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Chana Diamond

doula chana, birth doula & lactation counselor

Merrick, NY Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee

$2600 to $2750

Birth Fee

$2600 to $2750

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 101 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Hi, I'm Chana! I am a doula, certified lactation counselor, licensed clinical social worker and mother. I approach pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting from a realistic and compassionate perspective. As a doula, I offer empathetic guidance and unconditional support to pregnant people and their families as they grow. I love supporting people through exciting, difficult and emotional experiences and I am forever grateful to the folks who welcome me into their lives. I have experience working with a diverse range of people and offer an individualized, tailored approach to every family I meet. My background and training as a mental health professional informs my views regarding pregnancy and birth — I see these processes as opportunities to nurture relationships both with others and with one's self. Birth and parenthood are chances and spaces in which to grow, explore and gain a sense of self. I strive for all births to be positive and met with excitement, joy, some healthy trepidation and lots of love. I am originally from Suffolk county, Long Island, lived in Queens for many years and now live in Nassau County. I am an active member of the NYC/Metropolitan area birth-worker community. My three children keep me busy and coffee keeps me sane. My training includes: DONA, Gina Crossley-Corcoran on VBACs, Spinning Babies, Healthy Children Project/Center for Breastfeeding, Whole Body Pregnancy, Manhattan Birth Mentorship, Manhattan Birth Integrative Lactation and Feeding Specialist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with specialty in perinatal mental health

Languages Spoken

  • Hebrew

Fee Details

Please see my website to learn about packages and services available!

Service Area

Merrick, NY Service range 30 miles

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Nikita Vineyard


Chana was so helpful, insightful and a really warm and kind person. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has experienced trauma during birth. 

Lindsey Kane Moser


Chana was an integral part of our birth journey this time around. I had a good experience with my first daughter's birth. That said, there were things I knew I wanted to do differently with my second, namely having an unmedicated birth. Chana was there to answer all my questions during my pregnancy and shared supportive messages along the way. Our meeting a few weeks before the birth, gave my husband and I the clarity we needed to go into the experience with a positive and confident outlook. The day of the birth, Chana's calming presence was critical and her techniques helped to lessen the intensity of the pain I felt throughout. In the end, I got the unmedicated birth experience I wanted and I don't think I could have done it without Chana. If we are blessed enough to have a third child, I'd definitely want Chana to be a part of it! I cannot recommend Chana's services more highly. 

Gia L


Chana was an absolute dream to work with -- twice, for our family.

As first-time parents, we weren't certain that we even needed a doula. It was recommended to us along the way in our search for a low-intervention-but-firmly in-hospital birth. We wanted a holistic but not overly crunchy experience.

WELL! I ended up with a very long, complicated induction that lasted north of 30 hours. My ultimate goal was to avoid a cesarian, and my husband and I both credit Chana as the main reason I was able to bring my daughter into the world vaginally.

This was the beginning era of covid, and Chana managed to be physically present with us despite some challenges but also DID NOT SLEEP. She truly experienced the entirety of labor with me!


Chana is a wonderful communicator with a deep wealth of knowledge, but she is foremost an amazing advocate for you before, during, and after delivery. She reminded everyone on-staff of my wishes, produced space and time for me to think when other staff wanted to rush, and was a calming presence for myself (and, somehow equally, for my nervous husband!).


For our second birth, we changed hospitals and OB practices, and everything was different from the first time -- except for Chana and of course my husband.I finally got the textbook experience I had read about and was able to labor the majority of the time at home, with Chana as my coach and support. She was perfect, gentle, and calming!

She knew exactly the right moment to go, and I delivered a few hours after we arrived together at the hospital that evening.

Our family is incredibly thankful for both of our experiences with Chana, and we credit her solely for shepparding our kids into the world safely. Though each of my delivery experiences was vastly different, Chana responded to both situations perfectly, and I feel positive about both long after the fact (most important to me).



We were expecting our first child, and we hired Chana and had a really great experience. She helped us navigate both the emotional and practical aspects of giving birth. One of the most helpful things is when she came to our house and helped us think through exactly what we were expecting from the Hospital experience in terms of actually giving birth. It was really really helpful to have another set of hands and someone advocating for our needs and making sure that we were taken care of during the birth process. Everything went really smoothly and we are really glad to have Chana by our side. she was also really helpful and thoughtful about checking in after the birth and making sure all of our questions were answered and we had the right resources to support ourselves postpartum.



Chana is exactly who I needed in my corner as I attempted my VBAC. leading up to birth she was always available to answer questions or offer support via text or phone call. She never made me feel like any of my questions or concerns were silly. The day of my labor she was there through the entire lengthy and emotionally draining process acting as a rock and guiding me through. Though I didn’t have the vbac I wanted, I’m so glad I had Chana with me through the entire thing. She even stuck around after my surgery as I recovered. She’s kind, smart, and genuinely cares about the families she works with. We love her!



Chana is amazing!! She was the perfectly calm presence I needed in my life before, during, and after the birth of my son. As a first time mom I didn’t really know what to expect during labor, delivery, or postpartum- despite taking birthing classes. When I wasn’t sure if my water broke, Chana helped my discern it in fact had and strategize when was best to go to the hospital. She gave me confidence to make informed decisions and have an extremely empowering and smooth delivery. Chana also helped to make my breastfeeding journey seamless. After delivery Chana kept checking in and made my transition to motherhood so much more comfortable. Even now when I find myself anxious and questioning my decisions, I reach out to her and she is nothing but supportive. She has put my mind at ease countless times! We are so lucky to have her in our lives. Highly recommend!!

Priscilla & Micah


We were drawn to working with Chana after hearing her recount her own birth on a podcast, immediately connecting with her sense of humor, spirituality and radiant sensitivity. Upon meeting, she made us feel immediately at ease, combining a non-judgmental attitude with a quiet confidence and no-nonsense air demonstrating her wisdom and experience. We were wavering on whether or not to pursue a home birth and Chana encouraged us to trust our gut and believe that our hope for a beautiful birth was possible and not naive.

