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Becky Rohrback CD(DONA) SBD

Maryland Birth Services, LLC

Joppa, MD Service range 45 miles serving Baltimore, Harford, Howard, County, Maryland and Newark and Christiana, Delaware


Birth Fee

$1150 to $2300

Birth Fee

$1150 to $2300

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 400 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2009
  • ProDoula, January 2018
  • Stillbirthday, January 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

TENS Training and Certification- December 2019 Spinning Babies Training and Certification - January and December 2019 Stillbirthday Bereavement and Loss Doula certification and Training - 2017 Prodoula Infant Care and Newborn Care Specialist Training - 2018

Fee Details

We offer packages and payment plans to assist our clients in the support they desire. We take FSA and HSA cards directly. Our philosophy is giving our clients professional and compassionate support through pregnancy, labor, and post partum time. We'd love to set up a free in-person consultation or video chat with you! We service births at: Upper Chesapeake Medical Center; Christiana, DE; St Joseph’s, Towson; Great Baltimore Medical Center- GBMC; Johns Hopkins; Bayview; Franklin Square; Mercy; Howard County General; Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC); Baltimore Washington Medical Center (BWMC); homebirths within a 45 mile radius of 21085. For other hospitals and birth centers, please reach out with information to see if we attend.

Service Area

Joppa, MD Service range 45 miles serving Baltimore, Harford, Howard, County, Maryland and Newark and Christiana, Delaware

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Client Testimonials for Becky Rohrback CD(DONA) SBD

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Heidi Ransford


Absolutely amazing experience with Becky- after a traumatic c section in 2021 I did a lot of research on doulas and knew I wanted one that was experienced with VBACs, had a lot of knowledge on positioning/spinning babies techniques, and would be able to assist with coping with pain. From the start Becky gave lots of information that was relevant to where I was in pregnancy and gave advice (such as starting the miles circuit and considering getting a chiropractor) that I firmly believe contributed to the amazing VBAC experience I had this December. During early labor she advised me to do certain positions and movements that quickly put me into active labor, and once I was in a good amount of pain she showed my partner how to do counter pressure (life saver), provided a TENS unit for me to use (amazing), and was overall informational, gave good advice, was there for every contraction helping me working through them, was emotionally supportive, and greatly contributed to the team that helped me get my dream vaginal birth! She also took photos (after making sure it was okay with me) during labor, pushing, and delivery that I am SO grateful for now. I want to also add that the L&D staff at the hospital knew who she was and was pleased to hear she would be there because they had seen her do great doula work many times before! As an L&D nurse myself I wish all my patients had a Becky there with them for their delivery. Will definitely be hitting Becky up as soon as I am pregnant again to book her!!!!

Kayla Alaimo


becky is THE BEST! i learned that choosing your medical team is one of the most important decisions you can make for your labor & delivery experience. towards the end of my pregnancy, there was a HUGE change in plans for my birth & delivery at 39 weeks! i was so anxious & fearful for such big changes at literally the last week or so of my pregnancy, but becky reassured me over & over again & made me feel so comfortable, even when things went unplanned. during my actual labor, she did an amazing job at comforting me, advocating for me, & just doing whatever to make me more at ease during my labor experience. she also supported by using the TENS device & i truly don't think i could have done a natural labor without her, my husband, & that device (even though she'll say i could have lol). she ALSO supported my husband through the labor & delivery experience. first time parents here & we prepared as much as possible, but you never know how your own experience is going to go. becky was so good at supporting him & giving him what he needed. she stayed after our baby was born as well & never seemed in a rush to get out of the hospital, which i really loved. there's so much that happens so quickly after baby is born & having her there was just what i needed. i plan on using her as a doula for all our babies! God willing lol

Liza Gill


Words can’t describe how wonderful Becky is! She was such a huge support through my pregnancy and especially during labor & delivery. Having her by our side and on our team while things weren’t going as planned was such a comfort and a huge blessing!! She is kind, compassionate and gentle. Just who you want and need during something as monumental as birth. Can’t recommend her enough!!!

Daniel Ryan


When my wife suggested getting a doula, I had reservations. One was that it might detract from my role as her primary support and that the birth would feel crowded. I also had confidence that the Drs would get it right and thought a doula might contradict them, creating unnecessary tension. But Becky had a philosophy of supporting me to be the primary support, has a reassuring and calming presence and I immediately liked her - and so will you! It also turned out that the Doctor we had got it wrong, and we had to refuse to come in for an induction which ended up being 40 days before our daughter was ready to come! Having Becky on hand to talk through what was normal was very helpful. Although at no point did she give medical advice, and was always professional, having someone experienced onside that had no competing priorities was a game changer. Within days it was inarguably the right decision and this gave my wife increased confidence and agency. So before we even got to the birth Becky had proven to be invaluable.

The day of the birth was a phenomenal experience, we went in early morning and our daughter was born in the evening - one of the best days of my life.

Labour started out with dancing and doordash and then as contractions got more intense I called Becky and she came to join us in the afternoon. Everything went as well as it could, and much better than I had imagined it would, mainly thanks to my incredible wife of course! The hospital was very respectful of the birth plan and took every preference into account, and Becky made sure everything went smoothly. Then when everything went perfectly I was grateful to have her there to join in the celebrations, and laugh at all my dad jokes!”

Hadassah Ryan


During my pregnancy, I had concerns about the birth experience, given the scary stories I'd heard. Becky, was recommended by a friend, became a crucial support for my husband and me. She was warm, knowledgeable, and put us at ease.

My pregnancy had its challenges, including an ankle injury, anxiety, and health insurance issues. Becky provided valuable resources and was a constant source of support. When I faced the prospect of induction due to high blood pressure, Becky empowered me to make an informed decision and improved my confidence in dealing with medical professionals.

On the big day of the birth, Becky's guidance and resources made the experience amazing, despite its challenges. She walked us through the induction process, and I was relieved to find that a natural birth was still possible. Becky's support was unwavering as labor progressed, and she even provided a TENS unit for pain management. She was like a superhero, offering support to my entire team and capturing precious moments through photos.

After 7 hours of active labor, my daughter was born. Looking back, it was an extraordinary experience, and Becky played a pivotal role in making it wonderful. I highly recommend her, and she continued to support us after our daughter's birth. If you're considering working with a doula, I genuinely hope my story convinces you to choose Becky. She gave me the birth story I wanted and set our family up for a fantastic start.

Sydney Parra


We had the chance to work with Becky for a second time as we prepared for our second baby. We did a refresher course with her, I spoke with her throughout my pregnancy, and was in contact with her during my labor. She is thoughtful, kind, informative, funny, personable, and always makes us feel comfortable. I didn't get to have Becky at my birth this go around because it all happened so fast, but had she been there I know she would have been amazing (again.) Thank you for everything you do!!!! 

Megan Boylan


Birth #3 with Becky was one for the books! I was able to have an unassisted, unmedicated hospital birth. Becky and her quick hands caught Baby about 2minutes after she walked in the door. Becky was able to provide support and a sense of peace through the entire duration of my pregnancy. She was just a text away if I had any questions or concerns. After delivery she has followed up and checked on us many times. Becky truly cares for all her clients like they are family. As my husband says, we will never have a delivery without Becky! 

Kelsey Gustaveson


Becky was a joy to work with and we are grateful that she was a part of our care team for the birth of our daughter. Becky brought calm to the birth room and was always available during my pregnancy to help ease my anxieties. She helped me to feel more empowered in interactions with my care team and in advocating for myself during labor and delivery. We would recommend Becky to any other new parents and would not hesitate to work with her for future births. 

Jessica Mitchell


My husband and I recently took Becky’s virtual Birth Essentials class, and we can’t speak highly enough about the content of the class, as well as the experience we had working with Becky. With a plan to deliver in a hospital, when I was researching doulas for birth class support, I was [warranted or not] prepared to be received with skepticism for my labor and delivery choices. This couldn’t have been further from the truth with Becky. Becky was compassionate, warm, supportive, and incredibly knowledgeable. My husband, in particular, was apprehensive about speaking with someone in a virtual setting about something as intimate and vulnerable as labor and delivery, but Becky made us feel comfortable immediately, as if we already knew her. My husband went into the class hoping to gain a better understanding of the labor and delivery experience and how best to support me, while I was hoping to feel better informed about different options/medications/practices such that I’m able to feel that I have autonomy during the experience. The class exceeded expectations for both myself and my husband in all aspects. Becky was thorough, providing a personalized experience by spending as much time as needed on specific questions I had. The information she provided was evidence-based and the feedback and perspectives provided were judgement-free; I felt that everything she communicated came from a genuine place of support and advocacy. She made me feel empowered- both by allowing me to feel better informed, and by making me feel that I have another person in my corner. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the class, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is considering a birth class.

Christina Naal


I can not say enough good things about my experience with Becky. She is not only knowledgeable and capable but her compassion and kindness is unmatched. This was my first pregnancy/ birth. I was very nervous and unsure as I was in the high risk pregnancy category. Becky answered all my questions. She was able to explain things to where I could feel comfortable and confident in the decisions I was making. My birth was not anything I was hoping for or planned for but I felt at peace with Becky's guidance. Also, because of her knowledge and experience she was able to catch my postpartum preeclampsia. I would have just ignored my symptoms as weird postpartum things. When I told her what I was experiencing she encouraged me to talk to my doctors. It was an emergency, and I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have her to consult with. I give 10/10! Will trust her again and recommend to anyone going through pregnancy, especially the first time. Best money I ever spent for me and my son. 



Becky was excellent as she taught our baby care and birth class in home. The information provided was crucial to learn but to the point. She was excellent at answering questions! She provided support for us above and beyond! Her encouraging, kindness was so impactful for our birth and postpartum experience. Please look no further and contact Becky 



Becky's refresher course is wonderful. Covers all the major points plus does a good job of explaining any "what if" scenarios you may be worried about. As a doula, Becky was very available and responsive to text and phone calls in the weeks leading up to the birth and after. At the hospital, Becky really stepped up when I needed her to be an active and vocal presence during transition and pushing. The hospital staff know her and have a great rapport with her which is a big plus. 



Becky was such a tremendous addition to the birth of my second baby. I was hoping for an unmedicated birth, but when unexpected medical issues came up requiring a last minute induction, she was more help than I could have imagined. Leading up to induction, she was a great listening ear and offered invaluable insight which made me feel comfortable with my decisions. Her presence during and after my labor helped my husband and I bring our daughter into the world and adjust to life with two little ones! Becky was able to visit postpartum and help me walk through why certain decisions were made and helped me feel confident in how everything played out. If I have another child, I can't imagine Becky not being a part of it. 

