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Patti Heimlich

Houston Pregnancy Massage & Doula Care

Houston, TX Service range 30 miles Medical Center Location

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2500

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2500

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

26 years and 2600 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula
  • Institute of Somatic Therapy - Certified Massage Doula

Doula Training

  • ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators), September 2000

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend births at Hospitals in the Houston Medical Center.

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? No Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Infant massage education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Mentor new doulas

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Packages are available that range from $2000 to $2500 depending on the services you're interested in. Some packages include childbirth class, labor support, postpartum massage with infant massage instruction. We also offer Virtual Doula Services for those not wanting extra people at their birth, yet still needing support & recommendations. Last Minute Doula, if in labor and realize need support give us a call.

Service Area

Houston, TX Service range 30 miles Medical Center Location

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Client Testimonials for Patti Heimlich

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Patti was absolutely incredible! From the moment we met with Patti, we had peace and confidence going into birth. The pre-birth massage done by Patti in our home worked wonders and helped get baby into position. It also helped me as a first time mom become more comfortable with Patti and understand what to expect going into birth. During delivery, she was the perfect amount of help while still allowing my husband to serve as the main support person without taking away intimate moments. I knew going into birth, that I wanted unmedicated, and i'm not sure that would've been possible without Patti. She was such a huge part of the overall positive experience of bringing our sweet boy into the world. She took photos that we cherish so much!

Patti also came to our home 2 days after we got home from the hospital and did a post birth massage that helped so much with my recovery. She also showed us how to massage our little one who had torticollus and made us feel at ease as first time parents. Patti will deliver all our future babies and feels like a part of our family! 



Patti was there when I delivered my two babies. Generally, I recommend every mother to have a doula whether or not she plans to go unmedicated or have a C-section. Having someone there who is knowledgeable and ready to be your advocate is so important. And that someone you want is Patti. 

That being said, my two deliveries would've been so different without Patti. My two babies came too fast both times and I was unable to get the epidural in time. Patti was phenomenal in helping with pain management and keeping me at ease mentally and physically. She is also well known in the medical community as a respected doula.

Patti's post partum massage is also so important in helping me recover more quickly. I recommend Patti to every pregnant woman I know!

Maria Riegel


I love having Patti as my doula. She was with me during my first pregnancy with my son and now my second pregnancy with my daughter. I don't know how things would have gone if I didn't have her support, training, comfort and care during my labor. She guided my husband in the room aqnd he felt such at ease at her being there. My first pregnancy was only 10 hours from start of contractions to delivery and my second pregnancy was only 4 hours.  For my daughter, she arrived less than 20 minutes after we arrived in the labor and delivery room. She massaged me and was a great comfort as I was laboring even though this is my second time around. She has made both my pregnancies and birthing a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable experiences. That is truly a blessing!!!!



I recently gave birth with Patti as my doula and I have to say it was the best experience I could have hoped for. She was recommended to me by a friend who used her for her 2 children and Patti came highly recommended. I never imagined giving birth without an epidural but I decided I wanted to give it a try. I honestly dont think I would have done it without Patti. Throughout the weeks leading up to delivery Patti was quick to respond to my questions via email or text. I also got the labor prep massage a few weeks before delivery that was very nice. I ended up needing to be induced and I was sent to the hospital from my OB visit at 40 weeks. I texted Patti the doctors plan and Patti was quick to respond and she arrived to the hospital the next morning when they started my induction as planned. Patti is extremely knowledgable about labor and is amazing in helping you with whatever you need during labor. She helped get the baby in proper position and to move down. She was great in helping change into different positions to make contractions more bearable and continue to help facilitate moving the baby in proper position. She also provided massage and counter pressure during the whole labor that helped immensely. Other than physical assistance she provided emotional support an encouragement throughout the whole process that helped immensely. After coming home from the hopsital she came to the house a few days later and did a postpartum massage that really helped my low back and hip pain after delivery. If you are considering hiring a Doula, Hire Patti she is amazing and I cannot say enough good things about her. 



I cannot imagine having a baby without Patti's support and assistance. Why?

-She was just a text message away when I really needed her expertise and support.

-The pre and post natal massage visits were grounding, powerful, and healing. Patti was always on time, well prepared, and brought ample energy to provide an excellent level of service. She helped me with post partum recovery/healing tips and also helped me with breastfeeding during her post natal visit. 

-Patti was with me every step of the way on the day of delivery - she arrived shortly after I checked in to the ER and stayed with me until my baby was safely delivered. 

-During delivery, Patti was very active and hands on - working diligently and using her medical expertise to help us navigate the delivery safely. 

-Most importantly, Patti recognized that the baby needed assistance and that my blood pressure was dangerously low shortly after receiving an epidural. My partner flagged down medical staff and a team of people rushed into my delivery room to save me and the baby. I would have never known something was wrong without Patti and there wasn't a nurse present to notice either. It is very possible that Patti saved my baby's life on his birthday. 

Other doulas might spend more time with you before and after the birth of your child. Or they might make you feel more "special" and pampered. If that is what you are seeking, Patti might not be the right fit. Because she is so incredible and experienced, Patti's niche is to help mothers have a safe and healthy delivery experience while sharing knowledge along the way to assist a mother to prepare for and recover from the birth experience. Patti is worth her weight in gold!!! 



I cannot imagine having a baby without Patti's support and assistance. Why?

-She was just a text message away when I really needed her expertise and support.

-The pre and post natal massage visits were grounding, powerful, and healing. Patti was always on time, well prepared, and brought ample energy to provide an excellent level of service. She helped me with post partum recovery/healing tips and also helped me with breastfeeding during her post natal visit. 

-Patti was with me every step of the way on the day of delivery - she arrived shortly after I checked in to the ER and stayed with me until my baby was safely delivered. 

-During delivery, Patti was very active and hands on - working diligently and using her medical expertise to help us navigate the delivery safely. 

-Most importantly, Patti recognized that the baby needed assistance and that my blood pressure was dangerously low shortly after receiving an epidural. My partner flagged down medical staff and a team of people rushed into my delivery room to save me and the baby. I would have never known something was wrong without Patti and there wasn't a nurse present to notice either. It is very possible that Patti saved my baby's life on his birthday. 

Other doulas might spend more time with you before and after the birth of your child. Or they might make you feel more "special" and pampered. If that is what you are seeking, Patti might not be the right fit. Because she is so incredible and experienced, Patti's niche is to help mothers have a safe and healthy delivery experience while sharing knowledge along the way to assist a mother to prepare for and recover from the birth experience. Patti is worth her weight in gold!!! 

