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Phone: (732) 407-8647

Birth Fee: $1400 to $2000

Fee Details: Includes prenatal visit, attendance at birth (starting at home or hospital), one postpartum visit. Birth doula fees depend on location and services. In addition to basic doula services, I offer packages to combine birth doula services with childbirth education.

Birth Doula Experience: 10 years and 150 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2010
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Un-medicated/Natural, Medicated.I provide continuous support during your labor and approximately 2 hours postpartum. Assist with breastfeeding starting after birth.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Breastfeeding course for Doula certification

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Rebozo Training
  • Hypnobirthing doula, DONA Certified for TENS unit, Bengkung belly binding

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of NJ Birth Network. Teaching ‘Comfort in labor’ seminars at BabyRUs.

Languages spoken: English, Russian

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Client Testimonials for Anna Tarasova

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Anna helped me from the beginning of my pregnancy. I was looking for a good health provider. My goal was to give a birth naturally without any medications. And she advised me several options with whom and where I can do this. She helped me to find a good occupanture specialist. She was following my feelings and expectations during the labor. My goal was met and I absolutely happy to had Anna as a doula! Highly recommend her to everyone who wants to have a good labor and delivery!

Posted 5/28/2019

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My husband and I are extremely happy that we decide to work with Anna for the birth of our first child. Anna was always available for questions before, during, and after my delivery. A few days after my due date passed, she suggested a couple of natural ways to try to induce labor so that I wouldn't have to be medically induced. Once my contractions actually began, Anna was in constant contact with my me and my husband. She came to our house as soon as my contractions began to intensify and we felt like we needed her support. Anna had a bunch of tools to help me through contractions and her calm demanor was extremely helful throught labor and delivery. Anna stayed with us throught two trips to the hospital in the middle of the night and helped get me in positions to progress labor and flip the baby into the best birthing position. I would not be able to achieve my goal of an epidual free labor without Anna. Her knowledge and support was vital in order for me to fulfill my birth plan. 

Posted 4/13/2019

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Anna was my backup doula. She was amazing, arrived to a far away hospital on extremely short notice and helped me with very painful back labor. She was very caring and supporting, explained all the procedures while constantly massaging my back and helping with contractions. She set up a TENS machine and also provided hand massage to get me through labor. She brought my mind off contractions that I ended up not needing an epidural and not needing any kind of pain medication at all. I believe my positive labor experience was very much due to her efforts. I would hire her again many times over and highly recommend to everyone else.

Posted 4/5/2019

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Anna Rudo-Hutt

Anna was such a great support during my pregnancy and VBAC delivery. During my first delivery, I had felt that my doctor intervened too quickly, leading to a C-section, so for this pregnancy I wanted a doula to help me advocate for my wishes for an intervention-free birth (if I and baby were healthy). Anna provided much-needed reassurance and advice as I went past my due date, and when I finally went into labor, her support at the hospital, along with my husband, helped me get through an intense and speedy labor without medication. I was so happy with my birth experience and Anna was a crucial part of that.

Posted 3/29/2018

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Liat Kassin

One of the main reasons I decided to hire Anna was the amount of births and experience she has in the delivery room. And she did not disappoint! Anna was so amazing during labor- I would not have been able to get through not getting epidural without her. She was very calming and encouraging throughout each contraction. A calm energy is very important to me and she was exactly that. If youre thinking of go without epidural Anna is the one!

Posted 11/16/2017

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Chie Ikeya

If not for Anna, I could not have endured what ended up being almost 40 hours of labor. As morning turned into night, and dusk to dawn, Anna massaged my back and comforted me each time I had a contraction. She showered, bathed, and fed me. She helped me stay active and moving throughout the labor, even when I seriously questioned my ability to do so. She never doubted my will and ability to achieve the kind of labor and delivery that I wanted to have, and encouraged me to believe in myself. She made sure that there was always clear and open communication between me and the midwives and the nurses, and that the medical staff listened and responded to my needs and wishes. After the delivery, Anna kept in touch constantly to see how my husband and I were doing (and not just how my little one was doing!), and offered words of encouragement and addressed the many questions I had. In short, she was the person primarily responsible for nourishing and supporting me throughout one of the most--if not the most--challenging experiences of my life. She was a tour de force. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Posted 5/31/2017

