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Heather McCullough CPM, Hypno, CAPPA Faculty CLE, CLD, CPD

312Doulas & HMbirth.com *Labor*PP*Placenta*Classes

Evanston, IL Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee

$1500 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $45

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

27 years and 3000 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

20 years and 200 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Labor Doula
  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, January 2017

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 8 to 16 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Placenta Encapsulation can be added to Labor Support at discount to my clients, which has been increasingly recognized as helpful for supporting optimal milk supply and decreasing risks of Postpartum Mood Disorders.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
*COVID-19: We are offering VIRTUAL LABOR SUPPORT around the country, which includes phone, text and email support throughout pregnancy *One online prenatal consultation *On call when contract is signed *Labor & Birth support via phone, text, email or Zoom *Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Prenatal Visit *[M]otherboard Birth Planning Tool *FREE online Breastfeeding Course created by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC $600 *all completed via Zoom

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I'm a Midwife at Authentic Birth Center in Milwaukee, WI

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
As a Midwife also supporting women as a Doula, I work to optimize my client's labor experience both at home or in the hospital. I am able to offer Advanced Services to my clients at their request.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Birth art therapy services
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Online free interview scheduling: https://calendly.com/312doulas-heather-victoria Chicago Volunteer Doulas Board Member

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Heather McCullough, CPM, CAPPA Faculty CLD, CPD, CLD, HCHI, PES, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner. *COVID-19: We are offering VIRTUAL LABOR SUPPORT around the country, which includes phone, text and email support throughout pregnancy *One online prenatal consultation *On call when contract is signed *Labor & Birth support via phone, text, email or Zoom *Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Prenatal Visit *[M]otherboard Birth Planning Tool *FREE online Breastfeeding Course created by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC *all completed via Zoom

Service Area

Evanston, IL Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Heather McCullough CPM, Hypno, CAPPA Faculty CLE, CLD, CPD

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Tarra Sharp


We love Heather and Victoria. We worked with 312Doulas as we prepared for the arrival of our first child. They were fantastic. We engaged them at about 18/20 weeks in the pregnancy and were able to take advantage of the pregnant person weekly zoom meeting (which provided a wonderful support system through the pregnancy), the birth classes (which were more evidence-based and intimate than what my hospital offered), and they were available for any questions (which gave us another opinion outside of our OB).

On the day of our birth, my husband was able to engage with them via text and let them know how things were going. Heather arrived at the hospital and was able to offer comfort measures, support, and coaching that helped both my husband and I feel that we could do THIS! :) In addition, they were able to relieve my husband and let him get some sleep and they got me ice and food, etc. Just so kind. Once I started to push, Heather was there to coach us and encourage us and then take pictures of our new family when the baby girl came. Heather had to leave (they work 12-hour shifts) and Victoria slid in, so quickly I didn't realize it was happening and never felt alone. Victoria then stayed to help us breastfeed and get settled in.

After our birth, we had a postpartum call to ask any questions and now participate in the new parents' weekly zoom which already has been super valuable.

We'd highly recommend working with 312Doulas.

Jess K


Words cannot do justice to what 312Doulas have given my family. I feel so fortunate to have had Victoria and Heather by my side every step of the way. Their continued support (never judgmental) helped me find the right path for my baby's birth and remain in touch with my intuition along the way. We were able to trust our decisions because of the Evidence Based Birth education course they taught, along with the never ending resources they shared.

At birth time, when Victoria walked through the door, I was instantly overcome with a sense of confidence that “I could do this”. If you’re in a position to hire a Doula, you couldn’t be in better hands with the 312Doulas.

Kate Pincus


I had the absolute best experience with 312 Doulas and am so glad that I got to work with Heather! I learned so much from her during the Hypnobabies & Evidence-Based Birth class my husband and I took, and I felt very prepared even when my birth plan went in a totally different direction. At 30 weeks, I was feeling nervous about my chosen hospital and Heather helped me make an informed decision to switch to a hospital and midwife group that was a better fit for my birth plan! Her guidance was incredibly valuable during this big change.


