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Tonawanda, NY Service range 30 miles US only

(716) 310-3926


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $30

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Cascade Christian Childbirth Association - Certified Christian Labor Doula
  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 148 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 1 families served

Doula Training

  • Stillbirthday, February 2012
  • DONA International, November 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Erie & Niagara County Hospitals. For out of county births, there is an additional $100 flat fee to cover travel expenses.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am only available to attend homebirths where a skilled provider is present.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I was the first Certified VBAC Doula in NYS, through The VBAC Link.

Fee Details

Payment plans are available and can be customized to your individual needs.

Tonawanda, NY Service range 30 miles US only

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We hired Tara when it became clear that our second pregnancy, like our first, would be considered high risk. This was the very best decision we could have made for ourselves. Tara helped us navigate changing providers, our desire for a VBAC (which I don't know if we would have achieved without her support, truly) and the increasingly alarming hospital visits, stays and ultimately my induction at 37 weeks. Tara is well-researched (she really knows her stuff!), calm, steadying, compassionate, and helped me to stay flexible and adaptable in the face of constantly changing circumstances. Her support and guidance, both in the weeks before giving birth, as well as during the birth and after, were just what we needed to give birth to our sweet boy. I recommend her highly for any birthing person, but I especially recommend her in the case of high-risk pregnancy and vbac.  



Having Tara as our doula support for our son’s birth was such a game changer. After a somewhat traumatic previous emergency c-section delivery she was exactly the bank of knowledge, birth wisdom and steady support that we needed. Tara is both personable and professional and worked as a team player alongside our medical staff. My husband and I are so grateful for the peace of mind and confidence we gained by having Tara on board. To those considering hiring her, it’s an investment that’s worth every penny.



Tara is a wonderful asset to our community. Because of her knowledge and expertise, I was able to take a VBAC class and learn my birthing options in order to make an informed decision.  As my doula, she truly showed compassion and care in our prenatal visits leading up to my labor and delivery. She took the time to listen to and understand my concerns regarding a VBAC birth.  She calmed so many of my fears during pregnancy.  She was consistently resourceful whenever I had questions.  During my labor, I could not have been more grateful for her presence; not only for me, but for my husband as well.  Due to Tara’s supportive and informed nature, I was able to experience the VBAC birth I always knew I deserved. I highly recommend Tara to all expecting mothers.

Katie Schneider


We couldn’t have delivered our two children with out Tara! Going into our third and fourth pregnancies we were very nervous due to our history of infant loss. A friend suggested a doula for extra support and Tara was the perfect match! 

Tara was with us every step of the way throughout our pregnancies. After my prenatal appointments I would call or text her with up dates and she would walk me through any concerns. I loved that when faced with a difficult decision Tara would present the latest facts and information and my husband and I would decide what was right for us.  Tara is not there to make the choices for you, she is there to guide you through and provide amazing support!

Having a doula like Tara makes the act of giving birth a beautiful and sacred experience instead of feeling like a medical procedure. Tara removes so much of the anxiety and fear that comes along with giving birth. 

We are forever grateful and so blessed for having met Tara and having shared our amazing births with her. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Lindsay Conley


I've known and worked with Tara since 2011 when we hired her almost instantly based on her sense of humor and understanding of the bond between a husband and wife. Both of our children's births were kind of unique. Our daughter was a 42+1 induction that occurred as Tara was experiencing her own personal tragedy. Regardless of what was going on in her life, she offered continued wisdom and compassion, helping us set up a backup doula who we felt comfortable with.

By our second baby, I had gone through doula training myself and was planning an out of hospital birth. We struggled over whether or not we needed a doula but decided to book her anyway, because I honestly just enjoy Tara's humor and levity during times of complex emotions. As a new and seasoned mom, I experienced perinatal mood disorders during my pregnancies. Often Tara was my confidante who guided me in making the best choices, based on what I wanted NOT what she wanted. During both of my pregnancies, she guided me through the transition of changing doctors, especially my second baby when my husband had lost his job and we were ultimately forced to cancel our homebirth at 41 weeks and switch to a new practice.

