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Graceful Birthing of Virginia

Powhatan, VA Service range 65 miles none

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

30 years and 75 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

11 years and 40 families served

Doula Training

  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), May 2011
  • ProDoula, May 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have worked with both doctors and midwives in hospital settings. I also have experience serving moms who have had c-sections as well as un-medicated and medicated births.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Have served laboring couples at birth centers with midwives in attendance.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Will only serve at home births that are attended by a trained and licensed attendant. Have attended families birthing at home as well as home birthed 8 of my own children. Will also assist in child care, light housekeeping, meal prep, post-delivery support, and clean-up.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Have served expectant and birthing moms since 1992 starting with a house parent position at a Philadelphia maternity home and ten years operating a Virginia based maternity home followed by continued birth and post-partum work with interested friends, family, and clients.

Fee Details

My birth doula fee includes 1 prenatal visit, unlimited text, email, and phone contact, birth plan support, birth related resources, access to my lending library, continuous labor and birth support, 1- 2 hours of immediate post-partum, and a 2 hour post-partum visit. I am also available for ongoing breastfeeding support for the nursing family. In addition to serving my typical clients, since having our special needs baby in May of 2013, I have chosen to focus on supporting clients who are expecting a special needs blessing, or an extended NICU stay.

Service Area

Powhatan, VA Service range 65 miles none

Client Testimonials for Ruth Green

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Having Ruth as our doula was undoubtedly one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy. One of my best friends suggested that I find a doula when she found out I was expecting our first child. I started the search but it ended as soon as I met Ruthy. We hit it off immediately. She was funny, caring, detail orientated, experienced and also put my mind at ease. She also made me laugh and within minutes I felt as though I had known her for years! My husband, who was initially unsure about hiring a doula, warmed up to the idea once he realized that she would be there to support BOTH of us – not just me, and she was also NOT replacing him. During my pregnancy she would often check in on me and offer advice. I loved knowing she was only one phone call or text away- especially in the weeks leading up to my due date. The meetings we had and the birth class she offered were educational, informative, and fun. I actually felt prepared and calm on the day we checked into the hospital!  When the time came she was by our side in the hospital for nearly 24 hours, staying awake with us all night and staying by our sides.  Every 12 hours when the nursing shifts would change I would start to feel anxious, but knowing Ruthy was still there immediately calmed me down. She provided us with comfort and support. She was also my cheerleader, my advocate and my support system! Every time the doctor or nurse would recommend something, I would look at her for reassurance. In hindsight – I simply can’t imagine those 24 hours without her. In closing, if you are reading this review and looking for a doula on – look no further then Ruth Green. If Ruth can keep this nervous first-time anxiety ridden Mama happy during a pandemic – AND keep me smiling, laughing and CALM in the L&D room for over 24 hours – she is capable of anything!!  Hire Ruth and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Jay Grant


Ruthy was our doula for both of my wife's pregnancies with our first and second children.  The first birth was our son in 2012 and the second was our daughter in 2015.  Both times, my wife and I were truly blessed by Ruthy's expertise, thoughtfulness, patience, and faith.  Ruthy was always helpful with providing timely practical advice and even providing spiritual guidance as a strong Christian.  She went above and beyond in ensuring that my wife felt as comforted and supported as possible during childbirth, which meant the world to my wife and to me.  We are so very grateful for Ruthy's doula services and recommend her to anyone looking for the "total package" doula!

-Jay Grant

Ned Trice


Ruth was great. She was easy to work with, down to earth, and professional with our kids.  We love Ruth.

Demetra Perlegas Chedester


Ruth Green was my doula for the birth of my son last year.  She was a wonderful support to our family before, during and after his birth.  She was thorough and clear about her policies for hiring her and was very helpful in giving us advice on what to expect as well as suggestions for good nutrition.  Because of her own experience as a mother to many children, she was able to greatly empathize with me as I was preparing and going through the birth process.  She worked very flexibly with me to personalize my experience, since I had some health challenges during my pregnancy.  Most importantly, Ruthy was a strong prayerful presence during the birth, and especially afterwards, when my recovery period took much longer than most.  She was available for post-partum visits to care for the baby so that I could have additional much needed rest.  I would definitely ask Ruthy to be my doula again if I were to have another child and I give her the highest recommendation to others seeking an empathetic, caring, and experienced doula for their birth.

Saloomeh Pazooki


To whom it may concern,

Ruthy Green has been one of the most attentive and conscientious doulas we have worked with. She is punctual, reliable, resourceful, experienced and very good with kids.

Within three weeks after arriving home with my twin sons, Ruthy was with us during the days and on a couple occasions, at night. She has no hesitation to help with household chores during spare times when the kids are napping.