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Phoebe Nobles

Anna was with us during the labor and birth of both of our children, our son in 2013 and daughter three years later. I can't imagine going through labor without her. She is strong, calm and confident. She was the perfect source of support for both me and my husband. Anna was with us for more than 24 hours during my first, long labor--she stayed with us through one trip to the hospital, back home to labor some more, and back to the hospital. She had unflagging energy, kept me going, gave my husband breaks for food and naps. Her presence was no less essential during my second, very short and fast labor. She recognized my active labor at home, helped me through very strong and fast contractions, and enabled us get to the hospital just in time (fully dilated). She supported me literally--physically!--while I pushed. In both cases I had a vaginal delivery without pain medication. She was a great advocate for me with the nursing staff, and I know my group of midwives respects and likes working with her. I can hardly express my gratitude here! Anna lent me some of her great courage. She was absolutely the right doula for me.

Posted 8/19/2016

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nastia vla

Anna Tarasova is such a wonderful person (whoch is important because you sepnd more then a couple of hours together!), she is very knowledgable, experince and energetic. I have had another doula before her, who charged a more and also had a lot of experince but she seemed passive and i didnt feellike she had my back. Anna theoratical knowledge, such as medical (medications, safety, what is necessary and not in what cases) is superrior. She is a hard worker. She came to see us three times for one labor because twice we arrived too early and went back home. She stayed with me throughout 24 hours of labor and never showed a sign of being tired or annyed, even though i declined her naturak that would help to speed up labor. Last but not the least, her fee is more then reasonable if you copare with other doulas of similar experince. I really have nothing negative to say. She was flexible, reasonable, supportive throughout the whole experince beginning with days before labor (she would quickly reply to my texts day ot night!). She was there when needed and gave us space when we needed it. I highly recommend her. And i am wishing you good luck with your delivery! You cam relax when you have doula Anna by your side. My husband slept through most of my labor because she provided so much support for me :)

Posted 8/10/2016

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Anna Koroleva

With Anna I got my natural unmedicated VBAC. The experience was incomparable with previous c-section birth. And a lot of it thanks to Anna and to my doctor. I had an amazing experience! I was in prodromal labor for good 2 days and she was in contact with me during the entire time, she told me what exercises to do to help the labor progress. On the day of delivery I had doctor appointment at 3pm. He checked me and I was 6cm. We went straight to the hospital and Anna arrived promptly after. We were walking the halls of the hospital and on each surge I was resting and holding the bars and Anna was doing counterpressure massage on my lower back. Then sometime after I got into the tub and Anna suggested to pour some warm water from the shower during the contractions - it helped a lot! During pushing stage she was couching me and during breaks was trying to explain what to do and what else to try and it helped a lot. I was pushing for 2 hours and was exhausted, but encouragement from her side, nurses and doc made me go further and I did it! I would say doula is an absolute must for all first-time moms and for all who is trying VBAC. if I decide to have another baby I definitely will have her again.

Posted 2/19/2016

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Monica Snavely

My husband and I had the fortune of being able to work with Anna Tarasova for the birth of our first child. Choosing to work with her was an easy choice. She had a calm, grounding, and kind presence. She detailed the many different ways she could help to provide guidance during the birthing process. Also, being a mom herself made me feel confident that she was the best choice. Seeing a ladybug in my path on my way home I took as a sign that with her our birth would be surrounded with good luck & positive vibes.

I was not to be disappointed. My birth was a quick one. After my water broke contractions came on fast and strong and I only had enough time to call my husband before the pain became too unbearable to do anything but focus on breathing. My husband was able to call Anna and despite it being her mother's 70th birthday (we didn't know this until long after the birth) she arrived in record time. 

She and my husband worked as a great team to keep me calm and focused during a very painful birth. I had a lot of back labor due to the baby's rotation. There were many times I did not think I could continue. Even though I wanted a natural birth my confidence waivered. Anna was excellent in keeping me strong. She reminded me of my innate power to birth my baby. She helped me know when to push longer and harder to get the baby's head to begin crowning. 

Afterwards she came to visit and I was really impressed with her skills with placenta encapsulation and printing. She gave me a Bengkung belly binding and showed my husband how to do the ties properly to help with postpartum recovery. She also let us know that she had connections to lactation specialists if we needed one.

I would highly recommend Anna for anyone who is looking for a professional doula with lots of expertise and a warm heart!

