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Shanita Joy Murray, RN BSN CD CPD CBC CBE CPNE

Choosing Joy®

Plainfield, NJ Service range 55 miles Servicing NJ, NY (Staten Island, Brooklyn & Lower-Mid Manhattan), and Parts of Pennsylvania (Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton)

Birth Fee

$2500 to $4250

Postpartum Rate

$65 to $75

Black Doula Indigenous/Aboriginal Doula

Birth Fee

$2500 to $4250

Postpartum Rate

$65 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 46 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 30 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • International Doula Institute - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • International Doula Institute - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • International Doula Institute, May 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers please

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Approved doula with the Birthing Center of New Jersey

Attends home births? Some Home Births
No free births. CNM/CPM assisted, low risk individuals preferred (no insulin dependent gestational diabetes, breech presentations, placental or hypertensive issues.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

My name is Shanita Joy! I am certified as a birth and postpartum doula, as well as a childbirth and perinatal educator. I'm an Evidence Based Birth instructor teaching both private and small group sessions virtually. As a certified breastfeeding counselor, I am currently studying to become an internationally board certified lactation consultant. My background includes over 4,000 hours of delivery, operating room/recovery room and breastfeeding experience. In addition, I am trained in home birth and I am specialized in assisting high-risk and AMA pregnancies, VBACs, twin births, waterbirths, stillbirths and NICU graduate postpartum clients. As a practicing registered nurse, at The Birth Center of New Jersey, I'm also skilled in low-risk and natural births in various settings. Lastly, I'm certified in neonatal, pediatric and adult CPR. I'm a proud collaborator with YoungLives to promote positive birth outcomes within the teen mom demographic. I’ve also partnered with PacifyApp as a virtual doula and content creator, providing care to underserved populations via Medicaid. As an Irth Ambassador, I help families document their birthing experiences on the yelp- like app to improve patient outcomes by holding birthing facilities and providers accountable. Lastly, Choosing Joy is listed as an approved doula at the Birth Center of New Jersey.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

Childbirth Doula Package (starting at $2500) Includes: 2 prenatal appointments, labor support from active phase to 1 hour post-delivery, lactation education, telephone/text, and email support and 2 in person postpartum visits w/ 6 weeks telehealth support. Overnight Nurse & Postpartum Doula Package (starting at $65/hour) Includes: assistance with postpartum recovery, assistance with newborn care, light housework, running errands, light meal prepping, breastfeeding support, sibling care and referral to local resources. Lactation Counseling Package (starting at $500)- Breastfeeding is natural, however finding a rhythm doesn’t always happen naturally. These four 2 hour sessions are designed to provide breastfeeding education, increase confidence and empower you while nursing! I assess and troubleshoot common breastfeeding hang-ups in real time.

Service Area

Plainfield, NJ Service range 55 miles Servicing NJ, NY (Staten Island, Brooklyn & Lower-Mid Manhattan), and Parts of Pennsylvania (Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton)

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Client Testimonials for Shanita Joy Murray, RN BSN CD CPD CBC CBE CPNE

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Alicia Thompson-Overby


The gift of motherhood is unexplainable. As a black mother of three beautiful babies, each of my birthing experiences were completely different. The birth of my second child was extremely traumatic so when I found out that I was pregnant for the third time I knew that I needed a trusted individual to guide me through my final pregnancy and beyond. That’s where Shanita Joy Murray graced me with her divine abilities. We connected instantly over our love for black maternal health and research. Not only is Shanita Joy a doula, but she’s a nurse too! She is the best of both worlds. I was determined to have VBAC despite my doctor’s wishes of a c-section. Shanita reassured me and gave me the confidence, statistics, and knowledge necessary to successfully bring my baby girl Earth side. She set the tone for my entire birthing experience from her kindhearted spirit, to lavender oils, massages, and advocating for me every single step of the way. She showed me endless birthing positions that helped my body prepare for my baby girl's grand arrival. After my amazing birthing experience, my OBGYN, nurse, and other members of my team begged me for Shanita's business information. Everyone loved her! Shanita Joy is down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, and a true light in this world. I HIGHLY recommend her services. Her professionalism is unmatched and she has helped my family in ways that are unimaginable. Shanita reminded to find joy daily throughout my pregnancy and post partum. She is reliable, trustworthy, and will move mountains for her clients. The love she has for her husband and child beams as well. She is truly an inspirational woman and I am glad that she is now a part of my family forever. It's not that often that you can confidently say that your trust someone with your life, and the life of your unborn child.

