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"Pampered Package" Doula Services & CBE

Oceanside, CA Service range 50 miles I serve San Diego and Riverside Counties

(951) 218-5490

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

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Birth Doula Experience

31 years and 700 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am a DONA trained Doula. I have worked at MANY hospitals, so I can help you find the one that fits your needs. Need an OB or Midwife, I know MANY of them as well and am happy to help you with your desicion. Most of my births are in hospitals, so it is very important for my clients to know that I am first and foremost their Advocate. This birth is YOUR birth, YOUR body and YOUR baby...I am there to support you in whatever birth you want, need and desire. I do massage, I am certified in Acupressure, comfort measures, different positions and tools to use like the birth ball and I use the Rebozo which I am also certified in, emotional, physical and informational support. I am there for your partner as well, to help them feel comfortable in supporting YOU at their own comfort level to make this birth what you BOTH want and need. As your Doula I am not there to replace your husband/partner, he/she is supported throughout this process too. Having a doula let's them just be your spouse/partner and not have to worry about what is or isn't going on and what does it all mean as well as helping you understand what the medical staff is saying.I also teach Childbirth Education Classes and have been teaching for 8 years. I am also trained in Spinning Babies & Belly Mapping, ask me how to get your baby in the optimal position. I have supported same sex couples, surrogates, single moms and those choosing adoption and those adopting. LGBTQ friendly!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love to do births at Birth Centers and can refer you to Midwives and or Birth Centers. Being your Doula at a Birth Center I will keep in touch with your Midwife so you can focus on just relaxing.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Birthing at home is the ultimate in relaxation. I have Midwives I can refer you to. I have done many home births. Being your Doula at a home birth I will keep in touch with your Midwife so you can focus on just relaxing.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am very passionate about what I do but wanted to share that VBAC's are a specialty of mine and every one I have had have been 100% successful! I have also supported mamas who have been a VBA2C's. I have worked with teen moms, single moms, families who have done IVF & AI, adoptive parents and also given support to Antepartum moms.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I now serve San Diego county! I offer a sliding scale fee! Email or call me for details.

Oceanside, CA Service range 50 miles I serve San Diego and Riverside Counties

Client Testimonials for Kym Benner

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Baylee Bolton


Hiring a doula was absolutely essential when I made the decision to have a natural unmedicated birth. I 100% feel like one of the main reasons I had such an amazing birth was because of the support of my doula, Kym. During the delivery, she was there with all the pain management techniques and helped guide me through each contraction. She had essential oils, gave counter pressure to help relieve the back pain, talked me through breathing, when I kept wanting to hold my breath, and suggested different positions to help ease the pain. And, not only was she there to help me through my delivery, she was there for me from the moment I hired her, at about 20 weeks. I can’t tell you how many times I called her with questions or she helped talk me down from a panic attack. She helped me figure out and write up me birth plan. And, even now, weeks after my delivery, she checks in with me daily and is ready to answer any questions I have! I wish for everyone to have this same amazing support.

If you are having a baby and think you might want to look into hiring a doula, please call and chat with Kym. She is ranked as a must in my books!

Katherine Kishino


Hiring Kym was one of the best decisions I made for the birth of my son. As a VBAC and home birth Mama, I knew I needed a doula with lots of experience and an excellent track record. Kym’s name came highly recommended by many in the birth community. From the very first appointment, I knew that I felt comfortable and safe with her. She displayed a confident demeanor with the natural birth process and I knew that she would be my biggest advocate no matter the location I ultimately would birth my son. We hired Kym very early on and I appreciated her availability throughout the whole pregnancy. She was always willing to answer questions and refer me to other birth professionals in the community. I honestly dont think I could have gotten through labor without Kym. She was my rock and stood my side for 14 hours. She fulfilled every reason we had hired a doula- support for me, support for my husband, and impartial advice throughout the pregnancy to help us stick to our desired birth plan. At the end of the day the experience was exactly what I had wanted. I highly recommend Kym for anyone wanting a doula's support in their birth, especially those aiming for a VBAC.

Taylor Salazar


I had the BEST experience with Kym! She was incredibly supportive and kind and informative. My husband and I enjoyed her childbirth class so much; she even made time for our crazy schedule and welcomed us into her home. The birth was magical and she kept me calm and breathing the whole time—she even made me smile! This was my first baby and I just couldn’t have done it without her. I never realized how much support is needed when giving birth. The guidance from a mother figure who has gone through this MANY times is invaluable and something our culture sorely lacks. Hire Kym and bring this experience to your birth. I can not recommend her enough and I will definitely have her at the birth of my next child. Thank you for your love and support, Kym; what a wonderful start you gave to my little family!

