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Jodi Anderson

Birth Matters & Modern Nest Kamloops

Kamloops, BC Service range 65 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

24 years and 1500 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 1998
  • ProDoula, March 2021

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 3 to 8

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Our doula services have supported families in Kamloops at the RIH since 2000. (prior to that 1998-2000 all major hospitals in the Edmonton, AB area) I have a great working relationship with all Dr's, Midwives, Pediatricians, L&D, Maternity & NICU Nursing staff.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have many years experience with home births with all the midwives in Kamloops, Vernon & Revelstoke areas. I also work as CMBC certified second attendant in home births since 2009 for Mighty Oak Midwifery in Kamloops & Vernon, BC. I hold current up to date certifications for NRP & CPR-HCP - renewed each year.

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Payments made by Cash, Cheque, E-Transfer or Credit Card accepted. Pre-Approved for the BC Aboriginal Doula Fund up to $1000 for approved First Nations and Metis Families. Flexible payment plans for those truly in need.

Service Area

Kamloops, BC Service range 65 miles

Client Testimonials for Jodi Anderson

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Sara C.


We welcomed our second daughter with Jodi by our sides once again in January. I could not imagine labour without her (or her TENS machine!). She is calm and reassuring, and can read a labouring woman like no other. Our family is now complete, otherwise she would be asked to join us again. Whether it is your first, second, third, or so on birth, I highly recommend Jodi to guide you through childbirth.

In 2018 we also took her prenatal class series and learned a whole lot. My husband especially found those helpful come labour -he had the necessary tools to help me through a long back labour before Jodi joined us and knew what to expect as baby was closer to arriving earth side.



Jodi is the perfect balance of warm and nurturing and a strong voice as an advocate. I interviewed several doulas before deciding to hire Jodi and attend her prenatal classes. I felt so supported in my journey through pregnancy and beyond. The classes helped me feel prepared for what was to come and have realistic expectations of the process. Her support on the day of delivery helped me feel empowered to make important choices for me and my little one. If I have another child I will 100% want Jodi by my side again.

Alyssia Lynn


I cannot stress enough how amazing, supportive and grounding Jodi (and her team) at Birth Matters was for our first birth.

She immediately injected a sense of calm, purpose and clarity into our delivery room. Everything flowed the way it should and she kept me and my partner (and our delivery team!) focused on what was and is important to ME, through every single contraction right through to our baby arriving earthside. 

You could not ask for a better guide, mentor, and cheer leader for your baby's birth. I feel so blessed that we had her with us, and I don't plan on doing it again without her by my side. Thank you Jodi ?? <3 

Andrea Kyle


Jodi at Birth Matters is a very kind, professional and knowledgeable Doula.  Her level of experience is undeniable as she has an uncanny ability to say exactly the right thing to expertly coach you through the birthing process. She is genuinely interested in your goals - she actively listens and takes initiative to integrate your birth preferences into the labor and delivery room. She provides a calm and encouraging presence that i found to be invaluable during my labor.  I would definitely work with Jodi for future births and highly recommend her services for anyone contemplating Doula care. 



Our Family was so happy to have Jodi as our birth doula.  The amazing support started well before the birth, I was a surrogate and I knew I wanted a doula to be there for me as everyone else who would attend was there for the baby, leading up to the birth there were uncertainties around hospital policies and Jodi had this ability to hold space for me to share my concerns and feelings and validated what I was feeling. With covid happening there were so many unknowns but the constant reassurance and support Jodi offered me was unmeasurable and so valuable. She was my doula and as it turns out, my husbands doula and baby's parents doula.  She has this amazing ability to be everyone's person that needs her in that moment without leaving anyone who needed her feeling alone.   I would recommend Jodi to all birthing persons.  I'm hoping to be able to have her again for our next birth in 2022!

Ayla Salyn


We were so fortunate to have Jodi again as our doula with the birth of our second child. She is so amazing! My second delivery was so different than my first, and Jodi was right there to help me learn, cope and thrive with my second delivery. She helped me feel confident in a process that can feel really scary. I cannot recommend her enough! If you are having a baby, you will be so grateful to have Jodi and her experience, knowledge and love with you. Thank you Jodi! A million times, thank you!!!



Jodi was absolutely amazing to have as our doula. She was so incredibly supportive, and I don't think I would have had a successful VBAC without her. She talked me through each contraction, held my hand, and supported me until the arrival of our baby girl. She had us laughing and helped keep me comfortable through the entire birthing process. I will never forget the delicious peanut butter and jam sandwich she made for me after welcoming our little girl!

Christina Grono


Its hard to find the words to describe the amazing role that Jodi played during my labour .  From the moment she arrived  at the hospital she locked eyes with me and I knew I was going to be ok . Her calming presence and confident energy was the key to me having the labour I wanted . She always knew exactly what I was feeling so she was able to guide me thru the hardest parts.  To have someone there with that much experience was invaluable . This was the hardest day of my life and the most unpredictable . I cannot stress enough to future moms how crazy the ride is of this thing called labour and no matter how great your husband or in-laws are , there is no greater support then a doula and especially one like Jodi who has so much experience . No matter how my labour went I knew that I had a wise woman beside me who would make sure I knew my options and knew when I had more power in me to keep going .  She worked with the nurses and midwife as a team and together we brought my little  boy into this world .  We were also able to spin him thanks to her techniques thus avoiding a C-section !  Jodi also carries no opinion on the type of labour you "should" have , she equally supports you if you want to go completely natural or you need the support of other modalities.  

If we can spend thousands of dollars on cars and weddings I believe we should not hesitate to spend money on the most life changing day of our lives .  

Samantha Kelly


My husband and I attended Jodi’s prenatal classes as well as hired her as our doula. The classes were so informative and we always left feeling like we had gained so much knowledge! I was so thankful for attending the classes with my husband as it was so much easier to make decisions while both having the same current information. I highly recommend attending these classes together!

As for the doula services, if you do only one thing while preparing for your baby, let it be hiring Jodi!! I couldn’t imagine not having her  apart of our birthing experience! From the start of preparing for our birth, to the support during the delivery and the post birth support, Jodi was absolutely amazing. Jodi was so calm during the delivery, whispering advice and reassurance in my ear in between pushes and being there for my husband when he needed to look to someone for reassurance that everything was okay and probably a million other things that I didn’t know she was doing in the moment!

We birthed in the hospital and after baby is out, the room clears pretty quickly, it was so nice to have Jodi stick around afterwards and help us get started on our breastfeeding journey (and feed me a peanut butter and jam sandwich at 4am LOL)!

It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to have a doula’s support during birth, but I remember being so thankful she was there while I was delivering our son. My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how grateful we were after she left and we had a moment to process the whole experience!

Brianna shelton


I highly reccomend Jodi Anderson for doula and prenatal! I felt so informed going it labor after her prenatal classes. She taught us so much and it was a great way to meet other new families. Her classes taught me how to breathe properly for labor which I feel actually helped me in active labor! I can’t imagine not having a doula for birth. It was the greatest investment for not only myself but also my partner! I will always have Jodi be my doula for the rest of my births in the future as well. She played the most calming music and had every tool to help me succeed. She is so kind, informed and very calm and that’s exactly what every mom needs during birth! Thank you Jodi! 



I honestly could not have gone through with my birth plan if it wasnt for Jodi. I wanted to have an unmedicated l&d. It was important for me to have a positive birthing experience labouring my rainbow baby. When I arrived at the hospital I was 7 cm dilated and screaming for an epidural. When jodi arrived I felt grounded back to earth. She made me feel so safe. I remember feeling scared and thinking "is this normal?" She made me feel heard and supported . Because of her I was able to follow through with my birth plan and welcomed my sweet rainbow baby into the world. If I am ever blessed to be pregnant again I know I will be going with jodi again. 



Jodi was very supportive and empowering through the process of pregnancy and birth. Whenever we had questions she was available and offered her broad knowledge, as well as encouraged us to advocate for ourselves and our child. During a sometimes scary birth she was very calming and reassuring. We are so thankful to have had Jodi as a support person. 

Caz Steiman


As a first time mom I was understandably nervous about experiencing pregnancy, labour and delivery for the first time. We had a friend and our midwife recommend hiring Jodi as a doula so we did. We also attended her prenatal classes. Having her as a doula was a game changer. Meeting with her prior to our birth to discuss preferences/birth plan was super helpful. She was great and helped to give us the confidence to advocate for our family. My birth did not go as planned and Jodi was a calm and comforting prescence through that. She supported us with the preferences we had expressed prior to labour and also supported me when I realized that some of those preferences were not what was right for myself and that birth in the moment. I ended up having an unplanned c-section which was something that I absolutely did not want and something I thought would have been devestating. However, the support I received from Jodi, my midwife and the rest of the team allowed me to process the experience, make peace with it easily and begin motherhood in a better place than I would have been without them. Jodi also provided us with support in two follow-ups following the birth of our daughter. One at home and one in office. These were hopeful for processing the birth experience and getting support with new motherhood. Jodi is is very knowledgeable and is up-to-date about best practices. I found that she was open and allowed us the space to make the best decisions possible for us and our family



I am a seasoned maternity care provider and I hired Jodi as my personal doula and birth photographer. 

I was blessed with a very supportive husband and a fabulous midwife and doc. She did not hamper their contributions, but instead was like the conductor for a beautiful birth orchestra. For hours and hours she did every contraction with me.

The labour and birth photos Jodi took are exquisite and I will cherish them until the day I die. I was so sleep deprived by the time our sweet baby emerged that my brain was immersed in an alternate reality. The photos showed me I was strong when I felt I was weak.

I could not save those moments in my brain that we want to keep forever in the hard drive of our hearts. The first breath. The first eye contact. The look on the other children’s faces as they meet their sibling for the first time. Looking deeply into your partner’s eyes “we did it”.

