, if not for you do it for him! Char is super-calming, very knowledgeable and brings a game changing element to your birthing team. It is SO valuable to have a trusted friend and confidant in the room with you during what can be a stressful time. As the husband, i feel infinitely more confident in the room knowing that Char was there to mind that everything was going ok...she mixes an awesome blend of stepping in right when you need it...and stepping back to let you and your spouse feel as though she's not even there when you have got it. She is an amazing professional, A++ one of best Healthcare people I've met.

Taryn Edgin


Char just assisted us with the birth of our second child.  In both situations she was absolutely integral in the success of the birth we wanted for me and our child.  Char taught us so much about birth plans, our options and rights as parents and helped us create birth plans that supported our desired experience.  

During our second birth, I was not progressing after nearly 24 hours of my water breaking.  Char helped guide us through options to help progress labor and during delivery put me in positions that accelerated the process and helped me birth our daughter quickly and without any trauma.

Char as a gentle, kind, and very knowledgeable approach that was comforting for my husband and me.  We have since referred Char to numerous friends, all of which cite her participation in their birth experienc as pivotal to theit happy outcomes.



Sami Muenstermann


Char was amazing! Couldn't have made a better decision for my family. She was there through the entire process helping me get the VBAC I so desperately wanted and she kept me educated on my options when the pain and panic set in (She's perfect for other anxiety mommies!) 

The best part was she even kept a step by step joirnal

of my labor so I have a nice keepsake for the baby book. 


Would definitely recommend Char to anyone looking for a doula as if I were going to have more kids we'd choose her time and time again. 

Megan Batt


Char is amazing! She attended the (very different) labors and births for both our children.
When my son was born, my husband had the flu. Char supported me through the 12 hour labor, helped me cope with the pain, supported me in my eventual choice to get an epidural, and encouraged me to push through when I honestly believe I would not have been able to and possibly needed a C-section.
With my daughter, born just last week, Char was also invaluable. She was one of the first people we told when we found out we were pregnant, to make sure we saved a space. Rather than 12 hours, this time she was with us for about an hour and a half, my rock (along with my husband) in a fast and furious less-than-3-hour labor and delivery. She kept me positive, advocated for me, and encouraged me. She again supported me in my choices and this time helped me deliver my daughter drug free and in the position that worked best for us.
Char is an awesome person and an amazing doula and she's worth way more than what she charges!

Justine Uhl


My husband and I used Char for our first baby and were very happy that we did. At first, I was assuming that I would not need a doula since I planned on having an epidural. After discussion with my husband, we decided to hire her not only for her support throughout the labor, but also to ease the anxiety that can come with something so new for us. I still had an epidural, but was able to push this off longer. Char kept us informed throughout the whole process which eased our minds. I know for sure that my labor and pushing would have been longer and more difficult without Char by our side. There is no question in my mind about using Char in the future if we have another baby. 

Blair Gruenhagen


Char was fantastic and offered wonderful support before, during, and after delivering our baby girl.  She knows exactly what to say and do to make the entire experience as smooth as possible.  I highly recommend Char as a Doula, both personally and professionally.

Katie Thompson


Char was a blessing to our birth story! I was very open to the birthing experience and didn't have a set plan other than to go with the flow but I knew I wanted Char by my side to help educate me, create a happy environment and to protect my family should anything wild or crazy happen along the way.

Char didn't let us down. She was by my side the entire time. I had strong contractions for nearly 9 hours and Char kept me moving and believing in myself and my body. At one point I had a nurse that I was really fond of, and even though what she was telling me was true, Char had a much more nurturing tone and was able to redirect me in a positive way. Even with my eyes closed I was searching for Chars voice. She is very calming And will be your biggest cheerleader. 

I ended up having a c-section and again I was so thankful Char was there. I felt comfortable with the c-section because I knew my body did everything it possibly could and that Char wouldn't have let a c-section happen quickly without deep thoight and/or medically necessary. In the OR her support was great! My husband was able to be in the moment and Char kept me informed on everything that was happening. 

i wouldnt want to go through child birth without Char!

Lauren Lovewell


Char was absolutely phenomenal!  She arrived minutes after I arrived to the hospital, and she instantly comforted me with her positive spirit, and her words of wisdom.  She helped me as I progressed through my contractions, and offered advice in a calm and encouraging manner. I felt very at ease with her presence, and her expertise was instrumental in the safe arrival of our baby girl. I couldn't have asked for better! We are full of gratitude for everything Char has done for us.

Kris Meyer


I am so thankful to have had Char as our doula for our first pregnancy! My husband and I met Char at a Centering Session at our doctor’s office and then took her birth class at the hospital. The more it became clear we wanted a natural childbirth, the more we realized the benefit of having an extra support person and expert in the room. Char worked with us to create a birth plan we were comfortable with, and she was very open to our preferences and desires as we envisioned what the birth would be like. She sent us lots of resources and information, and in the weeks leading up to the birth, she and I kept in close contact as things began happening. Our little guy ended up being a week late and she was such an encouragement those last few days! When I finally went into labor, Char was right there with us providing suggestions and support throughout the day. She encouraged both my husband and myself as things got tougher with the labor, and she made wonderfully helpful suggestions about positions, comfort measures, etc. to keep things moving forward. In the end, we were fortunate to have the natural birth we had wanted, and we really don’t think we would have made it through without Char.

We would highly recommend her to anyone and hope to work with her again for any future pregnancies of our own. So much of childbirth is mental and emotional - and we agree we couldn’t have found a better doula than Char!

Brandi Zinn


Char was wonderful to work with from beginning to end. She was very knowledgeable, helpful, calm, and supportive. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Jamie Bowman


This testimonial has been the hardest I ever had to write. Meaing, words cannot describe how wonderful Char Perkins is! This testimonial will not even touch the tip of how grateful we were to have Char assist us prior to, during and after the birth of our beautiful son. 

My husband and I attended Char's laboring class at Genesis Hospitals and felt more at ease as the arrival of our son approached. She thouroughly went over what can and will happen during all aspects of labor. My husband appreciated all the coaching she provided prior to being induced. 

Due to signs of preclampsia I needed to be induced on a Tuesday, early morning. Char visited us that night, the next day and was with us during the entire time we were in active labor Thursday and even stayed with us an hour afterwards. 

She provided so much information so we could make the best decisions during labor for our family (mommy, daddy and baby). She helped us with our birth plan as well as helping us enforce it. She made the bridge between us and the busy labor unit seem so small and communicatable. The Genesis nurses and OBGYN Doctors were amazing and I could not have asked for a better team, let's be honest though, there are other patients they need to take care of. Char was with us 100%.

There is so much more to say about Char Perkins, like I said, this testimonial will not do her justice. But all I can tell you is if you are concidering a dula, stop. You need Char. If you are not concidering a dula, stop. You need Char. The care that she provides I have never seen in any industry let alone in most people. 

We made the best choice by chosing Char Perkins as a doula. If there are more children in our future, with my husband being 1st to know, Char will be the 2nd to know because I will be requesting her services on the spot. Char made being induced and all the decisions during labor seem so small. We love Char!

Lindsay Olson


My husband and I are very glad that we chose to work with Char. She is passionate about what she does and is extremely caring. My mother was flying into town when I went into labor and I wasn't sure if she was going to make the delivery. Char provided me with so much comfort and helped ease my anxiety. My faith is very important to me and knowing that Char was a Christain helped me feel God's presence in the delivery room that much more. I highly recommend Char as a doula and look forward to using her again with my future babies!

Angie Kaney


When we found out we were expecting our 4th child, we knew we wanted Char as our doula again, since she had helped us safely deliver 3 babies already. Char's calming presence and encouragement in the delivery room with the arrival of our 4th child was just as amazing as when our first child was born!  When laboring at home prior to going to the hospital, Char's advice was spot on, and she was always quick to answer the phone or respond via text.  In the final stages of labor, it seemed like Char knew what I needed before I knew I needed it - such as a fan when I was warm, or a cool drink when I was thirsty.   She knew just how I should move or position myself to help the baby move quickly.  Most of all, she helped me to RELAX during those contractions. Her constant assurance and support was so appreciated, and I believe the reason we had yet another beautiful birth story for our family, and were blessed with a healthy baby girl to show for it!!

I've always felt like I was in good hands with Char, and I'm excited to see she's willing to share her wisdom with a doula-in-training (Emily) too!  Char, thank you for all that you've done for me and my family!  I'll be forever grateful!

Karen Adams


I absolutely could not have had a natural childbirth without Char.  She really is amazing and knows so much about birth and how to help women have babies in a safe and nurturing environment.  I will definitely be recommending her to friends who are desiring extra support with delivery.

Stephanie Isgrig


I highly recommend Char as a birth doula. I had her for my second birth and the experience was much more pleasant than my first. I had a difficult pregnancy and Char was there to support me. She is very knowledgable and has a great bedside manner. Having her there created a more comfortable/ safer experience. I would definately hire Char again. That was day we will never forget and will forever be grateful to Char! 

Jeff Podolski


My wife and I selected Char as our Doula for the birth of our first child because of her extensive background knowledge and experiences with a wide arrange of births.  Her services were outlined before we completed any payment and she was upfront with any items that would cause changes in plans.  

During our labor, which was very long, we had the freedom to let Char know when we wanted her to come to our aid.  She was always nearby asking questions and inquirying about alternatives.  Once Char arrived at the hospital, she instantly began helping us try new positions and encouraging us.  She was able to help lead my wife and I through the most difficult (and longest) parts of the labor.  Even though the nurses at the hospital we used were absolutely wonderful, it was a comfort to have Char nearby to ask questions to and to help advocate for us.  

Towards the end of our labor Char helped us to make decisions regarding how to deliver our baby in the safest way possible and with the least complications.  I could not have expected how long and arduous labor might be (rewarding, yes, but difficult), and having another person nearby whom my wife and I trusted to confirm decisions with was invaluable.  

Overall, we are very satisfied with the services provided by Char and would definitely consider using her again for future pregnancies!

Cali Carter


I'm so thankful that I hired Char as my birth doula. She was so supportive and informative before, during, and after the birth of our son in June. I believe she greatly contributed towards me achieving my goal of a natural, intervention-free labor. The hospital was extremely busy the night we were there, with most of the nurses and my midwife busy with C-sections. However, Char kept us fully informed about what was going on, letting me know about the stages of labor I was in and what to expect. This and her encouragement about how far I'd come helped me stay on top of things mentally. She also knew where to get all the hospital "goodies" and suggested different positions which kept me as comfortable as possible throughout the process. She even stayed after the labor and made sure Colt latched on for his first breastfeed. It was such a beautiful, natural labor and I have her to thank!   

