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Brimfield, IL Service range 60 miles No fee for interview.

(309) 453-0409

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Birth Doula Experience

16 years and 200 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2007
  • Madriella, December 2014
  • ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators), May 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I've been to OSF Peoria, Unity Point-Methodist Peoria, Pekin, Bromenn and St Josephs in Bloomington & Trinity in Quad Cities.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birth Center in Bloomington, IL

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend planned homebirths with a care provider. I have worked as an assistant to local homebirth midwives since 2013.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Henna belly designs
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I host a BIRTH Circle once a month at the OSF Breastfeeding Resource Center every first Thursday of the month. I am a member of I taught Natural Family Planning from 1999 to 2007 for CCL. (Symto-Thermal Method) I am a Registered Dietitian.

Fee Details

I am willing to work on a sliding scale.

Brimfield, IL Service range 60 miles No fee for interview.

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Kelly Scott


My husband and I wholeheartedly agree that hiring Marcia as our doula for my second birth was an absolute privilege and I can’t say enough about our experience working with her. Marcia has a true gift for providing calm, non-judgmental, and compassionate support. During important decision points of my induction and labor, she providing me with solid information and acted as a sounding board as I decided how I wanted to proceed. I appreciated how Marcia truly listens and has the rare ability to know when and how to offer information and/or comforting words. She’s highly experienced and knowledgeable about childbirth and local resources.

I’m thankful for her expertise during so many points of my labor. When my baby was not in an optimal position to get labor going during my induction, she worked with me on positioning exercises. I believe her guidance in those hours was critical in helping me achieve the birth I wanted.

After having several complications with my first birth, I held a lot of fear during my second pregnancy and labor, worried that the same complications may arise this time as well. Marcia compassionately reminded me when I needed to hear it most that this was a different birth. Her words then, and throughout at the birth itself, were extremely calming and helped me push past the fears and pain.

Marcia also knew just how to support my husband and empowered him in supporting me. Marcia was incredible at reading the room and knowing when to step in with support and when to sit back and let my husband and I have private time.

Marcia went above and beyond my expectations for a doula and I’m so thankful we hired her. She was a pleasure to have at our birth and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I look forward to telling my daughter the story of her birth and Marcia’s important role on that day.

Jen Podhajsky


I highly recommend Marcia as a doula. Marcia is truly excellent at what she does. I recently had my 6th child. Marcia was my doula for this pregnancy, as well as, my 5th pregnancy. Every pregnancy & birth is different and some have unforeseen challenges that occur. It has been very reassuring with my last two to know that I have Marcia for support, resources, & advice with whatever situation may occur. Marcia is extremely knowledgeable on pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, & resources available. At the same time, she has a very caring & calming personality. Having Marcia as a doula is like having a trusted friend along with you throughout your pregnancy & birth that understands what you’re going through and is there to provide support no matter what happens. She is empowering in her approach & never pressures you into any decision but makes you aware of your different options. Whether you want to deliver naturally at home with an experienced midwife or prefer a birthing center or unexpectedly have to be induced at a hospital, Marcia is at your side & totally focused on you as a person and your wants & desires so she can help you have the best birth experience possible. 

Louise Higgins


Marcia was there with me during all the scary parts of the pregnancy: the External Cephalic Version at the hospital to flip a breech baby, then the delivery itself where baby, while now head-down, was still kind of positioned weirdly which made delivery take longer than I expected for my third baby. You just don't know how everything is going to go down in the end and it was so helpful to have someone there who's seen it all and can reassure you that everything's going to be okay. After this baby I experienced no "baby blues" nor did I have any emotional recovering to do, unlike my first two births. It was a really smooth transition and I think a lot of that had to do with having a supportive birth team that included Marcia. I would hire her again if I'm blessed with another baby.

Laurie Cowser


Marcia recently was able to come to our aid to help with baby care while I and my baby were sick in the hospital. She was able to help take good care of me and my baby, listen to our needs, was knowledgeable about medical interventions, and as always was a very calm and level-headed support to get us through a very scary and tumultuous time. Marcia has this ability to help in times of great need but stay calm and collected and offer advice that is invaluable. 

Kelsey A.


I hired Marcia to help with my most recent pregnancy after a prior c-section and 3 subsequent unmedicated VBACs.  I wasn’t sure I “needed” a doula this time but my husband insisted that he did and I knew she’d be a good fit for us.  I appreciated Marcia’s support and especially her good questions as I was thinking through and finalizing my birth plan this time around.  She easily developed good rapport with both my husband and me.  For medical reasons, my VBACs other than the first have been induced, and I figured things would go about the same as they had the last 2 times.  They did not and I faced obstacles that I hadn’t anticipated but Marcia was calm, reassuring, and jumped in when we needed her and calmly observed when we did not.  She sent my husband off to grab food when he needed it and walked the halls with me while he was away.  When my baby’s heart rate dropped in response to all my usual labor positions, she helped me find a rather unique one that alleviated that concern.  When my OB observed that my baby wasn’t quite in an ideal position late in labor, Marcia helped me re-position again.  She stopped by for a relaxing visit after we got home from an extended hospital stay and checked in via text for a month afterwards.  Marcia was a blessing to our family during such an important time and I highly recommend her as a doula.


Marissa Wenger


When we found out we were pregnant, I knew that I would want a Doula, but I had no idea how to go about finding one. We found out about Marcia through a client of mine who had her as their Doula and raved about her. After meeting with Marcia, my husband and I knew that she would be the perfect fit to help us in our journey. Marcia was so attentive through the whole pregnancy, especially when I had a really bad time with anxiety and depression in my 2nd trimester. She gave us great ideas to work through and continued to give love and support to help me through that hard time. When it came to the big day, she was there every step of the way. She knew what our wishes were and helped make sure hospital staff aligned with our birth plan. She was a calming and strong presence that helped my husband and I through the whole delivery process. When our daughter was born, she wasn’t breathing and it was the most terrifying time of our lives. Marcia calmed our fears and reassured and consoled us until we were finally able to hear our baby cry for the first time. When we came home after delivery, it was a very exhausting and emotional time, and Marcia came over and walked us through life with a newborn and again calmed our anxieties and fears. She checked in regularly to make sure we were doing well, physically and emotionally. Throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery and postpartum process, she always gave nonbiased advice and offered great information so that we could make informed choices. We couldn’t have imagined doing this without her strength and love and support guiding us every step of the way. If you are unsure about hiring a Doula or which one to choose, I’m telling you right now Marcia is the best and she is worth every penny for the support and peace of mind she gives you. Bringing your child into this world is the most exciting (and sometimes terrifying) journey and there is no one better to walk this path with you than Marcia Mattern.

