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Enza Lilley

A Mommy's Friend Doula Services

Salem, MA Service range 35 miles Will travel into southern NH up to Manchester but not into the South Shore.



Birth Fee

$900 to $1800

Birth Fee

$900 to $1800

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 330 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2005

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I am no longer attending births at most of the Boston hospitals. Please inquire to which ones I accept clients.

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
Currently serving North Shore Birth Center in Beverly and the Birth Cottage in Salem, NH.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I support moms in their right to birth their babies where they want, assisted or unassisted. I however will not be able to support moms who do not have a midwife present at their birth. Thank you for understanding.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

*MD Breastfeeding Coalition member 2009-2011 *Volunteer Doula for Sparrow House in Maryland working with teens who want to give birth and/or give their baby up for adoption.2010-2011 *Volunteer for Beacon Hospice *Volunteer Doula and Childbirth Educator with Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices 2015- Janaury 2016 *Infant and adult CPR certified *Member of the North Shore Postpartum Depression Taskforce *Youth Mental Health First Aid certified

Languages Spoken

  • Italian

Fee Details

Please talk to me about your finances. This is my ministry and I will be happy to give discounts to those who truly have financial needs.

Salem, MA Service range 35 miles Will travel into southern NH up to Manchester but not into the South Shore.

Client Testimonials for Enza Lilley

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Had Enza not been there, I am confident my birth story would have veered much further than what I desired... I will share more below.

To begin, when asking multiple peers and industry professionals, Enza's name was the only one to roll off their tounge easily - the common phrase was "Oh we love Enza".  As this is our first child, I wasnt sure what support we needed during this process or if having a doula would be redundant, I couldnt have been more wrong.

The support Enza provided was far different than the care of the nurses, midwifes and OBs (who I also needed for different roles during the process).  After an unexpected induction at 38 weeks, Enza showed up before I formally started contracting and stayed by my side for 36+ hours while I slowly progressed (our fault for thinking it would go quickly ;)).  During that time, Enza worked with me to ensure the baby was well positioned to come out using a technique she learned taking additional training, use her backpack full of goodies to help the process along and ensure we were using the right products (example, coconut oil for the win and no tearing!!), and while I slept she would sit and watch the monitors which allowed me to feel confident that if the baby or I were in distress, it would be caught immediately.   Most importantly, Enza acted as a sounding board for my husband and I as we had to make some hard decisions along the way.  Enza never overstepped but helped us process what the midwifes and OBs were suggesting as my husband and I were incredibly tired and having trouble processing information.  

Lastly, Enza was easy to be around during this vulnerable time even though we had only spend a couple hours with her prior.  I COULDNT RECOMMEND HER MORE.  For first time moms, this would the best decision I made during my pregnancy and I wouldnt do this again without her.



I don’t think I could accurately put into words our experience with Enza. I will do my best to describe the love and care she puts into being a doula but really it’s somewhat indescribable! I really wanted a doula to help me through childbirth and my husband was so skeptical of what a doula was or the service they provide. I asked him to keep an open mind and at least meet her. Our meeting went wonderful and we felt so comfortable- even my husband who doesn’t warm up to strangers so quickly. We felt as though we had met with a member of our family we hadn’t seen in a while. Enza has this calming way about her but she is also fun and has a great sense of humor. We absolutely loved her and my husband was 100% on board with hiring her. We had another meeting closer to our delivery date, she gave us lots of tips and tricks to help with labor including laboring at home prior to going to the hospital. The nurses and doctors all seemed to love her at Beverly Hospital as well. During labor she was so supportive. We talked a lot about our families and Italian heritage. She really made me feel so comfortable, kept me laughing and gave my husband comfort as well. I can’t imagine what my labor would have been like without her. I was in labor when the governor shut down Massachusetts due to the pandemic. It was a scary time and she was there to keep me calm. I ultimately ended in emergency c section after 24 hours of labor but Enza was there for it all. I thank my lucky stars I was able to have her by my side for it. Do yourself a favor and hire Enza! You will not be disappointed! She is the best!!!  

Daria D


There are not enough words to describe how amazing Enza is! I was lucky enough to have her by my side twice. My first baby in 2019 was a c section due to her being breech and Enza eased my fears and provided so much comfort and guidance. My husband who was initially skeptical, after meeting her was so happy she would be with us and absolutely loved her like I did. All of her knowledge is just the cherry on top of the what an amazing person she is. She provides motherly love, friendship and humor! Enza was one of the first people I told I when I found out I was pregnant again. I was so excited to have her in my life again through another pregnancy! I was determined to have a VBAC and I knew if anyone could help me achieve my goal it would be Enza. When we found out our 2nd baby was also breech, she was by my side through a successful ECV at 37 weeks which allowed me to go forward with my VBAC plan. In the weeks leading up to labor, I was able to ask Enza all my questions and run all my symptoms by her which was continually putting me at ease. She even came over my house at 40 weeks when I was dying to go into labor and did some exercises with me. About 24 hours later I went into labor! I cannot imagine going through my very long and difficult labor without Enza. She gave me the strength not to give up and understood my deep desire for a successful VBAC. After 23 hours, I gave birth to my baby boy and I am extremely proud of my VBAC story! Even when things did not go as I had planned, I never felt like a failure at any point thanks to Enza. She reassured me that I was making the best decisions in the moment and helped me understand that it was ok if things from my birth plan had to change a little. I truly believe she helped me avoid a 2nd c section. No matter what your birth outcome will be, Enza will only enhance your experience and there is no better decision you could make than hiring her! Enza - thank you for all that you do and all that you are!



I really can't say enough good things about Enza!

She was with us for the second half of labor since our other doula was unexpectedly called away. Enza was at the hospital so quickly and she jumped right in, it was like she had been there the whole time with us.

Enza has a great presence and calming energy. She made me feel really comfortable and gave such a nice leg massage when the contractions started intensifying. I really appreciated her hands-on approach in this way. I felt so at peace with her and I'm so glad she was with me as I delivered my son.


I would absolutely recommend Enza, she is a fantastic doula and a wonderful person to know. 

Tram Le


I would totally recommend Enza to my friends and family. We realy appreciated her assistance throughout the delivery of our first born son. She was caring, funny, sympathetic and available for me whenever I had any questions. Her professionalism even impressed the nurses in my care team. We were grateful to have her on our side. 

Laura Bouchard


Enza was so valuable to me as I went through my first pregnancy and birth. I struggle with anxiety, and I was very anxious about the labor and delivery of my baby. Knowing that Enza would be there for me helped me so much in calming my nerves as the day drew near. The meetings with her regarding a birth vision and what to expect during labor were super helpful as well. I felt prepared and much less anxious. On the day my baby was born, Enza was ready, and she was such a calming presence in the delivery room with my husband and I. She held my hand, encouraged me, and never left my side. I struggled with nausea and pain during the delivery, especially close to the end, and knowing that Enza was there for me helped me through the roughest parts. It was more like a close friend was in the room with us rather than someone we had hired! Due to some trauma suffered during the delivery, my baby ended up being hospitalized for a time after his birth. Enza checked in with me every single day after, until he was able to come home from the hospital, to see how both he and I were doing. When he was finally able to come home, she visited me at home and held him, and it was a wonderful closure to the birth experience. We celebrated together that he was healthy and that I had birthed him and made it through! I would highly recommend Enza to anyone looking for a kind, knowledgeable, and experienced doula. 

Ashley F


Enza was everything I wanted in a doula. My husband and I spoke with her early on in my pregnancy but I knew immediately she was the doula I wanted! She was not only knowledgeable but also so easy to talk to. She heard my needs and did everything in her power to meet those needs. Enza went above and beyond. Period. You will not be disappointed hiring Enza as your doula! 



I cannot say enough good things about Enza or my birth experience with her. First, Enza is just an absolutely lovely person. She's warm and funny and her whole presence is just so easy and calming. Beyond her obvious charm, Enza is a wealth of knowlege regarding the birth process and in alternative pain management therapies. She works very closely with you to develop a plan that is truly tailored to your ideal birth, personality type, and sets realistic expectations. Enza was crucial to my experience in having a successful VBAC. She was also important for us developing a good breastfeeding relationship and checks in frequently on my health and well-being. This is our last child, but if I ever had to do it again I would 1000% hire Enza to be part of my birth team. She is EXCELLENT!!!



Enza joined us for our third birth and both my husband and I wish we could go back to our other births and have her present for all our deliveries. Enza brought perspective, guidance and strength to our labor and delivery. Her prescence was invaluable and we feel blessed to have had her guide our son into this world. We will be recommending her to all of our friends!



Where to begin... Being pregnant and thinking of giving birth in a pandemic was already overwhelming. Not to mention we are first time parents and had no idea what to expect. And then we found Enza...From our first meeting together her light hearted, bubbly personality and wealth of knowledge instantly put us more at ease. She helped us feel more prepared and talked us through what to expect in case she was still not allowed in the hospitals. And then before we knew it it was time... She helped us stay to our ideal birth as much as it was possible. Whenever there was a hurtle she takes us through it and explained what would happen with what options we chose. And then our lovely daughter was born- she was perfect! But the midwife seemed a little frantic and telling me to give good pushes to get the placenta out. Doctors were called in and I was starting to panic. Enza was right by my side- looking into my eyes and explaining calmly what was going on and it was non life threatening and I would be ok. And when I had to go to the OR for it to be fully removed she was right there with my husband and new born daughter. I have no idea what I would have done without her and neither does my husband. We are so greatful for everything Enza did for us and continues to support us. As my husband says... We would never want to do a birth without her!

Michele Penn


I could not have imagined a more amazing experience having Enza as our doula! She was knowledgeable, kind, friendly, funny, assuring, and comforting. She has such a friendly, affable disposition that naturally puts you at ease. It’s a pleasure to talk to her and laugh more during a period that can easily become stressful. We had a few scary moments during our delivery, and she provided great support along the way, helping to keep us both calm. Her way of putting us at ease made it feel like having a warm relative in the room with us. She helped explain circumstances that might have puzzled us, continually checked in on us, and, after the baby was born, she remained in touch and made follow-up visits. This was our first time working with a doula, and we could not be more grateful that we chose Enza. She really was ideal! Surely there are many competent doulas on the market, but what distinguishes one from the other is the personalities that inform the work, and Enza’s personally is infectiously joyful, comforting, and encouraging. We could
not more enthusiastically recommend her!


Katrina Tomacchio


Enza truly is an incredible doula and we could not be more grateful for her role in our daughter's birth. She is an absolute joy to work with! We HIGHLY recommend her. Enza is remarkably kind, thoughtful, sweet, caring, encouraging, supportive and loving. Not to mention, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and highly beneficial skills to the table. She is definitely someone you want to have by your side during birth! Being pregnant and planning a birth during COVID-19 can be extremely anxiety-inducing; it makes a world of a difference to have someone like Enza in your corner. When, in my third trimester, I decided that I no longer felt comfortable moving forward with a birth in a birth center, Enza talked me through what a home birth might look like, how to coordinate it and even recommended a highly experienced midwife in my area. I would never have been able to pull off a home birth without Enza's support and encouragement! She guided me in all the right directions and was there to help ease any stress and anxiety along the way. The actual day/night of delivery was absolutely wonderful. Our home birth went off without a hitch, completely unmedicated, and Enza was spectacular! She helped my husband take an active role, while alleviating some of the stress for him - she provided helpful suggestions for ways he could get involved without demanding, the way a nurse in a hospital might dictate "here, hold her leg!" He felt at ease with Enza present. She provided ample comfort measures for me that helped keep me calm and focused, she supported and encouraged me when I felt like I couldn't do it any longer, made me laugh more times than I can count, and she was a shoulder to cry on postpartum when breastfeeding wasn't working out the way we'd hoped. She was a source of constant support and love. We hope to hire Enza for any and all subsequent births and we highly suggest you do too! 



