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Abbie Alvey CD(DONA), IBCLC

Nurture Doula Services

Pleasant Hill, CA Service range 15 miles I do not travel to San Francisco

(925) 639-3512

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 90 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of the Mount Diablo Doula Community and East Bay Doula Group.

Fee Details

My services include: *Free consultation to see if we are the right fit; *Two prenatal appointments; may include birth planning, breathing and comfort measures, teach your partner to help you in labor, and what to expect before, during, and after labor; *Continuous phone support; *Be on call for you starting at 38 weeks; *Continuous emotional and physical support throughout labor; *Immediate postpartum support to help establish breastfeeding, etc; *one lactation visit *One postpartum visit in which we will go over your birth story, help with breastfeeding, and giving any necessary referrals *Continued phone support after baby is born. **If you are desiring just education and do not want a doula to attend your birth, the fee is $900.00. Please visit my site for more information

Pleasant Hill, CA Service range 15 miles I do not travel to San Francisco

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Client Testimonials for Abbie Alvey CD(DONA), IBCLC

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Grace Mason


Abbie went above and beyond throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum! She is so knowledgable, such a great listener, and truly your advocate during your whole journey. I don't know what I would have done without her - I didn't know I was in labor as I was a little over 4 weeks early and labored through the night. I called her first thing in the morning and the second she heard me speak she told me to go to the hospital. I probably would have given birth to my daughter at home if it wasn't for her. She has been such a support system throughout my journey, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to use a doula in the East Bay!

Diana Johansen


We welcomed our first baby with the help, support and guidance of Abbie and her services. I seriously don't think we would have had such a positive experience without her! She was SO knowledgable and understanding and calm!! For first time parents who don't know much of what to expect, Abbie saved us!! I felt like she was our advocate and had our best interest at heart during the birth. We both feel like it was the best money we have spent! Totally worth it! And it was so incredibly helpful to have her to ask questions and advice before, during and after. Abbie made us both feel so good. It was a pleasure to have her be a part of our birthing experience with our son. We highly recommend her!!

Angie Bui


Abbie was everything I hoped a doula was going to be and so, so much more! I would recommend her a million times over.

She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience which seemed so natural to her. We had our prenatal appointments and each time she came both me and my husband felt more and more reassured. Having a doula was not just helpful to me, but also for my husband!

Our baby came 4 weeks early and it was a huge surprise to us. I called Abbie right away and she always remained calm and confident. She came to Alta Bates Berkeley and knew how to manage things from the start. My water broke and I wasn't getting any contractions yet. I was hoping to avoid being induced as much as I could, & Abbie helped buy us more time with the doctor.

Luckily, my contractions came naturally and quite fast! She helped coach me & my husband during the whole process and even gave great feedback to the nurses. We found different methods to "cope" with contractions and she helped relax me once they passed. Changing things up a lot and adjusting it to my needs without asking too many questions (because who can really talk or think too much during that time?) or inflicting her opinion too much. She was the perfect balance!

I am proud to say, I was able to have a natural and speedy birth. No epidural and from contraction to birth was about 5 hours (our doctor was amazed). I can also proudly say I couldn't have done it without Abbie's guidance, care & experience.

Things don't stop once the baby is born either. Since our son was 4 weeks early, one of the general concerns was that he wouldn't know how to nurse as efficiently. Abbie helped me learn how to position myself better and also how a good latch should look and feel like. She came to visit our place twice to help with lactation and was always accessible via text or phone call. With her advice and help, I was also able to breastfeed exclusively since the beginning. 

Katia Senff


Working with Abbie was amazing! From the very first

From the very first meeting, I was impressed with Abbie’s knowledge and experience, not to mention her fantastic personality. With Abbie’s help, we felt adequately prepared before going into labor. She has a keen sense of perception and was able to help answer questions that my husband and I didn’t even know we had! She made sure we understood every aspect of the birth process.

