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Mairi Wood (she/her)

Autonomous Birth

Redwood City, CA Service range 22 miles I serve the Peninsula, Burlingame to San Jose

Birth Fee

$2000 to $3500

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $55

Availability Remarks: I provide postpartum support between 9am and 7pm. My postpartum availability is pretty limited, but if you are seeking just a few sessions I may a good fit!

Birth Fee

$2000 to $3500

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $55

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 20 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 22 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Postpartum Doula
  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Postpartum Consultant

Doula Training

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings, February 2020
  • The Birth Coach Method, June 2020
  • The Matrona, March 2021
  • The Matrona, September 2021
  • Paramana Doula Course, June 2022
  • Intentional Birth Pro, June 2023

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Day time support only; no nights offered at this time.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
At this time Casa Natal in Los Gatos is the only birth center in my service range but I am open to going to a bit further on a case by case basis.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home birth is my jam, I would love to support you in a home birth!

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Birth Doula packages include prenatal sessions, CBE course, birth support & postpartum visits — Please check out my website to see more details and feel free to reach out with your questions and/or we can schedule a free consultation.

Service Area

Redwood City, CA Service range 22 miles I serve the Peninsula, Burlingame to San Jose

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Client Testimonials for Mairi Wood (she/her)

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First-Time Mommy


I highly recommend Doula Mairi for her exceptional communication skills, informative approach, and dedication to building a strong relationship with her clients. Mairi has a knack for direct communication, ensuring that all your questions are answered promptly and thoroughly. She goes above and beyond to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your labor and delivery.

Mairi's exceptional flexibility shines through in her approach to meeting your needs and preferences. Rather than imposing strict time constraints on her sessions, she fosters an environment where meaningful relationships can flourish. This afforded me the opportunity to develop a deep connection with her, making me feel more at ease during labor as she understood my desires for childbirth. Recognizing the uniqueness of each labor experience, Mairi dedicates herself to crafting a supportive atmosphere aligned with your vision for childbirth. She listens attentively to your specific requests and concerns, adapting her approach with care and precision.

What sets Mairi apart is her commitment to making your labor experience as smooth and empowering as possible. She prioritizes your comfort and well-being, advocating for your wishes while also providing valuable guidance and support along the way. With Mairi by your side, you can trust that she will work tirelessly to help you achieve the birth experience you desire.

Overall, I cannot recommend Doula Mairi enough for her professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for her clients. If you're looking for a doula who will prioritize your needs, communicate effectively, and support you every step of the way, Mairi is the perfect choice.

Navita Mittal


We had the pleasure of working with Mairi during our pregnancy. Our decision of choosing Mairi as our doula was hands down the BEST DECISION we made during our pregnancy. What sets Mairi apart is her love and passion for the birthing process. Her depth of knowledge blew our mind and she is very data/evidence driven which is very educating and reassuring for first time parents. Additionally she is honest, generous and genuinely cares about your experience which really made her stand out.

Before childbirth: We entered the birthing process as complete noobs. Mairi patiently educated us about each and every stage and decisions involved in the process through evidence based course, in-person sessions and podcasts. Going through these sessions/material educated and enabled us to really own this process and make informed decisions. Mairi deeply cares about empowering parents and provides great feedback to drive even more clarity in decisions and birth plan. During childbirth: Childbirth is definitely one of the most challenging things especially for the mother. Having Mairi who has extensive knowledge and provides unwavering support by our side was a game changer. When unexpected things arose, she kept us informed and empowered. Throughout labor, her calming presence, comfort measures and reassuring guidance were indispensable, turning what could have been a daunting experience into one filled with confidence and comfort. She also beautifully captured those memories that we can cherish forever. After birth: Mairi provided hands-on assistance with breastfeeding and baby care and went above and beyond in connecting us with the right resources/ support groups. Overall, Mairi made this one of the most memorable & beautiful experiences. Her expertise, in-depth knowledge & empathy is unmatchable. I highly recommend her to everyone embarking on this beautiful journey!

Mary, Hyoung, and Owen


We hired Mairi to be both our birth and postpartum doula and we highly, highly recommend her. When we were beginning our pregnancy, Mary (birth parent) was anxious. Our conversations revolved around fear: fear of the birth going badly, fear of a traumatic birth, and more generally the fear of the unknown. 

