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Buckley, WA Service range 30 miles No ferries

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 15 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am most familiar with home births!

Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I’m a birth junky turned, trained doula! I’m a naturally minded, homebirth-ing Christian mom of 3 with a calling to help other moms reclaim their authority in birth. Ever since having kids, I love educating myself on all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Now, I am so excited i’ve put that to use helping other women educate themselves & eradicate their fear of childbirth. As a doula I am here to support women however they choose to birth their babies, and help them birth in power. For those wanting holistic birth support, my goal is to help you trust your body and reclaim your power of autonomous physiological birth. I also offer birth photography services included in my pricing. I have a certificate of completion from Bastyr University’s birth doula skills workshop as well as, a certificate of attendance of a Spinning Babies® course. I am excited to support families on their pregnancy, birth & postpartum journeys!

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

This price includes birth doula and birth photography services

Service Area

Buckley, WA Service range 30 miles No ferries

Client Testimonials for Brittney Dahl

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Chloe Jensen


Where do I even BEGIN?! Brittney was and is a literal God-send. I was on the hunt for a doula to support my husband and I through our surprise pregnancy (hehe), and I found Brittney on Facebook and immediately had a good feeling about her just judging by her camo print, gun slinging profile picture LOL. When I initially reached out to her, she wasn't planning on taking on any new clients, as she was having her own baby just 3ish months prior to my due date. I was heartbroken (but totally understood), but she graciously agreed to do a meet and greet juuuust in case she decided to take on 1 client so she could still keep her feet wet in birth work during her maternity leave. We met up for ice cream and the rest is history. We clicked, and she agreed to take me on as a client and I am forever grateful. She was there for me through every anxiety, question, and triumph. She helped me through a 20 week provider change. And most importantly, she was an amazing support and advocate during our intense 45 hour home birth that eventually required an unfortunate hospital transfer. She helped us make the best of our situation, and was there to advocate for us and provide joy through it all. Having her there at the hospital as a buffer to help advocate for our wants and needs regarding our birth plan was amazing, we knew we could depend on her. She also provided the most beautiful photos of our birth among all the craziness. These helped provide a lot of healing and comfort for me mentally while trying to heal from the birth. Now that we are 2.5 months post-partum, she is no longer our doula but I am fortunate enough to now call her a close friend. I am so grateful I found her and she so graciously took me on. I think everyone should get to experience the kind of love, support, and friendship that Brittney offers to not only her doula clients, but to everyone <3 THANK YOU BRITTNEY

love, Chloe and Kolton (Isaac lol)



As I sit here with my 10 week old napping on my lap I’m reminded of how beautiful her birth was.  Starting out my husband wasn’t too sure about doulas (it took some convicincing) but after our experience with Brittney he 100% believes in them. Living out of town I was worried that it would be too much of a drive for her to come out to the house but she never once made me feel bad. Even though we immediately left from the house when she showed up ?? this girl was ready with her tens unit and comb to help me for the car ride to the birthing center. During my labor she was our biggest advocate and support. She was so in tune with every stage of my labor. I knew if I was unsure I could look for her for support. She is truly on your team and is ready to speak up and support you in your birth plan. When your doula says “its your birth you can do whatever you want” you listen to her cause she’s got you back! ?? I am very thankful for her being there for one of the most vulnerable moments of my life. Being a pretty modest person myself I was worried about everything being exposed during my labor. She was always helpful with my robe and quick to cut any extra strings off or cover me back up. The next few days after giving birth I struggled with breast feeding and was ready to give up. After telling her my concerns she was on it finding lactation help. During my home visit we discussed the hardship of breast feeding and it's normal to be hard and not to be ashamed of using tools to helo. Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed or had questions after the birth she was so helpful to keep me grounded. Truly a blessing during postpartum. The best part was the beautiful moments captured as a a brand new family.  Brittney thank you for being a firm believer in birth plans for us moms. if anyone needs help making sure they get the birth they want or manage pressure from eager visitors after birth this girl is in your fighting corner??

Atira Rogers


This was my third birth and my first time hiring a doula and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. I seriously regret not having a doula for my first two births. Brittney was beyond patient and responsive answering all of my questions. She is very knowledgeable and always shares the research behind her suggestions so you can make an informed decision. The spinning babies circuits that she shared with me and coached me how to do correctly helped my posterior baby turn before labor and I believe made a huge impact on the shorter length and ease of my labor. Baby was born with very minimal pushing- my body felt safe and prepared for what it needed to do. She was so encouraging and honestly made me feel so beautiful and empowered during labor, and the pictures and video she captured I will cherish forever. Giving birth is such an intimate act and sharing that space with Brittney was easy because of her true love and passion for birth work, her respect for mamas and her adoration of their babies. 



I can't begin to express how amazing Brittney was as our Doula. With her support I was able to have an empowering hospital VBAC, after a terrible hospital C-Section experience with my first! Even before we hired her she went above and beyond, readily answered all of our questions, and encouraged us to find a provider that better fit our needs than our current one. She did research into providers and hospitals that would be better for us, all before we were officially a client! We ended up switching to ones she recommended, and that decision alone was crucial to us having the amazing birth experience we did.

When baby was breech she gave me multiple circuits to try and flip him, and they worked!! She always answered us promptly, no matter the time of day throughout my pregnancy. She helped keep me calm and grounded throughout nearly a week of prodromal labor, giving me coping mechanisms, baby positioning techniques, and checking in on me physically and emotionally.