Katie W


We loved our time with Becky and felt it was invaluable. We interviewed a few doulas and most appreciated Becky's kind and calming demeanor, her wealth of knowledge, her light personality, and the way she listened to our needs and wants. We hired Becky as both a birth doula and postpartum doula since we don't have family in the area, and COVID rates were really high. Due to COVID, we couldn't have her in the hospital but she came to our house in the middle of the night to help me labor as long as possible at home. My husband really appreciated having her there during the contractions to guide him in his support for me. Once we were admitted to the hospital, she stayed in contact with my husband throughout the labor and helped educate us to make decisions about how to proceed. As people of faith, she was also willing to pray over us which was so appreciated. 

Once we were home with our healthy baby girl and my husband had to return to work, Becky worked with our schedule to be there for me and answer the million questions I had, help me find a lactation consultant, change diapers, put together all the baby things, advise on my own postpartum healing, and so much more. Her presence was so comforting and non-judgemental, non-demanding. She permitted me to ASK for her opinion rather than just rush in to giving unrequested advice and opinions. Mothers and mothers-in-law are great, but not many could have the zero expectations, zero assumptions or zero feelings to tip toe around that Becky brought. With Becky, I could just BE. We aren't planning on having another child but if we were, Becky would definitely be invited back! Without a doubt or pause. Every pregnancy and birth is different so I know she could still offer a lot on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time around!



If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate, rockstar doula, look no farther. I remember when we first matched with Becky - she presented such a calm and warm demeanor. We knew right away that she was our girl!

Becky was with us for our first son’s hospital birth in 2017. She walked us through every step from the beginning and was so unbelievably helpful when we were uncertain first time parents sitting in that hospital room. She never hesitated to give us her educated opinion when asked and knew when to step back as needed. Fast forward a few years, we didn’t hesitate to have her with us for our daughter’s birth. Because of COVID, we were unable to have her in the room but you wouldn’t have know any different. She kept us calm and collected during a very different and stressful birth than our first. Technology can do wonders!

We couldn’t imagine doing this TWICE without her. Becky was the biggest blessing we could have asked for. We love keeping in touch with her so she can see the kids grow through the years. Don’t hesitate to connect with her, you’ll be forever grateful. I know we are!

Jessie B


Working with Becky of Maryland Birth Services was the best decision that we made my entire pregnancy! We connected fairly late in my pregnancy but thankfully she had an opening and we hopped on it! We had 2-3 sessions prior to delivery day and we learned so many things about ourselves, delivery day expectations/possibilities, and what the 4th trimester would entail.

On delivery day Becky was by our side so quickly and stayed there until we returned to the room with our baby. Her encouragement and knowledge kept my husband and I focused and calm. Seriously, Becky's ability to "read the room" is tremendous. When we needed a boost- she was there to cheer us on, when we could use some space- she seemed to just know and would give us some, when things started to take a turn- we felt empowered to ask to have the room to just the 3 of us to discuss next steps.

Once we were home we had 2 postpartum sessions with Becky and we used them as intense debrief sessions. We needed someone who had been through that day with us to just talk through it. It truly helped us to process the day as it had not gone to plan. Our second session we had lots of questions as many first time parents do. It was amazing to have someone to be able to bounce these questions off of and confirm that we were doing a good job.

She has checked in with us via text or FB a few times throughout the year and as our daughter turns 1 next month we have been reflecting on our birth story and are so lucky to have Becky be a part of it.

Hire Becky as soon as you know that you're pregnant, doulas can walk along side you throughout your pregnancy. It's so reassuring to know that you have someone to lean on during this time in your life.

Holly Devaser


I met Becky at the birth of my best friend's son. As we sat and talked after the birth, I knew that if I ever had another child, I'd want her to be my doula. Fast forward, two years and it was my turn. Shortly after finding out I was expecting, I contacted Becky to retain her services. Then Covid hit, which introduced so many complications to pregnancy and giving birth. Becky was there to help and reassure at every step of the way - texting, emailing, calling. And at the end of my pregnancy, she gave me lots of tips to help bring on labor. I was lucky enough to find a facility that would allow all my support people to attend the birth. During labor, Becky was always able to help ground me and help me to find better ways to make the baby move and relieve the pain. She made it possible for me to find that little bit extra to keep going. Could I have given birth without Becky there? Yes I'm sure. But would I give anything for the amazing experience she made it? Absolutely not! She made the experience something I will always cherish. And immediately after the birth, she was there to ensure that all our needs were met. In the days and weeks after, she was always following up to make sure that I was okay and if I needed anything. Becky was more than a doula, she was a friend during a very vulnerable time. I would recommend her to anyone. 

Alyson Kindig


Becky was our Doula for the birth of our first son in November 2021.

At 37 weeks, we had to induce labor, due to risks from onset high blood pressure during late pregnancy. Becky helped us navigate labor and delivery with confidence, even though basically nothing went according to what we planned or envisioned along the way. We wanted a natural birth (no meds, epidural, etc), but induction would prove to be too unnatural for us to continue according to that plan.


Becky was able to answer our questions and help us digest what the doctors were saying. She gave us confidence in our decisions and ability to ask questions. We were also thankful she asked important questions as our plan changed.


After being exhausted from childbirth, learning to breastfeed was a daunting task. Becky jumped in right away and helped me and my baby start that process. I attribute the success I’ve had with breastfeeding my son to Becky working with us in those first few minutes after he was born.


Becky speaks from experience and is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and caring. She took personal interest in each of our journeys and allowed us to feel that we were in a safe space for discussion. I highly recommend having a doula, especially Becky during labor and delivery.

Yanilette and Rolando


Becky was very knowledgable, kind, personal, and patient with us. We highly recommend her to anyone expecting a baby. I assure you that you are going to love her. She goes above and beyond for you and makes you feel so comfortable. We are forever grateful! It was truly a blessing meeting you :)

Katie O'Hare


We hired Becky to provide post-partum doula services and had a wonderful experience working with her. Becky was instrumental in helping us get through the first six weeks with our baby as first-time parents — answering all of our many questions, problem solving any issues we were having each week, and connecting us with other service providers and resources. I really appreciated that Becky equally prioritized my mental health and finding solutions that worked for us as a family in a judgment-free way. She was always easy to contact for questions outside of our scheduled visits, and consistently followed covid safety precautions. I would highly recommend Becky for post-partum doula services!

Megan Hahn


From the time that we found out I was pregnant, we knew that we wanted to work with Becky. Her love of people, babies and helping families navigate pregnancy, birth and postpartum will stand out when you speak with her. She has truly helped us through every stage and held our hands when we needed it the most. We never felt like we were going through this experience alone because Becky checked in with us, made her presence known and supported us in every way. No question was silly or minor to her. She explains things in such an easy and relaxed way that made us feel at ease during some of the most stressful times.

Our birth experience itself had the chance to be traumatic but Becky made sure that we fully understood each option completely and helped us to realize that we still had full control of the birth that we wanted.

When you work with Becky, she really goes above and beyond. She has looked at pictures I wouldn’t dare send to anyone else, she helped find me find a recipient for extra breast milk, a prenatal chiropractor, a PPD therapist, she has given advice on swaddles, sleeping, eating, you name it she has experience with it.

Becky is the full package Doula. When you work with Becky, you not only get a doula but an extended family member. She cares deeply about our family and our overall well-being. We have so much love for Becky and will be back when it’s time for number two!



Becky is AMAZING. We initially did a (virtual) birthing class with her. She was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and taught me and my husband so much. She answered all of our questions and made us feel more at ease about the process of birth. We then hired Becky as our doula when hospitals started to allowed support people to accompany birthing families in the hospital, and Becky was a lifesaver. I was late in my pregnancy when we hired her, but immediately she was answering my late night questions, checking in on me, and helping me prepare for my labor! When I went into labor she's the first person I contacted and was there for me 100%. She met us at the hospital and provided the support that I needed. She and my husband worked together to provide verbal and physical help while I was in labor and I swear I could not have gotten through my birth as positively as I did without her. She helped answer questions, helped us make decisions, gave us information at each step of the way, and was so positive and reassuring. She was exactly what we needed. If I'm blessed to have another baby I will reach out to her as soon as I get that positive pregnancy test!!! (Praying she will still be doing the work she is doing when/if that happens!) 



Becky is AMAZING. We initially did a (virtual) birthing class with her. She was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and taught me and my husband so much. She answered all of our questions and made us feel more at ease about the process of birth. We then hired Becky as our doula when hospitals started to allowed support people to accompany birthing families in the hospital, and Becky was a lifesaver. I was late in my pregnancy when we hired her, but immediately she was answering my late night questions, checking in on me, and helping me prepare for my labor! When I went into labor she's the first person I contacted and was there for me 100%. She met us at the hospital and provided the support that I needed. She and my husband worked together to provide verbal and physical help while I was in labor and I swear I could not have gotten through my birth as positively as I did without her. She helped answer questions, helped us make decisions, gave us information at each step of the way, and was so positive and reassuring. She was exactly what we needed. If I'm blessed to have another baby I will reach out to her as soon as I get that positive pregnancy test!!! (Praying she will still be doing the work she is doing when/if that happens!) 

Erica Kress


For my third birth, I knew this time around I wanted an unmedicated homebirth. To accomplish this, I wanted to have emotional, mental, and physical support so we hired Becky.. and we are so thankful we did. Reflecting back on the birth, Becky was such an important person on my birth team. Her constant presence, reassuring me constantly of my strength and ability, and the techniques she applied for comfort measures played a crucial role in my success of a calm and controlled unmedicated birth. She even held my older daughter while simultaneously pouring water on my belly for hours and even shared space with my 160 lbs dog. She also communicated great with my midwives and has such a calm and positive presence. Becky also has a great ability to truly listen to her clients. Anytime I needed to chat during my pregnancy, she was available and what I really enjoyed was our post partum visit. We sat and she genuinely listened as I talked about life with three children, a few struggles I was having and gave practical and easy advice. I would hire Becky again in a heartbeat. She truly was my rock during the whole process and who I counted on during and inbetween each powerful surge. 

Tyler Stewart


Becky is truest a saint!

