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Birthmarks Doula Services

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles No ferries.

Birth Fee

$1875 to $3000

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $75

Black Doula Indigenous/Aboriginal Doula

Availability Remarks: I am available 38 weeks as on call. After delivery I stay a max of 2 hours. Each clients needs are discussed during our initial interview.

Birth Fee

$1875 to $3000

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

15 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 1 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2013
  • Big Belly Services, January 2020

Type of practice: Hospital doula employee

Clients per month: 2 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No indoor smokers, no deep cleaning of homes, no errand. No babysitting.

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Pierce County births are a case by case.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Black birthing maternal health.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Births include 1 postpartum, and two prenatal appointments. Includes emotional support and on call from 38-42 weeks.

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 15 miles No ferries.

Client Testimonials for natasha blanchard

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I'm so thankful for the time we had with Natasha as our Doula for our first child! From the day she came to our house to meet us, I knew she would be a part of our lives. She was warm, welcoming, informative and encouraging every step of the way. When it was showtime, Natasha was there to advocate us and was very involved in ensuring my comfort throughtout and after delivery. Natasha was vital in our decision making when things did not go as planned. At 3 months postpartum, we still love our check ins with Natasha. Thank you, Queen!



I legitimately don't have the words other than pure gratitude. The love, compassion, the attention to every need, the grace, patience and every positive adjective you can imagine; was displayed on 12/22/23!! To witness my 1st born give birth to her first born with Natasha coaching and encouraging my daughter as she assisted in bringing forth the life of my grandson was something I will never forget. A memory I'm forever thankful to have shared with my daughter and Natasha. There's not enough thank you's in the world!! Natasha is phenomenal!!!! 

Jennifer Wasco


We had our first baby and honestly Natasha was an absolute rockstar. We had scheduled a C-Section and the baby came two days early. Not sure how we would have made it through without her. I labored without pain meds for hours and while they tried to get me in for surgery and Natasha made it manageable. Her breathing methods, tens unit tips and tricks and counter pressure helped more than I can ever say. She is an expert and absolutely outstanding in a stressful situation. Her knowledge, expertise and care are all above and beyond. She was a friend, an expert and an advocate during one of the most profound experiences of my life. Every woman should be lucky enough to have a doula as great as Natasha. It wouldn’t have been the truly awesome experience that it was, without her! She made a very nervous new mom to be feel safe and cared for. Recommended with my entire heart and soul!

Jenna Sher


After having a baby during COVID without a doula (I had wanted one, but couldn't have one), I realized for my second birth it would be an absolute necessity if I wanted someone to advocate for me in my desire to have an unmedicated childbirth and guide to me through the pain.

Natasha began early during the third trimester in teaching me safe positions to encourage/assist my low-lying placenta to hopefully move away from my cervix and how to begin practicing breathing and pushing for delivery.  My baby settled into an OP position (head down but sunny-side up), so Natasha's focus moved to helping me move my body in ways that would help baby move the way she would need to to turn before delivery.  My placenta did in fact move out of the way, and baby turned during delivery.

The day baby was born, I was apprehensive about contacting the hospital too early, as that's what led to my induction with my first child.  I followed my intuition which Natasha helped establish within me and I was able to do nearly all my laboring at home.  Things moved so quickly at the hospital (baby was born within a half hour of being admitted) that I only had Natasha present for the pushing, but her advice and attention via phone during labor was invaluable.  

Natasha has been a wonderful support since giving birth as well.  She's not just knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth, but about recovery, breastfeeding, and home remedies for any difficulty.  On top of that, she's got a wonderful spirit and personality and is a supportive presence all around.  I very much would recommend having her on your team.

Carrie Shevelson


Natasha Blanchard is an exceptional doula who I cannot recommend highly enough. Her patient, kind, and generous nature make her an absolute pleasure to work with. She provided me with an incredible amount of support throughout my pregnancy, always making herself available to answer any questions I had and providing me with the guidance and encouragement I needed.

What sets Natasha apart is her insider knowledge of the people and processes involved in childbirth. Her expertise and experience allowed her to provide me with the support and guidance I needed to navigate the complexities of pregnancy and childbirth. I felt confident and empowered to make informed decisions about my birthing experience.

