Britt Sando CD(DONA), LCCE, IBCLC Photo


Hummingbird Doulas

Sparta, NJ Service range 40 miles No NYC births.

(201) 317-6185

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2100

Birth Fee

$1800 to $2100

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

17 years and 500 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2002

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I love attending homebirths with homebirth midwives.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Free Lactation Circle held weekly Thursdays in Madison at Midwives of New Jersey.

Fee Details

Payment is due over three installments. Cash, check, and major credit cards accepted.

Sparta, NJ Service range 40 miles No NYC births.

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Client Testimonials for Britt Sando CD(DONA), LCCE, IBCLC

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lisa Shoemaker


Brit was such a wonderful addition to my birth team. I truly think that the reason i had two beautiful natural births is down to the incredible support and guidance i was given by Brit. She made me feel strong and empowered throughout. What a blessing doulas are!! 

Lydia Holtz


HIRE THIS WOMAN. end of story. But I will tell mine. I switched from an OB to the Midwives of NJ at 21 weeks when we knew that we wanted a homebirth. I wasnt sure that I needed a Doula because I wanted my husband to feel involved in the birth. After talking to a few people, including my sister who had a doula at her second birth- the sentiment was " its your first baby, your birthing at home, dont you want all the support you can get?" My answer was "YES. yes i do" So I began the daunting task of finding a Doula in the greater NYC/ NJ area. GULP. I thought I wanted a Namaste Yogi who had all the tricks up their sleeve to make my birth calm and give me poses to ease the pain, but the seond I facetimed with Britt I knew she was the "one". And she is not that. She is calm yes, but that is the experience talking. She is a coffee drinkin, NPR listenin, animal lovin lady who LOVES the birthspace. ANY birthspace. She got into this business years ago because she loves it and remains in it for the same reason. She is a strong warrior person who knows what it takes and will not bullshit you I.E. "You are the one that will birth this baby, no one else". She gave me back the power I was so looking to ship out. THANK GOD. During my labor she sent my husband to bed when he needed it, knowing I would need him. She stood in the fire with me and when I needed to make a decision I asked her what she would do, she told me and I did that exact thing, because I trusted her. She is the Doula that will put you at ease when the midwife that is coming to your birth is the only one in the practice you havent met. She will occasionally crack a joke and put your sister on facetime and watch as your baby latches for the first time, make you incredible placenta pills and a tincture and will be there for texts weeks after when you think your baby has a tongue tie and you might have mastitis and basically is everything. SO YEAH 11 out of 10 for Britt Sando. She is Dope AF.



Britt was my doula for my recent VBAC. I knew that I wanted to have a VBAC and wanted all the best supports I could find. Britt met with me and my husband and was such a calming, reassuring presence. Her experience and confidence helped me feel able to have a vaginal birth. Whenever I told my midwives in my prenatal appointments that Britt was my doula their response was, “wonderful, she has so much experience she will let you know exactly what to do.” While I eneded up not needing too much assistance during the birth, her calming nature helped direct me where I needed to be. She is a wonderful resource and even helped me figure out some issues I had postpartum. I highly recommend Britt!

Andrea De


My husband and I knew we were in good hands from the moment we met Britt. Her calming, confident, and fun presence makes her enjoyable and reassuring to be around. Britt took the best care of us when the day arrived. I was nervous and excited about my TOLAC and when things didn’t go quite as planned, Britt was the bridge I needed in keeping a realistic and accepting mindset when I was overcome with fear. She always listened and was validating (even during several of my “ugly cries”). The support she provided was truly immeasurable and I will forever be thankful for her in helping me achieve a healing VBAC. We look forward to having Britt be a part of our birth team again in the future! 

Adam Bambrough


My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Hummingbird Doulas for the home birth of our daughter.

Britt was caring, knowledgable, reassuring and patient in her support for my wife through labor, during and after the birth - emotionally, physically and with information. She helped with getting every detail right, from mindset to environment, knowing exactly what to do, what to say, and when to just listen. We really felt like we were in safe hands at every stage.

As a husband, Britt was so encouraging, inclusive and mindful, I felt I was really able to focus on, and be effective in, supporting my wife.

We’re both tremendously grateful for Britts care, and it’s hard to imagine the experience without her.