Krystal Peeler


Patti has successfully coached, prepared and helped me deliver both of my beautiful daughters. Patti has a great, open line of communication 24/7.  She advocates for you in the hospital and stands by your birth plan wishes. I wouldn't change a thing and encourage all of my friends to contact her, even if they decide to get an epidural. 

Alexandra Smith


Patti is an incredible doula! She is calm, reassuring, knowledgeable, and supportive. She was responsive to my questions as a first time mom, and she made me feel comfortable and prepared leading up to and throughout labor. Because of Patti's ability to coach me through the most challenging parts of labor, and help move my daughter down, we had an incredible natural birthing experience. My husband and I are confident that Patti made all the difference and we are so grateful that she was central to our birthing team. 



Patti was a great resource throughout pregnancy and labor/delivery. Leading up to labor/delivery she was available to answer any questions that came up and offered ideas of exercises, stretches, etc to help get the baby in the right position. The labor prep massage was great and gave us time to discuss any questions and walk us through what to expect when labor did start. Once my labor started, Patti continued to check in on me while I labored at home, again giving suggestions to help move things along. Once we went to the hospital, Patti arrived promptly and got to work helping me with differnet positons, massage and pain management techniques. My husband and I were both very thankful to have such a knowledgable person on our care team. I truly believe her skills made a huge difference in my labor/delivery experience. It didn't stop there though. The postpartum massage was wonderful and helped work out muscle tension and get me feeling better immediately. She was also immensely helpful with teaching us massage for our son and addressing some tension he had as well. With her suggestions we noticed a significant improvement in his ability to latch and nurse well. I can't say enough about Patti. She was knowlegeable, caring, and didn't push any of her personal beliefs. She would absolutely support you in whatever labor/delivery you are wanting --medicated or unmedicated, hospital or othewise. If you are considering hiring a doula I would highly recommend Patti. 



Patti was a wonderful doula! This was my second time using her and the second time I was able to have a natural birth in a hospital. All her services are incredibly helpful and she is super knowledgeable. I was always able to get in touch with her when needed and I am so grateful to have had her on my birth team!!! She will be a wonderful doula for any mom who wants to acheive a desirable birthing experience.

Lauryn Raymond


Patti was great and recommended to me by my friend. My first birth experience was difficult and with my second I wanted a doula to help me. Patti was amazing, our nurse actually asked if she could bring other nurses in to observe the different positions she was having me try. Whatever your birth plan, she will help you with it. No pressure and she is just amazing! 

Katy Roach


Patti was an amazing doula. I have used her twice now. Leading up to birth, she has great videos and recommendations on additional tools to use. She does a great labor induction massage and can refer you to others who do great labor induction massages (Catalina is AMAZING for a day before birth). I would not have been able to do a no epdiural birth if it weren't for Patti. She helped move me around into productive (uncomfortable) positions to help get through induced labor as quickly as possible. She massaged me and encouraged me all throughout labor. She brought tons of labor supplies to use so we didn't have to worry about bringing stuff. Right when I was at my breaking point she put me into a perfect position to get baby down and ready to push. She just knows how to move your body and understands the mother's reactions to be able to help you best. She is well known in Houston and has a great rapport with many hospitals, doctors and nurses. Very thankful to have Patti as my Doula!



We had a fantastic experience with Patti helping us deliver our first baby at Texas Children's. I wasn't really sure what to expect having a doula when it was time to go to the hospital. She arrived after I was induced and stayed with us for about 12 hours all the way through until the end. She helped keep me comfortable and helped us understand what the doctors and nurses were doing along the way. My partner and I were so happy having her there through delivery because she knows so much more about the entire experience than we did. I went into the experience wanting as few interventions as possible and I was able to deliver without an epidural. I was so pleased with the entire experience. Her massages was also amazing while pregnant and postpartum. 

I intend to use Patti again when I'm ready for my next baby. 



Patti is very knowledgable and confident in what she is doing. From the first time I met her over Zoom, I had no doubts about choosing her as my doula for the birth of my second child. When I went into labor, she was very responsive to my texts and made it to the hospital in a timely manner. I had a slow labor without an epidural so I found her essential in providing me support from establishing a calm ambiance, to the massages, to knowing what positions to put me in to help the labor progress. I highly recommend getting the postpartum massage, after which there was a noticeable difference in the amount of swelling I had in my body. It really helped facilitate the healing process for me. If I ever have another unmedicated birth, Patti will be one of the first people I'll call. 



Patti was absolutely amazing! I was really nervous about labor, and hiring a doula really helped put my mind at ease. She helped guide me and my husband through various positions throughout labor that helped labor progress more quickly and I was able to have an unmedicated labor as I had hoped (I had told her I was hoping to have an unmedicated birth but wasn't totally opposed to an epidural if needed and she was very open and supportive of all of it). She was great about making sure my husband was involved throughout. So thankful to her and all her help! 



I have had the pleasure of birthing with Patti herself 3 times and once with her assitant Doula. 

Patti has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Her calm yet confident demeanor brings a sense of comfort in such a vulnerable moment as a woman. Patti has always been there for me with all of my pregnancies and birth. She answers every text and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of mother and child. 

My last pregancy my labor was going very slow at home. Patti however advised that I may have been further along than I had thought and advised me to get to the hospital to get checked out. I was having very irregular contractions, but she was right! I was in active labor already at 6cm! Patti was able to get my body in all the right positions to speed up my contractions. She is very skilled at getting baby positioned correctly. Her breathing techniques and massage therapist skills make laboring an experience verses a hurdle. Baby girl was born just a few hours after we arrived to the hospital - safe and healthy!

All 4 of my births were able to be delivered naturally, in the hospital, with no complications. For that I am eternally grateful to Patti. She is kind and truly passionate about what she does. We love Patti!

Christina T


Patti is an incredible doula and massage therapist. Honestly, in hindsight, I can't imagine going through this process without her. She came highly recommended from several couples who previously used her services. My husband and I are so grateful we had Patti to guide us through the birth of our first child. She made my birthing experience as comfortable as possible. She was with us at the hospital from the start of my labor pains until I successfully breastfed baby. Her communication was top notch, and she responded promptly no matter what hour.

Getting her postpartum massage is a necessity. I had trouble walking after giving birth from misaligned hips. One 2-hour massage with Patti realigned my hips and removed all of my pregnancy swelling.

Our baby had a tight neck and could only sleep facing one direction. After Patti massaged her, she was able to comfortably sleep either direction.

Patti will be one of our first calls the next time we're pregnant!

Kirstin O'Leary


Patti is simply amazing! We were so grateful to have her by our side for the births of our youngest two children. We first worked with Patti in 2017 for the birth of our son. Patti came highly recommended by a close friend as well as my OB. I had a c-section with my first child and knew a skilled doula would help me achieve a VBAC for my next birth. Patti was integral in preparing me for the VBAC I wanted and her labor prep massage helped get by son in optimal position for birth. I ended up choosing to receive an epidural and Patti supported me as well as kept me changing positions to ensure my labor was progressing.

