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San Francisco, CA Service range 100 miles I also travel out of the Bay Area


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

20 years and 50 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

20 years and 100 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2021
  • ProDoula, November 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? No Home Births

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • End of life doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I run a support group for Brazilian families seeking parenting support.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Service Area

San Francisco, CA Service range 100 miles I also travel out of the Bay Area

Client Testimonials for Lea Azevedo

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L. Santos


I worked with Lea during the birth of my first child. My experience with Lea was great. She was very professional and very respectful of my preferences and advocated for me in a calm yet persuasive way. I cannot thank Lea enough.

Fran Prakash


Lea was an absolute lifesaver as my lactation and newborn care consultant. Her attentiveness and caring approach made a world of difference. She took the time to understand my concerns and provided support that went beyond just helping with breastfeeding techniques. After working with her, I gained a lot of confidence in breastfeeding. I'm truly grateful for her dedication and highly recommend her to anyone in need of expert lactation or newborn support. She was a game changer in this crucial phase of my motherhood.

S. Westwood


Lea was with our family as a postpartum night doula for seven weeks. We wanted someone who we could trust to care for our newborn, allow us to get extra sleep in those difficult early weeks, and teach us about baby sleep and breastfeeding. We cannot recommed Lea highly enough for this role.

We hired her early in our pregnancy, and even though she was not our birth doula, she was supportive throughout. She was responsive to our questions, providing emotional support and sharing extensive knowledge regarding baby products, car seat safety, and labor. Once our baby arrived, I became extremely nervous about leaving him in the care of someone else (perhaps a little postpartum anxiety!), but from the moment Lea walked in the door, we were reassured we had made the right choice. She scooped up our baby and immediately calmed him down. She is confident, warm and a fountain of advice (in a non-judgmental way). Not only was she excellent with our newborn, but she was timely, reliable and communicative. If you want to give yourself a strong start to your early postpartum period, hire Lea. 

Anna and Bill Harrold


Infelizmente não foi possível ter a Lea como doula no meu parto, devido ao número de pessoas permitidas estarem na sala de parto para uma cesaria, MAS, logo que fomos para casa, eu a contratei para uma visita, e eu posso dizer que foi a melhor decisão que eu e meu marido tivemos. 

Após duas noites no hospital e várias "visitas" no quarto de diferentes enfermeiras "especialistas" em amamentação, SOMENTE A LEA me ajudou e tornou esse momento prazeroso, pois eu sentia tanta dor, mas tanta dor que eu pensei em desistir por inúmeras vezes.

Nenhuma enfermeira me ajudou, pelo contrário, varias orientações diferentes, o que me deixava muito confusa e super frustrada, porque eu não conseguia amamentar sem dor.

Com as orientações adequadas e todo o suporte da Lea, minha filha hoje está super saudável, breastfeeding only e minha produção de leite é ótima. 

Além de nos ajudar com relação a amamentação, ela verificou se a instalação do car set estava correta e segura, e várias outras orientações com relação aos cuidados com newborn. 

Não passe dor, não fique com a dúvida, apenas confie que existe uma doula maravilhosa e super competente como a Lea para lhe ajudar.

Muito obrigada Lea, nossa eterna gratidão. 

Familia Harrold 

Juliana R.


Lea's role as a doula was very important for my pregnancy. From our first conversation, she sought to provide as much information as possible about how all the stages would work, the support she would offer, and also shared important information about the US healthcare system.

One aspect that caught our attention was her extensive experience in child safety and health, as well as her technical expertise and numerous certifications. Furthermore, she constantly aimed to address our questions and provide evidence-based teachings.

On the day we went into labor, she stayed in constant contact with us, requesting updates on the progress until her arrival at the hospital. Once at the hospital, her role was crucial in providing support and again offering the necessary information to make informed decisions during childbirth.

As immigrants (Brazilian), her role was also essential in translating and explaining more technical matters and ensuring that the mother's wishes were respected throughout the childbirth process.

After the birth of our daughter, she accompanied us to the postpartum room and remained committed to the mother's privacy and safety, intervening when these wishes were not being honored, and when healthcare professionals did not follow the appropriate patient treatment protocol.

Lastly, even after childbirth, her role was instrumental in establishing breastfeeding, assisting with the latch and adhering to milk storage protocols.

Lea was a fantastic person on my journey as a mother, and I highly recommend her work. I am available to answer any questions or provide more details about my interaction with her.

