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Madison Mellencamp

Whole Momma Wellness

Indianapolis, IN Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $60

Birth Doula Experience

3 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula
  • - Certified Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula Trainings International , December 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Not attending hospital births at this time

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
**Yes, I offer a discount for birthing centers.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
**Yes, I offer a discount for home births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Hi! My name is Madison Mellencamp. I offer a distinctive holistic approach to prenatal and postpartum care, drawing upon years of experience as a holistic health practitioner. My focus is on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit throughout the journey of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. As a holistic doula, I provide valuable tools, and education, to foster your confidence, empowerment, and inner balance during this transformative phase of life. My expertise encompasses prenatal yoga, trauma-informed energy healing, nervous system regulation, and nutrition/ wellness coaching. For more details, please visit my website. I am happy to offer flexible payment plans and accept HSA payments. Feel free to inquire about exclusive discounts available for home-birth and birth center births. Additionally, I can provide a sliding scale fee in select cases.

Service Area

Indianapolis, IN Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Madison Mellencamp

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Michelle Coats


Madison was so integral in the success and ease of my home birth. Her Reiki skills were vital in my preparations for labor and birth and during the actual birthing process she was by my side from start to finish. There wasn’t a single thing I would have asked more of her - she was intuitive in meeting my needs during labor and also supported my husband and son. I HIGHLY recommend Madison as a doula. You’re absolutely getting the best of the best!

Crystal Stephens


I am so thankful the universe led me to Madison for my second pregnancy and birth. I was so traumatized from my first birth in a hospital setting that I knew I wanted a different experience with my second baby. Madison helped me trust my motherly instinct and gave me the confidence I needed to birth at home. Throughout my pregnancy Madison was so helpful and supportive with her endless knowledge, reiki and yoga sessions.

With Madison’s support, I had the most positive and wonderful home birth experience with my second baby. She exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Kayli Sipahimalani


Madison is so much more than a Doula. She is truly my Guardian Angel. Madison actually delivered my baby. This wasn’t what I had planned, but I truly wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now I’m not advocating for free birth - but if you are in that situation Madison is the woman you want by your side. She is the woman you want by your side throughout pregnancy and birth no matter how yours unfolds. She is a master at confronting both the expected and unexpected with complete grace and control. And she gets you there too; because before the big day, she makes sure your body and mind are prepared for anything with education, yoga, reiki, mindfulness practice, proper nutrition and more. The “more” is indescribable. It’s pure presence she gives you when you’re together, the little tidbits of wisdom that only come from her level of experience, the feeling of bliss you have when you leave her studio after a reiki session. The “more” is why Madison is the only woman I could ever share my sacred pregnancy journey with, and why I’d never do it without her again!



Madison has truly been a god send for my first pregnancy/birth/postpartum journey. From the moment we met her, she has been there to answer any question, ease any fear, & has the best recommendations. I can’t count how many times I texted her throughout my pregnancy with the most random questions or concerns & somehow she always had an an answer

I wanted a natural & unmedicated birth. I ended up going past my due date (12 days) & had elevated blood pressure towards the end. I was over the threshold when I was in early labor, so we decided to go to the hospital to make sure everything was ok. Madison met us there. Long story short, my blood pressure dropped & leveled out within an hour of being in triage. I was still in early labor & wanted to labor at home, but the nurses were putting a lot of pressure on me to stay. Madison totally left the decision up to me, but she gave me the confidence to follow my instincts & sign out against medical advice. My contractions ramped up within 30 minutes of getting home & just a few hours later I was in active labor. we called Madison headed back to the hospital

She was such a comfort to have there to help advocate for me as I couldn’t do much talking at this point. She is so confident & calm in the hospital setting. Truly such a comforting presence. It’s hard to explain until you see it, but I could just tell she was in her element & that energy continued to keep me calm & confident. It allowed me to follow my instincts throughout my entire labor & I ended up having the birth of my dreams. Spontaneous labor, completely unmedicated & natural birth. She encouraged & reminded me to be patient while I was pushing, which led to very minimal tearing. I don’t know what would have happened if we didn’t have Madison throughout pregnancy & birth, but I really think that without her, it may have gone very differently



I cannot say enough good things about Madison and her doula services. My husband and I recently moved to Indianapolis and we wanted someone knowledgeable to help us through our first birth experience and to have someone we trusted there for us since our family wouldn't be able to be there right away. 