Heather Lauf


If you want to feel empowered to give birth the way you desire to, then Marcia Mattern may be the right doula for you. I first met Marcia at the monthly support group she offers, The Birth Circle. The group is a great way to meet and see her providing emotional and educational support to pregnant and postpartum moms. Marcia supported me by text throughout my entire pregnancy, as I hired her shortly after finding out I was pregnant. I could text her with any question. She helped me work through some anxieties I had, as this was a pregnancy after a loss. She was invaluable throughout pregnancy, recommending evidence-based educational resources. She met with my husband and I twice during pregnancy to go over our preferences and talk about how she could best support us. Marcia was instrumental in my decision to give birth at a local birth center rather than a hospital. I was able to see more clearly how the midwifery model of care and birth center practices were in line with my own wishes and preferences.

Marcia was especially a huge emotional support during the last weeks of pregnancy, and as I went into labor at 41 weeks. She helped me focus on the important things like getting more sleep rather than unncessarily timing contractions during early labor. With a 24-hour "first-time mom" labor on the way, I needed all the sleep I could get. Marcia was present with us for the second half of that 24 hours, when we asked her to meet us at the birth center. Her support there was invaluable to both my husband and I. From 9 pm to 9 am the next morning when my son was born, Marcia helped me work through each contraction. Her presence was calming and helped me achieve my wish to give birth naturally and unmedicated. Marcia stayed with us for a couple hours after the birth and helped us get breastfeeding off to a successful start. Marcia has a true servant's heart that shines through in all she does to support and educate pregnant, laboring and postpartum moms!

Brittany Clone


Let me sum everything up in advance by saying that Marcia is everything you want and might need in a Doula and that you will be blessed to have her attend your birth. I wish I could go back in time and have her for all of mine.

Marcia was our doula for my third birth, with the goal of a successful VBA2C. From the moment I met her I loved her personality and calming demeanor, and knew I found the right person to have on my birth team. Prenatal support was wonderful, from scheduled meetings to being available by phone or text. Even a few text messages helped me to redirect my focus and attention during one or two very emotional situations. 

When it came to labor, Marcia was nothing short of amazing. She was present and available for almost all of my 30-hour induction. She brought good suggestions and ideas for every challenge and experience, even if it was just asking questions of providers to help me make a decision about my labor. She provided amazing counter pressure for contraction after contraction too! My husband was grateful for her presence, expertise, and of course another person to help care of me during the entire process.

At the end of the day, once it was determined that a C-section was the best course of action for this birth, I knew that we did everything we possibly could, especially because of Marcia. When my baby had to go to the NICU, it was Marcia with me in the recovery room (hubby was with the baby), relaying information and details about baby and helping me to express milk. 

Marcia also provided great postpartum support, beginning with a visit and followed by weekly check-ins. 

Hiring Marcia as my doula was one of the best decisions I made related to pregnancy and childbirth. Her expertise and support were everything I needed and more. I cannot recommend her enough.


Nathaniel Chase


Selecting Marcia as our Doula was by far the best investment we have made during our pregnancy and birth journey. Not only was she incredibly sweet, filled with excitement and smiles, she was extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and patient and encouraging to us and everyone else. She was a perfect advocate for us, helping us explore all options in the hospital. 

For example, there was not one question that she did not know or have either experience or research to back up her reccomendation. At many times, she seemed just as, and often times more, knowledgeable to us than the nurses and medical staff members. Providing details to us about the different pros and cons to the myriad of medical procedures being thrown at us was something that Marcia excelled at. Having her in the room as an expert helped ease our concerns about being first time parents. 

She also helped us create and stick with our birth plan. In the tough hours of labor, Marcia’s bright smile, encouraging words, and proactive attention to the details to help my wife feel comfortable were perfectly timed and delivered. Instead of allowing us to divert from our plan, she kept smiling, showing up, and making sure we were okay. 

My wife had a natural birth and it was tough, but Marcia’s expertise and passion for her work alleviated our concerns and empowered me as the support person to remain steadfast. She retrieved ice water, helped turn the baby back to birthing position when he moved, gave us the real deal about the hospital procedures, while keeping us encouraged and excited about this process. 

All in all, Marcia was an amazing cheerleader, expert on birthing and pregnancy, and a creative problem solver. If you are considering booking her for your journey, I would highly and confidently recommend that. You will not regret it. Thank you again Marcia!! You are the best.

Emily Sutton


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I particularly appreciated her knowledge of natural pain relief, including essential oils, heat, cold, massage, positioning, and emotional support. She was also supportive of the pain relief options I had brought along, such as my TENS unit and comforting music.

Marcia did a wonderful job involving my husband in my birth and empowering us to handle the situation as a team. I knew no matter what, Marcia would know what to do, and it usually involved her encouraging me to make the decisions that were right for my family. When I decided to use an epidural for pain relief, Marcia provided the perfect amount of guidance, helping me to exhaust other options and reminding me of my original plan to birth without medication, while still supporting me when I ultimately made the decision to proceed with the epidural. Though I know it sounds like a simple act, I'll never forget how quickly she would whisk away the emesis bag when I threw up, while always having a cool cloth available to help me feel better. This small act of kindness really demonstrates Marcia's unique blend of knowledge, caring, and attention to detail. She was always so helpful, and she particularly did a great job helping me understand how to push effectively when the time came. I think the delivery staff was surprised at how well I was able to push, and a lot of that was because of Marcia's instruction. The other thing I remember the most is how long she held my leg during pushing and after my daughter's birth while I was being stitched up. It was a long time and she never once showed any emotion other than joy for the successful and happy birth of my daughter. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth experience, Marcia was supportive of me and my family in all senses of the word. Thankfully, my VBAC was a wonderful experience, and I'll never be able to repay Marcia for her role in this joyous event.

Emily Sutton


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My first birth was a traumatic experience that resulted in a C-section. I knew that I wanted to pursue a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) with my next child, and I did everything I could to accomplish my goal. I knew that Marcia was a well-respected doula who was in high demand, so I worked quickly to hire her as part of my support team. After meeting with her, my husband and I unanimously decided that she should be our doula.

Marcia provided me with prenatal support via phone, text, and two in-person meetings. She helped prepare me for my birth by discussing my wishes, giving me pertinent information, and working with me to define my birth plan. She was always encouraging and quickly available when I felt stressed out or anxious about my pregnancy or birth. Up to and past my due date, Marcia helped me process my feelings and prepare for my impending labor and birth. When I ended up needing an induction, she helped me clarify my emotions and wishes, helping me to feel less scared for the birth.

