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Giovanna Mangione (Doula | CBE | CLE)

Mangione Birth Support

Seattle, WA Service range 50 miles I rarely cross ferries, with exception of Vashon Island (I grew up there and am happy to attend births on the island!)


Birth Fee

$0 to $2000

Birth Fee

$0 to $2000

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 24 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2021
  • Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, January 2024

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Certified Lactation Educator. I also have a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington. As a full-time infant nanny for many years, and attending all kinds of births over the last few years, I have assisted a multitude of families through tough transitions, and guided parents of infants of all ages to help their family unit thrive. Hope to hear from you soon!

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Fee includes birth support, childbirth education, lactation education, and newborn care mini-course! - 24/7 call+text support - 2 Prenatal visits - Birth Support - 2 Postpartum care shifts ** Sliding scale and payment plans offered on a case by case basis, please don’t hesitate to reach out no matter your financial situation **

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 50 miles I rarely cross ferries, with exception of Vashon Island (I grew up there and am happy to attend births on the island!)

Client Testimonials for Giovanna Mangione (Doula | CBE | CLE)

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Giovanna played an indispensable role in ensuring my birthing experience was not just positive, but empowering. Right from our initial meeting, she exuded comfort and expertise with labor, delivery, and newborn care, immediately putting both me and my partner at ease as first-time parents. During our first prenatal session, she meticulously guided us through pain management techniques, labor expectations, and familiarized us with the birth center procedures. Together, we crafted the birth plan which I carried into discussions with my midwife team, fostering a sense of having a united support system. The second visit focused on essential newborn care, covering everything from swaddling techniques to diapering, proving to be more valuable than the paid birth class we signed up for. When I went past my due date, Giovanna remained in touch, readily available for guidance and support. She helped me navigate when my water broke at home (and I was in denial!), and later advocated for my preferences when "induction" came up upon hospital admission. Throughout the labor process, Giovanna's presence was constant, providing guidance with labor positions to help me progress and unmatched emotional support. Her encouragement was delievered exactly how I needed it, and she seamlessly integrated my husband into our birthing team. With her assistance, we welcomed our baby girl into the world! Immediately following delivery, Giovanna's attentiveness was further highlighted when she personally hand-fed me a sandwich as I fed my baby for the first time. This gesture highlighted her deep care and presence throughout the entire journey. Giovanna's support and expertise was pivotal in shaping my birth experience into a cherished memory, amidst what can often be a daunting and unfortunately traumatic event. I am truly grateful for her guidance throughout pregnancy and labor, and I credit her as one of the primary reasons I reflect on my birthing experience with such positivity!

Taylor Salgado


We were absolutely thrilled that we had decided to hire Giovanna as our doula! Even though this was my second birth, we still decided to hire Gio for her more extensive service package and am glad we did. She provided wonderful prenatal support and birth education and we really appreciated the hands-on labor comfort techniques she  taught us ahead of time. During the birth, she asked wonderful questions of the medical team that she knew were important to me and reminded me of things that I could decline if I wanted. I felt very comfortable and at ease with her there supporting my labor and she was able to communicate some of my preferences we had discussed beforehand.  Her postpartum support has been wonderful too and she showed up to our house with homemade soup and thoughtful little gifts for me and the baby! Giovanna is wonderful and I highly recommend her as a doula! 

Kelsey Cain


Having Giovanna at the birth of our second child was such a blessing. She was quick to respond, to check in after appointments and always came through with helpful resources when needed. She knew my history of going full term with my first pregnancy which ended in an induction, and offered unwavering emotional support when it came to the fears and emotions I carried into this pregnancy. She even offered to come curb walking with me when I went past 40 weeks. We were blown away from start to end with her wealth of knowledge. When it came to labor and delivery, she was everything my husband and I needed. I had a 14 hour labor and she was by my side physically and mentally supporting me through my unmedicated birth. When things came to a standstill she got me up and moving and showed me different positions to get baby to engage. She gave my husband the freedom to rest and prepare for the delivery while she continued to help me with my breathing and applying counter pressure through each contraction. I joke that she worked just as hard as me during those 14 hours! She stayed with us for hours post partum, braided my hair, heated up my dinner, and ebcouraged us to call back our midwife when our baby started showing signs of labored breathing. Unfortunately our son had to transfer to NICU, and she offered to come with us, brought us food and continued to check in during our stay in the hospital. We are so thankful that she was there with us when things took a turn and that her experience as a doula helped save our baby boy. My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a doula for our second birth and we are so grateful that we did and that we found Giovanna. I can’t imagine getting through my pregnancy, labor, delivery or postpartum with out her support ??