My wife and I became first time parents during the COVID shutdowns making our birth experience that much more nerve racking.  After my wife gave birth to our healthy baby boy we weren't to our first pediatrician appointment where we asked every question we could.  While our pediatrician is great, they weren't able to give us specific advice on how to best learn our babies cues, which we were slow to pick up on.  Becky was an absolute lifesaver.  After her first visit she helped give us insights into what we were lacking and gave us the tools to be better parents.  She instantly meshed with us and most importantly our baby.  Her guidance was invaluable to helping us help our baby and for us to get back to being functioning members of society.  

At first I was worried about adding to our expenses with our new addition but I would say this was the best money we ever spent.  You can't put a price on your child's happiness and regaining your sanity.   When my wife and I get pregnant again, Becky will be our first call!  Having Becky involved from the get go would make everything that much better.  If you have any questions on if Becky is right for you, she is.  Do yourself a favor and work with Becky!

Ashley Cassell


Becky is amazing!! Being pregnant and giving birth with our first child during COVID adds a new layer of stress but having her by our side really put my husband and I at ease. She really took the time to get to know our personalities and needs, was NEVER pushy with any birthing techniques or plans, and truly supported us in every way possible. She is so responsive, proactive and coached me through the late hours and early morning when I went into labor. Thanks to our plan and talking through my contractions and symptoms I was able to remain in the comfort of my own home for many hours before I went into active labor and needed to go to the hospital. 

Of course the support during pregnancy and labor was phenomenal but having her with me through my early postpartum months was crucial. The first week I felt like I was pretty confident but when our baby started to have some digestive and sleep issues all of that confidence quickly fell apart. Becky was there to save the day and provided the much needed emotional and educational support for our family. Once again, she was always there to listen, absorb and worked with us as part of our team to come up with a plan instead of just jumping to an out of the box solution like so many other people do. I still remember a few times when I was overcomplicating things related to what I was trying with our baby and she would say, in the most kind way ever, “How do you feel about trying XYZ first”. And I would look at her and just laugh because when you’re in the thick of it sometimes you just need someone like Becky to ground you and remind you of a simple solution that was right there the whole time :) Also notice how she would ask how I felt about the approach instead of throwing things over the fence and saying "do this". LOVE that about Becky. She gave me the confidence in those early weeks and months that I desperately needed and I cannot thank her enough.



Becky is wonderful! My husband and I took a birth comfort class with her prior to having our 4th child and I wish I had known what she taught in that class for my previous pregnancies and births. She is experienced, knowledgeable, approachable, keeps it real, and has a great sense of humor! She's so good and putting people at ease and being an advocate for the women in her care.

We had our baby in April 2020 in the midst of the COVID craziness and actually ended up needing a C-section, so she wasn't with us during the birth due to hospital restrictions. But Becky was so supportive post-partum, especially with my breastfeeding concerns. She even went above and beyond to help me secure a scale so that I could continue monitoring my baby's weight gain without needing to drive to the pediatrician. I would very highly recommend her without hesitation.

Rachel Reese


Becky was a phenomenal doula for our family, even with all of the COVID-19 restrictions, she still gave us the attention we needed. Her support during the last month of pregnancy I would say was the biggest impact to our family! She was there for me emotionally every single day if I needed it. She helped me get past some huge mental barriers in order to have a natural birth. I definitely will be using her for future pregnancies and recommend her to anyone who is interested in a doula!

Chelsea Jones


Becky was my doula with my first son, and she was so wonderful, I hired her again when I found out I was expecting my second. She was so helpful this time around both during my pregnancy and once I went into labor. I wound up going into labor a little over 2 weeks early, and since I had been induced with my first, I had so many questions. She was there answering my texts as things were happening, and she was so encouraging! Once I got to the hospital, I found out I was going to have a c-section because my son was breech. Even though she wouldn't be able to attend the surgery, she came to the hospital anyway to help me through labor as I waited for my surgery. It was amazing to have her help me through each contraction, and she was encouraging me every step of the way, reminding me that I could do it! 

I wound up hiring her postpartum for help one day a week for about a month, and that was the best decision! She helped me entertain my 3 year old son, and she answered questions I had about how my newborn was nursing, among other things. 

Becky is such a kind person, and she helped me to feel empowered throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery. I would recommend her to anyone who is expecting and wants someone in their corner to encourage them and advocate for them, especially in these uncertain times!!

Taylor Ellis


I can’t say enough good things about Becky! She is amazing, and I will definitely want to have her as part of my birth team in the future! I had 1 million concerns and 1 million questions throughout my pregnancy, and labor, Becky always made me feel comfortable. Like she really wanted to be there for me and support me. I was going for a vaginal birth after 2 cesareans and along with my history and a couple of other factors; the odds were stacked against me. I full heartedly believe that if it wasn’t for Becky, and the harmony between her and the rest of my birth team. I would have had to have another cesarean.??? I would definitely recommend Becky to anyone who asked, but also I think if your circumstances are a bit more complicated she would be an amazing person to have in your corner!?

Jessica Elmore


Becky was amazing! I wish I had used her for my first child. I had a hard time with my first child being born prematurely, so I was very anxious about my second. Becky was a great listener and put me at ease throughout the postpartum process. She offered advice when I asked for it, but let me feel in control of everything. She was also full of useful baby information that I either didn't know or had forgotten inbetween my two kids. She was super flexible with her schedule and my needs. She is also just a wonderful kind person. I would highly recommend her.



I would recommend Becky to anyone looking for a doula to support them during their birth and postpartum period. Becky provided us with lots of resources, and was a very unbiased source of information. At first my husband was hesitant to hire a doula, but now says how grateful he was to have Becky there with us. She was an invaluable resource to both of us. She was a calming presence, and provided me with the confidence to advocate for myself. I was able to have the unmedicated birth that I wanted, and am so happy that we had Becky there to support us. She has continued to follow up with us postpartum, providing support and resources as we needed.

Keri N.


I found Becky through the recommendation of another Doula. I was grateful that her birthing philosophies were open and flexible to the particular needs of the mother, family, and baby—never tried to push one method over another. This was my first baby and I really wanted the support and experience of someone who had done this before who could help coach me through a natural birth, and that was what I found in Becky. She was kind and approachable, and very knowledgable. I could ask her any question without feeling silly and she gave me the confidence I needed to try for the birth experience I wanted. In the end, things didn't go quite as planned, but I was still very thankful to have her calming presence and experience with us at the time.

If you're considering a doula, I highly recommended reaching out to Becky.



Becky at Maryland Birth Services is absolutely wonderful. We hired Becky for the birth of our first child and postpartum care.

The emotional support she provided me and my husband through our birth was extensive, but I'd say the postpartum care really helped me get through life as a new mom. She normalized the unexpected I was experiencing and helped when I needed sleep, when I needed emotional support and also helped me understand the growth and changes of a newborn. I never felt like any of my struggles or choices for what worked for my family was ever judged and always fully supported.

If you are thinking of hiring a doula, I'd first say, yes, do it, then I'd say if you want unbiased, non judgemental pregnancy, birth or postpartum support, Becky is a fantastic choice.

Mark Misulia


Our beautiful baby daughter was born this past Sunday, April 5th, 2020, and are still working with Becky now, postpartum. COVID-19 and all the panic, stress, and fear was ramping up for my wife and I when we decided to have Becky as part of our “birth team”. My wife was late in her third trimester and, because of COVID protocol, we could not longer have a doula with us in the hospital for labor/delivery. Frankly, we were terrified about our circumstances and anxiety was extremely high for my wife. From start to finish, Becky was a consummate professional, compassionate support, and tireless resource. She responded to texts immediately, answered phone calls in the middle of the night, video called, emailed, provided all kinds of reassurance, empathy, and most of all, experience. We got sample birth plans, packing lists, etc., and called her numerous times while at the hospital in labor and while fielding questions and pressure from the hospital staff about interventions and “speeding up the process” because of COVID concerns. We were able to confidently and quickly navigate these decisions and Becky virtually interacted not only with my wife and I, but with the hospital staff to determine best measures for reducing pain, best positioning, relaxation, etc. We cannot say enough about how much peace of mind, confidence, and reassurance Becky has brought to what would otherwise be a terrifying experience. Highest recommendation. We are looking forward to the postpartum follow up! 

Angela Johnson


Becky was the perfect match for us - we are so glad that we hired her!  I loved that she took all of our questions and concerns seriously, that she took notes during our meetings, and that she always followed up with us.  Having her on our team alleviated a lot of the stress for me.  I ended up having a high blood pressure reading at 38.5 weeks and having to be induced - Becky was a godsend during that time when my husband and I were trying to figure out what to do and if it was really necessary.  She answered all of our questions (over and over again in different ways!) and was supportive and encouraging.  She showed up every time we asked her to over the 4 days of slow induction and the birth.  There were even a couple of times that we called her and then decided we were ok and she showed up anyway.  Becky has a gift for reading people, and she interacted so gracefully with my mom who was there for the birth and the medical professionals at the hospital.  At the delivery she cheered me on and you could tell that she shared in our joy ??. After the birth, she checked in with us often to make sure we were doing ok and she had lots of suggestions when we asked questions about infant care.  Becky’s wonderful - we are so glad we found her, and you won’t regret hiring her!



Becky gave us a four-hour private lesson on pre-natal comfort measures, focused on techniques to use during labor and delivery. We found her to be incredibly well-organized, and her pacing to be perfect for our needs. She brought over a variety of tools (e.g., birthing ball, rebozo) and both demonstrated and coached us in a variety of ways to use each, exactly as we would in labor. She taught my partner how to give massages in locations and using techniques that fit my preferences and needs. Even in that relatively short amount of time, she wanted to know what we cared about, so that she could be most useful to us, and she customized many aspects of the lesson to our questions/concerns. She was also excellent at helping me to both determine which aspects of the delivery/postpartum process are most important to me, and strategize how/when to advocate for my needs when the time comes. Thank you so much for an outstanding training!



I used Becky as my doula in Aug 2019, and it was the best decision I could have made for delivery. We met with Becky twice before delivery to go over my preferences for the birth. During my daughter's birthing time, Becky was accessible and came to the hospital as soon as we needed her. I used the Hypnobabies program leading up to and throughout my daughter's birth, and Becky was extremely understanding of this method and helped make sure I was comfortable throughout. After the birth, Becky stayed with me while my husband went with out daughter, and only left once we were comfortable and ready for her to go. After delivery, I met with Becky again for a post partum visit to make sure everything was going well. I can't recommend using Becky as a doula enough. She was easy to get along with, really made sure she understood our wants/needs, and was ready to assist as soon as we needed her. Completely worth the expense and we will definitely use her again if we have #2!



