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Araenae Webster

Araenae Webster Newborn Care Services LLC

Redmond, WA Service range 25 miles No ferries

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Postpartum Doula Experience

1 years and 17 families served

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, April 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Newborn care specialist

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My standard rates are $55/hr for a singleton and $65/hr for twins. However, rates may be subject to adjustment based on factors such as location and specific family requirements. This ensures fairness and flexibility in accommodating varying circumstances.

Service Area

Redmond, WA Service range 25 miles No ferries

Client Testimonials for Araenae Webster

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Erin Barni


Our experience with Araenae was first-rate. Araenae supported me and my family as a post-partum doula. She provided us with overnight care for our newborn approximately twice per week for about two months. She stepped in when our previously engaged doula was unable to provide support at the last minute, and we were so fortunate. We ultimately engaged directly with Araenae on account of her professionalism. When looking for post-partum doula support, the things that matter most to me and my family are experience, reliability, punctuality, attentiveness, flexibility, and loving care. Araenae ticked all of these boxes. In addition, she provided us with valuable information to help our child sleep through the night and recover quickly from a cold. I would not hesitate to recommend Araenae to anyone seeking post-partum doula support.

Bobby Lee


Our experience with Araenae was FABULOUS as she was first and foremost very kind and focused on the well being of our newborn boy as well as mom and dad!   Araenae has a great education background as well as experience with newborns to share information with us as new parents in the first 3 months.  Her ability to start sleep training and sharing good data points on newborn feeding and sleep really helped us understand how to have a routine with him, but at the same time enjoy the moments as he's growing up!  She is forever now part of our family!

Chelsea Kevin


I could not recommend Araenae more! She was a huge help to me in getting my 4-5 month old baby through his sleep regression, transition out of his swaddle, introduce him to the bottle, get him to sleep in the crib and teach him to sleep through the night. She has an abundance of patience, offers lots of ideas and suggestions without being pushy, had several useful tools on hand, and even helped with my toddler occasionally. She was always punctual (at least 10 minutes early), very communicative about scheduling as well as overnight events, flexible with her schedule, and very comfortable and pleasant to be around. 

Delaviz G


We've worked with Araenae since our baby was about 6 weeks old - he's now almost 8 months and we still cannot let go of her. Pretty certain at this rate, Araenae will be seeing our kiddo off to college! She's family now. She never failed to impress us with her immense knowledge and level of care no matter what stage our baby was at. She knows a lot of extremely useful information that no books or classes will tell you about. I'll admit we were a wreck before she came into our lives! We'd spent all our energy trying to get through sleep deprived nights with a very cranky, gassy baby fumbling through new parenthood with zero external support. I remember the first day we met her - she saw our state of absolute chaos and quietly took charge with compassion but firm assertion and went about setting up the best strategy to get us on a healthy routine with our baby. And since that first day our little one has THRIVED in her care!! We would blindly recommend Aranae in a heartbeat. If we even consider having a second child it'll be because she made it easier for us to parent our first one and reinstated our lost confidence. And we'll be forever grateful to her for that! <3

MB Hackett


Working with Araenae has been a pleasure! Her knowledge of infant development, especially eating and sleeping, has been invaluable to our family. She is incredibly warm and responsive with my child and I have already learned so much just by spending a few hours with her. If you're needing help getting your little one on a schedule, learning a new habit, or just need some extra support, I'd recommend Araenae! 

Erika Carrington


Araenae is a reliable caregiver and a trusted newborn resource. She has a clear love for all things children and she keeps up to date on the latest techniques through books, mentors and classes that she has shared with us to help us with our twin newborns. If I thought popping her tires would keep her with us forever, I would do it.

Vanessa E


Araenae really loves children! She took excellent care of our newborn, including gentle sleep coaching methods and attending to his needs so he would always feel secure and cared for. He was a big fan of her and I'm sure sad to see her off to her next job!

Postpartum Availability for Araenae Webster

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