Her face will always be ingrained in my heart on the day our son was born at 42+5. It was a long and hard wait for him to arrive and when he finally did, I looked up at her and saw tears streaming. We had been through so much as a family, but Tara's guidance gave us support in enduring some not-so-great situations. Her heart is truly in her profession. She takes this seriously and conducts herself with professionalism, compassion and a true understanding of what mothers and their families need. And for that I will always be grateful.  

Sarah Capodagli


We've known Tara for some time and always knew that when the time came we would ask her to be our doula. She is passionate, a natural educator, and she was a huge support for us - she knew what both of us needed at just the right times. When labor started hard and fast, she met us at the hospital at 2:30am. When labor ended up lasting for 30 hours, she stayed with us at the hospital. She knew that during contractions I (mom) loved quiet in the presence of pain, and a little counter pressure from her and dad went a long way! She helped us figure out all of the amazing way the hospital bed can actually be your friend. When mom started to vomit during transition and dad was trying so hard to hold the bucket without losing it himself, Tara gently tapped dad on the shoulder and offered to hold the bucket for mom so he could rub her back instead. When this first time mom and dad were feeling overwhelmed with some decisions, she talked us through each step and provided comfort in place of fear or anxiety. When it came time for that first bonding and nursing moment, she was the one that helped with the first latch. She was there during some of the most personal and precious moments of our life and we are so grateful that she was our guide and impromtu photographer! Thank you, Tara!

Jenna Keller


Hire Tara. You will be so thankful you did. As a first time mom, never having experienced childbirth before, I was quite nervous about what labor would be like. I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth, free of medication or interventions, if I could help it. Tara patiently answered all of our questions, was open & honest with us, helped inform us of all of our options and made us feel empowered. My husband doesn't handle blood well and she was understanding and helped him play a part, and stay engaged with me, while also stepping in, so that he didn't have to feel faint or queezy by the other things going on. Tara provides a home visit to help you labor while you are still at home before arriving at the hospital and it became invaluable when my water broke a month early. Tara was unable to come right when we arrived at the hospital but made sure to provide a wonderful backup doula who helped us in the early stages of labor until Tara could arrive. The things she taught us in our home equiped us, SO WELL. When she arrived, I was beginning to enter into the intense labor and I looked at her and my husband and started to ask for things I didn't want, like an epidural/c-secction. She looked at me and kindly said no (because that's exactly what I instructed her to do.) She then smiled and said "remember when you are ready to quit the baby is almost here", and she was 100% correct!! I couldn't believe it. She KNOWS what she is doing. My husband continues to rave about her and how helpful she was to both of us. She serves you as a family not just a mom. I recommend her to every women expecting that I meet. I can't say enough. She provides such priceless physical, emotional, spiritual and mental support. I will use her for every future baby! She also provides a home visit following the baby's birth and I was so thankful to learn details of my sons birth I wasn't aware of due to being so focused in the labor part. She gave me memories back. We LOVE Tara!

Addy Stanton


Tara is incredible. My first birth was not bad, per say, but it just didn't feel like it was MINE. I didn't feel informed, I didn't feel valued by my provider, and I didn't feel in control. I knew I wanted my next birth to look different, so I switched providers and I hired Tara. 

I am so thankful for all that she is and all that she does ... for all that shes taught me! My second and third birth have been so empowering and beautiful and I literally could not have done it without her guidance! My frugal husband even agrees that hiring Tara is a nonnegotiable for my L&D experiences, and she will, without a doubt, be one of the first people I call when the Lord decides to bless us with baby #4! 

If you're a new mommy to be, or a seasoned pro in the world of birthing, I can guarantee you will benefit a great deal from Tara's wisdom and compassion! She is simply the best, and I refuse to birth without her ?

