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Ana Arreola Vallow

Indy Birth Services

Bargersville, IN Service range 75 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 300 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • - Certified Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2011
  • Hypnobabies, July 2019

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will be in contact with the mother before arrival to hospital, stay in-touch within an hourly check-in prior to deciding to leave for hospital. I will stay with Mom through labor and delivery, one -two hours after delivery to ensure good breastfeeding/bonding experience, and will call 24 hours to check-in after birth. Upon discharge I will visit within the first ten days, and will remain on-call by phone for any questions or needs that arise.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Same as hospital protocol- will check-in with Mom upon settling in at home. Will visit within first 10 days for post-partum visit, and will remain on-call to answer any questions serve any needs that arise.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
If midwife cannot provide birthing tub, I will help the family locate one for a small fee. Available by phone prior to active labor, doula to arrive upon mother's need/request. Doula will remain through labor and delivery, assist in getting good breastfeeding/bonding established and leave within two hours of delivery. Doula will check-in within 24 hours and meet within 7-10 days for post-partum visit.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a chair person for the Indy Birth Alliance in Indianapolis, this is a group of birth professionals who come together to offer support and education for paraprofessionals and the community. I am a volunteer for PUSH Midwives of Indiana, Advocate for Bill HB1135 Indiana.I have served as a LLL leader and I am involved with the Indiana Midwifery Taskforce. I am a member of the Indiana Midwives Association. I plan to pursue my IBCLC certification and one day my CNM license within the next few years. I am currently taking my pre-requisites for nursing school and look forward to pursuing this dream in the near future. I believe in advocating for birth choices regarding all women and families, this includes being informed! I also serve as the Program Coordinator for AngelCare Inc., an organization that supports young women in crisis pregnancy.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Service Area

Bargersville, IN Service range 75 miles

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Client Testimonials for Ana Arreola Vallow

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Katie Kimmel


Ana was an incredible doula for our family through our third pregnancy & birth. She became a dear friend to me through the process. She genuinely cared & never made me feel like a number or "client". We connected very quickly & easily, which is essential. Being pregnant & birthing a child is a very intimate experience that is essential to have people supporting you who you can simply "be" with & also connect easily with. As mentioned, Ana was exactly this. She understood not only my wishes but my heart. She helped to guide me through each process according to both factors and I have no regrets as I look back upon my experience with her. She followed up with me beyond the birth of my child because she cares. I quickly experienced post partum depression, and Ana was still there. She is the reason that I received help quickly so that I could fully enjoy life again and simply be me again. Most importantly, we shared a close walk with Christ which is what I feel bonded us the most. She has read scripture to me multiple times, prayed with me several times, & has reminded me who I am in Christ. If you share the similar faith, you know how important this is to your well-being. If you select Ana, you will not regret it. Being a doula is a God-given gift & calling for her, not a job or burden. If we have another child, we will call Ana again to be our doula.



Ana was the most incredible addition to our birth team! We had her present at the birth of our 4th and last baby and I so wish she was with us for our three previous births. She was calm, caring, respectful, and encouraging. She knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. After a long labor and my baby in not a great position, I 100% credit her for me having a successful VBAC. Her knowledge of spinning babies and her ability to try a variety of techniques allowed my baby to shift, descend and ultimately get into positioning for a VBAC instead of repeat c-section. Her support before, during and after labor was something I will forever be thankful for. We were so lucky to have her a part of our birth!

Kelli Allen


From the moment I spoke to Ana on the phone for our first interview, all the way to the hour post delivery, I knew Ana was the right doula for our family.  She put my mind at ease countless times as I described my fears during late pregnancy and labor with our second baby.  She listened extrememly well, provided thoughtful insight when I had a troubled mind, definintly never let me feel alone, and povided incredible hands on support during labor when I was having back pains and needed relief in other ways.  I would hire Ana again!  

Caitlin King


Ana is amazing! My midwife gave me a whole list of doulas and told me Ana was the best. Luckily she had room for me. I had serious back labor and she applied counter pressure and massage for as long as I needed. She was supportive, encouraging, and empowering. She really knows her craft. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting a doula.

Whitney Criswell


I was extremely nervous and had many reservations going into my birth plan. Ana made me feel extremely comfortable, gave me many options, and answered any and all questions. She was very informative, asked questions I didn't know to ask and helped in every step of the process. She was there when we despratley needed it and gave us space when we felt overwhelmed. I had a very hard time progressing during labor and when she arrived, things picked up very quickly and I believe this was because of her presence and setting the tone of the room. I had a very difficult pregnancy/ labor and Ana made it as pleasant as possible. 



Ana served as my doula during my first pregnancy and birth. She was a tremendous blessing to me, my husband, and our baby. She quickly and sincerely established rapport with us and grew our relationship into a friendship with respect, trust, and Christian love. Her knowledge about pregnancy and birth is vast, and she educates with joy to empower and support you and is never condescending or dismissive. My primary reason for working with a doula was to have an advocate as well as educate myself while planning to have a natural birth in a hospital. I was anxious that the hospital would rely primarily on interventions, which were possibly unncessary, to facilitate my birth instead of supporting as natural and least invasive an approach as possible. Ana heard my concerns and fears and allayed. She also was extremely professional and collaborative at the hospital during labor. She was intentional about respecting my husband and his role throughout the process, and he also appreciated her care for all of us. I cannot praise her enough and recommend her without reservations!