I can't say enough great things about Giovanna. I tell everyone i would of never wanted give birth without her! I had interviewed a couple other doulas before her but I knew about 2 minutes into talking with her that she was going to be the one! She is so calm and down to earth.
Our 1st two prenatal appts were so informative! She walks you through everything of what to expect step by step which was so crucial for us as first time parents. She asks the good & deep questions and helped us address topics that all partners should talk about before having a baby. I love that she guided us on how to set boundaries with family after baby arrives. I really appreciated her knowledge when it came to creating my birth plan. I wasn't super educated on the whole hospital process but knew I wanted to try giving birth as natural/unmedicated as possible and she was able to explain things in an unbiased manner.
When it came to the big day, I feel like I have her to thank for such a positive labor/birth experience. During labor she was able to read the room very well. She just kind of knew when to stay back and when to step in and suggest a new position or coping technique.
I did end up getting an epidural and slept for a few hours but even then she still repositioned my legs/hips for me every 20-30 min while I was asleep. This was so crucial because it helped move the baby down while I was still able to rest.

I tell everyone there's no way my boyfriend would have been able to keep his cool without her there either haha! She truly was a support person for both of us, it felt like we were working with a friend. For our last postpartum visit we were pretty comfortable & settled in with baby, so she babysat for us so we could have a night out together as a couple! We both mentioned on the drive home how we were sad when we realized this was going to be the last time we would see her for while. Until our next baby :)

Ritchie Zhao


I was a bit skeptical when I heard about the idea of Doulas. It felt like someone to cheer on my wife during labor - would having one make a difference? My mind has completely changed after working with Giovanna.

The first thing that struck me about Giovanna is that she has a great deal of medical knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth, and child care. Having her available by phone and in person during labor meant that we could get a professional opinion on anything that troubled us 24/7. This was a tangible benefit and really helped our peace of mind both during delivery and after baby was born.

The second thing I really liked is that Giovanna has the confidence to take the lead in the delivery room. We're first time parents and even though we took a class to learn labor positions and etc, applying all this while mom is contracting was hard. Being able to follow a plan set out by a professional made labor a lot easier for us.

And of course, Giovanna was positive, emphathetic, and easy to work with. We had a fantastic experience with her as our birth Doula.

Kaitlyn Kroontje


Giovanna was one of my husband and I's best decisions in regards to my pregnancy and the birth. I recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. She was highly knowledgeable and I loved that she was educated on the most recent evidence and studies to back up her advice. She had such a calming presence during my labor and helped my husband find ways to support me as well, which was so important to me. There were many times I reached out with questions via text and she was always there with a quick response. In the first week after the birth, she even responded to my middle of the night text with comforting words and wisdom when I was exhausted and didn't know what to do. Giovanna not only helped me understand the process of labor, but also helped teach us the basics of baby care. Her postpartum assistance and advice was so helpful. Everything about my labor experience went so well and I attribute a large part of that to Giovanna! I cannot thank her enough!

Alexia Casiano


Giovanna was absolutely amazing to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone! As a first time mom, there was so much I didn’t know to expect or prepare for. Giovanna was always calm, collected, prepared, and professional, and was so emotionally and practically supportive to me and my husband — from the prenatal appointments through the birth and postpartum visits. She provided useful educational materials, asked great questions and helped clarify and communicate our birth preferences, showed us positions and activities for early labor, and brought a well-stocked “doula bag” to the birth with everything I didn’t know I wanted! She was available by text and phone whenever I had questions or medical updates prior to the birth (and helped talk me down when I got frustrated still being pregnant at 40 weeks!) and was so incredibly indispensable during a long and tough labor and delivery. Her calm and confident energy was a perfect match for what I needed. I cannot describe how helpful she was, and I’m not sure I could have done it without her. She also came out to our house for two follow-up postpartum visits, providing critical emotional support and processing of the birth experience during the first hard weeks, as well as physical help around the house and with the baby. We cannot thank her enough for supporting us through the hardest parts of this experience, so we can focus on enjoying our new baby! Her support was critical to making this a positive transition for all of us and we’re so grateful to have found her.