Becky was amazing!!!! BEST decision I made while planning for birth was to hire her. She was positive and very chill, exactly what a new mother needs!



Becky was such a blessing to me and my family. She helped me through a very difficult time. She has the sweetest spirit.

Becky, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for us. ?? 

chelsea piersanti


We had such an amazing experience with Becky. She allowed me to transition to a family of four without completely losing my mind. I don't have family around, and my husband had to go back to work rather soon after our second son was born. She came in and helped us get back on our feet! It was so amazing to have someone who knew what they were doing, who was fully supportive and unbelievably helpful, to be here and allow me to do the little things ... like shower and nap! Best money spent and well worth it! I will recommend Becky (and have) to all my pregnant friends. Thanks so much Becky!

Marcie Lenaghan


I found Becky on Doula Match a little over a year ago, not long before my son was born. My due date was approaching quickly and I was starting to feel nervous about attempting a VBAC. We decided that having a doula would provide some extra support, comfort and help. She was great! She is kind and knowledgeable, and always very reachable whenever you need her.

Ultimately, my birth did not go as planned, which can be an emotional thing. It was nice to have Becky there providing reassurance that I did my best and was making the right decisions.

We're glad we hired Becky. You should too. You won't be disappointed! :)

Michael Applebaum


As the male partner in the birth process, I can say that working with Becky was a truly engrossing and enriching experience. She helped me be the best sidekick I could be by empowering us with all of the information we needed. I was most impressed with how available she was not just during labor but in all of the months leading up to it. When we had a question, she was there. When we needed some guidance or reassurance, she was there. The journey that we went on for our first child was an amazing experience and it was so helpful having her help us through!

Pauline Wendling


Becky was with me from the beginning of my second trimester all the way until a month postpartum. Thoughout the entire time I would text her constantly asking for advice or to get an opinion on something I felt silly calling my doctor about. She was such a blessing to have to help ease my fears and advise me when I should contact my doctor with a concern. It gave me such peace of mind knowing I had her. Throughout my induction and delivery Becky was so supportive and a rock for both my husband and I. She helped to hold one of my legs while I pushed my son out and cried with us when he finally made an appearance. I would absolutely recommend getting Becky to help make what can be a scary and stressful time much more manageable.

Thank you for everything Becky!

rachel Willardson


I had a high risk pregnancy and the road to our daughter’s arrival was filled with a series of unexpected events, which was a lot to handle.
Becky, was a critical factor in providing customized support throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Her knowledge, calm, empathy, preparation and concern were such a gift at a critical time of need. I’m forever grateful for her blessing our lives.

Kelly Slaughter


Becky was amazing to work with. From the first phone conversation, she made us feel very comfortable and informed. She provided helpful tips and thoughts before and after our delivery. If she didn't have an answer right away, she would make sure we got an answer shortly thereafter.

During labor she helped by applying counterpressure, which got me through my contractions, and suggested helpful positions. I felt very calm and was able to keep my head in the right place as a result. She even took pictures and captured a lot of our initial moments as a family.

Postpartum she checked on us to see how we were doing, how breastfeeding was going, and was always able to provide encouraging thoughts and information. She was the support our family needed throughout our birth experience.

Kuznetsova Natalya


Becky is a wonderful doula!!!
This was my second pregnancy yet I was very anxious and nervous about this delivery (mostly due to the fact that I had very bad experience with our first child who ended up in the NICU). I am so glad I found Becky who was an absolute angel of mercy.
She gave us information to help in the weeks leading up to the labour. She was always there to answer our questions and checked in with us regularly in the few days before going to the hospital.
Her warm personality and calm and sensitive demeanor made Becky a perfect fit for us. She is very knowledgeable and her experience and words of encouragement helped me and my husband to remain calm, even in the tougher moments. During the labor she helped us understand what was happening and made sure we were informed at every turn about the options available to us. She was supportive of all our decisions (including my decision to have an epidural when I was unable to tolerate pain).
We will always be grateful to her for the care and help she provided to us before, during and after our birth!!!

Jamie Wagner Debole


Hiring a doula was enormously helpful to both me and my husband as first time parents. I had someone to offer me suggestions or do things without my asking because she just knew from experience, and my husband had a teammate to lean on and get reassurance about the process as things moved so quickly.

I knew we would click with Becky from our first coffee meeting. She was positive and encouraging, and that was the type of energy I wanted with us in the delivery room - especially through an unmedicated birth. As my due date came and went... and went further... and further... Becky was so accommodating and checked in all along the way to see how I was holding up.

My husband ended up throwing his back out the morning I went it it labor, so boy were we glad to have an extra set of hands at the hospital! Becky jumped right in yet somehow didn't overpower the role my husband was playing. She complimented my birth team perfectly and I'm so thankful for the part she played in helping me to have MY perfect birth experience.

Deborah Mathias Zuber


I hired Becky as my doula for the birth of my son recently and could not have been more pleased with her support. Since I was going to be in a hospital setting I wanted to have extra support from an experienced Doula to help with my labor and be an advocate for me with the nurses to keep interventions at a minimum when possible. She had a very calming presence and made great suggestions to help manage some of the pain i was going through. Becky even took a more active role during labor when the hospital was short a nurse. I had a long labor and Becky was very patient and stayed with me and my husband throughout the entire process. After I came back from the hospital I also hired her for some postpartum visits which helped tremendously. Becky was very caring throughout the entire experience and went the extra mile to answer all of my questions and followed up with additional resources as well. I highly recommend Becky as a doula and having the extra support for anyone still undecided.

Laura Stauffer Parkes


Becky helped us tremendously when everything we planned for changed during labor. She helped us stay calm and centered on what was truly important, and provide reassurance as we moved through the different stages of labor. She even brought us food after the baby was delivered, which was the best meal! Thank you Becky for going above and beyond in supporting us as we became parents for the first time.

Randy Smith


Becky was an amazing doula before and during the birth of our daughter. She supported my wife through her pregnancy and birth. She spent a whole day with us at GBMC Labor and Delivery supporting us on the day of our daughter's birth. She even took a lot of pictures of us and our daughter on that day and sent them to my wife's cell phone. We would have no hesitation using Becky again and recommending her as a doula to support you and your family through this amazing period of your life!

Raquel Hernandez


Giving birth can be exciting, but at the same time frightening. Not knowing what to expect or what to do could make things worse! Your anxiety can reach unimaginable levels. Although, having family around helps you to put that anxiety at ease, sometimes that is not enough. Having a very professional and highly capable doula at your side at all times can push the pregnancy and delivery experience to the next level. During our search for a great doula in the Baltimore/Washington area we crossed path with Ms. Becky Rohrback. We definitely can say that we were lucky to have her on our side. Since the first interview with her we knew for fact that she was the one. It was like love at first sight. She has the experience and certifications that we were looking in a doula. Having a doula is like having a coach mixed with a cheerleader. She is always there for you no matter the situation. Becky clearly made a difference with her wise advises, techniques, and those occasional conversations that we really enjoyed. Having her available 24/7 via email, text, or even one-on-one was a huge game changer. We cannot be more grateful to Becky for everything she did for us. Becky is one of the best doulas in the area and her network includes many other amazing doulas.

Diana Humbert


My experience with Becky was totally positive and I would wholeheartedly recommend her labor doula services! After realizing that I'd be delivering in a hospital versus the birth center I had originally wanted and planned, having Beckys help and support was much needed and appreciated by me and my husband. My birth experience was probably the most amazing moment of my life and I know Becky's support contributed to my successful outcome.

Chelsea Jones


Becky was the best Doula I could have hoped for! She was there for me before labor/delivery, and she is still available weeks later! During labor, she was extremely encouraging, and she helped me with pain relief techniques. I had some complications during labor, and she was very helpful in advising me on some decisions I had to make for how to proceed with things. My son was born 7 weeks ago, and she still checks in with me, and she has been available when I’ve had some questions postpartum. Becky genuinely cares, and it truly shows! She also helped me figure out how I wanted the birth to go, and she helped me prepare a birth plan. She was amazing during the birth when things didn’t go how I’d planned, and she encouraged me to stay positive, and she reminded me that regardless of how the birth went, I would be having a healthy baby at the end! I am so thankful that I was able to have such a compassionate, knowledgeable, caring doula!

Laura Burke


I first met Becky very early in my pregnancy after reading all the benefits of having a doula during labor and delivery. I didn't realize that a doula is much, much more than that. Sitting down with Becky, I felt reassured that my husband and I were making a great decision to invite her into our lives to help us on one of the most special days we'd ever have. Becky welcomed me to text or call with questions and concerns along the way and trust me, I did! She also checked in on me and was curious as to how my midwife appointments went. I felt that she had a genuine interest in how we were doing at all times. Well, the big day finally came and my labor got super intense super fast. I spoke with Becky through the early stages, but even this was a big blur since contractions were 3-4 mins a part, lasting 1 minute almost right from the beginning! She talked me through it and never told me what to do, she always laid out the facts and choices for us to make (e.g. when to leave for the hospital). She met us at the hospital and assisted not just myself, but my husband. I was attempting a natural, medfree birth and honestly I dont have vivid memories of my surroundings during the 10+labor and 3 hours of pushing. I was in so much pain and really tried to focus and breathe... Turns out my baby was posterior and "stuck" with his heartrate all over the place. Dr. was called in and I was given the option for a C section. With the help of my team, we all decided that was best. My husband would like to say that Becky helped him a lot during the 1/2 hour or so when I was wisked away to get prepped for the section and he couldn't be with me. When they were allowed in, Becky took photos of the moment our son was born and captured some beautiful moments. She stayed with me until 5:30 in the morning I think? She was so thoughtful and caring. Thank you Becky, for being a wonderful birthing companion!