Candace Frazier


Ana is an AMAZING doula! Ana was recommended by a close friend who did nothing but sing Ana's praises. We wanted a successful natural birth. From the first phone conversation with Ana, we knew we wanted her services for the birth of our first child. 

We attended Ana's birth class and learned so many things! I would talk with other friends who had recently had babies about the things we learned in the class and they had very little understand of what the body actually does during the labor and delivery process. We felt empowered and like we knew everything thing that was happening and we give the credit to Ana's class. 

We deliverd at a birth center in central Indiana. Ana came as soon as she was able. She suggested ways to make me more comforable, directed my husband in things he could do and she helped pass the time with conversation (during breaks between contractions) while I labored. Ana snapped a few pictures during the process as well. She also prayed over us. We had a successful natural birth!

Unfortunately, afterward I had a complication that required a trip to the hospital. Ana rode in the ambulance with me to the hospital while my husband stayed at the birth center with our baby. Ana contacted someone to get donor milk right away because my trip to the hospital required me to be away from the baby for the first several hours of her life and we didn't know how long it would be before I could try breastfeeding. She talked to my family on the phone and gave them an update. She stay with me until I was settled in at the hospital. 

Ana is so good at what she does and I would recommend her services to anyone who is having a baby! My husband and I both cannot say enough good things about Ana! 

Meagan hellyer


Ana was an absolute dream to work with! She was very supportive through text, and always quick to respond to any question or concern I may have had during pregnancy. She checked in frequently during labor, and met us at the birth center just in time. She was the perfect amount of extra support that my husband and I needed during and after labor. I'm so thankful we found Ana when we did, she was such a blessing to work with! 

Laura Anderson-Been


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Ana accompanying the birth of our first child. As a young first-time mom, I was anxious about childbirth and was looking for as much support and education as possible. I had a few ideas about what I wanted (hospital birth, hopefully un-medicated) but really had no idea what to expect.

My husband was initially hesitant to hire a doula, but agreed to go to an initial meeting with Ana after I contacted her. She immediately put us both at ease and made us feel like we were having a conversation with a friend. She reassured us that her role was to support my husband as well as myself and to make sure that he knew how to best help me throughout the process of labor and delivery. We decided to hire her and I think it was the best possible decision we could have made.

We met with Ana several times before our due date and she was always incredibly encouraging and supportive. She was extremely intuitive and was able to scope out exactly what was most important to us, enabling me to discuss these things with my obstetrician. She never pushed medical decisions on us.

When the big day finally came, we were fortunate to have an easy and uncomplicated labor and delivery, and I was able to have the birth I had hoped for! Some of that may be luck, but I believe that having Ana present enabled me to feel relaxed, supported, and confident in my body’s ability. Ana worked flawlessly with the hospital staff and made sure I had exactly what I needed at each stage. She helped us work on breastfeeding in the hospital, and stayed in touch with us up to months afterwards to make sure we were doing well.

As the best testimonial of all, my husband wouldn’t stop raving about Ana after our daughter was born, and told all of his friends and family to hire a doula for their births! I would without a doubt recommend Ana as a doula, and I hope to use her again in the future.

Abbey Parker


We are so happy that Ana participated in the birth of our child!  We enjoyed the pre-labor sessions that she held with us, and she is very knowledgeable and can explain the many different paths, options, and experiences that we could potentially encounter during labor and child birth.  She also gave us tips and tricks for how to handle postpartum recovery and breastfeeding, which we have used and have found to be very helpful!  Ana was very open and honest when discussing our birth wish list, and when we needed to adapt and alter our plans during labor, she always did a very good job of presenting us with mutliple options and an unbiased discussion of pros & cons, allowing us to make the best informed decision for our own experience.  This was very important to us, and we are very thankful that she honored this wish!  She is an extremely genuine person, and used her many experiences to answer any concerns or questions that we had, and we were able to connect with her to know that she only had our best wishes in mind.  She brought a very positive, caring, peaceful, and loving presence to our labor and delivery.  Because she knew it was important to us, she grounded us in the experience and coached us in the moment, and served as a great bridge between us and our midwives and nursing care team.  She had a great instinct on when she needed to step in a little more than other times, and was an excellent birthing partner to both myself and my husband because she was able to support both of us!  We cannot express just how thankful we are that we were able to have Ana be our doula, our birth partner, our coach, our confidant, and our biggest supporter and encourager in our journey to welcome our child into this world!

Emily Bales


I always knew I wanted to have natural childbirth, and being fully connected with my body and the baby was a priority to me. Ana did more to make that happen then we could have possibly expected. We had several visits with Ana, numerous phone calls and were constantly reminded to call her any time with questions, or just to chat. Ana taught myself and my husband about what to expect and how to prepare ourselves for natural labor. Providing support, guidance, genuine concern, a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ana helped us hone in on what was important to us and how to make or wishes a reality.

It was important to my husband to be comfortable with our doula, so that he felt supported while supporting me during labor and delivery. Ana was critical to his comfort and ensured he was able to fully support me.
Our birth experience was so wonderful, and I owe much of that to Ana's support.

Meenal Vaidya


I had not considered having a doula until my sister convinced me to look for one. I got Ana's contact details through my
hospital, got in touch with her 3 weeks before my due date. We met with her on Thursday, liked her and signed her up to be
our doula and I went into labor on that Sunday. I am so glad her calendar had an opening to accommodate us and it worked
even though I went into labor early.. I think Ana was destined to help deliver my baby!