I had planned to have a low intervention vaginal birth, but my stubborn baby remained breech even after two versions. Heather was at my side for my version, and made the whole experience quite bearable and calm considering how uncomfortable it can be! When it came time for my planned C-section, I felt so supported and prepared thanks to Heather and the very wonderful OB and midwife who I entrusted with my care. My recovery was fairly quick and smooth, and I feel very lucky to have had great partners in 312 Doulas which I know contributed to the overall experience.


I cannot recommend 312 Doulas and Heather enough – I feel like a birth warrior despite all of the unexpected things that happened, and I know having Heather by my side was a major reason why!

Zach Elkin


Partnering with 312 Doulas was the best decision for our family as we prepared to welcome baby #3! As the birthing partner, I can only offer the highest recommendation for their services and how they supported my wife and me through the entire experience. Heather and Victoria were incredibly communicative, thorough, and nurturing. Most importantly, they listened to our story and met us where we were. 312 Doulas was an integral piece of our care team and with their constant guidance and encouragement we felt empowered throughout the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods. We are so grateful for Heather and Victoria from 312 Doulas!



I've started this review at least 20 times now - I just can't find the right words to sufficiently describe just how valuable Heather and Victoria are.  I've been fortunate enough to count them amongst my team for both of my deliveries. The first, in 2018, was an emergent C-Section after a full placental abruption at 32 weeks. Heather arrived and was such a support to me and my husband as we quickly navigated a series of difficult choices and circumstances.  After the baby was born Heather stayed with me so that my husband could go with the baby to the NICU. She helped my hand express colostrum in the minutes after my delivery to help ensure I would have a milk supply - a critical thing for preemie development and health. In the weeks after, she was a huge emotional support, even coming to the NICU to deliver us snacks and post partum resources for C-section mamas and NICU parents.

So, when I became pregnant in 2019 I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC and knew I wanted Heather and Victoria on my team. Over the course of my pregnancy, even during a pandemic, they were available weekly to check in, make sure I was doing okay physically and emotionally, and even did extra sessions with my husband to make sure he felt ready to support me during labor in the event doulas were still unable to come to the hospital because of COVID. Eventually, I had to be induced and Heather once again came to support us at Prentice. With her help, I was able to have a successful unmedicated VBAC (even though I was past my due date, GBS+, and my water prematurely broke). I am convinced she has magical powers that allow her to precisely tell you how many more breaths you need to get through a contraction, what position will feel best and help labor progress most efficiently, etc. With Heather's assistance, we went from very early labor to baby in just a matter of hours, and have the most joyful, exhilarating, euphoric VBAC.

Megan Mellee


I am so grateful that Heather was my doula for my son's birth -- she was incredible throughout my 42 week pregnancy and then during our water birth. She advocated for me throughout labor and supported me with knowledge and compassion. She served as a patient witness even throughout the intensity! I can't imagine birthing without her support. She will always be a beautiful part of my son's birth story and I am so grateful!M

Ronald Chin


For anyone that is thinking of partnering with a doula for their birth should look no further that 312Doulas. Heather and Victoria are extremely knowledgeable, passionate, thoughtful and caring; all traits that are vital in working with new parents. Additionally, they were very hands on and patient in working with nervous new dad's like myself. We were so fortunate to work with both Heather and Victoria and have them part of one of the biggest moments in our lives.

Heather stayed with us during the birth of our child and was a tireless advocate, counselor and confident for us when we were in the hospital. I cannot say enough about how happy and fortunate we were and what a terrific experience that we had with them. I will be forever grateful to them for their help and guidance throughout the process.

Meg H


When we found out that we were pregnant with our second, we knew that we wanted to work with a doula. We had a doula for our first when we were living in a different state and felt that the support was huge during pregnancy and birth. Additionally, wt knew we wanted to try for a VBAC and wanted to find the best team to help us with this goal. We were thrilled when we met Heather and Victoria as they were knowledgeable, compassionate, and supportive. They were able to point us in the right direction with supports in the area as well. We ended up changing our hospital and team based on their recommendations and we believe we ended up with the birth we wanted based on these factors. Heather was with us during labor and she was a constant support throughout. She encouraged me to try different positions and talked me through decisions that needed to be made in a calm manner. We are so thankful to have found Heather and Victoria and would highly recommend working with them to anyone looking for a strong doula team!