Kaitlin Schneck Derstine


First time mom here...so when my husband and I began the pregnancy, I knew right away that I wanted more support in the delivery room, especially since we were considering a natural childbirth and it seemed like a whole lot of pressure to put soley on the hubby. I wanted someone who would be there for both of us in the journey.
When I found Tara, I knew that she was just the right fit to help coach us through the experience. I had no idea then that having her there would not only be a "help", but it actually made our goals of having a natural childbirth possible!
After 12 hours of very intense and painful back labor through the night, our little Ethan was born. It was a very challenging labor as my baby was posterior and I was in so much pain I could n'teven keep water down, but Tara was right there with my husband and I through it all.
She continually applied counter pressure, helped us to try different positions to relieve pain, applied heat packs, read monitors to keep our babies heart rate on the screen, and gave such encouraging words and sound advice when we needed it most. Even when I was ready to throw in the towel and just get the epidural, she was right there coaching me towards my goal of a natural childbirth. I want to stress MY GOAL, because knowing Tara she will help you to achieve whatever you desire for your own childbirth experience.
I have to say after all was said and done, we would not have nearly had the birth we desired if it were not for Tara. She really took the time to hear what we wanted for our birth and helped us to achieve it, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome!
When we initially hired a doula we thought, "well at least for the first one we should have a doula", but now we know for the future that we will not be laboring without one! Tara was amazing and I can't thank her enough for all she did.

katie austin


First going through her childbirth class helped me understand that not all births are created equal. I went in thinking of the standard pregnancy and labor that we see on the media outlets. After being given what childbirth/labor is really like i became more aware of what i wanted my birth to be like. Even though Tara was booked for my first childs birth, she was there for me at the end of my pregnancy and forged a lasting friendship only God could have planted in each others path. She had the compassion to come see me after being up with another client at there birth. Even though my sons birth isnt what i expected it to be she gave me grace to get over the mommy guilt of my sons and the power to rock my daughters birth. As soon as i found out i was pregnant with my second i booked her, she didnt judge me being a single mom or the fact that financially it was hard to hire a doula, she is flexible in that sense. When i went into labor, having her by my side was comforting knowing i had her there to help me make decisions and give me options on how to have a successful drug-free birth. i felt like a lioness and a warrior when i gave birth to my daughter and would have never done it without her. God Bless

Renee Christine


Ok...first of all!!!! GET A DOULA!!!! Seriously, PRICELESS!!!! Second of all, get THIS one in particular!!! Tara has been with me through two of my births.  She was unable to attend the actual birth of my first born, but got an AMAZING woman to fill in for her at my first birth.  But the knowledge, advice, and support I got from her during my pregnancy and after was just incredible!  I learned SO much from her about birth and just about being a mom in general! She would answer COUNTLESS calls and texts and messages all the time before and after I gave birth.  She is a wealth of knowledge, love, and support! For my sons birth, it was the same! She helped me through my 45 minutes of labor at the hospital and kept my baby from getting the fetal monitor screwed into his head cuz as I'm pushing they tried to put it in and I turned around and almost knocked the guy out once Tara told me what he was saying.  She comforted me when the ONE and ONLY doctor I didn't want to show up to delivery-did! She was so supportive, relaxed and helped my husband out a lot too!!! Let these ladies squeeze your hips during contractions too cuz DANG that works!!! haha! I'm serious though...had I not had a doula my first would have been a c-section for sure! Had I not had a doula I would have had epidurals for sure! Tara was the first to find out about my second pregnancy (even before my husband) and she will be the first to find out about my third if that happens...haha! Just so she's not booked! I could go on and on about how valuable she is in my life but I don't have enough characters in this box. I could not imagine what my birth experiences would have been like had it not been for Tara (and Shannon)...but I will say I am forever grateful I can look back and absolutely LOVE my birth stories and the fact that Tara is part of that as my doula and friend!! Love you girl!!! 