Katie Lacina


Kym Benner is an AMAZING doula!! She was our doula for the birth of our first child 4 years ago (a long 36 hour/un-medicated labor that eventually ended in a c-section due to baby positioning problems). She never once appeared tired or discouraged.  She worked tirelessly to provide a positive environment, help with pain management, reassurance, and was a great reminder when things got rough to focus and relax. We still marvel at how hard she worked and what a great comfort and strong encouragement she was to us both during those long hours. She stayed with us all the way through the birth of our daughter and followed up and visited us once we were home.  She was so helpful when breastfeeding was difficult in the beginning (as can be common after c-sections) and as a result of her support I was able to successfully breastfeed without supplementing.When we found out baby #2 was coming, she was our first call. We were thrilled that she was available and we started all the prenatal meetings (she walked us through educational tips, worked through our birth plan details, made sure we were prepared mentally and physically). She never once took for granted that she had gone through all of this with us the first time around with baby #1 and she was really thorough, which was great! This time I was able to have a VBAC (anyone attempting a VBAC in a hospital really should have a doula - even "VBAC friendly" hospitals are not really comfortable with VBACs). Kym was a life saver! She was there to help me focus, to help me stand up for myself under extreme hospital staff pressure, and to encourage me. She helped me get my voice when medical staff wouldn't listen.Kym is one of those rare people that just exudes love and caring and I have never met anyone more passionate about birth and prenatal education as she is. She is a master at her craft and even more importantly, she is an amazing person! To say I recommend her is an understatement. She is the BEST!!!

Amy Christensen


As a social worker, I visit patients in the hospital. On my first day seeing patients after my daughter was born, I was asked to see an OB patient. I was suddenly filled with dread. I had been through those same doors months earlier, only as a patient myself, 9 months pregnant, and scared. My water broke after my doctor stripped my membranes without fully explaining the procedure, and labor had yet to start. 19 hours I spent in that room, birth plan out the window, husband as scared as I was, saying yes to whatever interventions the doctor told us “had” to be done. When my daughter was finally born, I was in so much shock and so insecure in my abilities that I was scared to even hold her! Instead, I passed her on to my husband because I trusted him to care for her. I left the birth feeling disappointed, discouraged, and afraid.

When we got pregnant again a year later, the feelings hadn’t gone away. They had intensified. My husband and I met with Kym and immediately loved her. She was so sweet and seemed to understand my feelings – and fears. She educated me on my options and rights and empowered me to stand up for what I thought was best for my son. When I was past my due date, she reminded me that I didn’t “need” to have my cervix checked as the doctor pressured me to do. She answered my text messages at any time of day and called me right when I needed it. I went into labor naturally (as she said I would!) and was able to give birth drug and intervention free. I was even able to reach down and grab my son to bring him up on my chest as he was being born. This time, I felt confident in my abilities and my own strength to care for him.

When I returned to work the second time, my fear turned to confidence, my discouragement to strength, and my disappointment to joy. This I owe to the amazing Kym. My husband and I would recommend her to anyone and both agree that she was worth every penny ten times over.

Fam Gonz


I truly appreciate Kym. I really believe her wisdom and constant encouragement really kept me going during labor. I was worried at times, but just knowing she was there and willing to do whatever I needed to ease my pain was comforting. I believe she was my advocate, my voice when the nurses and doctors pushed an issue that I was uncomfortable with. I think it’s so easy at times, especially at a humble moment like labor to get lost in the chaos of it all. Instead, Kym helped keep me focused and centered on the goal of a drug-free birth. She reminded me to stay hydrated, to breathe in essential oils and to relax my body when I got too tense. I didn’t have a doula during my first birth because I didn’t believe it was necessary, I left feeling defeated. I really regretted not having the support of a doula. My second birth was with Kym and it was so beautiful. I felt calm knowing the support I had from her and the freedom my husband had to focus on me. I had a powerful team cheering me toward the goal! It really makes a difference, so much of a difference that I honestly believe it is the most important expense to consider in having a child! I would place its importance high above ANY baby must-haves. See, because what Kym gives is peace of mind and a calm spirit; it’s value is far above her fee. After having my second child in a positive state of mind and comparing it to my first birth-- its value is immeasurable. An enriched and positive birth can really humble your soul and in the moment you hold your baby, it’s like an endless river of euphoria. Her encouragement truly sets you up for success. The mind is a powerful thing and if you nourish it with positive encouragement along side a soul that feels loved, it certainly will be a beautiful outcome. The joy you feel will continue and catapult you passed those pending baby blues. I really encourage you to let Kym comfort and guide you; I promise it will be worth it. - a skeptic mama