Jodi validated my experience when I was desperate inside and felt I was failing at the one epic job only I could do. She photographed the little monkey finally emerging sunny side up. I knew something wasn’t right through the labour, but in my head, I thought I was weak and failing. Seeing that photo validated my pain and my journey. It allowed me to feel proud instead of shame. 

The support that Jodi gave me, my husband, and my midwife can only be classified as priceless. I will forever be grateful for her gentle presence and the validation she gave me that I had no idea I would need. I learned the humbling lesson that even in all our strength and power giving birth, our self esteem is delicate because the stakes cannot be higher. 

Jodi thank-you for being there to nurture me as the mother and for so respectfully handling the baring of my naked soul. 

With love and respect,

Catherine and Jay


Jodi joined us for a second time to greet a new family member into the world. As we prepared for the birth, Jodi was a wonderful source of information and was incredibly supportive as we considered our various options for a VBAC. During labour, Jodi was an amazing source of support and reassurance, both over the phone in early labour and then at our home as labour progressed. We would have felt completely lost without her. With Jodi’s support, I was able to approach birth calmly and fearlessly. I do not know what we would have done without her as part of our birth team!



My husband and I just had our first baby and we are so happy that we found Jodi to be our doula. She was super supportive, comforting and calming throughout labour and delivery and changed the atmosphere of the delivery room as soon as she arrived. It was so nice to have someone who was by our side that we were familiar and comfortable with to support us. Jodi intuitively knew what I needed and made our experience exactly what we were hoping for and more! 



I cant say enough good things about Jodi Anderson and My Birth Matters. Jodi made the hardest most stressful time of my life the most enjoyable. From the visits prior to the big day I felt educated, prepared, supported and well I don’t think I would ever felt ready but as ready as I could feel, to the visits after where she revealed the most magical and emotional photos I had ever seen. During this process I knew that Jodi would support and advocate for any decision I made without hesitation or judgment. She was like the perfect balance between personal and professional. She made my partner and I both feel comfortable and capable at all times. My partner and I would both call her an angel considering this was both our first and we had no idea what to do. She assisted my partner in fulfilling ALL of my needs before I even knew what I needed. We were both so incredibly grateful to have her and wouldn’t think twice about having her along side our journey if we were to have another baby. 

Michelle kramer


Jodi sets the golden standard in doula care.  For my second birth I wanted to invest in making my birthing experience different. I decided on a home birth, went with a midwife, and hired Jodi. Jodi has a way of knowing about her, which makes her very special. She sets the tone of the room, she coaches, and helps you through one of the hardest tasks you will ever do. She somehow does this all in a way that still puts you at the center of your care, allowing you to be in control of your birthing experience. Aside from her nature, Jodi is an experienced clinician with years of knowledge and experience. When things were not progressing as planned for me and flickers of a hospital trip were in my mind, Jodi’s suggestions prevented that and I successfully delivered in water at home. Please see doula care as a monetary investment in your birthing experience, it’s worth it!!  I wish that every woman had the option for doula care as I truly believe it decreases birthing complications and makes better experiences. Cheers and Thankyou 

Alison Beach


I would highly recommend Jodi to anyone looking for a doula. She is incredibly amazing at what she does! Not only does she help prepare you for birth but is definitely an amazing support to have during labour. Jodi was our Doula for the births of both our daughters and we are truly thankful for all the help she gave us. 

Erin Jensen


Though I was not considering a doula to start off with, I am so happy Jodi came into my life!!  My husband and I attended prenatal classes along with hiring Jodi as a Doula for the birth of our first son and it is beyond amazing the support and experience Jodi has to offer!  I feel that though I am a pretty strong individual and thought I was prepared to handle birth, if Jodi wasn't there side by side with us I really truly don't know what I would have done!  From her calming reassuring presence, to instructions, being right where you needed her and labour ski rope!  Everything helped and came out all at the right time!  My husband though strong and silent at first and not comfortable with the whole situation came a prenatal meeting and the prenatal classes which he found very informative, followed by being right by my side at the birth rather than taking the dog out for a walk which was his original plan!  Jodi was just as much there for him as she was for me and the baby.  She is truly amazing, it is very hard to put into words how great she is at what she does and the amazing person she is! Even if you’re not considering a Doula, consider Jodi!

Erin Sims


Jodi was my birth doula for my most recent child. Being a full time single parent, in a new city, with no family to be present for my planned home birth, Jodi was my main support person, and I couldn’t have done it without her. Jodi is a kind, lovely woman with an incredible energy. She is easy to trust, and had a special gift in bringing comfort to her clients. Jodi helped me move through the pains of natural childbirth calmly and confidently. I highly recommend Jodi as a birth and post partum doula. 

Renata Mrema


Let me put this plainly, I don’t know what I would have done without Jodi by my side for the delivery of my son.

My son came in an emergency situation, seven weeks early, and when my husband was out of the country. Needless to say, I was shocked, frightened, and completely unprepared for what lay in front of me.

Jodi was there to hold me as I tried to process everything. She was in the operating room, quietly assuring me that my son was ok. She was there in recovery, helping me prepare for the next steps in our journey. She was in the NICU, checking on my son as much as she was checking on me. And yes, two months later, she was still there, supporting this first time momma through the ever-changing journey that is motherhood.

Choosing to have Jodi as part of my support system was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. If I had to do it a million times over, I’d want her by my side every time.

Kyler Sylvia Miller


Jodi has been with us for the births of 4 of our 5 children. I can't say enough positive about the support and comfort she has been through all four experiences, different as they each have been. I would recommend her to anyone!

I first met Jodi when we were hoping to VBAC with our 2nd baby. Our unplanned Csection experience with our oldest had been overall positive but both my husband and I were suprised by how little support we had from the L&D staff. I knew about doulas, and the many positive benefits of having doula support, so we decided to try finding one to hopefully increase our chances of the VBAC that we wanted. I phone interviewed several different doulas, and had a sit down visit with one, but no one clicked until i talked to Jodi. One of our challenges is living at some distance from the hospital. I had concerns surrounding that and just in talking on the phone she gave me some really great advice. We were able to meet up shortly thereafter and the rest is history...

She supported us through that 2nd baby's induced birth that turned into a wonderful VBAC. I had problems with my hip having partly dislocated just days before the birth so she was invaluable in helping me find comfortable positions that didn't spasm the joint. With our 3rd baby, she supported us through a labour so fast and intense that I didn't have time even for NiOx gas. She was also so tuned in to what my body was doing that, if it wasn't for her, that little one probably would have been born in the shower. Our 4th baby was indecisive so Jodi and DH had to keep helping me find a better position to keep baby moving all the way to a successful OP birth. With our 5th, Jodi helped keep me on track and breathing constructively through a whopping 1 hour incredibly intense labour. She also was really calming to talk with while DH went with Baby Girl to the NICU to stabilize her oxygen levels.

Sara Cooper


Having Jodi as part of our journey into parenthood was the best decision. My husband and I first met Jodi attending the six-week course of prenatal classes she offers. These classes were incredibly informative, and it was great to meet + connect with expectant families.

Following our classes, we had two visits with Jodi (as our doula) discussing our preferences for labour and birth, and she answered further questions. We felt prepared and confident after our time spent with Jodi.

We couldn’t imagine labour without her. Nothing could prepare me for the forty-six hour back labour. Jodi was by my side for at least twelve hours of it! My husband and I were both exhausted prior to Jodi arriving at our home. Having Jodi by my side allowed my husband to sleep a few hours prior to us going to the hospital. As for myself, Jodi was able to read my body and made suggestions for labouring positions that would allow my body some rest. When we arrived at the hospital, the nurses greeted us, and even in my labouring state I noted the respect the department had for her. During labour at the hospital, Jodi was such a grounding force for us; I wouldn’t have been able to have the birth I preferred without her support and guidance.

At first, my husband thought having both a midwife and doula was over the top, though went along with it because I thought it was important. After the birth of our daughter, he was raving about having Jodi as our doula! There are no words to express the gratitude we have for Jodi and we cannot wait to invite her to be an integral piece of our next birth story!!

Lisa Dinicol


Having Jodi as our doula was the best decision we could have made. My husband and I were so thankful to have her by our side during the birth of our son. She was a huge help to both of us in regards to easing our nerves and making us feel much more prepared and confident.
I truly believe that my birthing experience wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without her help, guidance and encouragement. Jodi is so comforting and easy to get along with that it felt so right. Like she was meant to be there with us during the biggest and most memorable day of our lives.
We were also both so glad we did our (2 intensive) prenatal classes with Jodi. She is very knowledgeable and made everything enjoyable and easy to understand. We strongly suggest these classes as they were a huge asset to us.
My husband and I both highly recommend having Jodi as part of your birthing team. Not only did she make the experience better for me but also my husband. It took a lot of stress away from us both and that is a huge deal during this crazy time. I will be forever thankful for her presence of my son’s arrival ?? Thank you Jodi!!

Helen Johnston


I have no doubt that Jodi (and the midwives) enabled me to push out my 10 lb son.  It is unlikely I could have done it without her help, guidance and encouragement.  And in the case of the much easier 8lb 7oz daughter, there probably would have been a disaster with the hot tub liner if she hadn't arrived in time.  "Helen"

First time around, I was a deer in headlights and would have been useless to help my wife without Jodi.  At our daughter's birth, even though it was so quick, Jodi was still able to capture the moments when it mattered with photos as well as help with the birth, and allowed me to look after our son which was a confusing time for him. "Bryce"

Courtney Bruin


Jodi is such a wonderful doula.  We really enjoyed having her support through the births of both of our children.  Jodi gave her endless support before, durring and after the births.  She was a great resource to have to ask questions to at any time, always giving us reassurance and support.  I would hands down recommend Jodi as a Doula.  I don't know what we would have done without her by our side durring those hard hours of childbirth. Her calming demenour and vast array of knowledge were so helpful to have around. Thank you Jodi! We love you.