Karen D.


I had an exceptional experience with Shanita. Thank God I found her. Shanita was extremely helpful and informative and a phenomenal support system. My OBGYN wasn't that great and thankfully Shanita was able to fill his shoes. She checked up on me often and answered all of my questions with eagerness. I would highly recommend you hire Shanita as your doula. She has tons of experience, knowledge and is very genuine and kind.

Erin Chavious


Shanita is an amazing human and an equally amazing doula. She is always available to provide support, encouragement and advice through your entire pregnancy journey. We had two extremely difficult pregnancies and Shanita was such a positive light throughout each. She is so extremely knowledgeable when it comes to everything related to pregnancy health, postpartum care, lactation, etc. I could not recommend her doula services enough!

Jacqueline Gifuni-Koutsouris


Shanita has been a god-sent post-partum doula for us. Hiring her was the best decision we made leading up to our daughter’s birth. Not only does she have years of invaluable experience as a lactation consultant and doula, she is a kind and caring soul who was clearly meant to do this work. Shanita also taught us how to properly strap our baby in a car seat, give her a cloth bath while we wait for the umbilical cord to fall off, baby wearing, and so much more. She also is available to answer questions and provide support via telehealth beyond just the one week of in person support. Shanita provided us with a sense of calm and strength to allow us to better transition into parenthood. We would hire again in a heartbeat!

Naomi B


As a first time mom (to be) I met with Shanita leading up to my due date to 1) go over the labor experience/what to expect and 2) educate myself about breastfeeding, as my goal was to exclusively breastfeed for as long as possible. Although my delivery did not go as planned ?? the information Shanita conveyed was still useful for filling out my birth plan provided to the hospital, which included certain special requests after the baby was born. Most helpfully, I felt prepared to begin breastfeeding as soon as my daughter was born. I used the follow up sessions to meet with Shanita at home with my daughter to go over any lingering questions I had about breastfeeding and pumping (to create a frozen stash for my return to work). For example, Shanita made sure I was using the correct flange size. Overall, I felt much more confident beginning my breastfeeding journey thanks to Shanita. She is very knowledgeable and non-judgmental if you are starting from scratch!

Nina Baber


I had the pleasure of having Shanita as my Doula! I knew after having my first child that if I were to ever have another that I would want a Doula. Shanita was amazing! She would reach out to me often to see how I was doing. If I had any questions or concerns during my pregnancy she would answer my questions. If she didn't know an answer then she would always get back to me. Shanita always followed through with visits. I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals with my pregnancy if it wasn't for me. She reassured what I had in me already! I would recommend Shanita to anybody. 

Lanaia Edwards


I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in my early 40s. I knew based on my age, and other factors that I wanted to select a doula to be my advocate and finding Shanita hands down was the best decision for me! In my search for a doula, seeing that Shanita is already a nurse and mom of 4 were very appealing on top of a friend’s recommendation made my choice easier!


Giving birth and prepping for it is an overwhelming experience and Shanita helped to break down the process in a digestible manner in which I was able to understand and review both with her and on my own. She was always available via text if I needed her and truly prepped me for what to experience in the labor and delivery process.


Having her by my side during delivery was truly the best decision I could’ve made. I turned to her to be my guide as a key decision had to be made and felt that much more comfortable having her input. After delivery she was with us as we transitioned to our room in the maternity ward and she also came over a week later for our wrap up visit to answer any questions I had.

Tiarah Sowell-Hearne


Wow wow wow! Firstly, Shanita is an absolute wonderful person, an amazing mother herself and extremely relatable and easy to talk to. My experience with her throughout my pregnancy, birth and post partum was nothing short of spectacular. I would text her at any time for support and she would often respond almost immediately, even when dealing with others. There's no way she wouldn't be my first call if I ever decided to have another baby. She was a nurse as well, so she can advocate for you in all the ways you would not think about normally. With momma brain, you need a woman like Shanita to keep you on your game in such a sensitive time of life. As a first time momma, I knew I was in good hands and trust me if you choose her, you will be too. My baby girl and I are forever grateful to her for the blessing that she is and provides. Doula, Mom, Nurse-trained, Support, and Friend all in one! Yea...just sign up! 