Kendra Thaler


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kym! I could tell you that she is attentive, caring, supportive, encouraging, worth every dime, and many more things. But in all actuality, none of those descriptions really come close to explaining the experience I had with her as my doula. There are some people who aimlessly pick a profession and pursue it half-heartedly. Not Kym. Kym was born to be a doula and is fulfilling it with all of her heart. I desired to have a completely natural and un-medicated birth for my first baby. I researched, studied and informed myself regarding my choices and wants. But nothing could have really prepared me for the experience or natural childbirth. It was the most challenging, exhausting, exhilarating and amazing 26 hours of my life.

I accomplished something that while going through it I did not believe was possible. I wanted to quit so many times but Kym was right there telling me I was a birth warrior and could do it. She didn’t let me give up! She continuously reminded me that God was with me, and that I had a powerful source within my own inner strength. More than anything I want to thank Kym for helping to facilitate a spiritual experience and allowing my husband and I to pray with fervency. She never once made me feel uncomfortable for our beliefs. This was huge to us!

I will never forget the smile on her face and the great amount of strength she gave me when she walked into the hospital room. I remember thinking, “Thank God! I can do this now. Kym is here.” With Kym’s support I went into labor one woman and came out a totally different woman. I am a birth warrior. I feel that I am who God made me to be and that I fulfilled one of the greatest accomplishments – I birthed a beautiful baby boy. I could not have done this without Kym. What a supernatural experience!! She is one of the most amazing women I know and I am proud to say that she was my doula!

Megan Martindale


My beautiful daughter was born 6 weeks ago. Since that time, I have wanted to write a review for the person who helped make my natural childbirth possible.  It has taken me this long because how does one put in to words what it is like to have someone walk in to a room as a health care provider and leave as a member of your family? How does one thank a person for getting you through the most remarkable moment of your life with kindness, compassion and just the right amount of "kick in the butt" that brings you to the finish line?  How does one convey their appreciation to a person who made themself available to you day and night for 9 months? Who walks in to a frantic situation,  turns down the lights,  puts on classical music and rubs your feet for two hours pressing just the right pressure point during each contraction? Who holds your hair back during a bout of nausea and tells your husband exactly how to support you? The answer to that is, you can't put it in to words. As I sit hete writing this through tears remembering the beauty that was my childbirth and how empowered I will feel for the rest of my life, I think that the best and only way I can vouch for Kym's ability as a doula is to say that she will be the second person to know the next time I am pregnant because she will be at every one of my births and a part of my family and heart for a lifetime. 

Aisha Hoda


"Kym Benner sucked as a doula". That, I guarantee, is a statement you will never hear any of her clients say about her. Kym is super woman when it comes to giving all that she has got. I actually contemplated on hiring her. But after two c-sections, I felt like a failure because the reasons for the cesareans were just not good enough. My husband and I decided to do things differently this time. I researched and consulted Kym 24/7. She revamped my 6 page birth plan into a wonderful condensed 1 page birth plan that I will keep for life. I constantly texted her when I was 42 weeks. When I went into labor, she came at dawn, so energetic, she gave me a renewed strength I didnt know I had in me. She watched The Business of Being Born with me. She massaged, coached, suggested, made me sniff some awesome lavender scented calming stuff, she respected my personal space, but was there for me at the same time, she caressed my face and tidied up my hair, and she was with me for two days, at least, while I labored at home. I had planned a home birth, but my body deciding to stay at 8cm for 24 hours. And that's the beauty of it all. To trust that God always has the best plan. And among that plan, my husband and I knew that we would not want anyone else to be our doula except Kym. I'm not exaggerating at all, I swear Kym isnt paying me to write this. But I paid a small amount of money for my sanity throughout those 9 tough months. Can't put a price on birth, that's for sure. I know for a fact that the entire time I birthed at home with Kym and the rest of my birth team, I would not, and could not have taken so many intense insane back labor 8cm contractions. I would have caved. But I didnt, and I am so overwhelmed, honored and thankful to God that I was able to have a VBA2C. I love you Kym, for everything you have done for us. God bless you and your family. May you continue to do what you do to make birth a beautiful experience all. -Aisha and Sami Hoda

Leslie East Foster


My husband & I believe that hiring Kym as our doula was the best decision we made for is & our daughter. As first time soon to be parents we had many questions along the way. Kym provided great information & support. At no time did she force any of her views of what our birth should be like, instead she focused on getting to know our desires for birth & helped us to know what our options were. Having her on our team helped us relax more as baby's arrival came near. Her "hospital bag" was filled with items that helped us get thru hours of hard back labor & eventually have the natural birth we wanted. She also helped me with that first feeding with our daughter.