Katie & Chad


We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Enza throughout our pregnancy, labor and delivery, and early weeks postpartum! Having Enza on our team absolutely increased our feelings of confidence and success. 

We did not expect our first pregnancy to happen during a pandemic. That solidified our interest in working with a doula for added support. Naturally, we wanted to work with someone who would bring experience, a non-judgemental approach, emotional support, and resources for making labor and delivery a positive, empowering experience. Enza checked all those boxes and more. Our first meeting with Enza felt like meeting with an old friend -- we knew we were in good hands right away. 

We had a few unexpected hiccups late in pregnancy which kind of rocked our world -- gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension, ultimately leading to an induction at 37 weeks. Always just a text/email/call away, Enza gave us support, reassurance, guidance, and reminders to take things one step at a time. This helped us feel more confident and positive about the experience we ended up with. We were so lucky that she was able to attend our birth given the pandemic, as she was the coach that I needed to keep me as grounded and physically comfortable as possible and she provided emotional support to us both at the most intense moments. 

Additionally, Enza’s postpartum support was so valuable. She continued to be available to us when we had questions or moments of doubt and as always, she was there to offer advice/resources and remind us that we could handle it! 

We think so highly of Enza and her supportive, gentle, empowering approach. It’s the type of support I would wish for all pregnant people and families to have access to. Should we be blessed with another pregnancy down the road, you can bet we will be calling Enza!



Sarah G


I had the complete opposite of the birth I imagined for myself. It seemed like everything was crashing down around us as one thing after another went away from our plan. After a lot induction process, I ended up with an emergency c section which was my worst fear. Having Enza there the entire time as our doula was amazing. As first time parents, we felt so confident with Enza's support, advice and encouragement throughout what was the toughest thing we've experienced so far as a couple. She was exactly what I hoped she would be during my labor. Calm and kind, steadfast and comforting. Knowledgeable and confident. She has a presence that is like a warm hug!!! You just know everything is going to be okay when Enza is there. We highly recommend her and can't sing her praises enough. When I felt at my lowest and most vulnerable, she was a rock who reassured me and came beside me and didn't leave until it was all over and I held my beautiful baby boy. Hire her! You won't regret it. 

Kim and Rob Lamoureux


Enza is absolutely amazing, and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Our birth was the furthest thing possible from what we had planned and hoped for. However, Enza was with us every step of the way, offering support, advice, and encouragement. I truly feel that I couldn't have done it without her help. And her postpartum service has been phenomenal. More than anyone else in my care team, I reached out to her in those early days with all kinds of questions about how things were going with our newborn, because I new that I would always receive a response right away. Enza is kind, compassionate, and warm. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly to support you on your birth journey.



Throughout the beginning of this COVID pandemic, Enza was not allowed into the hospital for births but lucky for us, she was allowed in just weeks before my due date! I was nearly 2 weeks late and ended up being induced. That led to a very long (over 46 hour) labor. Once Enza arrived, she stayed with us until my son was born taking only 1 short break in 24 hours. She made me feel confident in the decisions I made and when I ultimately had to have a c section, continued to support us by reassuring me and talking me through what to expect. Her experience and relationships with the Beverly hospital staff made me feel very well supported. I truly believe that she is THE BEST doula ever!! I couldn't imagine going through labor without her.



My husband and I had an amazing experience with Enza. I will definitely hire her as my doula for any other babies I have. After interviewing multiple doulas, I felt the most comfortable with and confident in Enza. She has lots of experience, she is a very good listener, she has a ton of knowledge, she is very caring and empathetic. She was funny and brought levity at just the right time, but also listened to my littlest concerns with care. I had my baby during the pandemic, so, sadly,  she was not allowed to be present at my birth. Even so, any moments during labor or delivery that I was scared, needed reassurance, or to talk over a decision, we called her up. When I was nervous about a recommendation my provider gave, she explained it to me and helped me walk through what to do. She didn’t tell me what to do, but laid out the situation and let me husband and I talk things over. She always had my best interest in mind. After the birth, she was and has been very supportive in processing my birth experience and life as a new mom.



Due to the covid19 situation Enza was not permitted to be in the hospital with us during labor as only one support person was allowed. She was able to join us via video chat and provide support that way. Her presence was much appreciated as labor was quick and overwhelming towards the end, she was able to keep reminding me to breathe as things intensified. My third baby girl was born with no tears or excess bleeding (a concern from a previous birth).

Even though we would have preferred Enza to be present in person, her virtual presence was invaluable and we were so glad to have her with us as we welcomed our daughter to this crazy world.

Bill & Ksana


Enza recently served as my wife's doula for the second time this past January. It's hard to summarize how much we appreciate Enza's presence in our life other than to say I am certain that serving as a doula is Enza's true calling. During both pregnancies and births Enza made both my wife and myself at ease and allowed us to focus on our respective roles. Personally, as a husband and father, Enza allowed me to put all the attention on my wife and our new child. While the decisions made by my wife and I were those of our own. Having someone as experienced as Enza bolsters each decision and provides a sense of confidence unachievable without someone by your side. 

My wife was fortunate enough to naturally give birth each time. The first in the Beverly Hospital and the second time in the Birth Center. In both settings Enza knew exactly how to set up the room, who to speak to, who not to speak to, and served as a gentle yet confident advocate for my wife the whole way through.

In both births we were able to stay home right up until the moment was right. And in both births my wife was able to return home that same day. Much of that success is due to Enza's coaching and thoughtful preparation. The rest of the credit goes to my incredible wife who demonstrated unbelievable strength and focus during both births.

I encourage anyone looking for a Doula to consider Enza!

As a bonus, the new Mom's Groups that Enza hosts were a great way for my wife to participate in a positive community of Mom's and fostered friendships among other parents in the area.

Renae Murphy


Enza is an Angel sent from Heaven! While my partner and I eagerly anticipated the day we were blessed with a child, the act of giving birth to a baby was always one of my biggest fears. My homeopathic doctor, Dr. Christine Cronin was cohosting an open house event with her chiropractic partner and they held a big charitable raffle (tickets for donations to Danvers Food Bank) with dozens of prizes and Enza, Angel that she is, donated a gift certificate for her complete service as a raffle prize. I was the lucky winner, who didn’t even know what a doula was. I read about it on her website and thought this was exactly who I needed to get me through the scariest, most important moment of my life. When I called her, I cried and cried when she convinced me that yes, the gift certificate was for her entire service. I had never won anything so valuable before, and at a time it was so needed. I immediately felt comfortable with Enza when we met, and I knew I was meeting someone I would NEVER forget. She helped me physically, mentally, and spiritually through the entire experience. She made me feel fully supported and empowered through the whole 48 hour labor and 2 hours of pushing. I will absolutely be having her by my side when we have our next one! Thank you, Enza, for the most generous, valuable gift I have ever been blessed with. My baby is 2 months old now and I’m still crying every time I think of Enza and what she did for us (and for Danvers Food Bank, too.)

Beth Balawick


As first time parents, my husband and I felt like we needed some extra support during labor. It turns out that Enza was an absolute necessity for us. Her knowledge and supportive presence meant that we were able to have a meaningful and magical birth experience - despite things not going to plan. Enza's compassion before, during, and after our little one's arrival made us feel more confident in the face of all the unknown new things happening. We will always cherish the beautiful memories of bringing a new life into this world with Enza by our side.



A+, 10 out of 10, and all of the stars !

1.) Continuity of care: these days you don't know who will be in the labor room with you, it's whoever is on the schedule. With Enza, that doesn't really matter because she will be with you regardless of delivery staff scheduling. For my prenatal care I met with midwives and was well aware that it could be any one of the midwives in the delivery room with me. Depending on your relationships with each person, you could either be very happy or very upset with who is there for you when you go into labor, but having Enza really erased that for us because I knew no matter who we had with us it would be ok because we had our sweet, calm and wise doula. 

2.) Comfort during the final weeks: you're going to have questions at all hours during the final weeks, and you'll want to ask a trusted professional, not the internet. Enza was there to answer all of our questions and give us peace of mind.

3.) Eases stress on your partner: Enza allowed my husband to be totally present with me during labor because she managed the room and spoke to the people coming in and out for us. Without her, my husband would have had to be split between holding my hand and then leaving me to adjust the lights, get me a drink/cold cloth, speak to someone in the room about my needs, etc. Enza handled all of that for us, so it freed my partner up to be totally focused on me.

4.) Creates peaceful birthing atmosphere: Enza made the hospital bathtub feel like a spa with candlelight, calming music and a relaxing scent coming from her oil diffuser.

5.) She knows all of the tricks to make you comfortable: from her knowledge of pressure points to simply brushing the hair from your face, Enza knows how to  make you as comfortable as possible during a most uncomfortable time. For the rest of my life, I will be grateful for the birth experience I was able to have because of Enza. Give yourself the gift of a doula.

Terrence Fox


Enza is outstanding. Having your first child is an overwhelming, rollercoaster of emotions. My wife and I were surprised with our pregnancy & Enza brought an incredibly calming, reassuring presence that i'll forever be grateful for. Love her. If you have any hesitations or questions on working with a Doula/Enza please have her connect you with me, I'd be happy to speak further about our experience. 

See you soon Enza!!!!!

Terrence Fox



Thank you Enza! Overall, I can't say enough good things about our experience before, during and after our daughter's birth! Enza was a positive, joyful presence. She helped me to truly enjoy every minute!

I was introduced to Enza through my care providers. They gave a glowing reccomendation of her services as a birth doula. We met for an interview where I was able to ask all my questions and get a good sense of who Enza is as a person. I found her to be genuinely interested, caring and professional. I selected her because of these qualities and her years of experience. I took home a contract that day and I mailed it to her with a deposit once I had decided to hire her. 

We met again two times before the due date. The first time Enza guided me through making a birth plan/wish list. This got me to think about some things that I hadn't considered and helped Enza to know what I was hoping for in my delivery experience. She was very clear about what she ususally does to assist in birth and she fully answered all of my questions. 

Throughout the pregnancy, Enza was responsive and proactive both reaching out and staying in touch with me. This includes afterwards when she visited in the hospital and later, a home visit.

The day of the birth was exceptionally good! Enza was prompt, arriving at the hospital only a few minutes after I did. She stayed for the entire labor. There were several of our family members and care providers in the room and she was calm and friendly with all of them. She suggested various positions to me throughout the labor to ease the contractions and help the baby come out when it was time. She played music that I was comfortable with, kept the lights low and offered plenty of encouragement! Enza is also hands-on to help make the labor easier and more pleasant. 

If I had to do this birth again, I would do it exactly the same way!


Sandra F.