Chris Casiano


Giovanna was frankly incredible to work with. As a father-to-be, I had functionally no understanding of the role or purpose of a birth doula, and largely trusted my partner to better understand and navigate her needs. Giovanna brought me into the process, helped me understand her role and how I could usefully assist in the birth, and gently and effectively helped my wife through her entire unmedicated labor, simultaneously managing both my wife's needs and ensuring that I was both useful and not overwhelmed, which was great for me and invaluable for my partner. 

After the birth, she was able to help navigate the rough first week and helped both of us manage and get things back on track. 

As the non-birthing partner, I expected to be a largely useless accessory to events and Giovanna helped guide me into not just being useful, but into knowing how best to share the burden with my partner and provide for my family in a tangible way in the first few weeks.

I can easily describe my feelings on doulas as having changed completely thanks to Giovanna-- from a "nice-to-have" luxury to an absolutely invaluable part of events that honestly would not have gone anywhere near as well had she not been present and involved.

I am already recommending doulas and Giovanna in particular to my friends who are considering having children.  



To say that Gio was helpful would be an understatement. When initially thinking about why my husband and I wanted a doula, the most important thing was someone we were comfortable with. Gio brought such a calming presence throughout the process, while still being hands on when I needed it most.

I felt very confident going into my birth experience, and felt comfortable laboring at home when the time came. Gio was able to give us different positions and gentle breathing reminders in the early stages, and was even more instrumental when it came time to push. She has such a calmness to her and she gently reminded me to breathe through each wave which I believe helped with our ability to birth unmedicated. Not to mention the hands on support she provided with counter pressure when I wanted my husband's support in front of me. 

Lastly, Gio made herself fully available before the birth as well as after, coming by to check on us and baby and providing advice as new parents. Things like breastfeeding and bottle advice, postpartum care and doula support, and nanny recommendations were all things she was able to give perspective on and point us in the right direction. We are forever grateful!



Giovanna is very knowledgeable and offered  a wonderful calming presence to my birth center delivery. She was very professional and informative while being extremely respectful of my personal values and desires surrounding my birthing experience. In addition to her prenatal visits, and birth support, Giovanna also offered crucial postpartum visits and support. I highly recommend her as a birth doula.

Nicole Grey


Giovanna was an amazing asset to our birth team. She was warm, caring, professional, knowledgeable and present in and throuhgout each interaction before, during and after the birth of our son Desmond. Her prenatal care was thoughtful, and she really took the time to connect and bond with our family prior to "the big day." She checked in regualrly leading up to the due date. I (mom) often gave her fun ultrasound or midwife updates as we approached the birth day, to keep her in the loop. Gio always responded to my updates that same day with encouragement and enthusiasm. On the evening of the actual birth, she came at the perfect time and was attentive but not overcrowding. She asssisted not just me as the birthing mother, but the entire team as well. She had an innate sense of when to be close by and when to give a little space. After the birth she was a chameleon, moving quietly and gracefully through the space to help where needed. She made my husband and I some tea and left without a trace shortly afterward. She was a birth angel! After the birth she checked in regularly during the postpartum time. She has been a wealth of information regarding breastfeeding. We highly recommend Giovanna as a doula! Our birth would simply not have been the same without her. 

Meli Murray


We adored working with Giovanna. She was professional and lovely throughout the whole process, from interview to postpartum. I loved that while I was pregnant, she checked in on me often, making sure I was okay, and she made sure that she had a firm grasp on my birthing plan and how I wanted the experience to feel. I had a very quick labor (only about 5 hours) but as soon as I contacted her, she was there right away, gently reminding me how strong I was, doing hip squeezes throughout labor, making sure I stayed hydrated, and being calm but incredibly supportive, physically and emotionally. She included 2 postpartum visits, and I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t, it was so helpful! Giovanna truly understands that mothers need a village, and we are so glad she was a part of ours.

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