If we hadn't hired Kym, I don't believe we would have had the support & guidance to have the birth we wanted. Her experience & temperament made her wonderful to work with & I continue to share her infor nation with expectant friends. If we should ever have any more children, I would only think to hire her again!

Celeste Miller


My husband and I launched project FInd a Doula late in the game. I was 31-weeks and quickly had a shortlist of 2-doulas to interview. My first impression of Kym Benner - a woman who loves her job and never tires of the miracle of birth; fiercely protective of the birth journey her "mamas and daddy's" dream of; passionate about empowering YOU, nurturing YOUR confidence and strength, and supporting YOU in the way you need her to. By the time we hugged goodbye I had decided on Kym, but we interviewed the other doula for good measure. We left that interview; there was no debate - Kym was our gal.

Labor started early 12/16/12. That evening at Kym’s urging we went to the hospital. We were told our baby's heart rate was alarmingly low and then suddenly I began to bleed heavily. Later I woke to find an emergency C-section was performed, my placenta separated from my uterus, and we almost lost our son. When they took me my husband was left in a hallway confused, worried and scared. It was Kym who comforted and prayed with him and together they were the first to meet our son. Later it was Kym who held my hand while I cried, grieving for the birth experience I wanted, but her face beaming with excitement gave me the reality check I needed - I had a healthy son!

Our birth journey with Kym was not what I envisioned, however a good doula is not just good in the perfect scenarios. Kym was integral in lifting us both up at a time when my husband and I felt buried in a rollercoaster of emotions. With tenderness and genuine affection, Kym helped us sift thru the confusion, realize our success and come into the light that is our beautiful son. I told her later I regretted not experiencing labor and birth with her and my husband to which she replied, “We will.” I have no doubt.

Melissa Maxey


When you've had more than one kid, it's hard not to compare your birth experiences. With my first I had my husband, my mom, and my best friend there, and a terrifying experience. With my second I had Kym there and a wonderful experience. Sure, I still had my husband, mom, and best friend there to support me. And, yes, we had all learned more and grown by leaps and bounds since the first time around. And, of course, I was less afraid because I knew what was coming. Really though, none of those things truly changed what type of birth I had. Hiring Kym was what changed it. This time around I knew I had one person there with me who was going to be my cheerleader, advocate, my strength, when everyone else was too concerned about my pain or the excitement of it all. I had Kym there to keep me going, help me focus, and tell me when I really needed to do something. She suggested positions. She had me smell wonderful essential oils that made me instantly less nauseous! She told me what a great job I was doing. She fanned me--for what seemed like hours, I swear! She supported my family in their encouragement of me. When I decided I was most comfortable on my back instead of in the multitude of other positions we had reviewed, she was totally supportive. She found a way to help me make that an effective position, so that I could stay there when I wanted. She was a wonderful addition to the birth experience! And then, on top of that, she stayed. When the doctor and the nurses all moved on, Kym stayed with us for a while as we adjusted to our new world. She hung out in the hospital at 2am to laugh about my animalistic grunting and mild swearing during birth, to talk, and to coo over our new baby with us. I loved that; it was very comforting. She left at exactly the right time.

Overall, Kym was instrumental in my second birth and I'm very grateful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula!

Daniella Spielvogel


When I first met Kym at a VBAC informational meeting, I knew I wanted her to be my doula. She possessed this confidence and energy that was so unique compared to the other doulas in the room. Before the birth of our daughter, Kym was always available to answer my questions or concerns through phone or email. She sent me information about VBAC stories and recommended birth videos to watch. She gave me the strength and information to realize this was OUR birth and not the hospitals birth. During my actual labor, she calmed me through every contraction with beautiful encouraging words and massaged my lower back with such strength. Throughout the labor we tried various birthing positions to encourage the baby to come down. I will never forget her encouraging words, "You can do this!" She helped my husband and I have the birth we were meant to have the first time. My husband said, "We could not have done this without her." And I could not agree any more with him. After the birth of our daughter, Kym texted and called to check on our family. She is a very caring and loving person. She has our highest recommendation. Trust will love her!