Working with Chana was pure joy. She approached the mysterious and unknowable aspects of the birth journey with reverence and excitement, and this attitude rubbed off on us, transforming our anxiety into awe. She answered all of our questions and checked in frequently to see how we were doing physically and emotionally. She provided amazing suggestions on birth education classes, books, and other resources. Her perspective is at once grounded and loving, which casts the real world in a warm glow of comfort and ease.

Sandy was born three weeks early at home, with Chana as well as our families. Chana was by my side the entire time, always knowing what words of encouragement I needed to hear. Looking into her eyes felt like looking into the eyes of a sister, someone who emanated trust and love. She said that my body and my baby knew what to do and I believed her. She suggested different positions that kept the labor process dynamic and manageable. She kept us grounded in each present moment, in each wave of sensation, and made the birth process *almost* fun! Thanks to Chana, my birth was the most empowering, psychedelic, profound experience, truly all I could have hoped for and was scared to ask for. 

In the challenging first few days postpardum, Chana again made us believe in our abilities as parents and completely transformed our mindset from panic to gratitude and self-trust. And she still does!

Maria Luna


This was my second time giving birth with Chana as my doula and I can't imagine going through a delivery without her. Both were vaginal deliveries at NYU. Just as before, she provided such constant support and encouragement that got me through all the difficult decisions and moments of pregnancy and delivery and post partum. Chana has a unique ability to make you feel truly seen and understood. When it came to decisions about the delivery, her unwavering and genuine support for my preferences and decisions empowered me to get through the whole process. She helped me disconnect from all the external noise about what I should do and really listen to my own voice about what felt like the right decision for me and my family, which was such a gift. Chana is also extremely knowledgeable and was always able to provide us with whatever information we needed and also referred us to additional resources as needed. She is such a calming presence and so easy to talk to and enjoyable to be around. She truly makes you feel loved and held. She was an absolutely essential part of the team and I very strongly recommend her to anyone considering a doula. 

Jillian Shotwell


Chana was my birth doula and was fantastic. She was supportive and nonjudgmental throughout my prenatal and postpartum experience- and gave me helpful, calming advice as well as excellent recommendations when I had questions. I especially appreciated her expertise in mental health and her ability to provide me that type of support throughout our time together. I highly recommend working with Chana! 



I am so glad I chose Chana as my doula! She was not only very knowledgeable and helpful but also extremely kind and reassuring. I felt much more confident with this pregnancy and labor knowing Chana was there. 



Chana is an absolute gem and I highly recommend working with her! She has a lot of experience as a doula and it truly shows. Her background in the mental health field serves as an incredibly positive addition to her work. She was able to make me feel incredibly supported with regular checking in both before and after my baby was born; those last weeks were very tough as I was waiting for my daughter to arrive! She was very helpful during the birth anticipating needs and helping me work through the labor. She also made sure I was set up with bathroom supplies, that I was well hydrated and well fed before she left. These little details were really helpful and so importnat. It was an excellent experience working with Chana as she is a one of a kind doula!

Meredith and Adam


Chana was our wonderful doula in our first pregnancy. If we’re ever expecting a second child, we would work with Chana again in a heartbeat.

Chana was a clear communicator from the start, and every step of the process she outlined happened as she described. She was also available for ad-hoc video conversations when we encountered unexpected scares. By the time we saw her on our delivery day, we knew Chana well, which translated to trust and comfort going into the delivery.

In every interaction with us, Chana was supportive, accessible, and responsive. She was particularly amazing during labor and delivery, considering both of our needs in the process. She stayed in constant contact with us by text message and phone while we were inducing labor, and gave timely guidance on everything from pain management to exercises through her arrival in person. Chana rounded out the hospital staff's excellent care with encouragement and kindness.

In the few weeks leading up to delivery and several weeks postpartum, Chana was ever-present over text message and in person, checking in on how we were feeling, and offering everything from emotional support to advice on breastfeeding and lactation consultants, which she delivered in the most supportive and catered-to-our-desires way possible. Even after delivery, we got the impression that she had all the time in the world to offer us guidance and support.

What we found particularly wonderful about Chana was how she adapted to our personal wishes, all the while holding a specific set of strongly held beliefs based on her experience. For example, given that we were open to an epidural, she recommended the ideal time to start the epidural to balance a reduction in discomfort with time spent in bed.

We strongly urge you to consider working with Chana. If your experience is like ours, you’ll be grateful to have Chana as a partner in your pregnancy.

Nikki Hershon


Chana was such an important part of   my journey through pregnancy and an incredible support for my birth/postpartum. I was able to text/talk to her whenever I needed another opinion or someone to bounce something off of and she checked in on me quite often. For my birth we did not have much time to labor at home so Chana had to meet us at the hospital at 4 in the morning, she was there as soon as we needed her and her support was everything and more. I needed Chana there with me to help me through my pain in labor more than I think I've ever needed someone, and working with her was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Because my baby decided to come a bit early, of course, the one thing that usually never happens happened, Chana had another birth scheduled the next morning and could only be with me for part of my birth. BUT while that sounds scary and probably has happened less than a handful of times in all the years Chana has been a doula, she had everything planned out in case the unthinkable did happen and I never felt a moment without any support. She recommended an incredible post-partum Doula who ended up coming to the hospital for the other half of my labor and honestly having the both of these incredible women guiding me through this experience probably ended up being the best part! What could have happened with anyone and been a complete nightmare, was actually one of the best parts. Chana was worth everything and more and she made me feel so at ease throughout this entire experience, which was not easy as this was one of the scariest and hardest things I've/most people ever had to do. 

Please don't hesitate on having a doula at your birth/post-partum and don't hesitate on that doula being Chana! 