Miranda Brown


I chose to have Jodi be apart of our birth journey for our 10th baby. Our previous birth experience ended up with a traumatic medical transfer due to a heart defect. I realized as my pregnancy progressed I was needing a little more reassurance and support. I asked Jodi to join us later into my pregnancy and she didn't hesitate. I was amazed at her calm encouraging steadiness and believe Jodi was instrumental in healing pieces of my heart and a renewed belief in natural birth.

Amy Anderson


I chose to attend the weekend intensive class with my husband and it has been so informative. I feel much better prepared for this very important day. The instructor Jodi is so knowledgeable, kind and delivers the information in a way that makes it easy to understand and relate to. I highly recommend attending a class.

Owen Pellizzon


My wife and I attended prenatal classes along with hiring Jodi as a Doula for the birth of our daughter and both were wonderful experiences. As a first time dad in these situations, it can be very tough to understand the process of labour and what to expect when the time comes, however, i feel through the prenatal classes Jodi left me feeling very prepared with a very good understanding of what to expect and how to assist my wife with what she needed. I learned a lot and I am very happy my wife signed us up to attend. I would highly recommend this for any couple preparing for their first baby. Having Jodi attend our birth as a Doula was something we will be doing again for our next child. I honestly feel it made things go so much smoother than had she not been there. My wife had a very long back labour and I could tell after a while, my voice started to get old. I struggled to figure out if what i was doing for her was right or if i should be trying to assist differently. She constantly reassured that I was doing great which gave me the confidence i needed to continue to assist as best as I could. As my wife grew frustrated with hearing my voice, she was there to reassure my wife that yes this is something you need to try, or just straight up knowing what she needed without her saying. When i felt like i could not communicate with her anymore, Jodi always got through to her and found out what she needed. She had this way of being able to get my wife to focus and concentrate even through the toughest labour pains and I am so grateful for everything she did during, and after labour. If you are considering a doula for your birth, Jodi's attendance is a must! As a dad I feel she is there for me as much ss she was for my wife. 



Lyndsay Devick


Jodi was our doula for my second brith, which was a VBAC. She was such an amazing, experienced, and comforting presence and I’m so glad that I was able to have her by my side. She helped to ease both mine and my husband nerves he whole time which helped me to achieve the birth that I dreamt of!! Jodi is very personable, easy to talk to, incredibly kind, and with all her experience she just knew what to say and do at exactly the right time!! Thanks Jodi!

Kelly de Chantal


Jodi is very friendly, kind and approachable person, she is also very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to birth. She had so many stories and experiences to share with us that we felt very comforted in her expertise as this was our first child.

We hired Jodi as our doula and man am I grateful to have had her by my side through my labor. Our birth plan was to have our baby at home in the birthing tub with no pain medication. When the day arrived our baby had a very different plan for us. We started at home where I laboured for hours. The pain I experienced was something I never knew I could handle, I had Jodi next to me the whole time holding my hand and offering encouraging words. Her calm and grounded demeanour kept me as calm as I could be. She spoke to me in a tone that offered reassurance and support.

My labor did not progress as I had hoped and we decided to move to the hospital so that I could get some assistance and regain my strength. Jodi was with us every step of the way, she supported me in my decision and met us at the hospital. She was great at relaying information to our families that were waiting in the wings. She sat with us bedside for hours as my labor progressed, she was calm and able to answer all of my questions.

We ended up needing a C section where Jodi was not allowed in the room but she was there to check on us after and follow up.

Our experience with Jodi was exceptional. she rolled with all the curve balls thrown our way and kept me calm and supported us the whole time.

She followed up with us after the birth and again was able to answer all of our questions.

I would highly recommend Jodi as a doula we are so grateful to have had her with us for the birth of our first child.

Alexia Smith


Me and my partner had a unique situation where we moved to a different city at 38 weeks pregnant. I knew I wanted a doula and I only heard great things of Jodi Anderson so I thought maybe she will be available for us! Turns out she was and this was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made! When I contacted Jodi I was living in Vancouver at the time with the plan of moving and giving birth in Kamloops so I could be with family. Jodi was very understanding of our situation and made time for us when we would come to Kamloops for family visits. We knew right away she was the doula for us! She helped guide me to what I really wanted with the birth from reading my emotions to letting us in on her personal experiences. Every time I would talk with Jodi I felt more confident about birth! We were on the same page with everything. By the time my labour started she was so supportive and there for me and my partner whenever we needed her, on the phone or in person but at the same time she wasn't hovering which was exactly what I needed. I never felt like she wasn't helpful at any point from labouring at home to the hospital. The TENS machine was a dream when Jodi introduced that to us as my contractions were intense for 3 days! Jodi was available to us 24/7 for the longest labour! When I took an 8 hour nap she was by our side. We didn't want the room full so she was amazing on helping us keep it just me and my partner. The support she had for us was unforgettable throughout my active labour. My partner had a hard time with the intensity and screams from pushing and Jodi was there for him and for me! I felt like giving up at times I was so exhausted but Jodi gave me that push of encouragment and I did it! The baby finally came, Jodi stayed by my side and fed me a PB and J sandwhich. This experience would not have been as good as it was without Jodi and I believe that 100 percent. Thank you with all our hearts Jodi, and we'll be calling you for the next babies!

Kayla Wolfe


Jodi was my saving grace! My husband and I had the pleasure of having Jody as our Doula as well as taking part in prenatal classes with her and Catherine at Modern Nest. The prenatal classes provided a very comfortable and open environment to learn as well as share any fears or concerns. As a result when I went into labour I felt knowledgeable and confident in my understanding of what was going on. When labour started it progressed very quickly and when we made the decision to call Jody she arrived immediately. We wanted to have a home water birth and with the fast intense nature of my labour, Jody knew exactly how to support me and facilitate our goal of having our daughter in the comfort of our own home! When I felt like I was losing control she knew exactly what to say to get my head back in the game. Once I our daughter was born she was slow to take her first breath and in what was a stressful situation having Jody there with my amazing midwife put me at ease because I had total faith in both of them!

Once our little Grace was doing well it was time to work on me. I unfortunately had to go to the hospital. Jodi helped my husband put Grace in the car (not ever using a car seat he needing some guidance) Once at the hospital Jodi helped talk me through my pain. Before I went up for surgery Jodi helped express some colostrum for our baby as I was not able to breastfeed before going to surgery. Once we were home Jodi’s afterbirth care was excellent she came to our home for a few visits to check in on both Grace and I and gave me some very valuable pointers on breastfeeding that helped a lot!

Jody is amazing and she truly has found her calling! If you are in the Kamloops area I would 100% recommend Jodi for both prenatal classes and as your Doula she was a huge part of our birth story! She will also be apart of our next birth story! (when it happens) <3

Danielle Erickson


Jodi was an invaluable member of our birth team for two very different births, one long, slow, and steady and one fast and furious. She is amazingly skilled at bringing calm and focus and encouraging during those inevitable moments when it all gets a bit much. It was important to my partner to be my primary support person during labour and Jodi has the experience and expertise to be able to melt into the back ground or jump up front depending on the needs of the mother and her partner at the time. I especially appreciated the care and consideration Jodi gave to me following delivery. While we were caught up in the joy and excitment of meeting our babies, she ensured I was adequately fed and watered. She was also helpful in establishing that very important initial breast feed. I would highly recommend Jodi for all of your birth support needs!

Bonita Barker


Choosing Jodi to be our Doula was one of the best decisions I made throughout my pregnancy. Not only was she the one who was with us during the birth of our son, we also took prenatal classes at Modern Nest, taught by her and her business partner.  We went into our labour experience fully aware of our choices and what to expect, and both my husband and I can’t imagine having gone through the experience without her by my side guiding me, giving me tips and tricks to deal with the pain, and I was able to get through it with only the laughing gas. We look back on the labour as a positive experience, and I would not hesitate one moment to hire her again if I was to have a second child. I highly recommend her.

Nav Dhaliwal


Jodi gave us a phenomenal experience during my delivery. It was the first time I hired a doula with my second child. My labour wouldn't been easy without Jodi. Jodi didn't only look after me but was making sure my husband got breaks and was eating on time during my labour. Jodi was professional and always there for any questions before delivery. Jodi was available anytime and made sure she had backup doulas booked for any days she was not available. I had peace of mind that there was someone who would be there when I go into labour that I can contact easily. Words cannot express how happy I was with my decision of hiring Jodi as my doula. Jodi goes through every detail of your birth plan before going into labour and she is full of knowledge and makes sure you have decided everything you can for when the big day arrives. I could say the experience I had with hiring Jodi as my doula during my labour was the best decision I ever made.

Eamon Wolfe


We had Jodi as our doula and she was a lifesaver! Kayla’s labor was very fast and furious so having Jodi’s calm and steady presence was indispensable. After our little girl was born it became apparent that Kayla had sustained a rather serious injury during birth. It was in these moments after birth her dedication to her clients and passion for her craft became indisputable. It was a very chaotic and stressful time seeing my partner in such pain and distress on top of the fact that I was a new dad and having to care for our new baby girl. Jodi provided such a great support to Kayla and myself in this time words cannot do justice. Jodi is a true professional and as a father; who’s experience can sometimes get glossed over; I found her care before during and after labor to be world-class. I look forward to her being a part of our next birth story.