Jenny Kraft-Beam


Tara is a comfort to have. She is such a great advocate and voice to have. I think there were many times I texted and called her when I needed sanity (probably a lot ha!). That last month was tough trying to figure out what decisions to make and how to be rational. Oh the multiple times I called her for advice and remedies. Tara helped guide me forward so I was doing what was best for me and baby as well as moving forward in my birth goals. When my water broke Tara had everything set and ready. She was there so fast and I was so relieved. I was trying so hard to keep my body from progressing because no one was there at the house with my husband and I. When Tara arrived it allowed me to feel okay to have the baby. She helped get me in the tub and guided my husband as to how he could help. When I finally decided to just let go and let the baby come she was right there encouraging me. The midwife got there as the baby came out. Avonlea Ada, my baby girl, my little dolly was born. Everything went perfect! After our Lil' Miss was born Tara helped with making sure I was all cleaned up. I think at one point she was feeding me ha! How awesome because I wouldn't have thought of taking care of myself in that situation. She stayed with me and didn't leave until I was ready. She checked up on me to also see how breastfeeding was going. I am so thankful for her. It was powerful to me that she covered baby and I in prayer. I wish all mommy's had a doula. I recommend my friends to hire Tara! I can't imagine how women don't have this kind of support when this is the #1 biggest moment in their life. What price tag can you put on getting the best possible experience? What more can you ask then a sense of security, lower pain rate, guidance, and a much better chance for a healthy outcome before, during, and after delivery? Thank you Tara! David and I are so appreciative that you were there. Avonlea is my little sweetness. Thank you for helping me have a dream birth! 

Krystal Licht


We had an amazing experience with Tara! We took her childbirth class and learned a lot and would highly suggest that to anyone, especially those planning for a natural birth. I thought doulas were there to only help during the actual labor, but towards the end of the pregnancy I found out just how important it was to have her only a text away for questions/concerns and just any help to calm any anxiousness I was feeling. I went 10 days past my due date and really struggled during that time as family and friends were calling and messaging me often to voice their concerns that I was so "late" and afraid of how big my baby was going to be. Tara really relaxed me during this time and made me feel confident and content in those final days! My labor was VERY quick (which she had actually predicted would happen for me the first time we met, when I was only 2-3 months pregnant). By quick, I mean I went into labor around 5:30/6pm and baby was born at 8:16pm. She came to our house super quick after I let her know how things were progressing and helped get me into the shower and helped my husband set up the birth pool before the midwife arrived. She helped me to remain calm and confident even during some pretty intense contractions. She inherently knows when to be hands on and when to be hands off, I appreciate that very much about her. I was progressing so quickly that I at one point thought she may be delivering my baby and had peace about that if it would have happened too! After the birth they have to do a physical exam down there and one thing I love is that while my husband and daughter were busy holding our son, Tara came over and held my hand and talked to me during the exam, which was so nice. She also checked in often to see how we were doing adjusting to being a family of 4 and I know that even now I can ask her advice on anything and she's always so quick and happy to help! You can tell that she loves what she does and we love her too!     

Mindy A.


What a world of difference it made having a doula alongside us for the birth of our second child! Tara was the perfect choice for us as she is a Christian, and has also endured pregnancy loss. After multiple losses ourselves between our first and second child, the entire pregnancy & labor experience can be a terrifying one. Not only was it comforting to have Tara's support through our pregnancy, labor and birth, but she stood alongside us spiritually, praying and believing for our child. Because of Tara's experience and expertise, we had an incredible natural labor and birth with our daughter. Her calm demeanor, vast knowledge and thorough communication through-out the entire pregnancy & birth experience were second to none! If you are considering a doula's services, we highly recommend Tara Withey. She is professional, resourceful, respectful and faithful. She effortlessly and wisely connects birthing to what the Word of God says, empowering women to trust their Maker and themselves, affording a remarkable & satisfying birth experience as we have been designed to do! We are so blessed to have worked with her and call her a dear friend. 

Tiffany Housler


I met Tara briefly about 2 months after my vba2c attempt turned repeat cesarean section (due to not having a supportive provider) at a vbacfacts conference by Jen Kamel that she had organized. Little did I know then what a huge role Tara would play in my vba3c one and half years later.

From the beginning I felt a strong connection with Tara. She has such a happy personality and is very easy to feel comfortable with! She is very knowledgeable and experienced about birth and this really showed through in our prenatal meetings. I knew I could count on her to be by my side for my vba3c.