Lucie Kahn


We had a wonderful experience with Brit! During all of our meetings she gave off such a calming presence I knew every detail would be ok. She gave us confidence we could deal with anything and she would help. It was wonderful to have a third team member alongside my husband and I. we were worried about family issues; Brit would handle it. We worried about no medication : Brit would help me through it. I was worried about health issues: Brit got it and had experience. 

i ended up with a very fast labor and Brit called herself my "labor photographer" but those photos are awesome! At 2 am when I called she walked me through when to come to the hospital, she ran out to the hospital, and she was there before the birth. I don't know if I would have made it if she hadn't said "time to go!". It was nice to have someone go get us some food and take care of us who was calm and collected. She stayed until we went to our room. 

Overall we loved having Brit on our team. Though the actual labor was quick, neither my husband or I can imagine our journey without Brit's support. 

Lauren Durkin Patterson


Britt attended the birth of my second child. I was hoping to have a VBAC but like many moms who have not delivered vaginally I did not know what to expect. I interviewed Britt and we instantly clicked, her chill nature convinced me she was the one. My husband is great in many ways but supporting me when I'm in pain is not his forte' . Britt knew just what to do! I remember asking her when we needed to go to the hospital and she told me when you can't imagine driving in a car having contractions. We went to the hospital and literally 1 hour later my daughter was born. She was my rock during labor and helped me when I didn't think I could do it. I would highly recommend Britt, she is a pro!

Jacqueline M


I am so thankful to have met Britt! I agree with another review I read on here -- from the moment you meet Britt, you feel like you have known her for a while.  Her calming, warm, personable, and funny demenaor is so wonderful.  My husband and I took birth education classes with her and we greatly appreciated all she taught us.  She does not speak down to you and she is willing to answer any and all of your questions.  I also hired her to encapsulate my placenta to make pills and I believe they were extremely helpful in my postpartum recovery.  After giving birth to my son, Britt has also been extremely helpful in assisting me with lactation support.  She is easily accessible by phone and I really appreciate her dedication to her clients. I highly recommend her!!

Shannon Mason


After being reffered by a friend we immidiately reached out to Britt. We set up a meeting at our home days later. We discussed what I wanted for and out of the birth of our first daughter. Britt was down to earth and very real! My wife and I looked at eachother and knew we didn't need to look any further than Britt. We tend to go with our gut and it always paid off!!

Throughout my pregnancy Britt was there to answer the most bizzare of questions to just being there to listen about my checkups at my doctor. Britt understood what we wanted during L&D and was going to help us accomplish that.

As my due date was approaching my baby was measuring 2 weeks aheead and the doctors had me do another glucose test, the result, late onset GB. I blame it on my shower cake the day before. Britt was there to guide me through controlling it and assuring me that everything was ok, which it was.

2 weeks before my due date our baby was measuring 10lbs and it was suggested that I go through with a C-section. We immediately called Britt, crying. The three of us discussed our fears and decision. It was ultimately up to my wife and I but Britt was there to listen and guide us. We decided to go through with the C-section. At this point we could have cut ties with Britt because there wasn't much she could do for us on delivery day but we didn't. May 9th arrived and it was meant to be, Britt was at MMC since 1am with another family and she saw us in the waiting area and told us that she would be there when were done with the surgery. It was so good to see her afterwards, to help with skin to skin and breast feeding!

I still reach out to Britt, mostly about breastfeeding tips and am so greatful that Google isn't my first go to :)

Joe Novalany


I cannot even begin to explain how invaluable Britt was to my wife and I throughout our birth experience. From the moment that we first met her we felt like Britt was a dear friend we had known for years. She has a warmth and calmness about her that made it easy to discuss all aspects of the birthing process. My wife had a VBAC and Britt was always reassuring and especially attentive. She was quick to make my wife and I feel empowered, educated, and comfortable with the birthing process. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Katrina Kent


We had Britt as a doula for our second birth. I wanted to find someone with tremendous experience and birth wisdom to support us. I also wanted someone who I knew could and would instill a sense of confidence in the delivery room, someone who embodied "you got this," and would be empathetic but firm. The approach to post-partum support was also very important to me, as I knew I would need some extra support to get through the early weeks with a newborn and a five year old. Britt did a fantastic job for us and I would highly recommend her services to any parents to be! 