Natanis Houghton


Unbelievable. She helped deliver my son and we had a wonderful home birth. He came early so we only got one appointment in before hand, but--being that he came so quick we had no time for the birthing po--when she sat by my side and held my hand over the bath tub it was like I had known her forever. She knew my body and contractions better than I did. Encouraged me to do what I needed to do to feel comfortable, and had the calmest soothing voice. My hubby and I are so grateful to her and her knowledge and passion. She is truly gifted in her expertise, and I know my experience wouldn't have been so smooth without her. I wish I was having a third to do it all over again. She kept my partner busy, as he was a bit stressed, and gave him perfect tasks to do while I was in active labor. She helped make him a part of the birth in ways he felt useful and contributed to the process. She told him what was normal, and assured him me and the baby were doing just fine. She has a plethora of knowledge, and has done it all herself as well which is always helpful. I  can't say better things about this woman, and love her presence in our life and this community. Thank u Jodi for all you do! 

Korah DeWalt-Gagnon


Jodi was very professional during the application process and was quick to reply to any questions or inquiries. When we had our first meeting it was nice to get to know Jodi and learn not only about her services, but about her as well. During the birthing process Jodi helped to keep the environment peaceful and be an advocate for our birthing plan. She was very good at reminding us to relax and prepare for the next stage. Her knowledge and support was very much appreciated during labour. She helped us to make positions more effective and ensure our wishes were maintained. 

Jodi is very caring and supportive during all stages. We were very appreciative to have a doula for the birth of our son. 

Amy Wesley


We attended prenatal classes with jodi with our first pregnancy and when that birth didn’t go as planned i swore we would have a doula with our second. I immediatly think of jodi when i think of the best possible person to support birth so when we got pregnant I contacted her right away. She is professional and super knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and birth. Jodi was everything we needed throughout labour and i felt she truly listened to and supported my birth wishes. I 100% believe her support and partnership with my midwife was what allowed me to have a successful vbac.
In addition jodi has been a great support throughout the post partum period and continues to be someone i can call with any questions.
Thanks Jodi for all you do to support women??

Michelle Gredling


This was our second time using Jodi as our doula and I can't imagine going through labour without her. She was our rock through both labour and deliveries and while I had the support of a midwife this time as well it didn't replace our need for a doula. Jodi came to my house, met us at the hospital twice, stayed through hours and hours of labour, coached me through pushing and took some beautiful photos of my husband and daughter while I was in recovery. She captured precious moments that I couldn't be there for. Not sure if we will go for a 3rd but if we do, Jodi will be the first person I call.

Jessica Petersen


We used Birth Matters for our classes, photography, and doula care. And what an incredible experience. Very educating classes filled with great people, the photos taken were just phenomenal, and the doula services-words cannot explain. Thank you Jodi, Vicki, and Catherine for all you have done for Jordan and I. We have the upmost respect for everything you all do. HIGHLY recommend to all new parents, and growing families. THANK YOU!?

Natalie Avery


I have known Jodi for a number of years professionally and she was my first choice as a doula when I became pregnant with my first child. She is remarkably self-assured and has a level of experience that is so evident in her work. What I had observed most professionally was her ability to support women in their choices and their experience no matter what - far from idealizing the childbirth.  I know that women's experiences of birth cover a vast range, some beautiful and some more challenging, and Jodi is always there with her calm, confident suggestions, holding the space for women to undertake their own journey, however it may look.  This became important in my own journey to motherhood and I am so thankful that Jodi was there with me on that day. I can still remember how she helped ground me throughout the contractions washing over me, how I had already started to feel as if this was all impossible before she had arrived, and then, somehow with her being there it was possible to endure the impossible. I was also grateful for her intimate knowledge of labour and birth and that she was able to help my partner know that this was all normal, that I was alright. 

I am also grateful for the birth photos she took. At the time it didn't occur to me how important those photos would be, but I am so thankful to have these images of our first moments with our beautiful little girl. They take me back to her first cries and our wonder upon meeting her for the first time.  

I would recommend Jodi to anyone having a baby. Labour is one of the most challenging and beautiful things to experience, it is one of the most raw and honest experiences I've ever had. I know that Jodi's support was so important to helping me through. I actually can't wait for the next labour !

Roz Beers


Both me and my husband are still so grateful to have had Jodi with us on this journey! She was so supportive from the first time we met her and the information she offered was always clear and kind. I never felt hesitant to contact her with any question we had and felt more confident going into labour knowing she was a phone call away!! During labour, having her beside me and hearing her voice guiding and pushing me through contractions was calming as well as inspiring. I couldn't imagine her not being there or at any birth I may have in the future. She also gave my husband relief and confidence along the way, which was great for both of us. I highly recommend hiring the lovely Jodi Anderson to make your pregnancy and labour easier and smoother!

Rosie B


I hired Jodi's services for the birth of both of my kids. One of her associates attended my first and she attended my second birth. Both experiences were amazing! Jodi helped me cope through labour by supporting me (mentally, emotionally and physically), and by coaching me to relax, breathe, let things happen. I had taken pre-natal classes with Jodi before my first, but it had been a few years and in the moment, you tend to forget. She worked very well with my midwife and knew where I was at in the stages of my labour because she was able to read my body language very well. She was also very good with assisting my husband with setting up and directing him. Without her help, I wouldn't have made it to the birth pool! She is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend hiring her, whether you're a first time mom or very experienced mom. It'll be one of the best decisions you'll make for your birth experience.

Jolene Lindsey


Having Jodi as a part of our birth experiences was one of the most important things to us.  We first met Jodi in her Prenatal class when we were pregnant with our first.  I didn't know what a doula was and certainly had never considered hiring one for our birth, however, when our prenatal classes were over my husband and I knew we needed her to be part of our team (we had a midwife and hoped to have a home birth).   It wasn't only her skills and expertise that made this decision, it was WHO Jodi was.   Her calm, gentle but solid presence, her confidence, and her ability to hold space in a way not just anyone can.  She was a crucial support in our first birth, which was a difficult labour/birthing process and provided an invaluable set of skills in terms of labouring positions, pain management techniques, etc.   We knew it was necessary to have her at our next birth, which ended up being a twin birth.  In both cases, I was able to have the unmedicated, vagnial births that I desired, even when medical interventions were suggested.  Jodi helped adovacate for my husband and I but also provided us with the support, guidance and confidence to voice our wishes in situations where we didn't feel as empowered to do so.   We are truly grateful for knowing Jodi and having her support.  I couldn't imagine my births without her.  She's so special to us I would consider having another baby just to work with her again..even if it would be crazy!  ;)  Thank you Jodi.

Ali Hinz


My husband and I decided to get in contact with Jodi about her prenatal classes and doula services primarily because of the fact that we have no family nearby, and felt that we would need someone experienced to assist us through labour. Jodi was able to accomodate our hectic schedules and fit us into classes that worked for us, and answered any and all questions that we had thoroughly.

When I did finally go into labour, my husband and I both felt that we had a better idea of what was happening because of the education we received in Jodi's prenatal classes. Once we were ready for Jodi to arrive, she was easily reached, and was at my side in what felt like no time. She kept me calm, and tried many different strategies to keep me as comfortable as possible so I could focus on bringing our sweet babe into the world. I felt safe and secure with Jodi, which is absolutely invaluable when one is in such a raw and vulnerable state. On the other hand, Jodi's calm presence gave my husband comfort, and the confidence that everything would be fine. 

Though our delivery did not go exactly according to plan, Jodi kept me feeling safe and secure. She was all I could focus on, reminding me that I was okay, reminding me of my inner strength, and reminding me that with every second that went by, I was getting closer to meeting my baby.

In the end, I would not have wanted any person other than Jodi by my side. With her support, I was able to surrender myself as much as possible to my labour, and was able to focus on myself and my baby, rather than on what was going on around me. I knew that Jodi was in my corner, and that I could just lean into her support. Jodi's care offered me the safety and security I needed, kept me focused, and most importantly, reminded me of my inner strength and empowered me each step of the way. 

kate mccurrach


My partner and I took Jodi and Catherine's prenatal classes as well as used Jodi as our birth doula.  I was recommended to hire a doula from a few friends with children and although I was originally unsure - I am extremely grateful we hired Jodi to help with our birth.  I couldn't imagine being more prepared, supported, and secure with my pregnancy and birth and highly recommend Jodi to anyone expecting! 

Tara-Lynn Curnow


Jodi was absolutely invaluable during labour and delivery of my second-born. She seems to have this sixth sense and knew exactly what I needed and when, from helping me focus my energy through each contraction, to the perfect peanut butter sandwich she made after my baby was born. She is deeply compassionate and intuitive. More than just being at my side during birth, she was incredibly helpful pre-natal. Through many long talks she helped me move past the emotional trauma of my first birth experience. The simple truth is, without Jodi by my side I would not have found my courage and strength to make it through a perfect VBAC, and for that I will never be able to thank her enough.

Gabriela Skye


Jodi and Catherine's prenatal classes were wonderful for my husband and I. We always had a lot of fun and walked away feeling very informed and prepared. Even my husband who had had two children before ours said that he loved the classes and learned way more then he thought he would.
We were also lucky enough to have Jodi join us at our home as our 'second' for our attempted home birth. Although I cannot remember much about what exactly was said but I do recall her presence being extremely calming and soothing, especially during the height of my labour.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about these two and recommend them every chance I get!

Kristi Blace


I am so grateful for having Jodi present for the homebirth of our daughter. She came into our lives and our home and protected the space and experiences with the care that I would have expected out of myself. I felt as though she not only respected my wishes that we had discussed in our prenatal appointments, but also made them a priority. Jodi added to the experience by keeping me calm, focused and relaxed through every contraction. She kept my husband calm and helped him understand his role and how he could help. I felt safe, respected and comforted during the entire birth, which allowed me to focus on the task at hand. Jodi kept with my rhythms, brought me through the pain of each contraction and reminded me how to relax and let my body do its work without panic or fear. I cannot enough express the importance of a doula for childbirth, especially one as seasoned, instinctive and caring as Jodi. 