Once I was officially in labor she came to our house and immediately jumped in helping me cope with contractions. With her help I was able to push off going to the hospital for hours, allowing me to show up ready to be admitted. Without her support I would've given up and gone to the hospital way too early! Throughout over 20 hours of labor she was our constant support, giving guidance on positioning, information on what was happening, and emotional support, ending in us having the dream VBAC we so desperately wanted.

Throughout labor she also did birth photography, and gave us the most incredible and special photos of our experience that I will cherish forever!!! No one wants to be distracted in those first moments of meeting your baby by taking pictures, so having pictures of first meeting our baby and him being laid on my chest was so special.

Brittney felt more like a friend throughout the process than just a Doula, and we're so happy we hired her!



After I had my first child I knew with my second I wanted to have the birth documented. Birth is such a special and magical moment but it's so hard to remember all of the detail and knowing that our second would be our last I knew I had to have the moment captured. I began my search for a birth photographer and instantly clicked with Brittney and felt like her presence in the room would be calming and comforting, this is as something I knew was important. Brittney captured the moment better than I could have ever expected. She knew exactly how to make work the room and the angles to get the most amazing shots. I am forever thankful for her being a part of my birth and creating these lasting memories for my me and husband. I cannot recommend Brittney enough!! 

Hannah Tanner


your new best friend!

I hired a doula as part of my OOH birth plan with a midwife.1st pregnancy/birth.After meeting her for a consultation with my husband, we decided to move forward with the process. Brittney was very flexible & understanding with finances being tight. 

She genuinely cares about what you; She answered every question with educated response on physiological & natural birth. Birth photos I was hesitant on but agreed. Throughout pregnancy, she was there for my every question. 1 week before my EDD, my waters broke. I then was working back / forth with my midwife on starting Antibiotics due to my GBS+ Status. (My choice to do the antibiotics). Contractions were not consistent or strong. Brittney gave support & gave me circuits to help start active labor. There became a period of time that I would have to be transferred to the hospital if I didn't start active labor since my water broke (due to GBS). Brittney knew how badly I wanted my out of hospital birth. Pulling out a bag of tricks & amazing emotional support with the process- we got it! (Not enough typing space to really put into words on her magic & support with not only myself but my husband)

Afterwards, the photos she took that I was hesitant about I actually love. It's helped my process some of the complications or experiences I may have blacked out. She came for a PP visit & kept in good communication asking how my emotions are. She helped with the placenta tincture. Brought my homemade bread (delish!!) & helped teach me how-to baby wear.   Even PP, Brittney still keeps in contact & like I said - feels like your new BFF!  

She is truly an amazing woman & passionate about your birth.. making sure you get the birth you're dreaming of! Brittney will go above & beyond for you!

It's the birth support you didn't know you needed.



Brittney was truly amazing!  She responded to all my first-time-mom questions quickly and was reassuring and knowledgeable. She even went far above and beyond to help me when I had to find a new midwife part way through my pregnancy.  Having her help while I was in labor was a huge source of reassurance for myself and my husband. The birth photos were also beautiful. I passionately recommend doulas to all my pregnant friends now.  



I could not recommend Brittney enough! She was so great, and easy to talk to from the get go. I knew I could text her throughout my pregnancy with any crazy questions I had. When it came to go time, she was ready, even at 2 am! Not only was she ready, but she was willing to come over and work thru contractions at my house before we went to the birth center. I know with her on my birth team I was much more likely to have the birth that I had hoped for. It seemed like every contraction Brittney was there already applying counter pressure before I even had to ask her. She had many options to help with pain management, which made labor not as intimidating when we talked at my 37 week visit. I honestly can't believe she had time to capture every moment through my labor and birth, the photos and video she got are incredible and I'm so thankful to have them! When I started to feel like I was running out of energy, Brittney was right there with honey sticks and words of encouragement to help me get back at. I will always recommend Brittney to my family friends! Thank you Brittney for helping me achieve the birth that I wanted!

Kylee lewis


I got my absolute dream birth! In my prenatal visit I expressed to Britney all of the things that I really wanted to be apart of my birth. She was so supportive and helpful through the entire process to ensure all of those desires were met. I got to birth in the water, catch my baby and all med free! I didn't experience any fear. I felt supported, comfortable and confident the whole time. I loved that she was able to instruct my husband so that he could best support me as well. After the birth, she helped to get me comfortable and into postpartum wear. Even while provided amazing support the entire time, SOMEHOW, she managed to take the most spectacular photos I've ever seen. She captures EVERY single moment in such a tasteful manner I felt comfortable sharing them with everyone. I could not be happier with my experience and the photos that I will cherish forever. Thank you Britney!! 

Johanna Miles


Working with Brittney has been amazing. I can’t recommend her enough! She is super kind, loving, and patient. Brittney went above and beyond as apart of our birth team, starting from the moment we hired her. As a first time mom, I have had lots of questions and she was only a text away, she got back to me pretty quick and always had great advice.

When I went into labor Brittney showed up and got right to helping my husband support me during contractions. When she got to our house my contractions were not progressing as much as we would have liked so she had me do some side lying positions and they helped wonderfully and got things back on track. She also was great at making sure I was well hydrated and eating all through my labor. Brittney was super encouraging as I was getting exhausted near the end and it was very helpful to hear her encouragement to keep going.

In the days following, Brittney would periodically check on us to make sure we were doing okay. All around I can’t say enough about how much we loved Brittney as a member of our birth team. If we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t change our choice to have Brittney be our doula. 

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