Catherine Gordon


My husband and I had just moved to the Riverside area and were expecting our first child within a matter of weeks, so we wanted someone who knew about birth way more than we did! Kym was great - I talked with her on the phone and she was more than willing to be our doula even with such late notice. She was so friendly - invited us to her home for the initial interview meeting, and explained her role as a doula - to support us! I was particularly impressed that she saw my husband as the primary support person, and in no way was going to try and "replace" him in that role. On the day of the birth, Kym came over to our house and supported us as we labored at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital. Part of me had wanted to head to the hospital earlier, but looking back now I am SO GLAD Kym was there to help us go even longer at home where we could labor in our backyard and in my shower - things I wasn't able to do when I got to the hospital. When I got to the point where I really felt I wanted to go to the hospital (I had labored overnight and was exhausted), Kym even ended up driving us to the hospital. While delivering, Kym helped me through contractions, using aromatherapy oils to help me relax, helping my husband to support me (she gave him a fan to fan me - I think he appreciated having a specific task to do while he verbally supported me!). During some of the contractions, I had to try not to push because I was exhausted (hard to not push!), and Kym knew how to help me focus my attention on breathing - she connected to me so well! After the birth, Kym stayed for a little while to make sure we were getting post-birth support. The hospital staff also appreciated her great work - several of the CNMs commented on her being so great at what she does (which I totally agree with!). I know it had been a long day for her, but she was there 100% for us. I would do my birth again with Kym!

elena bulat


Kym is the best doula you can find! Before getting pregnant my husband and I assumed that pregnancy and delivery process is quite natural and standard way of life cycle. Then we started to research more and were quite surprised how much pressure modern doctors and hospitals put on new parents by pushing them to do epidurals, pitocins, c-sections. Because we wanted our baby to be born in completely natural way and would not know the best solution in case of complications during delivery process, we decided to hire a doula. We did some research, asked around for referrals, did couple interviews and found Kym, extremely professional and knowledgeable doula that we wanted to trust. Main idea for us to hire Kym was that we would have “all natural” birth. We discussed everything with Kym over our first meeting, she was very supportive and energetic of our decision. Second time she came over to our house even though she did not sleep for over a day because of the night delivery, brought more interesting articles about natural birth, breastfeeding, labor strategies and techniques, and some discounts. Since then she started to check on me once in a while to see how I’m doing. I assumed that natural labor supposed to be painful, but I would never imagined that it would be SO painful and if not my husband and Kym I would probably asked for epidural or any other medications that would ease my pain. My labor lasted for 16 hours and Kym was there for all of those 16 hours and longer after the delivery - taking pictures and helping with the breastfeeding! It is a bit costly to hire a doula, but Kym was worth it all! I do not think I would have been able to do the all-natural birth without Kym and my husband. Now when we are talking about our delivery experience with our friends and family we mention and highly recommend Kym to anyone who is planning on having a baby Kym is awesome and amazing as person and professional doula!

Viviana Kim


Kym was my doula for the hospital birth of my first baby. I interviewed five nurse midwives/doulas, but only with Kym was there an instant connection. I could feel the warmth and caring exude from her, yet she also had a fiery spirit and an obvious passion for what she does. She was exactly what I was looking for - someone who could help me through labor, be compassionate and soothing when needed but also give me strength and encouragement, and most importantly, be my advocate in the hospital. We went over my birth plan in detail, so she could fight alongside me if necessary against any pushy hospital staff. My husband and I both felt more comfortable knowing that there would be a professional with us, someone with lots of birthing experience who also didn't have any liability concerns or hospital protocols to follow.
It being my first baby, I anticipated a long early labor. Boy was I wrong. I zipped through early labor so fast that we ended up meeting Kym at the hospital. From the second my husband told me he saw Kym running up from the hospital entrance, I felt more at ease. She was like my personal guardian angel. I had my eyes closed a lot, but I was always aware of Kym's presence. Her voice was in my ear, encouraging me and soothing me, and her hand was on my back, giving warmth and security. We had a minor tiff with a nurse who tried to push an IV on me against my wishes, but Kym helped me to stand firm and tell her no. When I had a concern or need, I spoke breathlessly to Kym, and she relayed for me to the nurse midwife. I had an unnaturally quick and 'easy' delivery. I attribute at least part of that to having Kym on my birth team. Her presence undoubtedly helped make me feel safe and supported, and thanks to her, I had the natural delivery with no medical interventions.