Katie Schneider Chambers


I knew I needed Heather after I took her VBAC class - I told my husband that she was a game changer. Everyone else I talked to said similar things. The head L&D nurse at our hospital called her "magic", and the midwives I talked to said "She is the gold standard. I feel bad when my patients use anyone else, because I know that she's the best."
She is all of that - game changer, magic, the gold standard.  I am telling all my friends that they HAVE TO have Heather and Victoria help with their births.  After 2 C-sections, I would not have been allowed to, able to, or believed I could, deliver Grace naturally unless she and her partner had pulled two all-nighters and stayed with me at the hospital for 39 hours.  Heather pushed on my hips for 2 minutes out of every 3 minutes for 5 hours, and made it possible for me to have an unmedicated natural birth. (Husbands, you need a doula; you won't last under those conditions!)
I am so glad I signed up with them a full 28 hours before I went into labor!! (Seriously. They were a last minute find, right on time!) I'm so grateful for the birth team God gave us, and the wonderful experience it was!! Everyone told me I couldn't have a natural birth after 2 c sections and they came along with the data, the tools, and the encouragement to change the game for me.

Lauren Schuh


Heather & Victoria were just AMAZING through out my pregnancy. Heather was on call for the birth of my daughter & really helped me get through it. There was a few scary minutes when my daughter was a little stuck & Heather knew exactly what to do. I give all the credit to her for making me change positions, telling me where to put my hands, my foot & just taking over. My daughter was born 3 pushes later. If I didn't have Heather, I think it could have been a totally different outcome. Having the extra support through out my pregnancy & the delivery was priceless. I learned a lot this time! They gave me many tips on supplements, things to eat, drink & how to make sure I had the best pregnancy ever. Do yourself a favor & hire these amazing women. You will not regret it. 100 stars!

Ariel Frey Infante


Working with Heather and Victoria before and during my birth was an incredible experience. They are so supportive, encouraging and know exactly what you need when you need it (intuitive). They were always there to answer my questions and support me through all of the new decisions around my birth. Heather was at my birth and I'm so grateful that we had her as a knowledgeable and wise source of insight during labor for myself and my husband. She knew when it was time for me to push, helped my husband know how to support me, and encouraged me to use my contractions in the last 30 minutes of pushing. Having her there with me made my birthing the most incredible experience and better than I could have imagined. I'm pretty sure that her encouragement was what helped me to push for only an hour as well. I'm forever grateful!

Jennifer Kreuter


I was referred to Heather by a friend and,from the start I was not opposed to an epidural and really just wanted a doula for her knowledge of births. At the first meeting my husband and I were on board.I was a bit hesitant on the cost but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY! I was amazed with her knowledge and experience.We decided to do the hypnobabies class with Heather and we were again given so much information about pregnancy and labor that I told my husband how do women give birth without knowing all of this?! While I was skeptical of the hypno idea we ended up really using some of what we learned during my labor.We were both happy that we took the classes.Heather is there to make YOUR birth story happen.So if you want an epidural or a c-section she will be with you through it all.Without me even realizing it my thoughts turned into wanting a natural birth. I think it was all of the information that we learned.Heather researches/studies,goes to conferences,and has so much hands on experience,and most importantly she uses evidence based practice.SO,all this to say that I so very highly recommend Heather.Going into labor I was not worried at all because she is a pro and has done this literally hundreds and hundreds of times! The day I went into labor she was texting and talking to my husband throughout the day and told us whenever we wanted she would come over to our place.My labor and delivery went very well and it was so great having Heather there as she walked us through what the nurses and doctor were doing.She was encouraging and reassuring and made sure my husband was doing (and saying) the right things.It was all so wonderful and I ended up having a natural birth! I can’t express how amazing Heather is and how very highly I recommend having her.We will definitely use her again.Her knowledge and experience is so worth having and the cost is worth every penny and more! Thank you so much! Heather,you are forever a part of the special story of Ellie.