My unmedicated birth as a first time mom was made possible all because of Shanita. From the first meeting, it was obvious that Shanita was knowledgable, professional, competent and filled with good energy. Shanita offered support throughout my entire pregnancy. Trusting Shanita's competence was very easy. My partner and I turned to Shanita often for advice and her well put together educational resources. The prenatal visits with Shanita were filled with valuable information. For each one, my partner and I felt more of a sense of relief and preparedness. When I went into labor, Shanita had already prepared my partner with techniques he could use to promote my comfort. Shanita made haste in ensuring her timely arrival to our home to help me labor. Her expertise in massage, positioning, positive affirmations and overall calming presence allowed me to labor at home as long as I was comfortable with. When I called Shanita, I was in so much discomfort that I was ready to fly to the hospital. After her arrival, I was able to stay home an additional 6 hours! Shanita was with us from labor to golden hour - about 20 hours. Her compassion, patience and dedication stayed consistent for the entire duration. My delivery was not easy but I was able to carry out my birth preferences thanks to Shanita. Shanita went above and beyond to ensure I was as comfortable as I could be. Through labor she also made sure my partner was taking care of himself and even spoke to my parents to update them on how my labor was progressing. Shanita continues to check in on me postpartum and continues to be an asset to my partner and I as we navigate parenthood. I have already recommended Shanita to my girlfriends who I know are planning on having a baby. I know I will absolutely need her again for baby #2! Thank you, Shanita! We couldn't have done this without you and we are so glad you were part of our journey.

Nicole Espinosa


Shanita put my mind at ease before, during and after labor. I’m so grateful for her and her services! She’s extremely knowledgeable in all things prenatal, postnatal, labor & delivery, infant care as well as breastfeeding. I feel fortunate to have had her during this transition into motherhood. Highly recommend her services!!

Uri Browne-Godfrey


Your search for a doula stops here. Shanita was patient, straight forward and very knowledgeable. Her background as a RN made me that much more confident in my choice and she used her expertise to help me advocate for myself during labor. During the process she was a major help to my husband in comforting me through my contractions and encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t Go anymore. Also, major plus, she gave the BEST back massages as I labored lol. Thank you Shanita for helping us bring our miracle into the world.

J. Nicole James


Wealth of knowledge and such a resource! Nurses at NYU noted that she was the best and most informed doula they’d ever worked with. Postpartum services were also extremely helpful. 10/10! I’d absolutely recommend.

Femi and Ugochi Kuti


If you're reading these reviews to decide if you want to hire Shanita, you can stop reading this review and go hire her NOW. If you're not fully convinced, keep reading.

Shanita was amazing during the pregnancy and birth of our first baby. She gave us a lot of support and education leading up to the birth. Then was right there with us during the birth of our daughter, which was rather dramatic. To be honest, I never fully understood the value of a Doula, my wife did the booking and of course, I had to go along. However, during the labour, it became totally clear (the wives are always right, unh).

She was there to support my wife during the labour, working with her to make the process more comfortable. It was also great to have an extra, well informed, hand in the labour room for me as well. It could easily have been overwhelming if Shanita wasn't there.

The fact that she's a former nurse, with a solid network at various hospitals in the area was also super helpful as she could recommend hospital birth courses and also guide us on what to expect in the hospital we birthed at. It felt like we knew what was happening.

In summary, hire Shanita NOW.

Danielle Conti


I had the baby blues for the first two weeks with my daughter, which made me nervous to go through my postpartum journey alone (my husband had to go back to work immediately). When my mom found Shanita, I knew from our first meeting that she was exactly what I needed. She made me feel super comfortable from the get go and I became more and more confident taking care of my baby. I highly suggest postpartum help for anyone and especially postpartum support form Shanita

Kamaria Swan


Shanita was a compassionate, kind and relatable support throughout my pregnancy, delivery and into postpartum. Our prenatal visits were super informative. She took the time to learn my unique history and she respected my birth plan choices without judgement. She gave me advice and resources based on my individual needs and desires. She served as an advocate for me at the hospital during delivery and made sure I was on a healthy journey to recovery after birth. With her help, I was able to successfully have the unmedicated VBAC I wanted.