Marcia was incredibly supportive during my entire birth experience. I truly believe she was an integral aspect of my successful VBAC. Her technical help during my labor alone was indispensable. She gave me many suggestions for positioning, encouraged me to stay active, and provided constant options to help my labor move along as quickly and smoothly as possible. I really felt like I was well taken care of with Marcia. Her knowledge of birth made me feel comforted and far less anxious than my first birth. Her suggestions for interventions to help my labor always seemed rooted in evidence and experience, and it was clear that the steps she wanted me to take would help move my baby down and into a favorable position. I knew that Marcia would always have another trick up her sleeve when the contractions became intense. (continued in next post)

Rebekah Ellicott


Where do I begin? Marcia and support are synonymous. I met Marcia at a support group she holds monthly to discuss all things birth. I immediately felt heard, understood, and respected by her. I so appreciated the outlet she provided to process my two previous births. She also seemed to be a fount of knowledge and information and so good at facilitating the sharing of information and resources among others as well. Need a massage therapist rec, she's got one. Need a yoga instructor rec, she's got one.  I so admire and respect how she can give all these resources and information but won't tell you to do anything. Instead, she presents you with sound research and ultimately supports and empowers you to make your own informed decisions. She's the kind of person that makes you want  be the best you can be, essential in preparing for and giving birth.When I reached out to her about specific concerns with one elevated blood pressure reading, I was so thankful for her ability to calm me and give me tangible things to work on that would help. During labor, she was a steady helpful presence, intutitive and empathic when knowing when/how to help. She gave good suggestions for positions as I labored and reassuring touches. She even included my (2 yo) daughter, taking a beautiful picture of her holding my hand as i labored and helping her feed me oatmeal after. I truly felt like I had the best support

Marcia never oversteps her role in the information she gives but I was impressed in the breadth of knowledge she brings as a nutritionist and momma of 6. Im not ashamed to admit that I wanted some of that knowledge too, so I hired her to help me post-partum as well. She helped with healthy meals, cleaning, and my other children. It was invaluable and reasonable considering her experience. I missed her when everything was done and would hire her again. She gives amazing support! 

Mari Martinell


Marcia is amazing!!! I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is! From the day that we hired her to be our doula until this very moment, Marcia has been an amazing resource and friend. Marcia not only helped me to figure out how to have a home birth, but has also helped me with things such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping and natural remedies for my little one. Marcia was the first of our birth team to arrive at our home during my labor. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect... or that I was even in labor! Marcia gently reassured me that I was indeed going to meet our girl soon and throughout the night helped me to stay calm and focus on bringing our sweet little one earthside! While it was difficult at the time and probably the hardest thing I have ever done, I could not have imagined a better birth experience! It is now, one of my most treasured memories. I truly believe that Marcia is doing exact what God put her on this earth to do! Whatever your goals are, Marcia can help you to accomplish them! I promise that you will not regret adding her to your birth team!

Amanda Frioli


We hired Marcia as our doula within minutes of talking to her.  Marcia's calm, positive, and confident disposition made my husband and I immediately feel more at ease with our decision to prepare for a VBAC. While I hoped for a vaginal birth with my second child, I did struggle to get rid of my fears and doubts. I credit a lot of my success in achieving an unmedicated, hospital VBAC to Marcia. She was instrumental in helping me work through each concern I had during pregnancy, and during my labor, she was brilliant at creating a calm, comfortable, and safe environment, helping me labor at home as long as possible. I believe this was critical, because as soon as I arrived at the hospital, I was ready to push my daughter into this world. She continued to support me for an entire month postpartum, helping me with breastfeeding, baby wearing, and getting the hang of having a toddler and newborn. I enthusiastically recommend Marcia as a doula. I wouldn’t want to have baby without her!

Sarah Krieger


Marcia helped me with so many things during my first pregnancy and birth, from recommending probate birth classes to a house keeper during the post partem period.  She encouraged my husband to get more involved in my pregnancy.  When I asked for podcasts and books she had plenty of great ideas.  Doctors, midwives, prenatal yoga instructors and lactation consultants know her by name and speak highly of her.  When I was struggling with my OB, she gave me recommendations for switching and talked new through it because she respected the choices I wanted to make for my body and baby.  My labor was 8 hours total and I was able to go through labor for the first several stages at my own house, using my own tub, with her help.  I was 100% effaced by the time I got to the hospital and I never required the use of any drugs or even any IV in my hep lock.  I was able to have skin to skin time with my son and my husband got to cut the cord.  Marcia would speak to us through phone, text, email and in person interviews.  Thank you Marcia!

Brennan Rapach


Marcia was wonderful to work with!  She was very helpful and had alot of good information to share.  She made my husband and I feel comfortable before labor, during labor, and after labor.  Marcia made sure to remind us of our birth plan and help to make all of our wishes come true.  She has a special place in our hearts and our memories forever.    

Crystal L. Radovanovic


I did not use a doula with my 1st pregnancy, but decided to hire a doula the 2nd time around. My first pregnancy was over 35 hours long, and both my husband and I wanted more support this time. I was so happy to have Marcia on our birth team! She has a very calming presence & exudes confidence, which makes you feel more at ease and in-control also. She is kind, a good listener, and helps to alieve any fears you might have about pregnancy/birth, by sharing from her own experience (she has 6 kids and experience birthing in a hospital setting and in her own home, so she knows a thing or two!), scientific-based articles and research, and faith-based scriptures. In the weeks leading up to my birth, I knew I could call/text any time, and she was readily available to discuss whatever worry or concern I had. We also met a few times in person, and those meetings always left me feeling excited about my baby's upcoming birth, instead of fearful. Marcia is natural-birth minded (though is also all for medical intervention when truly necessary), and has incredible confidence in the female body to do what God designed it to do. Marcia came to our home in the wee hours of the night on the day of my baby's birth, and helped me through some intense contractions by squeezing my hips, reminding me of my birth plan, suggesting alternate positions, and sharing scripture with me. As it turns out, this second birthing experience wound up being incredibly fast (about 4 hours from start to finish!), but we were still glad we hired Marcia. At the hospital, Marcia will not speak on your behalf to staff, but she WILL remind you of your birth plan, give you information to help you understand what is being asked of you (to help you make an informed decision), offer ideas for natural pain management, and be your biggest cheer leader! After birth, she will also check in on you (by phone) once a week for the first month to discuss anything that is on your mind. We highly reccomend Marcia!

Shannon Bacus


Marcia served our family as an assistant to our midwife. When she arrived she brought a wonderful sense of peace and began setting up immediately for the birth. She was diligent in her duties to record necessary information for my midwife, and assisted by taking my blood pressure and temperature as well. She was a calming presence during my very quick labor. I remember during one of my last contractions, looking up and meeting her eyes that were full of hope and confidence, and I knew I could complete this journey. That moment reinforced my belief that I could finish the task at hand! So thankful you were at our birth. You made me confident and comfortable as I birthed this baby! After the birth, Marcia helped me to my bed, got me a snack and some juice, and helped me get settled in with babe. She also helped a bit with my two older kiddos. She began a load of laundry and helped to clean up around the home and empty the birth pool. 

