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Krystaal Cosmic


I had the BEST experience with Jet City Doulas. Jen stayed with me for 24 hours while I was in labor, Katie helped me process my traumatic birth experience, and Mariah left her son's birthday to help me in the hospital when my baby got a head wound at 6 weeks old. I truly could not have asked for or imagined better doulas.

Jen was such a delight to have by my side during birth. She came to my home at 5 AM to help me labor, and guided me and my husband in moving baby so my back labor was less painful. One of my goals was to cope with humor, and she absolutely helped with that. In the hospital she advocated for me with the nurses and midwife, and pushed to be allowed in the OR when I eventually had to get a C-section. My baby was sunny side up, and Jen had many tips and tricks for trying to flip baby and for keeping me (relatively) comfortable, including pulling a tub plug out of her bag when the hospital's plug wouldn't work. Jen helped me through the decision making when my birth plan needed to change, and made me feel safe to ask questions about what the midwife was suggesting. It gave me and my husband peace knowing we had someone with so much knowledge with us. And postpartum, Jen answered all my breastfeeding questions and normalized my breastfeeding journey (and told me to enjoy the lactation cookies, even if they were making me leak)!

Laboring for 36 hours only to end in a C-section was certainly not on my birth bingo card, and the entire team, and especially Katie, really helped me work through that experience. I had extra video chats weekly for a month postpartum, where I was listened to, validated, and had things lovingly explained to me. (Continued)

Krystaal Cosmic


(Continued from above)  While I questioned my labor experience, Katie helped me see (with the help of Jen's notes) that I worked really hard to stick with my birth plan and only made changes when it was absolutely necessary. She really boosted my postpartum confidence and helped me internalize my experience.

And then, when my sweet baby was 6 weeks old, we had an accident and ended up in the ER. Katie, Jen, and Mariah had all assured me that they were still around if I needed them, and they proved that to be true. I ended up calling while we were waiting to see a doctor, and Mariah drove 45 minutes to wait with us at 9 PM. She reminded me that what happened was an accident, and swaddled and sang to my baby while they got stitches. I would have been an even bigger wreck without her there.

The women of Jet City Doulas went above and beyond for me. I cannot recommend a better group of humans than these three kind hearted, loving, and knowledgeable beings. 

Rebecca Ellersick


I worked with Jet City Doulas for my second pregnancy and birth. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I had a traumatic birth with my first baby, so I knew I wanted extra support this time around. They were the first doula support team that I contacted. When we had our initial interview, I honestly thought they were too good to be true. Katie, Mariah and Jen speak the language of trauma, so I immediately felt seen and understood. Mariah came to my house, met my family, and let my husband and I share our son’s entire birth story. She absolutely honored where we were at emotionally; it felt so comforting to know that she genuinely wanted to know every little detail about me and the narrative I had going into this second pregnancy. Katie worked with me to develop an amazing birth plan that was equal parts simple and empowering. She was also the one who ended up being my doula for my hospital birth, to which I say I LOVE YOU KATIE!!! She guided me, and my husband, through labor and met me in my moments of exhaustion when I felt I had nothing left; I felt so safe with her. Jen, the lactation guru, was just the cherry on top specifically for my postpartum care. With an in depth evaluation of myself and my newborn, she made sure that our nursing experience was as successful as possible. She discovered my daughter’s tongue and lip tie, and gave us great recommendations and resources for postpartum and newborn care.

I get to look back on my second pregnancy experience with an immense amount of gratitude. These women are worth it. We will forever recommend Jet City Doulas to any pregnant person we meet!

Emily Limbach


As first time parents, my husband and I were encouraged to look into doula support as we navigated this new word of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. We took our time in our doula search and found the right fit with Jet City Doulas. Jen, Mariah, and Katie are a DREAM TEAM. Not only are they a fun time to chat/hang out with but they are WEALTHS OF KNOWLEDGE and provide support, guidance, and resources with ZERO JUDGEMENT. Each of the gals have their own area of expertise and work incredibly well together. I had no idea where to begin on the breast feeding journey and Jen and I met in person so we could talk through fears/concerns, recommendations for pumps/supplies and measured me for the correct fit. After birth, Jen came over to ensure the baby was latching and also checked weight pre-feed and post-feed to ensure baby was getting enough milk. When I tell you this is SO helpful and SUCH A WEIGHT lifted in the first days post-partum to have someone checking on you in this way. Katie was a gem in helping us prepare for birth. My husband and I attended an 8 week class Katie teaches that breaks down major topics of how to get ready physically, mentally, and discuss topics with your partner to make sure you're on the same page. There were topics covered that we would have never thought of and the time with Katie helped my husband and I have deeper discussions as we prepared for baby. Mariah was an angel in helping us get ready for the post-partum period - and truly what the first few days, weeks, and months would look like. Not only did this ease my mind to have Mariah help us navigate these topics that are often forgotten but it also helped my husband understand what I would be going through physically and mentally as I recovered. The gals at Jet City are amazing human beings and as someone who wasn't sure what a doula was or even if I needed one - I can't imagine not having Jen, Mariah, and Katie by our side. We are truly bonded with them forever! 