If you're looking for a doula, stop your search! Shanita is the best! Do yourself a favor and hire her. She didn't feel like just a doula to me, but like family. I'm not one to open up to people easily, but Shanita made me feel comfortable right away during such a vulnerable journey. She answered every text and call with solutions and tons of empathy. My husband was hesitant about me hiring a doula, but when he met Shanita at our first prenatal session, he immediately recognized how valuable she was. Shanita arrived very early in the morning during the earlier stages of labor and stayed with me until after my unexpected surgery. She was with me almost 24 hours straight! I had a few complications during birth, but Shanita literally held my hand through it all and supported my husband as well. The nurses and doctors were so impressed with her! She also informed my mom about everything that was going on. She checked on me after birth and followed up with additional helpful resources. I also set up a few postpartum care sessions with her to help me when my husband went back to work. If you choose her, you won't be disappointed! It was the best decision I could have ever made as a first-time mom! I can't wait to hire her again when I have baby number two!



If you're looking for a doula, stop your search! Shanita is the best! Do yourself a favor and hire her. She didn't feel like just a doula to me, but like family. I'm not one to open up to people easily, but Shanita made me feel comfortable right away during such a vulnerable journey. She answered every text and call with solutions and tons of empathy. My husband was hesitant about me hiring a doula, but when he met Shanita at our first prenatal session, he immediately recognized how valuable she was. Shanita arrived very early in the morning during the earlier stages of labor and stayed with me until after my unexpected surgery. She was with me almost 24 hours straight! I had a few complications during birth, but Shanita literally held my hand through it all and supported my husband as well. The nurses and doctors were so impressed with her! She also informed my mom about everything that was going on. She checked on me after birth and followed up with additional helpful resources. I also set up a few postpartum care sessions with her to help me when my husband went back to work. If you choose her, you won't be disappointed! It was the best decision I could have ever made as a first-time mom! I can't wait to hire her again when I have baby number two!



Shanita was so amazing to work with. This was my first pregnancy and I was very nervous about everything but she was there for me during the whole experience (pregnancy, labor and postpartum). She is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my concerns. During labor she was there to guide me through the process even the nurses at the hospital were impressed by her. If you are looking for a doula I would 100% recommend. She is a mama who has gone through it and a nurse that understands hospital lingo to help you make the best decisions for you.


Kaveena Bullock


I was having such a hard time adjusting to breastfeeding and postpartum, but Shanita truly relieved the physical and emotional toll I was having. She was knowledgeable, understanding, thorough, and educational. She also makes you so comfortable speaking to her about what issues you have going on. I highly recommend her!! 

Tyree B.


Working with Shanita Joy as our doula during the early months of our baby's life was an incredible privilege. We are immensely grateful for her exceptional support. Shanita exuded warmth and expertise, instantly making us feel comfortable and at ease. Her ability to make my fiancé feel truly comfortable was remarkable. She provided reassurance, allowing my fiancé to relax and trust in her own abilities. Shanita's kind demeanor and vast knowledge boosted our confidence as new parents. Her professionalism and respect for our space were evident from the beginning. She was always punctual and flexible, adjusting her approach to meet our needs. Whether through hands-on demonstrations, scientific explanations, or caring for the baby, Shanita provided invaluable guidance. As a dad, I appreciated her insights into nurturing and communicating with my fiancé. She offered valuable advice on emotional support during the postpartum period. Shanita's expertise extended beyond newborn care, emphasizing a nurturing environment for the entire family. I rate Shanita Joy as a 10/10 doula. Her warm nature, expert-level knowledge, and dedication created an invaluable support system. Every new mom deserves the care and guidance that Shanita provided. We are forever grateful for her impact on our journey into parenthood.



Shanita provided postpartum support during my 4th trimester. I delivered two weeks earlier than my anticipated due date and Shanita was very flexible with her schedule to ensure she was available upon my arrival from the hospital. She offered a wealth of knowledge that involved lactation support, properly bathing a newborn and massage/burping techniques to relieve my baby's gas. I enjoyed our daily conversations; as it was a joy to be in the presence of a mama who truly understands everything postpartum entails. Furthermore, it was a joy to receive support from a passionate doula who genuinely cared about me and my baby's first few weeks home. I found that in Shanita and we will forever be grateful for her. Choose JOY! 