There aren't enough words to explain how Chana made me and my partner feel throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum experiences. She is warm, available, real, and the positive energy that I would always want to be around. She advocates for her clients hard; she knows what is supposed to be done and makes sure that it happens. Chana's knowledge is thorough, and she presents all sides to any situation with empathy and kindness. She never pushes an agenda, making sure her clients' feelings are heard and validated. My partner and I were pretty clueless about what to expect, even with classes, and she walked us through the process with a variety of paths- always with the idea that no matter what, it was a positive experience. She recommended additional classes for my specific pregnancy (I had gestational diabetes), and was available for all of my questions. I will forever recommend Chana to everyone, even if they don't know that they should want a doula for their birthing experience. She is fantastic! 



I am so glad that we hired Chana! She was an incredible source of support and comfort before, during and after the delivery of our baby. She is so knowledgeable and caring at the same time, which is exactly the combination I needed. What's interesting is how much my husband appreciated having her there - I knew that having a doula would be beneficial to me as the birthing parent but it really impressed me how much calmer and more assured she made my husband feel about his role on the big day. 

Thank you Chana! 



Where to start? Chana is EVERYTHING!

I was referred from a Mom's group and hesitantly reached out. I had no idea what a doula was, but also had 0 clue about being pregnant or birth so what was there to lose? 

My husband and I met with Chana when I was 7 weeks pregnant. We fell in love! She was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

Chana has so much experience with births and pregnancy. She has a ton of contacts, resources and info about everything. My pregnancy was normal but I needed additional support and she made sure I got it. Chana made sure I never had to suffer and always listened.

I switched from an OB to homebirth midwives with Chana's help. She presented all info for us to make an informed decision about my care. She taught me that you can choose the type of care you deserve. I deserved better and I got it because of Chana. There was never a time throughout my pregnancy (or pp) where I felt uncared for by Chana. She made me feel special and loved.

From early labor until after my birth, Chana made sure everyone was taken care of (husband and fur babies too). When I was in active labor Chana helped me put fear aside to focus on the baby I was about to welcome into the world. She without hesitation (and unexpectedly) assisted my midwife with my birth and did a fabulous job. No task is too big or too small for Chana and she is like I said before...EVERYTHING!

From beginning to end I couldn't love Chana any more. She loves my baby like her own and she will forever be apart of me. If I ever have a 2nd child she will be my first call. I couldn't/wouldn't want to do it without her. She made everything beautiful for me and helped set me up to be a great mother!
In short...

If you're considering hiring a doula, do it. If you're considering hiring Chana, ABSOLUTELY DO IT! 
Love you forever, Chana. 

Svetlozara Medina


I had such a pleasant experience with Chana as my doula. It was very important for me to have a successful vbac and I believe Chana played a major role in that happening. She was the extra support and advocate I was missing when I had an emergency C section with my first child and I promised myself I would do everything I can to have a different birth experience the second time around. All my questions and concerns were addressed and I felt very prepared going into labor this time around thanks to Chana's guidance. She was the first person I reached out to once I started having contractions and having her talk me through those key moments made me more at ease. 

Chana has such a calming presence and positive energy which helped me during labor and my husband was also really grateful for having her in the hospital. All the postpartum support Chana provides is also key to adjusting to life after baby's arrival. I love that I can still reach out to Chana if I have any questions or concerns. Im grateful to have had someone I trust recommend Chana to me and I would not hesitate to recomment Chana's doula services to any of my friends/family. 



My husband and I can't express enough how instrumental Chana was  throughout my pregnancy, during labor, and postpartum. From the very beginning she connected with my husband and I as she is warm, kind, funny, knowledgeable and resourceful. She answered every and any questions we had, even recommended a new OBGYN that was aligned with our birth plan. I can say that Chana is the sister I never had and friend who can share insight without judgement about pregnancy, postpartum, and newborn life as a mom. She visited my husband and I in our home to help create our birth plan, discussed our strengths and how we can support each other. She was our biggest cheerleader during labor and truly she got me through the toughest pain I had ever felt when contractions kicked in. She set the mood in our delivery room by using candles and twinkle lights. I felt happy and secure with her by my side along with my husband. All the staff were amazed at how Zen the room felt. One moment I'll never forget was when the contractions got so bad and I wanted to get an epidural but was so afraid I wouldn't be able to stay still for it. Well, Chana held me the entire time, supporting me through the nerves and pain. Her presence was everything I needed for me to feel confident and deliver my daughter. Having Chana as our doula was the best decision and I'd recommend her to anyone who is seeking support because as they say, it takes a village. She is your support person and will be there for you even after birth. We just love her! 

Alanna & Scott


Before we had our baby, we had never given much thought to the idea of working with a doula. But because of Chana, we now see it totally differently - she was an essential and important part of our child's coming into the world and I would recommend her as a doula to any expecting parents! As first-time parents, we so appreciated how she provided information, insight, reassurance, and warmth, from before the birth to after. Chana helped us understand what to expect from labor and delivery, as well as plan for post-partum life both for us and the baby. She guided us through figuring out our own hopes and priorities and helped us figure out a birth plan. During the labor itself she helped to create a soothing environment and provided support with medical questions that came up, as well as coaching through contractions and pushing - it's hard to imagine going through all that without her. We ended up having a very positive birthing experience thanks in large part to her. And afterward, we really appreciated her postpartum visit where we talked about the experience and life as new parents, as well as got really valuable breastfeeding help. Becoming a parent presents such new joys and challenges and having a great guide through the transition makes a world of difference - and we both feel that Chana was the perfect person for that. 