I had 3rd degree tear with my first delivery and Ana immediately sent me relevant reading material to ease my mind. My
labor was long as my water broke and then labor started. Twelve hours into the labor when the nurse checked and things had
not progressed far enough, both my husband and I thought this is going to last 24 hours just like first time. Ana's
positive encouragement kept my endorphins going.. based on hearing my first delivery experience, Ana was sure once I get
past the 5cm point things will move quickly. She helped me keep calm and focused to get past that point and suddenly I was
ready to push!

I leaned on Ana heavily during the pushing stage. She was there throughout offering comfort and encouragement. I am so
thankful we had Ana help through labor and delivery. This time our experience felt so much more personal! I would strongly
recommend Ana to anyone wanting a positive birth experience.

Christina Stoner


Our experience with Ana was incredible.  She was there to answer my questions and concerns throughout my pregnancy and set my mind at ease in regards to the birthing process.  She equipped us with invaluable information and made excellent suggestions for reading materials to prepare for the big day!

 When the time came for our son to make his way into this world, Ana was on point the whole time.  She was my biggest cheerleader in the hard moments and a shoulder to lean on in the breaks.  She listened to what I needed and made sure that my desires for my birth experience were accomplished.  

She is smart, energetic, passionate, driven and the BEST DOULA EVER in my opinion!  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Her heart is to make sure that every momma      (and dad!) have a positive birth experience.  

We love Ana!  

Amy Vincent


We hired Ana for my planned home birth for my twins in January 2014. Ana was an amazing support and resource throughout my pregnancy, during the birth and in my early postpartum. She listened to what I wanted from my birth during our prenatal visits and helped me prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to achieve that. During my labor, she worked tirelessly and quietly, without asking unnecessary questions, just responding to my needs. She made sure I was hydrated through the birth and afterward, and brought food to me after the birth as well. Ana stayed well past when my other birth workers had left, making sure my house was back to normal and that we were well taken care of.

Ana came back to my house the day after the twins were born to check on me and to check on how well the twins were breastfeeding. Seeing that I hadn’t gotten any sleep yet, she and my husband held the babies while I took a much needed long nap.
Ana truly has the heart of a doula. Selfless, intuitive, knowledgeable, and servant-hearted, she works tirelessly to support moms and help give them the safe, beautiful birth experience that they envision. My twin birth and the transition into being a new mom of twins would not have been the seamless, incredible experience that it was without the support of Ana.


Jessica Deauseault Thomas


We had the pleasure of having Ana Vallow as the doula for our third baby. Having had some complications with our last birth, I really wanted help and support through this pregnancy and delivery. As soon as I met Ana, I knew it was a perfect match. I immediately felt at ease with her nurturing personality and that I would have a person with the knowledge necessary to get me through the birthing process. The communication throughout the pregnancy was exceptional. Ana was always able to answer my questions and provide of wealth of information on any topic discussed. When the baby decided to arrive 3 weeks early she met me at the hospital totally prepared with everything needed to keep me comfortable and bring our sweet baby into the world. She also helped calm my husband’s nerves and put him at ease as well. The staff at the hospital wasn’t as understanding of my wishes as I would of liked, so having Ana by my side was essential in keeping with my birthing plan. Thanks to her expertise everything went very smoothly and it was my best delivery yet! We were surprised with a baby boy and Ana captured that priceless moment which would not have been possible without her there. We got to view the pictures at our post-partum visit and it brought back the intense emotions of that special day. My only regret is that I wish I would of had Ana as our doula for our previous births as well! I would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting a positive birthing experience.

Lora Carter


Where to begin to describe my wonderful experience with the incredible Ana Vallow? :) Not only was she always professional to work with, but her care, attention to detail, and compassion can't be beat when you're looking for someone to help you in planning for one of the biggest events of your life.  I wish I had known the benefits of a doula when I delivered my first child. At the time I thought they were nothing more than a labor coach and someone who would hold your hand and say motivating things.  Forive me, doulas. I was so wrong.

Ana helped me prepare for all aspects of my delivery and postpartum experience as well as work through anxiety I was experiencing due to my first delivery experience. She was a tremendous asset to me on the day of my delivery (induction, ugh) and advocated for me when she was seeing things the doctor and nurses could not just from reading the monitors at the nurses station.

I felt like a beloved friend in the care of Ana, especially when she arrived at the hospital with bottles of homemade "peri tea" and PB&J sandwiches and bananas to feed me since I delivered at night after the food service had ended. :) Having her there during delivery allowed my husband to fully support me and not worry about being a photographer as well, because Ana captured the most amazing images of our new daughter and our first moments together as a family of 4. I've never felt more loved than when Ana and my husband prayed over me while in labor. That's a moment I will treasure for as long as I live.  Ana is incredibly knowledgeable and has a special gift for helping expectant families. She will forever hold a special place in my heart, and quickly became loved by all of my family. I can't thank you enough for everything, Ana. <3

Meagan Daniels


When we found out we were pregnant with surprise twins we were terrified. Ana was not only amazing support during the birth but also throughout the pregnancy. When I was diagnosed with cholestasis at 32 weeks, Ana helped me understand what all my birth options are and gave me the confidence to advocate for myself with my OB. 

I was induced at 37 weeks 5 days. Ana helped me stay calm during the induction with massage, essential oils, and her words of encouragement. She helped my husband be a support for me. When labor really started getting intense, she provided me with the right amount of information about how my labor was progressing - she had the insight to know that I was approaching and then in transition, without making me feel anxious or leading me to overly anticipate the next stage. She was able to literally physically support me through contractions. While I was so scared about delivering twins, Ana's knowledge, experience, and confidence made me feel safe and able. 