I had interviewed 5 doulas before choosing 312 Doulas. Heather and Victoria assisted me with my pregnancy and labor/delivery and I am so incredibly grateful for their help. They are the best of the best and a wealth of knowledge and experience with everything having to do with a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Heather was the doula on call for my delivery. I believe she was key in having the natural childbirth experience I so wanted. I am incredibly grateful for being lucky enough to have them.

If you are in the market for a doula don't look any further, they are truly the best.

Chloe Neims


Heather was a huge source of knowledge, guidance, reassurance, and support throughout my pregnancy and labor & delivery. She is one of the most experienced and well educated women on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in the Chicagoland area, which is why I chose to have her as my right-hand lady for the amazing but overwhelming process of having a baby!

As nature would have it, nothing went to plan during L & D for me, but Heather made sure that I was in control of all the decisions made, and kept me upbeat and positive throughout. She never tired in keeping me relaxed and as comfortable as possible during the 12+ hours of active labor, and was extremely helpful to my husband, giving him ideas on what to do and allowing him to rest when he needed.  It came down to big decisions that I never thought I would have to make; first an epidural and then a C-section. Heather was there with honest advice, and I knew that she seriously took into account my wish for a natural birth but had the experience and grace to help me move away from the plan and do what felt right for both my body and baby. I can't imagine making those choices without her by my side, and her reassurance helped me afterwards in coming to terms with how my birth story unfolded.  She was my number 1 advocate for the best possible choices and outcome at the hospital, and wasn't afraid to speak on my behalf to the nurses and midwives when I was no longer able to talk!

When it comes to having a baby, not much can be predicted, planned, or controlled, which is why I strongly recommend having someone with a tremendous amount of hands on experience to draw from. In the heat of it all, you want a woman beside you who has seen it every way a hundred times, and those kinds of doulas are hard to come by! I would recommend Heather as a doula and Hypnobabies teacher to everyone I know having a baby!

Katy Lineberry


I found Heather through a Facebook group of local moms - many recommended her! We interviewed three and by far felt most comfortable with Heather. I was impressed with her background as a midwife, and she is also so personable. As a second-time mom, I knew what to expect going into the birth. My first labor was very ?late and very ?long??, and I went to the hospital way too early, so the benefit of having a woman at home who could even check me was great!? I had wanted an unmedicated birth? with my first? but ended up getting an epidural and pushing for 3 1/2 hours! I really hoped this time would be different. Heather told me many stories about the women she worked with and mentioned that none of her second time moms went longer than 6 hours - I kid that I hired her based on that? alone! (And it was only 5 1/2 hours this time for me!)

My water broke at 4 am on the day I gave birth, but it wasn't immediately apparent that that's what had happened, so I went back to bed. When I woke in the morning, I texted Heather, and she kept in close contact all morning to make sure all was going well. She came to our house around 1 pm, when my contractions were really getting strong. She was amazing - somehow she knew exactly when my contractions were about to peak and reassured me ?as she talked me down each one. We talked about when we should leave for the hospital - I didn't want to go too early! We left my house around 2:30, arrived around 2:40, got in a room at triage at 2:50 - and my son was born at 3:01! No time for an epidural, no time for monitors or an IV - my dream! Even though Heather didn't end up being with me for much of labor, I truly believe our prenatal meetings with her gave me the confidence to know I could work through my labor this time.

The birth of my second child was by far the most empowering moment of my life, and I'm so thrilled that Heather helped me be calm, present, and strong through it!

Dominique Williams


Heather provided exceptional pre-natal and labor support for the birth of our first child, as well as placenta encapsulation. She is warm, responsive, and experienced. I had an unmedicated birth using Hypnobabies and she helped keep me focused and confident throughout. Heather also provided excellent support to my husband, who later commented that he would never want to go through a birth without her. After the birth, my midwife asked for Heather's business card and described her as the best doula she'd ever worked with. I recently recommended Heather to a close friend, who used her and also had a wonderful birth experience. We are a few months away from birthing baby number two and are thrilled that Heather will be with us again. We can't recommend her enough!

Galina Obushinskaya


First let me say that I found Heather by accident and it was on e of the best accidents throughout my pregnancy.