Andrea Bundy


Wow, Kym is awesome! It's been almost one year since the birth of our dear baby daughter and Kym was definitely a worthwhile investment. My desire was to have a VBAC with my daughter, which is hard to do in the city I live in since few of the hospitals allow them. She actually helped me find the doctor and hospital that allow VBAC'S and it was a success! Kym will help and support you in the decisions that YOU make for your birth. She has so much experience and you will feel immediately like she's family. My husband agrees that she was totally worth it. I also recommended her to my best friend and she was her doula too. Thank you again, Kym!

Stephanie Harvey


Hiring Kym was the best thing I ever did for my pregnancy and delivery.  Although my husband was a doubter at first, he was extremely happy in the end that we hired her.  During pregnancy Kym guided me through what to do, eat, drink, etc.  During labor Kym helped me to breathe, concentrate on all the positive aspects of labor, and what I was going to get out of it. She snuck me some cookies when I was hungry, massaged my feet, rubbed my back, made sure my birth plan was followed perfectly, and was as sweet as pie the whole time. She even took pictures of my son being born! After all was said and done, Kym helped me with breastfeeding and made sure I was comfortable before she left. Kym called me, text me and facebooked me every day for weeks after to see how I was doing. She even came to my daughter's birthday party! My husband told me the next morning after we had our son that every woman should have a doula at her birth and how happy he was to have hired Kym.  He said he recommends Kym to everyone he meets that is pregnant. It may have been costly to hire a doula, but it was well worth it! I would never go through labor again without having Kym there with me.

~VBAC mommy

Abbie Tanjuakio


There aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe Kym. Although my husband, Rey, and I had no intention of hiring a doula (we were looking for a childbirth teacher), the moment I spoke to Kym on the phone, my gut immediately told me to trust her.I’m so glad I did.

Being pregnant for the first time, I had so many questions and worries about childbirth. Kym was there to appease all of them. From the day we met her til our son was born (and even after), she was always available for anything I needed. She was reassuring and very sincere. I really felt the genuine care she had for me.

Rey and I are medical “dummies”. We didn’t want to go to a hospital and be at the mercy of the medical staff and just say “yes” to everything they suggested. We needed an advocate especially when we were aiming for an all-natural birth. Although we designed a medical intervention-free birthplan, I ended up having a 22- labour and a C-section in the end. The hospital staff in the facility I delivered were terrible and unprofessional to say the least and I had a terrible birthing experience. The ONLY ray of light we had during the entire birth experience (aside from having our son) was having Kym there.

From the time she came to our house at 2AM on a Sunday night, till 8:45PM when I delivered, she was with me the entire time. She was there to relax me for EACH and EVERY contraction I had. She was there to “catch” my throw-up when I was reacting to the meds given to me. She was there to help Rey and I decide with C-section was, indeed, necessary. She was just THERE for all of us: body, mind, heart and soul. She wasn’t a mere “hired help”. She was really our angel; and now our friend.

If you’re searching for a doula, stop looking. You’ve found your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow right here. Don’t just get a doula. Get Kym.

Kari Kaucher


 Kym Benner was my Doula for both of my births and she will be my Doula for all of my future births! Kym is not only a terrific Doula, she is also a wonderful, caring person. The births of my sons were very different, my oldest was born at the hospital while my youngest was born at a birth center. Kym helped me tremendously with both deliveries. From bringing me a birth ball to rubbing my feet during contractions to suggesting new positions for pushing, she does it all! Kym is also very helpful for Dads as well. She understands how to help Mom without stepping on Dads toes or making them feel useless. My husband was very leery at first, but when it was over he was very thankful to have Kym with us.

Kym is there for you before and after the delivery. She is always available to answer your questions or give you advice and if it's something she hasn't come across, she will research it for you and give you resources to help answer your questions or calm your concerns.

Kym truly loves Moms and Babies and truly loves being a Doula. Giving birth at a hospital has become such a business that it is essential to have a knowledgeable advocate on your side who will help you make important decisions at a time when you are most vulnerable. I highly recommend hiring a Doula for your birth whether it be at a hospital, birth center, or at home and I highly recommend Kym Benner. 