I feel like I had the birth experience I longed for - I delivered my twins vaginally with no complications. They didn't even have any NICU time. Ana stayed with us for hours after the birth too and helped us with the first nursing session. 

Ana is gentle, sensitive, and intuitive. She is also a strong advocate for women and giving them the birth experience they want safely. She never made me feel "less than" or judged for having a hospital birth - or for choosing an epidural. I was so shocked when my doctor told me that I was at 9 cm right after having the epidural. I was so happy to have been able to labor that long before having it. Ana was key to making that possible. 

I would highly recommend Ana to anyone, especially if someone is feeling less than confident about having the birth experience they want. Her kindness and steady support was wonderful for us. 

Sylvia Johnson


I had a good experience with Ana - she was very pleasant and was a good resource for me. Even though this was my fourth baby, it was my first medication free natural childbrith. Ana was very supportive all through that experience.  My husband and I are happy that we decided to have a doula as part of our birth plan and especially thankful it was Ana.

Lindsey Mousa


I cannot say enough about what a positive experience I had with Ana as my doula! My situation was unique because I was a gestational surrogate for a couple from France. Ana was incredibly supportive of the unique circumstances and went above and beyond in ensuring that, although the child was theirs, the labor and delivery was mine. Her wealth of knowledge astounded me and she was incredibly supportive and compassionate when I really needed it. I would recommend her to any woman about to give birth! Even those who are not first-time moms, like myself, can benefit from a doula, and Ana is the best!

bethany dunmire


When I was first became pregnant in 2012 we knew we wanted to have a natural birth and hire a doula. My husband and I interviewed three doulas. Ana was the last one we interviewed and we immediately felt a connection with her. We were very impressed with Ana and the amount of knowledge she had. The first night we met with her, we felt like we could talk for hours. Through out the rest of my pregnancy she was always there for me and answered any question I had. She met with me a couple times and went to an appointment with me. When I went into labor she was absolutely so amazing and supportive. I had a difficult 22 hour labor. She stayed strong and supportive to me (and my husband) the whole time. One of the things I LOVE about Ana is her strong faith in the Lord. At one point towards the end of my labor I felt like I couldn't go on. I cried out "could someone please pray for me"! Ana said the most beautiful prayer for me and I will never forget that moment. When I became pregnant again in 2014 I knew I wanted Ana to be my doula again. She was wonderful for my second pregnancy. My labor was much quicker with the second baby but she was there for me at every moment. As I was having intense contractions, she would have me repeat Philippians 4:13 out loud. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".  Looking back on both my pregnancies and labors, not only did Ana's knowledge but also her faith helped carry me through labor. I would recommend Ana to anyone. She's simply the best! 

Jesika Smith


This testimonial is very delayed because there is so much I want and need to say about Ana and I can't express it all through a paragraph. There is so much more to my story that needs to be said about what Ana has done for me. I don't even want to know what my birthing experience would have been had I not met Ana. From the moment I met her, I knew I needed her knowledge and expertise to help me through this experience. Her personality is such a nurturing and caring one that it makes it so easy to talk to her and feel like you have known her forever. I knew very little about babies and birth before hand. It started with the classes Ana taught and books she recommended. I soaked it all up and learned so much. My husband and I went into the hospital feeling pretty good and as prepared as we could be and I know it would not have been the case if we had not met Ana. She stayed with us from the beginning until I made her go home and get some sleep since I had to stay the night for a manual induction. She was back in the morning and stayed with me till a few hours after my son's birth. When problems arose, she was the person my husband and I turned too. She never made decisions for us, only talked the options through with us until we came to the best decision for me and my son. After the birth, she stayed in close contact with home visits to check on us and see how breastfeeding was going. When problems arose with breastfeeding she bent over backwards for us and helped figure out where to go from there. I love Ana Vallow. What we payed her for her services doesn't seem equal to the services and memories we have from meeting her and learning from her.

Katy Berry Blomeke


During my research I met many many women that did not have a positive birth experience and I was determined that I would not have that same negativity as a part of my experience. As such, choosing the right partners – doctor, hospital and doula were going to be essential to making the best of this experience. When we started looking for a doula we found Ana who was caring, kind, compassionate, passionate and more importantly conveyed the confidence that she knew what she was doing. Ana explained that my husband, her and I would become a team that would work together to get this baby into the world as safely (and quickly – I added that) as possible.

With Ana we chose to have private childbirth education classes which was a huge help to both of us and gave all of us a chance to get to know each other better and to bond. This really helped my husband become more comfortable with the idea of going natural and that he could (along with Ana’s help) support me in my time of need.

I had many questions about being induced but with Ana’s help and guidance she provided me with the information that I needed to make the decision that was best for me and my baby, which in my case, alleviated the need of Pitocin. By 4A I was in active labor and we called Ana who arrived within the hour (all the way from the southside – I was giving birth on the northside) and we began executing our birth plan. She was there every step of the way providing both me and my husband with the support we needed. She made my husband eat and drink so that he could support me in the way that we had planned. The diligence and the work that we did really made all the difference in the world and I was able to have the amazing experience that I wanted for my family. If you are looking for a doula – look no further as Ana will be the most amazing partner in your birthing experience.

Shannon Skyles


We had an expectional experience with Ana. 