Lis Ratliff


We had such a wonderful delivery with Rizzo and I don't believe it would have been that without Char. The minute she came she started comforting me using my husband and getting him involved when he didn't know what to do. She talked me through the tough contractions and kept me calm. I can't express how wonderful it was to have her there. I would recommend her to anyone I know! 

Jessica Sheridan


Char was fantastic!  My birth ended up being rather difficult but she never let me quit and helped me stay strong to deliver my son.  Her reassurance, guidance and knowledge were all so helpful to my husband and I when we were faced with some upsetting decisions that had to be made.  I would recommend Char to anyone looking for additional birth support!

Elizabeth Budelier


We had our second child in July 2016. We used Char Perkins with our first child birth, as well. She is fantastic- calm, patient, and very knowledgeable.

When I first discussed having a natural child birth with our first child, our midwife suggested having a doula. My husband and I were skeptical of hiring a doula thinking who needs a childbirth "cheerleader." After meeting Char through our labor and delivery classes and talking more with her about what exactly a doula does during labor and delivery, we were sold.

Char was able to answer/help answer questions we were not prepared to answer when asked by the midwife or nurse. Her vast experience was very reassuring and calming when situations arose in which we could have panicked. She reads people very well and catered to my personality specifically to help me through the hardest part of labor and delivery.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Char and how incredibly beneficial it was both times to have her with my husband and I during that time.

Shauntelya Weaver


I had the honor of having Char Perkins as my Doula for the birth of my son in June 2016. This being my first child I read everything I could and took the recommended birthing classes. I just knew that I was going to labor at home and that everything was going to go quickly and as planned. I didn't labor at home; I was induced. I had a 20-hour labor and interventions that I didn't plan on. From my experience, a lot of what you need to do during labor and delivery is instinctual. With the encouragement and support of Char and my spouse I was free to follow those instincts. I was given invaluable encouragement when I had moments of self-doubt. I felt safe, supported, validated, and empowered throughout my labor and delivery. A lot of that was possible because I had a doula supporting both my partner and myself. Char has an amazing relationship with all the hospital nurses and midwives that provided me care and they were all excited to work with her...her presence seemed to put everyone at ease. I didn't get "my money's worth" with Char. I got so much more. The feelings I have associated with the birth of my child as well as my memories are eternally positive despite not having my ideal birth story. I will definitely use Char's services for baby #2 and I highly recommend her.



Sherry Cunningham


Char is simply amazing. She was supportive, encouraging, and reassuring to both of us throughout the whole process: when I texted her the day I found out we were having a second baby through her checking up on us after we got home from the hospital. She was there for me and my husband when we learned that our baby was frank breech and helped us prepare for the possibilities ahead of us. She supported and encouraged us as we researched and then completed at home body positioning, chiropractics, acupuncture and an external cephalic version to try and turn our baby. Char kept positive when all I saw was failure as our baby didn't turn into a delivery position but rather changed to footling breech. On the day of our c-section, Char was great- she stayed with me while I was prepped in the operating room and then encouraged my husband in his role and opportunities to view/comment/participate when he joined us once the surgery team was ready. I thank God we were able to work with Char for both of our baby girls' pregnancies and deliveries. She's an amazing woman who found God's calling for her as she works with expectant families. You can't go wrong when working with Char Perkins.

Erin DeMoss


Char was a phenomenal resource and advocate for me and my baby throughout pregnancy and birth. I chose Char after recommendations from friends and was very excited to find out she specializes in VBACs. I never planned on "needing" a doula but with my husband in Afghanistan and babies that would only be 13 months apart, it seemed reasonable to try. I had a c-section with my oldest daughter due to breech positioning and was desperately trying to avoid another c-section. Char spent many hours educating me and discussing the birth process so I could be prepared for a vaginal birth. When I found out my second daughter was breech as well, I was frustrated and disappointed. Char maintained a positive, supportive attitude and helped me every step of the way - spinning baby exercises and other turning ideas,  external cephalic version, and finally another scheduled c-section. She didn't meet my husband until the day of the c-section but included him in the process from day one. She even helped him really get in on the action in the c-section which he really enjoyed. From my first meeting to the week after birth, Char was there. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone, regardless of situation. Her knowledge, positivity and encouragement was an absolute God send for my family and me. 

Jennifer Bell


Char is absolutely the BEST!! We cannot imagine what it would have been like to go through labor and delivery without her. I went through 26 hours of labor and almost 4 hours of pushing and Char was there every step of the way helping, supporting, encouraging, and being exactly what we needed. She supported not only me but also my husband. Her support, advice, knowledge, and encouragement during the whole process made all the difference. We were so blessed to have Char as our Doula!

Molly Koberstein


Because this was my first pregnancy, my husband and I thought having a doula present at the birth would be comforting. Char came highly recommended to me by several acquaintances. From the beginning, Char was instrumental in helping us educate ourselves and develop a birth plan. She never tried to push us towards any decisions that we weren't comfortable with. She took the time to get to know us as people and helped us develop our unique birth plan. This special preparation made me feel confident and excited about the birth of my baby rather than nervous and afraid. When our baby was 12 days past due, Char helped me stay focused and positive by sending me helpful articles and checking in with me regularly. My labor lasted over 24 hours and resulted in a necessary c section- Char was with us throughout it ALL. She was a huge comfort to both me and my husband when labor wasn't going quite as planned. I couldn't imagine having gone though labor without her. We would recommend her doula services to pregnant individual/couple and hope to have her present for any future births.

Amanda Pietsch


I can't recommend hiring Char to be your Doula enough.  We first met with Char at the recommendation of a friend.  I was sold from the get go as I knew I would need all the support I could get to achieve my goal of a natural labor and delivery.  My husband was unsure but after meeting with Char he was fully on-board.  In the days leading up to my induction and deliver, Char was great in talking us through what to expect and what would happen at the hospital.  On the actual delivery day, Char checked in via text to monitor my progress and came to the hosiptal when I needed support.  Throughout my entire labor process Char was a calming presence making sure to include both my husband and mom in supporting me.  She was also an excellent advocate on my behalf to the nursing staff.  She did an excellent job in helping me change positions throughout the entire process!  I am so glad that we made the decision to hire Char as our doula and would recommend her to anyone.  

Kelly Shepard


Char was a GREAT doula!! She was so calming and comforting and knew exactly what my husband and I needed! Labor never goes as planned and it was great to have her there to help us through the process!!

John Anderson


I highly recommend Char without reservation to everyone that is pregnant. Having Char as our doula was the best decision we could have made for the birth of our daughter. She is kind, compassionate, loving and most importantly knowledgable. It was our first pregnancy, and she took the time to meet with us before the big day to answer questions, create a birth plan and get to know us. When Char arrived in the birthing room, she immediatly went to work and didn't stop until our baby girl was born. She took maticulous notes of major moments during the birth, that she later typed out and sent to us (it is a very thoughtful and beautiful touch). As contractions progressed, she would suggest different positions for my wife to get in to relieve pain, something that I would not have been able to communicate if she weren't there. She guided my wife and I though the hardest moments, and helped us make informed choices when things didn't go as planned. If you are thinking of having a doula as part of your birth plan, Char Perkins is the one you need to use. 



There aren't enough positive words I could say about Char. She is an integral part of our birth team (three times now!) and is irreplaceable. We would find a way to pay her fee if it were a million dollars. The amount of knowledge Char has, coupled with her calming demeanor and undying support makes a doula who worth her weight in gold. I can't recommend her enough!

Jennifer Rathe


Char is amazing! She has a wonderful, bubbly personality that lets you feel at ease with her.  Her passion for the birth process and making it what you want is at the top of her list. The only regret I have is not hiring her for the birth of my first child. I thought the nurses would be enough.  But after that experience, having Char by my side is priceless.  She has now been there for the birth of my second and third child and it has made such a difference in my experience. Having her there has meant good memories for my labor and relaxing when not having contractions.  When I did she offered support, suggestions, and encouragement.  She was their with warm blankets when I was cold and cold wash cloths when I was hot.  She helped me let my body do what it needed to do effectively.  Having someone in the room all of the time to focus and cator to just you takes the fear and anxiety out of the situation.  She is there to answer questions and let you know if what you are experiencing is normal or if something else is needed.  She is there for all aspects  - emotional and physical.  She helps to make sure you keep your energy up with getting you drink and sure makes one great orange slushy!  As much as I've said I don't want to do preganancy again, my experience with Char present at my labor says I would do it all over again. So if a fourth one is ever in the picture, once again, one of the first calls I will make is to hire Char!

Megan Schumacher


Char was very much worth the price!! Labor and delivery is nothing like you see on tv. She gave us peace of mind and confidence during a very scary time. The movies don't portray women shaking uncontrollably but that is what was happening to me. Char gave my husband and I the dedicated reassurance and information we needed (because nurses are only in to check on you about every hour). She also gave us things to try to expedite the process. At one point the nurses were even learning a new technique from her. If you are at all considering hiring a doula pull the trigger; we are very convinced it wouldve been chaotic without Char.

More than just reassurance for me, my husband is a huge advocate for Char as well. Because she was concerned with my health/ progress he had confidence and wasn't terrified with my shaking or sounds and he could focus on rubbing me and comforting me (knowing what i was doing was normal).

Kanlaya Barr


We loved having Char as our dula. She was with us for both of our kids. Char was calm and helpful. She also knows when to step in and when to relax and let my husband took over. She has so many suggestions to help ease the discomfort and pain. We were able to have natural birth with her help. We will totally have Char again if we have more kids and strongly recommend her for everyone!