I started working with her very late in my term, by about 8 and a half months into it and thought it was late.

Well, now I know it's never too late a caring, knowledgable and lovely doula on your side,

She responded to my inquiries quickly and I had no porblem setting up appointments with her, even though she is usually really busy.

When the time for delivery came, my husband and I texted her from the hospital and asked her questions, and kept consulting with her all the way through until she arrived to the hospital and was there with us. It was invaluable to have her knowledge and expertise on our side. It gave me confidence into my ability to give birth naturally and to trust my body which is what doula's purpose is.

She had been by my side starting from active labor and past delivery, offering refreshing towels to put on my ferehead, keeping me hydrated as much as it was possible, guiding me through the birthing process with encouragement on breathing and not giving up.

The result was natural unmedicated birth which I'm now so proud of to a wonderful baby boy!  Not diminishing the Evanston midwives' efforts, Heather is  the huge contributor to my birth being so smooth, calm, collected and wonderful!!!

Million Thank you, Heather!!!

Rebekah Baltic


Heather was a God send. Going into my first pregnancy was very nerve wrecking not knowing what to expect. I knew I wanted a doula to have on my support team through pregnancy and mostly at the labor.

I had a sense of peace and ability to relax a little more knowing I would have Heather through every step. Knowing I could always ask her any questions and she was happy to answer them was awesome.

Having her at the labor was the best. She was there, ready, encouraging, bright eyed, gave guidance to my husband, and was massaging my back, and physically supporting me the whole time. During the end of my labor she helped me get through "laboring down" as we waited for my doctor to arrive (for about 2 hours!!!! chicago traffic...). I think I would've died if I didn't have her through that last part.She told me how to breathe through this which was IMMENSLY helpful.

She told me exactly what to expect once the doctor came in, and guided me on how to breathe through pushing. She supported every decision we made through the process and was our support system and advocate through the process at the hopsital. She made me feel more at ease, and knowing things would be fine, and that I could do it.

My husband and I both agree that we needed her and that she was the best person for the job. THANK YOU HEATHER for being a part of the best day of our lives.

Nicole T


i had Heather as my doula and we absolutly loved her. She was so amazing from the beginning to the end. She made my birth seem so easy. i really thought it was going to be a lot harder giving the fact that it was my first. She kept my fiance and me really calm and  the pressure points she applied on my back when i was having contractions pretty much saved me from having any drugs. YES... NO EPIDURAL just a natural easy birth. She knew exactly what to do at any time. The birth of my son was an amazing experience and i have to thank Heather from the bottom of my heart from making everything seem so easy. WE LOVE YOU HEATHER AND i WILL DEFENEATLY COME  BACK TO YOU AGAIN WITH MY SECOND.

Sarah Goldberg


I simply cannot say enough positive things about my experience with having Heather as my doula. Not a day has gone by since the birth when I am not grateful for all the support she provided. I was very worried about labor and delivery when I found out that my husband would likely be working out of town. With Heather's help we prepared for various situations and she completely supported all the decisions we made. Because of her I was able to labor at home, with Heather coming to lend a hand in the middle of the night. She stayed with us through a day and half of labor, guiding us through all stages. Without her help I surely would have had more interventions and significantly more stress. What Heather brings is a true sense of professionalism. In my 40 weeks of pregnancy, I found no doctor, nurse or midwife to be as well informed as Heather on all matters of pregnancy, birth and infancy, She could quote research and information on any issue that arose, but always left our decisions open to our discretion. Heather is a true gift for pregnant women and their families.

Bridget Sievers


I had a great experience with Heather and would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in a doula. Prior to meeting Healther I really didn't know much about labor and delivery and my options. After hiring her, we had 2 prenatal appointments. She did a great job of educating my husband and I and laying out our various options for our birth plan. She is very knowledgable about pregnancy and labor and delivery and has a lot of delivery experience. I really appreciated having her with us for labor and delivery. My labor progressed fast and I was unable to get an epidural until 8cm dilated 90% effaced. The pain was intense and she helped coach my husband and I through it. During the pushing phase, I was having difficulty getting my son out because of the shape of my pelvic bone. Heather was very helpful in suggesting different positions to try. After my son was born so made sure that he latched prior to leaving. He took to breastfeeding right away and I attribute it to latching minutes after birth (something I would have forgotten to try in the moment!).