Hannah Bahn


I had such a positive experience working with Jen, Katie, and Mariah throughout my pregnancy, birth, and early post-partum days. While in the process of interviewing doulas, my husband and I specifically asked what Jet City felt like was the "value add" of their team model. I loved their answer: that while they are all trained/experienced in every aspect of the birth process, they each have particular passions such as creating a birth plan, lactation, etc. By working with all three of them, you get the benefit of them each leveraging their unique areas of strength and interests. In short, their complementarity is such an asset of their partnership and a reason why I'll recommend them to everyone I know. This manifested for me in all of the mentorship and guidance they provided. While Jen's support during our actual birth was excellent, for me, it was being able to reach out to Jen, Katie, and Mariah via text and our pre- and post-birth meetings that made the biggest difference for foray into motherhood. I loved having a resource that felt so accessible for the smallest of questions. And it's been their recommendations on topics ranging from pelvic floor physical therapy and wrist guards for pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel to baby bouncers and engorged milk ducts that's made all the difference. I am so grateful for their expertise and the ease with which they made it possible to access their wisdom. In short, while when I hired a doula, I was mostly focused on the actual birth experience, my husband and I discovered that we were actually getting a doula for many many months both pre- and post-birth. 



We interviewed with Jet City after an interview with one other doula that started out awkwardly. Jet city's website already had wonderful resources about questions to ask when hiring a doula, which was helpful being a first time parent-to-be as well as it being the first time hiring a doula. The amount of thought that went into setting things up ahead of time to facilitate YOU getting the most out of every minute you get with Jet City didn't stop at the interview process. It just got better. Mariah, Katie, and Jenn are ALL badass experts and powerhouses. Katie helped to write the book on delivering babies, Jenn is a godsend lactation specialist (and more than once provided me with more up to date medical research/knowledge than the doctors did), and Mariah is a placenta and baby whisperer. But don't let it intimidate you that they know their shit. They are all first and foremost, people people. 

When I said anything, I really felt that all three doulas not only were listening but that they heard me. They were always patient, always compassionate, always thoughtful. My partner and I wouldn't have been able to have the birth experience we did without them. I wanted to be really connected to my partner and baby, and Mariah, Katie and Jenn all helped make that happen. After every conversation with them I felt like I was coming away with a better understanding between my partner and myself about our goals and perspectives. Especially after the birth, having those moments to connect with my partner thoughtfully are so precious to me and set a precident for our relationship moving forward.

My final word of praise: I'd totally have another kid just to get to work with these wonderful supportive professional doulas again. 



We would hire Jet City Doulas over & over again! They are the most supportive, encouraging people to have in your corner during the hardest transition of your life. I went into preterm labor at 34 weeks & Katie was there to help us understand our options and the process. They provided resources and support to help stop (what we thought at the time was) predomal labor. Then when baby decided to come for real a few days later, Jen was an amazing sounding board and created a calm atmosphere for us.  The postpartum support was everything, they all have a way of making you feel like everything is going to be alright. Jen’s lactation knowledge is an amazing resource to have in your corner.



We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jen, Mariah and Katie during our birth and newborn experience. They provided consistent reliable information and were always available for any questions no matter how big or small. We really appreciated working with a team as we had the expertise and wisdom of three experienced professionals to consult and support us in the process. The three visits before giving birth were each valuable in their own regard and we always felt reassured and more educated and prepared after each meeting. During our hospital birth in early labor we really appreciated being able to call and talk through any decisions when faced with crossroads, having Jen (in our case) explain the pros and cons of each choice helped us feel far more confident in our elections for care. After the birth the postpartum check-ins were even more valuable; being first time parents we had so many random questions come up and being able to ask during the in person meetings or text at all hours of the night (and receive fast responses!) helped everything feel more manageable. Mariah, Katie and Jen also all were able to meet the requirements of our Carrot doula benefit, so if this is important to you it is an added bonus!