Heather Lang


 Kym has been amazing throughout my pregnancy, the birth of our daughter and beyond. She's been completely supportive of me and my partner, Mary, as we welcomed our first child into our lives. In fact, Mary was touched at our first meeting with Kym asked not only what I needed but what Mary needed as well. In supporting us both as a couple, she helped Mary help me. We appreciated that Kym really took the time to get to know us as a family. She listened attentively to our desires and plans for the birth and asked great questions to help us solidify our birth plan, without telling us what to do or second-guessing our wishes. Kym has done a wonderful job of encouraging us and validating our successes as we made decisions during my pregnancy, during the labor and birth, and in our daughter's first weeks. 

Despite all our careful planning to labor at home, avoid medical interventions as much as possible, and so on, I ended up needing several different interventions during my 30 hours of labor. Kym was in contact with Mary the entire time and came to be with us as soon as we asked. She was a calming, constant presence for me as I labored and though I found Mary's touch and presence most comforting (as I always do), Kym helped us both to keep focused and strong. She even managed to take some absolutely amazing photographs of our daughter's first moments, though I never noticed her attention wavering when I needed her. I'm still not sure how she managed that. We're so happy we had Kym as our doula and would certainly ask for her help if we decide to have a second child. Further, we'd recommend her to any of our friends (as in fact we have). 

Katie McCoy


Kym was reccommended to us by a friend who had her at the births of their children. We were so happy with her at the birth of our first daughter that without reservation, we had her there for our second daughter's birth. If we were to have more children, she would be there for sure!

She was helpful prior to the births in helping me write my birth plan. She was amazing during birth to assist with labor and delivery. I wanted epidural free births and Kym was a big asset in making it possible. She was there for labor with her "bag of tricks" to help ease labor. Following the delivery, she even stayed at the hospital for a couple of hours to make sure I was comfortable and the babies each began nursing.

Being a part of my births has made Kym not only my doula, but a person I also call friend!

Thai Greenfield


My husband and I moved to Riverside, CA in 2005. I was renovating a new business, starting over again at age 30 and pregnant. Being pregnant, very busy, and without friends or family was one of the most challenging times of my life. Kym Benner was my saving grace. Her knowledge and intuition about childbirth is a gift to all the lives that she touches.

Kym made sure that I knew all of my options. In this day and age healthcare can feel more like a conveyor belt than anything else. She personalized my pregnancy and empowered me and my husband to make choices that were right for our family. Even though I had a good doctor, there was no way that I could have gotten the individualized care that I wanted without a doula like Kym. Many 1st time mothers experience some level of fear or anxiety about giving birth. Kym's techniques for planning, pain management and relaxation are priceless.

Some people choose to become doulas. Kym could not be anything else. Over two decades of experience, an intense level of commitment to her clients and a deep heartfelt love of the birthing process are just a few of the things that set her apart from other doulas. I feel blessed for having Kym at the birth of my child, because she truly is the best. Every mother deserves to have the best for one of the most important events in her life.

Jinhee Kim


 Kym has been my douls for all 3 of my children.  She is the best from all the research and interviewing I conducted.  I even went as far as calling ALL of her references, which most people don't.  I did and made sure I was going to have an advocate in the delivery room with me to make sure I got to have the birth I had been dreaming of for so long!  My birth plan was tailored and designed to my wishes and needs and Kym helped me put it together .  Without her help I would've gone into delivery with no clue of all th options available to me.  I also wanted my husband to be able to enjoy the birth of each child and not worry over me or leave the room if I needed something.  So hiring a doula was also a gift for him as much as it was for me.  Kym is highly educated and experienced with all the things leading up to the birth, the actual birth, and even advice after the baby is born and at home.  I called her for breastfeeding help and she was so clear and understanding in teaching me what to do.  Hiring Kym was well worth all of the time, money, and thought that went into making that decision to hire her.  Thanks Kym for helping bring my 3 beautiful kids into this world.  We're grateful for your heart, energy, and most of all your hard work!

Cathleen Clark


Kym helped make my birthing experience wonderful.  With our first child we found out about Kym during a prenatal class that we took through our insurance.  My husband and I then met with her and liked what she had to say.  We were first time parents and really wanted someone with experience to help us through the birth.  We didn't know what to expect and she helped calm our nerves through the whole process.  She is very professional and caring.  She makes sure that your wishes are met and that your experience is how you want it to be.  Before having our second child, I contacted Kym to make sure she was still in the area and would be my doula.  I was not going to have a child without her!  She even cut the umbilical cord for our first child.  She was going to for the second but couldn't because of complications with the baby.