Thank you, Jodi for being such a special part of Zoey's arrival ?

leah saiki


I highly recommend the doula services of Jodi Anderson. Jodi attended the births of both our babies and we wouldn't hesitate to call on her again. Jodi has a wonderfully calm and organic presence. She provided the right amount of support for my husband and I. Jodi also has extensive experience working alongside the local midwives. This was an important consideration for us since we wanted our birthing team to be a cohesive unit. I can't thank Jodi enough for helping me to remain calm and focused throughout two amazing and different birthing experiences.

Maria Bett


Jodi is a birth angel!

We feel so blessed to have had her join us with the birth of our fourth. It is extremely hard to put into words what Jodi brings to the table, she is more than just a doula, her loving and nurturing ways bring a sense of peace and security.

We had travelled the birth journey three times prior to having Jodi and we wish we would have had her join us for all of them. She has a great ability to read what you/partner/ support team needs without anyone even saying a word. She went above and beyond all our expectations!

Jodi is extremely gifted at what she does and having her at our birth was the best desicion we ever made. We will look back on our fourths birth as a lovely, heartwarming and blessed experience! I highly recommend Jodi to anyone expecting.

Thank you Jodi for being such an amazing doula and human being!

Malonie Emsland


My experiences with Jodi for both of my pregnancies was amazing.  The circumstances of my births were drastically different from each other and both times I felt tlshe went above and beyond my expectations. The first time around her knowledge, patience and unwavering support were the things that I still remember to this day.  We had previously done a private prenatal class with just Jodi so I felt very knowledgable and prepared for what was about to unfold.  Little did I realize that sometimes babies decide their own birth story, so I was very grateful that we had discussed some alternative scenarios and what my wishes would be during that time.  My labour was long and exhausting and not at all what I had pictured in my mind and not once did Jodi show any signs of impatience or exhaustion.  She was always willing to try a different technique and position to help ease my discomfort.  I feel like we used up every tool in her very deep doula handbag that weekend!  Although my labour and delivery did not go as I had originally planned, not once did I ever feel scared, stressed out or pressured into making a decision that I wasnt ready to make.  Jodi is well respected and appreciated among the hospital staff and that in itself speaks volumes about her capabilities as birthing support. It was such a blessing to not have to ask for what you need during labour, as Jodi has already thought about it and was anticipating the next move. I was pregnant again, 2 years later. This time around, the circumstances were the exact opposite of the time before and once again, Jodi was the shining star.  She knew exactly what to do and say in the right moments and was a calming presence in what would have been a bit more frantic.  I would highly recommend Jodi not only for her wealth of knowledge about labour and delivery but for her ability to be a wonderful support to both you and your partner during the entire pregnancy..

Jessica Murphy


We attended Jodi's prenatal classes as well as hired her as our birth doula. Jodi's classes were very informative and highly valuable to both my husdand and I. We left feeling much more confidant and informed about labor and delivery.

During labor and delivery, things happened very quickly and did not go according to plan. Jodi's calm and confident manner kept both my husband and I calm and informed in a situation which had the potential to be very stressful. After the delivery, Jodi was caring an ensured that we were all doing well.

I hightly reccomend both the prenatal classes and Jodi as a doula.

Joanne White


We had the most amazing experience with Jodi. Our first birth did not go as planned and resulted in an emergency c section, at that time we had a midwife, but no doula. After that experience the decision to have a second child was a difficult one as we did not want to go through that again.

From the moment we met Jodi I knew the second time would be so much better and thanks to Jodi it was amazing. We managed a natural birth after a c section and without her guidance and encouragement I don;t think that would have happened. I felt so supported in a way that my husband just could not have done. To anyone wondering if having a doula is worth the cost - it absolutly is and knowing what I know now I would have had her involved the first time as well.

Thanks Jodi!!!!

Dave Downey


My wife and I completed pre-matal clsses offered by Jodi, and they were fantastic!  Though both my wife and I had a background with strong medical understanding, the education we received through her classes was incredibly valuable.  Jodi's easy going nature and strong passion towards the birth process shone through in her classes.  We learned all about the stages, interventions and  complete process of birth.  We were able to take with us a number of tools to help us work through our complicate birth and feel confident in the process and decisions that were being made during the entire experience.  We also developed a great group of parents and babies that we have really enjoyed sharing all of our experiences with.  We with out a doubt reccomend these classes to all of our pregnant friends, as they are a small price to pay for the retunrs that we have experienced!  Through different activities we learned about different tools that might be used on our child and were able to see and feel them before going into the hospital and we did in fact see many of them, and this did indeed set us at ease.  Jodi is a fanatastic educator and will build the confidence of all parents as they prepare for an experience of a lifetime!

Allyson Herman


My husband and I attended Jodi's prenatal classes and I can't express enough how grateful I am for them. The classes were well organized, engaging and most importantly so very thorough! I felt at ease to ask questions and the answers always covered what I wanted to know. The knowledge received really was our tool box during a tough, long labour and at no point did I feel out of control or uninformed, this I certainly accredit to the knowledge gained in class. The nurses and doctors all complimented on the knowledge and level of calmness we had during our experience. 

Thank you again Jodi!


Rosalynd Curry


My partner and I attended Jodi's prenatal classes and had her for a doula during the birth of our first child.  I found her classes very helpful for allowing me the time to breath and refocus my energy as a pregnant/birthing mother and not just a midwife.  My partner found them very helpful as well, as he knew little about childbirth at the time.  I loved that he got such a good education wihout me having to "lecture" him about all he stuff - it was nice to get information from a third party :) 

During labour, Jodi was as incredible as ever (I highly recommend her for all my first time moms, at least, and wish doulas were included in those covered by MSP so that everyone could have her or someone like her).  She was a solid support for my husband and a space holder for me, as I knew that I would need a calm space to labour and birth in.  Additionally, she took some amazing pictures of the first few hours of my son's life.  I am so happy that she was able to be there through that experience and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!!!

Helen Johnston


They say having a doula reduces the time in labour - and I can see how having been through it with Jodi now.  I have no doubt that her support, advice, council and encouragement helped me get through it faster, and less damaged, than I would have without her.  If I have another I would definitely enlist her again (despite my husband being more trained than the first time around).

Kimberly Gothard


I cannot give enough praise to Jodi for her doula services. She was available for advice right from the beginning of labor and provided calm, reassuring support when it was needed most. Even through the late night (and early hours of the morning... and into the afternoon!) she stayed at our sides. She is truly a caring and compassionate person - I can't imagine having this experience without her! I would highly recommend her services to any expectant parents. 

Tanya Schroeder


if you are pregnant with your first babe or second or third I would HIGHLY reccomend Jodi Anderson for her doula services and her prenatal classes. Me and my husband were so confident in the all the knowledge that we had received we couldn't have been more prepared for the birth of our baby boy. We have a couple other friends who were due around the same time as us and they had not done any prenatal classes, they didn't know nearly as much as my husband and I knew. It sure shows how well we were prepared and how necessary these classes are and were for us! 

Jessica Astle


My husband and I took prenatal classes with Jodi and absolutely loved it! She has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share - in addition to being an incredibly kind, warm and open person. Jodi is a true professional and excels in her role as a childbirth educator and doula. Attending prenatal classes was a great decision for our family and definitely helped us prepare for the birth of our son. To anyone who is thinking of attending classes, DO IT! No matter how much you know, there's always more to learn and it's a great way to meet other couples in a fun, relaxed and welcoming environment. 

Jenny Hulford


I had my first baby in july 2016. I wasn't particularly nervous about labour and delivery seeing as I have a strong background of women birthing easily and quickly. However I knew I wanted a home birth and would like as much support to see my plan go through as I saw it. I was in early labour for a week and on that first day I woke up so excited/nervous that I called jodi maybe 30 minutes after it started. She calmed myself and boyfriend down and told us it was most likely just early labour. So back to bed we went. Over the next week she kept us calm, centered and as patient as possible. I called her many times that week and she always seemed happy to talk to me even at 4 am. When the day arrived for our baby to be born she knew from the moment she answered her phone that today was the day (smart lady). Once she was here she kept me from tensing through the contractions had me walk around the house and really sped my labour up. She took beautiful photos and was all around a wonderful person to have there helping myself and boyfriend get through the labour. I will definitely be calling her again for baby #2

Thriza Kennedy


Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I feel for having Jodi present during the labor of both our son and daughter. With our son, I was induced early and having her there made such a difference both before and after he was born. She came to my house at 2 am to help provide my husband and I support and assure us that the intense (but irregular) contractions I was experiencing was caused by the induction which saved us from going to the hospital way too early. When it was time to go, she met us promptly and knew exactly what positions or movements were needed. She supported my husband in ways that helped him best support me. When it came to the point where I ended up needing a cesarean, she provided us with the emotional support that we needed to know what to expect. Afterwords, I struggled with breastfeeding and Jodi provided me with the emotional support and resources that helped me make the best decisions to get through what could have been a much harder time.

 With my second pregnancy, there was no question that we would be hiring Jodi as our doula again. If it were not for Jodi, I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to even attempt a VBAC. Even though my labor ended in a cesarean again, I feel much more positive about my second experience. My husband is grateful for her recommending him to take a short nap and he is sure that it was the hour of sleep he had that helped him get through the rest of that day so that he could be fully there when he was needed the most.

I would highly encourage anyone to hire Jodi, she really makes all the difference in the world with how confident you are going into and during labour!

Nicole Teare


Jodi was a wonderful support person! I was hesitant about having a doula at first but she was irreplaceable during labour. Her soft voice kept me going during the tough times, not to mention she is so easy to talk to and really listens to any concerns you might have. I would recommend her to everyone! 