Posted 2/17/2016

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Evgenia Smirnova

I was determined to as natural birth as possible, and I can say that despite some frustrating circumstances, I got them. And largely thanks to Anna.
My labor has begun in a "wrong" way: at a midnight water broke, but I did not feel any contractions. I called Anna and she reassured me that we have time to "start" the contractions and it’s too early to panic, better to try to take a rest as the next night it probably will not work - and she was so right!). In the morning I still did not feel the contractions, and Anna sent me exercises to initiate them. All day my husband and me driving, walking; I do exercises and timed the contractions. Later in the afternoon the contractions became tangible and I decided I need Anna here. At the time when she came I was ready go to the hospital. Anna gave me a massage, put TENS units that gave me relief and we left. At the hospital, it was so painful that I asked to give me anesthesia, but Anna and nurses advised me to abstain, because it turned out that I was 9cm already!
Unfortunately, due to circumstances I could not afford the birthing center, or even choose a clinic, and this one was not the most friendly place:in Coney Island Hospital Anna was not even allowed in the delivery room and the staff almost entirely ignored our birth plan. But despite of this, the birth went well and two hours after our arrival(and 26 hours after water broke) our daughter Alexandra was born without any intervention or use of any medication.
I highly recommend Anna as a sensitive, professional and understanding person. I and, importantly, my husband received informational support during her prenatal visit and we relaxed a bit more clearly imagining what lies ahead. During labor moral and physical support also helped pass this way: her presence and advices relieved stress and made the experience less traumatic and as comfortable as possible in existing circumstances.Thanks again! Next time only you, but in another clinic!)

Posted 7/16/2015

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Angela Juneau

Anna supported us for the birth of our daughter in February 2015.  She was wonderful, and I highly recommend her.  Anna met with us well before the due date to help us prepare for the birth and suggest tools to cope with labor.  She was able to give us many helpful suggestions based on her extensive birth experiences.  When my labor began, she arrived at our home and was everything I could have hoped for.  She quickly cued into my needs.  Anna stayed quiet, was very positive, provided me with tremendous physical support, and suggested ways to move through contractions.  By the time we got to the hospital my contractions were so intense that I was not able to communicate very much. While my husband meant well and wanted very much to help, he was often asking me questions that I couldn't respond to.  Anna sensed what I needed--a cool washcloth to the head, an update on how my labor was progressing, a massage to the lower back--without my needing to ask.  I said to her more than once that I didn't think I could continue on, and she expertly gave me the confidence to keep going.  I felt so much stronger and capable because she was there.

Posted 4/14/2015

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Vaneskha Wilson

My husband and I are so happy we hired Anna as our doula. As first time parents, we had no idea what to expect...and our parents didn't seem to have baby friendly experiences. Anna was able to educate us from the first meeting on what to expect and what our rights as parents were. She provided really helpful reading and audio materials and was available to chat any time we had questions. I thank Anna for my ability to get through labor and delivery without any interventions! But no matter what your goals are, Anna is highly qualified to help. 

Posted 9/15/2014

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Himali Kapil

What struck us instantly about Anna was her quiet confidence and her deep warmth. 

After meeting her, my husband and I didn't even consider interviewing the other doulas we had shortlisted, because we were so convinced about the connection we had struck up with her. 

Through the next two months before delivery, Anna supported us, me particularly, in all sorts of endeavours including finding a doctor so late into the pregnancy (my obgyn didn't have practicing privileges at the hospital at which we wanted to deliver). This she did even before we had confirmed her appointment as our doula.

DELIVERY: Anna arrived, shortly after we called her, at 4am. She didn't need to be with us so early, because labour had just begun, but because it was an induction, and because my husband and I were feeling unsure about its progress (first time parents) we asked her. Then on, she didn't leave our side until I had delivered - after 27.5 hours. 

Having her as part of our support team ranks among our best decisions for the birth. I don't know how we'd have weathered those hours without her. From guiding my husband on how to support me, to stepping in gently when he needed to rest, and advising us on decisions at the hospital, Anna's presence was soothing, reassuring, and bracing. It allowed us to focus on all the right things during labour. 

What we most appreciated about Anna is that she knew, instinctively, when to step in and when to stand by in quiet, but firm support. 