As a birth worker myself, I can say Marcia is the cream of the crop, someone I would entrust my birth experience with and one who is completely competent in her role. If you're searching for a doula, Marcia is a wonderful support and enjoys very much supporting families as they go through their birthing experience. She has very diverse experiences in support and has an amazing amount of knowledge to help assist you through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 


Thank you, Marcia for being present during our birth!  I will never forget this gift! 

Carolina Sidell


I read the reviews left for Marcia and it encouraged me to give her a call when we first found out we were expecting our 1st child. From the moment we met Marcia we knew our doula search was over.  The conection was there.  Marcia took the time to get to know us, answer all of our questions and provide us with lots of resources.  Marcia was as involved as we wanted her to be.  She was very respectful of our wishes and was very supportive during the whole process. Marcia's support started early in the pregnancy and continued even after our daughter was born.  I was very happy to have Marcia stop by to check on us after the birth and provide support with our breastfeeding journey.   

My husband and I are so happy we found her and she will be getting a call if we decide to have another child.  Hiring a doula is totally worth it and hiring Marcia was the right decision for us.  If you are looking for a doula that has a lot of experience, is very involved in the birthing community and cares about your birthing experience as much as you do, don't hesitate to give Marcia a call. 

Rachel Kress


Where do I begin??  I know, without a doubt, that I could not have fulfilled my wish of a non-medicated birth without the support, knowledge and love from Marcia during our long labor.  We decided to hire Marcia because we wanted a non-medicated birth for our daughter.  Marcia has such a vast knowledge and amazing experience when it comes to supporting both the mother and father for the birth of their child.  We knew that emotional support would be extremely important for us and Marcia was there throughtout the entire process - she met with us multiple times prior to our due date, to ensure that we were comfortable with everything and to make sure we didn't have any questions or concerns. 

Postpartum support was also extremely important as I had experienced postpartum depression with our first child.  Marcia knew that placenta encapsulation would be extremely helpful and she provided that service in the privacy of our home.  She also helped with latching when we had a few issues with nursing during the first few days. 

Overall, I have recommended Marcia to everyone wanting the experience of a natural birth.  Her calming voice and gentle demeanor were exactly what we needed.  I cannot say enough about Marcia and her professionalism and we look forward to working with her again in the future!

Kirsten Garrabrant


My husband and I decided that an unmedicated birth was best for all of us. This was our first child and we hadn't done too much research on unmedicated births before I got pregnant. After encouragement from family, we finally (around 25 weeks) decided to hire a doula. A family member recommended Marcia, and I'm so glad she did. Marcia was an amazing resource who helped us through a very tough and unexpected birth.

After our first meeting with Marcia, we knew she was going to be a huge help and we were so thankful for all her guidence and insight. We stayed in close contact and when I went in for my 37 week sono, I found out our little one was breech. Marcia provided more ideas, suggestions, and support than I could have hoped for. A week later we decided to try an ECV, our last hope to get our baby turned. Marica was there with us at the hospital and kept my husband company after finding out that neither of them were going to be in the OR during this procedure. During the procedure, I ended up having an emergency c-section, something that took me weeks to accept. I truely don't think I would have been as relaxed and accepting of the situation without Marcia there as they wheeled me to the recovery room (my daughter and husband off doing whatever they needed to do). 

During that crucial time, and once I was home, having Marcia was a blessing. I am praying for a successful, unmedicated VBAC for our next child and hope that Marcia will be able to be a part of that birth as well. To any mom, expecially first time moms, I recommend having a doula. And I highly recommend Marcia to anyone who's looking for a loving, knowledable, supportive women by their side. 

Rachel Robinson


I went into labor the morning of July 28th, 2015, nine days after my given due date, with our first son.  This also happened to be when our hired Doula's sister had gone into labor with her first son!  Our doula had told us in advance that this might happen, and if it did that she had a really great backup doula that would be with us during labor and delivery.  She confirmed her confidence in her backup doula, Marcia, by saying, "She is the person I would want helping ME if I were in labor!"  So I was also confident that we would be in good hands either way!  We labored at home until contractions were about 3.5 minutes apart and then headed into the hospital, giving Marcia a call. (Our labor progressed quite quickly!) Marcia met us at the hospital immediately, and was so encouraging and supportive.  She really helped me with breathing during the transition and pushing stages, and also helped me with the first breastfeeding when our baby was born!  I felt quite cared for by this person that I barely knew, which I think speaks highly of her character.  Ryan and I were both SO THANKFUL to have Marcia by our side during the labor and delivery of our first son.  We labored in the hospital for just about an hour before our son was born, and I think Marcia played a big part in this, and in the joy that we were experienced in this labor and delivery!  With that said, we highly recommend Marcia as a doula!

laurie cowser


We had an unplanned C-section with our first and after becoming pregnant with our second, we wanted to try for a VBAC. I had read how helpful doulas can be and was impressed with Marcia's initial response when I contacted her on Her support during pregnancy was as helpful as the support she provided during the labor and delivery! Truly- she was a God-send and an answer to prayer. Marcia is very knowledgeable and shared many resources with us through pregnancy. She took the time to get to know me and my wishes for labor and delivery. I think the best part was that she gives YOU a voice in your own pregnancy, labor and delivery. She informs you and then supports your wishes by encouraging you, reminding you of your options and supporting your husband to help you. When hospital staff were recommending an invasive procedure, Marcia gave alternatives I could ask to try and the change in position we tried instead, during the pushing stage, allowed for us to not need an invasive procedure and we had our successful VBAC :-) Marcia was very comfortable with hospital staff and our doctor/midwife and was familiar with how they did things. Marcia was worth every penny and I would hire her again if we tried for a 3rd in the future. 

Jessica Capati


I only have experience with Marcia through The Birth Circle held monthly in Peoria. After a birth that left me with many mixed emotions, I needed a safe place to share and work through the feelings. I shared openly and felt so supported and understood by Marcia even thought she had only just met me. She is clearly very calming and supportive. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her as a birth doula in the future either!