Anthony “A1552” S


My review is from the husband/support perspective. In 100% honesty having Char by my/our side ranks at the top of my list of best investments I've ever made, period. First time parents, we did all of the pre-delivery classes and felt like I had an idea of what to expect. However, 2 months before est. DOB I began to think that communication (even in a good marriage like ours) could prove challenging between spouses amidst a very stressful/painful time of life and having a medical professional both spouses know in advance and both trust proved to be an asset worth more to me than gold. What do you do when a curve ball comes your way that you don't know what to do - and the person you love most in this world is in pain you can't even imagine and you don't have the answers to help as a husband?) If you have a long delivery, nurses change out during shifts and your OB-gyn is not in the room until the 9th inning of the delivery - you have to learn to communicate with new people who you don't know at all. Char Perkins is a fantastic communicator and handled the labor support and medical process communication with unparalleled grace, knowledge and kindness that I've never seen before amidst so much stress.  Without Char as our doula I'm convinced I would have broken during this process....instead with her- I felt a level of confidence despite what several of the rest of the delivery team said was one of the more challenging deliveries of recent times they'd seen. Mrs. Perkins is a true professional and would make a huge asset to your health care team! If your on the fence about hiring a doula because you've ( like me pre-pregnancy) perhaps never heard of doula and are uncertain about it....Char is perfect! She has SO MUCH experience in the hospital as a nurse and she is 100% the right person for one of the biggest days of your life. Your spouse is the real superstar throughout the delivery process but an easy #2 MVP is Mrs. Perkins! A++ 5 star service. 

grant feddersen


Char helped us feel comfortable and prepared for our birth. She gave us extra support during pregnancy when we had questions and concerns. Our birth and delivery had unexpected complications. Char supported us and is a huge reason our daughter arrived healthy. She is more than just a doula to hire for your birth. My husband and I feel so connected to her now, like family. Hiring a doula was initially my idea but my husband is so happy she was there. He felt like he had a partner to help me through this experience, yet we had all the privacy that was important to us as well. If we have another birth I would do it all again with Char. Grant and Brandy Feddersen

Rachel Miller


We met Char through the childbirth preparation course we attended at Genesis and I'm so glad we did! She attended my daughter's birth 2 years ago, and I was so pleased with everything that we called her up again as soon as we knew we were expecting the birth of our son. She was amazing! I would highly recommend her, especially if you are looking to have a natural birth. She coached me through 12 hours of back labor with my daughter, and helped me through my shorter, but much more intense birth of my son, who came out sunny side up (OP) at almost 9 lbs. She is excellent at saying what you need to hear, when you need to hear it. And she can take care of questions the hospital may ask you in regards to your birth plan which leaves you free to focus on what's important. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was great about answering all my questions leading up to, and during the birth. With her care I was able to have the two completely natural births I wanted. I felt empowered, supported, encouraged, and safe in her hands. I'd highly recommend her! 

Bonnie Adamson


Char was an amazing doula! We had constant communication throughout my pregnancy, as she was available to meet or answer emails/texts. She was a wealth of information on topics including pregnancy and birth, & if she didn't have the answer, she occasionally would help get me factual evidence or answers. Char was great to have at my daughters birth. She was a constant source of encouragement in helping me get through contractions and pushing. She helped me get into various positions to help progression, where I may not have if she were not there! My husband felt more at ease with Char there to help, too! In such an emotional situation, he was able to just be there for me and not worry about what to do next. Thank you Char for all your efforts in making our daughters birth go as smoothly as possible!

Matthew Gabbard


Char Perkins was our doula for the birth of our 9th child born June 2015. We had used an excellent doula for the birth of our 8th child but the doula had recently moved out of state so we had to find a new doula and chose Char. So this was the second time we had used a doula and the experience with Char was wonderful. Char was very friendly, supportive and attentive for our needs. She has extensive experience and knowledge in this field. When my labor wouldn’t progress she suggested many different techniques to try. She suggested the technique of using the peanut ball and worked fantastically for me. It made me quickly transition into the pushing stage. I was very surprised but very pleased how well this technique worked for my body. I had never heard of this technique before so I am thankful for Char’s knowledge of this.
I had always thought that because my husband and I had being through so many natural births with our children we didn’t need the assistant of a doula. However we had assumed incorrectly. We have found that a doula has a very unique and important role alongside my husband’s coaching and our midwife’s role. Our midwife would come and check on my progress and then leave again but Char was there for the whole labor and delivery to support and encourage me.

I would highly recommend Char as a doula. She is a wonderful doula. 

Elizabeth Gabbard


Kelli Eryn


Choosing Char to be a part of our labor team was the best decision my husband and I made! Char was knowledgeable, helpful, comforting, and calm through the entire process. It's obvious Char is passionate about being a doula. I would highly recommend Char to anyone!

Julie Besse


I can’t say enough about how helpful Char was during our pregnancy. Char was instrumental in providing us with more than enough information that allowed us to have a totally natural birth even when I was highly skeptical during the 17 hours of hardly bearable labor.

Points to mention: Char met us at the hospital at 1am. When she tells her classes that she is literally available around the clock, she really means it. Char was available to answer all questions we had throughout pregnancy. Her responses were well thought out and timely. Char was really an extra set of hands that helped support my wife during labor. Char suggested positions for my wife when midwives were busy with other pregnant mothers (there were 5 other laboring mothers at the hospital at the same time). Char comforted and gave tips on how I could better serve my wife throughout the morning when midwives were unavailable. I believe Char’s techniques, and calming strength are two primary reasons why my wife was able to have a natural child birth Char explained monitors, charts, and medical jargon in easy to understand terms. Char was truly a joy to be around even in tense moments. She knew when it was time to make a joke to lighten the mood but she was also able to be serious when the situation required it. Char was able to help rub my wife’s back when I needed a short break from the action. Char took photos using our camera which provided a more comprehensive story of our baby’s entry into the world. Char followed up with us after our son’s birth to see about the health and well-being of the whole family.

Would I recommend her? Yes, and I have given her name and conveyed her value to many expectant fathers. The piece of mind and comfort that she provides to you and your wife, in a time of uncertainty, is worth every penny!

Maggie Manternach


I highly recommend Char!  She made a world of difference in our labor/birth experience.  My husband was reluctant to hire a doula at first, but was so glad we did!  He was worried that he would not get to participate as much if we had a doula.  But, Char does not take the place of your birth partner, she just helps you both in the labor process.  She helped my husband help me.  Char made sure the hospital followed through with all of my preferences on the birth plan, from having an active labor, to getting an epidural at the right time.  I can honestly say that my labor / birth experience was pleasurable.  I enjoyed it.  Char really helped with offering position suggestions to speed up my "laboring down" process.  When it came time to push, I had one push, and my precious daughter was out!  Char has a ton of experience and knew every single nurse and doctor that came into my delivery room.  It really helps that she has a relationship with the hospitals and hospital staff.  Char was the perfect balance of being helpful without being instrusive.  She is worth every penny, and then some. Plus, she is just an awesome fun sweet person to talk to!  Bonus!

Sherry Cunningham


My husband and I met Char during a Centering appointment at The Group and loved her personality and sense of humor. We reached out to her at the beginning of our birth class series at Genesis and from there it went on fabulously! Char answered our questions and prompted us to think about issues and preferences so that we could make informed decisions about our birth plan. She was willing and able to answer questions over text prior to delivery and came to the hospital as soon as we asked for the help after my induction was started.

Char is an amazing person and has the skills to calm, soothe, and comfort while still giving me the ability to be in charge of my delivery. She listened to my concerns and pain levels, offered suggestions and reassured me that everything was going well. My husband felt Char's help the most when he was able to watch and be there for me without knowing what or how to really help. He took her cues and suggestions and tried his best to be helpful.

I know that we could have labored without Char but I wouldn't have wanted to. She was a tremendous relief and I will be asking her to help us when we have our next child. Thank you, Char!

Kathryn Robertson Hammer


My husband and I are so glad we had Char by our side during the birth of our first child. She suggested different positions to alleviate discomfort, offered beverages, etc, but still kept my husband involved. I wasn't excited about using pain relief drugs during labor - with Char's support, I was able to go without. When things got tough toward the end, Char was able to provide the encouragement I needed. I wanted my husband with me, but let's face it, he didn't always know what to say or do! We highly recommend hiring a doula (Char in particular!). We don't feel the birthing experience would have been so smooth and positive without her help.

June Clemons


Char Perkins  has assisted in the deliveries of my second and third child. 

Even though  both deliveries had different experiences because of Char's assistance,

 I was able to have them both naturally. It's so nice to have someone like Char by your side to help motivate and encourage you in that once in a lifetime experience with the birth of your  children. 

After everything is said and done, you have this amazing miracle and realize how blessed you are to made it through with a healthy mama and baby. 

Thank you Char,  for being such a wonderful support! !


Bridget Maupin


Char did an amazing job!  She was calm, professional, and knowledgeable.  It was worth it to have her as someone to bounce ideas off of, and share the experience with.  We did not find out the gender of our baby, and wanted my husband to be able to announce it.  In the whirl of delivery we completely forgot about it.  Char did not.  She made sure that we still received that moment we will cherish it forever.  

Had I not had her by my side, along with my husband, I would not have been able to make it through the birth unmedicated.  

Sarah Hill


We used Char with both of our births.  She was amazing and so supportive. It was so nice to have her there to communicate with the staff about the specific things I wanted for my labor and delivery.  My first birth I had an epidural. The second child I did it completely drug free.  I know I wouldn't have been able to do this without her support.  I highly recommend her for your birth experience.  She can support any decision you  make in the process and make you feel that you have made the right decision for you.  She also followed up after I was home to make sire everything was going ok with regards to breastfeeding and postpartum depression.  She truly cares about her clients.  I highly recommend her!!

Angie Kendall


Char was an incredible source of knowledge and support. During what ended up being an incredibly long process she was somehow both everywhere I needed her to be and yet never in the way or overwhelming. She ensured my husband was very involved and at the center of the action by supporting him, making gentle suggestions and working together to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. When things during our birth didn't go according to our plan she helped us to work through our options and was incredibly supportive of our decisions.  

Char created a relationship with us long before the actual birth and was great at answering questions and providing additional supplemental information on everything we were experiencing. She remained abreast of our current issues and offered suggestions as things unfolded during the final part of the pregnancy. 

Her presence allowed me to concentrate on simply being in the moment and know that she was my advocate to ensure that the things that were important to me were taken care of. This releived a lot of pressure and stress from my hsband and me. After the birth as the nurses began to wrap our baby in a towel she immediately stepped in to ensure they knew our wishes to have skin to skin contact.  That is just one small example of the details Char was able to manage for us-and just one small example of the role she played in ensuring our baby had the best welcome into the world we could provide him. 

Should we have another child we will most certainly use Char's services again and we wholeheartedly recommend others use her as well. 

Becki J. 'Ogne' Buescher


I was honored to use Char Perkins as my doula for my first and third child. My last deliver was a c-section because of breech position so I was determined to accomplish a VBAC this time.   I hired Char to help me toward this goal.  I am very pleased with Char's service to me and my husband as I labored and delivered my beautiful little boy, Elias.  I had a great successful drug-free VBAC and Char helped the enviroment stay calm and peaceful, meeting my needs and directing my husband along the way and I was very happy at the results!  It gave me peace of mind to have someone present that knew my desires and plan and was able to be the iiason between me and my midwife and nurses.  I am very pleased!