Suzanne Elgendy


Chana is a PHENOMENAL doula who helped me achieve the natural childbirth I dreamed of. Chana brings her invaluable social work skills to her doula practice and really makes you feel validated and heard. Chana carefully listens to you and helps you think through questions that will help you ensure you are aligned with your provider to make sure your birth preferences are taken into consideration. Chana provided continual text, virtual, and in-person support to my husband and me. There was one point where I questioned my choice of hospital and provider and Chana helped my husband and me figure out the right questions to ask the provider to ensure a good fit. Chana coached us on the birth process to make sure we understood all of our options and to remind us that we have choices in our birth process. When my doctor told me I needed to be sent to the hospital for an induction that evening, we called Chana immediately and she was able to calmly walk us through how to proceed. She reminded us that this was not an emergency and that we should stop to eat a good meal before heading to the hospital. Her calm and confident tone was really helpful in keeping us level headed and set up for success. Chana coached us via phone through what to do when we arrived at the hospital and then she arrived at the hospital once I was in the labor and delivery room. She helped with pain management during labor and with pushing once I was dilated. She also helped set a calm tone in the room. I honestly felt like I had my own personal cheerleader in the delivery room. Having her by my side was really reassuring and I had the natural, unmedicated birth I wanted. I would easily work with Chana again and highly recommend her doula services! She was also helpful in connecting us to other resources, such as a perinatal mental health therapist. 

Ellen Frost


I absolutely ADORED working with Chana.  I had the best birth experience and I attribute that completely to Chana's guidance throughout my pregnancy. She helped me find an amazing OB who was respectful, experienced, and everything you'd want in a Dr. She recommended the hospital I gave birth which was another wonderful experience in a very unassuming location. Chana helped guide me through what a positive birth experience could be and completely delivered. During labor she was so attentive and helpful. She has a gift of giving you the feeling immediately that you've been friends for years. She has gone above and beyond what I expected. I cannot recommend her enough! 



I cannot say enough good things about Chana. She was an invaluable support and source of knowledge during my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. Due to a complication in my pregnancy, I had a planned c section six weeks before my due date. I wasn't sure what to expect for the delivery or what it meant to have a premature baby who would likely spend some time in the NICU. Chana talked through all of this in detail with me during our pre-delivery meeting and by phone and text in the weeks leading up to my delivery. On the day of my c section, Chana was such a calming and reassuring presence. She did everything from walking me through (again) what to expect and listening to me reflect on my delivery to helping me pump for the first time and sitting with me when my husband went to be with my baby. One of the nurses even commented how happy she was that Chana was there. 

Chana always made sure I knew the questions to ask to get the answers I needed. She validated all of my feelings and made me feel heard. She supported every decision I made. She checked in with my constantly to see if I had questions or just wanted to talk. And perhaps most importantly, she reminded me as many times as I needed that I was always doing what was best for me and my family. I highly recommend that you work with Chana.

Fiorella Monroe


From the first call with Chana I knew that she was exactly what I was searching for in a doula. I wanted someone who had a sense of humor, would be physically and emotionally supportive, and would advocate for me if needed. Chana had a light heartedness to her that I instantly connected with. She also led with data and always encouraged us to think about what was right for us as a family. The birth of my daughter was no where near what I had envisioned. As much as I had hoped for a vaginal birth, I had to have an emergency c-section due to my daughter showing signs of distress. As a Latina women, I am very well aware of the mortality rate for women of color during birth, particularly when undergoing a c-section. While my biggest fear was realized, having Chana by our side allowed us to ensure that we were informed every step of the way, and were asking all the right questions. It also allowed me the space to process the birth after, which I had never envisioned I would need to do.  I cannot put into words how immensely helpful our post birth visit was with Chana. Aside from providing me with the emotional support that I needed, she also brought us wholesome treats! As new parents it was also incredibly helpful to have Chana's support as we learned how to navigate the newborn phase, particularly breastfeeding. With lots of patience, and words of encouragement, I was able to successfully breastfeed my baby girl.  I am so greatful for Chana and would highly recommend her! 

Danielle P


I chose to hire a doula to help with my goal of a VBAC & to hopefully avoid repeating some of the negative experiences of past births. Chana made me feel comfortable from our first virtual meeting with her calming, positive energy. I had an unexpectedly complicated pregnancy & Chana was there to support me & help me stay positive throughout.

I’ve had 3 previous labors & births but this was by far the calmest, most present, & most in control I have felt. We have Chana to thank for that! She guided me through handling the contractions with a variety of suggestions for positioning & techniques. She kept me focused & in the moment & provided much needed emotional support for my partner & me. Chana assisted me with making decisions regarding when to go to the hospital & getting an epidural & talked through each decision with me to ensure I was doing what was truly best for me. She helped me to find my voice at the hospital & encouraged me to speak up & advocate for what I wanted. I truly felt empowered. I was not only able to achieve my VBAC, but I had the best birth experience I could have asked for. I cannot recommend Chana enough! She’s amazing & I’m so grateful to have had her as part of our birthing team!



Chana and I clicked right from the first phone call. She is non judgmental about any of my birth choices and gave me support through additional research to ensure I was comfortable with my own decisions. She was available throughout my entire pregnancy and provided lots of advice and resources to ensure I was knowledgeable about the process.

Chana opened up her network to me where I accessed birthing classes, podcasts, midwives, post partum doulas and now babysitters! Her reputation throughout the industry is stellar, which was even more comforting.

Being an Australian expat, I had only my husband however Chana became part of our family with many phone calls, text check-ins and visits. 

Unfortunately I gave birth at the height of omnicron so Chana could not be at my birth however I felt confident that I could do it because of all the advice and guidance I had received.