Reasons why we loved her:

* She loves Jesus and prayed with us every step of the way

* She was always available to answer any question about anything before and after delivery

* She connected us with a community of support including a midwife, the best hospital for us, lactaction help, etc.

* She has a vast knowledge of everything pregnancy and delivery including books, vitamins, baby wearing, what about this pain in my thigh, chiropractors. You name it, she probably knows about it!

* She included my husband in every step of the process and supported him in a huge way during labor and delivery

* She leans towards a natural approach but is very well balanced and realistic

* She educated us and never pushed us one way or another. She honored our wishes.

We were first time parents who had no idea what to expect but had some definite desires of how we wanted our labor and delivery to play out. Ana helped us achieve those delivery goals. We had a natural water birth at the hospital. After delivery, I had problems delivering my placenta and had to have it manually removed. Every step of the way, Ana educated us and guided us through. We were so grateful to have her. Because of her support, our stress level was reduced tremendously. There were so many things we didnt even have to think about because Ana had already taken care of it. She was a great asset to us! 

Elanza Martin



Ana was an angel in disguise.this was our first pregnancy and did not know what to expect. I was a high risk pregnancy and without Ana's help and advice, labor would have been totally different than what it was.I wanted an all natural birth with no medication. Without Ana being right there, I am not sure how I would have been able to push through. she was my voice to the doctors, and made me really comfortable with all of her massages. She is an honest co.passionate beautiful soul. if we ever have more children she will definitely be a part of that again. thank you so much Ana for being a part of such a beautiful birth!! We Love you.

Livvy Pritchett


Ana was a gem before during and after the labor/birth experience! Without her I couldn't have had the birth experience I desired and I wouldn't have been nearly so informed in my decisions. I had an extremely long and intense labor that lasted four days and she remained by my side in the hospital for all of it. She was positive, encouraging, and informed. Without her sticking up for my wishes, I definitely would not have had a vaginal birth. I cannot recommend her highly enough! 

Stacy Cachules Kleinert


Ana was our doula for the birth of our second son in October. She was wonderful. Throughout the pregnancy she was very attentive and made sure to check in and provide resources to us on topics that I asked about. She is clearly very knowledgeable and provides excellent information. As far as the birth she was great and really was a great support. I would definitely recommend Ana for anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable doula for their birth. She also worked great with the nurse and our doctor which was very important to me.

Tiffany Barber


Ana was invaluable asset to our natural birth experience.

To begin, we had a wonderful prenatal visit with Ana. She was an informative and encouraging advocate for our wishes of natural birth that left my husband and I feeling very confident as we prepared for the arrival of our first child. During that meeting, I expressed my wishes to labor at home with only my husband for as long as possible and then I would like for her to meet us at the hospital for the remaining labor and delivery.

On the day of delivery, Ana was extremely supportive as we labored at home and was ready for us as soon as we needed her. When we arrived at the hospital, Ana was calm and confident during the final hours of labor. She was a constant comfort and never tried to downplay the pain of each contraction. From the help with different laboring positions to massaging my legs, Ana made me feel encouraged with each contraction. The doctor and nurses even commented on how calm and focused the labor was thanks to Ana.

Working with Ana was one of the best decisions that we made, she comes highly recommended.

Kristen Bailey


Hiring Ana Vallow as my doula was one of the best decisions I made for my pregnancy and delivery. Ana and I met a few times before my due date to not only make a birth plan but also so she could encourage me and help gather research with me so I could make informed decisions about my pregnancy. When it came time for delivery, she was irreplaceable in making my voice and birth plan heard at the hospital. During labor, Ana gave comfort and support to me and my husband. She stood strong with me, voiced my natural birth plan, and refereed the hospital staff from being overbearing while I labored for many hours. Unfortunately, due to my abnormal labor pattern, my husband and I chose to have a c-section for the safety of our baby. I requested Ana's support in the operation room, and she was invaluable there; she even caught my vomit when the medications made me sick. When our baby boy was delivered, she held him to my chest, skin to skin, and helped him to latch and breastfeed for the first time as I was lying on the table being stitched up. Ana made sure my placenta was saved as I requested in my birth plan, and she didn't leave us until we were comforable in recovery.  In postpartum, Ana provided breastfeeding support and checked in on me routinely over the next few weeks. Ana is an exceptional doula and I was thrilled with the job she did for me, my husband, and my newborn. She was there to give me the emotional and spiritual support when I needed it too. As my husband put it, hiring Ana to be our doula was definitely worth every single penny.

Kristen Fuhs Wells


My husband and I were very happy with our experience with Ana as our doula. We really enjoyed getting to know her over several visits as we prepared for the birth of our first child. She helped us better understand our options and listened to us express our desires. 

I felt better prepared about what to expect and that I would have another advocate in the room for the type of delivery I wanted for my child.

During the labor, Ana was very helpful explaining my progress and why I was doing what I was doing and sometimes how to do it better! She also was my savior when she massaged my lower back and used aromatherapy! I think having her there also helped my husband relax and know that he was helping and doing the right things. She took a ton of great photos and really helped make the delivery everything I wanted it to be! 

Afterwards, when my son had some trouble latching, Ana also helped us try and discover the root of the problem, and was very supportive and informative about all of our other options as well. 

I strongly recommend working with Ana!