I fully trust her, trust her judgment and have no hesitation leaving my kids with her.

a donahue


My husband & I are beyond grateful for the guidance & care Ruthy offered during pregnancy, labor & birth of our first baby. We hoped for a natural birth w/ the midwives at MCV, but wanted to labor as long as possible in the comfort of our home. We were advised to hire a doula for support in the labor & transition to the hospital. Little did we know how invaluable she would be! We found Ruthy through Doula Match. She was always available during pregnancy to answer questions & periodically called/emailed to check in & let my husband & I know she was praying for us. In a 3rd trimester meeting Ruthy suggested several stretches/positions to get the baby into a good position as well as prep my body for labor. She shared techniques she might use during labor for comfort & baby positioning. She offered practical ways to mentally & emotionally prep. The evening labor began she offered tips via phone to stay rested. When labor intensified Ruthy drove to our house at 1:30 AM. Besides helping provide comfort measures she suggested positions to work with the contractions. After laboring all night, Ruthy recognized signs that we should leave for the hospital - without Ruthy, the baby might have been born in our bedroom! Ruthy made the transition from home to the hospital much smoother than if it were just my husband & I. Upon arrival I was 10 cm. 2 hrs later our baby arrived! For me the afterbirth was the most painful part. During this time my husband was with our baby while the nurse washed & weighed her. Ruthy was with me, praying for/encouraging me during the contractions & stitching. Was grateful to have someone (who has been through it many times) with me. A week later Ruthy followed up via phone, which helped me in processing labor/birth. She visited our home & offered breastfeeding tips, postpartum advice & care. Ruthy was such a blessing to our entire pregnancy/birthing experience! Thank you, Ruthy!

Cole Mortimer Wasdin


We had an excellent experience with Ruthy as our doula during the birth of our first child. We met with her initially at Panera to have an introductory conversation, and through the course of our talk we realized that this was a good fit of both ideals and personalities. We were looking for a doula who was a balanced Christian and who would be a support for both my husband and myself, but would mainly encourage and equip my husband to be my primary support during the labor and delivery process. Ruthy has a very steady and grounded way of speaking that instills confidence, and she is both strong and maternal, which is a vital combination during labor. We had one prenatal visit with her which was extensive and informative, and she helped us find balanced resources from her lending library when we asked questions about vaccines. We had a second prenatal visit scheduled, but we went into labor a month early! During the initial contractions we called her several times with updates, and she provided tips and encouragement as she headed our way. Our original plan was for her to meet us at our home to labor there as long as possible, but my labor progressed very quickly, so she met us at the hospital. She helped me manage the pain of contractions with double hip squeezes (I just KNOW her arms were killing her the next day) and throughout my [quite swift] labor, she would suggest a different position if needed or rub my back or remind me to stay hydrated. I primarily remember my husband's presence and confidence throughout the process, and I know that her quiet suggestions and encouragments to him had a lot to do with his level of comfort, which was exactly what I hoped for. Ruthy had worked so diligently to get to know me and my husband during the prep conversations that I had every confidence that the three of us were working as a team and were on the same page. All in all, a beautiful blessing of an experience, and I would recommend her.

Nicky Wells


Ruth was a wonderful doula and I am so glad that I chose her. My initial goal in hiring a doula was to maximize my chances for a VBAC. Ruth was very knowledgeable and provided additional information specifc to VBAC. She was available to answer questions that both me and my husband had. When I went into spontaneous labor I called her, still unsure if it was time for her to come but she could tell it was and met me at the hospital. I felt at immediate ease when she arrived and she helped me labor in appropriate positions even with an epidural. When the baby experienced distress and they had to take me for an emergency c-section Ruth was right there helping me keep calm as my VBAC slipped through my fingers and fear for the safety of the baby took over. She was my spokesperson when I was in no contidion to speak for myself and made what could have been another traumatic c-section a healing experience as she made sure the baby stayed with me once she was medically clear and that I got skin to skin and early nursing. She stayed with me until I was moved to my room and comfortable and even took pictures and helped my older children hold and meet their little sister. She also offered me post-partum services and was availabel for breasfeeding concerns, she helped me around the house with cleaning and laudry and meal preparation and even transported my older kids to and from daycare. Ruth was truly amazing and if I ever had antoher child I would without question hire her again. She would be an asset to any soon to be Mom before, during and after birth.

kourtney grant


Working with Ruthy is an absolute pleasure. She is knowledgeable and caring. Ruthy is professional yet personable. The support we received from Ruthy at the birth of our son two years ago was such a positive experience that we sought out her superb services for the birth of our daughter this year. Anyone who chooses to work with Ruthy can be confident that they will have the spiritual, emotional, and physical support to create a positive birthing experience.