After a successful VBAC with our son, both my husband and I agreed we would have Patti with us for our next birth in 2022. From the moment Patti arrived at the hospital with us to the time our daughter was in our arms, was a short four hours. I cannot imagine going through an unmedicated labor without Patti. She was so encouraging for both my husband and me. Our nurse even commented on how amazed she was with Patti’s techniques for helping labor progress quickly.

Patti is passionate about helping women and their families with birth and has developed relationships with physicians and nurses across the city. During both of our births with Patti, she worked seamlessly with the L&D nurses and residents. Her confidence and knowledge made such a difference in the delivery room! After both births, Patti came to my home for the best postpartum massage. It makes such a difference in how my body feels after birth and provides immediate relief. I would not hesitate to recommend Patti as she has been such a gift to our family!



Patti was very helpful during my labor process! She assisted me with changing to various positions to progress my labor along and coached me on breathing and relaxing my body to help manage the pain. I was able to stick to my birth plan (no medication or interventions) largely thanks to her! I would not hesitate to use her services again if/when I have another baby. 



I am so grateful that my OB referred me to Patti!  I knew I wanted a doula, and one of the most important things to me was to find one that supported my wishes for my birthing experience without judgment.  Patti comes with decades of experience and knowledge and supports her clients through pregnancy and labor without judgment.  She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. You can tell that she feels called to do this work and is so passionate about helping women and babies.  I had some rare complications during my delivery and Patti brought a sense of calm and peace to an otherwise stressful situation and helped me feel more in control.   While I knew that Patti would be helpful to me during labor, what I didn’t realize is how much help she would be to me and my baby postpartum.  I was having terrible backpain after delivery, which was completely resolved during my postpartum massage.  My daughter was born with severe cranial molding.  I am so grateful that Patti was able to help my daughter’s head shape through weeks of cranial sacral therapy, something I would not have known about had I not met Patti. I highly recommend Patti and will hire her for any future children!  



Patti helped deliver my third child. 

I had a terrible experience with an epidural during the delivery of my second child. I didn’t want to have another birth with medication. At first, the idea of delivering a baby without drugs terrified me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go through it without help from someone. 

That’s when I considered getting a doula. I had hesitations about whether I should hire one and if so, who? I feared that we would have conflicting personalities, that they would be too bossy, or that my doctor and nurse wouldn’t be supportive of having her there.

I decided to reach out to Patti after she was recommended by a friend of a friend. After our initial phone call, I was convinced that I wanted to have her help me with delivery. I went into labor a week early so it was a bit unexpected. I messaged Patti letting her know that I’m on my way to the hospital. She answered promptly and arrived soon after I was admitted. 

When Patti arrived and started working with me, all my worries and concerns disappeared. Patti is calm, confident, and not overbearing. She helped me get into various positions to get the baby moving down. She would massage my back in between contractions. Once the contractions were very strong, she coached me through them. When the baby was ready to come out I was scared and wanted to give up. She talked me through it and thankfully after a few pushes, I delivered a healthy baby boy. 

I was able to deliver the way that I wanted because of her. I’m grateful for Patti’s support during an incredibly rewarding, but also stressful journey. Patti is simply the best!



Patti is the best doula in the Houston, TX area. She works with almost all the Ob/Gyns in the Medical Center and has relationships across the city with each hospital, the LN's, and the staff. She helped me to get my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and experience. Her massages both prenatal and postpartum are out of this world amazing, she really understands what is happening in your body and can turn almost any baby to create the ideal labor. She helped me push and showed me how to push so I only had to push 5 times (three were practice pushes). She worked with the doctors and nurses to create a very calm and stress-free environment, and she guided my birthing partner to help support me through my contractions. She listened to what I wanted and was the most amazing advocate - while helping show me the all options in each choice I was given. She was the rock every birthing mothers need at their side. This woman is a miracle creator. And even after birth, she helped my infant son with his torticollis in his neck with massage to loosen his neck and help me with breastfeeding, she is so good with infants and knows exactly what each baby needs. CANNOT SAY ENOUGH about Patti. She is amazing. If you have the chance, gift yourself with this woman to help you. She will increase your chances of natural delivery and success postpartum. 



I would definitely recommend Patti as a doula. She was always communicative leading up to my labor and was incredibly helpful during the labor experience. She was able to help me stay comfortable through massage during active labor and worked well with the team of nurses and doctor. Another highlight was the postpartum massage. It really did feel like I was being put back together. I could feel a difference in my body immediately afterward. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with!



Patti was the most amazing doula! We had a quick and easy birth experience, thank to her! I went into labor 7 hours after my labor prep massage.  She helped me so much with anxiety and pain management and I only had to push about 10 times before my baby was born!  The infant massages and postpartum massages were also incredible.  Would work with her again and again! My baby Mila loves Patti! 



My husband and I decided to use Patti after receiving two separate recommendations for her services. We wanted someone with experience and calming energy to help us through the process of delivery. Our son was frank breech during the entire pregnancy. I tried every homeopathic remedy you can think of to try and flip our son into the proper position. Talking with Patti and our physician, they recommended an external cephalic version ("ECV") to try and turn him into the proper position. The procedure itself only has a 58% chance of success, and I heard it can be pretty painful. The day before the procedure, I received a frank breech massage from one of Patti's team members. The next day, the physician was able to turn our son into the right position within 4 minutes and without any pain! She said it was the easiest ECV she has ever done, and I 100% credit Patti and her team for prepping my body for the success of this procedure. I was able to avoid a C-section, and Patti was incredible during the birthing process. We are expecting again, and we have already signed up to use Patti for our second birth!

Christina Herman


Patti was exceptional! I always knew I wanted a doula for my first birthing experience, and she exceeded my expectations. Patti has a very nice aura to her. Her presence is very calming, professional, educated. She clearly knows what she's doing. She Can expedite the labor with many different positions and techniques. I felt safe and comforted by her throughout my labor. When my OB doctor entered the room, she usually took a seat in the corner of the room, and didn't interfere with any medical decisions... I noticed this and I thought it was very professional and respectful. I think most doctors might worry about a doula who might push "get in their way", but Patti does not. She was was wonderful. My doctor loved her. And most of the nurses knew her as well from other births. 
she came to our home a few days after the birth of our son, and performed a massage on me that was so helpful for postpartum pain and swelling. She taught myself and my husband infant massage as well. 
10/10 would recommend Patti, and would hire her again! 
thank you so much Patti for all you do! Appreciate you!