During labor Tara went above and beyond my expectations! One important thing I was looking for in a doula was someone to help my husband during labor and to give him breaks when needed. Tara met this criteria amazingly! My labor was long and exhausting for everyone and she provided some comic relief at times and her and my husband's personalities really matched up. This was a relief for me because I knew he could be there for me because of the way she was there, not just for me, but for him also.

Tara was supportive, warm, nurturing, serious when needed, funny when needed, and had many techniques to help my labor to continue to progress when it stalled. She was also great at taking me through what I was feeling and ways to cope with those feelings. In my opinion I am not sure my vba3c would have been as amazing and successful as it was without her there with us. You'd be lucky to have Tara as your doula :)

Sally Joy Every


I had a great experience with Tara. She was so helpful and supportive, especially in the days and weeks leading up to the birth of my child,  every time I had a question or was worried about something,  she was there to listen and encourage me.me. She helped me not be afraid of a natural birth,  and made me feel Le I was capable and strong. I ended up having a great water birth and she was right by my side telling me I could do it and helping me through the pain. If it weren't for her I don't know if I would have had the confidence and support that I needed to go through with a drug-free, all natural birth out of the hospital. I can now say, "I did it!" And be proud because she helped me realize I could. 

Sarah Trethewey


Tara was so great to work with. I just had my second child and it was a VBAC.My husband and I really liked that Tara applies biblical principals to childbirth and that she is incredibly passionate about VBAC. She quoted scripture to me during some of the most intense parts of labor and I know she was praying for me throughout the long process! I decided to get an epidural after a period of time and Tara reminded me of what I had wanted initially, which was an unmedicated labor and delivery. We talked about what I had wanted and what I was feeling in the midst of my labor, which helped me feel more comfortable with diverting from my plan, I felt that I was completely informed about what I was deciding to do. Tara fully supported my decision and helped me to stay active even with the epidural (flipping me from side to side every 20 minutes, all while making sure the various cords that were attached to me stayed in place). She was there to assure me throughout that my labor was normal and that my body was in fact doing what it was meant to do. I know that my VBAC was successful because Tara was a part of my team, I am so grateful she was there!

Jenna Palka


Tara was an irreplaceable part of the birth of our first child! First, we took Tara's childbirth education classes, which are amazing and SO worth it. We learned so much about pregnancy and childbirth, and I felt completely confident in my ability to have a safe, positive, natural labor with all of the knowledge my husband and I had gained. I would absolutely recommend taking these classes to anyone, even if it is not your first birth. 

I had a long labor (31+ hours), and Tara was there for every part of it! She helped me to remember what I had learned and to remain positive and focused throughout labor. One major thing that Tara helped us with was to take time to make an informed choice with every decision that came up, whatever it was. She helped me through the entire labor and I could not be more grateful for all of the relaxation techniques she equipped me with, the support she provided, and the coaching through all of it. I was also thankful that my husband and I never had to be alone and she could answer a lot of our questions that came up when the midwife, doctor, or nurse weren't present. Tara is wonderful!  

Ashley Farner


My husband and I connected immediately with Tara. We suffered a loss with our first pregnancy so we were nervous and scared during our second. Her own experience with loss helped us to connect with her and she always listened when I shared how I was feeling. I ended up being induced, but before we made that decision we called Tara and talked it through. Having her as a sounding board was one of the best parts of having Tara on our birthing team. I had intense back labor but she brought heat pads that were AMAZING! It seemed like she was always 1 step ahead of my labor and knew what would help. Tara was there to support and encourage my husband and me. She let my husband take the lead and when he needed to take a break she would step in. (She even brought a Tim Horton's treat for my husband twice during the labor process.) After our baby was birthed, she didn't leave my side until I was ready. She also helped facilitate family members coming in to the room to meet our new baby, which was so helpful. When we went home she came to visit us and make sure we didn't need anything. She was also available by phone or text and I was sure to contact her several times the first few weeks. As I new mom it was reassuring to know I had someone who I trusted and had been with us through the whole process to answer any questions or concerns. If we have another baby we will be sure to call Tara! I wouldn't want to birth without her!!