Guyla Ezugha


I am so beyond happy that we had Char with us for our second birth.  Char helped us with our first child immensly but since this was our second, we considered not having a doula...thinking we knew everything we needed to know.  I'm SO glad we decided to go ahead and have Char's help.  This birth was totally different and if we hadn't had her help, I know the birth would not have been as manageable.  Char really knows everything there is to know about managing pain and helping you cope with whatever stage of labor you may be in.  Another amazing thing about Char is she feels like she is just part of the family.  She listens to what you have to say or what you may be feeling and doesn't feel the need to tell you what to do.  If there are any more pregnancies in the future for me, Char will definitely be asked to help us out.

Jenny Lauritsen


We had a wonderful birthing experience with Char on our side for breathing and relaxation techniques when in the hardent of labor contractions. Her expertise and knowledge, in my opinion,  helped shorten the length of labor significantly. Her bedside manor and respect for the family's birthplan is truly outstanding. I would hire her again in a heartbeat! 

Gretchen Spies Schroer


Hiring Char was one of the best decisions we made when planning for our labor and delivery!  Char played an integral role in helping us to establish our birth plan and has a wealth of evidence based information to help parents to be make informed decisions. She is quick to respond to questions or concerns. 


On on the day of our delivery, Char was not only a calming presence but is also great at helping you get through the rough spots. Here relationship with the staff at the facility we delivered at is fantastic and she not only supports you in labor but is your advocate. Char kept track of the timeline of events of our labor and delivery which was great because things moved so quickly that it is hard to remember what happened after the fact!!  We will definitely be contacting Char for future babies!

Megan Batt


Char was amazing. We hadn't thought much about hiring a doula until we took Char's childbirth class. We learned that having a doula lowers the chances of needing a c-section and we realized that having someone there for support during birth so that we wouldn't have to worry about remembering everything in class would be useful. My husband and I knew it would be helpful, but didn't realize how much having Char there would mean to us.  Not only did she do a great job of listening to what we wanted when we met before the birth, but she was also a great resource at the end of pregnancy, always reachable and always willing to answer any questions and reassure me whenever needed. On the day I went into labor, my husband was so sick he could barely get off the couch in the hospital room. Char took care of me, helping me deal with the pain and get through contractions, but she also helped make sure that my husband was taken care of and that he could get some sleep so he could be there for our son's birth. Char also helped to make sure everyone knew what we wanted, to mand sure I got to hold my baby right away. She was wonderful to chat with between contractions and her encouragement was exactly what I needed in the hardest parts. She was wonderful and worth so much more than what it cost to hire her. 

Amy Thiessen


My husband and I decided to hire a doula with our second son after our first son's birth ended with a cesarean. Trying for a vaginal birth was very important to us and we wanted to give ourselves the best opportunity for success. 

After reviewing several options and meeting with Char it was apparent that she was the best fit for our family. 

Between the hospital tour, family meeting, Char's experience with our medical facility, and great relationships she has throughout our Midwives' Group and hospital nursing staff we were in amazing hands. 

We were able to successfully VBac and had an amazing birthing experience. She even stayed with my husband when I had some unforeseen postpartum complications and helped him feel as comfortable as possible throughout a very stressful situation. I can without a doubt recommend her to anyone and would hire her again in the future should we decide to have another baby. 

She was simply amazing. 


Nick and Amy Thiessen

Nichole Schmidt


Char was amazing!!  We hired Char to assist in the c-section delivery of our first child on September 26th.  We knew we were going to have a c-section because our baby girl was breech, but since the whole experience was going to be a first for my husband and me, we wanted someone there to help support both of us.  Char was absolutely perfect for the job.  She helped me throughout the entire procedure, she took the most amazing photos of the birth of our baby girl, and she stayed with me and my husband after the delivery and through some of the recovery.  She was so knowledgeable and assisted in us making decisions for our baby girl.  We are very thankful for her support and her assistance!

Angie Kaney


Char has been our doula for all 3 of children's births, and I can't imagine going through labor without her!  This third time around with Char was just as awesome as the first two labor experiences (if not even better!). This time, I labored for 20 hours total, and Char was quick to answer that early morning 4 a.m. phone call, and was able to answer all my questions throughout the day as I labored.  When we got to the hospital, Char was right there to help us every step of the way.  She helped us to communicate our birth plan to the nurses, and talked me through all my questions and concerns.  She provided helpful suggestions to keep the labor progressing, and was the calm and reassuring presence in the labor and delivery room that I needed.  Speaking of needs, I don't know how she does it, but she always knew what I needed before I needed it (warm blanket, cold towels, cherry slushy - you name it!).   Also, I'm not sure why I had some anxiety during labor, but Char was able to talk me through my fears and concerns, and provided exactly the reassurance I needed to be able to relax and deliver a healthy baby.  Once our baby boy arrived, we were able to enjoy that first "golden hour" of life with our little guy in the peace and quiet of the delivery room, and this was also thanks to Char who made sure everyone knew this was what we wanted.   Thanks to Char, this was yet another amazing birth experience for our family!  If we have a 4th child (I can't believe I'm saying this 2 weeks after giving birth!), there is no doubt, I want Char there again!!! 

Kathryn Young Kunkel


Char was patient with my family and always there to answer our questions.  Even though this was my third pregnancy, this baby couldn't have thrown me for any more loops.  I was grateful that Char was able to answer my questions and give me advice throughout the pregnancy.  During the delivery she was present and helpful, but did not get in the way of the midwife or other doctors/nurses.  Additinoally, she was supportive of my husband and his praticipation and judegment calls.  I was grateful to have her help during pregnancy, at the birth, and now after.  Thank you Char!

Sara Corcoran


Char was a great support for us in labor and delivery.  We loved having her in our childbirth class as she is very personable and knowledgable.  Char is very supportive of natural labor but also very accepting of the use of pain relief if wanted or needed.  We felt very comfortable having her with us in the delivery room, and my husband felt more at ease having someone there who had experience and could guide him in things to do, try, or say.  We are very appreciative of Char's presence with us and feel like having her as our doula was a great decision for us.

Emilia Deem


Char has now been a part of the birth of all 3 of our children. My husband has become her biggest advocate (after initially being leary of having a doula) and has said that we will not ever do this without her! We love her personality, it fits in great with our family and our sense of humor. We love that Char is an experienced RN as well as a doula. We feel so confident with her helping us make choices throughout our labors. We've gotten so comfortable with Char over the years, that now when I hear that wonderful Minnesotan accent I know it's birthing time and I get more relaxed/confident. We also love that Char is not only loved & respected by us, but by the hospital staff as well. At our last birth, we knew that Char had arrived because we heard all the staff at the nurses station cheer her name as she stepped onto the floor. Char helps you achieve the birth experience that YOU want, and when things don't go as planned, she is so supportive.

We recommend Char to anyone! Whether you are a first time parent, or have done it before, it's so good to have Char on your side. Every labor is different and it's nice to have someone as experienced as Char help you find your way through the birthing process!

Megan Dyer


My husband and I hired Char for the birth of our first child, and the decision to do so was great.  Char was very supportive and helpful in building our birth plan.  Due to some complications we weren't able to follow through with the birth plan exactly as planned, but thankfully we had Char there to help us through a rough delivery.  Char offered us a tremendous amount of support and caring.  After laboring it was discovered that our baby was facing the wrong direction (sunny side up) and I had to go in for a c section.   Unfortunately the epidural did not numb me enough for the surgery so I had to have general anesthesia and therefore my husband could not be in the operating room.  Thankfully Char was there to explain to him what was happening and keep him updated on everything.  Since I had general anesthsia, I was still very much "out of it" during my baby's first moments. However, Char was there through the whole thing and captured many precious photos of my husband seeing our beautiful little girl for the first time.  Since I don't remember any of that, I am incredibly grateful for those pictures.  I cannot express through words how comforting it was to know that Char was with my husband while all of this was taking place.  Char even came to check on us in the hospital a day later.  I would recommend Char to anyone seeking doula services.  I would definitely hire her again in the future!

Kate Blondell


For the birth of our first child - Tenley - we enlisted Char to help us through the process.  We were lucky enough to have friends give us Char's information so that we were able to have her help.  We have a busy schedule so we had Char give us private birthing classes, which were perfect for us and were extremely informative and we felt prepared following the classes.  Through the birth process we had planned on going natural, but as in life, there were some complications that ended in me having a c-section.  Through the process of getting to the c-section Char was a advocate for my husband and I, keeping our views and wishes in mind while we were going through a stressful time.  She asked the questions we didn't know to ask but needed to be asked.  We were lucky to have Char in the room with us so that we knew we were making the right decision for our family.  Following the c-section, Char stayed with my husband while I was in recovery, going through all the after birth things for the baby so he didn't feel alone or if there were questions she was there to help guide if he needed it.  Looking back, we are so grateful to have had Char with us through the entire process.  Being first time parents is scary and she made it so we weren't scared and knew we informed and making the right decisions for us.  We would and will recommend her services to anyone!

Garen Parker


Char is incredible. And I can't imagine my pregnancy and labor experience without her. Char took the time to sit down with me and my husband to get a comprehensive understanding of how to best support us both through labor and delivery. Char never tried to force her opinion on us and she never judged us. She was always available to answer our plethora of questions during the pregnancy. And she didn't mind taking the time to talk with us during the pregnancy when extra emotional support was needed. In all of our interactions with Char, her passion for being a doula was evident. But it was during the labor and delivery that Char absolutely shined. I do not know what I would have done without her. She was a constant source of encouragement during all 12 hours of labor. Her commitment to helping me achieve the childbirth experience I wanted never wavered...even during the moments when i wondered what I had gotten myself into with a natural birth. Labor was intense and has since blurred together, but during all the moments I can clearly recall, Char is by my side giving me the guidance I need, offering ways to increase physical comfort, and offering the right words at the right time to encourage me on. I cannot imagine my childbirth experience without Char, nor do I want to. Char is a true professional with a heart for laboring mamas. She is always prepared, always on the ball, and absolutely loves what she does. My husband is already talking about more kids. I told him that was fine as long as he found a way to make sure Char was by my side.

Joni Sikkema


This was our 3rd labor/delivery with Char and as was a GREAT experience.  Char is tentative and always on top of things.  She was there to encourgage/support me through the tears and doubt that I had.  We love Char and would never want another Doula!!  