Chana is amazing!!! She helped me understand the mental & physical changes happening in my body during pregnancy, what to expect of labor and delivery, and how to figure out what my priorities were for pregnancy and birth. I was in labor for 27 hours, and she was there for 14 of them, giving me physical and emotional support throughout: taking turns with my partner comforting me & providing counter-pressure during contractions, holding a cup of gatorade for me to sip, acting as my health advocate, and managing communication with all the new grandparents. Afterwards, my partner said he didn't know how we could have made it through such a long and difficult labor without Chana— my child was born in a compound position, and I needed extra support at the tail end of things; I had painful back labor for a long time in the period before I began to push. Chana was my partner's primary support, too, taking turns with him and encouraging him to rest and hydrate during those hard hours. Recovery after such an intense labor has been an ordeal as well—but Chana has been checking in on me almost daily this whole time (I'm almost 6 weeks postpartum now). For me, having a birth doula who has so much experience, who is also a trained therapist, *and* a lactation consultant has been an immense gift. Any time I have needed her, she has been present with affirmations, resources, knowledge, and care. THANK YOU CHANA!!! We wouldn't have wanted to welcome our beautiful son without your help. 



Having had our first child without the support of a doula, we knew we wanted to better prepare for the preganancy, birth, and postpartum period with our second child. We reached out to Chana shortly after we found out we were expecting, and she was immediately warm, attentive, and supportive. We discussed our difficulties with our first child's birth (mom sustained a fourth-degree tear in delivery, which impacted the postpartum period) and expressed our intentions for having more advocacy with our second child's birth. Chana listened to our needs and connected us with providers who better met our vision. Because of Chana's support, we found and transferred to an OB-GYN who was commited to reducing the incidence of severe tears, and who was supportive of us working with a doula and having choice in our birthing experience. Chana also connected us to a postpartum preparation class that provided critical information we had not come across in any of the other postpartum prep we did. This information helped us create a clear schedule with helpers, a meal plan, and support for the postpartum period. At our prenatal meet, Chana talked us through different scenarios in case something did not go as planned. We felt comfortable through this exercise knowing that on the birth day, Chana would know our wishes and help us advocate for them. On the BIG day, Chana was a rock star! Our family was unfortunately quarantined with COVID-19 when our baby decided to come a week early. Nevertheless, Chana was able to support us virtually (text, phone, and Google Duo) and stayed with us throughout the labor and birth. She helped us decide when to transfer to the hospital, talked mom through contractions and breathwork, and provided positive affirmations. She made suggestions for helping labor progress, and helping mom feel comfortable. After our quarantine period, Chana visited us, bringing us food items, providing breastfeeding support, and reflecting on the birth. 

Lauren M.


Working with Chana was an amazing experience. She is incredibly empathetic, kind, and thoughtful. Since my husband and I don't have family nearby, I knew I wanted someone to help guide us through labor and delivery for an added layer of support.

Chana and I worked through what my birth plan looked like and how to prepare myself to labor - she helped me feel heard and cared for throughout the entire process. She is an extremely positive individual; with her guidance I felt like I could do anything! Additionally, she is a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful resource for anything you might need from birth class recomendations to navigating your birth plan.

Hiring Chana was the best decision my husband and I made in 2021 and I can't recommend hiring her enough!



Rachel Julien-Maurice


I honestly don't think I can express what it was like having Chana as my Doula in the characters allotted but I'll try. From my first virtual interaction with Chana I knew she was my support person. Her energy, knowledge, easy going spirit, and ability to address some of the issues pertaining to black maternal health won me. But little did I know as the months went by her sympathy during emotional phone calls and her encouragement when I felt weak and wanted to give up would be my saving grace. You see I was attempting a TOLAC for a VBA2C (trial of labor after a C-section for a vaginal birth after TWO c-sections. The odds were stacked against me for soo many reasons. Chana took me on as a client with no hesitation helping to prepare me for either outcome and to fortify my journey to create a healing birth experience that was filled with autonomy. When I felt crazy for advocated for myself she reminded me of my why.  My labor and delivery was long and hard and she was there every step of the way...reminding, encouraging, cheering. Doing all the big and little things that would help get me across the finish line. I did end up having my VBA2C and I can wholeheartedly say it would not have been possible after God...without Chana. She was an integral part of my birth team and a piece of my heart is tethered to her forever. It's been two weeks since I've given birth and I still can hear her voice telling me I can do it....and with each memory, I smile because I did do it. Thank you Chana for being everything you are...and to any expectant mommy reading this. She is a Doula worth having!

Lindsey & Andrew


We are so grateful to have had Chana as our doula, guiding us through this pregnancy. From when we first met her at about 20 weeks pregnant, through our birth and postpartum period, Chana listened carefully to our hopes and our fears for this pregnancy and always seemed to intuit what we needed in the moment. On a practical level, she was a great resource for information and always went beyond our expectations, reaching out to her network to find resources for our unique situation.   She was always warm and funny, and we always had the impression that we were in the hands of a professional but also someone we really liked to be around. For these reasons and more, we whole-heartedly recommend Chana as a doula!

Laura Katsanos


Chana was (and still is) an asset to have by my side when my son was born in August. I ended up having an unplanned c-section for which only my sister was allowed in the OR, however, Chana’s value goes far beyond the actual birth period. She was a huge resource in the weeks leading to my due date, during recovery after the surgery, and during my post-partum period. She is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable-she provides important information so you can make an informed decision. Chana is very responsive and gives practical advice on the fly.

When meeting with potential doulas (I interviewed at least 6), I needed to not only feel comfortable and that the person was qualified, but I had to make sure that I would work with someone who made responsible choices given the pandemic. Chana checked all the boxes.

My experience with Chana was extremely positive and I highly recommend hiring her as your doula.

Sean R


Working with Chana helped us to feel so much more empowered, educated, and supported than we would otherwise have been. Chana was thoughtful, caring, wise, supportive, and compassionate. In our first meeting with her she said that if she ascribes to a philosphy in her doula work it is that of unconditional support, and I absolutely felt this. In our pre-and post- sessions she gave specific, impactful, realistic recommendations. During labor and delivery she was a warm, supportive, active presence who helped us to advocate for ourselves. We could not have been happier working with Chana -- thank you!

