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Adele Callfas CBD/CPD CVD

The Hive Doula Services

Calgary, AB Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee

$700 to $1250

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Fee

$700 to $1250

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

16 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

14 years and 28 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Training Canada - Certified Labour & Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Training Canada - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula Training Canada, September 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smoking in home

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Belly casting
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

On volunteer bases, support low income families with their birthing journey

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

What to Expect From Your Birth Doula: 2-3 initial meetings (get to know your doula, expectations, birth preferences, postpartum planning), on call 2 wks prior to EDD, unlimited texts and calls, labour and birth support, 3-4 hrs after birth, support chestfeeding/bodyfeeding support, visit within 24-48 hrs, home visit 2-3x up to 6 wks, and some amateur birth photography. What to Expect from Your Postpartum Doula: 2-3 initial meetings (getting to know your doula, postpartum planning, expectations) in home support (set at 2-6hr increments) chestfeeding/bodyfeeding support help transition into the fourth trimester care for baby so postpartum person can care for themself and practical household assistance. I do work on a sliding scale, as I feel all birthing individuals need a birth bestie in their corner and deserve help at home.

Service Area

Calgary, AB Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Adele Callfas CBD/CPD CVD

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Emma Liu


Adele made the birth of my second child a wonderful experience. I felt so confident and secure before and during birth, knowing Adele was there for me. 

Adele answered all of our questions about birth and postpartum, shared resources that I found immensely helpful during birth. On the day of birth, Adele kept close contact with us and advised us going to the hospital when we weren't sure if it was time. The baby came just 30min after we arrived at the hospital.

I would recommend Adele's service to every expectant mom. Having the knowledge and support made all the difference. 

Emma Turner


Hiring Adele as our birth doula was the best decision we made during our pregnancy full stop. I was searching for someone who could support both myself and my partner throughout the pregnancy, the birth, and postpartum. She went above and beyond in each of these areas. By the time our daughter decided to enter the world, we truly saw Adele as a close friend who had our best interests in mind and was there for us in whatever way we needed. When she visited us for our postnatal visits, we always looked forward to seeing her because she was there to support us with zero judgement and had so much knowledge about how to care for our little one in her earliest days. Our birthing experience would have not been the same without her and we are over the moon with her services. She truly is an exceptional doula and just overall awesome human being. Thank you Adele!! Love Emma, Daniel, and Madilyn.

Claire Beaumont


I would highly recommend Adele's services for your birth and postpartum care.

We first contacted Adele two weeks before our son was due. This was unusually close to the potential date of birth. I was a bit apprehensive about this as people usually work with a Doula much further in advance to support them through pregnancy and establish a rapport. However, Adele responded quickly to our emails and arranged to come over and meet us a few days later on her birthday, despite the short-notice.

It was a long birth process but Adele was there from start to finish on the evening of Thanksgiving, a 36 hour experience. Although Adele had said that she would be there throughout the birth, this was a far longer period of support than I had ever expected or hoped would be provided. Adele was an invaluable resource during the birth for both myself and my husband. Although we had done a lot of preparation ourselves it was a huge relief to have someone present who knew our wishes, had extensive experience, and was there to support us in discussions with the hospital birthing team. It would have been a far more stressful experience without Adele and I could not recommend her services more highly. Adele is very generous with her time and resources, going above and beyond to ensure she provides the support her clients need.

Adele also provided postpartum support to us following the birth, visiting us at the hospital and at home a number of times, providing both knowledge and emotional support during recovery. As we don't have family close by we also requested that Adele provide postpartum support in the form of a few hours a week looking after my son. This gave me some time to myself and meant we could access her expertise for a longer period after the birth. Adele is now the trusted resource for childcare for our family.

Lisa Pepe


I met Adele in the hospital when my daughter was delivering her baby. I was sitting alone looking worried and Adele approached me in a gentle, kind way and just began talking to me. She was so comforting and lovely. I hired her on the spot to help look after my daughter and her new baby (first child). I am from Ontario and had to go back. She took over meals for them, sat with her when she needed support, and always checked in. There was never a time when she wasn't available. The support, advice and resources she provided gave my daughter and her new family the support and reasurance they needed to begin their journey as new parents. She has a gift of making vulnerable mom's feel supported and confident in their new roles as parents. Thank you so much Adele!

Samantha Pepe


Adele helped me transition into a role I never knew to be so challenging. That would be motherhood. I was a lot more lost and stressed out then I could handle. Adele's warm demeanour and touching smile,  brightened my home when I needed it most. I learned ways to care for myself and my baby from the techniques, strategies and advice Adele was able to give to me. I couldn't be more thankful to have been blessed with someone like Adele. The early days after giving birth can be dark and scary, Adele took that dark cloud over my head away. 
Thank you Adele ?? 