Partnering with Jet City Doulas for the birth of our daughter was a game changer. Even though we were giving birth to our second, there was still so much I felt I needed guidance on. With our firstborn, our son was in the sunny side up, posterior position. I still chuckle when I think of my husband trying to facilitate different labor positions while looking at the illustrations in a book right in the labor and delivery room. Obviously, we didn't have much luck with that! I was also going for a VBAC the second time around and felt that I would have the highest chance of success having someone as an advocate and trusted support person in the L&D room. After a bout of food poisoning propelled me into labor and restricted my husband to the confines of our bathroom, I couldn't have been more happy with the decision to move forward with Jet City Doulas. 

From my pregnancy to postpartum, I had the pleasure of working with all three doulas: Katie, Jen and Mariah. I remember being apprehensive at first about having three different doulas, but in actuality, it gave me even MORE support. You have one phone # and one email for communication so all back-and-forth is streamlined and response times are shortened. Jet City Doulas was also thorough in preparing for birth from my expectations, hopes/fears, goal setting and preferred environment. When it came time for actual labor, they stuck to our plan in terms of communicating/motivating me the way I preferred (short term goals, no sugary communication) and guided me through an active labor the way I desired. I ended up having a successful VBAC and birthing a sweet, beautiful baby girl. And even though my husband couldn't make the delivery, I still felt supported 100x over due to the team at Jet City Doulas. If you are on the fence on whether you want a doula, just do it! And do it with Katie, Mariah and Jen. :)



My husband and I couldn't have been more satisfied working with Katie, Mariah, and Jen of Jet City Doulas. We are first time parents and were nervous about how to best anticipate the many events of pregnancy, labor, & breastfeeding that seem completely out of one's control. From the moment we did a meet & greet we could tell they were the compassionate, non-judgemental, evidence-based team we were looking for to help us along our journey. We started receiving emails on upcoming milestones as soon as we decided to partner with them, which also included helpful resources like birthing classes, etc. During my last trimester we had a curve ball thrown at us and my husband got diagnosed with late stage melanoma; his surgery for removal lined up precisely with my due date. JCD not only became prime relief for guaranteed support during the birth, but they were my emotional support system in processing what I needed to during the remainder of my last trimester, and that first week where baby was home but dad was unable to be with us. I can't put into words just how lucky I feel to have had these incredible people help me navigate my first pregnancy/birth, esp since my birth story ended up being a more eventful one, and if we have more children they will be one of the first I reach out to! Breastfeeding has been going well for me so far and I have all the work this team did in educating me throughout our time together to thank for that.  



We absolutely loved working with Jet City Doulas! We recently had our first child, and working with Jen, Katie, and Mariah gave us so much confidence leading up to the birth process. While our birth ended up being quite stressful due to medical circumstances, having Katie in the room with us helping us make decisions, ask good questions, and have clarity throughout a really tough process was deeply helpful. I can't imagine what our experience would have been like without her there! And then after our kiddo was born and in the NICU, we got such incredible support with breastfeeding from Jen, and emotional and processing support about our process with Mariah. We cannot recommend this team highly enough!!



TLDR: Hire these three gems, they are the most kind hearted, empowering, supportive, and knowledgable, badass humans you will ever meet. You seriously will not regret it!
Katie, Jen and Mariah have put together such a special/unique Doula experience unlike any other. Individually they are the coolest people with the kindest souls imaginable, so just think about what happens when they come together and join forces to create a doula superhero team. Their wealth of knowledge is unmatched! They have brought their individual specialities and expertise from YEARS of experience to provide a holistic approach to your pregnancy/birth/postpartum care.
It’s SO clear how deeply passionate they are about their work and clients. We received unwavering support throughout the entire journey. They don't feel their jobs start when you're in labor, they show up from the moment you schedule a consult. From offering multiple classes/care visits, sending copious amounts of resources, to fast/responsive communication (you name it, they are there).
I could continue to describe in overwhelming detail about the warmth/calmness Jen provided during our birth (the jokes, the essential oils and the foot rubs). I could write paragraphs on the countless meetings I had with Katie, calming me down from anxiety about upcoming appointments. I could also paint a picture of the long hours Mariah spent at night holding/loving our son while we caught up on sleep. But really what I think you need to know, is that they will do anything humanly possible to care for and support you, and that’s what matters most.
My husband and I would have been completely lost without Katie, Jen, and Mariah. They advocated for me throughout my entire high risk pregnancy, they stayed by my side throughout every moment of fear, and were there to cheer me on during every celebratory milestone. There are no words to describe how grateful we are to these three wonderful human beings.



