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Chantell Hill CD

Birthing Nations LLC

Tacoma, WA Service range 50 miles

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $85

Black Doula

Availability Remarks: I have daytime and overnight availability 7 days a week

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $85

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 16 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 21 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • BEST - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • BEST Doula Training, November 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Non smoking is preferred. Overnight bookings are a minimum of 8 hours daytime is a 4 hour minimum.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
If the hospital restricts the number of people present for labor I will provide virtual support.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will not attend unassisted home births

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

This fee includes: 2 prenatal visits 4 weeks on call for labor 1 postpartum visit

Service Area

Tacoma, WA Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Chantell Hill CD

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Natalie Mazzie


I loved having Chantell as our doula. She was incredibly patient and kind during my postpartum care. I miss having her around! Chantell is incredible!

Helen S.


Chantell Hill is wonderful. We had the pleasure of working with her in 2023 from when our twins were newborns until they were about six months old. I genuinely do not know how we would have coped without Chantell's expertise, generosity, kindness of spirit, and overall presence. She helped us during both days and nights over the course of those months and put my mind at ease when I was quite literally delirious with sleep deprivation during recovery. Chantell worked cooperatively with family members and other support as needed. Her approach struck an excellent balance of offering up her own knowledge and experience while also working with our preferences. I will be a better caregiver for having been able to learn from Chantell's example. We thank you!

Glen Cornell


A Godsend During Our First Months with Baby

From our very first encounter with Chantell on day two of son Teo's life, we knew we were in the best of hands. Her aura of warmth, confidence, and knowledge immediately put my wife and I at ease. Day 2, we were already in that overwhelming panic every new parent likely goes through.

Chantell's dedication to her craft is evident. Not once did she waver in her professionalism—always punctual, never rushed, and her communication skills are second to none. She didn't just "work" for us; she educated and coached us, imparting us with the knowledge and techniques to feed, hold, and comfort our baby with confidence.

Witnessing her interaction with Teo, it's evident that she's a natural. The ease with which she managed every task was admirable, and the transformation in Teo was evident. He ate, slept, and even burped better with her gentle touch and guidance. Her care for Teo went beyond duty; she showed genuine concern for his wellbeing and development, even when she wasn't on the clock.

But what truly sets Chantell apart is her emotional intelligence. Starting as new parents can be an emotional rollercoaster. We recall our first day with her, tears in our eyes, drowning in stress. Yet Chantell was our rock, supporting us not just in the care of our son, but also emotionally, until we felt equipped and confident to manage on our own.

Today, Teo is thriving - eating, sleeping well, and his neck condition has drastically improved to the point where he no longer requires physical therapy. To sum it up, our start to parenthood would have looked drastically different without Chantell's invaluable support during the formative months of Teo's life. She is an absolute asset to any family fortunate enough to secure her postpartum care, and we can't recommend her enough!



Exceptional Postpartum Doula Services - Highly Recommended!

I recently had the privilege of working with Chantell, of  Birthing Nations. She is an incredible postpartum doula and I cannot recommend her services enough. From the moment I reached out, she provided support, and care that honored me. She greatly contributed to my postpartum recovery and overall well-being.

Chantell approached every interaction with warmth, understanding, and genuine care. She actively listened to my concerns and validated my emotions, creating a safe space. Her support extended beyond the physical aspects of postpartum recovery, encompassing mental and emotional well-being.

Another aspect that stood out was her ability to tailor her support according to my unique needs and preferences. She recognized that every postpartum journey is different and adapted her services accordingly. Her flexibility was very helpful in the midst of the postpartum whirlwind. 

Overall, my experience with this postpartum doula was exceptional, and I am incredibly grateful for the impact she had on my postpartum recovery. Her knowledge, compassion, flexibility, and unwavering support made a significant difference during a vulnerable time in my life. If you're seeking postpartum doula services, I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

Aisha Mitchell


I'm exceedingly grateful Chantell has chosen to make this her profession. She is a natural birth worker and caregiver. Even in our first video meeting over Zoom, I felt an immediate connection and knew I wanted to work with a pro like her. As a first time mom, I knew next to nothing about the L&D process and had a ton of questions, which she was able to answer, often providing additional information I didn't know that I needed.