Lance Dunn


I can't recommend Adele enough, she is the best. We reached out to Adele on very short notice the week before birth, and she instantly jumped into action and was very supportive and responsive in the days leading up to our birth. During labour, Adele was our biggest advocate and supporter, ensuring that all our wishes were followed. Immediately after our daughter was born, we had a very scary emergency for my wife. Adele was a huge help during and after the emergency, both hands on and emotional support. Adele is an attentive and empathetic doula who anyone would benefit from working with. Thanks Adele for everything! 

Michaela R


So grateful to have connected with Adele for birth doula support! She helped us welcome our first child in December 2023. She was knowledgeable, professional, and also fun and easygoing throughout the whole process. Adele helped me out with anxieties about labour, she was always available for a chat and words of affirmation. She had a comprehensive intake that helped my husband and I create our birth plan and options to adjust when we went overdue by several days. She was speedy to respond and arrive and helped both of us get some rest in early labour at home and throughout our time in active labour. She had lots of tips and a bag of tricks to help us meet our needs, she was able to gently encourage me to stay hydrated and energized and physically support me as well. She also was a big source of information post partum and for feeding baby. Adele also gives a great massage which is an excellent complement to her doula skills!
We were so glad to have her onboard for this process and will be looking forward to her support with our next child. ??



We’re very happy we found Adele to support the birth of our little girl. When we met we could sense her caring nature and felt she was a great fit for us. She shared so much insight about birthing options and provided us with great resources.

In a time when FaceTime and zoom can save provider’s both time and money, we actually really appreciated that Adele had no issues coming out to Strathmore for face to face meetings despite the extra distance. She was happy to come out to educate us, learn our wishes and help us create our birth plan.

Adele did and still does make us feel like her priority, responding to our text messages and phone calls right away. She even once answered my call when she was in the shower! 

I remember the wave of calm I felt when I saw her face as we pulled up to the hospital. She was there waiting on the sidewalk to help me get out of the car and was by our side until we loaded our baby into the car to head home. She even came to our home later the same day to make sure we were ok and helped while I was trying to figure out nursing and baby’s latch. She went above and beyond by bringing us her homemade lactation cookies and nipple butter.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adele to our family and friends.

Laura G


We are so thankful that we found Adele to be our doula. Our original motivation for hiring her was because my husband was leaving town for work very close to our due date and we were so worried to not have support if he were to not be able to make it back in time. Thankfully he did not miss the birth and we fully committed to keeping Adele on call for my labour. She was essential in what ended up being a two day prodromal labour followed by a 20 hour hospital labour which ended in c-section. She made our hospital birth so special and calm with mood lighting, support for my husband during tough moments of the labour, massaging me throughout painful contractions, helping me change positions (and from the bathrooom countless times) and much more. After the birth, she supported us at the hospital for two days which allowed us to catch up on much needed sleep. She was so helpful in my first attempts at breastfeeding. She also supported us with postpartum doula visits. I don't know what we would have done without her, her level of service and care is something that I will always cherish for years to come. A labour/birth that many would consider traumatic or "not-to-plan" is actually a peaceful and wonderful experience in my memory bank thanks to Adele.

Caitlyn Ulaszonek


My husband and I couldn't be more thankful for Adele and everything she has done for us. Our baby girl was born at 26 weeks via emergency c section and Adele was there for the entire process.

From the beginning when we first found out we were pregnant we knew we wanted Adele to be a part of our journey. She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. She offered reading materials, prenatal courses, and support when needed. When I was rushed to the hospital we called her early in the morning and she was there to support my husband as they prepared me for surgery. As soon as I was out of surgery she was there offering support and being an advocate for me in my fragile state.

Now being 4 months post partum and having just brought our daughter home a few weeks ago, she has also supported us post partum with in home visits. I have said it so many times to anyone who will listen; I don't know what I would have done without her. Adele is a kind, compassionate and self less individual. Being a doula is truly her calling, she not only is great at it but you can tell her love for babies is so genuine. I trust her immensely with our daughter, she even visited her while she stayed in the NICU and I couldn't be with her.

Thank you Adele for everything, we love you!



Adele is an amazing, passionate doula. 
I am a second time mom and I really wanted a VBAC, that's why we decided to use a doula. Working with Adele was the best decision we could ever make as our baby came a little early, leaving us confused and rushed. 
But Adele did an amazing job of discussing our birth plan, accommodating our budget, preparing us ahead of time and showing up in the middle of night when labour started. 
We are so grateful for her wealth of experience, amazing personality and patience. 



Every new mom needs a Doula,but Adele, is one that is “above and beyond” and you want that kind of service on the most important day for your and your family.