I also wanted to be prepared with the right information and the right team of people who would help me advocate for the birth experience I wanted in the hospital environment.     

Madison is so caring and guides you through all the options sharing her extensive knowledge in a non-biased way empowering you to make your own decisions on a birth plan and preferences that work best for you. As a first-time mother - this made me feel so confident and assured that no matter what happened, we were in good hands and that our decisions would be advocated for and honored. 

She was also there to field all my questions during and after appointments with the midwives and doctors to help me make informed decisions regarding my prenatal care with all my healthcare providers.

I also utilized her reiki sessions as a part of my prenatal package, and they were perfect for helping me stay grounded, calm, and centered during my pregnancy - especially the last couple of weeks when it could have easily been extremely stressful and overwhelming. 

Though we wanted a natural birth, we ended up having an emergency c-section at 28 weeks. But Madison was there with me during the surgery. She held my hand and talked with me so I wouldn't feel scared, and she shared what was going on so I knew what the doctor and her team were doing at each moment. She ensured my wishes were honored for how my baby was cared for after delivery. 

I am forever grateful to Madison for helping us create the best birth experience possible and for helping me deliver a beautiful, healthy baby girl! 

Shelby Gough


Madison is the kind of woman that makes you feel safe and comfortable, she's attentive and kind, and a pleasure to work with in any experience. You can really put your trust in her. She guides you through the toughest, most incredible and magical experience as if she was born to do it. Her calling is coaching and guiding you through bringing life into this world in the most loving way possible and I literally could not have done this without her love and knowledge and guidance. Thank you, Madison!

Drew B


Blissfully ignorant husband to amateur labor and delivery "murse". 

I had the pleasure of experiencing Madison's support throughout my wife's high risk pregnancy and FOUR DAY INDUCTION and eventual emergency C-Section. Madison's prenatal training and educational visits were nothing short of eye opening and really helped me understand the transformation of my wife's body to motherhood. While at the hospital she worked overtime advocating for my wife and me. Her professional advice and compassionate approach cannot be praised enough as we went through multiple crossroads of difficult decision making. 

Fellas - when you're in the labor and delivery room for hours/days it is tough to keep track of everything happening while also supporting momma. Small details of a nurse or doctor's actions and words may escape you. Something that could go against the birth plan. You may need to leave the room but don't want to leave momma alone. You may not understand the implications of an intervention a nurse or doctor is pushing on you. And they will push, especially in a hospital. 

Madison helped with all of these things and I am forever thankful she is a part of our birth story. 

- Drew B., baby delivered at Riley Hospital

Melissa Holtkamp


I knew for my second pregnancy that I wanted to try a doula for peace of mind, postpartum care, and to encourage a healthier more hollistic pregnancy. Madison was unbelievably helpful - above and beyond. She was encouraging after my initial miscarriage and there for me from the start of the following pregnancy when it was early and still very nerve wrecking. Reiki sessions left me with such a calm head space and happy heart, and prenatal yoga felt so good for my body and mind. She answered all of my (many!) questions, day and night - I felt truly, truly cared for. Madison fully supported the birth plan that my husband and I wanted, and she helped us create a plan to give to our providers so that they knew our hopes and what we wanted for our baby's birth. I ended up needing a scheduled C-section and Madison eased all of my nerves and helped me through dealing with the fact that this was not my original birth plan. She was in the OR with me and my husband and held my hand throughout the process - I could not have asked for a better experience, even though it was a change of plans. She was also a great calming presence for my husband and for that alone I am super greatful because it helped him be more present for me and the baby instead of a nervous wreck! I felt at ease, happy and had zero regrets about my birth. Madison's postpartum care was essential to my mental health - homecooked meals, again many questions answered at all times of day, constant checking on how I was doing both physically and mentally, postpartum goodie bags that brought a smile to my face!, and lots and lots of love and reassurance. I couldn't imagine going through the process without her help, guidance and friendship! 



As someone who prefers to go into uncharted territory with as much information and support as possible, I knew I would need to add a doula to my birth team.  After searching through available doulas in the Indianapolis area, being sure to search for ones who would support a hospital birth with a planned epidural, Madison’s website caught my eye!  A friend also had Madison’s support during her pregnancy and birth and she recommended Madison, so after a meet & greet over pizza, my husband and I decided to bring her along for our journey to parenthood.