The moment we met Enza I knew I wanted her as my Doula. She’s very warm, easy to talk to and comfortable to be around. When it came time for my delivery, Enza was available, on time and smiling - ready to help me through a long night. During the delivery there were several times we (my husband, Enza and I) were all alone, no nurse or midwife in the room and my husband and I would have been scared and unsure of what to do during certain times without Enza guiding us and telling us all was ok/normal. She stayed with us for a few hours after the delivery, returned to the hospital to visit with us and talk through the experience the next day and has checked in with us every day since leaving the hospital. I told Enza my birth plan and she helped me execute it (unmedicated, vaginal birth). She’s been as supportive and loving as a mother. We can’t say enough good things about this lovely woman and would highly recommend her. 



Enza is simply the best. She is so caring and nurturing, and she wants to support YOU in the best way she can. She goes above and beyond to get to know you, your partner, and your wishes before the birth, and is super accomodating all along the way. I reached out to Enza multiple times throughout my pregnancy and she was always responsive and super helpful to my many questions and concerns. It turned out I didn't like to be physically touched during labor pains, but Enza found ways to comfort me and direct my husband throughout the entire process. We don't know what we would have done without her! 



Our experience with Enza was by far the most unexpected joy! We were looking for a doula because we wanted a different experience for our second birth. At every turn, Enza went above and beyond. She was there for us when we needed her most. She was selfless and completely invested in our birth experience. She has wisdom and knowledge that surpasses what we expected from a doula. She knew better than anyone in the room that baby was about to make her entrance. We had planned a calm and natural birth. What we got was a dream! I never thought I would describe birth that way. Enza coached us through every difficult moment and helped us stay ahead of things. She helped us stay calm and advocate for what we wanted, even if her views differed. Thanks to Enza I (mom) was able to overcome birth related PTSD when it mattered most. Enza effectively redirected my mind and helped me relax my body. Her affirmations, consistency, wisdom, and prayers during the birth ensured the safety and health of both me and baby. Her presence was a welcome joy for us and our midwives alike. She was an integral part of our team and made all of our hard work and preparation come to life. We can’t say a bad word about her and what she offers to families anticipating an upcoming birth. Thank you Enza!



I cannot even begin to express how lucky I feel to have met Enza and had her be a part of my birth story. She is truly a special woman! Her warmth and humor put us completely at ease and made me feel so confident and empowered for labor. She completely prepared me and my husband for what to expect during birth and answered any and all questions we had which was so wonderful being a first time mom. My husband started off so skeptical about even hiring a doula but he turned to me after our 2nd meeting with Enza and said "I feel SO much better knowing that she will be there!". Even my midwives were thrilled when they found out Enza was the doula I had hired! I had always envisioned having an unmedicated birth and I knew that having Enza there to support me, I would be able to avoid the interventions I did not want. All was going so well until I found out at almost 39 weeks my baby had turned breech. I was so distraught at the idea of having a C-Section. I told Enza that I had scheduled an External Version at the hospital (a procedure to manipulate the baby into a headdown position) and I was surprised to have Enza say that she was going to be there with me. I am so happy that she was because it was a lot more painful than I anticipated and she stayed with me for hours as they monitored the baby. Sadly, I think I was just too far along for the baby to have any room to move and a C-Section was scheduled. Enza was there for me, constantly checking in emotionally as I was processing the loss of my natural birth. I did not realize how much I needed someone who understood the disappointment I was feeling and I would have felt so alone going into the C-Section with a doctor I did not know. I never thought a doula could provide so much support during a C-Section but I cannot recommend enough to anyone having one to have a doula like Enza there. When my husband had to leave with the baby while I was stitched, Enza stayed which kept me calm. Enza is a must for any birth!

Julie V


Words cannot describe how incredible Enza was as a support for us both before the birth of our daughter and during the induction and delivery process. We highly recommend Enza for anyone looking for a Doula. We believe she was truly sent by the Lord to us. I had been fearful of childbirth since I was a young lady and Enza helped to hold my hand - literally at times - through the entire birth experience. She answered many questions that I had along the way and always made me feel safe and secure. She is extremely professional and knowledgable in her field, while remaining down to earth and super friendly. You will feel like you have a guardian angel with you to support you, during what can be a frightening time. I was specifically looking for someone who was a Christian, since my faith is so much a part of my life, and Enza turned out to be a perfect match for us! She is ready to help in any way necessary and even prayed with us at our request. We felt so much peace and joy during the long labor induction process, despite my previous fears and Enza’s calming presence was a huge part of that. She continued to follow up with me after the birth of our daughter and made sure I was doing okay once we were at home.  Please choose Enza if you are looking for a perfect Doula! She is the best!!!

Christina Kalinowsky


Enza was recommended by a couple of midwives I had seen early on in my pregnancy, and I couldn't have been happier with her!  She was so supportive and knowledgable in helping my husband and I prepare for the birth of our first child. And then, 3 weeks from our due date we found out our baby was breech. A c-section was scheduled, and despite our best efforts to get her to flip (acupuncture, spinning babies, chiropractor), the baby wouldn't budge. The idea of a c-section scared me more than a vaginal birth, but having Enza there made all the difference. A week or so before the c-section Enza came to our house to walk us through the process and answer any questions we might have. On 2/27 we met Enza at the hospital and we got prepped to meet our baby girl by c-section. Having Enza by our side was so valuable. She was an advocate for our birth wishes, and a calming presence in an otherwise intimidating environment. As a result we had an incredibly beautiful birth experience. I had been so disappointed and scared when I learned we would have to have a c-section, but because of Enza it turned out wonderfully. I couldn't recommend her more!

Alena Dillon


I was anxious about the process of labor and delivery, but as soon as we met and booked Enza I felt like this was something I could do. She didn’t impose any philosophy on us. She wanted to do her best to create the kind of experience we wanted. 

As labor began, it was such a relief to have an expert to call and rely on since I wasn’t sure what I was experiencing. When we were ready to go to the hospital, she met us there right away and offered wisdom, comfort, and a calming presence throughout the next 15 hours. She provided pain relief through massage and pressure point techniques. She coached me through every contraction. And she was a second trusted opinion to have in the room if there was any doubt with the medical professional. Perhaps most critically, she set a tone and provided an example for my husband, who was an excellent support person, but perhaps wouldn’t have been so steady and comforting without her as a model. Post delivery, she’s continued to be an invaluable resource to contact as questions and uncertainties rise with the care of my son and my own transforming body. 

I am so glad she was part of our birthing team. I can’t recommend her enough. 

Caitlyn Visconte


I would recommend Enza to anyone interetsted in a doula. I did not have one with my first pregancny and felt completely unprepared. I met with Enza two times while pregnant with my second and it was like having a private labor and delviery class and was super informative and heloful. She made me feel mcuh more confident going into my second birth. While I ended up having a c section I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn more about labor and delvery from her. She is warm and supportive and truly the best!

Kate Harrington


Enza is wonderful.  The moment we met her, we knew that she would provide a supportive presence during our birth -- and when the time came, she soared above and beyond our expectations.  In our 3rd trimester meetings, she became very familiar with our desires, and she also gave us a clear picture of what to expect during labor. We're first time parents, and we had very few ideas about how we wanted our labor to go -- this did not faze her, and she was able to ask the necessary questions in order to guide us toward a vision.


Of course, birth is unpredictable, and I had to make a few big and unexpected decisions during labor.  Enza was right there by my side, and made me feel validated and supported in my choices. There is not an ounce of judgment in her being. I also went through several phases of emotion -- there were times when I needed to cry, times when I needed to meditate, and times when I needed to laugh out loud -- and she adapted to all of it, building a space where I could be expressive in exactly the ways I needed to.


Whe was also a very important presence for my husband -- she made sure he was eating and napping, recognizing that he, too, was about to become a new (and probably sleep deprived) parent.  


Finally, what is extra special about Enza is that she's been here for us since the birth. Our son was born ten days ago, and we've received daily texts from her checking in and making sure we're doing okay. When I think about our experience with labor and delivery, I will always remember Enza's kindness, support, humor, and grit.  She is incredible, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula.

Amy Gatlin


When I first met Enza I felt at ease and connected with her right away.  I knew it was the right decision to use her as our doula for our birth especially it being our first baby.  I felt so relieved to know I would have her support.  During the week leading up to my birth and the 20 hour labor Enza was an integral part of each stage of labor.  My labor was full of unexpected turns as most are and ended in an unplanned and definitely unforseen C-Section.  I was also able to go almost the entire labor with no added interventions such as pain medication because of Enza's support, encouragement, counter-pressure measures to relieve pain, and coaching.  Both my husband and I felt that having Enza there relieved so much stress and added so much incredible support that we can't believe that women do this without a doula!  It seriously felt like the day would not have gone as well without her.  We can't say enough good things about our experience with Enza.  She has also been great at following up and encouraging us in the difficult first few days and weeks of having a newborn. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sheena Marie


Words cannot explain how amazing Enza is! She is friendly, warm, passionate, caring and even funny (yes, we had a few laughs even during my labor). My goal was to have an intervention free birth and I felt having a doula would help my husband and I achieve our perfect birth story. We knew from our initial meeting Enza was the person we wanted with us for the birth or our son. She was amazing from my very first email all the way through pregnancy and labor to even weeks after my son was born.

As things do happen the birth of our son didn’t go as 100% planned. My water broke and contractions would not start on their own and my body needed a little assistance. I was upset because I wanted a completely unmedicated birth and especially no epidural but I felt like once the medication was started I wasn’t going to be able to fulfill my own wishes. Enza was encouraging, uplifting, attentive, reassuring and made sure we did everything in our powers to have as natural of a birth as possible even with the initial set back. On top of it all Enza was due to leave 2 minutes before my son was born (he even knew she needed to be there for his birth) and after his arrival I had to be sent to the OR for a procedure. Enza turned to me and said she wasn’t leaving my side and came to the OR with me so my husband could stay with our newly born son. My husband and I could not have done it without her and I can’t imagine not having her a part of our sons birth (so much so that we named our son after one of her sons).


Jaime Freedman


Upon first meeting Enza I thought that her wealth of knowledge, down to earth demeanor and sincerity would make her an ideal coach during my labor and delivery. As it turns out, I was right. Having her by our side when my labor didn't go as planned was invaluable to my husband and I. We also gained so much from the workshop that she taught on labor and delivery and felt very prepared when the time came. I would recommend Enza to all of my friends and relatives.

Kirsten Grieshaber


I first met Enza in front of Beverly Hospital  when I was 6cm dilated and experiencing contractions that made it difficult  to talk. She agreed at the last minute to provide support  to me through  my labor and delivery  when my own doula became sick.  With very little  info about me and no baseline of communication  w me to compare my non-labor personality w that when under the unique stresses of labor,  Enza stepped in quickly  and immediately  set me at ease. 

Very quickly  I felt that I'd known  Enza  for a long time. She seemed able to naturally read the needs of my husband  and me. In addition  to providing support I requested specifically (aromatherapy,  massage) she also proactively  suggested different  positions  for labor and patiently  provided support and suggestions as the labor became more intense and difficult.

Enza was also incredibly supportive immediately after and in the days following the delivery. She checked in frequently to ensure that I was doing well and offered guidance with areas where I had questions and in those that I did not yet know questions would exist.

It's clear to me that Enza truly loves what she does and offers support out of her genuine high  regard for the well-being of her clients. I'd highly  recommend  to anyone seeking doula support! 


Catherine Daze


Enza was paramount to our natural and calm birth. She was able to meet with us a couple of times before the birth to breif us on the usual cycle of birth to get us ready. She also acted as a advocate for us and worked as an intermediary between the midwives and hospital staff. Her many years of experience helped us greatly going through labor. She had insight or what would make labor easier and more effective for both mom baby and dad. She really is and will continue to be a mommy's freind. She is very prompt with responses- email and text and attentive and supportive through out pregnancy and new motherhood. 