I feel so lucky to have found the doula team and Jet City Doulas. As a newcomer to Seattle and newly pregnant I was in desperate need for support during my pregnancy and birth.  The team at JCD provided just that. Even though I was initailly unsure of the team approach, I came to find it incredibly valuable. Having three experts that each brought their years of expertise really made me feel at ease and supported. I highly recommend them for your preganancy and birth journey!!



After interviewing several doulas to support the birth of our first born, we decided to go with JCD due to our shared values, immediate connection, and their lengthy expertise. During the months that we received their services, we always knew that they were only a email / call / text away. We are fortunate that our transition into parenthood and breastfeeding went smoothly. We honestly didn't need to reach out as often as I thought we might, but I attribute this to the fact that they helped us prepare mentally and physically and provided us with the necessary resources and self-confidence to navigate the change. Had we needed more medical interventions, I'm completely confident that they would have been strong advocates on our behalf and helpful guides within a vast community of care providers and systems. They took the time to form relationships with both of us and our little one - and that's not something you can easily form in a moment of crisis, so we felt prepared for whatever may happen. Mariah attended our child's birth, and her energy and her contibution to my childbirth team is something I will always remember. 



I cannot say enough good things about these three! We knew having a doula was what we wanted as first time expecting parents but didn't fully grasp everything we were signing up for. Having three doulas with unique and complimentary backgrounds, skills and personalities was such a wonderful experience for us. My husband and I felt like we received consistant, genuine, and enthusiastic support before, during and after our birth experience.  I know it sounds cliche but we honestly couldn't imagine being where we are now as a happy and healthy family of 3 without them. We had access to all of their combined recommendations and tools as well and for someone like me who couldn't get enough baby/pregnancy information, I was able to keep myself plenty busy. During our actual  labor Jen was in the trenches with us, supporting me through intense contractions, talking us through options when our labor stalled, and helping us feel comfortable and supported during the quiet hours. It feels like we are a part of the Jet City Doulas family now and they are apart of ours as well. You won't regret working with them! 

Cady Susswein


These ladies most literally wrote the book on the birthing process. I would say I couldn't do it without them, but every mama can do this, and they were the empowerment I needed to do it. You have a team of strong women at your fingertips and the peace of mind to know that when the big day comes, they will be there for you, and you have a relationship with each. Their support was priceless, from evidence-based perspective to the emotional. And a certified lactation consultant in your back pocket to boot.

Kathryn Anderson


I apologize for the long review, but I can't say enough about how fantastic Jen, Katie and Mariah have been before, during and after the birth of our Son. My husband and I were initially on the fence about hiring a doula. The Jet City team was friendly, non-judgemental and made us feel totally comfortable with our birth preferences. Their experience and offering of both prenatal and postpartem support helped to reassure and normalize many of the things we were going through especially during the callenging last few weeks of my pregnancy. 

Mariah was on call for the birth of our son. We had gone to the hospital early in labor due to my water breaking. Mariah arrived shortly after we did and stayed through the entire 24hr+ labor. She worked seamlessly with the nursing team and provided immeasurable support to both myself and my husband, keeping him informed and helped us both to advocate for our needs.  And through all of that, she even found time to document the labor so we didn't need to think about it.

The whole team has been available for help during late night panic calls like when I thought my water broke

(twice) and feeding issues in the first days after bringing baby home. They have been ears to listen and shoulders to cry on when I was so tired I didn't think I would be able to do it. More than anything they helped my husband and I to feel empowered and informed when going into the biggest adventure of our lives.  And didn't even laugh when we called panicked that we were going to drown our baby when my milk supply came in early :-P. 

I would (and have) recommend Jet City Doulas without question to anyone seeking support from a doula. If we ever decide to have another baby we would absolutely ask them to be a part of our journey again. 



Despite my partner’s skepticism, I felt that hiring a doula would be beneficial, as it was my first pregnancy. After our virtual meet-and-greet with Katie, Mariah, and Jen, I knew that Jet City Doulas was a perfect fit for us. They were with us through the end of pregnancy, into labor, and even postpartum, and helped us prepare in ways we didn’t know we needed. They went above and beyond to make themselves available to us, regardless of the time of day or how trivial our questions may have seemed.

Having 3 doulas to reach out to truly enhanced our experience. Each doula providing a different perspective and unique set of skills. Jen put all of my breastfeeding anxieties to rest, and I am grateful to her for my smooth and successful breastfeeding journey thus far at over 2 months postpartum. Katie supported me when health concerns arose during pregnancy, and helped me identify what was best for me and how to advocate for myself with my providers. Mariah’s skills shone through when my contractions kicked in- I don’t know how I would have gotten through them without her guidance.