Prior to the birth, Chantell worked with both me and my partner, teaching us a variety of breathing techniques, positions and affirmations. I also went over my birth plan with her in detail and she was more than willing to work with me on every aspect, offering suggestions when needed.

We truly valued her calm presence and professional experience during the delivery. There were very few things that went according to plan and Chantell was able to adapt flawlessly. Her arrival at the hospital immediately gave me a sense of control over the situation and that I could get through it all, regardless of all of the challenges. She was great with supporting both me and my partner with constant affirmations and reassurance. Her calm voice in my ear often helped me find the confidence I needed to get through the toughest parts of the labor.

Being able to talk about the experience and process all that took place was so helpful postpartum. And Chantell watching the baby so that I could run a few errands was a huge help! If we chose to have another baby, we'll definitely contact Chantell again. Very highly recommend her services!

Valeriana Chikoti-Bandua


Chantell is kind, caring and warm. She supported me throughout my birthing process and even postpardum care. She not only humanized my experiance of being a new mother but she was additionally supportive of my partner. Chantell is incredible, I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a trauma informed Doula who is senstive to your needs. 



Chantel is everything I didn't know I needed. She was my postpartum doula for about 4 months. She would walk in the door and immediately ask me where do you want me to begin? Chantel tackled all the household tasks and during every step assured it was done to my liking. 

I struggled with pp anxiety and depression. I never felt judged by her. Chantel spirit is pure and genuine. Most days it was nice to have someone listen amongst all the other stressors of having a newborn.  She was so patient with the baby who took time to warm up to her. But my toddler loved Chantel and she would help by playing with him while I did other things or while I simplied rest. 

I would not think twice about hiring her back when in need. 

Sarah Ahmad


I knew Chantell cared and that I trusted her even before she started working with us. We are new parents and just like most first timers, we didn't know what our needs would be. Chantell was gracious with her time and gave us all the flexibility that we needed. She integrated with our family from day one and provided us support, resources, wisdom and the friendship that we needed. Chantell also helped me navigate post parturm anxiety. I felt at home around her all the time. 

Investing in postpartum care and working with Chantell was the best descion that I took. I would highly recommend working with Chantell !

Paige P


Chantell has been a sanity saver for us over the past few months! I realized early on in my breastfeeding journey that exclusively pumping would be necessary for our little guy. With my husband back at work and a notoriously short napper, I was overwhelmed trying to figure out how I would find time to do all of the pumping, bottle feeding, and washing of parts that would be required. Chantell came into our lives and quickly adapted to all of our routines. She's provided excellent and nurturing baby care as well as helped with household chores and the constant flow of dishes. I've not only had time to pump, but I've been able to shower, nap, and take care of my post-partum self. Perhaps the hardest part of finding a doula for us was putting our trust into someone else to take care of our most precious little person, but throughout our time with Chantell we have been able to trust that our little guy is in great hands. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a post-partum doula!

Breanne Piehl


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Chantell. She was kind, compassionate and completely focused on helping me have a positive experience throughtout my birth. Every woman remembers their birth and labor and you want your birth to be the best experience that you can have and Chantell can help you have that. 

She made sure to work with me before hand to review things that would help me during my labor and focused on those interventions. For me we working on positioning, breathing and mantras. During my birth she didn't interfere with my hospital care team, but was my advocate and a constant source of encouragement. She took photos of  the birth and also provided follow up care and support after the birth. 

I chose to have a doula near my 37th week surrouding some birth anxiety. I have a supportive partner but wanted someone that could focus on helping me mitigate my anxiety and discomfort surrounding birth. I chose to have an in hospital birth and in interviewing with other doulas they were not supportive that I didn't just choose a birth center. Chantell's philosophy is that YOUR own opinions about your care and treatment are what matters. 