Caty Clark


Phenomenal is one word to describe Patti. My birth experience with her was nothing short of amazing. Patti's wealth of knowledge combined with her passion for helping deliver healthy babies makes her the best doula you could search for. She was able to reposition my baby to make for a faster labor, empowered me with words of affirmation and movements, and was there for me physically and emotionally my entire pregnancy/labor and delivery. I highly recommend her and her services if you want an amazing experience giving birth to your baby. 

Jennifer Grigas


I used Patti for the birth of both of my sons at the Woman's Hospital. I was able to have both naturally despite being induced for my first. She helped shorten the labor and move me into positions to bring baby here faster. I believe the massage given before birth helped shorten labor and get my body prepared. I had horrible back pain postpartum and the massage she gave me after made such a huge difference. I won't ever go through labor and delivery without Patti!



Excellent experience working with Patti during my first pregnancy. She was a huge help before, during, and after labor. Very supportive. Very knowledgeable. Very kind and caring. Massages were absolutely relaxing and helped prepare me for labor and then recover well afterward. Highly recommend Patti to everyone! She is professional and respectful of your preferences. She is very responsive. She is the best!

Jackie Smith


Patti was fantastic to work with - she held a great birthing class that explained the stages of labor and what each phase would be like.  She also reviewed the best time to move to the hospital explaining the benefits of laboring at home before going. Unfortunately, Patti wasn't able to attend my labor in person due to visitor restirctions due to the Covid-19 virus.  She was there through it all though, utalizing text and zoom to help progress my labor along.  Although I ended up having a c-section, Patti implimented as many things as possible to help my baby get into position.  After returning home from the hospital, Patti came to my home to perform a postpartum massage on me and an infant massage on my son.  My postpartum massage was the best - it was the first time I felt relief from the fluid retention from the hospital and she put my hips and pelvis back into alignment.  Highly recomend Patti, you wont regret it!

Karina R.


Patti has assisted the births of my 3 children and I have also attended massages with her, during my pregnancies and after giving birth. She has been an angel, I honestly wouldn't dare to go through childbirth without Patti. 

My 3 experiences were very different and Patti knew exactly how to give me the support I needed during each one of them. I absolutley recommend her as a doula, she really helps you to have the birthing experience that you want. I feel truly blessed to have had her as my doula! 



Patti was an instrumental asset in my pregnancy and labor. I fully believe her labor prep massage got my baby in position and ready to enter the world. She was also able to do what my doctor could not - get my baby to turn during labor (he was sunny-side up). I originally wanted to labor drug-free, but as my son was turned the wrong way, the contractions got the best of me and I really wanted some pain relief in my transition phase. Patti was always supportive of my decisions and never made me feel badly about getting an epidural. My baby was over 9 lbs. at birth, so Patti's postpartum massage was both necessary and a welcome relief after being home from the hospital for a few days. I loved my birth experience and Patti played a big part in that -I recommend her for anyone, regardless of what kind of birth you want to have! 

Cecily Chmiel


Hiring Patti as our doula was the best decision that we made for our birth experience! And I can’t express that enough. I went into labor in the middle of the night on one of her nights off, when the doula that was covering for her that night was unresponsive, Patti showed up to the hospital within 20 minutes of us contacting her. She helped me go from 3 cm to 6 cm in ONE HOUR. And deliver our baby within 6.5 hours without any medication. She was truly a voice for us in the hospital and helped us have the birth experience that we were hoping for. She also took the most amazing photos of my husband helping me through labor and our daughter coming into this world. I would hire her for every pregnancy. After labor she comes to your home for a postpartum visit where she got my body back in alignment and showed me how to massage my baby. She really cares for us new moms and truly wants to see us not in pain. 



The experience with Patti postpartum massage a week after I gave birth was AMAZING. My plevic bone and hips were a mess she said. After she made the massage, It was awesome how my plevic bone changed position. I hightly recommand this massage Every women wh gave birth should have this massage. My chiro asked if I gave birth. Again a huge thanks. 





Rachel Kazibutowski


I can’t say enough great things about Patti! She was such a pleasure to talk to and work with in the months leading up to delivery, not to mention her pre and post natal massages are absolutely amazing!! Quite possibly the best massages I’ve ever had, pregnant or not. But most importantly she guided me through the natural childbirth I wanted, and coached me through a time when I didn’t think I could make it without intervention. She was there in a way that wasn’t overly imposed and just helped keep everything as calm and smooth as possible and ensure an overall extremely positive experience. if you’re on the fence just do it, you won’t regret it!

Kristin Berry


I highly recommend hiring a doula to support you regardless of whether you want a medicated or unmedicated birth. I truly believe Patti is the only reason I didn't end up needing a c section. I feel so strongly about her services I want to post a detailed review in case it helps a single person.

I was extremely disappointed when my doctor told me I needed to be induced due to medical reasons. Turns out there was a great chance I couldn't deliver naturally due to the baby's positioning and a couple other factors. I was laying in a hospital bed, after being there for 20 hours, looking up at the doctor starting pitocin telling me inductions have a 50/50 chance of ending up in a c section. Patti showed up to the hospital at 9am, told me a c section wasn't going to happen, repositioned my baby, and we were ready to have our baby by noon! I remember feeling so in control with Patti helping me that I immediately thought "I could do this again". It feels crazy to even write that because of how terrified of labor I was before experiencing it.

I didn't know what a doula was before a couple years ago and, in general, I am a huge skeptic. I started researching birth support when I became pregnant and wasn't sure if investing in a doula would be money well spent or if I was just searching for anything to help me feel more in control. I finally decided "Hey- I'll give it a shot and will at least get some good massages out of it, if nothing else, since Patti is a licensed massage therapist." Looking back-hiring Patti was the single best investment I made during the entire pregnancy. The pregnancy/labor education classes, labor prep massage, midnight questions to Patti freaking out about something (only happened a dozen times or so ;)), the birth assistance, and the 3 hour postpartum massage/infant massage/breast feeding consultation after you bring your baby home... each part was extremely valuable. I am so grateful and I highly recommend meeting with Patti!