Molly Farrell


After a very difficult 1st birth, my husband and I decided having the support of a doula would be wise for our 2nd birth. Having Marcia's help was beyond worth it, as my 2nd birth was a completely different & better experience. I was able to have a natural birth that only lasted a couple hours (versus 18hr with my 1st labor) and only 15min of pushing (versus 6hr with 1st). Throughout my pregnancy she helped me with exercises to get baby in a good position & my body ready for labor, which I think helped with a much faster labor. Marcia's calm & support was just as much for me as it was for my husband! She kept us focused and calm throughout labor and coached my husband how to help me breathe & make it through transition. Marcia is really knowledgeable about how the body works best during birth & how each hospital operates and what is available there - for example, our nurse told us I could not do wireless fetal monitoring but Marcia knew that that was in fact available at this hospital, so I could labor in the shower like I wanted. There are many birthing tools I wouldn't have known were available to me if it weren't for her. I highly recommend a doula for pregnancy/labor - worth every penny and if you do hire a doula, I highly recommend Marcia.

Tammy Hodel


I was very thankful to have Marcia a part of our birth.  She was very valuable to be in the pushing stage.  She also was great in interacting with hospital staff who were difficult. 

Dani Huston


I did not have a doula for my first birth, and after experiencing some obstacles not in our plan that time we decided another person with more then one birth experience in the room couldn't hurt. Marcia came highly recommended by a few friends and after interviewing we were confident her personality would mesh well with my husband and I. 

This pregnancy was long, 42wk+2days. Baby and I were healthy, but everything gets a little more delicate once labled "post due." Marcia was a great source of encouragement during that time and helped weed through "normal vs abnormal" pregnancy symptoms. She also sent me links and information to try and get things moving naturally.

My labor was fairly fast once it came for real, and Marcia was a master of the hospital knowing exactly where everything was and what to do to help me, my husband and the hospital staff. Immediately after birth she helped with breastfeeding. She made sure my husband got a little rest and helped me get cleaned up (my favorite part!) 

I am so glad I went with my gut and hired Marcia for our second baby!


Susanna Whitworth


I highly recommend Marcia to anyone who is in need of a doula. She is kind and supportive of the birth you want to have. She is very knowledgeable about the OB's and midwives in this area and who may be best suited as your practitioner. Anytime I contacted her with a question she was more than happy to answer, and as a first time mom, I had lots. She was fantastic help during my quick labor, she was able to help me focus on breathing while having contractions back to back. She was a great addition to our birth team, and I'm SO glad we had her as our doula.  

Aaron Heintz


A husband/father's perspective: Having a doula was important to my wife but I went in to the process with no idea of what to expect and how much it would eventually help both of us. During our interview with her, I was immediately impressed with Marcia's knowledge and professionalism. During the pregnancy she was a great resource for questions we both had. My wife had a very long labor - throughout that process Marcia's dedication to her client really showed. She was available for questions throughout one entire night and spent the next day/night/day with us at home and the hospital. All along she reassured us (mostly me) when we were worried, helped my wife manage her contractions, and kept my wife focused on her VBAC goal. At the hospital, Marcia was even more amazing - remembering so many little things to make the last bit of labor easier, helping out with countless details in the hospital, knowing the hospital procedures and staff, and relieving me as a support person at key points as I became more tired. I could not imagine going through this process without her, the support and knowledge Marcia gave us was so important in my wife's successful VBAC delivery of our son.

Jessica Heintz


My first son was born via planned cesarean and I knew when the time came I would be planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). One of the top recommendations for women attempting a VBAC is to use a doula and that was the first item on my agenda once pregnant. After several interviews we chose to hire Marcia as our doula. Marcia was available to me throughout pregnancy as I interviewed and switched providers (twice), encouraging me to stay active, providing nutritional information and helping me evaluate decisions. While I was passionate and determined to have an un-medicated, vaginal birth I certainly had my doubts and talking to Marcia always helped put me back in a positive mindset.

The night I went in to labor Marcia and I texted throughout the middle of the night as I experienced contractions for the first time ever. After 12 hours of labor I was ready for her to come to our home. For the next 29 hours my husband and Marcia worked as a team to support me. 19 of those hours were spent comfortably laboring at home. I am confident that without Marcia we would have gone to the hospital much earlier and likely would’ve been subjected to interventions as my labor was not progressing in the “typical” timeframe. Upon arrival at the hospital Marcia helped us remember things we both forgot, like giving our birth plan to the staff and requesting a room with a bathtub. It was quickly apparent how valuable a doula was not only to my husband and I but also the hospital staff. Marcia took care of things so the nurse could focus on me, she explained the machines and procedures to us and her overall familiarity with the staff and facility was invaluable to getting what we needed. During delivery Marcia played an active role in instructing and motivating me. Our 10 lb son was born after 42 hours of labor via an un-medicated VBAC. I will forever be grateful to Marcia for helping me experience the birth I had so longed for.

Lisa Barra


Having Marcia attend our birth was one of the best decisions we made.  Hiring a doula was a very last minute decision, but I know without a doubt that if we didn't have her with us our birth experience would not have been what we had been hoping for.

Marcia was able to keep me focused during my labor and delivery.  She always seemed to be one step ahead of my needs and was able to find ways to help me refocus when I was starting to feel overwelmed. I also really appreciated her experience in helping find ways to help progress my labor when things seemed to have stalled.  She worked very well with the nurses and with my doctor and I felt like she was part of the whole team and was always willing to help me vocalize my needs and wants.

We had a great experience and I would highly recommend Marcia to anyone looking for birthing support.

Tamara R.


We had the natural, drug-free birth we thought was impossible due to Marcia. Know that she is there for both mother and father and even the hospital staff. When either of us doubted, Marcia provided that word of encouragement or a suggestion for pain management. She was kind, focused, and calm the entire time.

Basically, both my husband and I think that we benefitted by having Marcia there. We did not have a doula for our first and, while everything went ok, it was a longer labor with an epidural and a massive episiotomy. We decided on having a doula for two reasons: 1) to avoid another episiotomy and 2) to assist me if my husband were unable to be at the deliver. We got so much more. 

We have decided to hire Marcia again if we have another child. We recommend her and doulas in general to anyone who asks. Having labored with and without a doula, go with a doula. Go with Marcia.

To the spouse: If you think Marcia is only there for the mother like we did, you're wrong. My husband was actively assisted and supported by Marcia to enable him to be the birth partner I needed and he wanted to be. 

The experience with Marcia was amazing. We recommend her without reservation.

Christen Bergstresser


Wow... where do I even begin? Marcia is so kind, caring, and calm. I could not have picked a better support person for my delivery. After being induced for several days with no progression, Marcia came in one morning motivated to get the show on the road. We worked for an entire day doing positions, showers, yoga moves, masage, anything and everything. Not only did she have all of these great ideas, that worked, she was able to walk my husband through them. They were the best TEAM of coaches I could ever have. I was almost able to accomplish my dream of an all natural childbirth because of her support.Unfortunately, I ended up with a c-section because of my narrow pelvis, and I was terrified. Marcia walked us through options to be sure we could still implement as much of our birth plan as possible, she prayed with us, and she never complained or gave up. After more than 30 hours, she still asked if there was anything she could get for us - truly selfless. I could not imagine going through this without her neverending support. Marcia was always just a text/call/email away for any questions or concerns before and after delivery and I cannot thank her enough for everything. Being an anxious person, I still cannot believe i stated as calm as I did, but it was because of Marcia! I recommend her services to everybody, especially my loved ones. With lots of experience, she knows what she is doing. She never judged us or our decisions, but was able to provide an abundance of information so we could educate ourselves on the decisions we made. I love Marcia with my whole heart and soul and am eternally grateful that she was and is my doula. Thank you!