Mairi helped us overcome these fears. She didn't just tell us what was right or wrong, but gave us all the possible positions for us to be able to determine for ourselves what was right and wrong for us. No question was too big or too small - whether they be about constipation, sleeplessness, or concerns about surgical options. Mairi was incredibly helpful in giving us all the resources. Mairi was incredibly warm in her interactions and reassurance that everything was going to be okay. Our four prenatal scheduled sessions with her were incredibly helpful. Mairi also checked in extra during the process, going on walks with Mary to help her think through any other fears, doubts, and questions she had. 

Mairi helped both of us understand the birth process, providing a feeling of preparedness that we felt prior to and during the birth process. To be sure, our birth did not go as 'planned'. But because of all the work with Mairi, Mary did not feel afraid -- such a victory! Thanks to Mairi's guidance, we were able to make informed decisions during the birth process. She was there every step, holding space for us as we made our decisions. Mairi has also continued her support with postpartum infant care. Seeing her take care of our son has added another dimension to our appreciation of Mairi as a warm and knowledgeable caregiver. Mairi is one of the few if only people we feel comfortable handing over our son with complete trust, knowing that we don't have to manage or oversee her care. There is something special and reassuring in watching her hold, care, and play with him. We are grateful for Mairi. 



Mairi was my postpartum doula with my second child and I really wish we had her with my first as well. She is extremely knowledgeable about postpartum and newborn care and has such a calming personality. This all greatly reduced my and my husband’s stress around newborn care so that we were able to really enjoy the time bonding with our baby and take some well needed rest. Mairi was also great with our toddler, who was always excited to play and read with her. Or she would take care of the baby while I got uninterrupted 1:1 time with my toddler. During my postpartum I broke my ankle and Mairi was there for our family through this hard time, I really don’t know how we would have done it without her. I felt so well taken care of and both my kids loved playing with her. Mairi is an exceptional doula and I highly recommend her! She will always have a very special place in our hearts.



Mairi was our birth doula for our first born baby in January of 2022 and I can't thank her enough. We immediately gelled and felt very comfortable working as a team with her. Mairi brought a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the table (literally!) and let us decide what worked for us and what didn't. Mairi helped us to realize we had so many options during labor. Had it not been for her I wouldn't have known that I had a choice in how my labor was managed. Mairi checked in with us via text of phone call, practiced labor techniques at in person sessions and helped me explore my fear and take hold of it! When the big day arrived Mairi went above and beyond. She arrived early and stayed late. She slept by my side in our hospital room when this was absolutely not required of her. Mairi was there to amplify my voice, not speak for me, and there were many times she reiterated things I was saying to my midwife team. I truly felt heard and respected. Mairi helped with all of my comfort measures to the candles I wanted in the room, the affirmations on the wall, breathing, touch, smells, silence and more. With persmission, Mairi took photos and documented my labor and the birth of my baby. Her services are invaluable. She has a warm heart and truly cares about you, your partner and your baby. I felt completely in control even when things deviated from the birth plan. We have Mairi to thank for such an empowering birth experience. Thank you Mairi, I am forever thankful. 



Mairi was amazing!  I knew I wanted to have a post partum doula and after meeting with Mairi I will never regret that decision. She was invaliable to have when we brought our little one home. I was at higher risk for post partum mental health issues and I wanted to have someone who was not in the heat of newborn craziness to help point out warning signs so I could get help if needed. It was also wonderful to have someone else to come in and help or just someone to talk to who understood. There were times when we didnt think to eat or haddnt been able to shower or sleep. I think that if we didnt have Mairi with us those early days would have been a complete mess and Im so greatful to have had her there.