Nicole T


Heather McCullough is outstanding.  She has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience.  We took her course and absolutely loved it.  She is a great speaker and covers the broad as well as the fine points when it comes to natural birthing.  My sister in-law used the organization Heather works with called "Gentle Birthing," to have a home birth and that's how we met Heather.  She was awesome.  Very supportive both in the course and out.  She was very resourceful and helped us overcome a few hurdles we ran into while preparing for giving birth in the hospital.  I highly recommend you use her she will guide you and make natural birthing an easier experience.  We love her and would definitely use her again and recommend her to all our friends.  Nicole T

Kate L. Goldhaber


We had an unusual situation in that Heather was not present for most of the actual birth.  Things happened much more quickly than we anticipated, so by the time we reached out to her, it was too late.  She arrived during the pushing phase of labor!  BUT, she was still instrumental in our preparations, and provided a lot of support along the way (via text/phone).    Our visits at 36 and 37 weeks helped us prepare for the birth - emotionally, physically, and logistically.  She came to our home and stayed for lengthy visits.  She was helpful, attentive, and knowledgeable.   She got to know us, our story, and our concerns, fears, and questions.  She encouraged us to consider what was important to our birth experience and helped us anticipate challenges that might arise and consider how we would cope with them.  Although the day went quite differently than we expected, we still felt great about how it all transpired.  We would definitely recommend Heather as a coach and support.

Janna Nobleza


I had a great birth experience and much of the reason for that is because of Heather. Heather is amazing: she makes you feel safe, empowered, and loved throughout your birth experience...all of which was very important to me.

I had some complications in my pregnancy and was told I would be induced at one of my OB appointments. I was nervous about having pitocin. Heather advised me about what to do in early labor. My husband then texted her when I was in active labor at the hospital. Heather came right away and when she walked in the LDR room both my husband and I just relaxed and knew we were in good hands. Heather helped me stay focused through my pressure waves, she knew the hosiptal well and was able to get me the tools I needed to be successful (birthing ball, warm towels, etc.) that as a first time mom I didn't know were available to me.

She included my husband in my birthing process as well. She would say things like: "Why don't you sit here and put pressure on her back right here?" She also helped me find more comfortable laboring positions and helped me in the shower.

When it was time to push, Heather explained to me how to push effectively. She was supportive and encouraged me to feel the baby's head. After baby was born, she helped with breastfeeding.

Afterwards my husband said that he was so glad Heather was there. He wanted to support me throughout the birthing process, but said he just didn't know how to support me best until Heather came and helped us both. I am so grateful for Heather and her positive energy and love for me and my family.

If/when I have another child, she will be my doula again. I highly recommend her.

Lindsay Sisti


Heather was not only my doula last month, but a guardian angel for my husband, baby and I. Even now as I sit here to write this review, I am starting to well up with tears, as I recall the intense emotions I felt during my difficult labor and childbirth, and how much Heather was there for our family. During the arduous FOUR days and nights of contractions that I experienced at home, Heather made herself available via phone and text message to me at ALL hours, for four days straight. Even at 4am she would respond within 5 minutes of my text!  She not only saved us a trip or two to the hospital, but she came over to help me at home with exercises and examine me. Once we finally got to the hospital to be induced, I ended up needing an intense forceps delivery. She was not judgmental of me wanting an epidural and encouraged me to make decisions that I was most comfortable with. Heather was there for us at every step of the way. She is more knowledgable about birth than an OBGYN (she is also a midwife and has delivered tons of babies in the past) and having her by my side as I pushed, watching the monitors, communicating with the nurses and doctors, and comforting us, was priceless. Now I have a happy and healthy baby girl and although it was a difficult experience medically, Heather provided us with the comfort we needed to make it a beautiful experience, emotionally.