Mallory Litman


When a friend casually mentioned my husband and I look into having a doula at the birth of our first child, I was skeptical. I was extremely nervous about the entire birthing process. When I first called Becky at around 16 weeks pregnant to talk about her services, I instantly felt a strong connection. She was kind, comforting and knew exactly how to make me feel at ease. I knew she was the one and I needed to have her with us during the birth of our son. At around 30 weeks pregnant, we met with Becky and she instantly made us feel like family. Fast forward to 40 weeks pregnant, I was overdue and getting extremely anxious. I called Becky and she immediately made me feel like I was in control of the situation and everything was going to happen like it should. When I did go into labor, Becky was there to answer the call at 3:00 am. She gave us tips and advise about when to head to the hospital. Once we all arrived at the hospital, I cannot begin to explain how comforting Becky was to have there with us. During the 30 hour labor, Becky was my advocate, loudest cheerleader and greatest encourager. Not to mention, she kept my husband calm and let him get some rest so he could be a helpful participant during labor. During labor, I remember hearing the excitement and joy Becky expressed when talking about her career as a doula. As labor progressed and our little guy’s head was starting to become visible, Becky’s excitement was audible during the counting. I was skeptical when the doctor was saying how close we were but I kept pushing. Becky’s excitement and smile made me realize that our little guy was almost here which helped me to make it through my toughest moments.
I could not imagine not having Becky with us through the most challenging yet rewarding experience of our lives - she was a rockstar beyond measure! If you are considering a doula, I promise you, Becky is the ONE to have!

Katie and Kyle


As soon as Becky entered the room, it was like my family and I had known her for years. When she walked in, I noticed right away that her shirt read “Let’s Do-ula this!” and I knew we were in amazing hands :) Her fun and thoughtful approach truly made her a joy to be around and she stayed by my side for the next 12 hours that followed. I honestly do not ever remember asking Becky for anything….she just made things appear that I needed. Whether it was a glass of water, a hand to hold, back support, a joke or just a smile, Becky was always ready before I was. Beyond her happy and friendly demeanor though, I can tell you without reservation that Becky knows hospitals, she knows birth and she knows women. She knows just what you need before you need it, is full of great suggestions, serves as a gentle but strong advocate and has a natural intuition as to when to be hands on/off. When things got very intense and I just was not progressing, it was Becky who suggested the peanut ball to the hospital nurses. The peanut ball ended up taking me from 3cm to 9cm dilated within an hour. Beyond her knowledge, her genuine and caring demeanor provided invaluable support and coaching not only to me but also to my mom and husband who were in the room. She offered them breaks when needed and helped them to keep a strong positive energy in the room even when things got tough. Becky has continued to follow-up with us out of genuine whole-heartedness and even came to my son’s “sip and see” event, which was more than a 90-minute drive for her to attend. She is a special spirit and helped me to achieve a birth experience that I honestly boast about. I will always look back on that day with a great smile and no regrets and much of that is thanks to Becky’s strong, kind and loving presence

Ashley Carlotta


After a bad experience when having our first child, my husband and I decided that for our 2nd we wanted to hire a Doula. We met with Becky and knew right away she was who we wanted. Becky never once made me feel like i was not in full control of my birth plan. She told me from Day 1 that this was MY birth. Through my pregnancy Becky was there answering my MANY texts and she never once made me feel stupid or annoying! That is one thing I LOVE about her. She always reassured me and made me feel supported and also helped remind me of things we had discussed. She is so knowledgeable and if there is anything she doesn't know, she will find out! When I felt like I was about to crack from being post date and having prodromal labor, Becky's reassurance helped me so much mentally. She kept me (and probably my husband too) sane! When my water broke Becky met us at the hospital and as soon as she got there we instantly felt at ease. Having Becky helped take a lot of the pressure off of my husband who tends to zone out in intense situations, in fact I felt so comfortable and confident with her that I told him to take a nap and that we would wake him up when the baby was coming. She stood with me in the bathroom while I labored on a birthing ball in the shower and kept me calm, which helped my labor to progress super fast! She applied counter pressure to my lower back, which i tell everyone, SAVED ME. Her presence helped me to embrace the pain and get through my labor and birth without any interventions! Never did I think I would actually acheive my goal of a med free birth, but I did! My birth was so healing for me and I truly feel that i wouldn't been able to do it without Becky's support and guidence.

Erin Lewan


Backy was a fantastic resource during my pregnancy.  She patiently answered all of my questions and concerns leading up to delivery.  Having her present during labor made my pain so much more manageable.  I was more confident just having her there.  When my labor began to stall, and my birth plan changed, Becky was very supportive and helped me stay positive.  While I don't know what it would have been like without her, with her I can say I had a positive birth experience even though it was super long and didn't go as planned.  Having her as a part of my support system definitely helped me stay calm and focused.  I highly, highly recommend Becky for any mommy looking for a doula!

Ashley Song


Choosing to work with Becky for birth of our son was the best decision my husband and I made. We came to Becky looking for someone to help guide & encourage us through this birth process as new parents and she delivered. We were always planning to deliver at GBMC, which has more rigid policies and procedures around labor & delivery, and wanted someone familiar with this to help us have the birth we desired within those parameters. We were also looking for someone who could provide encouragement to my husband while he cared for me during the birth & delivery.

When I spoke with Becky, there was an instant connection & her philosophy that she was there to support the birth that we wanted without interjecting her opinions was exactly what we wanted. We came to her thinking we wanted things a certain way, but after talking with her & our doctor, our minds were more open & we had more confidence. When my sister had a difficult natural delivery with an unexpected complication after birth & I came to her feeling overwhelmed & scared for my own delivery, she was able to rebuild my confidence.

When it was time to welcome our son, my body did not cooperate & almost all my birth preferences were thrown out the window. However, I was still mostly able to have the labor & birth that I envisioned. Relaxation through soft music, dim lights, & flameless candles were all at her suggestion and made my long & difficult labor as much like a day in the spa as you can have In a hospital. Her encouragement helped me find my voice when I needed it, and she helped my husband find his sometimes hidden calm and nurturing side which was so needed. I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to have Becky on our team. She truly felt like a member of the family during the most exhausting and most wonderful day of our lives, and I would absolutely recommend her support for anyone - first timers or experienced parents!

Elena Vazquez


I moved to the area when I was seven months pregnant. My husband's job requires him to travel frequently and I was concerned that I wouldn't have the support I needed during birth. I had an emergency c section with my firstborn and was especially concerned about having a vbac. Becky was so reassuring and supportive throughout the entire process. She arrived at the hospital when we asked her to and stayed with us throughout the birth and after (she even left to pick up food for us after). My husband appreciated having someone he could look to for support and ask questions while I was in labor. My husband was a wonderful coach and I appreciated Becky allowing him to take the lead. She was like a shadow at times and when she could step in and assist with pain management she did. It was so easy and peaceful and natural. In the end I had a natural and unmedicated birth, exactly what I wanted. I could not have been more pleased and would not change a single thing. Thank you Becky.

Jennifer Racer


Becky was wonderful. I'm a Doula myself and was very picky about the qualifications of the doula that would work with me and my husband through our second labor and birth. We met her and hired her the same night. She was very professional and met all my needs and more. She was very encouraging and insightful through each step of my pregnancy and birth. My husband and I could not have done this without her. She was amazing and just what we needed when we needed it. Emotional support was more than I could have anticipated needing when I went 12 days past my due date. Through my 20ish hours of labor, she did everything I asked and needed. Hands on or hands off, she filled her place in our team beautifully. We were absolutely blessed to have her and we would hire her again and again and again. Thank you, Becky!

Jennifer Racer


Becky was wonderful. I'm a Doula myself and was very picky about the qualifications of the doula that would work with me and my husband through our second labor and birth. We met her and hired her the same night. She was very professional and met all my needs and more. She was very encouraging and insightful through each step of my pregnancy and birth. My husband and I could not have done this without her. She was amazing and just what we needed when we needed it. Emotional support was more than I could have anticipated needing when I went 12 days past my due date. Through my 20ish hours of labor, she did everything I asked and needed. Hands on or hands off, she filled her place in our team beautifully. We were absolutely blessed to have her and we would hire her again and again and again. Thank you, Becky!

Neelam Mehta


I came to know Becky through a friend who had benefitted from Becky's help during her daughter's birth last year. I was already 34 weeks pregnant when I started searching for a doula to help me. I approached Becky quite late in my pregnancy but this did not stop her from taking my case. From the very first conversation we had on the phone, I knew that Becky was the right match for me. She described her services, fees and the process to me on the phone. Due to my preterm labor history, she quickly set up a face-to-face appointment when I decided to choose her as my doula. During our meeting, Becky provided me with examples of birth plans that other parents had drafted. She also provided helpful answers to many questions that I and my husband had. Two days after my meeting with Becky, I was heading to the hospital for delivery. I contacted Becky on my way to the hospital. Becky joined us at the hospital and helped me through my contractions by giving me a massage and suggesting various positions that would help me through my labor. Becky guided me through breathing and pushing when it was time for delivery. Her presence and guidance was very helpful in keeping me calm throughout the process. I am really glad that I was able to find Becky in time for my delivery. She also followed up with me after delivery and visited me personally to see how I was doing with my baby. I would recommend Becky to anyone who is looking for a truly caring and experienced doula.

Jess Dymond


Becky was our doula for the birth of our first baby two years ago and we were fortunate enough to have her attend the birth of our second several months ago.  I say "we" and "our" rather than "I" and "my"  because Becky supports the family, not just the mother in labor: she has an excellent ability to understand who is in need at any given time and where she can be helpful.  I have been impressed both times with Becky's remarkable ability to step in when her help would be valuable and fade back during quiet moments.  Initially I had been concerned having another person present at the delivery would feel complicating and intrusive, but Becky complemented every moment perfectly and blended in seamlessly.  Her warmth and empathy made her feel like an old friend, and we were grateful to have her with us.  Throughout the pregnancy, labor, and post-partum, Becky was constantly available by phone, text or email and was a wealth of information.  I highly recommend Becky to anyone considering a doula.  If we have a third, we hope she'll be there again!

Jackie Galluzzo


This was our first pregnancy. I am a nurse and had been exposed to the doula program while in nursing school. At age 41, I consider myself to be advanced in maternal age. In order to become pregnant my husband and I had to utilize the assistance of Shady Grove Fertility. I knew that this pregnancy may be my one and only chance at being pregnant and wanted to do everything right. We set out to search for the perfect doula to share our momentous occasion. We wanted to have a totally natural birth and have the assistance to make it happen. After meeting Becky we knew she was the doula for us. She was down to earth and easy to talk to. She gave us recommendations when I had suggestions on clothing to wear during labor and what type of items I should pack. She had fabulous advice on what type of things to pack for the labor process and afterwards.