Juliette Lynch


This was the second time we had the privilege of working with Enza, and she again was such a wonderful support before, during and after the birth of our daughter.We first met Enza during a childbirth class, and after hearing about her experience and meeting with other families who had worked with her, we realized we wanted to work with a doula, and we wanted to work with Enza specifically. She was literally a life-saver during our first birth as we experienced unexpected complications, and without her help, attention and advocacy, things might have been very different for our family. So it was no surprise we asked to be part of our team with our second child! 

Enza was always a phone call or text away during pregnancy, and we were thankful to have someone so knowledgeable about natural childbirth. We met with Enza to go over the birth plan at 37 weeks, and talked about how we hoped this birth would go, knowing that we can't control the outcome. During labor, I greatly appreciated Enza's steadfastness and encouragement. At one point, she looked at me inbetweem contractions and said, "We are writing a new story. This is a new birth. Let go of thinking about all the things that happened last time." She was right, and her offering that perspective helped me let go of any previous worries and instead focus on birthing this baby. When our second daughter was born, it was a joyous celebration for all three of us. 

Enza knows that care for a new mom doesn't end after birth. She regularly texts, calls and visits in the weeks following delivery, offering a listening ear and helpful advice, knowing that postpartum can be challenging. We so valued Enza's love, prayer, support and laughter over the past three years that we have known her and worked with her. She was and continues to be a gift to us, and we can't recommend her enough!

Krista Mansfield


We selected Enza as our doula after having multiple friends recommend her. She has a positive and encouraging personality, which we realized as soon as we first met her. Throughout my entire pregnancy she was always accessible for questions or suggestions. She came to our house two times before birth to get to know us, talk about the birth process and prepare us. Our birth did not go as planned, but she was there every step of the way encouraging me and helping me feel confident in the process that happened. After birth she stayed and helped us in the first few hours of bonding and nursing. I would highly recommend her to all as she is a wonderful support throughout the entire pregnancy, delivery and even afterwards. Thank you for your care and dedication!

Tiffany Kim


Working with Enza was absolutely wonderful. Pregnant with our first child, I knew I wanted to birth with a midwife and a doula, and had plans to attempt an unmedicated birth. As often happens with labor, my plans didn't exactly pan out. I ended up being induced at 37 weeks for low fluid. It took DAYS to get labor started (my body clearly wasn't ready yet). Enza stayed in touch with us via phone and text during my induction, and was ready and willing to come to the hospital anytime we needed her. Once I was finally in a more active (but early) labor pattern, we called for her to come to the hospital and it was a such a relief when she arrived. She coached and supported me and my husband through each contraction, helped me to relax, encouraged me, provided direction and focus, and helped us negotiate all the cords and IV fluids required during an induction. She was tireless in her support. When I decided I wanted an epidural, I never felt like she was judging me or disappointed - she affirmed that my decision was my own to make and the right one for me under the circumstances. She was at my side when I pushed our baby girl out, when I hemmoraged post partum and needed to have a painful clot extraction (YIKES!), and as I recovered and initiated breastfeeding. All of this would've been more than enough to recommend her, but her support of us continued on long after labor was over. I probably texted her a hundred times in the days and weeks following our daughter's birth. I was so overhwhelmed as a new mom with a beautiful but colicky newborn - Enza patiently listened, encouraged and supported me through that stage as well. She prayed for us and loved us so well. I simply can't say enough. If you have the chance to work with Enza, you will not be disappointed. She was (and continues to be) a gift to my family.

Alexandra Kontsevaia


We absolutely love Enza, she helped up bring our first child into this world. She was the guide and the support we needed as we were uncertain in the process. She is definitely our fairy godmother and we are so lucky to know her! 

Renuka Burns


There are no words to describe how fabulous Enza is as a doula. She went above and beyond from the second we signed our contract with her all the way through to the birth of our baby boy. I was very nervous throughout my pregnancy and especially during labor and Enza put me at ease every step of the way with her calming presence, kind hearted nature and motivational words. She is so knowledgeable and really puts all of herself into her work. I had a particularly long and difficult labor and am honestly still shocked to have made it through. I can’t recommend her highly enough as she is truly one of the most wonderful women I have ever had the pleasure to know. 

Rebecca Gosnell


Enza was with us for the birth of our first child. Her support was invaluable to us, so it should be no surprise that she was one of ourfirst calls when I became pregnant with our second child! She was readily available throughout the pregnancy and supported us through a medical scare as well. During labor, Enza helped me through each phase, offering different positions and strategies for pain management. Most importantly, Enza was an emotionally stable presence. Not only because she’s done this before, but because she was there to specifically care for us. There were complications to this birth and having someone we trusted, who knew our priorities and values, meant so much to us. Enza was there every step of the way and rejoiced with us in the ultimate delivery of a happy and healthy baby! Her care for us was genuine and we will not hesitate to call her should we welcome a third baby in the future.

Teresa Hartmann


Enza was a grounded and calming prescence at the birth of my second daughter. She allowed me to do my own thing while being attentive and active, suggesting measures that would help me and most importantly reminding me to breathe! The labor progressed well and from her wealth of experience Enza was able to tell me when to get into position to push as I wasn't actually aware I had reached that stage! My 9lb 13oz daughter was born after only a few pushes and with no tears. After the birth I had some bleeding and Enza stayed by my side while I went through a dizzying round of medical staff addressing it. Both myself and my husband are so glad that we hired Enza and can't reccommend her highly enough!

Amy Kingman


Working with Enza has been nothing short of a life saving experience! I knew I wanted extra support and knowledge for the birth of my first baby and at first, my husband was skeptical because he worried having a doula would diminish his role. As soon as we met Enza, we knew it was a perfect fit for us. She empowered us both with knowledge, while also keeping our plan flexible and realistic. She listens carefully and never judges your choices, while gently providing the guidance needed. During our birth, she helped us advocate for what we wanted with the nurses and doctor and we had a wonderful experience from start to finish. 


I didnt realize we would also get so many post-partum visits and support from a Enza. I had a hard time adjusting my first few weeks of motherhood and seeing and talking with a Enza was a huge help. My husband and I both feel like she is an old, dear friend to us even though we just met her a few months ago!

Hiring Enza was by far the best choice I’ve made in a long time. I highly encourage others to do so - it is money INCREDIBLY well spent! 

Ellice Condon


Enza was our doula for our daughter‘s birth in August. We didn’t quite know what to expect with hiring a doula, but quickly learned Enza was there to support us in whatever our wishes were. She passes no judgement, has no agenda of her own to push, and genuinely wants to help you in any way she can. Enza spent time with us in or home getting to know us, lent us great books, and was always a quick text away leading up to labor. During labor, she was calm, comforting, reassuring and found ways to make us laugh (not an easy feat in my situation!). She brought music, oils, and candles for our room, and stayed with us until we had our precious baby girl in our arms. After delivery, she came to visit us and brought us a beautiful gift basket of all sorts of goodies that we needed (chocolate!) and continue to use (mother‘s Milk tea!). Thank you, Enza - it was so nice getting to know you. 

Megan Everest


Enza, right from the begining, was warm and friendly to me and my husband. She is so knowledgeable and experienced in being a doula. Whenever we had a question or concern, she was quick to respond and with articles or books to support her information. I never felt like I wasnt supported by my doula. Enza goes above and beyond the duties and responsibilities she laid out in the initial meeting. When I needed her the most she was there For me. I will be hiring her again for my next child. We loved her!!

Esther Oko


Enza is a great person and a wonderful doula. Her presence in the labour room made me feel strong and capable. She was with me from 6.30am till 9pm.
Enza was my go -between with doctors and my support when making decisions. She went in with me for my emergency c-section and helped me bond with the baby when she came. I'm grateful to have had her with me. Thank you Enza 

Tiffany Stoffel


I originally went searching for a doula because my family lives over 500 miles away and I wanted a support system I could count on throughout the pregnancy, labor, and delivery process. It felt like an answer to a prayer when I came across Enza's profile. As soon as my husband and I met her, we knew we had found what we needed. Enza has been such a blessing to us as we transitioned into parenthood. We took a birthing class with her that was educational but also fun and lighthearted. We called on her expertise before the labor process started as I experienced restless leg syndrome and she gave wonderful advice. When it came time to labor, Enza was right by our side- never pushy but always offering support and encouragement. Enza helped me prepare a Birth Vision, but ultimately I ended up changing some things up during the actual L&D process. Enza gently reminded me of my Birth Vision but also supported me as I made some varying decisions. I appreciated her ability to provide guidance while still encouraging me to do what I felt was best. Ultimately, I love the way my labor and delivery process took place! I enjoyed giving birth, we had a great team, and I can't thank Enza enough for her expertise. I highly recommend her, especially to any soon to be new parents out there. Thank you Enza!

Rebecca Proodian


It was wonderful to work with Enza during the birth of my second daughter! She is warm and personable, and I felt well-supported by her from our first prenatal visit on. I appreciated her calming presence and constant support througout labor. She is tirelessly committed to her clients, and clearly loves people as well as the proess of birth. She was encouraging, she helped me process when I needed to, and she gave experienced hands-on support during contractions. Having her as a part of my support team greatly enhanced my birth experience, and I would recommend her to anyone I know who is expecting a new baby!

Amanda Murray


My husband and I hired Enza for the birth of our first baby. We found Enza to be knowledgeable, empowering, a good advocate and strong supporter of our needs and desires for our birth experience. Though my birth did not go the way I had thought I wanted it to, Enza was supportive of every decision we made and was helpful in explaining a lot what was happening in a way that was simple, calm and helpful. We loved that she was well-received by all the staff at our hospital and that they were excited to work with Enza as one of my husband's main concerns in hiring a doula. He feared that having a doula would be a situation in which there were too many hands, too many opinions and that our desires may not be heard, however this was not the case and in fact, it was the complete opposite. Enza listened to and heard all of our concerns throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. As someone with high anxiety, I was so grateful to have an additional person with a calm demeanor as part of my labor and delivery. Enza was an absolutely essential support before, during and after our birth and was a wonderful resource and support when my son ended up being admitted to the Special Care Nursery for 10 days. If you are considering a doula, we highly recommend Enza. She is kind, knowledgeable, patient and understanding. She put us at ease as soon as we met her and would love to have her as our doula again in the future. 

Sarah Koontz


As a nurse practitioner I consider myself pretty picky when it comes to choosing a caregiver. I also wasn't convinced that I needed a doula. A colleague heard me talking about how I wanted an unmedicated birth if possible, I wanted to trust my body and be ale to advocate for what I felt was the right decisions for me but I was nervous that my husband would be too overwhelmed to be there for me. She recommended Enza who had assisted her at her birth.

Enza is a truly amazing soul. She is kind, easy going, warm and has a great sense of humor. We were laughing about silly things all the way through my birth experience. I ultimately chose to go with an epidural after a long difficult induction with Pitocin. Not for one minute did Enza question my decisions or make me feel guilty for not wanting to give birth the way I had originally intended. She helped me make each decision with support and flexibility. She encouraged my husband to be involved and allowed us to have our time together when we needed it. 