Beth Kronfeld


Heather was an incredible asset to my birthing team.  She is so knowledgeable and keeps up on all the latest research.  She knows everything there is to know about pregnancy and birthing and is happy to tell you fact from fiction.  Having been a midwife for many years before becoming a doula, she's had the unique experience of being both a provider and deliver babies and also as a support via her role as doula.  This combination experience, makes for one strong advocate for you and your baby! Heather was available and easily accessible during my pregnancy for any pregnancy related questions that I wanted to run by her and when she showed up on the scene when I was in labor, it was an INCREDIBLE difference to the efficiency and quality of my experience.  She is fully supportive of however you want to experience your labor, medicated or unmedicated. There is no judgement but she will be right there with you each step of the way.  I chose unmedicated and having Heather with us supported me in easefully reaching my goals.  She listens to what you most want out of your experience and will work to provide you with that.  She is an incredible support to all, including husbanads/partners.  Babies and birthing are her life and it is clear from all her extensive knowledge and experience that you couldn't have a better doula than Heather.

Rachel Poretsky


I had just two meetings with Heather before my daughter was born (two weeks early), but her advice and support before, during, and after the birth was incredible. Heather has a calming, peaceful, knowledgeable way about her. My partner initially had no strong opinion about involving a doula in our birth experience, but if you ask him now, he will tell you how amazing Heather is and how worthwhile it is to have a doula on your side. Amazingly, when my water broke and the rushes began and were accompanied by bleeding, I called L&D at the hospital (UIC) and the on-call doctor told me only to come in if it was worrisome but gave me no indication about what I should I do or if I should in fact be worried. I had no frame of reference. I texted Heather at 3am and she immediately wrote back and then called me. Once active labor began, she stayed in communication with my partner, giving him resources and a peace of mind. Although Heather did not get to attend my labor/delivery, she immediately sent her backup doula to my house while I labored at home; her backup doula was phenomenal. I wish Heather could have been there for the birth, too, but I am so, so thankful that she was part of the whole experience, both pre- and post-partum. She is a fount of knowledge and is so accessible and willing to answer questions or provide support and encouragement.

Sarah Stephenson


Heather has a wealth of experience as a Doula & Midwife & is a wonderful character. She is friendly, gentle, listens & is personable in every way- feeling like a friend with a wealth of knowledge in the birthing arena.

She made my husband & I feel so comfortable from the minute we met her. She was a great judge of our character/personalities & adjusted her style to suit ours. Heather answered all of our questions & used many different birth scenarios to help us think about what options were available & what we may/may not consider if we were faced with those situations.

Heather made us feel absolutely at ease & in good hands going into our birth experience. I didn’t heave the easiest of labors & Heather was our rock throughout it. She gave me all the support I needed; suggesting positions, props, activities, provided emotional support & when it came down to making tough decisions- gave options & advice. She guided my husband & relieved him when exhaustion set in. Her interactions with the medical staff at the hospital were very professional at all times.

Heather followed up with us at the hospital & via phone when we got home to ensure my husband, our son & I were doing well. She also provided some lactation advice/referrals when we needed it.

Heather clearly cares about her clients, well after her job is done. We would recommend Heather as a Doula to family, friends & to anyone wanting extra guidance & support throughout labor/delivery.

Jaime Jennings


Heather was a lifesaver in so many ways during my pregnancy and birth.  Having her by my side made what could have been a very tramatizing experience at the hospital instead a positive memory.  From the beginning Heather helped Brian and I make educated decisions.  Her calmness and knowledge made an otherwise unbearable 9 hours in triage doable.  When the hospital let me down Heather was there to support me and she stayed by my side for 24 hours without a moment to herself.  In addition to everything that she did to support me I know that my partner was also very appreciative of her support.  Heather was able guide and support him so that he could be the partner that I needed for the birth of our son.  I would highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for labor support!