In particular, I was grateful for Natasha's help during a very scary situation of prodromal labor and the following cesarean. Her presence and guidance were invaluable as she helped me manage my pain and anxiety. Her encouragement helped me through some of the toughest moments of my labor and delivery.

Natasha's professional, warm, and friendly demeanor made working with her an absolute joy. Her clear and straightforward language made it easy for me to understand what was happening throughout the surgery, and her unwavering support gave me the strength to keep going even when things got tough. Natasha was the perfect doula for us. 

Chevon Cerciello


Natasha is absolutely, without a doubt, just an all around good person. Which to me makes her a phenomenal doula. Her knowledge, genuine understanding of birth complications and c-sections, and the fact that she's a MOM as well, allowed me to be my authentic self where I could thrive in an unknown scary place that I never imagined I’d be in..

I went into labor a day before my scheduled C-section. I called her and she was there! Without her I know (and my husband knows) my delivery would not have gone as calmly, peaceful and smoothly has it did. And there’s more to that story.

Natasha massaged my face and spoke angelically to me right when I thought I couldn’t breathe. She truly understood what I needed and when I needed it.

She gave me the medical verbiage and terminology to use so that I could effectively communicate  with my medical team and comprehend what they were saying. I felt empowered and more at ease.

Natasha was more than amazing… period.

She went above and beyond with the time she could give… she was booked for the month, but she knew that I needed her, so she made time for me. Within the hour after calling her she had given me more than a Google search and/or a doctor could have given me; exercises, food/drink option, undivided attention to vent my concerns and alleviate my fears.. self care routines specifically for me, and more. She was (and is) a blessing to us… me, my husband and our baby.

So to sum it up… a doula, like her, like Natasha is what everyone needs.

Heather Fryhle


I can't say enough wonderful things about Natasha! As a FTM who wanted a natural birth, having a good doula was the most important thing for me. Natasha went above and beyond in helping us prepare for labor with both a virtual session and an in person session, where we got to practice breathing, positions (including how my partner could support), and using the TENS machine. When it came time to have my baby, she was there with us every step of the way, even FaceTiming us at home and in the car on the way to the hospital! While in labor, she gave me her undivided attention and met me exactly where I was each step of the way. It was so helpful having someone who could communicate with the nurses and doctors and relay the information back to me in a way that was easy to understand, and help me make decisions according to my birth goals. Both my partner and I can’t imagine what it would have been like without her! While I ended up choosing an epidural towards the end of my birth, I feel 100% satisfied with the experience and I attribute so much of that to Natasha’s support. My partner agrees - he is so thankful we had her there and believes she is a major part of why he was such a supportive and successful coach for me (especially pre-epidural!). In postpartum, she continues to check up on me and make sure I’m doing well, and her postpartum visit eased many of my anxieties as a FTM. She feels like a friend who genuinely cares about how I’m handling the transition to motherhood, and she is cheering me on. Natasha is amazing at her job, I highly recommend her services and I would love to work with her again!



I met Natasha while on day 3 of my induction at Swedish. She came in to help me get into position to do final pushing as the baby wasn't quite in the right spot. At that point in labor it was make it happen or get a c section. When I was about to be scheduled for a c section, she gave me the pep talk I needed to accept what was happening. Natasha was just amazing and supportive, her coming into the room gave me the energy to push and make it through the labor without ending up with the c section (I was second on the schedule so given more time). She was so supportive and stayed by my side for the final minutes. She literally supported me in a squat position! She also helped my partner participate and she kept my mother calm during the hardest part of the labor. If we have another child, I will reach out to Natasha to come along the entire journey with me as I can't imagine going through labor without her by my side again! 



I can't recommend Natasha enough as a doula. I was a first time mom, and Natasha was extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and available to me for whatever questions I had. She is very personable and always made me feel like the questions I had were valid and reasonable. During labor, she was present for me in so many ways, big and small, from spooning me ice chips while pushing to holding the puke bag while I vomited to talking me through trying to nurse for the first time. She was a calming, stabilizing presence throughout my labor, and my partner and I felt so lucky to have had her there. Thank you so much, Natasha!