Holly McLean


We had our first baby this past Sepember and Jodi was our Doula. As it was our first child we were sure what exactly to expect and we are so grateful to have had Jodi be there to guide us.  My husband and mom were present for the birth and looking back we are all happy that we made the decision to hire Jodi.  She knew just what to say, she was so calm, caring and reassuring and it was amazing to have a someone there to suggest different positions try and applying pressure to all the right spots during contractions.

I also apprecaited the support Jodi showed to my husband, making sure that he was involved in the process and showing him ways to help me through my contractions and the birth.

My husband and I had taken Jodi's prenatal classes prior to the birth (which are also highly recommended) but just knowing that Jodi would be present during the birth really helped to alleviate the worry/uncertainty we had about the upcoming labour.

I highly recommend Jodi as a Doula and would love to have her support and guidance again for any future births. Thank you Jodi, you are amazing!

Adriana Marie


Having Jodi as my doula was an excellent decision. My labour was really intense and having her there helped keep me focused and as calm as I could be in the midst of the intensity that was happening. Jodi was also extremely helpful for my partner who was very apprehensious about the birthing process. She helped him support me and also guided him to take breaks when he needs to. It made the experience positive for both of us which is so important. She took photos immediately after the birth and they are amazing. So awesome to have those moment captured. If we have more kids I hope Jodi can help guide them  to the world as well. Thank you Jodi!!! 

Bri Martin


having Jodi at our home birth gave me the confidence to relax and listen to my body through the entire labour. She was present, compassionate and knowledgable. I highly recommend her especially for those feeling anxious about having a home birth. I knew that should something seem "off" Jodi and my husband would have been a great team to solve the problem. Luckily the only issue was not enough hot water... But she helped with that to! thanks again Jodi! And all the best to any mom-to-be reading this xoxo

Julien Simon


My wife and I were a lot more relaxed going into labour after taking Jodi's prenatal classes. We felt prepared for what was coming and able to deal with each step of the pre-labour and labour better because she set our expectations properly. We were able to apply a lot of what we learned during the class to make the whole experience more enjoyable. I highly recommend Jodi's classes. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and very approachable.

Robin Fowler


When we decided to get a doula, I asked my midwife for the name of "the best" doula in Kamloops and she said it was Jodi. We wanted someone who had a lot of experience and Jodi certainly did. With Jodi's help, we felt confident being at home as long as possible and getting to the hospital at the right time. Jodi was a huge part of helping me achieve my VBAC. She also took pictures of our new baby after the birth and met with us a few weeks later to debrief on the experience. Jodi also hosts regular meet ups for new moms to meet one another which has been great. Thanks Jodi!

Jeff Kent


Jodi saved the day... TWICE!!

My wife and I have used Jodi for each of our 2 kids births (and will for baby #3). Thank goodness we did! Her attention to the situation saved these new parents (and the kids!) the very real chance of being born in a car or parking lot or the side of the road! (I wish I was over exaggerating!).

Our first child was a little early and needed to spend some time in the NICU. During the pre-natal classes with Jodi (which were very informative, fun and worth doing!), we covered different scenario and what to expect, but when you're in the moment, your mind races as you are bombarded with questions from every direction. Jody was our advocate during this stressful time. She helped us talk with the Doctors and she calmed some very stressed parents. All was well, but we were thankful that she was there to help. This all started months earlier when she spent the time to discuss our birth plan and knew what we wanted.

Our second child was right on time. We labored at home and Jodi came over to help. As with the first born, labour was very quick (yes, my wife is "one of those girls" with a total labour of less than 2 hours). Jodi realized immediately that it was time to get in the car and head to the hospital. She knew this because of the time she spent getting to know us and being great at what she does. 20 minutes later, baby 2 was out; healthy, happy and Jodi was there all along to help! Thanks Jodi!

I recommend Jodi, and Birth Matters, unconditionally. She's professional, selfless and your added support.

Thanks again

Jeff Kent


Kailee Delorme


Hiring Jodi as our doula was the best decision ever! I had previously had a baby by c-section and was really nervous about trying for a vbac with my second. However after a couple meetings with Jodi, she had put my mind at ease and empowered me to try for the vbac. Throughout my labour, Jodi was there for support as needed and offered great advice with different positions to labour in. Although my labour did end up in a c-section, Jodi was still around for support afterwards. She is one of the nicest, most real people I have ever met.  I always recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!!

Courtney Bruin


Having Jodi as our doula for the birth of our son was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy.  As a first time mom, I thought I would be scared or nervous about going into labour, but knowing that Jodi was there to guide and support us replaced those negative feelings with feelings of confidence and excitement.

I found our meetings before labour to be very useful.  Jodi provided us with very useful information for making a birth plan.   Jodi's calm and caring nature always made me feel at ease when discussing labour and the different information that we needed to know.  It was also very reassuring to know that Jodi was always a phone call away for support, advice and expertise.

My husband and I felt very lucky to have a pretty fast and dare I say "easy" labour, and I truly feel that this was in part due to having Jodi as our Doula.   It was so nice to have professional guidance through the birthing experience.  Jodi knew exactly what to do and say at the perfect times.  I felt her calm and powerful nature be passed on to me through the labour. I also feel that my husband was excellent at being calm and supportive because of Jodi's guidance.  Another thing I enjoyed about having Jodi as our Doula was having her capture the memories of our son's birth.  If it would have been just my husband and I, there definitely would not have been any photos taken.

Following the birth of our son, it was so helpful to have Jodi to call or text when we had silly new parent questions.  I was very thankful to have her advice and help with some breastfeeding difficulties that I experienced during the first couple of days. 

Our experience with Jodi as our doula was outstanding.  We are so happy with the experience of our birth and all of the support and encouragement we received from Jodi.

Thanks Jodi!


Jennifer Chrumka


Jodi was absolutely invaluable as a support during the birth of our second child. She was available by phone during pre-labour offering helpful advice and coaching. But her real service came during labour. She anticipated every stage that was to come, minute by minute and was by my side providing support during the entire period of active labour and delivery.

I wanted a natural birth with no interventions, which I achieved because of the support from Jody. She was calm, reassuring and supportive. She worked seamlessly with my midwife and honoured our birth plan. I have recommended Jodi to all of my friends who are pregnant and if I were to have another child I would insist Jody be my doula.

Chanté AuBuchon


I am very happy that we had Jodi as our doula for the birth of our son. Jodi has a wonderfully calm and reassuring nature that is exactly what we needed during the ups and downs of labour. I had complete trust in her knowledge and experience. It was invaluable to have her help coach me through contractions, be it through breathing and counting techniques or by applying pressure to my low back (which made SUCH a difference!). This also helped my husband who wasn’t always sure what to say or do to help – she was definitely as much help to him as she was to me! She arrived promptly and fully prepared with all manner of birth-assists. Having Jodi with us meant that we didn’t need to worry about any background details. She also took some amazing photographs that are an absolute treasure. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jodi to anyone needing a doula. I had a wonderful birth experience and she was a huge part of that!

Melissa Linthorne


My husband and I were so grateful to have Jodi by our side to deliver our son in January this year! Since this was our first child, I had a fair bit of anxiety around labour and delivery. Jodi was so helpful in getting us prepared and making a birth plan.
My labour ended up being very long and lasted over a couple of days but Jodi was there at the hospital in the early morning hours even though I was just sent home to rest. She supported me the next day and helped me figure out when to head in to the hospital again. Once I was in active labour, Jodi's presence was invaluable since it turned out that my husband had the flu and was sent home shortly after our son was born.
I definitely would not have been able to cope as well as I did if Jodi had not been there.
Thank you so much for all of your support Jodi!

Yael la rose


Doula Jodi was there for the birth of both of my boys -  The first who arrived via emergency C-section, and the second by VBAC! We couldn't  have done it without her, and we strongly recommend Jodi to anyone embarking on this amazing journey.

Jovan Rodrigue


As a first time dad, I was nervous about what to expect during labour and delivery. We took prenatal classes with Jodi about three months before our due date and I was afraid that when the time came, I wouldn’t remember what we’d learned or the different techniques to help my wife through labour. I was relieved when we decided to hire Jodi as our doula. She was able to guide me through the labour according to our birth plan and I was able to focus solely on my wife and her needs. Having a professional, experienced support who’s “seen it all” helped put me and my wife at ease. Jodi was a relaxed and calming presence throughout the whole labour, which was comforting to me and my wife.

Kristen Rodrigue


Jodi was a comforting presence during my pregnancy and at the birth of my first child.

My husband and I are not all-natural, anti-pain meds, granola-type people, which was our original perception of doulas. We had already decided to have a hospital birth with a physician, so we weren’t sure how a doula would fit into that picture, but she came highly recommended to me.

We had decided to take prenatal classes with Jodi to learn more about the labour and birthing process. It also allowed us to get to know Jodi better and understand the role of a doula before deciding if it was a fit for us. We realized very quickly that our original notion about doulas was incorrect and after completing the prenatal classes, we decide we would like to have the additional support of someone experienced in childbirth and decided to hire Jodi for the birth.

After our preparation sessions with Jodi and working on a birth plan with my husband, I felt confident that no matter what happened during childbirth, my husband knew my preferences and Jodi would be there to support us. Being a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect, or how I would handle it. Or how my husband would handle it, for that matter! Through what turned out to be a LONG labour, Jodi kept me focused on the process and the end goal. She was calming for me and supportive for my husband and our waiting family.

In the end, we had a very positive experience welcoming our baby girl into our family! We were also provided with some amazing photos of the labour and the first moments after birth; moments that we would not have been able to otherwise share with others.

