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Amber Murrer


Carina was amazing. She came to our home and answered all of our questions before hand as well as had great information and material for us for our own use. Because of a medical reason we did end up having a c-section, but Carina was amazing before and after the surgery. She helped with breastfeeding and the post partum appointment helped me really feel good about being a mom during such a crazy transition. I recommend carina to anyone and will be using her for our next baby!

Jill Sulgrove


Working with Carina was a great experience. We hired her a bit late compared to most people, I was 38 weeks pregnant, but she was quick to schedule our consultation appointments, provided us with helpful handouts regarding her services as well as additional info about pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care. I went into labor at 11:50pm the night before our due date, a Saturday night and she responded to my husband's texts right away and came to our house the moment I felt I needed her there, around 2:30am.

On our way to the birth center she even stopped at the store for us to pick up a few items we hadn't yet purchased so we didn't have to think or worry about it. While I was in labor Carina was the one who provided me with a cold towel on my forehead and neck and kept me comfortable with constant words of encouragement while also hanging back when my husband stepped in, she was definitely tuned in to what both my husband and I needed when we needed it. 

I pushed for several hours before my husband and I were encouraged to try a more aggressive position which included me sitting on his lap facing him and Carina standing behind him holding my outstretched arms and fully supporting me while I lowered myself between his legs to push during each contraction. She was emotional strong for us as well as physically strong. She played a key role, along with my husband, in helping me to finally deliver my daughter into this world and I am so thankful she was there. 

Carina also provides the service of placenta encapsulation (I encourage everyone to look into this option) which we had her do for us. Since giving birth to my daughter I've felt very emotionally stable and confident as a new mom and have basically been on cloud nine, I do give credit to the placenta capsules I've been taking. When you do the research behind it it becomes clear how and why it makes perfect sense to move forward with this postpartum option.

Felissa Eve


Carina Hays is a wonderful doula and anyone would be lucky to work with her. She attended birthing classes with me and even did my placenta encapsulation. My husband appreciated her because he said she was able to communicate with me during the birth at a time that he wasn't able to know the right things to do or say. If we have our next baby in Idaho, we will definitely hire her again.

Felissa Eve Miller

Jenny Kindig


My first child was born via emergency c-section and although she was a happy, healthy baby girl the experience was tough and turned out to be a lasting emotional experience for me. Always wondering “what if.” I did a lot of research and learned how doulas greatly reduce the need for intervention during childbirth so I chose to have a doula for the birth of my second child. Carina was wonderful doula. Everyone always seems to have an idea of what is the best birthing approach and Carina did a wonderful job listening to me and what I wanted the experience to be like and she didn't try to sway me in any particular direction. She also gave great suggestions and words of encouragement which helped build my confidence level. The day of my son’s birth she was QUIET yet ASSERTIVE. She recognized what was working and suggested changes when things were not going well. She had a mutually respectful relationship with my OB which was also important to me. My son’s birth was an epidural-free VBAC (my goal!) and one of the happiest days of my life.

Christie Herwy


After taking classes, reading books, and speaking to friends, we chose to have a Doula for the birth of our first child. The decision to have a neutral support person was prompted by the desire to provide my husband with backup during my labor. So we chose to work with Carina for the birth of our baby girl.

In the weeks before the birth she spent time with us to ensure we knew what to expect of her, the hospital and ourselves during labor. She explained the pros and cons of pain management, different birthing techniques and how to determine an appropriate birthing plan to guide our experience. She was very respectful of my husband’s wish to be the primary support person.

During my labor Carina spent over nine hours with us at our home assisting with pain management, suggesting different positions to further the labor process and helping to keep us mentally focused. Sixteen hours into labor we transitioned to the hospital. At this point I decided to receive pain medication. Carina stayed with us until we suggested that she go home and rest while I slept. During this time Carina was in constant contact with my husband offering suggestions and support over the phone. She returned to the hospital in the early hours of the next day.

After reflecting on the process we were happy that we had Carina there for support. The demands that labor put on us were intense and overwhelming. Carina helped my husband feel confident and educated during the process, which in turn helped me. We would recommend Carina as a Doula for your birth. She has a nice calm demeanor, provides the information needed to make educated decisions and is respectful of the birth plan that is right for your family. Having a baby is the most amazing event. Carina helped make this experience wonderful.

Christine Herwy

Kelli Kennedy


Carina was extremely supportive during the labor of my second child. My first labor was very, very long, so I went into my second labor hoping to go natural but not wanting to beat myself up if I was unable to do it. Carina supported this decision. We met several times before I went into labor and she explained that even if I ended up getting an epidural, the longer I could go without one, the faster my labor would be. I really hoped to not need medication as my due date drew closer....and then passed. On day 9 after my due date, my doctor induced me. Carina was extremely encouraging as my labor intensified. She kept reminding me to just get through the current contraction and to take each one, one at a time. When I asked for an epidural several hours into it, she was very encouraging for me to hold on a bit longer. I did, but ultimately decided I really needed help with my pain management. Once I made that call, Carina was totally supportive of my decision and did not make me feel like a failure in the least. Looking back on the labor and birth, I honestly would not have changed a thing about my birthing experience.

Rachel Schupbach


I wanted as natural a birth as possible. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that having Carina there by my side to assist during the birth of my daughter helped prevent unnecessary interventions. Her expertise gave me guidance and the ability to make informed choices at the time that I was most vulnerable

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