Suki Schack


I don’t even know where to begin describing the amazing experience I had giving birth to our second child. Had it not been for Patti and her services, I don’t know that I would have felt the strength and the empowerment to go through and I am medicated and natural childbirth. I sought out to Patti services two months before my due date. Right from the beginning she I don’t even know where to begin describing the amazing experience I had giving birth to our second child. Had it not been for Patti and her services, I don’t know that I would have felt the strength and the empowerment to go through and I medicated and natural childbirth. I sought out Patti services two months before my due date. Right from the beginning she was  Made me and my husband feel comfortable and prepared for our birthing experience. The pre-labor massage that Patti performed helped my body to prepare for labor and delivery. Not only is labor a physical experience, but it is also a mental one. Working with Patti helped me to mentally prepare for the act of giving birth through meditation and massage. On the d made me and my husband feel comfortable and prepared for our birthing experience. The pre-labor massage that Patti performed helped my body to prepare for labor and delivery. Not only is labor a physical experience, but it is also a mental one. Working with Patti helped me to mentally prepare for the act of giving birth through meditation and massage.  The night that I went into labor, Patti arrived at the hospital within 15 minutes of our own arrival. Immediately she got to work and  prepared the room just as I had asked for it to be. Dim lights, essential oil’s and music for relaxation. The massage during labor was amazing! It helped to relax me, put me in the right state of mind, and helped me to receive our baby girl. She Was calm and encouraging the entire delivery. I would recommend her to anyone! She knows her stuff!

Meroë Morse


Patti has been my doula for the pregnancy and birth of both of my children, most recently this July 2018. My husband and I cannot sing her praises more highly! She has devoted her career and her life towards supporting women and their partners through pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-partum period. Patti has decades of experience assisting women in countless births, and this real-life experience comes into play in so many helpful ways: she is reassuring in times of doubt, she is a source of information about "what other mother's do", and she has a keen sense about the health of the mom and the baby in times when additional medical care may be needed. Patti knows the ins and outs of many of the hospitals around Houston and has the gift of both being "present"and an advocate for mom while in the delivery room to ensure the birth plan goes as smoothly as possible, and also works as a member of the entire delivery team of nurses and physicians to have the safest and streamlined birthing process.

Patti's massage experience is such a gift, and she has this wonderful intuition, and the formal training, about anatomy such that she eases the discomfort with her massage in the pregnancy phase, assists with positioning of mom during labor, and "puts mom back together again" in the post-partum period when the relaxin is still keeping the joints malleable.

As Benjamin Franklin said: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Asking Patti to be your doula and part of your birth experience will be such a wise and fruitful investment. I can't recommend her enough!

Menton McGinnis Deweese


My husband and I are very grateful for Patti's assistance leading up to, during, and following the birth of our daughter. The pre-labor massage (37 weeks) was a great opportunity to work with Patti one on one prior to the day-of, and really helped me relax and prepare for labor. When Patti arrived at the hospital, she was prepared and ready to help us acheive our birth goals (natural, unmedicated birth). We were especially grateful to have her advocate on our behalf at the hospital. Patti worked with our L&D nursing team before, and they worked together very cohesively, which made the environment very comfortable and relaxed. She set a very calm tone while I was laboring, and was very helpful in positioning me in various positions to actively facilitate the labor process naturally and quickly. Her encouragement during labor was exceptional, and I very much appreciated how much she encouraged my husband to participate and coached him along throughout my labor (it was important to us both to have him involved). The postpartum massage and breastfeeding consultation were both great -- we have used the baby massage techniques a ton, and they really help! We would highly recommend using Patti, and will seek her out in the future! As a bonus: my husband and I made great friends with other new parents in the birth class we attended.

Margie Miller


This was the second birth I used Patti's doula services for, and she was an incredible support once again. Her massages help with labor prep and positioning of the baby, and her childbirth class provided just the right information I needed to understand what was happening in my body during labor so I could better prepare mentially for what I was experiencing.  I knew I did not want to have an epidural, but I also knew that this choice is less common in a hospital setting, so knowing that Patti would be there to support me and offer guidance and pain management strategies during labor gave me the confidence I needed to stick to my birth plan.  She was actually recommended to me by my OB.  I ended up having a very quick delivery, but when my contractions were the worst, she knew just what to do to help manage the pain, and it made a huge difference for me.  I also felt confident that if things had gone differently and I needed more medical interventions or elected to have an epidural that Patti would support my decisions and still provide support through my labor to ensure that things progressed as quickly as possible.

In addition, her postpartum massages are amazing.  I was dreaming of it my whole pregnancy, and it was exactly what I hoped for once again.  Somehow she just puts everything in your body back together and in alignment following pregnancy and childbirth, and I could start to feel more like myself again.

I am so grateful I found Patti and couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jean Cassandra


I have known Patti for over two years. Houston pregnancy and massage helped me prepare for two different pregnancies. This included wonderful prenatal, induction and post-partum massages, education about childbirth and hypno babies, and of course Patti’s presence during and after labor. I was able to accomplish my goal of having two births without an epidural. This was possible because of various reasons including my pregnancy preparation and the encouragement of my doula and husband. The presence of a doula at the hospital relieved a lot of anxiety of the unknown because of her birth experiences. This second birth, Patti was with me the entire way. I will never forget the day before going into labor when I visited her and she helped move baby boy into the perfect position and the next day when I headed to the hospital she met me there and said, “we are having this baby today and he will be here soon.” Her positivity, ability to provide a relaxed environment (in a hospital no less), wonderful massages, kind words of encouragement and 100% attention on me did not go unnoticed. Right before our son was born, Patti and I were alone in the bathroom. She was pouring warm water on me and speaking in a soothing voice. After a couple of minute I looked at her and said that I felt something different happen to my body and that is when we both knew that I was about to give birth. She calmly helped me out of the bathtub and within 10 minutes my baby boy was in my arms. Having this wonderful woman share this experience with me was very special. I adore Patti and her staff. They are a loving and devoted group of women. I am very lucky to have them in my life and to help me during my pregnancies.

Meghan Perley


Working with Patti has been amazing.  I used her during my first pregnancy and labor, which was an induced labor with an epidural.  After getting pregnant the second time, I immediately called Patti to book her for my next pregnancy.  I was scheduled to be induced again but the baby decided to come early and fast, so I had no epidural this time.  Patti got to the hosiptial in less than 25 minutes after I texted her and walked me through the whole delivery process.  I honestly don't know what I would have done if Patti wasnt there to help coach me through the pain.  Also I believe if she wasn't there, my labor would have been longer, which would have been horrible given the no epidural.

Additionally, Patti is an excellent massage therapist.  I used her prior to both deliveries to open up my hips.  And then I saw her multiple times after both pregnancies to close my hips and rib cage.  After my friends saw what she was able to do through massage post delivery, all of them go see her now.

I highly, highly recommend Patti.

Stephanie Moore


I had a beautiful and empowering experience with Patti. I labored and delivered in 10.5 hours without medication with the help of Patti and Hypnobabies. I feel that her support and encouragement during my pregnancy, her labor prep massage, and the childbirth class helped to relax me and prepare me for childbirth. Her gentle demeanor put me at ease and when I knew that I was in labor, I felt confident knowing that Patti would soon be by my side. I cannot imagine giving birth again without her.