Enza is not only an amazing doula during birth but she is around prior to pregnancy and available whenever you need her afterwards. She gave us the most thorough assessment when we met for a prenatal appointment. I got to talk about my hopes and fears and verbalize my wishes. While I received great midwife care throughout  pregnancy I had hoped that my midwife would have been so thorough! 

Enza was indispensable after the birth of our son. As new parents we were completely overwhelmed. She was a resource to us as a doula, a lactation consultant and as a fellow mom. Having her number when I needed someone to come hold the baby for even a few seconds while I showered was something I never ended up using but knowing she was there was all we needed.

If you pick Enza you will not be disappointed. She is experienced (close to 200 births!) and kind and that perfect combo of present and directive but not intruding. 

Rachel Fondell


My husband and I cannot recommend Enza highly enough. Her care and support throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum was such a blessing. Beyond my own personal positive experience with Enza, the reaction of the nurses, doctors and midwives to her presence in the room spoke volumes. Every Beverly Hospital staff member that walked in the room knew Enza and seemed delighted she was there. "Oh, nice! Enza is here! Enza's the best! You are in good hands!" I appreciated the way in which Enza advocated for my wishes and stayed by my side throughout the experience and yet simultaneously blended in seemlessly with the medical staff. My mother-in-law was a delivery nurse and indicated that this level of cooperation between doula and staff is not always the case. Here was trust that went both ways, and it led to an overwhelmingly warm, supportive, and assuring atmosphere. When I was wanted to quit, Enza kept me going. She also helped my husband to play an active role as well. We are so grateful that Enza was a part of the birth of our first little one and will definitely be encouraging friends who are expecting to seek her out!

Megan Weidemann


My husband and I were thrilled to have Enza as our doula! My husband and I are christians and to know that our birthing "couch" or "supporter" was also a believer gave us great security and peace. All of this was even more important to us because we were 1500 miles away from our home state, and it was our first baby. Enza prayed with us and consistently had a calm and encouraging spirit throughout our birthing process and delivery. Although I don't have any other birth to base my birthing experience on, I personally felt that my labor and delivery was very tough. I know that without Enza helping me through literally every contraction, I wouldn't have reached my goal to have a natural birth. I am grateful for her perseverance, love, and authenticity. I highly recommend Enza for anyone looking for a doula who is completely dedicated to their passion of helping women through this highly vulnerable and intense thing called childbirth! Thank you so very much, Enza!

Brooke Park


My sweet Renee came to us 2 weeks late after a week of prodromal labor. Enza was so great and supportive even through all our false starts (coming to our house one night at 4am only to have the contractions die down). My first born was an emergency csection and I was trying for a VBAC. I labored around 27 hours with Enza doing counter pressure, massage and helping me to change positions to get the baby into position and help me dilate. My husband was so exhausted from all our false labor that it was such a godsend to have Enza there so he could rest but I could still have support. She was the perfect blend of soothing, encouraging and also challenging me to try hard positions to get baby to drop lower. She was a calming presence but also helped me to laugh and joke between contractions (which is my personality and very much apprexisted!) After about 20 hours at the hospital I was still stuck around 7cm and completely exhausted. I decided to have an epidural to rest before pushing and Enza suggested I use the peanut ball to help me dilate while resting. In two hours I got to 10cm with the peanut! We turned down my epidural to I could better control my pushing. My big girl took hours to push out and through it all Enza was providing great encouragement and reminding me that I was strong, I could do it and that the baby was almost here (even though I was pretty grumpy in return!) After 4 hours of pushing with the support of Enza, my husband and our wonderful midwife I had a successful VBAC! I ended up having very serious hemorrhaging after my birth and Enza was such a comforting support for my husband and stayed a few hours after our birth to make sure we were all okay. Both my husband and I can't imagine our birth without Enza. I think her pain management techniques helped me to labor naturally as long as possible and also potentially helped us prevent a repeated csection. We are so grateful and if we ever have a third biological child we will use her again!

Rachel Litzinger


I highly recommend Enza for so many reasons. From the start, she was an incredible help for both my husband and I. Her initial visits helped us think through questions and scenarios we would not have anticipated. This really helped me get over fears I had about labor and feel much more prepared. She got to know both of us - how we interacted and what our preferences and goals regarding birth were. She is knowledgable and caring and I was beyond impressed with her services even before labor.

During labor she brought a presence with her that was calming and reassuring. She helped me through each contraction, I didn't lose focus during any of them with her there. When I started to lose focus, she would say or do just the right thing to bring me back and help me through it. She has an incredible gift of being able to help you decide how to move forward, offering advice and options and truly letting everything be your decision. She is practical and doesn't sugar-coat things, which is something my personality needed and really appreciated. She is so incredibly intentional and caring the entire time, which helped me to relax, focus and make it through what I'd certainly label as the hardest hours of my life. I followed her lead as we moved through active labor and the result was a baby no longer in the OP position and a completely natural birth.

After delivery my daughter had complications breathing, Enza stayed with me while my husband was able to be with our new daughter in the special care unit. Enza was there with me, chatting and offering advice, which helped me to not fall apart in those few hours between delivery and when I was recovered enough to go be with my daughter again.

I am so grateful Enza was my doula and really cannot give her enough of a recommendation in this short text box!

Erica Gregory


We were fortunate enough to meet Enza and to have her with us for the birth of our second daughter.  I was nervous going into this delivery because my goal was for a VBAC (my first daughter was born via C-section because she was in a breech position).  During my first meeting with Enza, I expressed my fears and concerns, and she was both realistic about the sucess of a VBAC, but also conveyed to me a confidence and optimism that really boosted my moral about going forward with my goal.  Every single member of the hospital staff that night who entered our room, immediately smiled when they saw Enza!  It was so nice that she already had a great connection and reputation at Beverly Hospital.  As we labored through the night, Enza guided us through contractions, and had many helpful suggestions to relive my discomfort.  She and my husband worked so well together, and she never left my side.  When I decided to get an epidural, Enza talked through the decision with me, and encouraged me to think through what I wanted to do.  The pushing stage of labor was absolutely exhausting, and I didn't think that I was going to get through it.  Enza kept quietly encouraging me that I could do it, and I know that her encouragement also helped my husband get through the hardest part of watching me struggle.  We came through it all with a successful VBAC, and Enza's support and encouragement throughout a long labor and delivery were priceless.  

I would encourage any expectant mother to hire a doula, and Enza has a true gift.  Her personality is upbeat, but she is very soothing and comforting while conveying such wonderful energy.  I cannot recommend her highly enough, and if we have one more baby, can't wait to have her there with us again!  Thank you Enza!

Erin Fischer Mendell


I gave birth to my second child on October 7th with Enza by my side. After having a complicated delivery with my first child, I desperately wanted a drug free childbirth for my second but seriously doubted my ability to do it all on my own. With the help of Enza and my incredible husband, I was able to go on and have my completely natural drug free child birth!! Enza is a very special woman and an incredible doula. She is calm, knowledgeable, and best of all she truly believes in you. She helped give me the confidence and reasurance I needed. During labor, Enza kept me strong with her words of wisdom, massage, position suggestions, and she even provided guidance to my husband. She was everything I needed and more. If you are thinking about having a doula attend your birth, you HAVE to meet with Enza. I am confident you will love her as much as we do. 

BobbyandStephanie Doyle


Enza is amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable in every meeting and especially during labor. She is by your side the whole time. She helped give me the confidence I needed to get through labor. I highly recommend Enza to be everyone's doula. She came with useful tools like essential oils and even massaged my feet at one point using pressure points to help relax me. She was definitely called to be a doula and anyone having a baby should hire her. 

Jessica Manzo


There are not enough words I can write to describe how incredible Enza is at what she does. She is not just a doula, but a guiding loving hand, a friend, a mother figure, a calm presence with a spectaular laugh that brings a smile to all. I decided i would search google for a quote about angels, as i truly believe Enza was placed in my path for a reason. "I believe certain people cross your life as guardian angels & some connections can’t be explained off words alone. it’s a soul thing, a feel."From the moment I met Enza, I felt as if I had known her my whole life. She is now considered part of our family!Enza was always a phone call away or a text. She comforted my husband and I through a very long labor. My back labor started off very painfully, Enza worked with us trying to find comforting measures to ease the pain. Her gentle smoothing massage helped tremendously.Enza brought essential oils and candles to comfort all. Everyone that walked through the room appreciated the warm aroma of lavender! Enza worked wonderfully with all the staff at Beverly Hospital.I never felt more at ease,as I hate anything medical.Unfortunately, I had an epidural, but Enza stood by our sides and guided us through. She was the guiding voice we needed to hear. I developed a fever during labor and the baby would have to be taken to the special care nursery to receive antibiotics, Enza quickly calmed me and my husband, making sure we understood all that was occurring. If there was ever any fear or worry, I just looked to Enza and knew everything was ok. Through 3hrs of pushing, Enza never let me give up; she helped me search for my strength. When my son entered the world, Enza shared in this joyous time! My husband and I truly cannot say enough about her she is an incredible genuine woman. If baby #2 arrives. Enza surely will be there!Vincenzo, Jessica and Analiano Manzo

Kari Gray


18 days post my estimated due date, perfect Kayden Nathan Gray arrived via home water birth and very much ON TIME. Kayden was just 7lbs 2oz and although my due date was for the 27th of June, itwas clear that he needed to come when he was ready regardless of our expectations. Had we not had the faithful service of our Doula Enza and our midwife, I would have been induced. I am 38 and considered "high risk" but Kayden would not have been ready for the world and I am brought to tears with the reality of what could have been and the gratitude of what was.

From hello, I knew I needed Enza by our side and my instinct couldn't have been more accurate. Enza was a comforting and knowledgeable presence from our initial meeting, to post delivery visits, complete with glorious gifts, cozy hugs and lots of time to recap on this miracle we had just experienced together. Enza was with me DAILY ( remember I was 18 days past due date when I delivered) via text & on call for every moment of my initial "early" alerts! She encouraged me, made me laugh and talked me off a cliff daily.  When the time finally came, she was a sweet, strong and beautiful presence that I know in my being I could NOT have done without. Enza came with candles to light the room peacefully, oils to calm my being and my tummy, hands that soothed the fear and alleviated my pain & a strong, steady voice that kept me from spiriling into panic.  I can still hear that confident voice that helped my husband and I work together as a team.  Enza took OUR birth plan and the way that we wanted to be coached and executed it to perfection. I praise GOD for this woman.  She is our gift and I can't type enough words to affirm my confident referral of her!  We love ENZA <3 

Nathan, Kari, David and Kayden Gray 

Melanie Fortier


From the moment we met Enza, we felt immediately comforted and safe. She has an incredibly caring and vibrant personality that not only makes you feel calm, but has fun doing it. She supported us through our first pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period with our first child, a beautiful baby girl. There were no questions that were off limits or time of the day where she couldn’t be reached. Without Enza’s support, we could not have achieved our seemingly insurmountable goal for a natural childbirth. She recognized and encouraged my partner’s role in the entire process and made him feel supported as well. Enza knew nearly all the staff at Beverly Hospital and she was the glue that brought the entire team together. She is an amazing person that we want to be present in to our daughter’s life forever and we can’t imagine having another child without Enza as our doula.

Rebecca Gosnell


Enza made our delivery. She taught a birthing class before the birth, which was invaluable. When she got to the labor and delivery room, there was a sigh of relief and a sense of calm. Her knowledge and support were so key. We also noticed how she has earned the respect of the doctors and nurses. Their confidence in her was impressive, and we were excited about how everyone worked together to help us through our son's birth. We wanted an all natural birth, and Enza helped us get there. We look back on our experience with thankfulness and pride! We couldn't have done it without her and she will be our first call when baby #2 comes along!