Tayler Evans


My experience with Shanita was amazing! She taught me so many new things becoming a new mother and i am very grateful for her as my doula. She always made sure to check in on me , give advice on how to structure my birth plan , and most importantly taught me how to advocate for myself. Also her support doesn't stop after birth. She does postpartum visits and still checks in on us. She is extremely knowledgeable , patient and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Shanita as your doula! You won't regret it. 



Shanita is definitely a joy to work with. This was my first pregnancy and my first experience with a doula. She was instantly my first choice once I watched her video and was pleased to hear when she said she's a woman's woman. She truly is! She was so easy to work with and talk to; she was super resourceful and thorough with her explanations when my curiosity got the best of me (which was all the time). She was also amazing in getting my partner on board with using a doula. My birthing plan took a turn and she walked my partner and I through the what ifs and supporting my decisions; she was very hands-on, literally and figuratively, as my support system during my unplanned c-section. I cannot thank her enough for all of the support and care that I received from her during and after my pregnancy and delivery. We love her!

Amanda Brown


This was my second pregnancy and you would think that I wouldn’t “need” a Doula since I’ve been through the experience of pregnancy and childbirth before- but that would be highly incorrect. In fact- because every pregnancy is different- I would argue that a Doula is even more necessary to help you overcome any preconceived notion’s about what the pregnancy would be like. Shanita has been an AMAZING Doula! During both the prenatal and postpartum periods her support and expertise have been invaluable. Her passion and love are evident in how she communicates. She is professional and timely. If there are any questions posed that she doesn’t have the answer for she will quickly research or tap into her network to find the necessary information.

I did not have a complicated pregnancy however it is still a very stressful time for any mother and Shanita was always available to answer my questions and provide sound advice on a variety of topics. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable a Doula is and I am blessed to have found the right one in Shanita. I would also highlight that the role of a Doula extends far beyond the delivery room. Her postpartum support has been the most helpful as I navigate life post delivery. If you are considering hiring a Doula for your pregnancy or postpartum needs, I highly recommend Shanita- she is FANTASTIC!

Poliana da Silva


Shanita was the best thing that I chose this pregnancy! When I got pregnant with our 2nd baby, I knew immediately that I wanted an unmedicated birth, so I knew I would need a doula. After our 1st baby, I had back surgery and was very hesitant to get another epidural but wasn’t sure I’d be able to have an unmedicated birth alone. Both my labors progressed very quickly, but on the first occasion, I didn’t have someone like Shanita to talk me through the pain and help me with pain relief techniques. With Shanita, I was able to achieve my goal of a completely unmedicated birth! I can barely believe it myself to this day!

In addition, my goal was to exclusively breastfeed with direct latching. My first baby was exclusively breastfed but via pumping, as I did not have access to a lactation consultant and having trouble with latch and positioning. Shanita brought a nipple shield to the hospital and immediately after delivery helped me with skin-to-skin and latching. Approximately 2 weeks after delivery, baby suddenly stopped latching and I desperately reached out to Shanita, who came to my house the next morning to the rescue! Baby has since been direct nursing like a champ and Shanita’s help has been indispensable to achieving my goals on this pregnancy!

Instead of spending $ on unnecessary and expensive baby gear, use the money wisely and invest in a doula. It was the best investment and I will be forever grateful to Shanita for her assistance on this pregnancy! This is my 2nd and last baby and can look back with pride at being able to achieve what I always dreamed of…all with Shanita’s help!

Rebecca Hippolyte-Louis


Shanita was a game changer for my husband and for the birth of our first child. Being new to NJ and being a first time mom, I felt like a fish out of water. From our interview meeting, Shanita was not only professional but extremely knowledgeable. In that first meeting she gave me advice that was invaluable all before I even signed a contract! Her gracious and forward thinking ways helped me stay grounded and confident during my labor stages and water birth. With no interventions, Shanita's encouragement helped me have the delivery of my dreams. If you're looking for a doula who will hold you accountable, advocate for you, champion your birth plan, and hold your hand throughout the process, look no further. 