I would definitely recommend Jodi to all first time moms! It’s reassuring for both parents to have someone constant and comfortable in such an unpredictable time! I believe she would also be beneficial at a secondary birth, and we intend to have her at our side for the birth of any future children of ours!

Brianna Maurer


Jodi was with us throughout my entire first pregnancy and I can't imagine it without her. We took prenatal classes with Jodi and chose her as our Doula as well. There was no question in my mind that we would need her expertise on the day and looking back I don't know how we could have gotten through labour and delivery without her. She brought calmness, confidence, much needed guidance and advice as well as praise and support when we needed it most. She was attentive in the days following, always checking in to see how we were doing and offer encouragement. We highly recommend Birth Matters!

Nicky Verheyen


I don't know that I could ever truly put into words how grateful Chris and I were to have Jodi when we had our daughter. I am fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience with both my pregnancy and my birth. I don't know that I would have had a home birth if it hadn't been for Jodi, as she ended up being the first on at our house when I went into labor, and was the only one there until about 20 mins before I gave birth when Chris, my Mom and the Midwives finally got there as I had a very quick labor. And yet even through all of that was just cool as a cucumber and so understanding and compassionate. It really helped to have someone there to remind me of simple things like breathing and relaxing and to see if I was comfortable or needed anything. The after care from both her and the midwives was phenomenal, to check and see how the baby was doing, how breastfeeding was going, how I was healing and for most of that we didn't even have to leave our house! The prenatal classes Chris and I attended with her were also lovely, they were everything we could have hoped for in planning a home birth and our ideal birth plan. I feel like I could never say this enough, but thank you Jodi for helping make my birth experience such a positive one!! ??

Jackie Inkster



We had our first daughter with Jodi by our side May 17th 2012. I was 31 years old and did not know what to expect from this pregnancy and birth experience. My mother, whom I loved with all my heart, had just recently passed away. And therefore could not be with me through this life event as I would have wanted her to be. This was still a very raw feeling and I was in great mourning. The 2 sisters I have didn’t seem to me like people I really wanted seeing me in the completely exposed and vulnerable state. My oldest sister had 2 children of her own, but that to me did not qualify her as an expert on the topic. I knew however that I needed someone that could be there for me and my husband as support and as a source of knowledge and teaching. I wanted information from a professional and insight on how to increase the opportunity to have a birth process I was going to be happy, comfortable and felt safe with. We needed one person that was not going to go off shift and leave me to be in the care of someone new to trust and rely on. Jodi was this person for us and more. There were complications with my labor when our little girl had popped, ‘meconium baby’, out the window went the plans for the natural no monitors and IV’s method. But Jodi made me feel that everything was ok and she kept me informed. She was someone I had created a trusting bond and relationship with and I knew I could trust what she was telling me. It is comfort and peace of mind a couple needs through what can be a very scary event. I would absolutely recommend the opportunity to have a Doula by your side through your pregnancy and labor. I am grateful to have met Jodi and was blessed to have her as our Doula. Lots of Love!

Jackie Inkster (Brent and Rylee Howell)

Erin Whitehouse


I first had Jodi as my doula back in 2011 with my first child. She took me late notice after we moved to Kamloops (about 6 months along) and was so amazing. She came to my house and followed on to the hospital and stayed long after everyone else had gone. She came back to check in on me and brought pictures too. She helped with my latch to get my little girl nursing like a champ. She was a soothing presence and went over in such detail beforehand I felt fully prepared (or as much as one can be). She is really intuitive and is able to adjust and give you what you need. We loved her so much we had her again for our second birth and she was there again the whole time (Though it didn't take long) and stayed after. She again came back, helped put us in touch with someone who could encapsulate the placenta and went above and beyond. We had her a third time too, we loved her so much. This one was a little different since little one was so late but she was there and had me doing stairs to get labour moving. It ended up only taking 2 hours and ultimately all three times I got the reasonably calm, unmedicated birth I desired. She keeps in touch still, and remembers who you are and your little ones. It's a very loving, personal experience and I hope to have her for all my births! I highly highly highly recommend her!

Chantelle Jackson


If you read any testimonial on Jodi, you will see common themes of compassion, inclusion of partners and support. This testimonial is no different.  Jodi helped to ensure a safe, informed and comforting environment for my husband and I, during a time that could have been filled with fear and doubt.  With the support of Jodi and my husband, I was able to stick to my birthing plan of a medication free birth and labour.  In all honesty, I do not think this would have been possible without her guidance. She was right beside my husband and I when we needed her, and provided information of what was happening and 'normal' as it was happening.  I could go on about all that Jodi provided for us, so I will just end by highly recommending Jodi for any doula services. There is no doubt that she is passionate about what she does, and truly cares about those that she supports (including the littles she supports to come into this world). Thank you again Jodi :-) 

Sherri Campsall-Hoffer


Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I feel to have had Jodi part of our pregnancy and birth. She has a wealth of information and resources to share, but more so she help us honor our birth process guiding and providing an exceptional support system for both my husband and I. During the birth of our son I was able to rely on her to keep me calm, present, and able to make decision to manage labour as it came. Not only did I feel completely supported during this process, but my husband felt he was able to be more comfortable, capable and involved partner during the birth. I can honestly saying that I do not know what we would have done without her. She would be my wish to every pregnant mother, I could not have dreamt up a better person to share it this moment with if I tired. Blessed is how I would describe it.

Leisha Stepaniuk


I had the privilage to have Jodi Anderson as my doula for my second labour. My labouring experience with Jodi was absolutely fantastic! She inspired me to have confidence in my own ability in having a natural birth. She allowed me to be me, with all my strengths and fears. When I found out that I was having twins with my third pregnancy, I wanted nothing more than to have Jodi as my doula, to guide me through labouring my twins naturally. At 37 weeks, it was recommended that I be induced into labour. With Jodi's guidance, I went into labour naturally and successfully delivered to healthy babies. I would recommend Jodi as a doula, as I feel she provides the guidance, confidence, and care that labouring women could benefit from.  

Katie Bee


Hiring Jodi as our Doula for the births of both our babies was one of the best decisions we ever made! Both of my labours were fast and intense. This was difficult for me emotionally and I found it hard to relax. Jodi’s quiet confidence, calming presence and words helped reassure me that everything was progressing as it should. She helped me believe in myself and to trust in the incredible power of my body. With her assistance I was able to surrender to the labour process and had the natural, positive birth experiences I had hoped for.

Without Jodi we would have had our first baby at home by accident – Jodi detected a subtle change in my breathing and realized that I was pushing before I was even aware I was doing so. She gave me tactics to resist the urge to push so that we could make it to the hospital as planned. She calmly led us there and coordinated with our midwife on the way, who attended at the hospital shortly after and just in time to “catch” our sweet baby boy. After our baby was born Jodi helped me with breastfeeding and was always available when I had questions for her. Our second baby was a planned home water birth. After several ‘false starts’ (each time Jodi was available to talk me through the pangs and give me the emotional support I needed) I woke-up one morning in transition. Jodi arrived within minutes and helped me through the contractions, gave the midwives (who were en route) updates and helped my husband and mother get the pool, towels and other supplies ready. Jodi is trained as a “second attendant” for births which gave me additional peace of mind knowing that she would know what to do in the event the midwives were unable to make it in time for my speedy baby girl. Jodi also took some beautiful candid photos before, during and after our babies were born, which we cherish. She took them in a respectful and unobtrusive manner so as not to interfere with the beauty of birth.

Matthew Faust


My wife and I were fortunate to have Jodi during the birth of our son. She went above and beyond for us. I was hesitant when my wife wanted a doula. I pictured someone in flowing robes preaching the validity of spirit crystals - something right from the movies. More so, I saw someone taking my place in our son's birth. I couldn't have been more wrong. Jodi's wealth of knowledge and experience were invaluable to both of us. Jodi helps you tackle the hard "what ifs," walks you through options and is always open to discussions. When the day came, frankly, she was there for me as much as my wife. She was a true gift. I would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat.

Kalena Faust


Having Jodi as our doula was one of the best decisions we made. She is kind and caring and a great advocate to make your birth an amazing experience. Her support throughout for mothers and partners is overwhelming and her pictures capture the true beauty of childbirth. I highly recommend jodi, my son is now two years old and jodi is still there for us. Having a doula who cares so much to check in with you even after a couple of years is a blessing. 

Michelle Colvey


Jodi was incredible! Right from my very first meeting with her, I really felt she understood my concerns,  never rushed me, and became a major cheerleader in my corner from the get-go. She helped me fight for the birth experience I knew felt right for me. The birth classes in advance were great for preparing both myself (and truthfully, mostly hubby) for what was coming our way and made me feel a lot more comfortable and confident as a first-time mom once labour began. Our labour was very quick, and a bit of a blur for me, but I felt incredibly safe. I could trust Jodi 100% which took off a lot of anxiety and stress and allowed me to just be comfortable with the our birth as it unfolded. I would highly recommend that even if you are unsure about hiring a doula, to just have a consult with Jodi. I would hire her again in an instant because I know that at my most vulnerable moment, she was there to guide and support me through, to champion for my needs, and to make my birth experience one of dignity and empowerment, rather than one of fear and management. And for that, I'm eternally grateful. 

Alison Beach


Jodi was recently our Doula and this was one of the best decisions that we made. Not only was Jodi an absolutely amazing support during labour, but also took great care of us afterwards when we were dealing with some complications. Her love, care, and experience are priceless and I would highly recommend her services! 