G S baby A


I am grateful to have met Lea. She really has the gift of transforming pregnancy and postpartum into a lighter phase. Knowing her allowed me to enjoy my and my son's every evolution, even in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy and an extremely premature birth.
She has a wealth of knowledge that is difficult to find. Which makes you a lucky person if you are thinking of having her with you during this period.
Talking to her about the most diverse topics involving motherhood, we can see that she is always aware of new trends protocols and research. I TRUST HER WITH MY EYES CLOSED.
In addition to helping me with my high-risk pregnancy, she organized my life in relation to all the baby's gear and also gave me emotional support after the birth. Those NICU days were bearable because of her presence. 
Lea understands pregnancy, lactation, postpartum, child development, child safety, food introduction, among thousands of other topics that can haunt parents without much experience.
I would write a book about what she did for me, but I will leave the reader curious to enjoy and live this experience on their own ??

Leticia Posso


Lea is a great role model for us Bay Area moms. Since our first contact, she has always been very helpful, quick and attentive.
I had the pleasure of having her help with breastfeeding, she helped me with super important details so that I could breastfeed my baby with more confidence!
I highly recommend Lea and thank you for having her as a support for our community.

Raissa Kahn



Lea is the birth doula reference for the Brazilian community at the Bay Area but, but since I had a c-section planned, I thought I wouldn't need her services...couldn't be more wrong!


After visit 3 lactation consultants and suffer a lot trying to breastfeed because I had not enough supply and had to complement with formula since my baby was born, I reached her. What a game changer!!


Lea is super professional, empathetic and kind. You feel heard and she works WITH YOU to find the best solution for you and baby.

My supply doubled and I could remove formula almost completely. Just kept the night one before bed (my choice).

During the visit she not only helped me with the breastfeeding but also reviewed the safety of the bedroom, played with the baby to see reflexes…I was amazed.


Two months after I contacted her again for sleep consultant and once again, it was a game changer! The baby was waking up every 45 min to 1h and I was miserable…

I couldn’t believe the first time I could sit with my husband and have dinner while the baby was peacefully sleeping! Priceless peace of mind.


I wish you all have the chance to experience Lea as your doula to help you thrive the early days/months of your little ones :)

Fernanda G.


I was exclusively pumping for my 7 week old baby as she was never able to latch. After seeing 2 different lactation consultants my baby wasn't able to latch during the consultation and I was told that because she was a premie she would take longer than your "average" baby. I suspected she had a lip tie but no one validated it. Long story short I got very tired of pumping on the clock and decided to give it quits, but the next day I thought I'd try one more lactation consultant to see if I could get any help. That's when I came across Lea. Within days she was able to fit me into her schedule. I had low expectations from seeing the other 2 LC, but I thought why not? Quitting was not something my heart wanted to do but I was mentally and physically exhausted. She came over for the appointment and wow, as soon as she walked into my door I felt like I had a friend who I could talk to and I felt heard. Moms already go through so much after giving birth that I felt such a relief having someone like her! We sat down and she asked me questions about my frustrations and again I felt HEARD! The appointment didn't feel like business it felt more like I was talking to a friend about motherhood! After the initial conversation, I got baby girl and she explained to me step by step on how I could make her latch, she showed me and within 5 minutes my baby latched!!!! I couldn't believe it! Then when my baby unlatched she asked me to do it myself, and I loved that because it's one thing for you to have a professional place the baby for you, but it's another when they leave and you're on your own, so she wanted to make sure that I knew what to do. She gave me all the tips and tricks and I felt super confident! My baby is breastfeeding beautifully and I couldn't thank Lea enough. I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did before and when I try for my second baby, I definitely want to have her as part of my birth team! I wish she could come over everyday! 



Lea is someone you want in your corner when you come home from the hospital. She was one of the first people we saw when we came home from the hospital with a 5.5 lb baby and no idea how to care for him. She was incredibly generous with her time and energy, not only caring for him overnight so we could catch up on much-needed sleep, but also teaching us as new parents how to navigate newborn life.

Lea’s care extended beyond tactically taking care of our son. She genuinely cared, identifying early on potential issues with feeding and suggesting solutions. Her approach was always collaborative and wanting to work in partnership with us as a family - offering advice but never heavy-handed. She’s also very experienced with breastfeeding issues, and coached me many times on correct positioning and latch, especially when dealing with a very sleepy baby.

In the early days of parenthood, there is so much advice, much of it conflicting. Lea helped us sift through the noise and figure out what worked best for us as a family. Her warmth is palpable, and we felt like we were on the best possible path of parenthood with her care and support. I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and strongly recommended her to anyone who is interested.

P Melo


Lea was an angel in our lives. Like many new mothers, I was struggling with breastfeeding and she helped me so much through those first difficult days.
She also came to our home to show me the safest way to transport my baby teaching us all the ins and outs of the car seat, how to use it safely, how to install it safely and particular facts about the model we purchased.

I highly recommend the services she offers.  She is such a patient and loving person! 