Carolyn Stirling


Tara is fantastic!!! Words fail to describe how awesome she is. I have never met a woman who is more suited and devoted to being a doula. She is a woman who is truly committed to supporting women and their families. She has a real heart for understanding all the emotions and issues women experience before, during and after pregnancy. She has a wealth of information from her own experiences as well as huge information and support networks. I was impressed by her intuition and thoughtfulness while I was in labor and when my son was born. She provided everything I needed in a support person from encouragement and advice to lots of little practical things that made it easier and enjoyable to birth and bond with my son. I was really touched that she was able to take photos while helping the midwife as my baby emerged. I never thought to ask her to do that, she just saw that we didn’t have a photographer and took the opportunity to do that for us. Those photos are the most precious photos I have and still fill me with awe at what we, as women, are capable of. Tara is experienced in the range of home, birth center and hospital settings and knows the issues that each setting presents from how to protect your carpet at home to the resources available in our community to which doctor best suits an individual circumstance. Tara is extremely respectful of the mother’s and family’s beliefs and wishes and works hard to ensure the best birth experience possible. Having Tara as our doula was invaluable and the support, wisdom, guidance, care and love we received from her made my son’s birth the most special moment our family has had.

Samantha DeMart


My husband and I could not have had a more wonderful experience with Tara. Her childbirth education classes were invaluable and set the stage for us to have all of the knowledge that we would need to have a peaceful, drug free childbirth. As followers of Jesus it was so wonderful to have a doula who shared our faith; just the other day I was recalling a sweet moment during my labor where I "heard" Tara and my husband praying as they worked together to help me through a contraction.

Tara is kind and gentle and although she is extremely knowledgeable, she will not push her opinions on you, but will help guide you to make the decisions that are best for you and your family. Her expertise on breastfeeding is top notch, and she was helping me latch my daughter on for the first time within 10 minutes of her birth. I attribute the immediate skin-to-skin contact, uninterrupted bonding time and early nursing all to helping my daughter and I still have an amazing breastfeeding relationship going almost 13 months strong, even though I am a full time working mom. As an added bonus, Tara offered to take photos for us during the final moments of our daughter's birth, and they are photos that I will cherish forever!

Tara receives our highest recommendation and I will continue to refer her to couples that I know that are interested in working with a doula (we've already recommended her to two couples who hired her and loved her, too!). Tara, we will never be able to thank you enough for helping us to have the most wonderful, beautiful, peaceful, spiritual birth! All three of us love our doula!

Jen N Rick Buczynski


Tara was so wonderful and REAL. From the moment we met, I liked her and trusted her. She was confident and willing to help me in whatever way I wanted throughout the pregnancy. She supported every decision I made before and during the birthing process. I never sensed anything except love, patience, and genuine interest from her. When it came time to deliver, she met us in the parking lot and was there every step - helping with every whim - when I wanted massage on my back, she was there instantly. When I called for her while in the shower, she was there. She was never shocked at how I appeared and she always had another trick up her sleeve. When I ultimately decided to have an epidural against my original wishes, not only did she remind me that I was in charge of my decisions and that she supported me , but she also helped my husband talk out his feelings about it. 

I recommend Tara to every woman who is pregnant! We need doulas! Even though I ended up with an epidural, I would not have made it that far without her help! Her wisdom and knowledge were integral parts of my pregnancy and labor. 

If you are in the Buffalo area, choosing Tara as your doula will be the best choice for your labor and birth! :) 

Sherri Hayes Morris


Tara attended the birth of my 4th child in July 2013.  I am so thankful for her presence at my birth.  She went above and beyone the call of duty.  I appreciated how she kept in contact with me and worked together with my friend, husband and daughter to provide such an beautiful birth experience.  Not only is Tara an amazing doula she is also an amazing mentor and friend.  God has truly blessed her with the gift of being a "woman's servant" during labor and birth!