The after care was also wonderful. The postpartum massage was amazing and our baby loves the infant massage that she taught us. The integrative care was key for us; we also had one of her postpartum doulas help us for a few nights after my parents went home.

My husband also had a great experience with Patti. He felt very involved and supported by her throughout the process. We highly recommend Patti!

Sara Stone


Patti was our doula for the birth of our first child. We wanted to work with her primarily because we were nervous about how labor and delivery would be and wanted to do everything we could to make the process go smoothly. Her many years of experience were what initially drew us to Patti, but her friendly and calm nature also made us feel completely at ease with her.

Looking back at our childbirth experience, I have to say that having Patti there with us was one of the best decisions we ever made.  With her help, I was able to achieve the type of birth that I really wanted (no epidural) and our baby was born about 8 hours after we arrived at the hopsital. Patti's expertise in massage and stretching helped us to keep things on track and her soothing presence helped my husband and I to stay focused and calm (well, as calm as possible!)  Then a week or so after the baby came, I got a postpartum massage from Patti and it was phenomenal. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after!

I would highly recommend Patti to anyone interested in using a doula or massage during and/or after pregnancy. She is amazing!

Kirstin O'Leary


My husband and I were so lucky to have Patti with us as we prepared to welcome our second child. I had a c-section with my first child and had hoped to find a doula that would offer me the best support as I attempted a VBAC. Patti was recommended to us by a close friend of mine as well as my OB/GYN. She fit in perfectly and was well-respected by the nurses and doctors we encountered at the hospital and helped us to make informed decisions to acheive the birth we desired. Her compassion and knowledge were invaluable to us both. Patti went above and beyond to make sure we had all the information and support we needed. Patti was patient with us and listened to all our concerns throughout my 36-hour labor. I'm not sure I would have achieved my VBAC without her. I would absolutely recommend her!

Aside from her support during my son's birth, I thoroughly enjoyed her massages! I had both the labor prep massage and post partum massage and they were truly amazing!

Ashley Teunis


Patti is amazing! I've hired her for the birth of both of my sons (four years apart) and she is worth every penny. She has been a doula for over 20 years and knows exactly what you need, even when you don't. Patti has a calming presence and puts everyone at ease. The massages certainly help, also! ;) Without hesitation, I have recommended her to everyone I know in Houston who's pregnant.

Veronica Smith


This was my second birth that I had Patti attend. I did the package where she gives you a labor prep massage, attends birth, does postpartum and infant massage. I don't know what I would do if I did not have Patti there with me during labor and birth. She made me more calm and relaxed, helped with getting baby in the right position, helped me with different positions while in labor, and took beautiful pictures, capturing special moments. The labor would have dragged on and would have been more painful if she wasn't there. She was also my advocate during the labor process. She has an extensive amt of knowledge about many different things from what do do while pregnant, pospartum, for baby, etc. I saw great results after my postpartum massage with my 1st baby. People noticed those results and wondered how i lost the weight so fast. Patti does her magic postpartum massage and it pushes things back in place. She also helped both my babies to latch on correctly. She was able to do some adjustments and massage techniques on baby to alleviate sore muscles. I highly recommend Patti for a doula. I will only have her as my doula for future pregnancies and also massages.

Divya Brown


Patti is an exceptional doula.  I could not have imagined either of my birth experiences without her.  She truly served as a friend, advocate and source of strength during my labor.  During both my pregnancies I went to her for predelivery massages and I believe that helped with a smooth labor.  Also for both pregnancies, I had the induction massage and within 12 hours went into labor naturally.  With my first pregnancy, my daughter would not drop down into my lower pelvis so Patti massaged me for 6 hours and then pushed for 10 minutes and delivered vaginally without an epidural.  During my second pregnancy, I advanced very quickly to 9 cm but then stalled.  Patti did not want me to receive pitocin so coached me through various positions and methods to get to 10 cm.  Finally, she realized the baby had turned sunny side during my labor so she used a technique she has learned to get the baby to spin around.  Due to her, I was able to deliver vaginally and without an epidural for the second time.  I know that without Patti my labors would have been an entirely different experience.  With her as my coach, I was able to achieve my labor goals and experience my delivery without an epidural.  Additionally, after labor, she came to my house for the post partum massages.  The massages are the best I have ever received.  She shifts all of your limbs and muscles back into the proper position removing pain from the delivery and getting your body to shrink back to its original size right almost instantaneously.  Patti is truly amazing and a gift from above.

Melissa Harrison


Patti played a key role in the birth experiences of our two sons.

My two birth stories are seventeen months apart and very different. I am glad she was present for both. Patti is intuitive and knowledgeable. She knows when to coach and when to step back in intimate family moments.

For my firstborn, I had a very long labor. She provided massage, exercises with my ball, encouraged and involved my husband and I truly believe was essential in my avoiding a caesarean. When I looked back on some photos, my hair was pulled back and I vaguely remember her doing this for me.

For my second born I had a very quick and natural labor, she assured me that I was doing fine, coached on breathing techniques and both she and my husband held my hands.

Its difficult to share such an intimate event with someone new, but after the inital meeting with Patti I knew it was a good match.

Sharla Trowbridge


Patti was recommended to me by my obgyn and I could not have imagined a better Doula to assist me in my birth. From my initial meeting with Patti, I could immediately tell that she was someone who made my fears of attempting an unmedicated birth, calmed. She is a sweet soul with a true passion for women in the laboring process. She is Probably one of The  MOST seasoned Doulas in Houston. She knows what she’s doing, plus provides tons of extra tricks to help the birthing process go smoother. She truly pours her heart into this work and it’s immediately apparent. I attended her birthing course, pre labor massage and had a post labor massage— all of which were well worth my time and made an enormous difference in the changes my body went through. My birth with her was everything I could have asked for and a beautiful expericence. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Cicy Tolboom


Patti was beyond perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthing experience because of Patti’s presence. She has the ability to make you feel confident and at ease. She was worth every penny spent! I love Patti so much that I will not be having another baby without her help. She was also amazing before the birthing experience. She is very knowledgeable and most importantly, super responsive. WE LOVE PATTI! The best doula in town!