Thatiane Nascimento


Minha história com a Lea começou em setembro de 2021, assim que descobri a minha gravidez, ela foi paciente, me educou com informações sérias e atualizadas.

Ela orientou o meu marido sobre parto, cuidados com o bebê e comigo.

A Lea me tratou como uma mãe que cuida de sua filha, eu acredito no trabalho dela, ela torna a gestação e o parto do meu bebê uma experiência mais segura com seus cuidados, embora eu tenha tido uma gestação muito difícil, marcada por violência obstétrica a Lea tornou tudo mais calmo, e advogou por minhas necessidades. 

Eu realmente acredito no trabalho dela. E uma vida inteira não seria o suficiente para agradece-lá por ter ajudado a trazer o meu bebê saudável e encantador a esse mundo. Obrigada por seus serviços e por tanta dedicação.



She is a grateful surprise. Competent professional, updated, with several courses in the curriculum. She is always looking for new knowledge, investing in it. With her I feel safe and cared for, she is loving and caring. If you are looking for an excellent professional with a lot of dedication, I recommend her.

Kristen B


Lea worked with us as a night doula providing care and assistance overnight when our son was born, beginning a few days after we were home from the hospital until he was 2 months old. We feel so fortunate to have found her and that she was able to help care for our family in those early days. Without grandparents or other family in the area, we really needed an extra pair of hands so that we could rest and actually sleep through the night as new parents. But more than providing extra sleep, Lea helped us make the transition into parenthood, generously sharing her experience and knowledge. She was happy to provide input on baby supplies or home remedies for common newborn or postpartum issues, and always has the baby’s safety in mind. She is actually a certified child passenger safety technician, and when we first met with her before the birth, she helped us install our carseat! Particularly during a surge in the pandemic, it was important to us to take precautions around covid exposure and Lea was very responsive and respectful of our wishes regarding masking. When we were debating which carrier to buy, she let us try one out that she recommended and had on hand. She shared tips about breastfeeding and every other aspect of new motherhood that came up. I felt nervous about starting pumping, and Lea sat with me one night and showed me how to set up my pump and get started. There were countless examples like these; times when we, as new parents, felt unsure and Lea was an invaluable and trusted resource in these early days. She integrated into our house so easily and we felt extremely comfortable with her caring for our son. She offers advice and direction but is never heavy-handed and was happy to work with us as a team. Lea is exceptionally warm and generous and will go above and beyond to help with all things related to caring for a new baby and new parents. We recommend her without reservation and would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Rodrigo N


Português: Sempre brinquei: doula é frescura. Nós somos adultos e damos conta disso sozinhos e tranquilamente. Mas, a verdade é que sem a ajuda da Lea, teríamos muito mais problemas (e, olha, tivemos alguns). Ela nos deu todo o suporte necessário (foi além, e ainda fez feijoada pra nós ??). Recomendo de olhos fechados (inclusive para os pais). Muito obrigado por tudo, Lea.



I used to say that contract a doula would be silly. We're adults and we could handle it. But, the true is that without Lea's help, we'd be in trouble. She gave us all the support (  actually, she went beyond cooking a wonderful feijoada for us ??). I definitely recommend her services (that's for dads too).



Portuguese below I went through a traumatic birth 4 mnths ago resulting in trauma, total loss of my milk supply, pain & feelings of abandonment. Lea's support was of extreme help for me to face this period in a safer & more peaceful way. Before, I felt so lonely. After Lea's services I was educated about motherhood & how the American healthcare system works. During the report of the medical errors & despicable ways in which I was treated, the hospital asked 3 times if Lea was my attorney due to the way she positioned herself. She really fought for me and with me!! If that wasn't amazing enough, she offered me remote support for weeks in the middle of her vacation. I felt safe, cared for, protected & heard by someone who understands my rights. Lea is the mix of information & compassion! In my next pregnancy, I want Lea's services from the get go! Just as she took care of me, she will take care of you!

Português: Eu passei por um parto ha 4 meses gerando trauma, perda total do meu leite, dores e sensação de abandono. Lea me ajudou demais a atravessar esse momento de forma mais segura. Antes, me sentia tão só. Com os serviços dela eu fui educada sobre o sistema de saude americano e sobre a maternidade em si. Na reunião pra denúncia dos erros médicos e forma abominável como fui tratada o hospital questionou 3 vezes se Lea era minha advogada devido à forma como ela se posicionou. Ela realmente lutou por mim! Se nao bastasse, ela ofereceu suporte remoto a mim em meio às suas férias. Me senti segura, cuidada, protegida e ouvida por alguem que realmente conhece meus direitos. Lea é a mistura de informaçao e compaixão! Na minha proxima gravidez quero os servicos de Lea desde começo! Assim como ela cuidou de mim, ela vai cuidar de você!