Abbie was with us every step of the way on our big day. She helped me stay focused and positive and helped guide my husband in supporting me during the delivery. She facilitated communication between my husband and myself and the hospital staff. She even took some amazing post-delivery photos of our family moments after baby arrived – they are some of my favorite pictures and I am so happy to have them. After delivery, Abbie came by our house not once but twice to make sure nursing was going well and to ensure that we were in a good headspace as new parents. I did have a few moments of new mommy panic but Abbie reassured

After delivery, Abbie came by our house not once but twice to make sure nursing was going well and to ensure that we were in a good headspace as new parents. I did have a few moments of new mommy panic but Abbie reassured me that everything I was experiencing was normal and helped me create a plan to ease the stress. It was a big help. Because of Abbie, we were able to make informed decisions before, during, and after our labor. I felt that I maintained control of my birth process and am happy to be able to say that my birth experience was the best I could ask for. Thank you, Abbie, for all your support and guidance!

Vermalia Mejia


We hired Abbie as our doula for the birth of our son this past September. My husband and I met with half a dozen doulas during our search. Abbie was very professional and made us feel at ease. This was our first child and didn’t know what to expect. Abbie has a wealth of knowledge and helped us understand what to expect and how to prepare for labor and delivery. She was also a wonderful advocate for us at the hospital. My husband and I were both overwhelmed when I was in labor. Abbie made sure the hospital staff knew our wants and needs. She really helped me push through the worst part of labor. I don’t think we would have had the same birth experience without Abby.

Katherine Heavin


My husband and I planned on having a natural birth and we felt having a doula would make it more possible. With Abbie, we were able to have a natural birth. One of the most helpful parts about having a doula was having Abbie come by our home while I was laboring. While we were still at home, the labor became very intense with significant back pain (we later found out our daughter was facing backward). Abbie brought a TENS unit, which provided some relief, and also showed my husband massage techniques to reduce my back labor pain. Abbie was calm and caring and her presence reassured my husband that the labor was progressing naturally. She asked timely questions which led my husband and I to decide to go to the hospital. She helped my husband and my parents (who were visiting) out of our home and then shortly met us at the hospital.

While in the hospital, she reminded us that I had options in my treatments. Throughout the labor she confirmed that we understood which treatments were being performed and, along with our OB, answered our questions. The nurse we were assigned was new to our hospital; my husband and I felt reassured having Abbie by our sides.

Abbie also asked whether or not I wanted my parents present and if I wanted my mom by my side. I greatly appreciated Abbie asking those questions. I would have forgotten to ask my mom to be near me. And Abbie even made my mom feel included by having her feed me ice chips while laboring.

The postpartum breastfeeding support was also wonderful! She came by our home and checked my latch and alleviated concerns I had. Abbie also checked in periodically by phone to see how our new family was adjusting. It was very nice having her continued support. We loved working with Abbie and are so grateful she was with us to welcome our daughter.

Mananya Chansanchai


Hiring Abbie as our birth doula was one of the best decisions we made throughout our baby journey. From the moment we met her, we could tell she was the type of doula we were looking for - relaxed, knowledgeable, respectful of our decisions and plan, and really just someone that would be almost more like a friend in the delivery room.

During labor, having a doula enabled my husband and I to focus on getting through it together without having to remember the techniques. We knew that we were in Abbie's very capable hands to support us physically and emotionally. As we progressed, we could check in with her to see what was normal. While I was pushing, she was my main coach, counting & encouraging, allowing my husband to just be there to hold my hand. I am the type of person who appreciates trained experts in their fields, and Abbie respected that I wanted a medical labor and delivery and trusted my OB GYN, and she as a trained expert as a doula helped provide me with comfort and confidence to navigate the experience. She was a steady, calm presence that I could look to for reassurance and guidance. I trusted her instincts and that she had my best interests in mind. We had to induce 2 weeks early, but Abbie knew my wishes to labor "naturally" without an epidural for as long as possible and I was able to do so because of her coaching through contractions. 

After delivery, Abbie checked in with me frequently. I was having challenges with my daughter's latch and an overactive letdown, and Abbie came over to try and coach me through different positions and techniques. She also checked in with me over the phone and via text and always made me feel as though she was available and willing to offer support, She was also very supportive trying to help with questions about sleep training and other "new mom" questions.

