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Emilie Royal


Tracy was very informative and answered all our questions in our 1-on-1 birthing class. I would highly recommend Tracy and this class to first-time moms and their partners. She made us feel comfortable to ask any question we had and really involved my husband in the discussion and helped him feel prepared to support me. Both of us feel much more confident after Tracy’s class!

Brittany & Derek


Tracy was our doula for our first childbirth in Feb 2021, and it was an amazing experience. I can honestly say it was an intimate and even enjoyable experience, and four months later I have nothing but fond memories of that day! Tracy played a huge role in helping us prepare and was also invaluable during the birth itself, helping me have the natural, out-of-hospital birth that I wanted. She helped me feel empowered and confident through the entire process, and she also took beautiful photos during the active labour and delivery, which we cherish.

From the moment we met her, we could tell Tracy was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all matters related to birthing and postpartum. She spent many hours with us in our prenatal sessions, explaining what to expect and answering our many (many) questions. She was especially great at helping my husband feel included in the process, and helping him figure out how to be a good support person during labour & delivery.

Tracy brings a calm, low-key energy to any situation, and she also has a great sense of humor. We appreciate her so much, and we hope she'll be available to help with any future children that may come along! :)


Crystal C


Tracy was our postpartum doula after our 2nd baby and was a great help! She is very reliable, great with communication and has a calm approach. I needed help the most with dinner prep, baking, laundry and odds and ends around the house so that I could focus on resting and recovering but also bond with baby. And the days that I need to sleep without interruptions she would take care of our newborn! It was so nice to have Tracy's help.



I really enjoyed having Tracy help my family and I after the birth of my second born. She was fantastic with my 17 month old son and helped so much with him while I was recovering and bonding with my newborn. It was a relief to have someone with her calm experience in our home. 

Daniel Kremer


We had Tracy as a siblings doula to watch our young children when we needed to go to the hospital for our third. We don't have family in Alberta and needed someone we could call at anytime on any day. Tracy was amazing. We had a pre visit so the kids could get to know her, communication was great, and she was ready for us, even on Xmas day when our daughter was born! The kids really loved her and had a great time. I would highly recommend Tracy!


Mariska Johnson


Tracy Hudson was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very helpful through my pregnancy journey and was able to answer any questions or provide me with the information I needed to feel confident throughout this process. 

During labour she was very hands on and help to reduce my pain. She helped me stay calm and also assisted my husband by showing him what he could do to help. It was a great experience with her guidance and assistance.

Following my son’s birth, Tracy stopped by to check up on me to make sure everything was running smoothly. I am very grateful for her help.


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