Cat Miller


Lea has always being that angel that is there on the right time! Extremely helpful when I was thinking about getting pregnant, she helped me change my lifestyle and provided instructions on important things to have for when the baby arrives. She has also provided phenomenal assistance on how to better help and advocate for my son with autism. Even when we were only suspecting of the possible diagnosis she helped us navigate through the process of finding all the help he needed, we were informed of things that could be added on his IEP and rights that he is entitled of such as sensory brakes. She is spot on every advice and displays an amazing knowledge on the fields mentioned above. I wish from the bottom of my heart that every friend of mine had someone like Lea nearby to help them walk through the rocky roads of their lives. 

Gagan Mand


We hired Lea for support at night. Her experience with kids and the respect with which Lea treats babies stood out. She treats them like unique individuals and tries to meets them where they are at their development stage, instead of forcing things on babies. We felt very comfortable leaving our baby with her. Because we knew that she will be taken care of in a way we would. But I got the most out of our time together when Lea supported us during the day. I got to learn tips & tricks on child care. More importantly, it was very helpful to learn Lea's perspective on how to bring up a child, how to treat them with love & care contributing to their development and growth. I really learnt a lot from her child care philosophy and will be implementing them for our baby girl. Being a parent herself, she shared some stories about her kids and how she handles various situations with them. Her idea of treating kids with respect, reasoning out every aspect and giving them freedom to make choices is great and she taught me how all this needs to start from a a very early age. I highly recommend her for any family. She brings a lot of positivity with her along with her expertise in child development.

Tatiana Cardoso da Cunha Valent Sobreiro Piria


Sincerely, I don't know what would've been of me as a newmom without her presence. It was Lea who guided me and was "by my side" throught the whole experience. Before each appointment she guided me regarding my rights, health codes and standard practices so I could educate myself and know my rights and understand what was being done. She shared many resources with me like videos, scientific articles, specialists reports so I could educate  myself. She also shared a lot of information with my husband so he could prepare himself to advocate for me. She visited us in Brazil a few weeks before my due date. During this visit she gave me in depth information about what to expect and how to prepare for labor delivery and postpartum so I could feel confident. She helped me choose nursing attire, shared tips and tricks so I could breastfeed comfortably in public. She also prepared the house for me for the postpartum period, furnishing it with disposable kitchen utensils so I wouldn't have to worry about washing dishes in the first few weeks. She knew I wouldn't have a support network so she thought through about every detail to make those few weeks easier on me. And then, my daughter was born. And when I thought Lea had already done so much for us I realized how much more was yet to come. Even being physically distant Lea was the person who helped me fix the breastfeeding latch position. It was so painful before but after I followed her suggestions things became smoother. The ability to count on her support during this period gave me the tools I needed to overcome the challenges and frustrations of the process. Her tips and tricks to avoid the situations that caused me frustration were right on point! All the way through starting solids, researching discipline methods, everything! Her character is unquestionable, her presence and advice are calming and reassuring. We're forever grateful for the blessing of having Lea as a part of our lives.

Simone Barros


Português no final. 
???? I want to start saying she arrived on time and was extremely professional. She has such a light spirit. Her mild manner and calm demeanor enchanted me. By sharing her knowledge she helped me make decisions for my family. Her help was essential to lighten my burden and anxiet. She has so much knowledge I was impressed! She taught me how to use the sling, the ergo and many other things. Oh and she helped me make sure my son was safe in his car seat. Lea's attitude is cheering, she's proactive. Before I even thought of what I needed she already offered to do exactly what I needed help with, that was so funny! She can definitely think ahead and help me prepare for what comes next. She helped me with the dishes so I could focus on my baby and when I wanted to work around the house she jumped in to care for the baby so I could get things done. With her knowledge and companionship I was able to understand and live the expression that says I should enjoy this phase with my baby. I enjoyed having her over and her presence brought me great comfort. For these many reasons I recommend her to be your Doula.

???? Eu fiquei impressionada como a Lea é profissional! Ela chegou nos horários que combinamos, a leveza dela me encanta, a forma de ver as coisas e seu conhecimento faz ficar leve a maternidade. Ela me ensinou muitas coisas e me fez entender que tudo é passageiro e que devo aproveitar essa fase do meu bebê .Ela me ensinou sobre deixar o car seat mais seguro, ensinou como usar o sling e o ergobaby, entre outras coisas. Ela também é muito pró ativa antes de eu pensar, ela já está lá fazendo, é muito engraçado isso! Amei tê-la conosco, me fez tão bem a presença dela aqui. Enfim foi uma experiência maravilhosa ter a Lea conosco. Por essas  razões eu recomendo ela pra ser sua Doula. 

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