Brandi Ebersole


Enza Lilley is the best doula! She is everything you want during your birth. She is calm, gentle and knows how to keep a very natural yet painful event in control. Enza cares for her clients deeply and yet keeps professional through the whole process. She was on call for my 12 day late process and checked in on me, which was an amazing support. Also coming to check on me when pre-labor began. Enza carefully listens to your desires and helps to make them possible.  She was with me during my 11 hour natural hospital birth advocating for my birth-plan and tending to my needs. It was amazing having a doula, who shares in my faith and prayed for me when things got intense. I also loved Enza's presense in my hospital room, she carries a special joy that is contagious and needed as your family embarks on a new chapter. I would highly recommend Enza and hope to never give birth without her. 

Keri Oxley Brenner


Enza Lilley is an absolutely extraordinary Doula! She has an inner joy, vibrant spirit, calming presence and genuine nature that are unprecedented. Enza comes with a confidence and expertise from years and years of robust experience as a Doula. My primary goal was to have a natural, unmedicated birth; this accomplishment never would have been possible without Enza’s presence and amazing skills. She accompanied me through the entire labor process providing moment-to-moment guidance on positions, breathing, vocalization and a variety of other techniques. I always will recall the birth of my son as the most meaningful of my life, and Enza was instrumental in this achievement. I give Enza my highest recommendation and I cannot wait to have her as my Doula again in the future.

Erica Capone


I had such a wonderful experience with this doula I can't even begin to describe how supportive, reassuring & encouraging she was throughout my birthing experience. She stayed with me the whole time and provided a safe, comfortable & nurturing environment within the hospital atmosphere. I don't think I could have mustered the confidence and strength to follow through on my all natural birth plan without her. Enza is knowledgeable and competent, she assisted in reducing my pain and anxiety utilizing multiple techniques and birthing positions. I truly feel that, in part, my positive and fairly quick birthing experience was due to her. I will 100% ask her to be my doula again during my next pregnancy and I wouldl refer her to any pregnant friend or family member. You will not find a more genuinely caring doula! 

Elizabeth Singleton


Our experience with Enza was nothing short of amazing! We were referred to her by a friend and we could not have been happier with our choice. Enza was extremely professional throughout the whole birth process. She took time to answer all our questions and provided insight where needed. Not only was she pivotal to our labor and birth, she met with us twice prior to our son's arrival and helped us write our birth plan. She also met with us after his birth to check in and see how everything was going. During birth she was comforting, helpful, and assertive. She knew the birth we wanted and did her best to make sure we received it. She brought soothing music and battery-powered candles while I labored in the tub. She spent countless hours massaging my back during labor and gently directing my husband on how to help me best. My sincere hope is that anyone considering it would use her as a doula. Her experience coupled with her professionalism and warmth make her invaluable to the birth process. We plan on having her with us for our future childrens' births!

Chelsea Ryan


Enza was an amazing coach during my labor. As a first time Mom, my husband and I did not know what to expect and we wanted extra help and support during labor. Enza was not only appreciated by us, but the staff at the hospital were familiar with her and said she is their favorite doula they've worked with. A statement like that speaks loudly of Enza's ability to be a strong encouragement and support without stepping on toes. My husband was extremely thankful for Enza, he says he wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't there. Enza helped reduce my pain during labor and was the reason I was able to follow my plan of having the baby without the epidural. Thank you, Enza!! 

Bethany crumrine


Enza was an amazing support, and comfort during my labor experience. She was right there with me the entire time helping to keep me calm, comfortable and relaxed. she coached me through contractions excellently. I highly recommend Enza! She is a wealth of wisdom and is truly caring and passionate about helping women in his way. 

Kate Bailey


We knew when we met Enza that she was the right fit for us. Very easygoing and attentive, she treated us like we were her only clients and she hadn't heard all of our questions a hundred times, though I'm sure she had! Enza arrived at the hospital right away and walked what seemed like miles up and down the halls with me. I felt like I had an ally and a translator to guide me through the whole process (which, of course, did not go as planned!) She coached me through pushing and stayed right by my side so my husband could be with our son. I'm so glad she was with us! I highly recommend Enza as a doula for first time moms.

Sarah Gagnon


Enza was great!  She was at the hospital from the moment I walked in, through the night and into the next morning when my daughter was born.  She helped me communicate with the doctors and nurses and was there to help me talk out the decisions I needed to make. Her prayers and support meant alot!

Daniela Heyer


I wouldn't trade Enza fpr the world! She was such an important piece during my labor and now in my postpartum period. My labor lasted over 70 hours and she was there the whole time. I had a home birth and I had to be transfered to the hospital, she never left me. She encouraged me and paid attention to my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Enza is the best doula! 

Emily Miller


For a first-time mother, giving birth is an exciting, intimidating and unknown experience waiting to happen. I felt scared, curious and a little "in the dark" with what it would look like.

With Enza by my side, I entered labor with a steady, calming presence as my body prepared to give birth to our first son. The pain management techniques and massage she gave me allowed a peaceful labor. The stark and cold hospital room was transformed into a calming oasis with Enza's soothing oils and music, and this helped me to focus on the joy that was to come. Although my birth wasn't textbook, I felt empowered and ready for every outcome with Enza as my doula, and I felt confident about my decisions with Enza helping to guide me with what I wanted along the way. 

To every new pregnant mother, my first word of advice is to partner with a doula to be with you and your spouse as you prepare for the biggest, most exciting day of your life. Enza was the biggest blessing for me and my husband with the birth of our son, and I can't say enough wonderful things about her. 

Krisztina Kovacs


We have found Enza very friendly and easy to talk to from the first time we have met her. She was always on time and put our mind at ease at each time we have met prior to the birth. Although due to the very quick progression of my labor (third baby) she did not have much to do but hold my hand when I was pushing, her presence meant a lot both to me and my husband. She stayed after the delivery to make sure we have settled in at the ward. It was nice to see her again when she came to visit after we have returned home from the hospital.

i would highly recommend her as a doula. She has a sweet and friendly personality. You have the feeling you have known her for a long time.


Eun Yeob Kim


My name is Peter Kang and I am the husband of Eun Kim. 

First off this was our third child and our first experience with a doula.

Enza was  recommended from a very close friend of ours and we would enthusiastically like to recommend Enza to anyone looking for an amazing doula. Even though this was our third child this birth was different as our wife did not receive an epidural, it was our first birth on the US soil, and first time using a birthing center instead of going the usual hospital way. (Also it was special due to the fact that our child was born with the amniotic sac intact, which was really cool and amazing.)

So even though it was our third child it felt like our first child was coming out and we were nervous and uncertain about how events would unfold. During the whole process, Enza was amazing in calming us down, as her just very presence is very joyful and calming. My wife told me that her breathing methods and massages were spot on for every moment (which apparently was critical due to the fact that she could feel all the natural pain that comes along with child birth) and that bearing a child without an epidural was not as bad as she imagined due to the wonderful work of Enza. 

Beyond that, we know that Enza is a great human being (just talk with her for 1 minute and you will know what we are talking about) and has helped many many pregnant women bring their precious children into this world.

I guess the best way to summarize everything is to say that if we were to have a fourth (?) (ok my wife might just kill me for those words) we definitely would be asking Enza to be our doula again. Why are you waiting? Call her now!

Thank you Enza for your wonderful work,

Peter & Eun Kang

Younghwa Kim


Well, Say no more! We (my husband and I) cannot imagine ourself being parents if Enza wasn't there for us!

Enza was perfect helper for both of us; she gave us proper education and training before the birth.

She stayed 3 days in the hospital with us!

Since I was on slow proceedure of induction, Enza was there for me 24/7.

She's caring, informative, and comfortable to be with!


When our little one was born with medical issue,

she continued to reach out to us with praying and companionship.


She poured out her love, and care for our newborn!

Her service was absolutely priceless!!

Olivia Simmons


After assuring Enza the night before that she could definitely travel to Maine for the day I went into labor and FAST. I texted that I thought I might be in labor at about 9 in the morning. Enza, who was an route,  promptly turned around and headed back from Maine. She arrived just in time to assist us with the birth of our second son who arrived at 12:34pm! Most people would not have turned around and rushed to meet us but Enza did. She was her usual supportive, knowledgeable self. She knows what to do and when to help make your birth the most comfortable, peaceful experience possible. We love her!

Katie Teague


I can't recommend Enza high enough! She is so full of warmth, energy, compassion, and encouragement -- just what women need when they're laboring to bring a baby into the world. Her passion for mamas and their babies is obvious; she went above and beyond to make it to my whirlwind birth, meeting us in the birth center parking lot and helping me through the door just four minutes before our little boy barged into the world!

Although she wasn't able to coach me through labor as we anticipated, Enza was such a valuable presence during those early post-partum hours. She stayed with me when my husband had to go home to get our other children. She went out and got me dinner so I'd have something to eat even though I'd left all my snacks at home. She was by my side when I was transferred from the birth center to the hospital for an overnight stay. And she stayed with me in the hospital until my husband was able to come back after putting the kids to bed that night. Her committment to me and willingness to support me in those first few hours after my son's birth were a tremdendous blessing. She sensed that I didn't want to be alone and gave me the gift of her company and a friend to process the birth experience with. I'm so grateful.

Enza is such a natural, gifted doula! She believes that every baby is a precious gift, and she treats every birth as a unique opportunity to minister to women as they welcome their little blessings into the world. I'm so thankful for the pleasure of having Enza there to support me and celebrate with us over the arrival of our newest family member!

Mariana Kirilova


Having a previous C-section and knowing how much time it took me to recover with my first and fatal for my babies pregnancy, this time when I got pregnant I had only one desire - to give birth naturally. My pregnancy was high risk because of the first one and I found a great doctors to take care of me and my baby. They know that all I want was to try VBAC. They promised me that if everything is all right, I will be given enough time to deliver vaginally. My only concern was "Am I strong enough to do this by myself?". At that point I already knew I needed a doula's help. After a good research I found Enza - my angel, who actually  help my dream to come true. She is very helpfull - very knowledgeable, her main job was to prepare me with all the information I needed for good labor and delivery and answer all my questions and conserns. When I needed her most - she was there with us, no matter the time and place. I love her sence of humor, making me feel comfortable even during contractions, her massages were irreplaceable for the pick of each one, essencial oils and her good guidance in breathing made wonders for me when I have no energy to push strong enough. Finally I had my 9 pounds baby vaginally with no epidural or c-section. I definetelly could not do this without the support of Enza. Through this experience she became like a part of our family. Thank you Enza!  

Michael Steadman


Enza did an incredible job for us during the birth of our second child. we were attempting a vbac and so making a detailed plan with her was even more important because the hospital can get nervous quickly during vbacs. for my wife she wanted as natural as possible at the hospital, and for me I wanted to be with her for the duration of the birth. So for us Enza’s role was keeping my wife calm and focused, reminding the nurses of our birth plan, and allowing me to be the main comfort for my wife and instructing me if I had any questions on what is helpful to my wife, and spelling me when I needed it. The reason that I am writing this is that my wife doesn’t remember what enza did, but to me that was Enza taking the role that we asked her for. She was constantly looking for what she could do to be helpful, if I was in front of my wife she was behind her pushing her back, if I needed to leave for a minute she took over for me. She took care of every detail she could so when my wife was going through labor she wasn’t asked any question she didn’t need to be and she and I could work through the laboring together. It was clear that Enza has a passion for helping women and their families through the births. She has a lot of experience in dealing with the complications of birth, and dealing with the hospital. She is completely humble and does her best to do what you want. I can’t imagine our birth experience without her.
we will definitely recommend Enza for you to have a great birthing experience.