Rebecca O'Bryan


I don't know how to put into words how grateful my husband and I are to Ana for serving as our doula. We employed her both for doula services and for one on one childbirth courses in our home. She was worth every penny and then some! She was caring, compassionate, beyond informed regarding the latest evidence based birth information (I say this as a physician). My husband and I have such beautiful memories of our birth experience, and Ana is a huge part of that. My husband cannot stress enough how she helped empower him to be the best birthing partner he can be, and I couldn't have done it without them both (they literally walked me though every step). They supported my choices, encouraged me and I ended up with the experience I wanted, which was one filled with joy and laughter.

Ana is very hands on, but empowers the couple to walk the journey together. She suggests without pressure. She responds immediately. She is an invaluable resource. We will use her again with our next baby, and I give her the highest recommendation.

Michelle Renee Cook


Ana was such a gift throughout my jouney. The first thing that I noticed was her enthusiastic, serene disposition. She was exactly what I was looking for in a doula.  With her ample amount of experience and positive personality, I knew I could trust her to guide us through my pregnancy & support me through labor.   Ana was always a phone call away when I had a question or concern during my pregnancy. She made me feel confident by explaining what I was experiencing & reassuring me that everything was alright. We decided to hire Ana for our childbirth, breastfeeding, & baby care classes.  We had ample time to ask questions and talk about our plans for labor. Ana was wonderful at teaching us what to expect throughout labor and instilling in me the confidence that I would be able to handle labor without pain medication. I would find out during labor that the relaxation strategies she taught us were absolutely invaluable. I can’t thank Ana enough for her  support & encouragement throughout my labor. When I went into labor at home in the middle of the night, she remained in constant contact with us. My husband was able to provide incredible support for me due to all of the tips that Ana had given us through the classes. By the time I arrived at the hospital, we had barely three hours before my daughter was born. During our time at the hospital, Ana was able to provide high levels of pain management support that allowed me to reach my goal of having a natural birth experience.  After our baby girl arrived, Ana stayed with me and gave me everything I could possibly need-and more! This allowed my husband to give his complete attention to our new daughter while Ana tended to me. Ana made our first day with our little girl even more magical and perfect!

Danny McCorkle


We can't imagine a better doula than Ana Vallow. She is filled with knowledge, warmth, energy, and charisma. When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, we searched the internet and she stood out from the crowd. When we met with her in person, we knew instantly that she was the one. We enjoyed her childbirth classes and found them to be very beneficial. Her tireless and compassionate approach to helping a mother through labor is everything you could ask for. If you are considering hiring a doula, we promise Ana Vallow is the best in town.

Danny & Courtney McCorkle

Jessica Dunagan


Having Ana as my doula was the best decision I made for the birth of my baby. Ana is so knowledgable, supportive, positive, and compassionate! She gave me all the encouragement and tools that I needed to have my ideal birth. She is awesome! I highly recommend Ana. 

Libby McMullen


I had a very stressful experience of leaving my midwife during my 3rd trimester just before I met Ana, Ana helped me not only find a new (WONDERFUL) midwife but helped ease all my anxiety about the transition and sudden change with just weeks to go until my delivery. She went above and beyond to answer all my questions, spent a significant amount of time visitng with me so we could get to know one another, attended an appointment with my midwife, and was just so supportive and encouraging. During my labor and delivery she again was attentive, kind, supportive, and seemed to know what I needed even when I was unable to verbalize it! My husband cannot stop talking about how she made the experience so much less stressful for him. We had a wonderful "healing" home birth and will use Ana again in a heartbeat when/if the time comes again! ;) I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Whitney Heber


My husband and I decided to hire a doula while pregnant with our second child. Due to complications of preeclampsia, our first child was born at 37 weeks via a c-section. I had the option of a repeat c-section but opted to try for a VBAC. We decided the services of a doula were necessary to give us the best chance at a successful VBAC. My husband and I first met Ana after being introduced by a mutual friend. We instantly connected with her and her views on birth. We were looking for someone who could join our team of care professionals and would be our advocate for a VBAC. Ana was the perfect fit. Throughout my pregnancy Ana and I met twice in person to discuss “the plan” for my delivery. Closer to my due date Ana and I chatted via email and text messaging. I updated her on my OB visits. When I went into labor she was there to support my husband and me with what to do next. Once at the hospital, Ana was able to give my husband tips/ tricks on how to best help me to labor. The only place I was comfortable to labor was on the toilet. Ana asked the nurses to bring in a bedside commode and that was where I finally got into a “zone." When it came time to push she suggested several different positions. I had the most progress pushing on my side. After two hours of pushing my baby was born via a successful VBAC (and without an epidural!) Ana was there to help with the initial breastfeeding. Ana also followed up with us after we returned home to see how breastfeeding was coming along. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Ana I would not have had a successful VBAC delivery. My husband and I would not have known what laboring tools and techniques to try – we definitely would not have thought to ask for a bedside commode! And when it came time to push I had no idea you could push from your side. I’m so thankful for Ana and her services and 100% recommend her to others!

Courtney Hall


My husband and were referred to Ana by one of her co-workers. When we met I knew I would be in good hands. She is an amazing doula. Ana listened to our wants and made sure our birthing plan was carried out from the start of labor to the birth of our child. She was my doula for both my son in 2012 and my daughter in 2013. She went above my expectations to comfort me and support me during the birth and process m. Doulas are mothers gift in supporting us during natural childbirth. Kuddosbto Ana!! 