Lisa Novalany


Britt was our doula for our February 2016 VBAC baby. Britt did an excellent job of making us feel comfortable from the moment we met her. Not only is she very knowledgeable in the area of childbirth, but she has a fun, relaxed energy that easily made my husband and I feel like we'd known her for ages! On the day of my birth, Britt was in contact all day until it was go time. She provided excellent techniques to help with my back labor and remained with us after our daughter was born to assist with nursing. Britt checked in several times after birth to see how we were doing as well. The care that she provided not only to myself, but my husband, was exceptional. We wholeheartedly recommend Britt's doula services!

Lillian Hofer Scott


I'm so glad we found Britt!  She was our childbirth class teacher and doula and we absolutely love her.  She is warm, kind, funny, and above all, a skilled and experienced doula.  I got really discouraged at a certain point during my labor, and she helped me refocus and channel my energy in a different way.  She also almost had to catch our baby because the midwife barely made it!  I can't recommend Britt enough.

meg hoffman


Britt is amazing!  As a first time mother I knew that I wanted to have a doula by my side for my birth.  Britt was truly such a calming presence for me the entire time we were at the hospital.  Both my husband and I agree that we are so glad Britt was with us on the day our daughter was born.  She answered so many questions that popped up during labor, provided emotional support when needed, and empowered me to keep pushing.  It was even more helpful to have her checking in every so often after the birth and she was able to convince me to leave the house to join her lactation circle (leaving the house was difficult).  Britt is amazing and I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a doula.

Katherine Brown


Britt worked with me and my husband this past July. She was an invaluable resource to us First-time parents. From speaking up to nurses when we didn't remember to ask a question we had, to holding my legs and whispering "power" as I pushed, I know that without her my hoped-for vaginal birth would not have happened. My birth turned out to be more difficult than imagined, and she never left my side, noticed when my fluids were running low, and helped me come to terms that I would have to have an epidural due to my complications. My doctor was impressed with her, and all three of us agree that the result could not have been better, though I had to make some tough decisions (see above). I'm now going to a lactation circle with Britt and she's helped me and my son on our breastfeeding journey. If you feel you need any guidance or reassurance during your birth, just call Britt!!  She's the best! ??

Liza Viana


There's no way I would have made it through my 30+ hour birth with my first child without Britt by my side. Whether it was walking with me around the park during the early stages of labor, making cold packs for me, helping me breathe and keeping me sane during a crazy labor and birth, she truly was my rock. Had I not had Britt advocating for me in the delivery room, along with some great midwives, I surely would have ended up with an unnecessary C-section, simply because my labor was going on for so long. No matter how much preparation I had ahead of the birth, I wouldn't have been able to get through that first birthing experience without her! I ended up choosing to have Britt by my side for the birth of my second son, as well - just in case!!! Even though we had both been down that block before, she was still a calming advocate for me and helped me make the best decisions for me and my baby before and during the birthing process. THANK YOU Britt and Hummingbird Doulas - you are the best!!!

Judith David


Britt was my doula for both my births and I could not have experienced two natural births without her! From the moment we began working together, Britt provided anazing support! She is knowledgeable, patient, strong and kind. She helped me create a birth plan and prepare for everything needed for the big day! And when that day came Britt was by my side the whole way .... But she also managed to respect and preserve the special moments in between for me to enjoy with my husband. She was perfect! Her amazing skills (combined with the magical birthing bag she brings to the labor room) allowed me to confidently and comfortably deliver my girls as fast and safely as possible. If we have a third, I wont do it without her!!! Britt all the way!!!

Lauren Collier


My husband and I had the pleasure of doing a private, in-home childbirth refresher class with Britt before the arrival of our second baby in January 2014. Britt possesses everything you want in a birth doula and birth educator - a warm smile, a great sense of humor, seasoned knowledge of birth and just a general easy-to-be with presence. She is an excellent listenener and really catered our class to what we needed to support another natural birth. This labor progressed much faster than my first and I felt the techniques that she went through helped me to keep calm while I was in transition on the way to the hospital. After the very fast, beautiful, intervention-free birth of our son Britt prepared my placenta encapsulation. Fast and professional service delivered to my home along with a sweet personal touch of a remaining piece of placenta in the shape of a heart. They helped me keep my energy up postpartum and provided support to combat the postpartum blues.  Highly recommend and we will use Britt again for our third!