Everton Johnson


Natasha is a Top-Shelf doula! My fiancé was having twins and went into labor at midnight. Natasha made an extra effort to be there earlier than she was scheduled to be apart of our delivery. She provided amazing assistance to my fiancé who was giving birth and good coaching to me(the dad) as well. Natasha was also incredible in the delivery room, she was a great advocate for us, getting us the delivery that we want. She also checked on us periodically after the birth to see how the babies were doing and make sure my fiancé was recovering well. Highly highly recommend to get Natasha! You won't regret it!

Kenyatta Casimir


Natasha is the best!! Before I gave birth to my 2 girls, Natasha provided me with a lot of information on birth, twin births, explained what was my options on birth plans, etc. She made it very comfortable to reach out as often as I needed to and she always had a quick response. She also gave me a lot of advice for my pregnancy since I am a first time mom and everything is new to me. I had my Twins 6 weeks early and wasn't sure if Natasha was going to make it to the hospital. But while she figured out on how to get to the hospital, she provided her assistance to my fiancé and I via phone, until she showed up earlier than she was supposed to and made it just in time for me to deliver. She never left my side while I was delivering and motivated me the whole time. After my girls were born she checked in on us multiple times, making sure they was ok and that I was recovering well. I couldn't have asked for a better Doula, we are extremely grateful for her. 



Natasha was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better Doula. She supported me virtually but it truly felt like she was in person with me the whole time. She answered every phone call, every text message, and provided me with factual evidence for the questions that I had in regards to labor and delivery. She also is very knowledgeable on pre and post delivery. She suggested things for me that I didn’t even think of myself. For me that was important because as a first time mom, I truly didn’t know all the things to ask for or even think of. After delivery, I had some complications and she kept checking in on me even when I became unresponsive. Her love and support truly helped me process it to the best of my ability. All throughout, she was loving, attentive, nurturing, communicative, spiritual, factual, and responsive. She allowed herself to be open at all times and reassured me that she was available for me and baby. She also was available to my partner and support person. She was very calm and supported me on my breath work, different exercise’s to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and different foods to eat to support milk supply. I prayed to have someone such as her and got above and beyond what I prayed for. Tasha still checks in on me even after delivery and she makes sure that I have everything that I need as I transition into this new phase in my life. She really worked hard to make me feel special, heard and understood as an expectant mother and mother and for that I am truly grateful. I would highly recommend Tasha easily when looking for a doula. In my opinion there is no other choice. If I had plans to have another baby, she would be my number one and only option. Her calm demeanor, supportive voice and strong advocacy is not something you should miss out on. Thank you Tasha for a beautiful experience and all the love and support you have provided! I appreciate you!

Monica W.


I was one of the birth partners for a friend who had Natasha as her doula and both of us were blown away and incredibly grateful by her presence and dedication. We switched last minute from another doula who was not a good fit, so it was even more evident how amazing Natasha was. She was communicative, extremely knowledgeable, and helped us advocate for my friend and the baby. My friend and I still reflect on how fortunate we feel to have worked with her. 



I highly recommend Natasha as a doula! She provided such calm, steadfast, and clear support to my very young adult daughter during a difficult birth. She is very present to the needs of the mother and the family, coaching, guiding and listening. Natasha also provided support to help prepare for birth and follow up. She created a positive atmosphere in a challenging time.

Majara Muy


Working with Natasha is an absolute blessing! She is very attentive as well as knowledgeable with everything that she does. She makes sure to listen to what kind of birthing experience you would like and tries with all her might to make that a reality. She is there throughout the entire process and is always there if you have an questions about anything during your pregnancy. Once labor begins she is there as much as you want her to be walking you through contractions and really helping you focus on your end goal of a healthy delivery. She is also there to advocate for your wants and needs during the birth in case you are unable to do so. Everything I would look for in a Doula Natasha has. Her calming energy and spirit is also so welcoming and makes you feel like you have known her forever. She really helps you keep your birthing picture in focus and makes herself available for you and baby throughout the entire process!

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