Bailey Kindlon


Our pre-natal visits were very thorough and informative, and we really felt like she wanted to get to know my husband and I if she was going to give us her best while on this journey with us. As my due date approached and then passed, I worked in tandem with Heather and my doctor to make the right decision for what was to come. I eventually went into labor on my own, and Heather helped me fulfill my goal of staying home as long as I could manage the pain. She also provided an invaluable skill - she was able to examine me to see if I had much I had dialated, and was able to confirm that I was in fact, in labor. When we got to the hospital, she was helpful in the best possible way - she was there when we needed her and she knew when to step back as well. Ultimately, I needed to have a C-section, a decision which she respectfully and kindly supported. She was also there for my husband with emotional support and medical knowledge during the whole thing. But what I think was the defining moment in the whole birthing experience, is when I finally made it to the recovery room with my newborn, after having been in labor for 18 hours, and reeling from a particularly uncomfortable surgery that I did not plan for, was when Heather helped me get colostrom into my baby's mouth. I was pretty immobile and out of it from the drugs, but Heather basically climbed into bed with me and squeezed my breast into my baby's mouth. Now that is dedication! She helped create a moment - perhaps one of the most important moments in a new mother's life - that I may not have otherwise had without Heather. And for that, I will always be eternally grateful. Heather is a consummate professional and incredibly skilled doula and I couldn't recommend her enough!



Heather McCullough was our doula and she also provided some post-partum care for two months after the birth. I highly recommend her! She has a lot experience (20 years or so) and seems passionate about her work, but perhaps even more important, she was always upbeat, very caring, and a great listener. She also was very hard-working, taking care of our household without needing any guidance, which gave me time to rest and recuperate.

Glen Thomas


If you're looking for a good Doula, Heather is not the one for you...... "good" doesn't describe her at all. She was AMAZING! It is hard to put into words how important it is to have someone you trust and can rely on during a time when your wife is going through the most pain she will ever experience and you are delivering your most precious possession you will ever have. There is nothing we wouldn't do to have the most experienced professional along side us during these life changing moments.

Heather was perfect. There is nobody we would rather have had work with us. She is the quintessential professional, with a depth of knowledge you'd expect from a doctor. You know when the doctors and all the nurses rave about your Doula post delivery, you've hit gold. My wife went into labour 3 weeks early at 7:45am on Sunday morning. We called Heather at 8:30am. She was on the phone to us every few minutes for the next two hours during the early contractions and then dropped everything and came to our house at noon. She knew exactly what my wife needed (emotionally) and calmed us both down. She spent the rest of the labour with us and came through to the hospital and into the delivery room with us. Heather was all about my wife - while the doctors and nurses were analytical and almost clinical, it was Heather that was concerned about my wife's dignity and comfort throughout the delivery. I used Heather as a sounding board to make the best decision for my baby and wife, and know when to push back on what the doctors and nurses when they were pressuring us into making decisions.

My health, happy son was born later that day and my wife and I are in awe.
I can honestly not recommend Heather enough!!!! Look no further - Heather is the Doula you want. Trust me!!
Feel free to contact me at any time for a reference for Heather! (glent@werbac.com)


Alice Mcdonald


Heather was indispensable throughout the whole process. She was able to give us advice, support and encouragement during switching doctors, issues with low amniotic fluid, having to be induced and breastfeeding issues afterward. She was always available for advice and really knowledgeable, reassuring and keen to go out of her way to help. As is usually the way, my birth plan of laboring at home with Heather for as long as possible was left by the wayside when the doctor decided to induce me for low amniotic fluid and sent me straight to the hospital from the doctors office. I developed high blood pressure during the labor meaning I had to stay in bed lying down rather than moving around or getting in the shower to help deal with the labor pains. Despite all this I was still able to have an analgesia free labor and delivery which was really important to me as it felt like the labor I wanted still, even though the circumstances had totally changed. This was due entirely to Heather. She just knew what to say and how to sooth a laboring woman. She knew intuitively when to talk and massage in just the right places and when to be quiet and take a step back. She stayed with me when my husband left to get food and explained the doctors jargon and what was happening to him as well as suggesting to him how best to help me during labor pains. Throughout the labour we must have had 8 different nurses coming and going, but Heather was the constant. That was massive. My husband was really quite upset and angry when I first suggested we hire a doula as he felt that this indicated I didn't feel he could support me adequately, but now he's the one encouraging all his friends to hire a doula and calls Heather our guardian angel!! He's totally converted!

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