I am incredibly thankful and grateful to have found Abbie! I would highly recommend her without hesitation!

Jennifer-Suzanne Blake


This was our first birth experience, and not knowing what to expect we were so grateful to have hired Abbie. She was an amazing resource and support for me before, during and after delivery. The two in-home prenatals were a great addition to our group classes. It helped establish the trust and relationship that was needed in the delivery room. My birth plan was to deliver without any added drugs, and indeed I was able to meet that plan because of Abbie. My mother and husband were also in the room, but it was Abbie that really made the natural labor and delivery a special and truly joyful experience for us all. She knew when i was "losing it" and could get me back into my breathing. She understood my own thresholds for pain and the emotional attachment that comes with each moan and grunt. I really felt the presence of a caring and nurturing professional in the room. Abbie was a great addition to my delivery team, and both my mother and husband were so thankful that she was there in the room. Her postpartum visits were also so helpful since they focused on breast feeding. She really is a wealth of knowledge and so very easy to work with. I will definitely, 100%, be using her for our second birth. I can't imagine not having Abbie with us. 

Thank you, Abbie, for everything!!!



Jennifer, Bryan and Sophia Blake

Madison Yoshida


We hired Abbie as our doula with our first child. Abbie was wonderful! We had prenatal visits and a postpartum visit, and she was there for the entire birth. At the prenatal visits, she informed us on pretty much everything we needed to know about birth and after birth. She gave us very useful tools to help through contractions and also helped immensely with breastfeeding! Abbie was extremely kind, caring and was a wonderful doula.

We are so happy with how everything went and of course our newborn baby. And honestly, my husband and I are not sure we could have gone through the process without Abbie.

Thank you Abbie for everything!

Patricia Carson


My husband and I are truly grateful we hired Abbie as our doula. She was professional, attentive and provided us with a wealth of information. Having Abbie as our doula alleviated a lot of the anxiety we'd experience as first time parents. At our first meeting, she asked various questions about us, our level of knowledge about the labor process (which was minimal on our part) and about our birthing plan. Abbie radiated positive energy. She made my husband and I feel confident in our ability to have a natural birth. Abbie checked in on us frequently throughout our pregnancy. She contacted me via the form of communication that was most comfortable for me to use. Abbie was so warm and non-judgmental and explained the pros and cons of having an epidural, breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements, having a birth plan etc. My husband and I learned so much more from her. She clarified information I had read in books and provided additional resources. During our sessions, she had my husband and I practice working as a team to use various relaxation techniques. This came in handy and empowered my husband with an arsenal of tools to assist me through the labor process. Instead of cursing him out-which is something I automatically assumed I was going to do, I looking to him to guide me through my breathing.She even provided us with information on how to soothe a crying infant which we really appreciate. Plus I don't think I would have figured out how to wear a Moby wrap without her.

I would definitely been a big nervous wreck without our sessions and without her positive support. Even after the birth of our darling little girl, Abbie continued to provide support. She schedule a postpartum visit to answer further questions. I literally cried once our last session ended. However, Abbie continued to check on us via phone calls and responded quickly when we called her. Giving birth can be daunting. Hiring Abbie was one of the best decision we made.

Joselita Tablante Joaquin


We made a mistake of not hiring a doula on our first child and our birth plan didn't go as expected and it was a really rough experience for both my husband and I as first time parents.  I think that I would have had a natural birth then if I had a doula to coach us, especially with having epidural on my system. So, on our second child, we decided to hire one and we're so glad to find an affordable doula. Abbie is wonderful to work with and she gives you all the options and encourage you to try them.  When they put me in extended monitoring the day of - they wanted me to get induced since the baby's heart rate had a few drops (from the chart). I was so worried that I did consider it but I'm glad that Abbie was able to bring me back to my senses and just stick with our plan since induction decreases my chance of going for natural birth. When I was in so much pain, she encouraged us to try the shower and that brought some relief and just gave me something else to do while going through contractions. She helped me focus, especially with breathing. It's also assuring to know that my husband is not as stressed out over the whole thing and he was able to do a better job in helping me manage the pain.Overall, I was glad that they're both there and I felt that they made a great team, along with the Kaiser staff we had that day.