My birth plan was to go into spontaenous labor (I was inducted due to a medical condition) and not to use pain medications (Inducation was very painful for me and I then chose to use an epidural/other pain management). Chantell helped me change positions every 30 minutes in order to progress my labor safely after the epidural and was focused on the outcome instead of dwelling on a birth plan that didn't come to fruition. We all make our bith plan but what actually happends during our labor can be another outcome. She was right at the head of the bed encouraging me during my short pushing and I had as great of an experience that I could *quickly* delivering my beautiful baby girl. 

Overall,  if you are looking for a great doula, go with Chantell. 



We put off finding a doula until well into our third trimester, and we were nervous we wouldn't be able to find someone we conntected with. We feel so lucky that Chantell was available! After our first virtual meeting we felt her calm energy and knew she would  be a great addition to our birth team!

We wanted a doula that would support us while giving us the space to have our own birthing experience, and that is exactly what Chantell did. When we got to the hospital, we were initially feeling overwhelmed, but Chantell immediately brought a positive energy that made us feel capable of handling everything.
She was physically and mentally supportive during a long day of labor, and helped my partner find ways to best help me as well. She seemed to know when we needed space or needed more hands on care, and she helped us adapt to change along the way with zero judgement. 

We really enjoyed our two prenatal meetings which we found so helpful in preparing for labor, and her support postpartum was so appareicated. Overall we feel like our labor experience was calm and joyful, and we know Chantell played a huge part in making that happen!

Aundraya Mccord


My partner and I highly recommend Chantell Hill's doula services. This was our second pregnancy/ Labor & delivery but the first time we had support from a doula. Chantell made this an amazing experience for us both. She genuinely cared about our journey through pregnancy, childbirth & our little family as a whole. Chantell is very knowledgeable in what she does, she's respectful and supportive of our wishes and very thoughtful. 
With our first child we had a very long traumatic birthing experience so I was very nervous while preparing to give birth again. Chantell gave me the confidence of knowing that I can and will have a better experience and reassuring myself of how strong I am and that my body was made for this.
Once my partner let her know it was time she arrived within 30 minutes and never left my side until after the baby was born. During labor and delivery she was so attentive to my needs and did everything she could to encourage me to stick to my birthing plan. This labor was the complete opposite from my first, I progressed so fast that I didn't think I could make it through the pain. Chantell was calm and nurturing which kept me calm and feeling safe. Chantell advocated for me the entire time and ensured I had what I needed every step of the way. She wouldn't let me give up even though there were times I wanted to. Hearing her deliver affirmations to me as I brought my son earthside made giving birth that much more empowering for me. 
The professionalism & open availability that Chantell had for our family really set her apart. 
We are so happy with our birth experience and we wouldn't have wanted to do it without her support. Thank you for helping us create an experience that we will cherish forever!  



Giving birth is one of the most magnificent expierences in this world. What the woman's body is able to do is unexplainable; and commendable above all. Through the complexities of labor and childbirth, what brought me so much ease was my incredible doula Chantel. There were so many moments that I did not think I would make it. The transition my body was making was indescribable-- but what made it easier and worth wild was chantel. She remained calm, gentle, attentive, proactive and encouraging the whole 30 hours of my labor. As each contraction would come, she did this wonderful "thing" with my hips, where she was able to safely locate the pressure points, to ease the contractions! And BOY!! Did that feel like it saved my life. Chantel was able to alleviate so much stress and anxiety during that time, and made me feel safe, secure and understood my needs. I had a pretty complicated birth, I did not realize I was losing a lot of blood, because as I became faint, I just seen Chantel's big smile, reminding me that I did good, that I'm safe and most importantly my daughter was safe. It meant the world given all the chaos and trauma my body had gone through .. After my birth ; we transitioned home, Chanel made time to come over for post Partum care. We talked, she held my daughter so I could shower and nap, and even cleaned parts of my home, helped me with latching and teaching me to use my breast pump. Things I can never repay her for. She has such a loving, gentle , kind and caring spirit . I couldn't have chosen a better person to have by my side, my first doula. Forever grateful! 

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