I’m a second time mom and one would assume that having already experienced childbirth, I already know it second time around. But my confidence on dealing with my pregnancy and childbirth always relies on a doula. I looked for a doula to get this, but having Adele is one of a kind. She’ll connect with you and work through your personal struggles during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She can do more than what your understanding of what a doula is be it from your google search or any pregnancy app/resource. This will touch you and your family in many ways.

Every pregnancy has its own struggles and every childbirth is painful, but she can breakthrough those and help you manage it. Postpartum is another story, but she will be with you until you can fully recover on your own. She knows exactly what you need without even the need to ask her. At one time, I didn’t know I needed something(s) until she just offered them to me. She is someone you would want to have around months leading to your childbirth and after.

You simply will love her vibes and energy. =)




Adele was the most amazing addition to our birth experience. We are first time parents and couldn’t imagine doing this without her. She made a couple prenatal appointments with us to get a feel for what we wanted for our labour/ birth and got to know us better. Then during the early parts of labour she checked on us continuously and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. Once I was in enough pain we called her to the house in which she proceeded to labour with me for another 17 hours! She supported me completely and helped calm my husband. She was a rock for us mentally. I’m sure she massaged my back for 10 hours total!! Her and my midwife worked flawlessly together throughout the entire process. Postpartum she did multiple home visits to support us, and also checked in through text to ensure we were doing well. I can see how passionate she is about this career and how much of herself she pours into her clients. She has such a beautiful soul and works selflessly to exceed her clients needs. We are FOREVER grateful and will definitely be hiring her again for our next child.

Marii-Heleen Motsmees


I was honoured to have Adele as my doula during my home birth. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without her.

Her support and encouragement during labour were what kept me focused and strong and reminded me of all the techniques I learned to cope with the pain. She also had the intuition to ask me: “What is holding you back?” when I started pushing which helped me to move past my fear.

She held my hand the entire labour and knew again intuitively that I needed her there without me having to say a word.

Her support and encouragement, when I initially struggled with breastfeeding, was also invaluable and kept me mentally strong.

I am very thankful that I had Adele as my doula and will recommend her to everyone who I know is pregnant!




Adele came to our rescue. My husband and I were evacuated from Yellowknife to Calgary when I was 40 weeks pregnant and our doula wasn't evacuated to the same place; so we were pretty much stuck alone without the guidance we thought we'd have for my labour, in a healthcare system we weren't familiar with. Adele came through for us at the eleventh hour and volunteered to step in as our doula. 

She was very knowledgeable of the system, provided so much support both during labour and postpartum, and went the extra mile to reach out to her community for donations of baby stuff since we were only allowed to evacuate with a carry-on and therefore had very few things.

We will forever be grateful to Adele for being there for us, her support was amazing.



Adele has provided excellent support and care for baby and parents alike.  She was a strong advocate for us in the hospital and was a great help in navigating a process which was completely new to us.  She has provided excellent postpartum care for mom and babe both, along with a healthy dose of advice and encouragement for dad.  We really don't think we would have survived the "fourth trimester" without her support and care.  Thanks, Adele.

Tiana Sautner


Adele is the most knowledgeable, supportive, and understanding doula we could have asked for! At first we weren't 100% sure if we needed a doula, and WOW would it have been a mistake if we didn't. We were very fortunate to come across her and she was truly a god send! I had a very difficult labour and traumatic birth, and she was beyond supportive in every way possible (and more). On top of all that, her postpartum support was truly invaluable! We can't imagine going through it all without her and cannot recommend her services enough. If you're trying to decide on a doula... this is your sign to hire Adele! ??????

J McAuley


Hiring Adele was the single best decision we made on the journey of having our first baby. She has been beyond generous in giving her time and attentiveness to meet our needs as they arose and also providing relevant resources and practical tools. Adele’s passion for her clients and the wholistic birthing journey is a defining element of everything she does as a doula. Her groundedness gave me confidence as we navigated the unexpected twists and turns of our birthing experience. She was a life line for me as we navigated a million decisions that came with an induced unmedicated delivery. I look back at our experience and know that she is a primary reason I feel so proud of our labour and delivery story. Adele also went above and beyond to support us in the postpartum phase. She met us at home after discharge from the hospital and brought a wave of reassurance and support with lactation cookies, homemade nipple cream and hours of hands on support in the crucial first hours of breastfeeding. Adele continued to be a try lifeline as we encountered challenges with nursing in the first week. She did not hesitate to come to our house with arm loads of tools, resources and a can do attitude. Adele has an ability to offer ideas and guidance without being overbearing or intrusive. I don’t know what we have done without her! I honestly feel so humbled and taken back by the level of support she has given us and couldn’t be more grateful for the genuine care we have received.