Christin Scarcello


Britt has the amazing combination of knowledge, experience and a personality that puts you at ease and keeps you laughing. As a first time mom she has been an invaluable resource before during and after the birth of my son. It was comforting to know she was only a call or text a way to answer questions during my pregnancy. There were so many things going on in my life while I was pregnant. It was such a relief to know she'd be with me during labor and took some of the pressure off my husband and I trying to remember all the tools (and having to buy them) that we learned about in our birthing class (which she also taught). I felt confident and supported leading up to the birth and throughout the entire experience. I can't imagine what my experience would have been like without her. She has also been amazing after the birth. She was right there for that first latch. I had her do the placenta encapsulation for me and have continued to see her at the weekly lactation circle meetings she leads. Breast feeding has come very easily and I credit her in part for that. She cares as much about your emotional experience as your physical experience giving birth and becoming a mother. 
She is worth every penny!

Katalin Kerekes


As a First time mother, i did not know what to expect from a labor... of course i took childbirth classes and red many-many books and knew that i wanted a natural birth without pain medication. Britt was a great partner for that 26hours labor journey and surprised me in many ways! She relieved my pain with simple but very effective technics. I remember, when she was arrived into my home i was already in pain i have never felt before. She just touched & pressed the right areas on my body and i found myself in tears from the relieve... THANK YOU BRITT!

Red Jenn Pasquarosa


I took childbirth classes for both of my children with Britt and have attended her lactation circle. I have learned so much from her. She has a great sense of humor and she is one of those people that is very soothing to be around.  She always made me feel nurtured, cared about, and respected which was so important throughout my pregnancies. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to support them during their pregnancy. She truly found her calling in life. 

Sophia Carabetta


Would be lost without Britt...

My husband and I took classes with Britt and she was amazing! My husband and I were truly prepared when our little one arrived this past May. There are so many things pre and post baby that she was able to coach us through as we go through this roller coaster as new parents.

Even still today my little one and I go to lactation circle for her advice and support. It is comforting to know we have someone who is able to answer our questions, let us know when to relax and more importantly when to be concerned.

We are so thankful for everything she has done and continues to do! We would truly be lost without her! 

Rachael Boris


I had the pleasure of taking birthing classes with Britt. My OBGYN had given me a list of classes that were all centered around drugs as the only form of pain management. I knew that wasn't for me! I searched online and started calling places. From the first phone call, Britt made me feel comfortable. Her love for her work shined through. I had explained my past loss and some of my fears with this birth. Britt explained why her class was going to be the perfect match for me. 

Britt's classes are informative, but "real". She adds her own humor and still makes sure all your questions are answered. She is patient but knows how to keep the class moving. Her talent is evident, as well as her love for all that she does in the birth process. 

Janine Colyer


Britt was my doula for my daughter's birth in May 2015, and also provided private childbirth classes for my husband and myself. The classes were wonderful - among other topics, Britt provided a great overview of what to expect during the various stages of labor, as well as techniques for coping with each. These classes really helped my husband and I understand the process and reduced our fear and anxieties once the time came, as we felt prepared.

As far as Britt's doula services, I truly cannot imagine how I would have managed my birth without her on my team. She was by my side helping with everything I needed- from ice chips and massage to making sure my medical team was providing the care I needed. When my epidural failed, she made sure the doctor came back to try again, and when my baby was having trouble coming through the birth canal, Britt helped me and my husband to understand the options my doctor gave and make an informed decision.

Her many years of experience as a doula make Britt a true expert in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum matters. Even in the weeks after my daughter was born, Britt has reached out to see how I am feeling, how breastfeeding is going, and to answer any questions I had (and I have had plenty!). I would wholeheartedly recommend Britt to anyone seeking childbirth support, and I look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future!

Kimberley McCormack


As first time parents coming from the UK and living in Jersey City... I thought it would be a good idea to hire a Doula as I had no female support here and had no idea about what to expect during labor, despite reading a ton of labor stories!! And WOW thank goodness I hired Britt!!!

She was an absolute star from start to finish!! 

I knew I wanted to aim for a natural child birth and was looking into midwives just before meeting Britt as I wasn't happy with the direction my OB/GYN seemed to be taking me.

At Britt's recommendation I checked out Avalon Midwives and Morristwon Hospital. They seemed awesome so we went with them. 