Alexandra Carley


I had my son almsot four months ago and the reason it has taken me so long to write my testimonial for Chana is that I haven't had a moment to sit down and truly give the effort to this assignment that she deserves. The fact is that I honestly don't know how I would have made it through my labor without her support. Not that this was an exceptionally difficult lpregnancy, labor or recovery, but it would have been had she not been in the picture. Chana not only supported me throughout this process but also served as a support to my husband, mother and the rest of my labor team (big, super-involved family lol). She gave me the strength to feel independent and the confidence to feel vulnerable. She knew exactly how to nagivate the dynamics of first time parents and grandparents. She acted as my cheerleader, my advocate, my medical preofessional and most of all, my friend. I truly recommend Chana to everyone I know who is newly pregnant and tell them to book her immediately so they do not miss out on the best birthing experience possible. 



We hired Chana as our doula and it was one of the best decisions we made! She is such a dedicated reliable professional with a very calming, soothing energy and played such a vital role in our birth team.

Throughout the whole process she didn’t hesitate to share her wealth of knowledge and dedicated support to us, which we truly appreciated. During our prenatal sessions leading up to labor and delivery, She went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and made sure we knew she was there for us. By the end of our last prenatal appointment we felt ready & prepared.

Our baby came 11 days earlier than our expected due date but she was flexible & available - as I noticed some early signs of labor we kept in touch and she joined us as my contractions became more intense. For the next several hours during labor and birth she was right next to us, supporting & encouraging us every step of the way. It was extremely helpful when she helped me understand the Dr’s recommendations and reminded me of my options so I can make the best informed choice possible, which was one of the key turning points for us. This lead us to experience the birth we were hoping to experience, which we are so & forever grateful of.

If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable doula who treats you like family, look no further. You will be glad you hired Chana.



I knew Chana was the doula for me

as soon as I met her.  She is a bright light and radiates warmth around her.  I had a medically fragile baby and a traumatic birth the first time around.  Chana worked with me all throughout to process my emotions about having a vbac.   She kept me calm and answered all my questions.  During the birth, she was physically so supportive and present.  She encouraged me and literally held me through the pain.  Even when I didn't feel I could keep going Chana kept me inspired.  Because of Chana I had a successful vbac and a better birth experience.  Chana is a gift to anyone who has her in their life and a wonderful addition to a birth story. 



As a second time parent I was not sure if I needed a doula this time around, but I am SO glad I decided yes and that I chose to work with Chana. During my birth Chana not only seemed to know what I needed even before I did, but found ways to include and incorporate my husband as well. Chana's calm demeanor kept me at ease throughout and when I felt like I couldn’t keep going she knew just what to say. I also really appreciated that Chana kept in very close contact throughout my birth and early postpartum. She answered all of my questions and alleviated any worries. I would highly recommend Chana, and if I have another child I will DEFINITELY work with her again.

Shirly U


Chana was extremely patient and understanding, her approach to supporting expectant mothers is very real, practical and supportive. She brings to the table the ideal mix of sensitivity and practicality, providing useful, real time advice, giving you the tools to know what to expect and how to deal with what's to come. When she doesn't know an answer she reaches out to an incredible community of women and finds out. Chana is extraordinarily understanding, she dealt gracefully with my emotional outbursts, she acted as my marriage counselor, my support system, my database, my rabbi and my advocate. She even did my dishes. I'm very thankful to have had her by my side, it would have been a very different experience otherwise. 



As first time parents in a pandemic, we were uncertain about whether we would want or even be able to have a doula assist with our hospital birth; now we know that Chana was very much essential to our positive birth story, and we would recommend her to anyone we meet!

My husband and I chose to work with Chana based on her background, which marries social work, experience in labor and delivery, and inclination toward all things natural. In addition to this, Chana is very passionate about her role and works with very few families at a time, so you really get special attention. Chana is knowledgeable but does not push an agenda, organised but flexible, and stays calm but makes you feel seen and heard during labor. 

Chana was fully present and coached me through 21 hours of labor continuously. Chana was also very attentive to my husband to help him be an integral part of our labor team. Months later, she continues to check-in on baby and me, and we would use her a million times over. 




Chana is, quite simply put, amazing. She is such a genuine and caring person and we were so happy to have her with us on this journey. This was our first child and we interviewed a handful of people, and knew from our first interview with Chana, she would be perfect for us. 

She was incredibly attentive and available. Our pregnancy came in the height of COVID, and she followed all precautions and really allowed us to feel comfortable. She regularly gets tested and wears masks and completely defers to our preferences in that regard. 

We had an initial virtual meeting, then an in person meeting in our backyard at a distance. We continued getting more and more comfortable leading up to the due date, and then started texting regularly. 

I went into labor the evening of the December 16th snow storm in NYC (which made driving conditions horrible). I was worried about Chana getting to us and wasn't sure how everything was going to go. Chana, without skipping a beat, said 'don't worry about anything, I'll be there when you want me there.' I labored at home for a few hours with her helping via phone. Finally we asked her to come to us to go to the hospital. She was there in 30 minutes and off we went. 

Not only was she completely available in challenging conditions, but it was in the middle of the night and she had no sleep. Despite all this, Chana was a champion and advocate for me and really helped me once we were in the delivery room. Her calmness and nurturing characteristics helped me through my contractions (especially once they put me on petocin). My baby came and Chana stayed with us until we were fully comfortable. 

Over several weeks, Chana was super available, and continuously was offering support for both my son and me as an individual. We've continued keeping in contact via text/phone and we couldn't recommend her enough to other soon-to-be parents.

10 out of 10 stars. 