Alyssa McDaniel Goodman


Where to a person who likes and wants reassurance, longs for support,  and as a first time mom, I could NEVER have imagined going through this without Marcia. Marcia answered so many questions for me day and night as I struggled with high blood pressure before and after delivery. She's patient and kind. She helped my husband and I put together a birth plan which was perfect for us...unfortunately my labor and delivery went pretty much opposite of my plan. I was induced and ended up laboring for 36 agonizing hours. Marcia was a rock for my husband and a huge support physically, emotionally, and spiritually for me. I wanted to give up so many times but she kept me going...providing encouragement,  praise, and coaching for when I needed it. She stuck by our side for the whole 36 hours. I can't speak for my husband but I do know that he said that we probably wouldn't have been able to hang on without her. We are eternally grateful for Marcia. Even after delivery she came to visit me at home and continues to help me adjust to motherhood. She is a god send and her services can't be replaced. I HIGHLY recommend Marcia...not just for the mother but for the father. She helped my husband be the best coach. I'm so thankful for Marcia and could never repay her for all she did for my family. Marcia I am forever thankful for you. Thank you so so much.

PeterandKelli Rummel


Marcia was amazing! Words are not adequate to express how thankful we were to have her during our pregnancy, labor, and delivery. We had an unexpected c-section with our first birth, and we wanted to attempt a VBAC with our second pregnancy. We were surprised many times over at the lack of support we received from our medical providers when we expressed our wishes to VBAC. A friend recommended Marcia after hearing of our struggles. We contacted her and met with her. We hired her almost immediately.

Marcia met with us many times in our home. She was never rushed. She never made us feel silly for the lack of knowledge we had about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She pointed us to some great resources for reading. She, herself, is also full of useful information. She answered so many questions. She became our source for all our concerns and questions during our pregnancy. We found so much comfort in having her support, knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Marcia lends a caring personality. She is gentle and compassionate. She was never intimidating or belittling.

Our labor went very quickly with our second pregnancy. Marcia was on her way to our house when we decided to head to the hospital. She met us at the ER where we quickly delivered our second son. She was so much help during the delivery and the hours after.

We never understood how beneficial she would be for us. We are so thankful we had her at our side. We will not hesitate contacting her again for our next pregnancy, and we highly recommend her.

Anna Sickinger


As a doula myself, I was particular when it came to choosing a doula for my first home birth.  I knew Marcia was the perfect choice!  She was a calming presence throughout my labor and kept reminding me that I was strong enough to get through labor.  We met several times during my prenatal period, and as things were a bit hectic in my life at that point, she was a great help in offering a helpful bible verse or some kind encouragement to lift my spirits.  I've been recommending her to anyone I know that needs a doula!

Jennie G. Cordis


Marcia is incredible, and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a doula.  My husband and I decided at 37 weeks (second child) to indeed hire a doula--and I am so glad we did, but more importantly am so glad it was Marcia.  We were concerned about having a "random outsider" with us during this most important and intimate time, and we did not want a doula over-shadowing my husband's role as my main support person.  We did not need to worry at all!  Marcia was such a calming, soothing presence that allowed each of us to shine in our respective roles.  After having a 40 hour labor with my first child and getting an epidural that I did not want, this second birth could not have been more different or better.  In addition to this birth being MUCH shorter, when I started getting into the irrational/transition phase, my husband called Marcia and she came over right away.  Prior to that, she was supporting us through answering LOTS of questions via texts :) My husband said that when Marcia showed up, I immediately calmed down, and I remember just sort of melting into her calming and reassuring touch on my shoulders and words of encouragement.  We both immediately felt more at ease with evaluating what stage of labor we were at because we now had a very experienced professional right there with us in our home.  She helped us both by suggesting ways to cope with the contractions, and she knew when it was time to book it to the hospital.  We are forever grateful for her support and expertise. I keep joking to my husband that we need to figure out ways to be BFFs with Marcia--we did not get enough time with her!  Hire her before you are 37 weeks pregnant ;)  I guess we will just have to keep having babies so we can see her more.... ;) 

Kala Pierce


(2 of 2 posts)

I cannot write enough positive reasons to hire Marcia! She has become a lifelong friend and someone who will be at every birth of mine from here on out. I am glad I followed by heart and knew what was best for me and my baby. If you are considering hiring Marcia, I wouldn't think twice. It was the best decision my husband and I made together before bringing our precious, healthy baby boy into this world!  And, Marcia... Nick and I can't thank you enough! xoxo

Kala Pierce


(1 of 2 posts)

Being a first time mom, I knew I didn't know everything about motherhood or childbirth, but I certainly wanted to become a pro! I was recommended Marcia's name, from another doula, after I expressed my interest of having a natural birth. And I am so glad I took the advice!

When I met Marcia for the first time, I was nervous and didn't know how our meeting would go, but after talking about my goals and wishes for my birth plan, she made me feel confident and empowered regarding my rights and options as a mother. After our meeting, I knew my husband and I made the right decision on hiring her!

Marcia talked to me over the phone when I had concerns or questions throughout my pregnancy - she answered late night texts and emails.  She even attended a doctor's appt. with me since she had never worked with my OB before. That is just the type of person she is.

Finally, when the moment came, and our son wanted to meet the world (and mom and dad!), Marcia was by our side. She helped me stay focused so I could 'ride the wave' as a contraction led on. She kept me alert and encouraged me as the contractions got stonger, and prepared me for each stage of labor. I was in control of my body 100% and able to walk around freely and move when I needed to, and I know I couldn't have done that without her by my side. Marcia gave my husband the confidence to support me and my wishes. He spoke up for me when I could not talk to the nurses during labor.

After our sweet boy had arrived, Marcia stuck around the hospital until my son and I had established a wonderful nursing bond. Even when we left the hospital and got settled in our home, Marcia continued to check-in on us. She even helped me with a few postpartum issues.

Megan Evans


Marcia came highly recommended by some friends. After our first meeting with her, I knew she was my doula.  Her calm and quiet demeanor and experience gave me the feeling of confidence I needed for my second birth. She was easy to get a hold of and offered lots of guidance and encouragement weeks before delivery. 