POST PARTUM: Anna's warmth and guidance spilled well into the challenging but exciting days of recovery and discovering the new young person in our lives -- from references for lactation consultants, to checking up on us via email ever so often, to bringing us a delicious and generous batch of food on her post partum visit.

We'd go back to her in a heartbeat, if we were to consider another pregnancy. Love and luck to you Anna!

Posted 8/4/2014

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Stefan Schwarz

I'm writing this from the perspecitive of the father and husband.

I was very happy that we found Anna as our Doula. We had a good session preparing for labor and many calls as we were approaching the date. In fact, we were set to meet again when the birth of our son had to be induced for medical reasons. 

We went into the hospital in the evening and Anna was so kind to join us in the early morning hours. She offered to come whenever we felt we needed her support. It was no problem for her to come in the wee hours.

During labor Anna had a wonderful sense for when to help and when to stand by. I'm saying this because it was important for me to support my wife as much as possible and be an integral part of the birthing experience. But I also knew that there would be situations where I might be overwhelmed or tired. So Anna had this great sense when to step in. For example, as the labour progressed and my wife needed almost constant massaging, Anna would step in when she noticed my energy levels flagging and take over the massaging in a quiet and reassuring way. Same when I had to rest and sleep for a bit - Anna just picked up being with my wife and helping her. We felt very much supported while I could be on my wife's side as much as possible.

We also had several medical decisions to take and Anna offered her thoughts and the options that we had. She was very much in tune with the medical staff at the hospital.

We are very grateful for having had Anna as a Doula and warmly recommend her.

Posted 7/27/2014

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Katia Usenia

My husband and I knew that Anna was the right Doula for us during the first ten minutes of our interview – she was open and genuine.
During our Prenatal visit Anna explained in details what to expect during labor, options we had, and all the other information we needed to come up with Our Natural Birth Plan.
Anna was very approachable by email or phone. She followed up with me after each of my weekly doctor visits, and was on stand-by for my 'labor call' when we get closer to the due date.
First thing Anna did when we arrived at the hospital was to share our Birth Plan with all the Doctors and Nurses. She was very professional and polite, but strong at the same time. She advocated for us, asking questions and negotiating our off-the-monitor time for walking and exercising. She made sure that our rights and wishes were respected and listened to.
Even though our birth didn't go according to the Plan, and the labor was induced 18 hours after the water broke and no progress, Anna helped us feel comfortable with this decision. We tried hard to start contractions naturally but it didn’t work.
Anna massaging my back, wiping my face with cold cloth, suggesting to change positions, TENS unit, my husband's support, and, of course, the anticipation to see the baby girl were the things that helped me through the painful contractions. Anna’s energizing grapefruit oil and her suggestion to touch my baby's head when she was crowning gave me that extra really needed strength for pushing.
Anna seemed to have organized my labor so everything and everyone 'worked' in harmony with each other, staying as close to the Plan as possible. Even though long and painful, it turned out to be a very rewarding positive birth experience that Anna helped us achieve, and we will be forever grateful to her for that.
So yes, definitely, I would recommend Anna hundred times, for her support, knowledge, genuine care about a woman and baby.

Posted 6/30/2014

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Anna D

My unmediated home birth experience was absolutely amazing because of two professionals who assisted me during my labor my doula Anna Tarasova and my midwife. 

I have met with Anna during my 28-30 week or so, looking to switch from hospital to home birth, not knowing what to expect. From the very beginning Anna was very informative, helpful, kind and mostly available tp discuss any questions I might have. Her availability was impeccable as well as her knowledge. She was always very incurraging and easy to communicate with.  I felt at ease.

When the day came, one more time, she was super available. My water broke at 11 pm and my close contractions started almost immediately, she came to support me as soon as I needed her. She has strong hands that she massaged me with, when the pain was getting stronger. She came with different tools that we were using to ease the pain as well(tens etc). My midwife arrived a couple of hours later, but there was never a sence of panic or discomfort, Anna kept me in good spirit and she truly helped me to get threw the first couple of stages of labor.

When my midwife did arrive they were working hand in hand to assist me all the way to my son's birth. My labor lasted 18 hours. Anna was alwaya there with a drink or food or anything else I needed, she encouraged me all the time and it helped me to deal with pain and fear. 

Anna also assisted me after the birth: helped me to latch the baby, gave me an invaluable suggestion about my placenta etc. She also came a couple of day after the birth to check on baby and I.