Allison Elfline


We were lucky enough to meet Char who taught our birthing class, and we instantly knew we wanted her for our doula.  Char was a great help during the birth process.  I personally was induced after 9 days late with pitocin, and had a drug-free birth experience.  While physically taxing, it was wonderful to have Char with my husband and I during this experience.  She has been a wonderful asset before, during and after the birth of our girl.  She kept both my husband and I calm during the birth, gave us the knowledge and support that we needed, and I'm so glad I had the birthing experience I had.  Thank you, Char!

Taryn Edgin


My husband had been through the birth of his first two children 6 and 9 years previously, so when we were pregnant with our third child he was hestitant to seek the help of anyone for the birth.  After our first meeting with Char he had changed his mind! Char educated us on a very wide variety of topics that we had never heard of before.  Both my husband and I desired to have the least invasive labor, birth, and treatment of myself and our child.  Char provided us with the resources to make the best decisions to ensure we had the best experience possible.  She also spent a lot of time ensuring that we were prepared for the labor experience. 

Due to Char's upfront education, support, and the resources that she provided, we felt very prepared when i went into labor.  I was able to labor at home for 10 of my 12 hours and had our daughter quickly, safely, and naturally.  We wouldn't have been able to provide our daughter with the birth environment that we had desired had it not been for Char.

Finally, although my husband had been through two births prior, he was very happy that we had hired Char to assist in our daughter's birth.  He commented numerous times, that he had wished he had known all of this new information during the first two births!

We would highly recommend hiring Char to provide support and resources before, during, and after your next birth.

Manny Rivera


Char was great from the moment she arrived at the hospital. She was very comfortable with the hospital and staff. That was a great asset when a warm blanket was needed or a popsicle slushy. There was no delay in anything that was requested. She is knowledgeable and is very calming during the whole birthing process which is great for first time parents going through labor & delivery. She took the nervousness out for me so I could be there emotinally for her as a husband to enjoy it without having the pressure to remember different positions, the labor process, & deciding steps to take when the birth wasn't going as we had planned. She was a voice of reason & was very matter of fact when it came time to help my wife realize she could do the delivery when my she was scared of the pushing stage without having epidural & when the pain medication had all but worn off. To have someone there that has done labor & delivery numerous times over several years is priceless & we will be using her again with all of our births. Char is wonderful!

Benjamin Mundinger


Char was great during the birth of our daughter Piper! Not only that, but she was help before the birth, teaching our birth class and answering any questions that we might have. She also checked in regularly to see how things were going and to update us with anything that would cause her to step out/be delayed in making it to the hospital (she has a backup doula for such instances).

She helped both of us as we went from beign induced to my wife's water being broken all the way through the birth. She was exactly what we needed all along. At the beginning she was good at keeping the environment light and enjoyable. As things got progressively tougher, she was a rock for both my wife and myself. After 2 hrs. at 7.5 cm my wife elected for a epidural. While this was not our original plan, it was necessary so that my wife had energy to push even though our daughter's head was sideways. At this point my wife was able to sleep and Char became good company for me as we waited for my wife to progress. Her calm made it easier for me to relax. Through pushing she was a great encourager and held my wife's other leg. After the birth she took some great pictures of our new family and then slipped out so that we could enjoy to moment. She also sent us a timeline of the entire birthing process with all events and times for reference (nice bonus!).

We could not imagine going through birth with out Char. We hope to use her for our next child!

mbmays .


We hired Char for the birth of our rainbow baby, having already used her as a doula for the birth of our oldest daughter. I have always said that Char is worth her weight in gold, and that the small amount of money we pay to have her at our birth is the easily the best investment we could make. Char really takes time to get to know you personally, as well as study your birth plan front to back. She remembers things that you'd have otherwise forgotten in the heat of the moment. Char always knows the right thing to say, way to help/support, and thing to do. Without saying a word, she can calm you down and ease your mind just enough so that you can cope. I can't speak highly enough of Char and the services she has provided to my husband, my births, and me. I know that it is because of Char that I've been able to achieve two intervention-free births. I am forever grateful!

Jessica t


We had a great experience with Char! I was determined to have a vbac with this baby. As my due date came closer, I was struggling with deciding if a vbac was really the right choice for us. Char listened to my concerns and helped me through tears while I tried to figure out what was best. In the end, we decided that a planned c-section was best for our situation. Char was there with us before the c-section to help keep us calm and to wait with my husband while I was prepped for surgery. She was in the room when I returned. She helped my husband get started with skin-to-skin contact with our daughter before I returned to the recovery room. Even though I didn't have the vbac I desperately wanted, I now feel confident that I made the right choice. Char helped so much in making me feel comfortable with my decision. Char was very supportive and reassuring throughout everything.

Dori Podoba


It was a huge blessing to meet Char as a our childbirth class instructor. We loved her good humor and realistic approach to the pregnancy, labor, and post-partum experience. So, we decided to hire her as our doula. Although my husband and I wanted a low-intervention experience, we knew that Char would not let us feel bad about our choices if he decided otherwise. With every decision, she made sure we were educated about all the options available to us. Char's knowledge as a nurse, educator, and mother, along with her kind and easy-going attitude, made us confident in choosing her as our doula.

I am proud to say we did have a drug-free birth and labored at home for as long as possible (arriving to the hospital at 6cm dilated, about 2.5 hours before baby was born). I was in contact with Char by email and text throughout the week prior to the big day and throughout the big day. I know that her support, encouragement, and knowledge contributed to our ability to have a low-intervention, drug-free birth. Without her support, I don't know that I would have had the confidence to labor at home as long as I did. She reminded me what stage of labor I was in and what to expect next throughout my labor and delivery. That was extremely helpful to me in those moments when I was ready to give up. She was able to support me in ways that were distinctly different from how my husband did without taking away from his ability to be involved in the whole process. 

Char has continued to support me even after the delivery. Our baby's bilirubin count was a little high, and talking through the numbers and potential interventions with Char made my husband and I feel comfortable with the doctor's plan for treatment. She assured us that it was not as uncommon as we originally thought. She even came to see me at home, which was a treat!

If you plan to hire a doula, and you should, I can't imagine anyone better than Char. It will be one of your best decisions!

Rachel Hamilton


My husband and I are so glad we decided to hire Char as our doula. We had a very frustrating and scary experience 20 weeks into the pregnancy when I had to have an appendectomy. The way we felt shuffled between doctors and nurses, and overhwlemed with questions and concerns, left us very wary of when we had to deliver. 

I liked the idea of having one person who would be in the room the entire time I was in labor - not having to leave at a shift change. I also liked the idea of having someone there looking out for our interests rather than having to follow hospital policy. Finally, as much as I loved our midwife, in the end you are not guaranteed that she will be on call when you deliver. However, I knew that I had a 99% chance of having Char be there with us for the delivery because she takes on only the number of clients she can attend to.

I apprecited being able to meet and talk with Char several times about our wishes for the delivery. Even though I met with my midwife what felt like a million times throughout the pregnancy, I felt that Char knew more and cared more about my wishes for the delivery from those few meetings. 

While in labor, Char was an amazing help. She showed my husband ways to help me cope with pain, as well as being an extra set of hands doing some jobs that he didn't want to do. Having Char always in the room with us made us feel so much more comfortable than we did with the appendectomy (when we spent most of our time alone in the room waiting for the next person to come see us). Char helped remind me about getting up and walking around, using the shower and tub, and to practice good breathing. All of these things were in my head from childbirth class but during labor I forgot most of them until she reminded me. 

I 100% recommend you choose Char as your doula!


Melodie Mueller


I wanted as natural of a childbirth As possible! If it weren't for Char and her awesome coaching I would have given in early and not achieved that goal.  She kept me focused when I thought I was going to die And give up.  She  had my husband by my side aiding me in whatever I needed at all times.   it was the hardest thing I have ever done and my husband and I could not be more grateful to have had her help us bring our daughter into  the world! If i decide to go natural again, no doubt we want her in there with us!

Jessica Bernklau


Working with Char was fantastic. She was very helpful with ideas of how to get labor started and once the time arrived, was very prompt at arriving at the hospital. While in labor she was very encouraging and was a great help to me and also my husband. I was a v2bac and it was an amazing experience. It was our last baby, but if we were ever to get pregnant again we would for sure ask Char to be our doula again!

Amy Zimmerman


My husband and I highly recommend Char's doula services. She was referred to us by friends, and we greatly appreciated her help during the birth of our first child. Char's background (RN training) and prior experience (participating in the births of more than 150 babies!) were the first things that impressed me. It was also clear that she has built a strong rapport with the hospital staff (midwives, doctors, & nurses). All of these things led us to make the decision to hire Char to help us when the baby was born.

Once we decided to work together, I very much appreciated Char's responsiveness to my phone calls, texts and emails. I don't think it ever took her more than an hour or so to respond. And sometimes, she initiated the communication!

When I found out that I was going to be induced, Char provided a lot of information about what I should expect in terms of timing and hospital details. It was great to have another source of information, in addition to the midwives.

My birth plan included a "wait and see" approach when it came to utilizing pain-relieving drugs. With a very fast labor, I was in a great deal of pain and elected to have an epidural. Char is understanding and takes a very fair, balanced view of natural, drug-free childbirth versus electing to use pain medication. It was comforting to know that she supported me either way in this decision.

In summary, Char is an excellent choice to consider for doula services. She is a calm, reassuring advocate that you can rely upon.

Jennifer Boyer


I hired Char to be present at the deliverys of both of my children.  This is the best decision I made!  She is very educated and knowledgable of pregnancy and delivery (from her own personal experience and the medical education).  It was reassuring to me that she would be with me the whole time and be able to help advise me with pros and cons of decisions that might come up when I wasn't going to be thinking clearly.  She had both my child and my health as her first priority.  It was my goal to deliver both my children naturally without any outside meds or interventions and Char helped me do that successfully, not only once but twice!  My first labor was very quick and scary and I almost didn't make it to the hospital in time, but she was very calm and soothing and helped me through it.  My second delivery was quite a different experience and more text book with warning signs etc.  I was able to communicate with Char during the day when I labored at home and then she helped with using different positions to help the baby drop and finally be delivered naturally within 3 hours of being admitted to the hospital.  Char was always available during the pregnancy with any questions I had and does a fabulous job of following up after delivery to make sure mom and baby are doing well and don't need any extra care.  She goes above and beyond her duties.  I would highly recommend Char to any friends or family members that are pregnant and looking to use a doula!