Fran Hartmann


Another doula recommended Chana and luckily she was able to take on my birth last minute. From the very beginning, Chana was open and communicative. My spouse and I immediately felt at ease with her. Chana was informative and resassuring over several days of prelabor, and always available by Zoom, phone, text, and in person. My active labor was fast and furious; Chana was on 100% during my labor and birth. Her calm and unwavering labor support enabled me to have a natural and relatively seamless birth. She talked me through every contraction and every aspect of labor and delivery. She also acted as an advocate for me with the nurses and doctors based on my birth preferences. Postpartum, Chana has continued to be open, available, and super supportive. My spouse and I truly don't know what we would have done without Chana! 

Karla & Theodor


My husband and I highly recommend Chana as a doula! She made me feel empowered throughout the pregnancy, during the birth and until now even after as I navigate the confusing, exhausting, rewarding experience as a first time mom. She was available for all our questions prior to the birth and provided us with the information we needed to make decisions and form my birth preferences. One thing that I really appreciated from her is that I felt very positive about my birth. Even though I did not get all of my preferences, at the end of it all my overall sentiment is that my birthing experience was beautiful and amazing! Chana has that power to comfort, reassure and support, always reminding me that I have a choice and I am in control. Chana is like having a sister or your favorite relative in your corner cheering you on, without the family/relative drama/complications that can sometimes come with those! Giving birth and being a new mom in the middle of a global pandemic is very challenging and I am thankful that I had and still have Chana’s support. Those first few weeks of being a new mom when I was recovering and discovering my stride were tender and sensitive, at the same time so precious. Chana’s words of encouragement and reassurance were crucial in perceiving that entire experience in the most positive way. I echo her words: I am all that my baby needs and there are no better parents for this baby other than me and my husband!



Chana was a wonderful person to work with! She was knowledgable, supportive and caring. She went above and beyond to check up on me and make sure I was feeling positive. She allowed my experience to be my own and supported me through what I wanted to do. Her guidance and support allowed me to feel comfortable. I would highly recommend working with Chana! You will be in good hands. 



My pregnancy was a surprise. I did not know what to expect, nor what I wanted for my delivery.

My mother passed away a couple of years ago, so towards the end of my pregnancy I felt that I needed a maternal figure for support and guidance.

I was due in less than a month when I talked to Chana over the phone, and I had no doubt that I wanted her as my doula. She was very sweet and caring. She listened patiently to me and asked about my needs. I was so amazed by all the help I received from her before, during, and after childbirth. She was calm, reassuring, and always available for any questions, concerns, and worries I had. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I could have said that I had a positive birthing experience.

During her first home visit she made me realize that if things don’t go as planned, having a positive birthing experience is still possible.

When we arrived at the hospital, she was not far behind. She never left my side and always asked whether I was comfortable or if I needed something. At the end, my labor and delivery did not go as planned because of some complications, but she was there to unconditionally support me. She constantly reminded me and my husband to breathe and to take a moment before making any decision. Even though it was very late at night, Chana stayed with us long after the delivery to make sure that we were OK since the baby was brought to the NICU.

I also had a bit of a hard time soon after we came home from the hospital, so she came for a home visit to comfort and reassure us that we were doing just fine as new parents. And she made us the best banana bread we’ve ever had!

She kept checking in on us every now and then and I am forever grateful for everything that she did for us. Having Chana as my doula was the best decision I ever made!

Adrianna Saada


Chana is a gem and I would highly recommend her doula services! I gave birth to my second child eight weeks ago and Chana was my virtual doula (it was peak COVID and doulas were still restricted for maternity patients at the hospital).

With the birth of my first child, I labored for 40+ hours and had an unplanned c-section. It was traumatic, and my doula at the time did little to help me navigate or process the experience. I wanted much more from my doula this time around.

When I first spoke with Chana I was struck by how down-to-earth she is and how I immediately felt comfortable talking and sharing my feelings with her. She's a great listener and always sees the positive in things while staying grounded in reality. Her extensive experience as a doula is complemented by her personal experience as a mama of three. I was excited to work with her even knowing that she would be unable to attend my birth in person.

During our virtual prenatal sessions, Chana really took the time to understand what my first birth experience was like and what I was hoping for with this one. I was planning to attempt a VBAC but ended up having a scheduled c-section for a number of reasons. It was a really, really hard decision for me and Chana was an AMAZING support and resource every step of the way. She didn't try to push her own agenda on my decision; rather, she consistently reminded me of my own values and hopes as I struggled with making my birth plan. Even though we never even met in person, I felt so cared for and supported through our texts, phone calls, and video chats. She was a wonderful coach leading up to my delivery and afterwards when I needed support processing the birth and navigating some breastfeeding challenges.

Chana is an incredibly professional, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, and empathetic doula and was a calming presence during a very stressful time (i.e., birthing during a pandemic!). I would highly recommend her!

Mila Singh


When I was interviewing potential doulas for the birth of my first baby, Chana stood out from everyone else because of her calm personality and caring approach to figuring out exactly what I needed. She is a great listener, and she answered all of the questions I had about what to expect during, before, and after labor. I love that she took the time not only to understand my preferences but also my partner's preferences. She made sure that we both had the support we needed. When I went into labor, Chana helped us labor at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital where I planned to give birth. Labor was harder than I expected, and Chana ensured that from the minute she arrived at my home to our first moments with our baby that me and my husband were comfortable, informed, and cared for. She stayed with us to make sure we felt good, and she checked in with us during those first few days when parents feel vulnerable and provided the encouragement we needed. We truly couldn't have done it without her, and both of us are incredibly grateful to her!



I am so grateful for my experience with Chana. I was attempting a VBAC and wanted to do everything I could to achieve it. After speaking with Chana over the phone, I was convinced she was the person I wanted with me in the delivery room (in addition to my husband).