Thank goodness we found them and Britt :)

I went into labor at 41 +1 and turned out i was cooking a big baby.. 9lb 1oz !!

Britt stayed calm and was my complete rock throughout my 15 hour labor and I honestly don't know how I would have done it without her.

There was a time just as i was transitioning that my midwife was stuck in another c section and couldn't be in the room... Britt was an absolute star during this time and without her i would have completely lost the plot!! 

With her help I had a completely natural birth..something i am very grateful for!!  there were times when I am sure if I didn't have her at my side I would have opted for pain relief.. I pushed for over three hours and throughout, both my team of Britt and Avalon Midwives kept me positive calm and made me feel strong, never questioning whether I could do it!! I am sure my OB would have had me in a C section!

Thank you Britt so much from both myself and my husband .. you made the birth an amazing experience!! something never to be forgotten and cherished forver!!! 

Amy Washburn


As first time parents, my husband and I felt it was really important to enlist the help of a doula as we navigated our way through pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. We could not have been happier with Britt. She was highly responsive whenever we had questions, was always on time for our appointments and, most importantly, has the perfect temperment. She's warm with a great sense of humor, but also firm and straight-forward. 

Britt also has good relationships with the midwives at Avalon, who we chose to deliver our baby, and knows many of the nurses and doctors at Morristown. This was extremely helpful during labor - Britt knew how to handle every person who came in the room and knew how to get everything we needed. When things got a little intense during labor, Britt totally took charge and provided the kind of guidance that kept my husband calm and collected, and allowed me to focus on getting through contractions. 

Although our goal had been to try and achieve a natural birth, I ended up with an epidural. Britt totally supported my decision and remained by my side throughout the rest of my labor and delivery. I'll never forget watching her clean our room and pack up my soaking wet and bloody clothes in anticipation of our parents arriving. Or hearing her encouraging words as I started pushing. Or, as I was laying with my new baby on my chest, her appearing beside me with a pitcher full of a fizzy, sweet concoction that brought me back to the land of the living. Britt just does what needs to be done.

I also had her encapsulate my placenta and she brought it by the hospital the next day, along with a tincture. I have been very pleased with the results of the pills and look forward to utilizing the tincture in the future. 

I cannot recommend her services enough. 


Amanda Harmon


For the birth of our first child this past November my husband and I decided we wanted a natural birth with a midwife.  To prepare we took a birth class at The Midwives of New Jersey with Britt as our instructor.  Her class was worth every minute of it (and every minute of the two hours+ commuting to attend!).  Not only was Britt a joy to work with, entertaining to have as an instructor and personable, she also truly prepared us for birth!  We left the class feeling empowered and knowledgeable.  

Britt gave us the tools and techniques that we needed as first time parents to handle the birth together.  I would highly recommend her to anyone considering her as their doula or birth class instructor!

Penelope Clarkakates


I hired Britt to work with me for my second pregnancy. I had used a doula for my first birth (down in Washington DC) and knew that even if this birth went very fast -- as they say second births do -- I would still want the support and comfort of a doula by my side.

In the end, my pregnancy went a week over due. More than my midwives, Britt was my life line in discussing options and strategies. She was always available to chat after my appointments and provided a great measure of comfort and support. She had great information and knowledge to share, making me feel that all my options were explored and addressed. Also, she kept some humor in the mix when I felt like I might be pregnant forever :)

The birth was indeed very fast. I woke in the morning with light contractions and contacted Britt. She suggested I get in the shower, eat some breakfast and check back in later. When I did, and when she heard a contraction over the phone, she suggested that we get to Morristown Medical Center quickly so that we could check in and get settled before the birth. Britt met us there and joined me in Labor & Delivery. She made sure that I was fed and watered and gave great counter pressure during contractions. After the birth she stayed with me while nurses and husband tended to the baby. She was calm, steady and confident throughout the process.

Again, after the birth, in the post-partum weeks Britt was in touch and available to talk to make sure I was doing OK. She helped with nursing and cracked nipples. She came for a wonderful post-partum visit and stayed in touch.  

Britt provides services that are essential for a pregnant woman and new mom. She was extremely caring and steady -- qualities I truly appreciate. I would recommend Britt to any woman looking for a natural birthing experience. 




I didn't start my pregnancy with a resolve to have a home birth or a doula!