Heather Meissen


My goal was to have as natural as a childbirth as possible.  Char was awesome as far as getting my husband and I information about natural childbirth and supporting our birthplan.  Unfortunately, my labor and delivery did not go as planned (long story short, I had to be induced due to preeclampsia and I never made it passed 6 cm dilation, thus resulting in a C section).  I did manage, however, to labor for many hours with pitocin without using an epidural and Char played a big part in making that happen.  When I complained of back labor (baby was posterior), she was there applying pressure to my back and applying cold wash clothes to help numb the pain.  Throughout the whole labor process, she was also available to answer any questions we had and explain things in a way that my husband and I could understand.  And she did all of this on very little sleep, as she had a different delivery the night before.  If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would choose Char as a doula.

Nikki Allers


Our relationship with Char began when we were expecting our second son, Jack. We had such a positive, empowering experience with Char that once we found out we were expecting for the third time, I booked her doula services immediately. My husband was a great support system during the birth of our first born, Henry,  and with Char's support, he was allowed to shine even more during the births of Jack and most recently, William.

During our pregnancies Char has always made herself available through phone, e-mail and in person. She made sure to touch base with us throughout our pregnancies and quickly responded anytime we contacted her. I've felt comfortable with her, as has my husband, since the first time we spoke with her.

While laboring with Jack and then with William, Char was kind of like a chamelon; she and I could be chatting and as soon as I'd start to quietly work through a contraction she would just blend into the background when I needed her to and other times she would provide positive words of encouragement. As contractions progressed Char would model calm breathing for me. She just seems to know what a laboring woman needs.

Char had a calm and peaceful presence. I knew she was there, but appreciated how she stepped back, so Matt could be my main support person. Anytime my husband wasn't sure of how to help, Char was there to guide him, with calm suggestions, never threatening Matt's position as husband or father-to-be. He and Char worked so smoothly as a team; she would stay with me if he needed to leave my side and vice versa. Someone was always with me, always by my side, which was so important to me.




Liz Hames


The birth of my son was the 150th birth that Char was the Doula for; I feel this say so much on its own! Another thing which speaks volumes is that this is the 2nd birth Char was our Doula. She also delivered our 1st son almost 3 years ago. A birth of a child is such an important time for a family, my husband and I knew right away when we learned I was pregnant again that we were going to ask Char to participate in such a special moment with us.

With my 1st delivery, I wanted Char to be my Doula to help my husband I get through the birth, because neither of us knew what to expect. With the 2nd delivery I wanted Char to be my Doula because my husband and I did know what to expect and we appreciated having the naturally calming presence that Char brings with her in the delivery.

I knew this delivery was going to be quick, and it was, 2 hours of total labor time. Even knowing the 2nd delivery was going to be quick, my husband I never questioned having Char as our Doula. To me, Char is a truly amazing person. She plays such a big role in the delivery room, but does not take from the important role of the husband or Dr's and the medical staff. She provides additional professional / caring support to the mom and the dad.

I would recommend Char Perkins as a Doula to any woman who is going to have a baby. And if my husband I decide to have another child, Char Perkins will be one of the 1st people we contact to make sure she can be our Doula again.

Paige Jewel


We recently had our baby girl and had Char Perkins as our doula on this journey. We did not have the help of a doula with our first daughter, and after some research and thinking, we wanted to with our 2nd birth. We could not be more thrilled with our experience with Char. She put everything my wife and I wanted through this as priority and helped with information and suggestions along the way without swaying you one way or the other. It all can't be explained in a review due to all the emotion that is happening, but she made it better, easier, and special. If and when we do decide to have another child, she would get one of the first calls. Anyone would be blessed to have her support and she definitely has ours as a recommendation to anyone. Thanks Char!

Mia Eddy


 Char was my doula for the birth of my second child.  I had a doula at my first birth, and though I labored for 20 hours I was able to do it completely med free! As my husband and I prepared for the birth of our second child, we were referred to Char by several different friends.  Upon meeting her, we immediately felt comfortable and at ease with her.  We knew right away she would be an excellent resource for us during childbirth.  I wanted to try and do it med free again and knew that her support would be invaluable.  She is very experienced and knowledgeable on childbirth and the medical field.  I ended up being induced for this birth and Char was very supportive by walking us through the process before and during the experience.  Once my real labor started, she was a huge help keeping me and my husband calm and in control during a very scary delivery with the cord being wrapped around my sons neck and his shoulders getting stuck.  Her support helped me do it all med free again!  All my friends think I am crazy, but I wanted the healthiest possible start to life for my child and having a doula helped me accomplish that goal.  Our little guy came out of everything just fine, and we are so grateful we had Char there with us!  I would highly recommend Char as a doula, knowledgable resource, and advocate for you during labor.

Trisha Manthei


 We took our birth preperation classes with Char through the hospital and gained a lot of information and loved her teaching style and personality. We decided we would like to have a doula to help with the birth of my first baby and she was a perfect choice! Char listened to both of our concerns and wants for labor and delivery and was supportive of our choices for our birth plan. I really wanted to have a narcotic free birth and the options of different techniques for labor. When my water broke and I had to have pitocin since no contractions Char was supportive and helped calmed my fears of pitocin and that it would still go well. Once contractions started Char was great walking the halls with me so my husband could get some sleep, explaining what my next steps may possibly be, and as my contractions progressed she was encouraging and supportive of different positions so I didn't have to stay in bed! I was able to use the birthing ball, the big tub and she was so helpful to me and my husband during the process. She never left our side and encouraged me in such positive ways that I didn't even think about needing medications! Once I got to the pushing stage she was just as supportive and got me juice, popsicles and anything else I needed to be sure I was comfortable! I'm very glad we made the choice to have Char a part of our birthing experience and was very appreciative of how she was not only there for me but also for my husband and even our little boy after he was born! 

Ashley and Mark


Our experience with Char is hard to put into words. She went above and beyond any expectation that I had. As first time parents, it was comforting to have someone in the room who was focused on helping you have the best experience possible. She had great suggestions throughout labor and I was informed the entire time as to what was going on. Char was there through the entire labor, delivery and after to make sure everyone was okay. It is obvious she is compassionate and loves what she does. She brings a sense of calming and comfort to the room and has a great relationship with hospital staff. I honestly think it was her encouragement, demeanor and knowledge that got me through the tough times of pushing. If you are even considering the idea of hiring a doula, I would 100% recommend Char, you will be very happy with your decision!

Daniel and Jennifer Rthe


After our interview with Char, we knew immediately she was hired. We could tell she was kind, compassionate, and caring and wanted the best for us. Our second labor was a total turn around and a much better experience. We were able to labor at home longer and I think just knowing when we were ready to head to the hospital that Char was just a phone call away made us more at ease. Once we knew we were staying to have the baby, we called Char and she was there in no time. It was comforting to know that besides my husband, I had someone there to support me. I have good memories of this labor. One of those memories is sitting back in the big tub of warm water and getting to chat and laugh with Char and the nurses between contractions, yet knowing as soon as a contraction hit I had wonderful support to help me. Char was very encouraging during the contractions and gave helpful suggestions. She also got both my husband and I anything we needed. During the pushing stage of labor, Char was again great in helping. When the head was crowning, she reminded me to touch the head and that was exactly what I needed for final encouragement to welcome our new baby into the world. If and when the third child comes on scene, one of our first calls will be Char. I recommend hiring a doula to anyone considering it. Having someone there not associated with the hospital to advocate for you is a great thing. I would recommend Char any day!

Kelly Baerwaldt


 Char was amazing. We were fortunate enough to have her join us on our journey around 20 weeks in, and we were so glad we did since she helped us so much with giving us informtation for us to make educated decisions. Even though we were first time parents, we both felt completely prepared and calm going into labor and delivery.  We felt empowered, safe, and knowledgeable about what we might face so we could have the birth experience we wanted.  She helped us to realize the difference of having a birth plan being followed vs getting that satisfying birth experience, and thats exactly what happened!  She has also been supportive and a great resource for my many new mom questions post partum.  Overall, Char has become close to us as a friend and we are so happy she is in our lives.  I recommend her to everyone!

zach hill


<p>Char is amazing!!! We knew right away she was going to be a part of our baby's birth. &nbsp;She was recommended to us by my wife's brother and sister in law. &nbsp;Having Char there wiht you is llike having this wonderful friend armed with all the knowelage and experience one could ever hope to have. &nbsp;All the nurses and midwives can help coach your wife or partner, but what about us new dads!?! &nbsp;Char helped me not do or say anything stupid that would lessing the joy of what was happening that day! &nbsp;She is there just as much for the dads as she is for the moms. &nbsp;We like her so much I recommended her to my manager at work and upon meeting char, he and his wife aquired her sevices too. &nbsp;Our in laws that recommended Char to us are now having their second baby soon and guess who's gonna be there once again! Thank you char so much for being apart of all our lives. &nbsp;You Rock!!!!

Zach Hill and Jen Kaney

RC Vorst


Char is one incredible Doula. Sge was there every step of the birthing journey from consultations before birth to childbirth classes to birth and postpartum. Our birth ended up taking a few unexpected turns from our natural birth plan, but in the end both baby and mom came out healthy and happy. Char was by our side every step of the way. Her attentiveness, knowledge and repetoire with the Genesis Birth Team was impeccable! We could not have had a smooth birth without her care, education, and continued support. My highest recommendation goes out to this one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line birth doula! Thank you, Char! Having Char as your birth doula will be one of the best choices to make for your upcoming birth!

Jonathan and Brenda Frye


I would like to think that our experience was unique, but I think it serves as a good example of why Char Perkins is nothing short of a life saver for both individuals involved. As a husband I thought that I would be able to be there and support my wife in whatever happened and was against a Doula at first. Was it not for Char’s personality I never would have agreed, and I am here to tell you I am glad I did.

We spent three days in the hospital before we had our son. Durring two of them my wife was being induced. Char was there both days to help us stay on track, stay rested and have our son in the manner we intended. I can think of no one we would rather have had there with us to help us cope with the experiences we had.

It was asked of us by some friends, "What can you do to prepare for this experience?" Before we had our son I would have said just go to classes and read some books, but now I would have to say the best way to prepare for this experience is to surround yourself with experienced people. Char is an experienced person that we will always keep in our corner.
Jonathan and Brenda Frye

jennifer reif


Char has been our doula for the birth of both of our children.  We met initially through a course through our hospital and could tell upfront she was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about babies and the delivery process.