Jennie Kaye Freeland


Ana was very open and able to coach my husband and I through the birth of our first child in August 2013. She was the calming and confident prescence that my husband needed, and an enthusiatic cheerleader and advocate for me. I am usually extremely anxious in hospitals and wanted as natural of an experience as possible being overweight and of "advanced maternal age". Ana took the time to understand my fears and concerns, helped us draw up a detailed birthplan, and gave us the support we needed to be comfortable making decisions in very unfamiliar territory. We were absolutely confident in her abilities and she was a welcomed part of a very posiitve birth experience (even though she keeps giving all the credit back to us!) Ana met us at the hospital at 3:30 in the morning and stayed with us all the way through until our daughter was born at 1:34 in the morning the next day. She offered to come labor with us at home as well but with her expert coaching labor was progressing so quickly that we headed for the hospital. We ran in to some complications once admitted but instead of feeling like we lost all control of the birth experience she helped us stick with as much of the plan as we could and keep us calm and comfortable. After the birth, Ana assisted with the first breastfeeding and we attribute how well our daughter has fed since day one to this early expert advice. We say that Ana taught our daughter how to breastfeed and then our daughter taught us! Finally, having Ana come to our home while we were all recovering to process the experience and continue to answer the new Mom questions rounded out the experience perectly.

I feared having my daughter enter the world in a cold sterile and joyless overlly medicalized environment and despite 22 hours in the hospital it felt warm and comforting and my husband and I felt very much in control. I would not even consider having my next baby without Ana's services!

Jessica Carroll


Ana is a very professional, compassionate and loving doula. She's incredibly encouraging and full of helpful information. My whole pregnancy/birth experience greatly benefited from her involvement. My husband also has the utmost confidence in her and nothing but praises to be said. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to utilize a doula's services! 

Kathryn Rouse


I had a great experience working with Ana.  She was always available to talk when I had questions or concerns and she truly seemed to understand what I hoped to achieve in the pregnancy and birthing process.  When I was looking at the possibility of induction, she made suggestions of ways to help labor start naturally, one of which did put me into labor.  When lbor started, she was on the phone with my husband helping to direct him on how to keep both of us calm and to get me to the hospital.  She arrived at the hospital and was there to help coach me through contractions and the pushing phase and playing a huge part in keeping me calm.  She stayed until the baby was a few hours old to really make sure that Mama and baby were doing well and to help make sure breastfeeding got off to a good start.  She made sure that my preferences were adhered to as closely as possible and made sure to ask questions that I might have been to shy or too distracted to ask myself.  She is definitely the mother's advocate! She made several home visits, one of which was a few weeks postpartum to make sure we were still doing well.  She was also a great resource for me when, about two weeks postpartum, we started having breastfeeding issues.  She went above and beyond to help us resolve our breastfeeding problems and was absolutely instrumental in helping me achieve the type of birth for which I had always hoped.  I would recommend Ana's doula services in a heartbeat!

Katherine George


Working with Anna was fabulous in the birth of our first child.  She was with us for 48 hours of labor and almost 3 hours of pushing!  She started off by coming to our house twice.  This was great to let us get comfortable with her, and for us to talk about our birth plan.  She was completely supportive and enthusiastic about our vision and we knew immediately she would be the right person to help us achieve the birth we wanted.

When our labor started we were having bad weather, but that didn't stop her.  Even after sliding off an exit ramp on her way to our house, Anna was full of energy and smiles.  She was able to coach us through the beginning stages of labor and was crucial at juncture times.  At one point she recognized that things weren't progressing and in consultation with our midwife she advised us to go to a prenatal chiropractor.  That helped kick start things back up again. Later that evening after being in labor for 24 hours and very tired, she could see that change was needed and suggested we go to the hospital.  That allowed me to get some iv fluids (I wasn't able to keep any liquid or food down) and some rest.  She was able let my husband rest at key times so he would be rested when the pushing time started.  She was able to keep our spirits up and knew what to say at the right times.

Towards the end of the pushing stage, being exhausted she was able to suggest a position in which I sat on my husband's thighs and he helped me push.  Our beautiful baby girl came out in this position and my husband and I had such a great bonding experience over it. 

We could not recommend her enough! We loved working with her and know that if we find out we're having another baby she will be one of our first calls :)

Audra Lavery


Ana was a great asset to our labor and delivery process. We highly recommend her. She was the calm, encouraging voice that we needed during labor. She provided lots of great suggestions, positions, advice and reassurance for our first birth. She was always availabe by text messaging throughout my pregnancy and checked up on us when anything progressed.

Andrea Schuch


Ana was instrumental in our birthing process. We do not live near family and our initial desire for her was for emotional support. My water broke about an hour after she left from our first meeting but from the initial phone call, I felt like she understood and was excited about my pregnancy. I felt she was such a support throughout the labor process, even though we had just met. She was so supportive of all our birth decisions and if we had questions on things, she was always there to provide answers and feedback. I had a twin c-section previously and had a really long recovery. It was very important to me to have a VBAC this time and she was able to provide excercises to try to induce labor to avoid a c-section (although I never got to do them). I had a very long labor and even went beyond my water being broken for 24 hours and she was there to reassure me that it was ok. Ana also did a great job of providing support to my husband throughout. He felt she took the time to listen to his concerns and was so effective at including him that it was like she had known him for years. Her follow up support was also amazing and so very much appreciated.

Alice Smith-Goeke


Ana's enthusiasm for teaching women and their partners about labor and birth really sets her apart from other teachers. She is not afraid to be hands on. She didn't just teach us how to relax, but showed us how to.