Looking back, I can not think without tearing up about what an absolutely unforgedable experience that was! I would highly recommend Anna to whomever is looking to hire a doula, you will be in good hands! Thank you, Anna!




Posted 5/13/2014

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bartek jelonek

Anna assisted with the labor and birth of our son in March 2014. We could not be happier about having her by our side during these momentous hours. 

Anna was the second doula we interviewed and we immediately felt that she was the right one. We found her warm and friendly, engaged and clearly professional and experienced. Through all our interactions, Anna was always very generous with her time, we never felt rushed through any of the meetings and she took as much time as it was needed to make sure that all our questions and concerns were properly addressed.

We were very well prepared and successfully navigated early and most of the active labor on our own at home. Anna was on call during this time and joined us within an hour from when we called her for the final time saying “it is time”. She jumped into action right away, attuning to whatever coping techniques were already working for my wife. She was hands-on when it came to getting ready for the hospital, helping my wife in the shower and getting her dressed while I packed the car. During the 30-minute drive to the hospital, I was able to focus on driving with confidence, knowing that my wife had Anna at her side to help her through contractions.

In the hospital, vigorous back massage and the use of TENS units brought real relief during contractions. Seemingly small things like a whiff of scented oils or refreshing the face and neck with wipes exactly when you needed it were life-savers, which – we would have never thought of on our own.

Anna was tactful, but watchful when it came to interactions with the hospital staff, making sure that our “birth plan” was being consulted and followed, and that we understood all developments. 

The follow-up post-partum visit was several-hours long – with a surprise warm meal brought by Anna!

We will definitely call Anna if we are pregnant again.

Edyta and Bartek

Posted 4/1/2014

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Dasha Olshanetskaya

Great doula, very helpful and supportive. She knew all these tiny details and necessities I might have during L&D. She took great care of me and my partner, not only by offering her advices but also offering TENS unit for pain relief, some "liquid food" I even never heard about, etc., etc. She was also on-call 24/7 for me and once I asked, she was there immediately.

For sure I will recommend Anna Tarasova to whoever will need doula.

Posted 1/25/2014

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Rachel Gorman

Anna was a constant source of comfort, inspiration and information for both myself and my husband throughout our pregnancy. This was our first rodeo, so to speak, and Anna "held our hands" every step of the way to achieve the natural, intervention-free birth that we so badly wanted. She was friendly, open and available to us from the very beginning, always checking in and making sure we were on track, while simultaneously respecting our privacy and our space. Anna made sure we were armed with information that was consistent with our beliefs and offered wonderful articles, videos and reading materials when I needed help or expressed interest. She never pushed her agenda on us, helped us to make decisions that were tailored to our family, and never judged our plan. When my labor started and Anna arrived to our home in the middle of the night, I was never happier to see anyone's face! She has an amazing set of strong hands and a beautiful and kind heart that carried us all the way through labor until our baby was safely in our arms. And the TENS unit was a lifesaver as well! She was also great with helping my husband to bring his A-game to the labor and gave him the confidence to be a great coach for me. Besides suggesting and providing pain relief techniques throughout labor, she was also emotionaly supportive and made sure I always had everything I needed- down to the last detail. Anna also assisted us with getting breastfeeding started at the hospital, and we had a very solid beginning with that. Anna always took her time with us. Even during the postpartum visit. I highly recommend Anna to all Moms and Dads out there! She has a wealth of information for all parents, first-timers and otherwise. We really value her and feel like she is family now. She really has a genuine heart and a firm but kind manner that was invaluable to us during the vulnerable and amazing journey of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Posted 7/31/2013