Char was extremely helpful in the delivery room.  Both of our deliveries were natural births, without medications.  Our first labor was 10 hrs., the 2nd 4 1/2 hrs. Char was helpful at assisting with walking us around the hospital during contractions, using the excercise ball, the whirpool tub, and ultimately the birthing process as we progressed through the labor.  We could of not had a better delivery for our first born.

Our 2nd delivery went much faster- our contractions started at home and from Char's shared knowledge we stated at home the first hour before heading to the hospital.  My water broke upon reaching the ER, Char was contacted and came shortly to the hospital thereafter.  My contractions were much stronger and quicker  (and painful) with my second child and Char helped moniter and let me know they would be peaking.  She was crucial at reminding us to take one at a time.  Fortunatley I was able to get into the whirlpool tub which helps immensly with contractions and I was needing to push and deliver shortly thereafter. 

Char has been very supportive and we feel blessed to have had her help with our children. We would highly recommend Char and believe we couldn't have had a better labor/delivery with our little ones.

Jennifer and Matt Reif

Sarah Herrea


My husband and I are so thankful that we chose Char to be our birth doula! She provided invaluable support before, during, and even after labor and delivery. During my pregnancy, it was extremely helpful to be able to contact Char about questions pertaining to my pregnancy and symptoms I was experiencing. Given her nursing background and extensive experience, I knew I could trust her input, and that was so reassuring for a nervous first-time mom! In fact, Char was the one who had urged me to call my doctor when I doubted whether my water had broken (and thank goodness she did, because it had!) Char was expeditious in responding to calls, texts or emails, and always provided sound advice. My labor and delivery progressed extremely fast, and I am so thankful Char was there to help us through it. She served as an advocate on our behalf, summoning the nurses when she realized (before they did) that I had entered the transition phase of labor and requesting that they check my dilation. She helped suggest comfort techniques to my husband, so he could be a contributing part of the labor/delivery process. Most importantly, she provided support and reassurance to me, which enabled me to remain (relatively) calm and feel as though I had some semblance of control over the situation. Although my labor only lasted for a few hours, I feel that we got more than our money’s worth. I was extremely nervous about having a ‘stranger’ in the delivery room, but Char made me feel completely at ease from the first time we spoke, and now I cannot imagine going through it without her. I was terrified of the prospect of a vaginal delivery and now I look back on it and am proud of what I accomplished, and I credit much of that to Char. She helped to transform what I initially viewed as a completely traumatizing experience into one I now consider the most amazing and miraculous (albeit painful!) one of my life. We will DEFINITELY be hiring Char for our future births.

Kristen and Jason Swisher


My husband and I had the extreme pleasure of having Char as our birth doula. She was amazing. Being that we were told that our daughter might be born preterm we were really scared about carying to term. We met Char as our lamaze instructor and knew that having her join us during or journey through the rest of our pregnancy was exactly what we needed. Our daughter was born on October 11th. We had an amazing experience thanks to Char. I know we could not have gotten through our day without her. We were able to have an all natural birth in addition to carrying full term. Our daughter was born weighing 6 lbs 13oz and is the most beautiful little girl. We want Char to know how much her being there meant to us. She was a great coach and continued to encourage us to reach our goals.

Sarah Hill


 We decided to use Char to help us during our labor and delivery as a person that could make suggestions to make the process a little easier.  We thought it would be very helpful to have someone there to focus on us alone and not have to worry about paperwork and managing medications.  She was wonderful!  She reminded us of a lot of things that she went over during our childbirth preparation class.  She was so positive and encouraging during the entire labor and delivery.  When I decided it was time for an epidural, she was very supportive of this decision.  Char really helped to make sure my birth plan was carried out the way we wanted it.  We very highly recommend Char and would  have her there to help us through it again!

Nicole Puryear


Char was a great help to my husband and myself before, during, and after my labor.  I don't know what I would have done without her. My husband is grossed out by many things and Char was there to help me when he wasn't, and she also helped tell my husband things he could do to help me that wouldn't gross him out. I will be using Char again with our next child and would recommend her to other people looking for a doula.

Morgan and Betsy Mays


My husband and I wanted to achieve an all-natural, drug-free birth for our first child, and since we had no idea what we were in for, we decided to hire a doula. We were very fortunate to have taken a Childbirth Preparation class with doula Char Perkins. Immediately, we knew we needed her there for the birth of our baby. Without a doubt in my mind, I would not have been able to attain the all-natural aspect of our birth plan had Char not been there. I have a very vivid memory of her reminding me (in my moments of desperation) why I did not want an epidural. She was truly the only person who could reason with me. Additionally, she kept both my husband and me at ease and coached us through our weakest moments. Char knew exactly what to do and say whenever I was having moments of self-doubt. She also kept the hospital staff well informed regarding our birth plan and made sure it was carried out the way we saw fit. Hiring Char was easily the best investment we made for our birthing journey and comes highly recommended by us! We feel very blessed to have had such an empowering birth experience, and are so thankful that Char was there to get us through.

Carrie and Mike Lansing


We are so thankful to have had Char as our doula. She met with us to discuss our wishes for labor and delivery to ensure we had the experience we hoped for. All her knowledge was very reassuring to both my husband and myself. We had a very long labor and things did not go as planned, so it was great to have Char there through three different nurses and shift changes. She helped me try different positions during labor to handle contractions and to encourage our baby to turn. Char was able to keep our outlook positive and kept my husband as calm as he can be. :) We would love to have Char as our Doula again in the future.

Amanda Bielema


My husband and I had a great experience by having Char as our doula. This was our first baby and we we both wanted to have a natural birth and avoid using drugs or having an epidural, if at all possible. We were not planning on having a doula, but when we met Char in our Childbirth Preparedness class, and heard her talk about the kind of services she could offer, we decided we would like to give it a try.  Boy are we glad we did!  We let Char know our birth plan and she helped us stick to it. During labor Char helped talk my husband and I through what was going on and helped me focus to make the most of my contractions. She provided a great support for both my husband and I. She seems very good at getting a feel for her clients coping strategies, and adjusting her methods to fit your style. Char knew when to let me do what I was doing and exactly when I needed to change position to get through contractions and to make them as productive as possible. I ended up having a great labor and did not need to use any drugs or have an epidural and we owe a lot of that to Char. The support and assurance she offered my husband really helped him to stay relaxed and focused on helping me as well. He has repeatedly expressed his gratitude for having her there. Char is a great Doula and we feel blessed to have had her help and expertise through this experience. I'm sure I would not have done so well without her.

Jamie and Mark Pratt


Char is an excellent choice for a birth doula because of her strong labor/delivery background, extensive medical knowledge and her years of teaching childbirth education. She is priceless with her ability to help you and your support people make split-second choices in labor when you are not always able to make an informed/logical choice. She listens & advocates furiously for your wishes while in the hospital. She has a kind, respectful and hardworking approach. Char was our best insurance policy, she was our "bulldog":) Char made us feel safe, protected and informed, and was our partner in the most important first step in raising our babies (our doula 3 times) the healthiest & happiest way possible.

Jennifer Ann Unwin


Char was present for the birth of both our children. She is amazingly supportive and a great cheerleader. With the birth of my first son my husband was a little apprehensive, but was so relieved during delivery to have her help and expertise. When we discovered we were going to have another child she was one of the first calls we made because we couldn't imagine doing it without her. During my second pregnancy Char met with us privately for a "refresher" course which kept us up to date on hospital policies, helped explain our patient rights, and eased a lot of my fears. When I delivered my second child (delivered within 20 minutes of arrival) she was an excellent cheerleader, remembered and followed everything we discussed in my birthing plan, helped me and my husband relax, and discovered ways to make me more comfortable. If we are blessed enough to have a third child we will utilize Char's services again. We couldn't imagine doing it without her!

Marcie Nithang


Char was our doula for the births of both of our children.  The first time I had to have a c-section due to my daughter's breech presentation. With our second, we planned a VBAC.  We wanted an all-natural birth.  We were able to follow our birth plan exactly!  Prior to admission I had been experiencing contractions and other signs of labor.  I was able to talk with Char and text her about what was happening.  She offered suggestions for managing the contractions, and reminded me what else I should be looking for as labor progressed.  Char was positive and encouraging from the beginning when she learned I wanted a VBAC and that continued until baby arrived.  Once I was admitted, the team that worked with me, including Char and the midwife, was positive, not once discussing the "risks" of a VBAC.  I was able to remain positive and focused on a successful vaginal birth.    

I felt it was my husband's job to comfort me.  He was better able to know what to do with suggestions from Char.  She helped me by offering suggestions for dealing with contractions.  She was supportive and encouraging throughout the process.  She was able to read my body language and know what was happening, as she had experienced it herself and had attended many births.  She normalized what I was experiencing.  She helped me  focus on each moment.  Char did some coaching when it was time to push which was helpful, because I would rather have rested and needed someone to tell me what to do!  After about 20 minutes of pushing, our son was born!  My husband helped deliver the baby, placed him on my chest and cut the cord a bit later.  We were grateful to have Char with us to provide her support and guidance.  

Emilia Deem


My husband & I weren’t planning on having a doula to assist our birth but that changed after our first night of a childbirth class with Char. Our personalities clicked with hers immediately! We loved the fact that she's an RN & we were confident in her medical knowledge & felt secure in all the advice that she would be able to give us.
Char brought a sense of calm to the room that wouldn’t have been there had it just been the two of us. We were literally shaking after my water broke & realized "this is it". I felt both my husband & I both relax when she got to the hospital.
Char was great about leading my husband in assisting me. She took care of his needs as well. When it was time to get some rest she covered my husband with a blanket & vigilantly watched over me while he got some rest.
As Char suggested different coping strategies she went with whatever I wanted & gave my husband tips on what he could do to help me get in different positions or support me in those positions. She had a big warm towel when I got out of the shower & the tub & had cold towels waiting for me when I got hot.
Char could tell that my body was ready to push & she told me that if I wanted to it was OK to push. I would never have thought to try until I heard a doctor say "It's time to push" like you see in the movies.
Char kept labor moving at a perfect pace, she knew what natural interventions to use throughout all stages of labor. As a first time mom I went from my water breaking to my daughter being born in exactly 13 hours!
We would recommend Char to anyone! We definitely would have Char as part of the process again. Thanks to her assistance we were able to have the natural birth that we had dreamed of. She helped me get past my fears & helped my husband be beyond super in his role as partner.