Kym the Doula, never go to a birth without her!



Kym is my angel. I still remember looking into those big blue eyes as I was birthing my son. I was tired. I was scared. But when I felt like giving up...there was such strength in her eyes...that was the strength that enabled me to birth my baby. 





When my wife first suggested hiring a doula, my reaction wasn’t enthusiastic. Though feeling somewhat hurt in my impression that my wife didn’t have faith enough in my devotion to the birth or my capability as a husband to be enough a grounding force to help her through, I eventually agreed to hiring a doula, my concern never fully expressed. After meeting Kym for the first time, I was so disarmed by her humble confidence and warm spirit that I was moved to tell my wife everything I had been thinking. In the course of the conversation, I concluded two things that would prove themselves perfectly during labor: Kym was there to augment, not replace, and having her help freed me to be more available and present for my wife. We had both come to agree that simply having Kym’s expertise, at very least, was a respite from the anxiety of the unknown. Come labor time, Kym was knocking at our door almost as soon as we had called. From the moment she arrived that evening to the next afternoon, Kym was at our side with unwavering enthusiasm and energy. At home, she massaged, encouraged, and soothed my wife through five centimeters dilation, aware and sensitive enough for her own presence to never once be overstated or unwelcome. At the hospital, she made sure that our birth plan was respected by hospital staff, using her knowledge to advocate for us and ensure our interests were respected and worked toward, all the while still available to comfort my wife, however needed. Not once did Kym slow down in merit or in spirit, despite the exhausting hours of our continuous need through labor. With Kym’s tireless help, my 5’2, 110 pound wife managed to birth our nearly 10 pound daughter completely naturally—a feat for both my wife and Kym to be proud of. After the birth, I remember my wife, exhausted, smiling at her new daughter, saying how invaluable Kym was in helping her resolve to labor and deliver without medication.

Leigh Horan


Kym was my doula for the birth of my daughter in 2007. I had a wonderful birth experience and was able to deliver my daughter naturally, (as I had hoped for) largely due to Kym's support. Kym's constant optimism, calmness, and amazing ability to know what to do to help ease the pain got me through 32 hours of labor! Kym was there for me even before the birth by setting up get-togethers so that we would feel comfortable with each other and so that she knew my preferences. Kym also helped me after my daughter came home with breastfeeding support as well as a number of other questions that I had.
My husband and I took Bradley Childbirth classes, and when I started looking into hiring a doula, my husband was at first upset that he had put so much time and effort into the classes. He thought that the doula would be taking his place as the "coach," a role which he had worked very hard to learn. Amazingly, after the birth of our daughter, he declared that the money we spent on hiring Kym was the BEST money we had ever spent! He said that he was so glad to have her there because she really KNEW exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.
Kym has recently been there for me through two miscarriages and provided emotional support as well as lots of information. She truly cares about her clients and is the kind of person that you feel comfortable with the moment you meet her.

Orit V.


Kym did wonders for me & my baby before the delivery, during and afterwards!! We met a few times before the due date and formed a relationship that I was very comfortable with, it felt like I gained a friend who knows a lot about childbirth. This warm relationship we've built help me a lot during my being the hospital. Kym was strong throughout the whole deal whereas my husband had almost 'lost' it at one point. She was very diplomatic in mediating between the doctors & I. She never pushed her opinion and always gave me husband and I space to make decision on our own. Even though I had an unscheduled C-section delivery, I went through SO MUCH beforehand that I can't imagine doing this without Kym! After the operation, Kym was right there in the recovery room to help me nurse my baby. She stayed with me as along as I wanted her to, showing & explaining different things about breastfeeding as well as my interaction with the baby. I have called her several times once at home and she came out to my house to help me with nursing that wasn't going very easy for me. In a nutshell, my birthing experience turned out to be VERY positive largely due to Kym's doula expertise and skills!

Jana R.


Kym is wonderful, caring and supportive and was my birth doula for both my boys. My first baby was a very lengthy and difficult labor, and I don't know how I would've gotten through without her there. She was a fabulous advocate in a hospital setting. She helped us understand things that were happening, helped us communicate our needs to the nursing staff, and generally aided us in every possible way. She always made my husband feel part of the process as well...he was never excluded or made to feel that his help was inadequate. Kym was invaluable and I highly recommend her!!

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