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Jenn was wonderful. We worked with her in partnership with Sheilena, her colleague and our primary doula. Jenn was enthusiastic and friendly and easy going. She validated some hard choices and made me feel good about them, which is a tough skill! She also took our beautiful newborn photos, which I will treasure forever. We’re so grateful for Jenn, Sheilena and the whole team. They made our transition to a family so much easier. 

Erika Taggares


Jennifer was a lifesaver for me. I had a challenging birth and she was there the entire time! That women stayed with me for over 27 hours! I needed her and she was there. She made me feel comfortable and helped give me the confidence I needed with it being my first time as a mom. She was always available and responsive throughout our experience together. She is extremely knowledgeable and she has a huge village of people in her field to pull info from. I also felt she is very intuative with what someone needs knowing when to step in and not. Highly highly recommend her! 



I loved working with Jenn as my doula! I would hire her again in an instant. She is genuinely so kind and empathetic while also being very grounded. I felt comfortable with her from the beginning, like talking to an old friend. Her presence for me during labor was so comforting, especially during some unexpected complications I had during this birth. I felt like it was the perfect balance of intuitive support from her along with gentle, but firm, advocacy. She helped me come back to myself when things got tough and I was struggling.

She is also very knowledgeable about, well, all the things a doula should know and especially about using positioning to support labor progress. With her help I was able to have the shortest labor I've ever had (fourth baby, 4 hours of active labor after having 8-12 hour labors with babies 1-3). All the while she took beautiful photos of my labor and birth. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Antonia Martinez


I had an amazing time with her by my side during my slight difficult pregnancy. Also provided beautiful photos to capture the beautiful moments of meeting our beautiful son ! # boymom2 

Vivie Nguyen


Jenn is extremely educated and informed. She was an amazing advocate and caring companion throughout my birthing experience. What was anticipated to be a vaginal delivery became three days of labor, and ultimately, a C-section. Although the epidural failed me three times, Jenn never failed me once! Plus, she's funny. Without a doubt, would recommend. 

Vanessa D.


Jenn is a truly gifted doula. My sister's natural birth ended up in an emergency C section but because of Jenna's skill, wonderful communication, and tenderness we were supported and felt confident with each decision we made. She not only provided support for my sister and her partner, but genuinely gave holistic care to the entire family. We are so grateful for her and would 10/10 recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!



Jenn is very personable and a wonderul doula and photographer. My contractions started at 4am and she responded immediatly when I texted her then. She gave me some pointers to help with early labor and continued to stay engaged with texts to my husband when my labor intensified. When she came to my house in the morning, she gave effective suggestions for positioning and offered other pain management ideas that helped immensely when I was laboring at home, and helped me decide when to head to the birthing center. After we got to the birthing center, Jenn's presence offered calm and encouragement for both my husband and I - she offered pain management ideas which were very helpful during labor, transition, and pushing, allowing me to focus on birthing in the tub. With Jenn's guidance, I was able to have my ideal birth. In addition to guiding me during the birth experience, Jenn was all the while taking wonderful photos of the process at the same time. She shared the photos with us afterward and they were beautiful captures of our birth experience - I am printing a booklet with these photos as a memory book. I would not hesitate to hrie Jenn as my doula for my next birth. 



If you’re thinking about hiring a Doula just do it! Going through pregnancy with the support of Jenn and her team was so much better than going it alone. I always knew I wanted to work with a doula, and with it being my first baby I knew I needed that extra support.  When I meet Jenn she was so down to earth and relatable. When we talked about my wishes for birth, I never felt judged or silly.  There’s really so much to consider with birth that you probably don’t consider, it can get really medical and technical which can cause some fear or worry and having a Doula to remind you of your strength is priceless. Our doula Jenn was so supportive and knowledgeable through the whole process, plus she included my husband in everything. We met a few times before the big day to talk about whatever I had questions about and we also met to go over and practice different birthing positions and laboring positions. It was nice to practice the positions in person and be able to practice with my husband. Not only do you get Jenn’s support, but you  also get her team and their expertise. I was having trouble breastfeeding because of a stay in the nicu and Jenn suggested I meet with Cherish to help. I was able to start breastfeeding with her help and couldn’t be more thankful. I’m usually a private person but I felt so comfortable around Jenn and Cherish and that helped me with labor and breastfeeding. Even though we are finished working together I feel as though I could reach out to Jenn for anything baby related and still feel supported. I’m so glad to have met Jenn and her team of doulas and would highly recommend Jenn as your birth support—birthing a baby is such a huge life experience and you don’t want to do it alone. 

Kim Sanders


When we interviewed with Jenn I knew almost immediately that I wanted her to be our doula. She is so friendly, easy going and knowledgeable. I quickly felt comfortable with her and it was so nice to have her just a text or phone call away throughout my pregnancy to talk about anything and everything. She walked us through our birth plan, what to expect and so much more leading up to our birth. We ended up having to make a decision at the end whether to schedule a c-section due to baby’s position which was the furthest thing from my out of hospital birth plan. I feel so lucky that we had Jenn’s input and support as we weighed out all of the options. In the end, we had the c-section and she was still by our side feeding me ice chips afterwards. The photos she took were just the cherry on top, I will seriously cherish those photos forever. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience having Jenn as our doula! 

Melissa Blank


We so appreciated Jennifer's support throughout our birth experience. Our baby was overdue and Jennifer provided lots of emotional support and tips leading up to her birth. When I found out that I would need to be induced, it was so helpful to have Jennifer to talk me through the process and what to expect. 

Jennifer was a really helpful advocate throughout labor and delivery. As first time parents it was so great to have her calm, supportive presence to boost our confidence and help guide us through labor. 

Her bag of tricks (including twinkle lights!) was just lovely. 

Also, I was not initially interested in birth photos, but I'm SO thankful that Jennifer was able to capture our birth experience. I fall more in love with the beautiful images she captured every time I look at them!



Jenn was amazing from start to finish! She was incredibly supportive and professional and would highly recommend her!

Deanna Daves


Doula Jenn assisted me during the birth of my first child in Seattle. I had been in labor for three days (that later resulted in a c-section) and her mere presence was a comfort. She is nurturing yet assertive. She was observant to my needs without being prompted and knew how to read the room; which was extremely helpful when there were so many people coming and going. She also helped advocate for me when my pain level became overwhelming. The only reason she wasn't at the birth of my second child was because we moved out of state. If you are looking for a someone that is knowledgeable, reliable, genuinely cares, and will be there for you and baby long after the birth then Doula Jenn is perfect for you. 

Dailena Galvan


I couldn't have had the birth experience I had without having Jen as my doula! The support from her was everything I needed. My mind was so scattered with no one understanding the stress of me really wanting a VBAC. Once Jen and I met I felt like someone was with me ready to do everything to get a vbac!   She researched, was reaching out to others trying to obtain all the information she could to share with me so I could have success. Any question any time Jen would respond back with all my answers , and not with a "I know everything attitude" .  I was set for induction and Jen gave me all the exercises to make sure my body was ready! I never felt my doctor was really supportive in wanting to do a vbac. Jen made sure she was there just for support right from the beginning of my labor! We got right to it walking, bouncing, circuits .. we had the contractions coming! A couple hours in my doctor wasn't wanting to support my birth plan with no excuse besides he thought it was a waste of time, with Jen and the nurse staffs support I got a second opinion and a new doctor. Everything went prefect from that point on. I had a successful vaginal delivery and it was so magical . Jen will forever have a special place in my families heart . 

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