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JD haesloop

Our experience with Anna was nothing short of AWESOME!  She was extremely friendly, caring, knowledgeable, hard working, and worked around our schedule.  Before labor she visited our home a few times and discussed birth plans, TENS, different techniques and positions, and went over items that you would learn in a hospital baby class.  We discussed in detail different items we may want to incorporate into our birth plan (monitoring, drugs, breastfeeding, etc).  Day of, she immediately took our call and was at our house within 30 minutes or so.  We packed up a few hours later, went to the hospital, and were up all night in labor.  We planned on trying for a natural labor without drugs, etc.  I'll tell ya right now there's no way in hell I would have been able to guide my wife through it without Anna's help.  She suggested positions that eased my wifes pain.  She worked incredibly hard massaging my wife with me literally all night.  All three of us were physically exhausted in the morning during delivery.  We decided to try out the TENS unit and my wife found it very helpful throughout the labor.  I would highly recommend trying it.  Anna gave my wife the kind of support, confidence, and reassurance that I could not possibly provide.  She stayed with us a few hours after delivery and helped get my wife started with breastfeeding.  She stayed in contact with us over the next few weeks and checked in to see if things were going well.  She made another visit to our home a couple weeks later to once again check on breastfeeding and answer any questions or concerns we had as new parents.  I would not hestitate to seek Doula services if you are on the fence about it.  Anna's fees are average and reasonable.  Its money WELL SPENT!  I think a Doula would be the ultimate push present for your wife. I'll be contacting Anna again if my wife and I choose to have another!

Posted 6/19/2013

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Olga K

Anna has been instrumental in helping us achieve an intervention-free childbirth.  She came over as soon as my contractions started to intensify at 6am and, after we drove to the hospital and my contractions have slowed down, spent 7 hours walking with us around the city, helping to distract me and assuring me that whatever is happening is completely  normal.  Anna worked extremely well with my husband in this very private experience, which was important to us.  Once I got admitted to L&D, Anna stayed with us all through the delivery, reminding me to change positions/move around to keep the labor process going.  We also found the postpartum visit very valuable-Anna took ample time to answer our questions about newborn care/discuss the birth experience.   I wholeheartedly recommend Anna to anyone who is interested in natural childbirth or just needs help in managing labor-related anxiety.

Posted 4/9/2013

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Danielle Garske

I would highly recommend Anna as a doula! Anna is extremely knowledgable, kind and empathetic. She empowered me (as this was the birth of my first child) by providing a wealth of information prior to, during and after the birth of my son. I appreciated how committed she is to her clients' wellbeing; as she made herself quite available throughout the months. My son is happy and healthy and my recovery has been wonderful. I credit this to having Anna as my doula!

Posted 1/23/2013

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Regina and Matthew Soto

Anna provided the perfect support and comfort needed to help bring our son, Kyle Anthonly into the world. From the early months of my pregnancy to the long 27 hours of labor, she was there every step of the way. When my OBGYN of 14 years was pressuring me for a C-section and induction, Anna gave me the knowledge and support I needed to change doctors in my 7th month. She helped me find a practice that better suited my needs, and I was so pleased with the result. My labor started late at night, and Anna was there as soon as I needed her. She was a calming presence for both my husband and me. Anna helped us to form a wonderful birth plan that reflected our values and preferences. She also used many alternative techniques to help me stay focused in early labor and beyond. Her pain management suggestions helped a very difficult labor to progress. After 2 hours of pushing, after an exhausting labor, Anna was the one who spoke to me at just the right moments, helping me find the strength for one more big push. I would recommend Anna for anyone who is looking for support and guidance throughout their pregnancy and beyond. We have formed a bond that will now last for years to come.

Posted 10/1/2012

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Alissa A. Lange

This was our first child, and we went back and forth about whether or not to hire a doula. It ended up being a wonderful decision. From my first painful contraction to delivery was 67 hours....and Anna was available to us the whole time! She had lots of ideas to consider in preparation for labor, and loads of suggestions for pain management. During my marathon labor, she would rest when I was resting, and was informative about our options, but always supportive about what I wanted. Her warmth and experience were invaluable to me and my husband. We can recommend her without hesitation!

Posted 9/21/2012

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Tas S.

I was really happy that I chose Anna as my doula. She is a compassionate and a caring person, and goes above and beyond in assisting mothers through this difficult yet exciting time. She met with me prior to my delivery and went through my birth plan. She came up with very informed and knowledgable suggestions about the process and gave me a lot of confidence that I could have a natural, unmedicated birth. My labor ended up being induced, and not the labor I had in mind. However everything ended up going very smoothly despite being induced, and I honestly believe the support of a person like Anna helps. It was a truely wonderful birth experience. I can't thank Anna enough and I highly reccomend her.

Posted 8/27/2012

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Prachi Agarwal

Anna is a wonderful person & doula. She has lot of information to guide you through during delivery. Though I had a c - section delivery because of some complications at the last moment, she had helped me in so many ways in the hospitals. She always pickup your call or reply promply to your emails, if you need any quick guidance even after delivery. I would definately recommend her to everyone who are looking for a great & freindly doula.