My actual labor lasted over 24 hours. During this time Becky was wonderful. I did this without any pain medication or epidurals. At the 24 hr mark the practitioners recommended an epidural to try to relax me and help the baby move down. This did not work and we proceeded to have a C-section. Becky was great during all of this. Her presence allowed my husband to get a short nap to rejuvenate during the LONG process. Becky was there for me and Ben. She gave suggestions to help ease the pain of contractions and assist in relaxing me. She was truly a god send. She advocated for my wishes and helped Ben and I talk through medical decisions.

Overall, my birth experience with my son was much easier with Becky by my side. We gained a lifelong friend out of the experience. Even after delivery Becky has kept in touch.

If we attempt to grow our family with number 2, Becky will definitely be a part of the experience!

Morgan Anderson


My husband and I used Becky's services for our first pregnancy/birth. Her calm nature and expansive knowledge helped us through the entire process. She was 100% dedicated to making sure our questions were answered and our birth experience was our own. Not only was she peace of mind for myself, but she also kept my husband involved and relaxed. Our birth experience went very smoothly and quickly, but I feel confident knowing that if we had experienced complications, that Becky would have helped us through it. Having her by our side truely made our birth experience amazing and I wouldn't hesitate for one minute to have her by our side for future pregnancies :) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Morgan, Ryan and baby Griffin

Lisa Kammann


Even before becoming pregnant for the second time I knew I wanted to have a different birth experience than I had with the birth of my daughter.  Throughout my second pregnancy I went about "convincing" my husband how beneficial a doula would be.  After a couple of months my husband agreed and I contacted a doula program which, fortuantely for us, did not work out and lead us to hiring Becky.

After meeting for the first time I knew we would be in great hands with Becky.  She is down to earth and easy to talk to.  After that meeting we knew she was the one for us!  Throughout the short remainder of my pregnancy Becky was there for emotional support throughout (I had a couple of weeks of on/off false labor).  When the "real labor" day came at 3:30 in the morning Becky was there for us.

Throughout labor at the hospital she helped my husband and I advocate for what I wanted throughout the day.  She also provided great conversation/distraction for both myself and my husband.  With this being my second labor/delivery I thought I knew what I would be "feeling" but I was again wrong and Becky knew instinctively what I needed when it was time to push and again she advocated for my wishes to "labor down" which unfortunately did not happen.

Overall, my birth experience with my son was much more relaxing for many reasons but having Becky there was a huge part of that.  I feel like I gained a friend out of the experience.  Even after delivery Becky has kept in touch and provided emotional support as being a "new mother of two" presents it's own challenges.

If we would ever decide to grow our family even more Becky would definately be a part of the experience!

Heta Parikh


My search for a doula for my second pregnancy began around 5 months. The more and more I reflected upon my first birth experience the more I felt I would benefit from additional guidance and support before, during, and after my delivery. This is exactly what I experienced with Becky who was warm, caring, knowledgeable and dependable during all of our interactions in person and over the phone. As a first time mom you are caught up in the emotional roller-coaster of doing whatever is asked of you and having little knowledge into what you as a mom want for your birth experience except a healthy child. Moms to be often think the pregnancy and delivery will go a certain way, then reality hits and you are thrown off course. With the second I knew what kind of delivery I did not want. Becky provided me with both the emotional support and medical explainations needed to lead to a delivery that I envisioned. She made sure it was I who made my own informed decisions. She was that confidante who was experienced, unbiased, and much needed when things weren't going as planned for which I will always be grateful. As a mom there are so many options and decisions when it comes to delivery, labor, pre-parenting and parenting. Hiring Becky as my doula was never a decision I second guessed, but wished it was something I had done for my first pregnancy.

Elizabeth Galley


When I was pregnant with my first, we decided fairly late in the pregnancy to hire a Doula.  Becky came highly recommended, and after meeting with her we knew it would be a good fit.  Through my entire labor and delivery she was an amazing support!  My husband and I couldn't have done it without her!  When I was pregnant with my second, there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted to hire Becky again!!  We contacted her almost immediately, and were thrilled that we were able to make it work.  My second delivery ended up being a bit more difficult than my first.  I was over tired, and didn't have much strength towards the end.  Becky supported me through every decision I made, and when it became clear that the baby was coming whether I was ready or not, she was my ROCK!  She never game up on me or my ability to deliver the baby.  Soon after delivery my husband left to go get our older son and Becky stayed with me to help get breastfeeding started and so I wouldn't be alone.  She even helped me order AND eat my dinner!!  I can't imagine giving birth to either of my boys with out her there.  She is an amazing woman, and we now consider her a part of our family!!  Words can never truly express our gratitude towards her.  We are not planning to have any more children, but we will recommend Becky to everyone we meet in the area who is pregnant or becomes pregnant!

Kerri Chambers


Working with Becky was probably the best thing I did for my mental wellbeing throughout my pregnancy, birth, and post partum. Starting from the very first contact via email, Becky was there to answer questions, provide feedback, and was instrumental in reducing anxiety (and there was plenty as this was my first baby!). She has an amazing ability for sensing emotional changes and always knows what to say to ease any situation. Although the birth of my son definitely derailed from what my husband and I had planned, Becky provided the support and knowledge we needed to make the best decisions necessary for our health and safety. It's clear that she genuinely cares for her clients and she went above and beyond to make sure my needs were met every step of the way. I would absolutely work with Becky again and I hope to have the opportunity to do so.

Tracy Weins


It’s honestly hard to put into words how grateful I am for Becky. With her support and knowledge I found the courage and strength I needed to achieve the birth I had always dreamed of. When becoming pregnant with our third (and last) baby, I knew this would be my last chance to try and achieve the birth I had always wanted, I also knew that I needed to find someone that was on my side and would support me and be my sounding board. Becky was without a doubt all that and more. That last week that I was overdue was so emotionally draining, I was beginning to lose hope of all I was striving for. She stayed positive, kept me focused and we did it! I went into labor on my own at exactly 41 weeks, labored at home for as long as I possibly could and achieved the delivery I thought I would only ever dream of. Becky supported me in a way I don’t think anyone else could. She hung around to make sure all was well after the birth and checked in on me after we were settled at home to make sure everything was going well and to see if I needed anything. I never realized what a difference having a doula makes, Becky is the best of the best and I highly recommend her. If I were to ever have another baby, I would do it exactly the same way again and Becky would without a doubt be on my list of must haves!

Anthony Cordwell


We could not recommend Becky more highly.  Becky took time with us a few weeks before our due date to talk about my wife's pregnancy, birth plans, and upcoming doctor's visits.

During labor, she was irreplacable.  As a first-time father, I could not have realized how crucial it was for us to have her there with us.  It allowed me to communicate with family members in the waiitng room, to have time to move our things into the birth room from our car, and most importantly to provide comfort to my wife as she progressed through labor.  Becky assisted with pain management techniques and suggestions, which were very helpful as my wife was unable to receive pain medication.  It was also very helpful to have someone experienced in labor and deliveries to be there with us.  The hospital was very busy that day, and had Becky not been with us, we would have been left alone intriage and the delivery room for long periods of time.  Unless you have been through deliveries before, there is no way to imagine the changes your wife experiences throughout the process, especially without the assistance of pain medication.

After birth, Becky checked in with us periodcally and came to visit.  This visit was very helpful to alleviate some concerns and answer some questions that we had as parents for the first time.  Throughout, Becky has been very helpful to us without being intrusive or overbearing,

Aagin, we could not reocmmend Becky more highly.

Anne Estes Hearn


Becky was our doula for the birth of my second child. She was a fantastic doula in so many ways. She was great at staying in touch throughout my pregnancy by email or phone and was always available. Her support was wonderful! We are relatively new to this area, so she was invaluable in helping me connect with different providers as well as knowing what to expect from the hospital and the midwife/OBGYN practice I had selected. I had severe depression during my pregnancy and she helped me find a fantastic acupuncturist who helped tremendously (and still does!). Becky was also fantastic at including my husband throughout the whole process. She immediately realized that he is an active, involved daddy and made it clear that she was there to help guide us during the labor process and not replace my husband’s important role. Another example of Becky’s fantastic support and guidance was in those last few tough weeks prior to birth. Our daughter was 6 days past her due date and I was getting pressure from a few different people to induce labor. Becky was great at listening to my concerns, supporting my desire to let our daughter chose her own birthdate, and helping me talk to other parties with different opinions. Finally, Becky was amazing at my daughter’s birth. It was a fast and furious birth this time (MUCH different from the 20 hour labor with Pitocin, epidural, and the huge episiotomy with my first daughter), but having Becky there coaching us the whole time was incredible. She really seemed to be able to read my thoughts during labor and had the right words at the right time. It was also wonderful having her come visit later to help me with breastfeeding and chat about my concerns about life with baby and big sister. I can’t recommend Becky highly enough.

Danica Attanasio


We were very lucky that Becky was available to step in at the last minute as our back up doula. After being admitted to the hospital unexpectedly on a Friday night, our doula contacted Becky and she came right over to meet us and help us through some difficult decisions. From the start we felt very comfortable with Becky, as though we had been working with her all along. Throughout a difficult labor and delivery with lots of ups and downs, Becky was a constant source of support and information for both me and my husband. Even though labor did not go according to “plan,” Becky easily shifted gears, answered questions, and made us feel calm and secure in our decisions. She also took some wonderful pictures after the birth of our daughter so that we could just enjoy the experience. Becky was also there for us postpartum, texting and offering advice and support as we navigated the experience as first time parents. We truly appreciate Becky’s support and expertise and would highly recommend her as a doula.

Sandra Thompson


It’s an honor to write a testimonial for Becky. Though I’ve only known her briefly, she’s had a great impact on my life. She was a true source of strength before, during, and after the birth of my son.

Before labor, I called Becky with concerns about some of the changes in my body. As I’ve never been pregnant before, I had no clue what to expect. It was nice to have a “life line” to call for guidance at any hour without worrying about being judged for silly questions. Becky made me feel so comfortable that I was able to share embarrassing symptoms I wouldn’t have felt comfortable asking others about.

During labor, Becky was an amazing support. She provided me with peace of mind and strength. I’d planned for natural childbirth with her and she came prepared with strategies to accommodate that. After twelve hours of pain during which I refused to do anything anyone asked, I decided to get an epidural. Becky quickly changed her strategies to meet my needs. She didn’t pressure me to follow the original plan, but instead provided quiet support and gave me the perfect amount of space I needed. She helped my loved ones adapt to the change in plan as well.