Even though I delivered via C-section, which was not my initial preference, I felt incredibly prepared and confident to make the decision with the education and support that had been provided to me. My partner’s skepticism transitioned to relief (when Mariah saved the day once labor intensified), and then to immense gratitude (when Jen helped us welcome our healthy baby boy into the world). What could have been a frightening or even traumatizing experience when things took an urgent and unexpected turn ended up being overall incredibly positive, and I credit a large portion of that to Jet City Doulas.



We had the best experience with Jet City Doulas. We felt so supported through out our entire prenatal experience, the birth, and postpartum. They each bring their own unique expertise and experiences and we couldn't be more thankful that we chose them as our doulas. Not only did we have 3 prenatal and postnatal visits, but Mariah also attended our ECV procedure. Having her there was so comforting. Having Jen as an IBCLC has been so helpful. She helped us learn the best flange sizes for my pump and helped me learn how to self express colustrum before our baby arrived. Once our baby arrived, she came over to weigh our baby pre and post feeding and to check his latch and to answer any questions.

Jen was our doula during the birth and was so supportive and helpful during the whole 24 hours+ of labor. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she put twinkly lights up in the room so it didn't look so medical and made it a much more peaceful experience. She made me a warm bath and helped me with labor positions and talking through questions to ask the doctor. We had a complication during our birth and we ended up having to do an unplanned c section due to an issue out of our control, and Jen supported my husband and I the whole time, explaining next steps and comforting us as we processed the changes of our birth plan. I know I would have been much more anxious through it all if Jen wasn't there to support us. After our baby was born, she helped me learn how to breastfeed and make sure he had a good latch. She also took amazing pictures of us during the labor and of our baby after he was born. After the birth of our baby, Jet City Doulas continue to support us.  I am the kind of person who really values a lot of support and kindness and advice/info/help during such a huge life changing experience of preparing for a baby, having a baby and then taking care of a baby and my husband and I couldn't imagine doing it without Jet City Doulas. They are the best!

Rebecca Bowman


I have so many positive things about the Jet City Doulas! I can’t imagine my pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey without their support. I would have been completely lost without them. As a first time mom with so many questions and concerns, they helped me navigate through the entire process allowing my worries and hesitations turn into confidence and success. Their program which included the prenatal and postpartum visits in addition to the labor and birth support was amazing. Although labor and birth was the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging thing I have ever experienced, I was able to make it through the way I envisioned with Katie’s pain management guidance and emotional support. I reached out to the doulas at all hours of the day and night after my baby was born multiple times with questions and concerns and they were always available and quick to respond. That level of support during a vulnerable time in your life is priceless. Jen’s exceptional knowledge and experience as an IBCLC helped me navigate through my difficult breastfeeding journey and Mariah’s calm and kind-hearted words made my insecurities fade away. The three of them worked together so well and were always aligned and on the same page. They are the kindest, sweetest souls and I would now consider them friends.

Devin Bowman


As first time parents, my wife (Rebecca) and I had strong opinions about how we wanted our birth experience to be and were uncertain how to prepare ourselves for the birth process, how to select the right facility to give birth and how to effectively communicate to the birthing staff aobut our desired approach leading into the birthing process and during. 

After doing research, Rebecca determined that having a Doula help us with this journey made sense, and through additional research, we contacted Jet City Doulas.  From the first interview session with the Jet City Doula team, it was abundantly clear that not only were they knowledgable about the various topics we needed help with, that they were experienced in each of their specialized fields,, but through a series of throughtful questions, it was also very clear that they were passionate about their field of work and cared about us.

That said, the coaching we received leading into the pregnancy was extremely helpful - not only for our own preparation, but also coaching us on how to best prepare the midwivery team at Swedish hospital for the expereince we hoped for.  During the pregnancy, the assistance of our Doula to help sooth Rebecca through the birthing process, but also provided suggestions to the Swedish staff that helped "encourage" the birth to occur.

It was the post-pregnancy experience that really made the Jet City Doula team stand out, in my mind.  During the folllowing several weeks, somebody was always available to help us with nursing, sleeping and other important topics related to our new baby.  On several occassions, Jen made visits to our home and spent as much time as necessary to ensure Rebecca was comfortable with the coaching provided and helped improve our mental state!  

In closing, I cannot say enough about the postiive experience this time provided.



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