She listened to our worries and fears, helping us by providing information, but didn't make judgment calls about our decisions. She was available for questions outside of class and loved getting updates after our various appointments.

As a plus size woman, she never made my size an issue. She saw no reason why I should be treated differently by herself or the doctors. This helped with my confidence level when talking to my doctors. She also helped me find laboring positions that were more suited to my body type and didn't put additional stress on my previously injured knee.

Ana would be a good choice as a birth educator for someone who is interested in learning about non-medicated natural delivery and who prefers a hands on method of teaching.

In addition she was very willing to discuss articles that we had read outside of class (not assigned, but ones we found on our own) and give us new resources when we had new questions.


Amanda Cornelius


Ana is an amazing doula. She spent two hours talking with us at the initial consultation, and I left feeling excited about going through labor and birth, a feeling I had lost a month previously due to discovering a medical condition that diminished my chances of having a natural birth. My midwife was a little hesitant when my husband and I first told her we were considering hiring a doula since she had seen some doulas that get in the way and others that don’t do much of anything. When we told her we had hired Ana, my midwife said she was one of the best doulas she had seen in a while.

The day my son was born, it was with Ana’s guidance that we went to the hospital when we did. Based on the length and frequency of my contractions, I thought it was still too early, but it turns out I was at 6.5 cm. During labor, she helped my husband and I feel at ease. She spoke words of encouragement throughout my contractions, almost like she was this calming voice inside my head. She also helped out with things like feeding me ice chips and putting chapstick on my lips, seeming to know my needs before I did. She even ordered food for us before she left. I was able to have a natural birth, but I don’t think I could have done it without Ana.

It’s so encouraging to me to see people who have made their passion their work, and Ana is one of them. She truly enjoys helping mothers and babies, and isn’t in this just for the money. Almost three months after my son was born, I was faced with a breastfeeding dilemma and called Ana to basically just say “Help!” She did some research and got back with me and then checked in with me the next morning.

If you’re considering hiring a doula, I would highly recommend at least meeting with Ana. She wasn’t the doula I expected to pick, but after meeting with her my husband and I were confident she was the doula for us, before we’d even met with anyone else.

Jennifer Adams


I can't say enough about what a blessing Ana was in helping me with my birth experience. She brings amazing energy and commitment to supporting women during birth. She is knowledgeable, capable, kind-hearted, caring, and dedicated. She was incredibly supportive as I neared my birth in helping me to have confidence in my ability to have the natural birth that I desired, she helped me advocate for my wishes with the hospital caregivers when I was almost induced unnecessarily, and she was a logistical lifesaver when I went into precipitous labor spontaneously 36 hours later. Her clear thinking and relationships with the midwife practice and staff working at Methodist Hospital were invaluable in getting me from house to car to labor/delivery room--she called the hospital from our car en route to let them know that I was about to birth, worked out the logistics with my husband as we neared the building, and whisked me upstairs directly into a birthing room where my daughter arrived less than fifteen minutes later! She is an integral part of the story of how our family has come to be, and has become a friend and someone we love dearly.

Elizabeth Tapp


Ana was part of the team that saved my life postpartum. It is an understatement to say that she goes above and beyond.

I had a severe hemorrhage post-partum that lead to emergency surgery and 4 days in the ICU. After my birth Ana told me signs I needed to watch out for and because of that advice I contacted my doctor right away and was able to stay calm. Ana also coordinated breastmilk for my 10 day old daughter in less than 24 hrs. Which meant driving over an hour to pick up milk from another mom. She visited me in the ICU and helped me with pumping.

Regarding my labor and birth Ana was exceptional. She really got to know me and my husband well and supported us how we asked and also provided. I can no longer have any more children so her support in making my labor and delivery beautiful is an incrediable gift.

I highly recommend Ana Vallow as a doula. Her care and wisdom with pregnancy, labor and post-partum care is truely exceptional.

Jennifer Hammer


I first heard about Doula services from a friend whose wife had recently had a baby. I wasnt sure that I would "need" a doula but my friend spoke so highly of their doula that I decided to give it a try. My doula, Ana, was absolutely amazing and I now recommend her to every pregnant person I meet! From easing our worries pre-birth to being a resource for my questions post partum she has  been so comforting and helpful. My labor was 30 hours long and I am certain that without Ana's help I would have had to have a c-section. My husband was so thankful to have her as well. As first time parents neither of us knew what to expect with labor. There were times when I didnt even even know how to tell my husband to help ease my discomfort. Ana was able to step in and work her magic to ease my discomfort while my husband provided emotional comfort. I cant imagine going through labor without her!!

Lori Thompson


My birth experience with Ana was great.  She really made a big difference.  During my labor she was able to keep me calm and provide support during the contractions.  While there are many things that she did one of the little things was know how and when to touch with a gentle touch.  For example she very gently put my long hair up.  The whole time she was combing and putting my hair up it was with soft strokes and it was a relaxing experience.  She also has a very nice soft spoken tone.  She knew when to help talk with me to get me through a contraction and provide encouragement.  She also knew when I just needed to get away in some small talk for a minute or two before the next contraction came.  And while it was not her duty she even kept my husband calm at times and changed my children's clothes after they jumped in the pool.  She stayed up the whole night from about 9pm to 7 am doing a wonderful job.  She never complained that she was tired or even mentioned it being a long night.  She is definately the best doula I could recommend.  If you would like more information or have specific questions, please email me at

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