Shanita is a godsend, reliable and approachable, very empathetic and listens to your concerns and fears, her experience as a NICU nurse is invaluable, my baby came 24 weeks early and Shanita was very flexible to move my Douala deposit to postpartum services, and she showed up when my baby came home almost 4 months later, with a lot of good advise and experience with her, those first few weeks her presence gave us time to rest, and catch up on sleep, she was pleasant to just sit with for hours and chat, and always checked in and was reachable by phone or text when we had questions. I would highly recommend her to be a partner through your pregnancy



My husband and I hired Shanita for support during my 4th trimester. My biggest concerns were proper recovery (from a c-section delivery) and lactation support. Even before we welcomed my daughter, Shanita provided a wealth of information and advice based on my client intake form. After delivery, it was like having a sister at home with me to help with the baby and also help me with nursing. One instance that stands out for me, was when I was having trouble standing. My husband brought me to the ER and Shanita was right there with us. It was very reassuring to have someone with her background and expertise there to support us during that time. Also, as a mom herself, Shanita provided some PRO TIPS that has helped me save time and stress. If you’re looking for a postpartum doula, look no further - Choose Joy….



Shanita has an easygoing personality and freely shares her wealth of knowledge. In addition, she's an all around great person who was wonderful with our twins and helped us get settled after their arrival. 

Yvanne N


Best DOULA ever. Granted is my first one but not changing. Even though my birth did not finish like I anticipated (C Section Mama here), Shanita was right there with the support and information I need during the pregnancy, during the induction process and even a month after giving birth. 

Shanita kept me sane with proper information during my pregnancy cause Google, WebMD and Tiktok would stray me away sometimes so having Shanita confirm and provide accurate data for my questions really helped. I texted her at all type of hours and wouldn't expect a response right away but I will get them so she is very much attentive. I am glad this birthing experience did not shy me away from having another child so I am excited for the next one cause I know I'll have Shanita by my side. I totally recommend her to anyone I know that's pregnancy.



Shanita stepped in for us as a back up doula when the person we had been working with, unfortunately, fell ill the week we went into Labor.

Our labor progressed almost immediately to active labor and Shanita was super accessible. We were able to get a hold of her immediately and she hurried to meet us at the hospital as soon as we headed there. (Meeting us at home was not an option due to how quickly things progressed!)

Having her there was super helpful for my partner. By the time the hospital allowed her to meet us, he was pretty exhausted and it was nice for him to have another person there for support and questions. I ended up opting for an epidural and Shanita was great about helping me reposition on the peanut ball as well as helping answer our questions about the various next steps while we waited to progress through labor.

Post labor - she sent us a lot of helpful information to watch out for in post partum and things to be aware of.

As first time parents, we were very glad we opted to have a Doula as part of our care team. We learned so much as a result throughout our pregnancy, birth, and post partum journey that allowed us to not feel completely overwhelmed and anxious for each stage but equipped with knowledge, steps, and  supportive resources (our doulas!) to reach out to - should we have any questions or concerns.

Nashrah Shah


Shanita is absolutely amazing. I can't express in words how grateful I am for her support during my labor. She was there the entire time next to me for 12 hours during my labor. Her physical presence, calm demeanor and most importantly, her emotional support kept me going. Her medical background and thoughtful manner helped keep all the medical staff in the room at ease. My doctor was very impressed with her professionalism and commented on how she has never met a doula so dedicated to her client like she was with me. I had a positive labor experience because of her and don't know how I would have done it without her.



Choosing Joy offers top notch service and comes highly recommended. Shanita took her time and educated me on breastfeeding. She shared several handouts and summaries of our appointments. She help me keep my stress level down and focus on different techniques and healthier food options. Her passion and dedication was jaw dropping. My family and I are very thankful for the stellar level of professionalism and the tremendous follow up. Thank you a million times over and may God bless you and your business. If you are in need of help on your journey CHOOSE JOY??????????

Mima will


This being my second child you think I would know what I am doing by now right? Barely, especially pregnancies being almost a decade apart. Moving to a new state, with many people not of your origin overseeing your birth can be even scarier; which is why I looked for a doula who could understand me through such an intense period in my life. I first came across Shanita on social media with her informative ads, which created the first sense of comfort for me. Upon our first free consultation, I felt more at peace and educated upon things I was not aware of. Let’s not forget she is an actual registered nurse, which put her a step ahead in the game in my book. Shanita has gone literally above and beyond what she charges. I’ve learned more about my body with her resources in less than 2 months than I have with other medical professionals in my life. I am due in a few months and have nothing but peace going through this process knowing I have someone with my best interest at hand. Don’t walk, RUN to choosing joy doula services! Only if your serious about the health of yourself and your baby of course!

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