Things naturally progressed in such a way that by the time we had to settle on provider, my husband and I have changed our mindsets and how we wanted to experience the birth of our first child (from a doctor in NYC to a midwife birth center in NYC, to a midwife in NJ hospital, to a home birth, to adding a doula to the team).

Britt was recommended to me by my pregnant chiropractor. We had Britt over at our house to give us the childbirth course. At the end, we realized that were not ready to say goodbye and asked Britt to come to our home birth. Luckily, she changed her plans in order to be available for us.

On the night my labor started, I wrote to Britt and got an immediate response. She kept tabs on me for the rest of the morning until I texted her that she must come NOW. I felt that her presence would make me feel better. When Britt arrived, she jumped right in and never stopped helping me getting thru some painful contractions, applying massive pressure to my lower back (per my directions). I honestly don't know how I would do it without her there. It was very comforting to have Britt work my back and I just felt more secure by having her steady presence with me. I congratulate myself on making the decision to hire Britt. And we are forever grateful to our wonderful birth team for a great experience and their loving and calming energy, knowledge, reassurances.

Britt even spoonfed me some of my postpartum meal as I had my hands full with breastfeeding my newborn son.

Lastly, I am sure that placenta capsules made by Britt really helped with recovery.

I am happy to have had such a great birth experience and cannot imagine that it would have been possible without the great women who were there :)

Thank you Britt, Roxanne and Kasey!


Masha, Dom and baby Anton.

Amanda Suhey


Britt was our Childbirth Education Class teacher through the Midwives of New Jersey. We learned so much from her class. She taught evidence-based information without being judgmental, and always with a sense of humor. We always looked forward to her classes each week. When a trip conflicted with the class schedule, she was also very flexible about allowing us to make it up. While the information and coping techniques she taught us definitely helped me during labor, they were also integral for two difficult things I went through -- I was 2 weeks overdue and her class definitely gave me the information to stay positive during that very long wait. When labor did happen, it went very quickly and her classes also gave me the confidence to remain calm the entire time. The information she taught about newborn procedures was also very good and helped us make informed decisions. Highly recommend her class, even if you're not a first time parent. Thanks, Britt!

Jennifer L. Forestiere


Prior to taking our first childbirthing class, we were unsure of the value of hiring a doula, but after our experience with Britt we not only believe that a doula is extremely beneficial, but would, without a doubt, hire Britt again.  It was such a blessing to have her as part of our birth experience and she truly was the reason we were able to have the natural birth we hoped for.  Britt was so incredibly knowledgable and provided such a calming presence before, during and after the birth.  Thanks to her vast knowledge, she knew just how to assist and encourage us so that both my husband and I could enjoy every moment of the birth together.  She was such a great source of support, information and a calm and caring presence.  She took the time to get to know us, our birth plan and our personalities before the birth.  As a result, she knew the best way to assist us during labor and was able to offer exactly the right support at the right time.  

The birth of our first child was a beautiful and miraculous experience that we will never forget and we owe so much of that to Britt.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering a doula (and even those who never thought of hiring a doula).  Thank you, Britt, for all that you did for us and our daughter!

Laura Saldana


Britt is an amazing doula. Her calm, yet assertive, voice and demeanor bring peace and joy to the labor process. If you are looking for someone to accompany you, make you feel stronger than you think you are, and make sure you and your partner are comfortable during one of the most special and challenging moments in your life, she is the one. 

She was always ahead of the game, anticipating our needs and asking the nurses and hospital staff the questions that brought more clarity to the process. She is very experienced and you can immediately tell. We would have been lost without her.

She is one of the reasons I have a beautiful memory of the whole labor process, as she helped me conquer fear, stress and pain. Importantly, she respected and supported our every choice. (A big plus if you deliver at Morristown Memorial Hospital: she knows the place and the staff very well).

Finally, when the baby arrived, she was the angel that (without any obligation to do so) pointed us to super useful breastfeeding/nursing resources that helped us have a good start.

My husband could not agree with me more that we were very lucky to have her as a doula.