When I struggled with decision making, Becky talked through my choices and sought information on my behalf. Her nonjudgmental guidance and advocacy for my needs was really empowering.

When my baby boy finally emerged into the world, Becky was there to quietly share in the joy of the moment. She stayed by my side until I moved into the recovery room. Becky followed up postpartum to offer support on newborn care and breastfeeding. It’s because of her help, I’m still successfully breastfeeding my son.

I am so glad I selected Becky as my doula. If I ever have another child, I would want her by my side again. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Megan Newman-O'Connor


Becky was absolutely fantastic. I contacted her literally days before my due date with my third baby. I had a doula during my last two pregnancies and was going to attempt to do this birth with only my husband as my advocate. However, after an unpleasant encounter with my doctor, I was looking for someone to be my doula. She was immediately understanding and accommodating. She quickly shifted around her busy schedule to meet my needs with next to no notice. She called and texted often in the days leading up to my birth. She was constantly available for support in a very difficult and tiring time. She was prepared at any time to meet me from the moment I contacted her until I gave birth. She was knowledgeable and willing to support me in whatever my desires were for my ideal birth. I told her I was looking to have a natural delivery and she completely supported my preferences. On the morning of my delivery, she met us at the hospital (St. Joe's) very quickly and came into the room when I was right in the middle of transition. I was in a lot of pain and she stepped right in and started with pain management techniques. She was supportive without trying to make my decisions for me and helped me to stay within my birth plan even when things were difficult. After my son was born she stayed with me for several hours and talked and supported me and my family. She followed up with me several times after birth and went out of her way to come do a home visit. She was kind, understanding, and supportive while still advocating effectively for me and my baby. Both my doctor, and the labor and delivery nurse both went out of their way to tell me how great she was and how much they enjoyed working with her. I'd recommend her to anyone who would like a doula.  Thanks Becky for making my third birth a success!

Bridget Greene


Becky and I were matched very late in my second pregnancy, at 38 wks! We were so fortunate to have found her, she was an amazing support to us during our sons birth. She met us at UCMC around 9pm when I went into labor, a day after a failed ECV (baby was frank breech). It was our first time meeting in person, yet it didn't feel that way at all! She is so easy to talk to and I felt we meshed so well. She has such a calm and reassuring presence! We had been in contact via phone and text previously, so she was aware of his breech status and the efforts taken to change that. I knew with our failed efforts that I'd end up with a c-section, which was very scary for me as our firstborn was a relatively easy vaginal delivery. Becky listened to our concerns, discussed our wishes and options with the OB, midwife and nurses, and was able to be in the OR so my husband could stay with our son. So thankful for that, as she was able to keep us informed, hold my hand, talk with me to keep my mind off the fact I was cut wide open, and hold our son on me (skin to skin) when my husband got a little too woozy. She stayed with us until I was settled into the post partum room, at 4am, and remained very involved via phone and text throughout our hospital stay and weeks after. I would highly recommend her services!

Angela Richards


After the birth of my secomd child my husband and I were so glad I had hired Becky as our doula for the birth. The expiernce between my first and second labor and delivery was night and day. With the birth of my first child I had to be induced and ended up with alot of intervetnions. With my second birth I wanted to go as natural as possible and wanted to know my options in terms of various laboring positions and methods. My husband is was very laid back and just wanted me to have a better expiernce this time. Becky did make this birth a great expiernce for my husband and myself. I don't think my L&D would have been so good without having Beky there. Having Becky by my side gave me the confidence to ask questions and play an active role in my labor and delivery.  She was friendly and made it easy to talk about personal things. It was also easy for my husband to talk with her. The day after the birth of my baby, my OB even mentioned how good of doula Becky was. Becky also took pictures of the birth and helped me with breastfeeding for the first time. If I do decide to have a third baby I will defintily be hiring Becky again.

Chris Thompson


Despite doing my homework, I thought that doulas really only benefitted the mother. It quickly became clear to me, however, that Becky was there to support mother, father, & baby. As a husband, I don't know how I would have made it without her help throughout the process.

Before birth: It was SO helpful to have someone to call/text with questions. We often sent her a description or photo followed by "is this normal?", and her answers really helped to decrease our anxiety. In addition, having someone to help us think through our birth plan, give us ideas of questions to ask our doctors, & clarify some common misconceptions was immensely helpful.

During birth: My wife's birth was not textbook. She went from 0cm dilated to 4cm and screaming in pain in just a few hours. This is not what I had expected from the birthing classes & pregnancy books, so I was really scared. I texted Becky, & she was amazing!! She called immediately & gave us some things to try for the pain, & she helped us to decide when to call the doctor. When we got to the hospital, she supported my wife in any way possible. Without getting into the gory details, the actual birth was challenging, & I honestly do not know how I would have made it through without Becky. Though she focused on helping my wife with pain and pushing, she made sure that I was doing okay through all of this, also.

After birth: Our son had difficulty breastfeeding early on & lost a dangerous amount of weight. Becky came over for a post-partum visit, checked in with my wife, & helped us troubleshoot. Even after that visit, she would text/email to see how we were doing & to find out if she could help in any way. Again, I don't know what we would have done without her.

Rereading this, I realize that I didn't adequately capture just how helpful and important Becky was for us. All I can say is that I would recommend her to ANYONE going through pregnancy!!

Angela Hodge


From the first meeting with Becky, there was no question my husband and I wanted her as our doula. She was so attentative and understanding of our feelings about our first birth experience and understood the experience we were hoping for with our second. I didn't even look into hiring a doula until around 35 weeks and luckily for me she was available around my due date.

Becky and I were in constant contact each week after each appointment and sometimes even in between when I had a question or needed to vent or needed alittle encouragement. She helped me so much with all of that.

Unfortunately, I had a repeat c-section but even still, she came to visit with me in the hospital before and stayed in the waiting room until the procedure was over and my husband let her know I was ok (which was around midnight at least!).

She is a wonderful support person and if the Lord blesses us with another baby, I will hire her again!

Krista Paap


Mid-way through my pregnancy I became intrigued with the idea of having a doula for the birth of our first child. Becky was recommended to us through a friend. Since this was my first pregnancy, I researched everything. Even after all my research, I still did not feel completely confident in going through the birthing process. My husband was there to do anything he could, but we still felt like we needed extra support and experience in the delivery room. Then I met Becky. She gave me the confidence I needed to attempt the natural birth that I wanted. Becky is everything you could hope for in a doula. And even though the birth didn’t go according to plan, Becky helped me to not feel like a failure. Her wonderfulness did not stop at delivery though, she has given me continuous support as I embrace this new life. Her presence at our birth was invaluable and I am already looking foward to having her at our next birth.

Sarah Racz


It's a very special thing when you find someone that you just click with. A good friend recommended Becky to me as my husband and I were preparing to welcome our first baby into the world. From the moment I met Becky I knew I wanted her to be our doula. She is warm, kind, supportive, and funny, and we hired her on the spot. As a nervous first time mom-to-be with a high-risk pregnancy, I leaned on Becky a lot during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Prior to the birth of our daughter, Becky was always available to answer questions, checking in with me following each doctor's appointment and ultrasound. She was fully invested in us and our baby, and listened without judgment to our worries, concerns and plans for the birth. During the birth of our daughter, Becky was a calm and supportive presence in the delivery room. She established a wonderful working relationship with my husband that allowed him to be an active partner in my labor and delivery, and she worked seemlessly with the doctors and nurses. We also credit Becky with realizing that something was not entirely right during labor - her actions in recognizing what was happening and immediately getting the attention of the nursing staff at a crucial moment helped us get labor back under control. Without her we would not have been able to achieve the delivery we wanted. Becky's support and care for my family continued long after delivery, from her postpartum visit to phone calls and text messages as we struggled through the early weeks of breastfeeding and having a newborn. She has been an amazing source of support for me as a first-time mom, and her encouragement and cheerleading helped me persevere in breastfeeding. I'm honored to be able to call her a friend now. I recommend Becky without hesitation to anyone looking for a doula!

Laura Bennett


Becky Rohrback is a great thoughtful caring doula who personally invests with her clients. She goes above and beyond in her commitment to others during their birth experience. During my labor at UCMC and throughout the planning of my labor, Becky has been informative, responsive and helpful in all of my questions or general need for support. Especially during the labor, Becky was a comforting quiet strong force to my husband and I. She had a great sense of humor and honored the experience we were going through. I'd definitely recommend Becky to others! Thank you Becky!!

Tiffany Blume


When I became pregnant with our fifth baby, I knew I wanted a doula to help with a natural birth.  I spent hours researching and looking into doulas in our area, and my husband and I were very fortunate to have found Becky.  She responded immediately to my initial email, which really impressed me.  After we met her,  my husband and I were comfortable with having Becky as our doula (my husband was a skeptic before!).  During labor, Becky was very in tune with my needs.  She knew what I needed when I needed it.  Whenever the pain started getting unmanageable, she was able to help me refocus.  She worked well with my doctor and the nurses.  The best part of having Becky as my doula is that with her help I was able to finally acheive the natural birth I always wanted.  She stayed with us for about an hour after our baby was born to help with anything we needed, and she contacted us several times in the weeks to follow to see how we were and to offer any help.  I'm very thankful for Becky and I highly recommend her.

Bethany Harris


Becky was recommended to me by a local mom in the Baltimore group on the What To Expect When You're Expecting website. She responded to my e-mail the same day and fortunately was available despite it being so late in my pregnancy. We spoke on the phone shortly thereafter, and it was just like talking to an old friend. She was beyond supportive of the wishes my husband and I had for our son's birth. She told us repeatedly that she was there to help us have the experience we wanted, not what she felt we should have. We didn't hesitate to sign a contract with her at our first in-person meeting, and as an added bonus her fees were phenomenal compared to other doulas in the area providing the same services or less. She was always available for any questions I had and would check on me periodically in the weeks leading up to D-Day. I knew in advance that I would be confined to bed for labor as I was positive for Strep B and would need IV antibiotics and since I was attempting a VBAC. Wanting me to progress the best way possible, Becky did research to find techniques I could use during labor that would keep things moving along despite my inability to be mobile. When our little man decided his time was up, I was on the phone with Becky quite a bit, keeping her informed of what was going on and looking for advice on what she thought our next step should be. When it was time to leave for the hospital she met us within minutes of our arrival there and got right to work checking on the progress I was making. Things moved rather quickly, and it was time to push. That's when things got crazy - or more accurately, I got crazy and became a raving lunatic for about 30 minutes. Becky, however, was totally unfazed and did everything she could to keep me focused and comfortable. Within no time, our 10 pound boy was in our arms with Becky playing photographer for us so that we could enjoy those first few minutes with our precious addition. We owe her so very much for all she did.