Sam Cavanaugh-Matherly


My husband and I had our hearts set on having a home birth vbac before we even became pregnant.  We knew we needed a midwife, but we didn't consider finding a doula at first.  I assumed doulas were only needed for hospital births.  Upon meeting Ruthy's husband and being told she was a doula, in case we were interested, I started looking into why having one may be beneficial during a home birth.  After some research I decided having a doula would fit our needs and circumstances, and my husband agreed.  We interviewed Ruthy and immediately knew she was who we wanted to be there to support and encourage us during our birth.  She is very gentle and maternal, and I was excited to work with someone who has so much personal experience with birthing at home and in the hospital.  It was also important for me to have support and guidance from a fellow believer during such an important event in our lives.  Ruthy not only gave me advice and ideas for managing various discomforts and anxieties during pregnancy and leading up to labor, but she asked how she could pray for me, too.  During my lenghy labor, her support was priceless.  Her presence was very calming, and she helped me keep my focus while actively helping me work through contractions with various massage tecniques, encouragement, and prayer.  I did decide to go to the hospital for pain management, and because I had progressed so much at home before I went I was still able to have my vbac.  Without my doula, I doubt I would have labored at home as long as I did!  Ruthy came with us to the hospital.  She talked me through my options regarding pain management, continued to help me through the pain while I waited for the epidural, and reminded me of things we desired I may have otherwise forgotten to relay to the obgyn (like delayed cord clamping.)  We were so blessed to have her present throughout labor and during our birth!

Ruth Green


I would highly recommend Ruth Green as to a doula to anyone!

Although I may be slightly biased (she is my mother-in-law, after all), our experience was all that we had hoped for.

I had rather awful back labor, and Ruth diligently tended to me, even stepping aside at times to allow my husband to minister to me as well. She faithfully checked in with me, making sure that I was getting the help I needed, whether it was a drink, a massage, or  simply quiet in the room.

She worked very well with the others attending my birth, including my mother, sister and wonderful husband. She allowed my husband to be the go between for the doctors and nurses, which we appreciated. She was however, quick to point out if our birth plan was not being followed. Her cheerful disposition was quite encouraging as things became more difficult!

Something we especially appreciated was the thinking ahead attitude she had during the birth...freeing me up to simply labor! I hardly had to ask for anything, and it was already there for me to use (this includes rewarming those glorious heating pads that help SO very much with back labor). Trust me, in the middle of a contraction, having someone in tune with your needs is much prefered to actually voicing those needs.

Gennavieve Green

Hannah McMillan


From the moment my husband & I met Ruthy, we unanimously agreed that we wanted her to be the doula for the birth of our first child. Her calm & professional demeanor impressed us & we always felt at ease when we met with her leading up to the birth. When it came time for me to deliver our daughter, Ruthy was very accessible, despite it being a holiday. My husband & I decided to have Ruthy meet us at the hospital after my labor had started. However, as my labor slowly progressed, I ended up choosing to have an epidural. We felt like since the birth was taking a different direction than what we had wanted & since I thought my pain would be a little more numbed, that we did not want to waste Ruthy's time. We called her to tell her what was happening & that we weren't really sure if we would need her help. What a welcoming surprise it was though, when she came into the labor room. She asked us if it was still okay that she was there & we of course, said "Yes!" Despite having the epidural, I still felt the contractions on my left side. Ruthy was always very much in-tuned to what would be best to make me comfortable. When the idea that a c-section was becoming more and more of a reality, Ruthy offered to pray with us & suggested that we contact our friends to do the same. After exhausting all humanly possible options to avoid having a c-section, it wasn't until after that moment that I finally reached enough dilation to be able to push & avoid a c-section all together. I am extremely grateful for Ruthy's care for us during the birth of our daughter. I think without her encouragement & support, our birth would have been a very different experience.

David Worthington


Ruthy recently attended my fourth birth. I had never used a doula in the past and wanted to have the experience of using a doula. Ruthy spent extensive time with me prior to the birth discussing my preferences and answering any questions I had. She was very supportive during my 40th and 41st weeks when I was overdue and impatient! During my labor and delivery, her comfort techniques, soothing words, and encouragement were exactly what I needed to make my natural birth a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Ruthy to anyone seeking a great natural birth experience.