David Knizewski


My wife and I really enjoyed having Enza at our home birth. She has a fun personality that can lighten the mood, yet she takes her work seriously. We appreciated how she is sensitive to family dynamics and desires; she is non-judgmental and encouraging. 

Before the due date, we met with her twice, during which she asked us lots of questions to get to know each of us and how we work. She also showed us her bag of "goodies"- essential oils, hot pads, candles and other special things. As we talked with her, we could see she was knowledgable about natural birth. 

In my wife's own words: "My labor was really fast and although Enza came promptly, by the time she arrived, it was quite intense. Without my instruction or asking, she jumped right in and helped me by pushing on my back during contractions. She also coached me with breathing, using my voice correctly and pushing. I found Enza to be really helpful, because even though it was my third birth, once I was absorbed in labor, it was still very hard to concentrate on doing the right things on my own." 

Before long, our baby was born, just as smoothly as anyone could ask for. We are really thankful for a successful, natural birth and the role Enza played in it. 

Tay Evans


Enza was fabulous.  She was constant and reassuring and always had the heating pad and massage ready for each contraction.  She was the voice i was focussing on during my rough labor.  She supported my husband so that he could be there giving me the enouragement i needed. Enza worked well with all the nurses and midwives at Bevely hospital.  I highly recommend Enza as a doula.

Anna LaBounty Burt


Enza is an awesome comfort during the birthing experience.  We had her with us for the birth of both of our daughters.  She serves the mom and dad however she can and makes the birth very special and "extra cushioned" with care.  She is cheerful, loving, and we appreciated the beautiful presence of the Lord that she carries with her.  Her loving heart just lightens any atmosphere!  As long as we're in the area, Enza will be our doula! 

Eric Moores


As a dad, there is perhaps nothing quite so terrifing or exciting or unknown as having your first child. Many thanks to Enza, we welcomed our first child, a son, into our family in the Fall of '14. I first heard about this "doula" idea from my amazing wife and agreed to consider the idea. Honestly, I did not understand what a doula was at first and I was unsure as to why this was neccessary or even helpful.  As such, we agreed to meet Enza at a quiet coffee shop for the initial interview and to ask a few more questions. Though brief, the encounter with Enza was a very pleasant one and made me more comfortable with the idea of hiring a doula. However, that one question remained, why? Why is a doula neccessary with all of the nurses and doctors at the hospital? And, why should we spend this additional expense? Well, 9 months later and holding our son in my arms, it is clear that enlisting Enza Lilley was one of the best choices we've ever made...

In the months leading up to the birth, Enza was always available to answer questions and offer encouragement to the growing mother.  Around 8 months, my wife and I met with Enza for a birthing class / pre-game meeting where she offered many helpful tips to both of us for the upcoming final month!

Birth though, you will see, is where all the action is!! In our case, this was an exhausting 40 hours of labor followed by 3 hours of pushing...and yet Enza was there to help the whole way. She worked tirelessly alongside my wife to ease the pain and help her through each contraction. Meanwhile, she was also there for this soon-to-be-dad and blessed me so much by explaining the birth process as we moved along and, perhaps most importantly, she taught me how to take care of my wife in this unique time.

At the end of the day, I am happy say that we would hire Enza again in a heartbeat and I hope that you do as well! She is a mommy's helper and also a friend...two things that money can't buy!

Isabelle Peabody


Having Enza at the birth of my second baby was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My labor was not very long so our time  together was short, but for the few hours Enza was by my side,  she was extremely helpful. Because of the nature of my labor... I was very sensitive to touch and unfortunately wasn't able to enjoy massage as a relaxation technique, but Enza's warmth and  encouragement was so wonderful and  she was incredibly present  the  whole time too, which made me feel safe and gave me the confidence and strength to ultimately birth my baby completely naturally which was my hope from the beginning. Anyone who has Enza as their doula is lucky and blessed.

Jenni Lind


I cannot recommend Enza highly enough. She cares deeply about her job, and even deeper about her 'moms' and their babies. I had a previous birth that left me scared about going into labor again. But with Enza alongside me I progressed through labor with a kind of ease I didn't think was possible. She was with me and my husband every step of the way, and I sincerely believe I had my son naturally because she was such a huge help and made me believe I could do it. I think every pregnant woman should have a doula alongside them during labor, and I wish every pregnant woman could hire Enza Lilley :)

Rebecca Meekins


Hiring Enza made all the difference in the birth of my son. My husband and I took Bradely classes and learned more and more about the importance of a natural birth but we knew we needed somebody with expertise and experience to help us accomplish that. Enza not only had the expertise and experience we were looking for but she was also extremely encouraging and personable. When we met with Enza it had felt like we had known each other for a while. Both my husband and I felt comfortable to ask questions, voice our preferences, and express our needs for the labor and delivery experience. Enza was very supportive of our decisions while also informing us of the other options available so we always felt like we were making a well informed decision in the end.

My labor moved along smoothly and quickly and I believe that was because Enza was always suggesting different positions and things I could do that would bring our baby down. When things progressed and I entered into transition Enza constantly reminded me of my desire to have the baby naturally. She not only helped me physically but also emotionally, which is just as important during that time! 

Enza was the perfect support for my husband and I and I look forward to having her there for our future births! I highly recommend her and I am confident that with her by your side you will have a great birthing experience. 




Ariel Martin-Cone


I met Enza through a series of unplanned events when I was about 12 hours into labor. My scheduled doula and two back up doulas were called away, and Enza stepped in to take care of me. I am so incredibly grateful to her, and I know that my birth was more meaningful because of her presence. Enza has an amazing spirit that encouraged and calmed me as I worked through the last 10 hours of labor and delivery. She helped me breathe, enabled me to find more comfortable positions, allowed my husband to focus on supporting me, and generally kept everyone going. Even though we'd never met, she knew what I needed to hear and was able to anticipate my needs before I knew them myself. I feel fortunate to have worked with her.

David Simmons


Being a dad and going through my wife's first childbirth experience, I wanted to make sure I was as involved as possible; however, I did not really know what that entailed. Enza came to the rescue almost immediately even though she had also done an overnight birth with another client. She was able to help my wife through the process and even to help and guide me in what I needed to do to support my wife. She was extremely knowledgeable and comforting throughout the entire process. She even had more insight than our midwife! Without Enza being there, I would have been stretched beyond my limits and would eventually not have been the help that my wife needed. We are both very thankful for Enza not only because of her knowledge and expertise, but even how she was soothing and comforting to both of us throughout the birthing experience.

Keri Conklin


Enza was absolutely fabulous. I credit my unmedicated VBAC success to having her by my side during my labor and delivery. She had me focused on my breathing over my pain with her soothing words and using her massage and counter pressure techniques to relieve pain in my hips/lower back. She was also a great support person for my husband. In the  time before delivery she was always available for questions, encouragement and support.  this birth was very healing to me and I recommend Enza to anyone looking for an experience like I had! 

Stephanie T


Enza is wonderful! When our birth plan needed to change drastically, it was so important that we had someone we trusted with us for the whole day. She provided advice based on her knowledge of us, communicated with others on the birth team, provided consistency when the rest of our care providers changed shifts, and just comforted us that everything was going to be okay, even when others around us seemed worried. I had really wanted a natural childbirth outside the hospital, but when that became impossible, it was a big gift to have a doula who was able to adapt to the new situation quickly and still be encouraging. I would recommend Enza to anyone!

Christen Kieffner


I had never had a doula before...actually before meeting Enza I didn't know what a doula was! That being said, I wasn't even sure if I would like having a doula but I wanted support during my labor in a new hospital. Wow!! I hope to have Enza at any future births! She was wonderful!

We met a few times before the birth to talk, go over questions, prepare fo labor, etc.

 She worked well with the medical staff, but wasn't afraid to speak up if/when she needed to. She helped set a relaxing mood for my night long labor. She did an awesome job in keeping me moving to help with labor progression, but was wise enough to know when I needed a rest. She had moves/stretches that I didn't know about to help with my babies position and labor. She also had massage techinques that I wish I had known about with my previous births, they where a HUGE help with managing contraction pain!!

If you're wondering if a doula is worth it? YES!

If you're looking for a doula...I would HIGHLY reccomend Enza!

Olivia Simmons


My husband, David, and I were blessed to experience an absolutely wonderful birth of our first child only 5 days ago.  It was so short and sweet that several doctors and nurses remarked on how exceptional it was. We both credit the presence of our amazing doula, Enza, for much of the reason it went so incredibly well! When my water unexpectedly broke at 36w 1d pregnant we immediately called Enza for help. It was about 7:30am and she was finishing up another birth that had had her up all night yet she still came right over to the hospital as soon as we needed her and was a constant source of help, comfort, wisdom and encouragement until our son, Gideon, arrived at 9:27 that night. She provided me with the strength and confidence I needed to decide what was right for our birth. We were able to have the natural, gentle birth we wanted despite having to be in the hospital due to baby's early arrival. Enza was able to read my body signs even better than the midwives! She consistently knew right where I was dilated before I was checked. She even predicted very early on that I would deliver before 10:00pm. She helped my husband (who was very involved in the birth) know how to help me. We couldn't be more grateful for her care before, during and after our birth. 

Kevin Whitfield


(Mommy typing under hubby's account)

Hiring a doula for the birth of our first child was one of the best decisions we made, and working with Enza in particular was a joy.  Since neither of our families live nearby, having someone at hand to encourage and teach did a lot to calm our nerves.  Enza did more than fill a void, though.  She shared her knowledge and experience through the childbirth classes, prenatal meetings, the actual birth, and a debriefing the next day.  In classes my husband and I found it helpful when we reviewed anatomy, practiced different birthing positions, and watched videos of other couples successfully having the type of birth we hoped for.  When that type of birth was no longer an option (no significant dilation 48 hours after water breaking meant a hospital induction rather than a birthing center water birth), Enza's validation of our emotions helped us move past the loss.  She also offered helpful pros and cons about the new decisions we had to make, and then supported us in those decisions.  Enza was with us at least 17 hours the day of the event (I can't remember exactly, it could have been more), and was nothing but uplifting the entire time. The next day as she reviewed the events and asked how we felt, my husband and I were able to walk through some of the tension of the birth events and resolve a misunderstanding between us.

Also, as Christians, Enza's attention to our spiritual needs throughout preparing for the birth and the actual event ministered to us in a very vulnerable time.  Her holistic approach to childbirth was exactly what my husband and I we're looking for and thankful to God that we found in Enza. 

if nothing else, I would definitely work with Enza again if only for the awesome foot rubs!