It is evident that Madison is invested in making sure the parents and baby receive all of the information and support needed (just what we were hoping to find in a doula!).  We appreciated the way she would customize our sessions, some focused on relaxing yoga, others practicing labor positions, and some talking about the pros and cons of the common intervention fork-in-the-roads that come along with a hospital birth.  We found her to be accessible and communicative, and always caring and understanding.  Highly recommend adding a doula to your team, no matter your planned birth journey, and specifically, highly recommend adding Madison to your team!



My husband and I were looking for a doula to provide education and additional support during labor and delivery as we were both busy professionals and knew we would not have as much time to invest in preparation as we would like.  We found Madison through a recommendation and after talking with her about the services she would provide, we hired her because we were confident she would be a positive addition to our birth story. 

The first couple of sessions with Madison were centered around getting my mind, body, and spirit prepared for the upcoming birth through reiki and yoga.  Both provided a sense of calm and helped me relax during a period when I had very little time to dedicate to myself and the pregnancy.  The remaining sessions were focused on labor preparation and were particularly useful to my husband because they involved education about what to expect during labory and delivery and how he could help me cope with the discomfort. 

In addition to the in-person meetings, Madison provided access to online courses including hynobirthing and breastfeeding.  Both of these courses were very beneficial and I used some of the hynobirthing techniques during my unmedicated birth.  She also shared recommendations for resources like maternity and newborn photographers, prenatal massages,  chiropractors, etc...which were very helpful. 

Finally, Madison was a huge asset during labor and delivery.   I was induced at 37 weeks due to medical reasons and Madison helped us put together a birth plan that would lead to the least number of interventions if possible.  The hospital largely honored the birth plan and the only major intervention was pitocin. I was able to get through labor without an epidural and I largely credit this to Madison's lower back massage skills and positivity.  I am very happy with my birth story and I credit much of this to Madison's help. 



As a first time dad, I'm so happy we had Madison as a resource to help guide us through this journey. She was kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and also extremely accommodating to our needs and birth plan. She made this wonderful experience much more manageable and helped alleviate a lot of stress that came with being first time parents. It was great to have someone on our side before and during labor that could prepare us for the day, translate medical talk, and also champion our wishes while we were too exhausted to handle anything else that was thrown at us during labor. I think everyone going through pregnancy should consider a doula, and if so, you should definitely work with Madison; she's amazing! Thanks so much for everything you've done for us and our little girl!



I can’t say enough good things about Madison and the services she provided as a doula. I loved the prenatal yoga and reiki sessions so much that I ended up purchasing extra sessions from her. I had anxiety about the baby not moving enough (even though the baby was moving a lot, my anxiety was at an all time high) and she came to do a reiki session with me to help release my anxiety and the baby started moving like crazy during the session - almost as if saying, “I’m here mama, don’t worry.” It was so amazing. Active labor went so quickly for me and I thought I was going to deliver my baby in the car on the way to the hospital. Madison stayed on the phone with me the entire way (she was also on the way to meet me there) and spoke encouraging words and positive thoughts - it really helped center and calm me in a time of high anxiety. I seriously consider her a friend now and can’t say enough good things about her. I truly believe it’s because of her that my birth was so positive.

Cassy F


My birth experince was pretty tough & there was many unexpected moments and I had the extra challenges as a person who struggles with anxiety.

but through it madison was a constant positive force and kept me grounded through all the bumps along the way. 

she remained positive, calm, loving and unstanding and was exaclty what I needed in a doula.

we even found times to laugh out loud together and that was so refreshing!

Madison also continued to be a loving light through my fourth trimester with her check-inns, encouragement and a wonderful reiki session that helped release so much stuck emotion I had!

I truly believe that she is very talented at what she does and I personally know she was one of the most important resources I had in my journey of becoming a mother.



Kayli Sipahimalani


With Madison's guidance, I became empowered to make my birth experience everything I wanted it to be. She opened my eyes to all of the options available - options that aren't often discussed with other birthing professionals. With her support, I developed the confidence to advocate for myself when the time arose; and because of that I was able to avoid a c-section. Madison is a very special woman! I was so lucky to have her by my side! My labor and delivery would have been much different without her.

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