Ruthy attended the birth of my tenth child (and my first home birth!) in June 2012.  As soon as Ruthy arrived she immediately began asking me about what types of comfort measures I preferred during labor. All I can remember saying was that I just didn’t want to feel alone and it helped to always have someone touching me in some way. While on the birthing ball and sitting tailor style on my bedroom floor, Ruthy stayed right behind me, applying counter pressure to my lower back during contractions. She was very conscientious about not bumping me or stopping the pressure before the contraction had subsided.
Once in the tub, I was hot, so Ruthy kept cold washcloths on my head…she had even gotten a big bowl of ice water from my kitchen to keep the rags cold. Whenever I was in a position where my head was near the tub faucets, I always felt Ruthy’s hand there, covering the faucet to keep me from banging my face against it. One of my main supports during the birth and memories after the birth was hearing Ruthy praying over me and encouraging me while pushing (as I asked her to). With the speed of the labor, my baby’s being two full pounds larger than my others, shoulder dystocia, a Wood’s Screw maneuver and a PAC Pull to help baby emerge, it was physically my most traumatic birth, but with Ruthy’s support I felt the most supported and connected that I ever have during a birth.Ruthy’s presence at this birth was a huge blessing. The empathy she has gained through her own twelve labors is absolutely invaluable. So much of what she did and said seemed to be automatic and intuitive, just moving along with the flow of the labor. After the labor, she took care of the details of cleaning up, and getting things ‘settled’ for us for the rest of the night. I felt well ‘mothered’ by Ruthy during this time.

Carrie Clarke


My husband and I both have been blown away by Ruthy's level of care before, during and after our son's birth. The primary reason we sought out Ruthy to be our doula is she was the only one we found who openly called herself a Christian doula. This was a very important piece of the process for us considering what a miracle pregnancy and new life is. We appeciated the time she spent with us in the weeks leading up to delivery, getting to know us personally and familiarizing herself with our birth plan and wishes. I struggled with low platelets throughout my pregnancy (which equates to clotting problems during delivery) and she took the initiative to research and suggest natural supplements that have proven successful in building up weak blood structure. Even though it was my first child, my labor and delivery ended up being a VERY quick one (less than 3 hours from water breaking to holding him). Ruthy still made it to the hospital in time to assist with the birth and was such a calming presence to have nearby. She has taken more than ample time with us post partum, since my turbo delivery didn't allow her to showcase her usual methods to support and calm a laboring mother. She has been especially encouraging as I struggled with multiple breastfeeding issues in the days and weeks following birth. She's offered advice, brought me books and listened as I agonized over the pros and cons of whether or not to continue. Ruthy is such a warm and loving force to have around during a time that is filled with many ups and downs and a neverending string of questions. 1-10...Ruthy is an 11.   

Sarah Miller


 My husband and I just had our first baby. We knew we wanted a natural, unmedicated birth and asked Ruth Green to work with us to help achieve that goal. We dont even have the words to describe how much of a blessing it was to have her at our birth! She gave us the calm reassurance we needed in that new experience. Her wealth of knowledge was so helpful to us, before, during, and after the birth. She took time to get to know us and our desires for our birth experience and also gave wonderful suggestions which helped us to prepare for the unknown. During the birth, my husband wanted to be my main coach. She did nothing to take away from his role during the birth, but was such a strong encouragement and help to him so that he could help me. We cannot imagine that experience without her and would highly recommend Ruth's services to anyone!

Jay and Kourtney Grant


A pleasure and a delight describe our experience working with Mrs. Green. Her knowledge, experience, and loving personality provided us with greater confidence as we prepared for the birth of our son. From our first meeting, working with Mrs. Green was both enjoyable and productive as she always came prepared and proved to be a great listener. Most importantly we are thankful and appreciative that her values aligned with ours and were expressed throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Mrs. Green to anyone looking for a doula with the necessary skill sets and heart to provide emotional, physical, and informational support while expecting and afterwards!

Rebekah McBride


The night I went into labor, my husband called Ruth at approximately 11 p.m. and she answered the phone sweetly, offered to pray for me, and then got to the hospital as quickly as she could. During the labor, Ruth was calm and her peaceful presence was a blessing. She prayed with me, covered and uncovered me as I went from cold to hot over and over again, pulled my hair away from my face, rubbed the pressure points on my feet, and reminded me to breathe low. Although she was not my main support person (that was my husband), I appreciated her presence, advice, and care. Ruth was encouraging, gentle, and helped my labor and delivery go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. If I were still in the area, I would love to have her attend future births.

denise rs johnson


I decided after 4 hospital births, that I would home birth from then on.  So, Ruth attended my 6th and 7th home births.  I was so blessed to have her there.  I wanted a peaceful, natural experience and Ruth was great for the job!  She has such a gentle, patient spirit.  She is encouraging to anyone that is there for the birth, serving others with a humble attitude.  I use herbal and homeopathic helps and Ruth shared knowledge with me.  She prayed with me when I wanted.  She left me alone when I wanted.  She showed me labor helps.  Lastly, she always has a kind word and a smile.  I was grateful for her presence in my home.  I would recommend her to anyone that wants a gentle loving birth. 



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