Jess Dymond


Becky worked with us for the birth of our first child, and from our first conversation somewhere around the fifth month of my pregnancy through birth and after, we have been absolutely thrilled with her and considered ourselves very fortunate to find her.  From the beginning, Becky was extremely receptive to our concerns and wishes and very supportive of both me and my husband.  During labor, Becky was invaluable: we exchanged many phone calls during the day, then Becky met us at the hospital that evening.  Through the course of a long night, Becky stayed with us and worked tirelessly.  She was extremely attentive but not intrusive, a hard combination to achieve, but absolutely perfected in this case.  Following the birth of our daughter, Becky stayed with us for a few hours, and followed up several times to check in and make sure we were adapting well.  We are most grateful for her assistance, and recommend her very highly as a doula.  We will certainly be calling her again whenever the next baby comes along!

Julie Grove


 I am thrilled to write a recommendation for Becky as a birth doula. I met Becky when I was pretty far along in my third pregnancy. I am a birth doula myself and when I first met her I knew she was right for me. Becky was very attentive and made every attempt to reach out as my pregnancy went into 41 weeks. I had a false alarm and ended up at the birth center and she made it there to sit with me just in case. Iloved hearing Becky's words of encouragement every step of the way.  She was amazing talking to me and making sure the doula in me did not over think each new change. My labor did come and came super fast. Becky met me at the birthing center and was a calming presence right at the start. I wasn't there long before my baby boy was in my arms, but she was everything I needed in a doula. We have remained friends and I would hire her to support me again in another pregnancy. I can't thank her enough for the physical, emotional and inspirational support she gave to me. 

Danielle Crawford


I am so glad that we decided on Becky to guide us through all of the pregnancy and delivery decisions we faced. The biggest decision was between a VBAC or a repeat C-section. In my heart, I wanted to attempt a VBAC but was not 100% comfortable. So I  contacted Becky through the referral of another doula. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable she made us feel and how quickly we all connected! She helped us become comfortable with our decision to VBAC and eased my mind of the countless "what ifs" of my pending delivery. After a lot of preparation through reading, practicing Yoga,  daily exercise, and my many long talks with Becky I was ready to VBAC! Or, so I thought! Contractions started on Sunday and by Wednesday I was admitted to the hospital. Becky dropped everything to be there in a moments notice. She was there before most of my family members could be there. She was definitely a blessing and helped us in ways that we never anticipated. She helped me through contractions, helped my husband to comfort me, and even brought items to entertain my almost 2 year old during the hospital stay. In addition, when problems came about Becky helped us understand them and then gave us a clear picture of our choices. She even helped me cope through some of the feelings of a failed VBAC. Because of her I was able to find accomplishment in laboring naturally to 8 cm that ended in a c-section but also the comfort in knowing that we made all of the right decisions. Thank you Becky!

Maeghen Daly


 From the moment I conceived I knew I wanted a doula. I was a VBAC attempting a completely natural birth in a hospital and knew I would need some extra support. Then I happened to come across Becky. She was great from the beginning, even reassuring my overly cautious husband. We worked together and had the birth plan all drawn up and were waiting for the big day. When it finally came, "the big day" was more like THREE days. It didn't matter, Becky stayed with me the whole time even if it was just because I wanted a friend to talk to. When it comes down to it, Becky did everything a great doula is supposed to do; she supported our decisions, provided her thoughts and opinions, and helped us have the birth experience we wanted. A successful VBAC, a healthy baby boy and a wonderful support team, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Kristy Keiser


My husband and I were thankful to have Becky as our doula for the birth of our first child. I wanted to go as natural as possible and wanted to know my options in terms of various laboring positions and methods. My husband is quiet, but wanted to be involved and didn't know how. Getting a doula was a definite for us but we were unsure of where to start. My friend's sister had a doula and recommended her. I contacted that doula but she was unavailable the week of my due date and recommended Becky - her doula! I figured if Becky was a doula for another doula, she must be pretty good! She definitely lived up to my expectations. She was friendly and made it easy to talk about personal things. She was also extremely knowledgeable and explained the various birth plans that I found on the internet. Becky made us feel prepared going into my labor day. The birth date went smoothly and sometimes it was just Becky, my husband and I in the birthing room. It was a comfort to have her there letting me know the various things I was going through (shakes, sweats, etc.) were normal. She instructed my husband and made him feel useful. She took photos (which at first I thought was a gruesome idea, but ends up I love them to pieces!!) and I honestly never noticed her once I started pushing. She was helpful but unobtrusive. I highly recommend Becky and wish you luck in your pregnancy!

Kelly Stewart


 My experience with Becky was quite a positive one. As a first-time mother intending to have as close to a natural birth as possible, I needed someone who could coach me during labor, as well as, provide general support. Becky did wonderfully. She was accommodating and flexible. Labor did not go as expected (of course), but having Becky around made it much more bearable. She was able to help me focus when needed and ensured I was as comfortable as possible.

Whether one decides to use pain relief from the start or pursue an all-natural birth, Becky will be a helpful addition to your delivery team. She is a great communicator, organized, and very caring to her clients. Even after delivery, Becky has kept in touch to ensure I am recovering physically and to check on my emotional well-being. She has essentially been a friend to me through the whole process. I would recommend Becky to any moms considering hiring a doula.

Danielle M. Spencer


When the doula that we hired at 10 weeks along could no longer be available for us, we were happy to find Becky available with just 7 weeks to go!  We were ecstatic to find a great doula "match" in Becky.  My pregnancy was quickly getting complicated and I ended up being admitted 5 weeks early for induction.  Becky was a huge support along the way with her words of encouragement and experiences. A natural unmedicated birth was the goal, but it wasn't in the cards with my pre-e diagnosis. After minimal progression I didn't want to continue on the various medications and opted for a cesarean. Becky was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process and I was glad that we could have her there. I was super happy, too, to be able to stay connected with her after coming home! As a new mom, I have a million questions that's she's been available to answer!


Cara Smith


 As first time parents, my husband and I had no clue what we were doing. It was so nice having some one who knew what to do with us through the whole experience. She walked us through what to expect and how to cope with the unexpected. She went over all the options I had and explained what they meant. My labor and delivery went well but it was still nice to have Becky by my side making sure I was comfortable. She was such a big help when it actually came time to push as well. She was a great coach and encourager. Even though I was pretty laid back when it came to my pregnancy and labor, having a newborn was a different story! Once my husband and I got home I was a mess! I didnt know what to do, where to start, and what was normal! Im sure she got an email or text from me everyday asking question after question. Becky had so much advice and encouragement to give. She was such a great support! The transition to motherhood would have been so much harder without Becky. I really can not say enough good things about my experience with Becky,

Monica Weber


My labor took a turn for the worse. My daughter's oxygen supply was tearing away and she was not doing well. Her heart rate was in the 50's and would not come back up. They had to get her out fast and I was only 6cm dilated. My blood was too thin to do a c-section without possibly killing me, and I could not have an epidural or spinal for the same reason. The physical manipulation of my labor was horrifyingly painful and everyone in the room was scared to death. However when I looked at Becky she was my rock. She pushed me to not give up and she stayed strong when I needed her! After Annabeth's birth I hemorrhaged very badly (to the point that they weren't sure I would make it). Becky stayed by my side and held my hand. She was an angel! When they whisked Annabeth to the nursery Becky stayed right there with me, hugging me and telling me that Annabeth and I would be okay. She kept me fighting! Even now, two months post partum, as I struggle with the disappointment and fear of my birth and the realization that Annabeth and I should both be in heaven right now, Becky is still there to help me on my journey to heal from my birth experience. At the end of the day Becky is everything I could have asked for in a doula, and a friend! She is compassionate, strong, accommodating, knowledgeable, supportive, adaptable, and truly life saving! She did not let me give up on myself or my beautiful baby girl even when the whole room didn't think we were going to make it. She helped my mother in law and my husband feel safe, and knew where and when she was needed the most. As a doula myself, she was everything to me that I try to be to my own clients. To have her as your doula could very well be one of the best choices you make for yourself and the beautiful angel growing inside you!


Monica Weber


 WOW where do I begin? I am a birth/postpartum doula and childbirth educator myself. I was pregnant with my third and unexpectedly transplanted in MD due to pregnancy complications while on vacation. I was worried about finding a quality doula for myself. Being as I am a doula I had a big cup for my potential doula to fill. I made many phone calls, and from my very first encounter with Becky I was almost certain she would be my doula. We clicked right away, and felt like I was on the phone with an old friend. She went out of her way to meet with us, and even suffered through my husbands militant style interrogation (He's in the Navy and just a question person anyways). After contracting Becky, she was very accommodating to our financial needs, and very intuitive of our special circumstances. I had a very complicated pregnancy due to pre term labor, preclampsia, kidney disease, and placental abruption which landed me in the hospital on bed rest. Becky was always there to listen and never overbearing when I just needed space. She helped me so much in dealing with the loss of my "ideal birth plan". When my placenta finally started giving up Becky rushed to the hospital to be with us, even though she was in the process of moving into her new home. She even grabbed some stuff we forgot along the way. I was induced (which was NOT in my birth plan). Becky was supportive and helped me through the very different experience of being induced (my other two were easy, unmedicated, fast deliveries). She always knew just what to say to lighten the room when we got nervous, calmed me when things weren't progressing, and was very attentive to my physical comfort. The best part was that she encouraged my husband to play a very active role which was important to me. She never took his place, but instead they were a harmonious team…To be continued

Jessie Z.


I was lucky enough to hear about Becky through word of mouth. We met and talked about my wants and needs in the birthing process. She was oepn to my input and offered great feedback for me. I was impressed by Becky's efforts at making herself available to me through the whole process and to be present at the hospital, even though we would not have the traditional delivery we were planning for. Becky's support was invaluable! I would gladly recommend Becky to anyone I know! Thanks so much Becky!

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