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Kimbra R Hill


We hired Sophia for some postpartum help with our son that would not sleep at night. She is such a breath of fresh air when she enters our home. She is very knowledgeable and calm while working with our babe and always has a smile on her face. We feel so blessed to have found such an incredible support. We have had such a wonderful experience with Sophia in our home and are so happy we found her!!! 

Hillary Branman


Sofia was more than an extra pair of hands when our second son was born. In addition to practical help (laundry, dishes, rocking a fussy baby, playing with an emotional 3-year old) she was an oasis of calm, and offered gentle psychological support for me and my husband as we adjusted to the challenges of being a two-kid household. I'd highly recommend her services to any parent-to-be. Whether you're having your first baby or adding to an existing kid crew, Sofia will help make the experience more pleasant! 




Sofia has helped us to prepare for birth of twins and is helping out as a postpartum doula as well. I couldn't be happier with the services she provides! Sofia is very knowledgeable, caring and attentive.  She helps out with both, kiddos' and mama's needs and is always volunteering to do more stuff without even being asked. I definitely recommend Sofia, whether you are looking for a birth of post-partum Doula! We couldn't have wished formore! 



I hired Sofia as a sibling and postpartum doula. My daughter absolutely loves Sofia (and I do too)! She came over a few times before the birth to get to know Penelope so that she was comfotable when the birth finally came around. Even though Penelope wanted to sit and play right by me the whole time, Sofia was still prepared and brought a few toys Penelope wasn't familiar with to keep her occupied. When she came over for the postpartum visits she was absolutely neccesary. My husband had to leave the day after the birth, and Sofia helped me to process the birth and emotions that come after that. She helped me survive "engorgement day" and even helped me go to an appoinment since i had no one to drive me and keep Penelope entertained. She did a lot of work during those few weeks and i needed her! Oh, and she does placenta encapsulation which really helped my emotions regulate quicker. I'm so thankful that she was a part of my birth team! I would definitely recommend her as a sibling and postpartum doula to anyone in the area who needs the extra support! 



Sofia was absolutely wonderful. This was my 10th baby, and 10th natural birth, and the first time I had a doula, and I am so glad that Sofia was there. At first I wasn't sure what I really wanted her to do for me. She was unphased and extremely sensitive and observant. During the times of my labor when I mostly wanted to be left alone, she found many other little, but super helpful and supportive things to do, from making sure my water bottle was full to helping my husband set up the pool, to simply being present. As my labor progressed and I needed more help, she was right there with me every minute, always ready with various helps and tools to supoort me through. She was very responsive and quick to figure out what was working and what was not working for me, and adapt accordingly. She was a treasure and I am so glad she was there with me!! I can't speak highly enough of Sofia!

Ashlee Taylor


Sofia was Amazing!!!!!! I loved how she came over a couple times prior to me giving birth. We walked through all the ways she can help manage pain during labor. We went over what fears my husband and I had and how to lessen those. She provided me with lots of resources that helped me mitigate my stress like a Hypnobirthing application that played words of affirmation. When it came time to give birth, I felt completely prepared (as much as someone could be). She offered aroma therapy and music therapy as well. She even comes over after the baby is about a week old, to spend some time with everyone and brought us a delicious home cooked meal! 
Even though my birth experience didn't go exactly as planned she was there for me throughout the entire process and made sure I felt supported. 

I highly recommend Sofia if you are looking for a kind, supportive, and loving individual to be your doula. *her beautiful accent makes her sound even more soothing *

Thank you Sofia for EVERYTHING!!!!! ???? 

Sarah W.


My husband and I were recommended to hire a Doula by the Midwives at our Birth Center. Prior to my pregnancy, I had never even heard of a Doula or why anyone would need one during labor and delivery. Since this was my first baby and I wanted to do a water birth, which meant no pain medications, we decided to take the Midwives advice and found a few Doulas to interview. We instantly connected with Sofia and chose her to be our Doula. She was so kind and easy to talk to and truly cared about giving us the best birth experience while ensuring our birth plan would be followed. We met with Sofia a couple times at our house to get to know each other and she explained and demonstrated the different positions and techniques that would be used to ease my labor pain. She helped boost my confidence about doing a natural birth and I knew early right away that we had made the right choice by hiring her. 

Two days before our baby was born, Sofia's family tested positive for Covid-19 and she was devastated. She called me in tears saying that she would be unable to be there for the birth of our daughter. She assured us that our birth plan would still be followed by her back up Doula and that we were still in good hands. We were sad that Sofia couldn't be there but she communicated with her back up throughout my entire labor and delivery for updates. Her backup took very good care of us. 

Sofia came over about a week after our daughter was born to meet her, to check on me, and talk about my birth experience. She brought over the most amazing meal for my husband and I that consisted of shepherd's pie, salad, rolls, and delicious brownies for dessert. Sofia is an amazing woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. 




Knowing Sofia & having her care for Roman as an infant was such a blessing. I contribute a lot of Roman’s attention span & quickness to learn, to her.
I only wish I could have had her there through my entire birthing process. She has a soothing, nurturing way about her- as a new Mom she eased so much of my worries.
Anyone in the Boise area would be so lucky to have her there during a time such as that.
Check out what she can offer you or someone you know, Boise friends.


Sam & Stephanie Johnson


Sofia Was Wonderful!

Many of our family members had not even heard of a doula and we were on the fence about hiring one due to finances. However, Sofia became an invaluable source of knowledge and support as well as an essential part of our birth team.

Our birth experience did not go as planned. Despite taking multiple parenting classes and reading many books the birth plan we had made with the midwives at our local birthcenter was derailed when we were diagnosed with preclampsia three weeks before our due date.

Now forced into the exact scenario we wanted to avoid (inducing at a hospital) Sofia was very empathetic and provided both physical and emotional support. With her positivity and presence, we were able to turn a scary experience into a joyous one.

Even before labor when Sofia encouraged us to make a back up plan for the unexpected and after birth when she came to check on our baby's well-being and our mental health, we felt well taken care of and prepared to care for our son.

Thank you Sofia! 

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