Jennifer Grigas


I had a difficult high risk pregnancy and was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was induced at 36 weeks. I planned to have a natural birth using Hypnobabies and luckily was able to do a practice Hypnobabies run with Patti. I was induced the day i was signed up to take Patti's childbirth class and still had not even had a labor prep massage. So I was a little worried not only about the baby being delivered too early, but not being prepared for labor as well. They gave me cervadil the night before and started me on magnesium. The next morning they started me on Pitocin but nothing was happening. I was on a very high amount of Pitocin but with the magnesium nothing was happening so I was napping most of the day. My husband reached out to Patti and let her know nothing was happening but Patti was very encouraging and said she was coming to the hospital to help have a baby! I'm sure i would have been in labor for days without Patti. Patti was able to do the labor prep massage in the hospital and I couldn't believe how big of a difference the massage made. I stood up and my belly looked completely different. The baby was low and in the correct position. They finally broke my water and Patti was there through every contraction and was very supportive and nurturing. I went to 10 cm so quickly and let the nurses know I needed to push. The nurses barely believed me and didn't want to check me, but luckily Patti was there to insist on checking me. I was 10 cm and ready to push. I truly believe it wouldn't have happened that fast without Patti and the massage. I hadn't taken Patti's childbirth class yet but she was there to tell me how to push and how my husband can help. Our son was born 40 minutes later. I'm so thankful for Patti and will never have another baby without her support and help. I never thought I would be able to have a natural birth, especially while being induced, but thanks to my support team and Patti it was possible! I can't recommend Patti enough.

Jacqueline Sackett


Patti was worth every penny and more!!! I cannot say enough about Patti and all she did for me before, during and after delivery. She went above and beyond of what I expected. My husband was recluctant to hire a doula because of the costs but once he met Patti and we went to her birth class, he told me I was right to use her. I'm very small framed and had an 8 lb baby. Patti suggested I get an induction massage at her office so I prevented a C-section and wouldn't go past my due date.

During delivery she massaged me non stop and was able to manuver my baby lower and out of my ribs. She even helped me push her out in 20 mins by massaging her down! Nurses kept saying we might have to do a C section but because of her, I was able to prevent that! Patti also took pictures during my delivery which I will cherish forver. She was there every step of the way and I couldn't have done it with out her. Her post partum massage is a MUST. I swear the next day, I looked thinner and taller. I reccomend her to all my pregnant friends and will be using her again in the future. She is superwoman!

Natasha Afonso


Patti is not only an amazing doula but an amazing person. I am so glad that I hired her early! I had my husband call Patti when my labor was progressing and I felt that I was going to end up going down a path I did not want to be on and end up with a c-section. Prior to Patti arriving, I was getting pain medicine every hour and was very uncomfortable. From the moment she arrived, she put me (and my husband) at ease, and I didn't even need any pain medicine for another 4-5 hours. She is so talented, and her massage skills are unparalleled. She was so patient and spent the entire day with us during my induction.  I felt a milion times better with her presence and the day was calmer and more peaceful with her there. She paid close attention to my baby and was even more responsive than my nurse! She stayed even after the delivery to help me with breast feeding which was a huge help.

I even had the pleasure of having her come over after the baby was born to do my post-partum massage (which was amazing) and to teach infant massage. I loved the massage and even scheduled another one with her already! She knows exactly what your body needs during labor and afterwards. She is a highly intuitive person. I never had to tell her what I wanted and she just seemed to sense it and know. I am forever grateful for her presence during my delivery and if I ever have another baby I would undoubtedly hire her again. Although now thinking back to my labor the whole experience seems like a blur, but I do remember Patti's calming and relaxing presence.

She also taught a very helpful and efficient childbirth class. I also had some prenatal massages with Patti which were so great and helped during labor. She is truly AMAZING.

Regina McCormick


Patti was phenomenal & worth her weight in gold. The childbirth class was informative & fun. Her knowledge of pregnancy, birth & babies is astounding.

The massages during my pregnancy helped maintain my balance,& readied my body for birth.

During my 17+ hr childbirth, she was immeasurably helpful. She information on the choices given to me, what it would mean for me & potentially for the baby, both good & bad. She was never judgemental nor did she suggest which course I should take unless asked. She was simply informative & supportive.

My baby had to be induced & labor was likely so long because the cord was wrapped around my baby's neck. Nonetheless, without Patti & the epidural, I'm sure I would've had a cesarean section. She tirelessly massaged & used other techniques which helped the baby drop and then helped me through actual delivery.

The postpartum massage was amazing. There were noticeable differences in my hip & waist immediately after. The baby massage worked out some kinks he picked up during the long birth & smoothed out the "side preference" nursing issue he had. We still use the baby massage techniques after bathing or when he's having tummy issues.

You will not regret hiring Patti or any of the other wonderful doulas at this practice!

Sarah Kline


Patti was lilke family during my pregnancy.  She provided such support through her kind words and her loving hands during her massages.  They were calming for me (and addictive!).  She was available whenever I needed her.  I had a traumatic fertility/pregnancy journey with my last child, so I could have had a lot of anxiety with this pregnancy.  Patti helped me to relax and enjoy every moment.  Her massages helped me with sacroiliac/hip pain.  She (along with Alayna Pagnani, chiropractor) were able to help my baby who loved to flip (transverse, breech, sunny side up) to line himself head down and avoid a c-section even though I was induced at 38 weeks.

During my delivery, Patti arrived early in the morning, and she was with me until I was breastfeeding my son.  She was creative with positioning to try to get my baby to move down.  She was aupportive of my desire to have a drug-free birth, and she was nurturing when she felt I needed the epidural to help my body to relax and let my baby turn in a way that the positioning tricks weren't letting him.  It turned out he was all wrapped up in the cord, so there was a reason he was having a hard time getting comfortable, which Patti had suspected all along!  It was a great experience.

After birth, the postpartum massage felt amazing, and in the comfort of my own house, you can't beat that.  She also taught me to massage my son, which we still do nightly at four months - he loves it!  I can't recommend Patti and her team enough.  They do great work

Melanie Eilers


Patti has supported us as a doula for two pregnancies now (both VBACs), and I cannot express how grateful we are to her!  Patti is amazing!!! She is very knowledgable about pregnancy, the body, and labor and delivery.  I am always amazed at how gifted she is!  During my labor(s), she worked on me and moved me into positions that helped progress my labor quickly.  She helped create a relaxing environment and was positive and reassuring throughout it all. My husband loved having her there helping me so that he could focus on supporting me emotionally. Patti is also a very talented and gifted massage therapist.  I've had her postpartum massage now three times, and it is by far the best thing a woman can do for herself after having delivered a baby - even for C-sections! I will continue to use Patti and her team of doulas and massage therapist for pregnancy massages, labor and delivery and postpartum massages. I tell every pregnant woman I know about Patti, and I am shocked at how few people know what a doula is. Their work is so important and so needed!  Thank you, Patti, for everything!!!