Meagan Cavanaugh


Britt was my doula for my 2nd baby.  I knew from the first time I met her that we would be in good hands and we were!  Britt is very down-to-earth and personable and immediately makes you feel like you've known her forever - which is a nice thing when you are inviting someone into one of the most intimate experiences of your life.  She was great at the prenatal visit and in the weeks before my labor started, checking in frequently and offering lots of advice and encouragement.  Despite a few hiccups in my pregnancy (breech, gestational diabetes, induction, etc) she never failed to stay positive and reassure me that everything would work out fine.  The labor itself was fast and intense.  Britt was a huge support in the hospital - she knows where everything is (juice, blankets, etc), knows how to communicate easily with the hospital staff, and isn't afraid to do anything needed to help the mom.  She squatted outside the shower holding my fetal monitor in place, she held my hand in the tub, and sat right with me through the entire thing.  My husband and I agree we couldn't have done it without her.  I think she's a huge part of why I ended up with the unmedicated natural birth I wanted (despite being induced, gestational diabetes, a 10 lb baby and posterior presentation).  She is amazing and anyone who can have her with them during labor is lucky!

Amy Weintraub-Naftal


Britt was really the perfect doula for my husband and I. She is very well educated and anytime I was concerned or had a question during my pregnancy she not only had an answer but was very detailed and calm. She labored at with me at my home until I was 8 1/2 cm dialated. She had very therapeutic tricks up her sleeve from birthing ball teqniques to movements to help bring the baby down. She helped my husband and I stay very calm and talked us through eschool stage of labor. Britt really assited me in having the beautiful birth I was looking for without fear. I felt calm and in charge in her presence. She is a wonderful doula and I would recommend her to anyone lolling for a doula. Thank you Britt for your support!

Avtar Sheppard-Singh


My husband and I loved our experience with Britt. We interviewed 4 doulas and we were confident in each one's ability as a doula so we decided to choose the one we felt most comfortable with, and that was Britt. Our decision paid off because you definitely need someone you can trust and be yourself around during labor. We spent 12 very intense hours together during which she kept both of us calm and happy, helped us advocate for ourselves, answered our questions, and anticipated our needs. It was basically like having your best friend there with you if your best friend was a birth expert. She was respectful of our wishes throughout the process and helped us have the best experience possible. She also was very helpful afterward answering questions and sharing contacts when we were struggling with breastfeeding and general new baby craziness. Perhaps most importantly, I never felt judged by Britt in any of my birth decisions or my decisions afterward. I feel that having a knowledgeable nonjudgmental person on your side is really important as a new mom. It's something that I had no idea would be so important before I gave birth.
We will be definitely be calling Britt again if we have a second child!

Rachel Krauskopf


We are so grateful for Britt, one of our birth angels in the unexpectedly quick homebirth of our first little one. Britt felt like a sisterly and motherly presence - stable, competant and calm - and she was a very significant part of my positive and empowering birth experience. She helped to create a safe and supportive space for me to listen to and honor my body and our little one in labor and birth. I love that she equally empowered my husband and intentionally made space and honor for him within the intensity of the birth. I had hoped to birth at home but wasn't sure I could do it; but Britt's support and calm demeanor under pressure proved such a gift to me and she was at my side throughout labor and birth. Britt also gave invaluable counsel and encouragement in the days and weeks leading up to my birth, helping me to feel heard and honored and therefore settled within myself as I anticipated all the unknowns of birth. My husband and I are so grateful for and to Britt and would feel honored to have her take care of us for future births of our children. Blessings to you as you make choices and discern your birth team; it is time so well spent. :)

Gretchen Radzik


I highly recommend Britt Sando! We took her birthing classes and she was our doula for our firstborn. I will be sure to contact Britt if/when we have another. Bitt was informative and personable to say the least. I felt like I could ask her anything and get a straight, helpful, non-judgmental answer. She wanted to know the kind of birth we wanted so she could do her best to make that happen. Britt supported us leading up to the birth and was our rock during labor. I loved that she came to our house for meetings and was always available by phone or email. My husband and I felt safe through birth and labor thanks to Britt. Her calm demeanor, down to earth demeanor was a great fit for us as we didn’t want an overly perky cheerleader!

caroline spages


I highly recommend Britt Sando of hummingbird doulas. Britt has been to two of my births (both Vbacs) and my husband and I both know Britt is a major reason for the success of my vbacs. Her support leading up to the birth, during, and after was invaluable. Her calm and nurturing demeanor as well as her trust in and knowledge of natural childbirth  makes her the perfect doula to have by your side!  