She met us at the hospital at about 2 a.m. Things were going pretty quick so it's all kind of a blur for me. But I do remember Marcia being there, whispering reassurance and positivity into my ear. I couldn't respond, but it was just what I needed. My labor was one of the quick ones. My sweet girl was born at 4:53 a.m., only about 3.5 hours after my water broke!  

She has stayed in touch since the birth and I recommend her services to any Mama looking for a doula. 

Jenny Freeman


Marcia was actually the back up for our doula, who ended up being out of town when I went into labor. I had met her in prenatal yoga and heard lots of great things about her as a doula, so I was perfectly comfortable having her stand in for our doula. 

Marcia was such a calming and reassuring presence during labor. She helped me get through the "I can't do this" labor stage (I think that's the technical term) with emotional support and also used physical techniques to help me relax and manage the contractions. 

Marcia embodies the doula philosophy of supporting mothers and their choices. We were lucky and thankful to have her at our daughter's birth!

Mary Kuester


I knew I wanted a doula from the start because I was going to be trying to have a VBAC.  I interviewed some a handful of people, but my husband and I chose Marcia because she seemed so laid back and positive to us.  There was something about her that made me feel instantly at ease with her, and we did through the whole process.  She was very available to us through the whole pregnancy and we did need her quite a bit.  We dealt with gestational diabetes and a provider who was not supportive of us.  She was there and was very helpful in navigating those situations.  We ended up with a midwife I was so happy and blessed to have because Marcia knows the local birthing community so well.  She met with us many times and was very knowlegeable and supportive.  She was also always available by phone and text.  During the birth, she was awesome.  She was there and helped us navigate some decisions.  She came over early when I thought labor stalled and helped me out, she should me some great tips to get going again.  She came over again before we went to the hospital and helped us with a fresh perspective on things.  At the hospital she was an incredible support to me wiith encouragement and positioning.  She was also a great support to my husband.  She allowed him to take better care of me.  Between the two of them I felt very secure during my labor.  I was so happy with Marcia and so blessed to have her be a part of the special day and the time leading up to it.  If we have another child I want nothing more than to have her be a part of that special day too.  Her knowledge and support for me and my husband was more valuable than I can say.

Hannah Garlisch


With my first child I had an epidural and wasn't satisfied with my experience.  So for my second one I wanted to go all natural. My sister had a good experience with Marcia so I contacted her to set up a meeting. Immediately she put me at ease. I was nervous and didn't really know what my options were or what I wanted. She walked me through all my options, the best place to deliver and listened to all my uneducated questions! She gave me homework on what I needed to decide and put on my birth plan including many resources for things I should know. In the months leading up to my delivery she was so understanding and took all my texts of me freaking out about different things! As far as the actual delivery she was very helpful. I really couldn't have done it without her. She was so calm and relaxed. From helping me with food and water, to rubbing my back, to coaching me into different positions. She was great! She knew my birth plan and encouraged me to stay on track or gave me a nudge when I was forgetful in the moment on what I wanted. I remember specifically when I was pushing the doctor wasn't there on time so the nurses were panicking, marcia was so calm telling me I was doing great! it helped so much!!I had a normal, uncomplicated delivery. After the birth she stayed with me for over an hour, helping with breastfeeding and making sure I was doing great! Her friendship and advise have still been there for me even now 6 weeks later. I highly recommend her! She goes above and beyond!

Bethany Goodin


I had a great experience with my doula Marcia Mattern. She was available to me to ask any questions I had throughout my pregnancy. She helped support me through my feelings of fear involved with my vbac. She helped give me peace of mind about the whole experience. During labor she did an amazing job calming me and was total hands on throughout the whole process. She was amazing at delivery when we had to deliver at home because we weren't going to make it to the hospital. My husband tells all his pregnant friends to get a doula!! She gave words of encouragement the entire time. She communicated very well step by step through the process. At the hospital she helped clarify any questions I had. I really enjoyed the after visit. I am not a new mom but I know for a new mom just having someone to make sure you are doing ok after baby would be so helpful. I know I had a few breastfeeding questions afterwards, and she was great at giving me some suggestions. My kids loved her postpartum visit. My oldest asked me if she could come babysit her sometime. HAHA! She truly was amazing and so motherly. Loved my experience with her. I will definately be passing her name on and enocuraging my pregnant friends to hire a doula.


Randi Fremuth


Marcia is such an amazing doula and wonderful person! I don't know what I would have done without her in BOTH of my births. She is such a warm, caring, encouraging, calm presence who was much-needed in my second birth. She is full of information and insight that is invaluable and so appreciated. There are not enough good things to say about her. We are so happy with our decision to use her in both of our births! 

Nellie Gould


Marcia Mattern is such a wonderful and supportive doula to have at your birth. From the moment I had my first contraction at 4 a.m., she was responsive and available whenever I needed her by phone or if I needed her present while I labored in my home. She encouraged me throughout the day with positive, upbeat messages and confriming my ability to labor naturally. She helped my husband and I decide on when it was time to go to the hospital and was by my side for whatever support I neded when I arrived.

Although this was my fourth baby, and my husband is so loving and supportive during labor, it was very nice to have Marcia as a part of our delivery team as well. Her easy-going, positive, and genuine personality really made us comfortable. I also feel I was able to have a natural, easy labor because of Marcia's encouragement. 

I highly reccomend having Marcia at your side during labor. 

Lee Trifone


Marcia Mattern was my doula for my third child. I didn't have a doula with my other pregnancies. It was important to me to have a successful vaginal birth after caeseran and because my husband and I hadn't gone through a labor and delivery since our first child which was over five years ago, we thought we could use help. Marcia ensured that my needs were being met in the hospital and was my birth director, which I say very appreciatingly. She told me what positions to try, when to change or switch to another, remembered to offer ice and coached me verbally. A few pre-birth meetings in our home helped her know what my husband and I liked for our labor and delivery experience. If she hadn't been to our home, she wouldn't have been inspired to say the most helpful piece of advice during my labor. She related a piece of art hanging on our wall to how I could manage my pain. I'll be forever grateful for her expertise and wisdom.

Steve Schuessler


 Marcia was our wonderful doula when we gave birth last February. After interviewing 3 doulas, we knew she was the right fit. She's very laid-back and encouraging and she was very key in helping me have a natural, medicine-free birth. She met with us many times, so we could feel comfortable with her and so she could get to know our birthing preferences (this was my second birth). In the days prior to birth, she was alway available to talk and for me to bounce any pregnancy questions/concerns off of. Of all days to go into labor, I went into labor the day of the actual blizzard Feb 2011! Marcia still came without hesitation and was a great source of comfort and strength through the whole birthing process. I labored mostly in a steaming hot shower, and my husband certainly would have passed out had Marcia not been swapping with him in caring for me. After birth, Marcia helped with our daughter immediately nursing and stayed with me until I was set up in my post-partum room and not needing anything else. In the weeks following birth, Marcia came over and brought 2 wonderful baby carriers and helped me figure out how to use them. I highly recommend Marica Mattern :). We're forever appreciative of her service to our family.