Eleanor Kiel


Char was absolutely critical in our achieving a VBAC birth with our second son.  The difference in our experience of labor and delivery from first to second child was due to the addition of Char as our doula.  Our first son was born via emergency c-section after approximately 20 hours of labor.  During that time, we felt at a loss for what to do to help our process along.  The hospital was very busy during the time we labored there, and we received little help from the overloaded nursing and midwife staff.  This time we knew we wanted things to be different, so we hired Char as a way to insure that we had a constant support to help us through.   Char's expert knowledge of the birthing process comes not only from her training as a doula, but also as an RN and birth educator.  Her skills and calming personal presence helped us by suggesting positions, natural pain relief such as massage, movement and breathing.  She also helped support us in deciding to use medical intervention like the epidural I received at 6 cms (we were wary about receiving an epidural, but it ended up being a decision that helped us avoid another C section when the interior of my cervix started swelling due to the way the baby was pressing against the cervix).  She also had the communication skills and expert knowledge to consult with midwives and doctors to ensure we could continue to progress towards a natural birth.  In other words, she went to bat for us to ensure that, difficult as it was, we could end up with our desired vaginal birth.  I can't say enough about the value of a doula for labor and delivery.  Char was well worth the nominal fee she charges.  We will be forever grateful to her for helping us achieve the kind of birth we were hoping for!

Angie Kaney


We first got to know Char through our birth classes. I wanted a drug-free labor and delivery, and I felt more confident that I could do this with Char’s support. Plus, two acquaintances had recommended Char. Hiring Char was the best decision we made in our birth plan!
When the big day came, Char was very accessible on the phone. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, and Char was available to answer my questions, and also knowledgeable enough to know when I needed to get to the hospital. And Char was right. Upon arrival at the hospital, I was dilated to 6 cm! When Char looked at me and said, “Angie, you are already 2/3 of the way through this labor!”, it was encouraging to know how far I had already come!

Char was extremely reassuring during labor. I kept asking, “Is this normal?” when experiencing different pains or sensations. Because of Char’s experience, I knew I could trust her, and it definitely helped me to relax (well, between contractions at least!). When I complained about my husband’s bad breath, Char was the first to get him some gum and also the first to remind Dave that “her sense of smell is heightened”. Char 100% supports both mom and dad during delivery!

My favorite part about having Char as a doula is the reassurance she provides. She has been there, as a mom, and as a doula for many people before. She knows birth, and you just feel safe and taken care of when she is there in the room with you.

Abigail’s birth was the most wonderful experience of my life, and I know that I owe it to Char Perkins’ presence and support in that scary and uncertain time leading up to Abigail’s arrival. I am certain my husband and I would not have had nearly the positive experience without Char Perkins. I would recommend Char Perkins to anyone!

Elizabeth Hames


While I was only in labor for 4 hours (in the delivery room for 2 hours) Char was worth every penny. I could not imagine going through delivery without Char.

Char was so calming in an intense time. She gave beneficial direction to make each action I completed as productive as possible. She was extremely encouraging.

Having Char in the room gave my husband and I comfort with the delivery. My husband was able to be up by my side providing moral support that I needed from him.

When my husband and I first hired Char we stated that this was something we would only do for the first baby. The day of the delivery, my husband and I both looked at each other and said we will defiantly hire Char again for all future delivery’s.

Mark and Jamie Pratt


The services Char provided to my husband and I throughout both our pregnancies surpass the expectations stated in DONA International’s definition. From the very beginning Char made it clear with her words and actions that we were her priority when she was with us. Char also took into consideration our family composition including our individual histories, our fears, our concerns, our questions, and most importantly, our hopes and desires for our pregnancies, labors, and deliveries. She builds a relationship on a foundation of trust with you and your partner. She does this is by meeting with you, answering any questions, and supporting you while you are pregnant. Char knows what the two of you want and goes above and beyond to do her best, with your cooperation, to realize your wishes. When you are actually in the hospital through your labor and delivery, there are times that neither you nor your partner are in a state of mind to speak up for yourselves. Part of the beauty of having hired Char is that she is what I call bilingual; she speaks “medical” and she speaks “lay person.” This skill is extremely helpful because there were times that the medical staff would say things to us or ask us questions and Char would be able to translate for us so that we could make informed decisions. Char is tremendously positive and encouraging of both you and your partner during labor and right after. She knows so many little tricks and techniques to help you get through the challenges of childbirth. My husband compares Char to a technical expert or consultant regarding the medical situations and he also never felt replaced by her. He appreciated the suggestions and ideas she offered him for helping me through labor and delivery. We have no doubt that our birth experiences were more relaxed, caring, and satisfying because Char was a part of them. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions about our experiences with Char!

LauraLea Rochau


My husband and I had a great experience by having Char as our doula.  This is my first baby and I wanted to have a natural birth and avoid using drugs or having an epidural if at all possible.  We hired Char and let her know our birth plan and she helped us stick to it.  During labor Char helped talk me through what was going on and helped me change position to get through contractions.  I ended up having a great labor and did not need to use any drugs or have an epidural and we owe a lot of that to Char.  She is a great Doula and we feel blessed to have had her help and expertise through this experience. 

Rebecca C. Sharpe


Its hard to explain an event such as the birth of your child but I think it is even more difficult to explain the help and support you receive during the delivery of your child.  Char has an extremely positive and motivating personality, and there was no question that we wanted her to help us through the labor/delivery of our son.  I made a commitment to go through delivery without any pain medication.  I conveyed my feelings to Char and she was very supportive of my decision.  Being the one going through the pain of labor/delivery, her support was invaluable and unwavering.  During labor/delivery, Char did everything should could to make me (as well as my husband) comfortable.  When we first decided to use Char, we thought we would only use her for the delivery of our first child as we were nervous to be going through this process for the first time.  Now that we have had our first delivery experience and plan to have another child in the future, there is no way we would go through another delivery without Char.  She holds a very special place in our hearts, and we will never forget her kindness and support as we became first time parents.  We would highly recommend Char to anyone looking for the support of a doula.  She is truly an amazing person.

Jana and Fred Klauke


As soon as my husband and I met Char in our Preparing for Birth Class, we knew that we wanted to use her as an additional labor support person for the birth of our daughter in 2007. Unfortunately, my daughter ended up being breech when we got to the hospital and had an immediate c-section.
After learning that we were expecting again in 2009, my goal for this birth was to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Even though this was my second pregnancy, it was my first birthing experience. I hadn’t even experienced true contractions with my first pregnancy. So, it was important for me to create a supportive team to help me with the journey.
In addition to having a midwife and my husband, it was an easy decision to call Char again. She was now a Certified Doula and we hired her immediately. We had a meeting to go over my past history and hopes for the delivery. At the end of the meeting, I felt so excited and motivated to have a great birthing experience.
When the time came to deliver, Char came to the hospital after active labor began and transitioned into the team of my husband, nurse and midwife.
Char helped me stay focused and guided my husband as to how he could help me best. I truly believe that the team that I had surrounding me helped my labor progress quickly and smoothly. Ultimately, I got my wish – I had a successful VBAC with the birth of our son.
My husband and I highly recommend hiring a doula and using Char Perkins for that role. It was an amazing experience and I will treasure it forever!

Candace Schnoor


Having Char with us during the delivery of our first baby was very beneficial for my husband and me.  She helped communicate when contractions were coming to an end and also suggested new positions and ways to make me more comfortable.  She was very encouraging throughout my labor which kept me thinking positively.  I was able to make it through the entire labor naturally, which I don't think I would have been able to do without Char's encouragement.  She is willing to adapt based on your preferences.  Because of her experience, she was able to explain what was going on in different situations which helped relieve my fears. Char also helped take the pressure off of my husband--instead of having to worry about all the details he could just focus on comforting me. I would recommend Char to anyone looking for a doula.

Jennifer Hamilton


We wanted to have a birth that would be as short and natural as possible.  While many people will tell you that you can't "plan" a birth, we were able to achieve exactly what we wanted and follow our birth plan because of Char Perkins.  My water broke before I went into labor, which often necessitates intervention, such as pitocin.  However, working with Char and following her techniques, we had our baby in 8 hours with no epidural.  Furthermore, Char has the right credentials to coach you through the process- she is a certified nurse and experienced doula.  In fact, her coaching  took a lot of pressure off of my husband so that he could make calls to the insurance company, communicate with relatives, and simply be my cheerleader.  Char also has a bubbly and flexible personality, so she is a joy to have around.  My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Char as your doula.  It was the best money we spent preparing for our baby.

Katie Hoyt


Char was a HUGE part of both of my birth experiences. She helped ease my fears with my first and supported me and my husband from the first contractions through it all. She was our advocate in the hospital and helped us stick to our birth plan. With my second delivery (twins) she was there, again, from beginning to end. She helped me live out my dream of a natural twin birth. Char is professional, but caring. She made my birth team complete and she gave my husband the encouragement he needed to feel confident that he was supporting me as best he could. (He was concerned that she would "take his place," but she did just the opposite.) She took care of the little things while he supported me. And when my husband rested, she stepped in and handled everything. I just can't speak more highly of Char. It's been three years since the birth of my first, but we still keep in touch. She'll forever be a part of our lives. I highly recommend her!

Nikki Allers


 While expecting our first born,  Henry,  I read every pregnancy, labor, birthing, and baby book I could get my hands on.   The yoga and postive affirmation practice was also very beneficial. During Henry's birth all of this came together, but the most important piece was having my loving husband meeting my every need. Rather impressive expectations were placed on his shoulders that day and all of the days leading up to Henry's arrival.

I decided that I wanted to find a doula for Jack's birth, someone to support not only me, but also support and guide, but not direct, my husband.

On the morning of Jack's birthday Char arrived with a smile on her face and her professional, but warm and comforting demeanor.

Char walked the halls with us, grabbed me a juice,  took Matt's spot by the tub, when he was due for a break, and so forth. When a contraction came on, Char let me breathe through it, offering positve feedback when she could tell I needed it. When I asked to have the tub filled, Char got it started, so my husband didn't have to leave my side. I certainly appreciated how well Char could sense when I needed to be distracted and when I needed peace and quiet. She just knows when to be present and when to fade into the wood work.

My birth experience with Char was, in some ways, like having a cup of coffee with a good friend. I felt so at ease with Char, so comfortable and relaxed.

I have encouraged all of my expectant friends to seek out Char as their doula and I encourage all mothers and fathers to-be to treat themselves and their baby to the wonderful gift of a doula.  A doula is there to support you and your significant other in ways that your midwife or physician may not be able to provide. I'm looking forward to the day that I can call on Char again and ask if she'll be our doula.

Birth Availability for Char Perkins RN LCCE, CD(DONA)

= Available. Calendar last updated: 06-04-2020