I was induced with my first, so I was on alert for what real labor would feel like, and Chana reassured me every step of the way. A week overdue, contractions started early on a Friday morning and I immediately contacted Chana, who checked in on me all day. With her coaching, I was able to labor at home for 12 hours, finally going into the hospital when contractions were two minutes apart. Chana happened to be out of town that weekend at a family event, but she was magically at my side in the hospital within two hours. Massaging my leg when I had a painful cramp, helping me breathe through intense contractions that were barely a minute apart - for hours! I was lucky to have an extremely supportive doctor who allowed me to labor all night even when it was clear that despite being 9cm dilated for a few hours, a VBAC was unlikely.

After nearly 24 hours of labor, my doctor recommended a repeat c-section. I was so set on a VBAC, and while I was so disappointed to hear that, I felt I truly did everything I could. I never thought I would say this, but this c-section was beautiful and healing. Towards the end of my pregnancy, Chana came over to do a birth game/exercise with my husband and I. It was so helpful in making me realize what was truly important to me in a birth, and I'm so happy to say that with Chana's help, I achieved most of what I wanted.

Having a positive birth experience helped me avoid the postpartum depression I experienced with my first, and I attribute so much of that to Chana. Even now, sometimes when I look at my son's beautiful, big head, I can still hear Chana telling me to imagine him coming down the birth canal, and I smile.

Shruti Padilla


The minute we met Chana we felt a great connection. Her energy felt right for us, she was enthusiastic yet supportive and understanding during our prenatal sessions. Most importantly , she really listened to what I wanted, shared helpful information and I truly felt that she was 100% on our side always. My OBGYN was not entirely supportive about trying for a VBAC but Chana really educated us about the process. 

After a less-than-ideal first birth experience, I was looking for a sense of control throughout the entire process. Chana allowed me to have everything I wanted and more. Chana calmly coached me through each contraction, providing all the physical, emotional and mental support I needed throughout. When I thought I couldn’t go further she gently encouraged me and talked me through. She was firm, solid and completely unflappable and even managed to keep my husband calm and busy throughout! She was my champion at the hospital; because she encouraged me to labor at home as much as possible, I was able to have a successful VBAC.

Chana was THE game changer for us in the experienc. I consider her a part of our family and a life long friend. She’s been in touch and supportive after the birth and we just adore her. We think everyone should have a doula, coach or midwife. If that happens to be Chana, then you would be as lucky as we were to have found her.



One of the best decisions I made around my pregnancy and birth with my first child was choosing Chana to be my doula. Before the birth, Chana helped me understand what my priorities were in the most non-judgmental way imaginable. She helped me feel prepared for all the things I could and could not control. I seriously cannot imagine my labor without her. I labored at home for a long time and my contractions never got as close together as I was told they would in my classes. Thankfully, Chana was there and helped me stay calm and confident that what I was experiencing was normal. Without her, I think I would have gone to the hospital earlier and either been sent home, or worse, been a candidate for unnecessary interventions to speed up labor. In the hospital, Chana always reminded me that I was allowed to think about what the doctors and nurses were asking me to do instead of answering their questions right away. I can't express how valuable and needed this reminder was. At many points in labor, I felt like I was not in control of my body but Chana helped me be in control of the situation as much as possible. She was overall a wonderful, calming, and empowering presence for both my partner and me during the entire process and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Nancy M.


Chana is an amazing doula. Caring, compassionate and thorough. When we first met with Chana, she started by just getting to know us. Checking in about the pregnancy, how we were feeling generally and how we felt about this journey we had embarked upon. Throughout the pregnancy Chana helped us determine what our ideal delivery would look like. As patients at the Brooklyn Birthing Center our plan was to have a labor and delivery free of pharmaceutical intervention. Chana respected that and had us think through what that might look like.

What she also did that we really appreciated, was have us think through what our labor and delivery might look like if any number of things did not go according to plan. Things like: what if you have to be induced? What if you need to have a c-section. While I preferred to deny the possibility that anything might not go according to plan, these conversations were very valuable.

We did end up having to deliver at a hospital and I was induced. The service I received at the hospital was a mixed bag, some good providers and some with nasty attitudes. Chana was there as a constant support – getting me what I needed to be physically comfortable and answering my questions as my labor progressed. Chana is a person you want to have in the room with you as she is very calm and will make sure that you know what’s going on, so all you have to worry about is when to push and welcoming your baby into the world.

Rebecca Greene


Chana was a wonderful doula. I worked with her for my first child a year ago. She helped me identify my birth preferences prior to the big day and then was so supportive in the room. 5 stars, would use again!

Teresa Liu


I met Chana at a hypnobirthing intro in my neighborhood.  I felt so at ease with her from the get-go, that I didn't look into others.  I worked with her for my 2nd birth, because I didn't love my 1st birth.

I did not educate myself enough before my first birth. I was hooked up to all the monitors and was not mobile, was in the classic laying down position while laboring, which I later learned is not conducive to birth at all. I held out about 7 or 8 hours sans epidural, but then the pain was too much and I gave in. It felt so good to be numb, but that led to ineffective pushing (couldn't feel it), then an episiotomy, then them using a vacuum to get him out. I didn't want any of that. In contrast, my second birth, I labored mostly at home standing, felt so so different and way more conducive to birthing the baby - Chana was my angel -  It was very intense, but never once did I feel like I couldn't handle it because of her support and my commitment to a natural birth. She was encouraging me and physically supporting me- she'd put a cold towel on my neck, or rub my back, etc. My water broke at home (first birth, they broke it for me- ouch), and the urge to push felt so good- I was surprised by that sensation. I was so happy to feel everything this time! Barely made it to the hospital, baby was born minutes after, couple of pushes. When I laid down on the bed to birth, it was such a different sensation than standing, it hurt. So I realize I was like that the whole time first birth, hence the pain. 

Having Chana there - it brought such a personal touch to a clincal setting.

Also - the preparation Chana provided was phenomenal -  Getting ready for the big day in a calm and non-giving birth-chaos-situation gave me so much clarity and took my mindset to the next level.  I'll never forget this amazing birth.  Thank you Chana!

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