Posted 7/18/2012

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Kate Henreckson

Anna was a wonderful doula. She was always prompt and easy to communicate with, in the stages before birth - constantly checking up on me to see how I was doing. She has a warm and friendly personality, and my whole family really liked her.  When I went into labor, she came over and helped me labor at home for most of the labor, as I had wanted to do. She had numerous helpful suggestions & techniques to help me cope with labor pain, so that I didn't feel a need to rush into the hospital or have an epidural. But she was also a wonderful emotional support, making me feel strong and capable, and that I had done really well. She was a blessing to my husband as well, so that he was able to take breaks during the labor and not be stressed, because he knew I was in good hands. I would definitely reccomend her to anyone looking for a wonderful labor experience. 

Posted 3/29/2012

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lavanya Tummalapalli

Anna is a wonderful Doula. First when I met her I was not sure what is a Doula's role during my pregnancy, do I really need someone? when I met her for the first time I wasnt sure how it is going to be, but  she has this pleasant personality to like her right away and instantly I felt confident that I can go thru the 9 months of pregnancy and labor, she has explained the process to us and she was there during my entire pregnancy, she is really a big comfort. She helped us and explained us how to stay away from complications during delivery and pregnancy and thus my pregnancy and delivery went so smoothly that I was ready for another one right after .. all I could say that she is a blessing to me during my pregancy and in labor. Even after the delivery she was with me and took a role of big sister and I am glad she turned out to be such a wonderful friend to me and to my husband. We are glad that we took the decision of having her as our doula and I think I will recommend her whole heartedly to all the new to be mothers...

Posted 3/16/2012

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Michelle V.

Anna was a tremendous support both before and during my childbirth experience. She was very perceptive about my emotional concerns in trying to have a VBAC and gave me reassurance that this experience could be different. Her words of encouragement before helped me to see this experience could be different. Her sensitivity made all the difference in helping me to focus on the positive with this birth. During the labor process, my husband and I were both impressed with her ability to be at the right place and the right moment to do what was needed to help me through. She has a quiet and sensitive way about her that helped us to easily feel comfortable with her. Anna was very respectful of my goals and helped support me to meet them. It's hard to imagine having had such a positive birthing experience without her support.

Posted 3/15/2012

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Julia Kiosse

We would highly recommend Anna as a doula for anyone seeking such assistance. My labor started in the middle of the night and Anna came all the way down from NJ to Manhattan Lenox Hill hospital in a very short time. Her constant, graceful professionalism as a doula helped make a difficult birthing experience a much easier process which allowed us to concentrate on the important details. She helped me to make the right decisions at the right times, starting from my first trimester until the baby's doctor came to us with the child birth report. She insisted I have a natural birth when I started to hesitate in the last moment on whether to have an epidural or c-section. Anna comforted me and my husband and prepared us for the final moments of labor. She found the right words to calm me down and I'm glad that I listened to her and I have no regrets in my final decision. If Anna was not there, most likely I would have given up and asked for the easiest way of giving birth. She also asked the right questions to the doctor and nurses including checking on the fetus' position, heart beat and all other important details we were too distracted and tired to realize we should check on. Anna was a great help. We really appreciate her professionalism, unobtrusive presence, her flexibility and her experience with childbirth.

Posted 2/14/2012

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Marina Shcipanova

Anna was my doula in October 2011. I had a 26 hour long natural unmedicated labor, which I wouldn't have been able to go through without Anna. She arrived promptly, didn't mind walking blocks and blocks around the neighborhood, massaged my back through every contraction, reminded me to change positions and breathe, and made sure I was always hydrated. She got along great with my husband who also took an active role in my labor, and she gave us space when we wanted to be just the two of us for a bit. I appreciated the fact that she knew to ask the right questions when I was too tired and in too much pain to think and ask for things for myself. Also, when I was in transition and begging for pain relief over and over again, it was Anna that kept reminding me of my goals and comforting me. It was largely thanks to her that I ended up not getting epidural. My husband appreciated being able to take breaks and quick naps without having to leave me all alone. I was prepared for a natural unmedicated birth - in theory - but I did not expect it to take as long as it did, and having Anna's support ended up being invaluable.

Posted 2/9/2012

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