Rimma Rabaev


We had the most amazing labor and delivery experience and it would not have been possible without Patti. She is absolutely incredible. Her child birthing class inspired me to consider having a fully natural delivery and with her by my side it actually became a reality. Patti is not only extremely experienced and skilled, but she has the ability to connect with you and provide just the right level of support and guidance at just the right time. Her knowledge of prenatal and labor massages helped get my body ready for delivery and the postpartum massages put my body back together. I never even knew that it was possible, but I was back on my feet and functioning within days. My husband and I are still in awe of our baby's delivery experience and Patti is now one of our most favorite people. If you're considering hiring a doula for your delivery, I highly highly highly recommend to try to get Patti on board. She is extremely popular and busy for a reason, ladies!

Lindsay Ellis


Patty was absolutely incredible !!!!!

Kelley Welch


Patti was a wonderful doula and I had an amazing birth experience because of her.  Patti is truly gifted in what she is doing and has an amazing ability to feel where the baby is positioned and adjust you accordingly.  I was induced and wanted to have a drug free birth but this was my third induction where I had been unsuccessful my other two times so I wasnt sure how it would go.  patti was confident from the beginning that she could help me.  I thought I would try for as long as possible, especially since I had difficulties with epidurals in the past.  My husband wasn't a believer but after this birth, his views changed completely and he realized how much different and easier it could be.  I would highly recommend Patti to anyone.  She is also fabulous with post pardum massages and helping to get your hips back in well as baby massages!

Tiffany Poole


Patti is amazing! I found Patti after she was recommended to me by several people in my neighborhood. I was looking for a doula to help me along my pregnancy. Since then, I've delivered 3 kids under her guidance and I wouldn't have it any other way. Not only does she provide care throughout your pregnancy and during your labor/delivery, but she also provides amazing postpartum care for your AND your newborn. She is truly a baby-whisperer. She is one of the hardest working people i know, and she works around the clock for her clients. You can definitely tell she has a passion for what she does... she lives and breathes her work and it shows.

Patti has an excellent relationship and reputation with the obstetricians at Texas Woman's, which was very important to me since I was wanting to deliver in a hospital as opposed to a birthing center. She is also very knowledgeable about hospital protocols, which helped to ease my mind. Patti knew how important it was for me to deliver my babies vaginally, and she really worked with me to help me achieve this. She has a vast understanding of the human anatomy and knows how to relieve those aches and pains that come along with pregnancy.

I love Patti. She holds a special place our hearts. And if we ever decide to have another baby, she will be one of the 1st people we call.

Lia Rodi


Patti is amazing! She was my primary support for two of my children's births. She has a calm and quiet demeanor, which was much appreciated in the chaos of dealing with hospital staff, natural childbirth pain and a nervous husband! Once I hired Patti, I couldn't imagine getting through another birth without her. Patti's wisdom and professionalism is a large part of why I had great outcomes.

Jenny Blumenthal-Barby


Patti was amazing. It was my first labor and delivery and I did not know what to expect and wanted coaching, support, and experience. Patti provided all of those things and more. She gave me various massages and had me rotate in different positions and lined up the baby perfectly so he came out easily--I had a 5.5 hour delivery!! For first time moms that is almost unheard of, and while I'm sure Patti would never say she could GUARANTEE that for anyone, in this case her methods worked. My doctor loves working with her and says she is one of the most experienced doulas. After the delivery Patti came to my house to do a post partum massge and infant massage. She had to leave the infant massage a tiny bit early to get to a delivery so she came BACK to the house later in the week to work on my baby more--she is so dedicated and is really in this business for all of the right reasons. LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is a god send.

I will also say Patti is supportive of your choices no mater what. I went into my labor thinking I would get an epidural and never received any  judgment from her or her trying to convince me otherwise. Once I was actually in it I decided I didn't need one and she was equally supportive of that decision.

Katie Machen


Patti has played such a pivotal role in the birth of all three of my children! She is very respectful of your birth choices (epidural vs natural vs c-section) and happy to assist anyway she can! Patti is very responsive to emails, texts, and phone calls! I cannot recommend her enough and if wasn't busy taking care of my newborn could go on and on ;)

Lyndsey Zorich


Patti has been a wonderful part of our families pregnancy and brith. Her bedside manner is second to none, she's a true breath of fresh air in what can be a very chaotic hospital experience. She's calm, knowledgeable and is great in high pressure situations. Our birth experience with our first born was truly enhanced by her presence. She's also extrememly reliable and does everything in her power to help her clients 24/7.

Her massage skills are the best I've experienced, in terms of pre-labor and post-baby, as well. She is extremely talented and truly wonderful to be around!

Lyndsey Zorich

Melissa Gracia


Patti was God's answer to our prayers! As a first time mom I would have been a complete wreck without her. Her childbirth class was phenomenal! Her vast knowledge and experience prepared us for what was to come and knowing she would be there with us for the delivery of our son put my mind at ease. Her prenatal massages were so relaxing and just what I needed. My son decided to stay put past his due date and within 24 hours of the labor induction massage I was in active labor! Patti was by my side the entire time and gave me the confidence I needed to believe a natural childbirth was something I really could do. Patti kept me comfortable and relaxed throughout my labor and my son was born within only 8 hours. She stayed to help me breastfeed for the first time and made sure we were all set before she headed home. The postpartum massage literally put me back together and made me feel like myself again. Patti also gives step-by-step instructions on infant massage which is such a developmental benefit for a newborn and she gave me much needed advice on child care that made a world of difference. I cannot thank Patti enough!!! I will be calling on her again for my next pregnancy!

Sharon Muharib


I am grateful that my friend referred me to Patti. She was personable and patient when we met. Gave us great information at the very first meeting about what services a doula provides and what to expect throughout the pregnancy. She never pushed me one way or another about my birthing choices, but provided me with information whenever I asked questions. She respected our decisions and worked with us. Patti gave me regular prenatal massages that soothed my aching pregnant body. I looked forward to those sessions tremendously. Her staff members were curteous and helpful, too. Patti helped ease my panicky first-time mommy jitters. She gave us clear instructions and "rehearsals" for the delivery. Those really helped us with our expectations and assisted us to plan for our baby's arrival. When we finally got to the hospital, Patti met us shortly after. She held my hand literally and figuratively. I clung to her comforting encouragements and her never-waiving calmness. She sat through nearly 15 hours (maybe more) with me. She massaged me and helped me move around. She provided comfort and strength. She was my rock. Patti worked seamlessly with my OB and the nurses. Her decades of experience was evident in her work. After birth, Patti continued to care for me. Her postpartum massages truly put my bones and muscles back in their places.  Patti has more than my gratitude. She helped me bring my baby into the world with love and kindness. No words can describe how much Patti did for me and my family. If I am ever asked to give a rating, I would give Patti double thumbs up, 5 stars out of 5, A++ with extra credit, and a cherry on top.

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