Julia Pokorski


Tara is a wonderful doula! She knows so much about birthing and babies. She was a huge help to us when we had our first baby. She has a great personality, easy to get along with and has a heart for her clients. I highly recommend tara as a doula! 

Krista Costantino


My last birth was my best experience thanks to the help of my doula, Tara Withey! Tara has a passion for being a birth coach! Her love in helping ladies through their births is so genuine and in abundance! You feel so special in her care and comforted by her! I'm so blessed to have been able to have experienced this in my life! First it was a wish, a fantasy to have the kind of birth I had and with Tara's help it became our reality! Thank you, Tara and God Bless all your work!

Abbie Papp


 I met Tara at a booth she had set up about doulas. I had no idea what a doula even was. We got to talking about what she did and the services she provided. She was very friendly, informative, and added in "but what you do is up to you, it's your decision" 

After taking child birth classes with Tara, we hired her as our doula. Not only did we gain wisdom from her, during the class, but also during our pre-natal visit. She was able to help us come up with a birth plan and gave us different suggestions on things we could do even if we didn't know. Everything from coping methods during contractions, birthing posistions, even if you wanted the lights on or dim during the whole experience. She didn't push one way or another, just encouraged us to make a decision that we would be happy with.

Tara met us at the hospital. Not only did she help me, but my husband keep calm as well. I ended up getting an epidural, due to the amount of uncomfort I was experiencing. She stayed there the whole time, even though she didn't have as much of an active role once the epidural kicked in. She was then able to help go over things with my husband on how to help during the birth of our child.

During our post-natal visit we went over everything that had happened. And how things were going, adjusting to life with a new baby. She was able to answer questions and give advice. We loved having her and would highly reccomed her to anyone considering a doula.

Abbie and Daniel

Rich Ritenburg


Words cannot express the benefits of having Tara as my Doula. I took Tara’s childbirth classes and learned more about the experience than ever. She was fantastic. I knew I wanted her to share in our childbirth. Having her as a doula was the best decision. I shared with her my birth plan and how I desired to have a natural childbirth. Unfortunately, when I went into labor, the dr. that I didn’t care for was on call. Because of the stress of this, my labor pretty much stopped when I got to the hospital-so they told me I could be induced or go home. Because I already arranged childcare for my other 2 children and the fact that it was 3 am, I asked them to give me a bit to see if I could get things started on my own. Tara was wonderful. We turned off the lights, turned on the music, and she massaged my feet. Things started to pick up again and we walked around and contractions were once again regular. I wanted little contact with the staff and not only was Tara there to help me physically, she was there as an advocate as well by telling me how to ask things in a certain way which resulted in little contact which I wanted. She also helped with my husband so he knew different ways to help me physically and emotionally. My labor was the worst of all 3 and I could not have gone through it without Tara. She knew exactly the words to say and when to say them to give me strength to get through. Although I experienced the worst pain of my life, it did not matter because I achieved my goal, and when my third precious baby was placed on my chest alert as could be without affects of drugs; the pain was immediately worth it. The emotion I experienced with the immediate bonding with my baby is something I’ll never forget. Again, I could not of achieved this without the support of Tara.

Jamie Bayley


Tara Withey was a wonderful doula for me , I was giving birth to my 7th child and believe it or not i was as scared as it was my first she guided me through labor with phrases from the bible which helped me tremendously , she is a very spiritual kind loving woman . She is also very knowledgeable on your rights in the hospital ,which helped me tremedously...i learned so much from her which i appreaciate tremendously. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a great doula.

Naomi Kasprzak


Tara has attended 2 of my births. She was a great help in teaching me as well as supportive with my husband's and my decisions. She did a great job being there for me during my labors when I needed emotional support from a woman as well as physical relief, but she also gave my husband and I the space we needed. She was really awesome at encouraging me that I could do it and to relax through the hardest moments of birth. Tara also made sure she was only a phone call away for any breastfeeding questions in the next few weeks and months`post pardum and made sure she had some face time to help when it was needed. She has been an excellent doula!

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