KMac MacDonald


My birth experience with my first born was traumatic and left with me emoitional scars/baggage.  We sought Jodi's help on the advice of my midwife and it was the best thing we could have done.  Jodi helped change the birth of my daughter from one of fear to one preparedness and piece of mind.  She guided us through the birth plan process.  Was there whenever we needed her before the birth.  And when labour finally arrived, she was my first call.  She met us at the hospital and helped my husband to be a good birth partner and calmed me in my most difficult moments.  As unplanned emergency procedures took place, Jodi talked us through them and calmed us with her presence and knowledge.  After the birth she was my rock to debrief the process and help me to feel ready for the challenges that lay ahead that day.  I would and do recommend her to any mom and dad to be.

Kathy Bouchard


We first heard about Jodi through my sister-in-law. My SIL was pregnant with her first and was adament about having a doula at her first birth. I was hesitant at first, of course. Doula costs aren't cheap, they are an investment. After hearing about Jodi from my SIL, my husband and I decided to sign up. We had also attended one of her weekly prenatal classes and when we met Jodi, I insistly felt comfortable with her.

Having Jodi as my doula was one of the most best decisions my husband and I ever made (Other than getting pregnant!). My husband appreicated her direction when he was looking to help when I was in labour. She was in communcation with my midwife and was easy to get a hold of (via facebook messaging or texting) whenever I had a question or thought I was going into labour.

Jodi is an excellent doula, she was there for me; massaged my back when I was in pain, feed me food and water after a hard contraction and made me feel relaxed. Jodi was worth every penny. I couldn't imagine having another baby without her. And so, when my husband and I got pregnant a 3rd time, she was one of the first persons I contacted. I needed her to be there with me, and my husband was happy to have the extra support. 

Nicole Link


Getting a Doula for the birth of my first, long anticipated, child was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. Choosing Jodi was perfect. We could not have made a better choice. With her years of expertise and knowledge, we felt we were in excellent hands. She worked perfectly in tandem with our midwife.

Jodi was there with us from nearly the beginning of the pregnancy to the birth of our precious baby girl. She made sure we had a good solid Birth Plan in place and walked us through what birthing would be like. She is kind, gentle, firm and funny.

The birth was not easy as I was in labor for 6 long days. Jodi was on call for every minute. She was a strong and calm guiding hand. She never made me feel I was putting her out and she stayed several of those nights on our couch.

She was a strong advocate for me when I was in the hospital. My husband and I were exhausted and if she was, she never showed it. She was huge support to my husband, spelling him off so he could rest. Sometimes I think we got her more for him than me!She helped me with nursing and was there assist in those first few overwhelming weeks of motherhood.

When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, she was my first call. I had some concerns and she quelled them quickly with her awareness of having so many years of being a Doula. I was then able to excitedly call my husband with happy news.

Jodi was there from the discovery of our pregnancy, to the birth of our son. My son’s birth was the exact opposite of my daughters; my son was born within a few hours of my water breaking. It was fast and Jodi was there to support me through the process. We needed her experience.

Having a Doula assist in the births of both my children was two of the best decisions we ever made and Jodi Anderson was the only one to fill that role. We are very blessed to have her in our lives.

Catherine Tatarniuk


Jodi taught us so much about the birth experience and the options available to us. She is very compassionate, and passionate about birth and has every reference material under the sun. She is very experienced which is quite comforting, and she made herself available to us whenever needed. I highly recommend her as a doula!

Tara Drummond


We recently had Jodi as our doula for the birth of our baby boy. Jodi was always professional and caring. She was able to help us through our birth experience by adding things that we didn’t know we needed. As first time parents she guided us through everything to expect and was always available along the way for questions. As the dad, Rhys found that she was able to calm his nerves and let him know that everything was alright even when our labour went a bit sideways. He felt that dads are often left in the corner but Jodi allowed him to be included and informed throughout the process. Without her there it wouldn’t have been the same. Jodi brings a calm and confident energy to the experience that radiated throughout the room. She is a wonderful and loving woman whom we will be recommending for all of our expecting friends to include on their journey.

Laura Neale


Jodi is great. We've had both a hospital birth and a home birth and Jodi was our Doula at both.  I cannot say enough good things about her and how comforting it was to have her there. She was available during the pregnancy for any questions we had, such a support for both me and my husband at the birth, and so much help with all there is to learn about newborns and nursing afterwards. I can' imagine having a baby without her!

Michelle Smith


My husband and I decided to hire a doula for teo reasons. First, I didn't have a dedicated Dr or midwife and I wanted to make sure my birth plan was carried through. Second, I wanted the process of bringing our child into the world to be a positive experience between my husband and I. I am fairly certain both of these things wouldn't have happened without Jodi there to support us, childbirth was an wonderful and exciting bonding experience between Peter and myself. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect from a doula but about an hour after she arrived I looked at Peter and said "she's already worth every penny." in that time Jodi changed the atmosphere of the room from stressful and uncertain to dim, quiet, relaxing and reassuring. it's an incredible feeling to be so completely supported by another woman during such a difficult time. It is difficult to put into words how important my doula was to me during labour and I actually couldn't talk about Jodi without crying for a couple of weeks after the birth of my son, I was just so overwhelmed by her support and kindness. 

When people ask me how I felt about having a doula I just tell them I don't know how you can give birth without one or why you would ever want to. My hope is that Jodi will be available to support me through all of my future pregnancies and labours and I recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering a doula. :)

Linsey Hodgson


Myself and my husband hired Jodi because my husband works out of town and often out of cell service. We wanted a guarateed support person for labour and delivery. My husband was able to be present, but having Jodi there was AMAZING. Her calm nature, her support, her supplies, her words of encouragement were so instrumental in getting through one of the toughest, but best days of our lives! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone having a baby! We also really enjoyed her prenatal education classes, and the fact that she offered private classes to fit our schedule.

Ace Porter


Jodi is a phenomenal doula with many years of experience. I work with her professionally as a midwife and I was also lucky enough to have her as our doula for the birth of our second child in November. She provided both my husband and I with invaluable support. Her prenatal sessions were helpful and we loved having her with us during the birth. As an added bonus, she also managed to capture some lovely photos. She is well worth the investment!

Tiffany Simmons


Jodi was everything I had hoped for in a doula. She helped my husband and I through our birth plan and helped me the labour and delivery of our baby. She provided the support and comfort I needed as a first time mom. More importantly, she gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done. Thanks Jodi! :)

Catherine Ortner


We are so thrilled to have had Jodi work with us as our doula and for our prenatal classes. Her wealth of knowledge and years of experience helped me to become much less anxious as I anticipated the birth of my baby. There were things we learned in our classes that other friends said they had wished they had known before the birth of their own child. Jodi is compassionate, kind, and really listens to her clients. She was an incredible asset in helping us to find ways to advocate for ourselves leading up to and during the birth of our son. Thank you Jodi! I hope we have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!

Jolene Lindsey


When we signed up for Prenatal Classes with Jodi, we had no idea it would change our birthing experience the way it did. I had never considered hiring the assistance of a doula, nor was I entirely sure what they did, however, once our prenatal classes were done, I quickly knew that our time with Jodi wasn't. Thankfully, she was able to fit us into her schedule/workload at a rather late stage in our pregnancy and I just knew this was the way it was supposed to be.

Jodi provided us with the grounding, the expertise, the guidance and compassion I never imagined would have been needed until being in that moment. When plans change, as they certainly will, she knew all of our wishes and made sure to advocate and work with us to make them happen. The strength I was able to have that day is largely in part of the confidence and collaboration she brought to my birthing team. Something we often can forget about too is the aftercare that is needed and so incredible invaluable. I can't imagine another birth without Jodi by our side.

Words cannot truly capture what this beautiful role....this beautiful person brings to your family.

Ashley Garris


Jodi was wonderful throughout the pregnancy and birthing process. She was always available for any questions during pregnancy. She was amazing during the birthing process... She has a strong but calming voice which helped me get through contractions. I could not imagine during labor and det without her!

Emily O'Hara


Jodi was a wonderful part of my birth experience. Jodi identified over the phone that I was ready to go to the hospital, which meant I didn't have my baby on my floor. She knew all the little comforts at the hospital such as warm towels, cool face washers, ice water and a post birth snack. She identified pushing positions that greatly assisted in my easy delivery and was a positive and comforting presence. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jodi as a doula. 

Jennifer Lewis


I quite honestly cannot imagine having had my baby without Jodi! There isn't space enough here for all of the positive things I could say about the experience.

My husband and I are so incredibly grateful to Jodi for everything she has done for us. Her confidence and insight as a Doula is what makes her shine. It was obvious she was in her element when she supported my husband and I through a very fast home water birth that ended with a perfect surprise breech baby!

During our initial meetings, she asked critical questions in order to get to know us better and help her determine exactly what I would need during my birth experience. She made me feel empowered with my choices before, during and after the birth of our daughter. She was such an integral part of our birth team and she instinctively knew what everyone needed. She knew when words of encouragement were needed and knew when to step back and allow my support team to be there for me.

Jodi's wealth of knowledge, passion for her role as a Doula and strength and guidance through my birth experience were invaluable.

Leah Saiki


We were more than satisfied with our experience with Jodi Anderson.  We were pleased with both her knowledge and experience as well as her calm demeanor.  Jodi's strong ability to work in a team environment with our caregivers was also a deciding factor for us.  We believe our birth experience wouldn't have gone so smoothly without her and we got to have the natural birth that we wanted.  We would strongly recommend Jodi to anyone wanting a caring and experienced doula.

leisha paul


We were new to Kamloops when our daughter was born and it was such a comfort to have Jodi there by our side for the birth of our second child. She was there to offer support from start to finsih and when my contractions intensified, Jodi reminded me that the pain had a purpose and that my body was doing what it was suppose to. It’s so easy to dwell on “when is this going to end” and “I don’t know if I have the strength to finish this” but with Jodi’s encouragement, I was able to find my inner strength and courage to have a proud natural birthing experience.

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