Mairi helped me realize a truly magical and authentic birth experience. My birth, like all births, was not "easy" or pain-free, but it was a life changing moment that helped me step into motherhood in the best possible way. Mairi was absolutely critical in helping me and my husband experience such a beautiful moment. Her thorough sessions, her honesty and her calm energy were exactly what my husband and I needed to prepare us have a natural hospital birth. She coached us in a caring, hollistic and respectful manner. She answered all of our questions and gave us many resources to further explore topics we wanted to dive into. Her evidence-based approach does not leave any taboos untackled, allowing me to free myself from misconceptions and own this experience 100%, making it one of - if not the - most meaningful moment I ever lived. Most importantly, we never felt judged for the choices we felt we wanted to make during the birth of our daughter. I loved the debrief session with her after I gave birth. Mairi opened a hollistic door I want to keep exploring as I become a new mother. I could not recommend Mairi enough. 



This review is overdue! Mari was a great support system and helped us get prepared for the birth of our second baby. Towards the end of my pregnancy we decided to get a doula and have an unmedicated birth at the hospital. Anytime I was able to text her questions and if I needed advice, and she'd answer my questions promptly. She is caring, knowledgeable and was great support for us, unfortunately with COVID-19  I had to decide who I wanted in the room during birth and it could only be 1 person, so she was not able to be there. But I was texting with her the whole time before, during, and after the birth. Also my son was pre-term so our plan with the birth didn't go as smooth as we wanted. When doctors would tell me what had to be done, I'd ask Mari for her advice and she was a great help! She came to our house and practiced labor inducing stretches and positions to get baby head down.

Sometimes doctors make it seem more complicated then what it needs to be, having someone who is educated in an unmediated birth with experience really helped us. If you are looking for someone personable, smart, and down to earth- Mari is a wonderful choice! If We have another baby I definitely want to start earlier in my pregnancy with her :)




We hired Mairi as a siblings doula to be available for our son while we were at the hospital welcoming our second baby, and she was a big part of making it a smooth and low stress process. She was professional, prepared, knowledgeable and kind. She proposed lots of ideas and ways to adjust to the situation along the way. She took the time to get to know us and our toddler, she got along with him really well quickly. It was our first time being away from our baby for that long, and it was a relief for us to know that he would be with her while we were at the hospital.



As our nanny for 6+ years, Mairi was a part (and continues to be) a part of our family.  She started with us when my oldest was 18 months old and saw us through the birth of my second, a 16 months house remodel and a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis of my youngest son when he was just 2 years old.  When I went to the hospital to deliver my second child, Mairi took care of our oldest and continued to play a main role in my older son's care while I managed the baby.  She would also watch the baby so I could get some quality 1:1 time with my oldest before going back to work.  She slowly took over the baby care as I transitioned back to work and quickly adapted to being a nanny for two kids under 3.  When my youngest was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Mairi could not have been more amazing in learning the disease and immersing herself in learning how to manage it. She quite literally had our son's life in her hands every day and managed it beautifully.  Not only is she reliable and trustworthy, she truly cares about the families she works with.  My kids adore Mairi and it was often that other parents and the kids' teachers would go out of their way to tell me how lucky we were to have Mairi as a nanny. You will not be disappointed working with Mairi and can trust that she will do everything she can to provide for you and your family and exceed your expectations. 

Galit Rikovitch


This was the best decision we've made! After the birth of our 3rd child, I was looking for help and I was introduced to Mairi. To be honest, I didn't even know what is a postpartum doula at the time. 

Mairi was amazing! She quickly connected with our family offering support to all of us, including mom, dad, siblings (ages 7yr and 4yr), and baby. Mairi offered emotional and practical support, which was exactly what I needed. Someone to listen, provide guidance and advice, help with my newborn (diapering, bathing and comforting) as well as take care of light housekeeping so that I would not feel so overwhelmed. 

It doesn't matter if it is your first, second, third (or more) child, every birth in an emotional rollercoaster and Mairi helped us find the balance again and adjust to the new addition to our family. Thank you for everything Mairi! There are no words to describe how grateful we are!



I'm so grateful my midwife connected me with Mairi during my pregnancy. Her knowledge and guidance helped me have the birth I wanted. 

Dan and Jen A.


Mairi is the best! She helped our family during the first few months postpartum, attending to our newborn so that we could get some rest and spend more time with our older child. She is knowledgeable, professional, well-trained, and always reliable -- we trusted her 100% with the care of our baby daughter. We're thankful for the help and support Mairi gave us during that challenging time.

Birth Availability for Mairi Wood (she/her)

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