Stacy Carson


My husband and I cannot relay or relive our daughters birth story with mentioning Britt repeatedly. Labor is at times like a battle and We would have been lost without Britt's unwavering support on the battlefield. She helped to educate us before hand and answered every question we had. She was calm and cool and never once showed signs of wearing down after hours and hours of crouching by my side. When it came time to make decisions she helped me to feel I was making the right ones and I have never regretted anything because I knew she supported me. During such a crazy and stressful event it is paramount to have someone with wisdom, dedication,and a passion for what they do at your side. Britt will bring all these things and more to the table and give of herself to make each birth she is involved in a truly great experience.

Nicole Talucci


We hired Brit based off of a recommendation from our midwife. She came to the house twice to give us birth classes and was always at hand to ask questions before baby came. While I was in labor she was able to give us good advice on whatever we needed and came to the house in the early predawn hours when my labor ramped up. While in the hospital, she was able to help be manage labor with various techniques and suggestions. When it came time to make tough choices about our birth she was able to offer really good advice based off of her training and experience. Postpartum, she came to visit with baby and I several times and had a lot of suggestions and recommendations for ways to deal with the various problems that came up. Since baby, we've kept up a good relationship and I consider Brit a great doula and a good friend.

Joy Mazur


I tell every woman I know who is pregnant or thinking about having a baby to hire a doula, and if they live in this area, I suggest that they meet with Britt. She was the single most important factor in relieving me of anxiety, fear, and pain before and during labor. I believe it is because of Britt that I didn't need an epidural, though I was ready to have one if it was needed. My husband is very supportive & read The Birth Partner, but Britt has attended hundreds of births and knew the staff and procedures and 'language' of the hospital. Through shift changes of the nurses and midwives, she was a constant. She is warm, funny, and strong. She supported us in the decisions we made and helped us when we had questions making them. We love her and attribute our positive birth experience to the decision to hire her! 

Rebecca H


Britt was a real-life source of knowledge and advice for me and husband in the (many) weeks before our baby arrived. During labor, there were a lot of emotions in the birthing room, and she helped keep us grounded and calm - even laughing at times. She has a great sense of when she should step up, step back, or just remain constant. In other words, she was exactly what we needed. We ended up having an unplanned c-section, but not for a second did either of us regret hiring Britt.  She's there for the mother (and in turn, father) in so many more ways than just the actual birth.  If you are considering a doula, Britt should be at the top of your list.

Erika DiVivo


Britt was great from the start. I felt a connection to her with from the first phone interview. She was full of wit, knowledge and confidence. It made me feel like she knew what she was doing. That is what I wanted...someone to lean on during this time of so many unknowns.

My husband said it was the best money we spent. Britt was always available when I had questions before, during and after the birth of my beautiful daughter. I felt so assured that she was there as a support person for us. She even helped start my baby to latch on and breastfeed soon after she was born.

By the time Britt came for the postpartum visit...I felt like we were old friends.

If we decide to go on this wild ride again, I will hire Britt. She is an expert because she has three children and is an experienced doula.

Ellen Zander


I had to have a scheduled c-section at the last minute due to a breeh birth, and decided to keep Britt by my side anyway . . . she helped us figure out what was going on during the 8 hour plus wait for my "scheduled" c-section and advocated for us to have skin to skin time in the operating room, which we got.  She was a great support for my husband in the OR and she took pictures for me of the birth - otherwise I would have had to wait until after I was stitched up to see my baby!  She also helped me latch the baby on, which was great because the birth happened right before a nursing shift change and they were too busy to help me. I plan to have a VBAC next time and will definitely hire Britt again.

KandR Glen Ridge


There is no way to adequately express how thrilled we were with Britt. She was the perfect combination of calm, motivational, and informative. From the moment we met her as our childbirth educator, we knew we had to have her at our birth. She normalized for us an otherwise completely foreign situation and it was clear from the outset how vital she was going to be. And boy were we right -- long story short, a 48 hour and very intense labor and vaginal delivery would have been hellish if not for Britt's calm demeanor and unwavering support of BOTH me and my wife. I could probably go on and on about the specifics of why we loved her, but suffice it to say that in the end, we consider her to have been the perfect doula for us. We will forever be grateful for her role in the successful and beautiful birth of our first child, and we recommend her without reservation.

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