K Finch


Adele is incredible. In addition to being very knowledgeable and experienced, she is so dedicated and compassionate. I'm a first time mom, and she helped me feel informed, calm and confident ahead of my labour. When the time came and things started moving very quickly, I was so grateful to have her by my side to help bring my son into the world. If I have another child I will absolutely hire her again.

A Keenan


This review is super late but our feeling about our experience with Adele haven’t changed. We felt loved, supported and cared for our entire pregnancy, all 58 hours of labour and postpartum. I don’t think we could have found a more calming, caring & knowledgeable birth worker. Adele is passionate about what she does and you can tell! Plus all the back and foot massages during and after labour were A+

Love you!

M Jarrahi


Words do not do her justice! Del has been there for my husband and I for two out of our three children’s births. She was very present and responded to every one of our needs, even if we didn’t recognise them as such. She reassured us, advocated on our behalf, and made sure we had everything we required. She was there when we got home to help our transition and assist our kids in adjusting to having another member in the family. I highly recommend this girl to anyone pregnant or waiting to have a baby! Thank you Del for your continued investment and support in our family.

Marci G


My first birth experience was one of the most difficult times of my life. Del was with me through everything, keeping me safe and sane. She helped me advocate for myself with the medical team, to keep my birth plan in focus. My daughter arrived early, and with complications, and having Del by my side gave me the strength to get through everything. I know, without a doubt, that I could not have done it without her. Thank you, Del! 

T Harach


Adele was amazing from the start, always checking in and making us feel comfortable and any questions we had were answered right away and if she didn't have the answer she would look into it. During delivery she was always there to make sure I knew what to expect if there's any complications. With my third child she was there explaining that I might not be able to do vaginal because the cord was wrapped around the baby. She explained to the drs that I didn't want they and asked for an alternative. I was so thankful because I was a mess and my husband helped as much as he could but it was really nice to have that woman's love touch! I would highly recommend Adele to anyone thinking of having a child!

M. Pelly


I met Adele in 2010 when I was pregnant with my first child. She was my massage therapist and had mentioned that she was a doula. Because I was new to everything, pregnancy I had to go home and look up exactly what Doulas do. Turns out she was exactly what I needed.

I was a first time mom, my mom lived 5000 km away, so I couldn't just run to her with questions or concerns, my husband's sisters we weren't that kinda close and my best friend at the time didn't have kids.
She was basically my mom with more education on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

We went over things like what to expect threw out the pregnancy. What to look out for that would be concerning. She helped me with a birth plan. She continued to be my massage therapist as well.

She was there when the contractions started to get more frequent, she helped me walk threw the contractions around the block, which let my husband sleep until he was absolutely needed, when we got to the hospital she helped me stay calm helped me make decisions that I didn't even know how to make, she was the calm constant in the whole experience. Weather it was keeping me walking to help the birth progress and not stall, or holding the shower head over my back to ease the pain of the contractions, or just holding my hand letting me know I was doing a good job and that I could do it.

Start to finish, she was there, she taught me how to breastfeed confidently. She was patient with me, she was there for me emotionally and respected my wishes and concerns.

If we didn't move I would have had her with my other two children as well.

M. Brewer


Knowledgeable, comforting, and empowering, Adele's skills were priceless to have by my side when we welcomed our daughter into the world. I can not thank her enough.

Excellent price considering she held my sacrum and hips for 6 hours, gave me aftercare, herbs, reading material, and lactation advice that helped me when my milk didn't come in. Every birth story is different, but Adele gave me the tools to and empowerment to put me in tune with my body so I could have the easiest and quickest birth. she even advocated for my requests when speaking with doctors and nurses about my request to be drug free. ?? 


If you choose Adele, you will not regret it.

Todd hylton


I have met Adel in 2011 when I needed a massage work done because I was injured at my work. After the first massage appointment I nicknamed her the steamroller because well she was unbelievable. Anyway very soon after I was having a kid in 2012 and my wife at the time wanted a Doula and Adel was doing that Doula work. When I found out how much it was it was pretty shocked that it was so affordable. Anyway we did the planning and she was very organized in the planning stage I was pretty shocked because this girl worked four jobs at the time and was a single mom. I thought it was pretty amazing that she was able to find time to be a Doula lol. So during the Day that Maylin was born she was there right on time and helped with every detail. It  made my life so much easier being the father as you could imagine I was super nervous and didn't really know what to do lol. She helped me doing the right thing and was massaging Mandi helping her through her contractions. I was really blown away how easy she made it for us. Now it's been 10 Years later and she is still in mine and my daughters life which I find amazing and she's a good friend but this is how we met. You will never find a better Doula and Adele. This I know because she is such an amazing person, a natural giver, so hard working. And is always good for her word.

ps. Thank you Adele so much for being there for me and maylin through my up and downs. You rock girl and anyone who take you on as their Doula Will obviously feel the same way. ??

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