Jessica and Steve

Kelli Ballard


My wife and I decided to utilize a doula for the birth of our first child. Marcia was the first doula that we interviewed. After our first meeting we looked at each other and knew she was the right choice for us. Marcia traveled to our home to meet with us twice before the birth, gathering information about our background, our birth plan, and also sharing great experience as a doula and a mother with us. After going into labor a day earlier than scheduled we called Marcia from the hospital room to tell her the news and she joined us about an hour later. Her guidance during the labor and delivery process was amazing. She knew every trick in the book (I should say a 3-ring binder) about keeping Mommy relaxed and positive throughout the 15 hours. My wife was actually able to take short catnaps in between her contractions! Marcia also coached us on how to talk to the doctors and nurses and get the information we needed to make the best decisions for us. After our baby girl was finally delivered at 5:48 a.m. one of my favorite moments was giving Marcia a HUGE hug on my way to see my baby. Unfortunately my wife had trouble delivering her placenta after the birth and I returned to her side to help her through as much as I could. I remember seeing Marcia standing next to the incubator with our newborn baby girl, watching over her while I stayed with my wife. She also came to visit us in the hospital two days after the birth and reliving the experience with her was a great memory. Including Marcia in our birth process was the best decision we could have made, especially in hindsight with the complications we experienced. Her experience, kindness, and instincts were absolutely priceless. If we ever have the fortune of another child she will be one of the first to receive the news along with a request for her doula services again!

Lisa Stark


Mothers Perspective:

When we first met Marcia, my husband and I liked her right away. She was the first doula we interviewed and when we left our meeting, my husband was quick to say “I like her, can’t we just go with her?!” She was very friendly and knowledgeable. Even though she holds a regular job, you can tell she is a doula not for the money but because she genuinely enjoys sharing this journey with others. She is very quick to get back with you via email or phone. Also, she was willing to meet with us as many times as we needed prior to my delivery. My labor was very short, only 6 hours, but when Marcia arrived at our home she made things more comfortable for me. I was on my hands and knees at this point and couldn’t stand to be touched during contractions. She offered to put pressure on my back and it was amazing the difference I felt. And since being on all fours was the only position I could do, this made it difficult to go to the hospital in our SUV. So Marcia cleared a spot in her van for me to be on all fours and she drove us to the hospital. In the delivery room, Marcia stayed right beside me offering words of advice as my husband continued the back pressure. Overall, I don’t think my labor would have gone as smoothly as it did without her there. Sure my husband and I had read books, but as first time parents, there is something about having someone you trust there with you to offer advice/help if you need it. If we decide to have another child in the future, Marcia will definitely be with us again. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is and how lucky we were to have her. Highly recommend, she’s definitely a professional!

Adam Stark


Fathers Perspective:

Being this was the birth of our first child we knew there would be a lot of information thrown at us and not all of it would stick. We wanted to go with a Doula that we not only had a good connection to but also we trusted in her experience knowing that she would be watching out for us. Marcia was that person for us.
We met her several times before our delivery date and she was full of useful information pointing us to various resources and contacts she had met along the way. We covered our birth plan, got a better idea about what to expect, and really concreted our belief that Marcia would look out for us at the hospital.
When our delivery date arrived (3.5 weeks early), even though our delivery was a quick one, she helped tremendously to keep my wife calm and focused and showed us/reinforced good things to ease labor pain. My wife delivered naturally in 6.5 hours without medication with only 45 min at the hospital. Marcia helped where we needed it while working within the dynamic between me and my wife. She truly was instrumental in making the whole experience the best I could have hoped for.
For first time mothers and fathers I would highly recommend a Doula in your corner. Sometimes medical staff can try to pressure you away from your birthplan when it is not necessary. I wanted those people that were there for us (our midwife and doula) as a line of defense against this pressure so that we could, more easily, stay true to our birthplan. And one of the reasons I wanted Marcia to be ours was that I felt that she would have the perspective to help us make the best decisions during labor while not alienating anyone involved.
Marcia was a wonder to work with and I will not soon forget her contributions to our son’s birth.

Cheryl Scott


I had used midwives with 2 of my 3 children at the time.  When pregnant with my fourth, my midwife was unavailable as she just had her first baby.  I was so happy that Marcia agreed to be a Doula for me even though her sister was expecting at the same time.

After laboring at home for some time, we went to the hospital and Marcia met us there.  Her sister was already there in labor.  Luckily, her sister was progressing slowly and Marcia was able to bounce back and forth between the two of us.

Marcia was very calm and soothing.  It was like she was constantly studying me, seeing how I was handling each contraction, and knowing what to do or say.  She understood my birth plan and helped to keep close to it.  We walked the halls together.  She applied counter pressure to my back since that helps to relieve my back labor.  Her hands must have been really sore, but she never complained or let on.  During labor, she was right there ... totally present.  I remember her voice talking me through the pushes and the joy in her voice when my little girl was born.  Marcia helped me get Margaret Mary latched on right after delivery and didn't leave until I was comfortable.

The birth experience was the best one out of the five I've had.  It felt like two good friends out for coffee chatting it up ... well almost.

Linda Schellenberg


Our son Daniel was Marcia's first customer - exactly 7 years ago today! After Marcia assisted with that birth from 11pm to 2 in the morning, we knew we would not want to have another baby without her there! My husband went from saying, "do we really need to have another person in the room when the baby is born?" with Daniel to telling me with the next two that we needed to be calling Marcia! He was so much more relaxed and able to focus on his fatherly duties with Marcia there. When our fifth child was born I had been in labor for about 2 hours when Marcia arrived. As soon as she got there it was as if my body relaxed and I knew we could get the job done. She knows exactly what to say, whether words of encouragement or even reality - or nothing at all. And her own experiences play such a huge part in the advice she is able to share. Besides her ability to be completely focused at odd hours there is also her physical stamina which belies her small frame! She put up with A LOT of pushing and pulling and squeezing from me and never missed a beat! She has been such a blessing to our family.

Josh Ray


Marcia assisted at the birth of both my children.  The first birth was induced and the second progressed naturally.  She helped me focus my mind and gave me new positions to labor in throughout my labor.  It was nice to have an educated and experienced support person available during the entire labor.  The induced labor lasted for over 24 hours and because of her support I was able to push through the labor without an epidural.  I would highly recommend using Marcia as a birth doula.

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