Jacqueline DeVar


My husband and I were fortunate to have Enza as our doula for the birth of both our kids.  On the last day of my first pregnancy, Enza came to our apartment and labored with us for a few hours before we headed to the birth center.  My son’s labor ended with several unexpected interventions, but Enza stayed with us the entire time providing invaluable support.  The labor lasted longer than tweny-four hours.  My husband and I slept a little, but Enza stayed up the whole time rubbing my feet, praying for me and providing other forms of support as needed.  Enza was a great help to my husband and me for our daughter’s birth as well.  After the onset of labor she came to our house and labored for an hour or so with me.  My pain quickly escalated, so she helped me to the car and rode with us to the birth center.  Within thirty short minutes my daughter was born in the tub.  I had a water birth for my daughter and a hospital birth for my son, and Enza was indispensable for both.  I would recommend Enza to be your doula, regardless of your birth plan, whether it be natural or medicated.  Sometimes birth does not go as planned, but Enza is prepared for the unpredictable.  She played a vital role in bringing my babies in the world as I faced unexpected challenges during labor.  She is priceless when it comes to helping with childbirth! 

Dan Burt


I would have to say that having Enza with us as a dula was of great benefit. Going into the labor ordeal it seemed like it might be unnecessary to have another helper there in addition to myself and the nurse. From what she described that she would do and by the affirmation of my wife that she would really like to have her there with us we decided to have her. Looking back on it I am so glad we did. Enza was wonderful with assisting my wife. Since the whole procedure and time that a woman goes through when the contractions come it really took the weight off me. It allowed me to have more energy to be there for my wife. In addition it was extremely helpful to have a go between person between us and the nurse. This being our first child we didn't know what to expect so having someone of experience blessed us.

Emily Donald


My husband and I are so glad that we decided to work with Enza for the birth of our son. He is our first baby and while we had some ideas of what we wanted for labor and delivery there is so much that you can't know when you've never experienced it before. Enza was really helpful in making sure that we understood what was going on and in helping both my husband and I during the labor and delivery. Things didn't go as expected (suprise!), and so having Enza there made making decisions so much easier. Enza is very encouraging, calming, and great at what she does! 

Wesley Gallagher


Enza was a wonderful support to my husband and me during labor. She was unbelievably attentive to me, and she was a huge help to my husband in his support of me. With her lead, he was able to support me in ways we both know he wouldn't have been able to had Enza not been there. She showed him what to do, told us what was going on, and dealt with the doctors and nurses beautifully. She was also great before and after labor, checking in and making sure I was doing well in the last weeks of my pregnancy and in the first months of motherhood. She is an extremely caring woman. Because of Enza, we were able to have the labor and delivery that we desired, and I can't imagine having done it without her.

Aimee Daly


I am very glad that I hired Enza to be my doula.  I really wanted to give birth without an epidural or any pain medication, but I was also very scared about that, too.  When I hired Enza, she met with me a couple of times throughout my pregnancy and made herself available to me if I needed her.  She was very friendly and knowledgeable. This was helpful with dealing with the fear I was feeling.  Then when labor day came, Enza was extremely helpful.  She walked me around the halls and helped me deal with the contractions with lots of little doula tricks.  Her manner was very calm and supportive, and helped me stay focused and strong.  I really don't think I would have been able to do it without her support.  Giving birth without medication was a much better experience than my first labor, when I did have an epidural, and I really do feel I owe this to Enza.  I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her services.  

carol snaith


We were thrilled with our birth experience with Enza.  She made us feel as prepared as possible prior to the birth (our first).  At the time of the birth she was easy to reach (even at 1am :) and was at the hospital quickly.  She was always ready for every contraction being hands on and able to suggest comfort measures, even when I didn't know what I needed.  During the active labor she was immensely helpfull relaying what others were saying when i couldn't hear them and physically helping where she could.  She also was right on top of everything and identified problems and fetched midwives when needed.  Post-partum she checked in on us and was very supportive.  I would recommend Enza to anyone.

Anna Burt


Enza mentioned to us what services she offers to birthing parents and said that she was there to help our birth plan be followed, to take the pressure off Dan if he needed a break or to leave the room, and she also would be there to help relax me through the contractions and each step of the process. That last comment really caught my attention! She was able to meet with us right away, and we went over what having a doula present looks like. Within that short meeting, Dan and I were convinced that we wanted her to be part of the birth. It wasn't uncomfortable at all to have her enter in to something so vulnerable and personal with such little time in getting to know one another. Enza is very calming and warm and it was natural - like we had known her for years. During the birth I cannot emphasize enough what a huge difference it made having her present with us. She was able to help Dan provide support, in a way where the pressure was off of him to know exactly what to do. Enza also frequently supplied the verbal encouragement I needed to continue through 15 hours of a natural, non-medicated labor and delivery! She was there with nice-smelling scents, electric candles, and massagers to usher in a calming, beautiful atmosphere. She applied counter-pressure to my lower back through every single contraction (Dan helped, too!), which felt incredibly good and made the contractions manageable! My faith in Jesus and having my supportive husband and Enza there helped me to conquer an area of previous concern and fear in my life - childbirth. I cannot say enough about how great of a doula Enza is and how convinced I am that a doula is not just an "accessory" to a birth, but rather, more of a necessity! I will recommend Enza Lilley to all my pregnant friends!

Heather Bedell


Enza and I hit it off right from the start. Her bubbly, warm and professional personality was magnetic! She has a laugh that is infectious too! I knew instantly that she was the one I needed to help me thru an all natural VBAC delivery.

Elena Kennedy


 Enza was absolutely wonderful to work with.  My labor and delivery whent exactly as I wanted it.  I was able to have a natural birth and I don't think I could have done it without Enza's help.  She worked really well with the hospital staff and helped to make my husband feel more comfortable.  I got to go in the hot tub, was given Popsicles and even ice cream!  She stayed with me the whole time and coached me through the contractions.  It was incredibly helpful to have her there!

Amy E Nelson


From our first meeting, I knew Enza was the right doula for me. Very calm, understanding and attentive with a good sense of humor and I was impressed with her experience and in VBACs and how to make the best of it if a repeat cesarean was needed. Enza was extremely flexible in scheduling meetings and was professional in communicating her expectations in case her other client and I delivered together (which we did not, but she had a backup). She regularly updated me of her schedule and checking in..

I had not experienced labor with my daughter and Enza made herself very reachable via phone, email and even texts as I updated her with early labor signs. She responded positively even through my times of disappointment when contractions stalled. She truly helped me believe this VBAC could happen.

When it was “time”, she was ready at the hospital entrance and helped me through contractions in the elevator! She was always in the right spot, was very prepared with words, warm hands and with her doula tools and knew when to take a step back and let the nurses and/or my husband assist me. She was an advocate for me, but I felt in control and my husband was thankful to have her there. Even the hospital staff was impressed and said they wished they saw more doulas like her and asked her several times to leave her card. She stayed for a bit after delivery, but then gave us time as a family and checked in with us afterwards. She is both professional and personal, which must be a hard balance to obtain.

In summary, I got the VBAC experience I was hoping for and it was amazing, and though I do believe I would have got through it on my own, I can’t imagine that it would have gone as well and as positive without Enza and I would suggest that all moms hire a doula. It is such a very private, emotional and amazing time to give birth, and Enza was the absolute right doula to share that with me and coach me through it.

Jennifer Plumb


This was my first experience with a doula. Having had 2 children previously, I can say that Enza provided a level of support that far exceeded my expectations. Enza helped make the birth of my youngest daughter(now 4 1/2 yrs old) a pleasant process without the aid of medications.

Peggy MmCaghy


Enza was amazing! She was so positive and supportive. She was with me through the whole process! We were new to the area, my husband was away for military training, and I needed someone I could call in the middle of the night. She helped me meet new people in the community. She was with me at the hospital while my husband drove up. Her massage eased my pain. There were complications during the birth; my husband had trouble with the whole situation and couldn't stay at the hospital. Enza stayed with me while I went to see Connor in the NICU and hung out until I got settled in my room. She came to visit me after the birth and we are still in touch now!

Lianne Appelt


Enza helped me deliver our first baby, Elena, on August 30, 2011. We found her through a friend, and I was pretty diligent about checking references. After getting numerous responses from other moms that had nothing but glowing, wonderful things to say about Enza, I felt confident that she would do a great job. I was totally right. From the start of my labor (which lasted 3 full days), Enza was responsive, helpful, and ready to come help whenever and however long I was ready. She coached me through delivery, and was such a strong and helpful presence in the process. After Elena was born, Enza stayed as long as we wanted her to, and came back the following day to check in. I had some problems with engorgement after my milk came in several days later, and Enza came to the house to help me through my "mommy meltdown." We would truly have been lost without her. I cannot praise her work highly enough. She is knowledgeable, responsible, warm, kind, and responsive. She is confident and knows what she's doing, even under pressure. I wish she was still in the Maryland area so that she could help us when we have another baby!

Gina Calia-Lotz


I immediately felt comfortable with Enza when I met her, almost as if she were a long-time friend or family member. I know that without Enza I would not have had the confidence to fulfill my desire to labor at home for as long as possible, and to give birth without medication. I had a very irregular labor pattern that seemed to stop and start randomly (after assisting at over 100 births, Enza says she's still never seen a labor quite like mine), but she was able to use her intution and knowledge to decide when it was time to go the hospital -- and she was right! Once at the hospital, I was basically ready to push and I started to panic; Enza put her hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eye, and said "Breathe!" and started taking deep breaths with me. Immediately, I calmed down and the pain subsided! If I were to ever have another baby, I would not want to give birth without her.  

Kate Minton


Enza was a key person in our natural birth plan. She brought with her a sense of spiritual, emotional and physical calmness and encouragement. She was also phenomenal in helping my husband know when and how to comfort me and encourage me. We cannot speak more highly of her! We are looking forward to utilizing her services again in the coming years with any future babies.

Libby Barowski


Enza's expertise was invaluable before, during and after labor. She carefully explained each step of the process and helped us interpret the issues and questions presented to us from the medical staff. Despite a long, hard labor, Enza never tired in her encouragement and hands-on care. She made sure to actively engage my husband in the process as well. Without her, I am not sure how my husband and I would have endured as long as we did. Her services will be greatly missed with this baby (since she moved out of state)!!

Cheryl Wood


Because of Enza, I was able to have the satisfying birth I wanted. She came to my home and rode with us to the hospital. When we got to the hospital she was already helping to get me through contractions by using pressure points in my back. When we got into the labor and delivery room, she helped me find the best position for me to breathe through a contraction. She even helped to incorporate my husband and mom who were there for the delivery. When they were unsure of what to do, she guided them perfectly.
Her advice was completely invaluable! She helped me make the decision on when to allow the doctor to break my water, she guided me on how to push the most effective way possible, and the position to be in at each stage of labor. Even my doctors and nurses were impressed by how knowledgeable, professional and skilled she was in the delivery room!

Rebekah Morey


We are so incredibly thankful that we found Enza and chose to have her at the births of our babies (#3 and #4).  After 2 deliveries with epidurals, I met some wonderful people who educated me regarding the natural birthing process.  After reading, watching documentaries, and talking with others, I knew that I would never elect to have drugs during the birthing process again.  My husband and I decided to hire a doula and we ended up with Enza!  Even though Enza credits us with all the hard work, we know that we can credit her with our successful drug-free, tub labored deliveries.   Enza provided comfort, support, and guidance to both my husband and I.  Enza is all about supporting the Mommy - that means that if Mommy feels she needs pain medications, Enza supports that.  For us, it was about not getting pain medications, and allowing birth to progress naturally - Enza supported us through our journey.  Enza has become a friend.  We continue to see her as a fantastic resource as well.  Thank you Enza!

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