I had to push for more than 3 hours before our baby came out with vacuum assistance - again, couldn't have done it without everyone's help. The baby won't come out because she was in Right Occiput Transverse position.  I'm really thankful that I get to experience natural birth with our daughter.  She is such a good baby- latched and breastfed right away and sleeps most of the time. Abbie has been great with checking on our needs and offering support, advise, and resources and answering questions. She have been a big help with helping the baby breastfeed, too. We strongly recommend her services. Thanks, Abbie!

Thera Crane


We're so grateful that we could hire Abbie as our doula. When we were doing our doula interviews, she stood out by being both matter-of-fact and a lot of fun. She somehow is able to be totally empathetic and caring while also being super organized and straightforward. We knew she could be a good advocate for us during labor and delivery. I wanted an unmedicated birth, but I also wanted to give myself the option of using medication if I felt like I needed that, and I was a little nervous about what a doula might think of that, but Abbie is really open minded and non-judgmental, and her priority seems to be to support whatever decisions moms make for themselves.  

We had two very helpful educational sessions before our birth, and she stayed in contact with us quite frequently both before and after our son was born. It was so good to have her there during the birth because my husband could just concentrate on being there for me (and following her suggestions for helping me).  Abbie herself also provided a lot of comfort and support during the birth. 

We'd highly recommend Abbie's services, especially to first-time moms & dads, but really, to anyone who is looking for expertise, advocacy, support, and kindness before, during, and after giving birth.

Daphne Williams


We were so thankful and glad to have had Abbie as our doula for the birth of our first son! Even before we had decided to have Abbie as our doula, she was genuinely helpful to answer any questions we had concerning pregnancy or birth. She holds the delicate balance between being nurturing and personable while still being honest and frank with what is important and necessary. My birth had some unexpected turns, and we are especially thankful that Abbie was there to support me and my husband during the delivery. She helped me and my husband learn what it would be like to truly have my husband as my partner in delivery. It was also great to have a third person there to be completely objective and very informed. Abbie also made sure to take pictures, something my husband probably wouldn't have wanted to juggle in the moment!

Abbie is sure to get to know you as a couple, along with your goals and philosophy beforehand so she can fully support you in following through with your desires the best way possible. She is also thorough and thoughtful, being sure to check-in with you throughout the pregnancy and after birth. Having Abbie at our birth was one of the best decisions we made!

Jen Folsom


People questioned our decision to work with a doula. It's true we could have gotten through the delivery and recovery without a doula....but WHY? Delivering a baby is not something you do every day, and we thought working with a doula would make us feel better prepared and more relaxed in the weeks leading up to the delivery, during delivery, and afterward. That turned out to be true for us. 

After interviewing several doulas, we decided to work with Abbie. She had attended fewer births than some of the other doulas, but it was clear that she knew what she was doing, and we liked her personality the best.

She was prepared and organized during our prenatal visits, and provided far better information than our childbirth classes. Like many births, ours didn't go as exactly as expected, but Abbie took it in stride and helped us do the same. Abbie also stays in contact after delivery during those first few weeks when parents need to feel supported and have someone on hand for questions about feeding, diapering, and calming fussy newborns.

Jennifer Gonzalez


We had such a wonderful experience working with Abbie. From the first meeting I felt very comfortable with her. I knew that she couldn’t insure that I would have the unmedicated problem free birth of my dreams but I knew she could help us ask the right questions and be the emotional support I would need even if I ended up with a c-section. She stayed in constant contact with me throughout my pregnancy and she helped me work through any issues or fears I had. She truly cares and does everything she can to help. She has a gift and if I were going to have another child my husband and I both agree that we would call her in a heartbeat.


Katherine Yuen


You don't have to be a hippie to hire a doula. I am certainly not a hippie but I needed a lot of advices and support while getting ready to deliver my baby girl. Abbie was there every step of the way. She was not judgmental and she respected my choices completely. She was also very caring. After our meetings, she would e-mail me relevant materials and check up on me constantly. I am so glad that she was part of my pregnancy experience

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