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Paige Greeley

Paige Greeley - Doula

Philadelphia, PA Service range 30 miles Instagram: @paigegreeley_doula

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Availability Remarks: Hello! I am a birth and postpartum doula in Philadelphia and its surrounding area. I am certified through DONA international. My goal is to ease your transition from pregnancy to joyful motherhood.

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 30 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 20 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Birth art therapy services
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DONA Postpartum Doula Training with Krista Maltais, April 2021. DONA Birth Doula Training with Robin Weiss, March 2020. Hotline and Hospital Advocate, Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program of South Eastern Ohio, September 2019 to July 2020. MFA in Painting in Drawing with a focus on researching Women's Studies Ohio University, 2018-2021.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Day Shifts, 6-8 hours recommended. $35/hour. Overnights, 10 hours, $40/hour.

Service Area

Philadelphia, PA Service range 30 miles Instagram: @paigegreeley_doula

Client Testimonials for Paige Greeley

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Samantha G


When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our second  daughter, there was no question about hiring Paige as our doula again.

Even though we felt more prepared the second time around, we remembered all of the guidance and support Paige provided us with during my first pregnancy and delivery, and knew she had to be there.

Throughout this pregnancy, we exchanged updates and sonogram pictures. Paige frequently checked in on me physically, while prioritizing my mental health as well.

When our baby became breech, and an early admission led to our girl making her debut at 38 weeks, Paige was always in contact with us and ensured she got there in the nick of time.

When Plan A ended up going to Plan B, Paige continually provided us with support and guidance. She prepared us for all of our options prior to birth, and supported our decision making every step of the way. Paige provided a gentle touch with hands-on massage and encouraging words during a very fast delivery. Her experienced and grounded presence reminded me to remain calm, and led to the very best outcome: our healthy, beautiful baby girl.

If anyone is considering having a doula to assist them during this vulnerable and beautiful time of their life, we would recommend Paige every time.



I’m so grateful to have had Paige as my doula for the birth of my second son. After a very positive (but unplanned) induction with epidural for my first son, I wanted to attempt an unmedicated birth again but was scared. I sought a doula who was knowledgeable about unmedicated birth but supportive and encouraging of whichever preferences unfolded for me throughout pregnancy and labor. Paige provided incredible support before, during and after my birth. She was a confident advocate for me without being pushy, calmed my fears, provided invaluable expertise about positioning and the birthing process, and showed up with an energy that eased my mind, motivated me, and created an atmosphere of calm to welcome my baby boy into the world. She was there for both me and my husband, teaching him how to provide the most effective support and pain relief for me during active labor. I did end up giving birth unmedicated, but knew she’d be confidently by my side however things turned out. I truly believe we could not have done it without her.

We utilized Paige’s partner model, which means we had the support of two incredible doulas (Paige and Cali) throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period, each bringing their own complimentary perspectives and experiences and working together to provide us with the very best care and support. I would choose this model again without hesitation and am lucky to have had not one, but two, incredible doulas on this journey with me.



I gave birth to my first child in the terrifying, early days of the pandemic, without a doula or any postpartum support. I knew that for the birth of my second child, I wanted both a birth & postpartum doula. I couldn't have asked for a kinder or wiser doula than Paige! I was immediately drawn to her because she shared on her website that she “mothers the mother.” Throughout a very difficult, complicated pregnancy, I valued having her as a sounding board & guide. Her non-judgemental approach to sharing information & recommendations made me feel safe to weigh options & then decide what felt best for me & my family. I cannot imagine my birth experience without Paige there. She was a trusted resource for me & my husband throughout the induction process. When labor moved so quickly that I couldn’t get an epidural, she helped to ease my pain & was my champion, cheering me on. She captured treasured photos, taking that role off my husband’s plate so that he & I could be truly present with our baby. In Paige, we didn’t have just a night nurse but also a chef, lactation expert, baby whisperer, toddler playmate, & so much more. I looked forward to her arrival each evening in part because I knew it meant I would get a good night’s sleep & my baby would be well cared for but also because I could debrief the day with her & try to troubleshoot any issues. She quickly became like a trusted friend who just happens to know everything about babies. Though I was a second time mom who thought she knew a thing or two about babies, Paige taught me more than I ever could have known I needed about everything from gassiness to babywearing. Paige is an excellent birth & postpartum doula & just an all-around lovely human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough!




For as long as I could remember, I knew I wanted to have an unmedicated childbirth. However besides my mom, I do not know of anyone else in my life who gave birth without an epidural, induction, c-section, or intervention. I work in health care and was most comfortable delivering in a hospital, but I knew that would require extra labor support to avoid unwanted or unnecessary intervention. When I got pregnant, my search for a doula lead me to Paige and Cali. Having them part of my pregnancy and labor/delivery journey was the best decision I made! The prenatal education they provided was invaluable, and my husband and I felt truly supported and respected no matter our birth preferences. When I went into labor in the middle of the night, they were just a phone call away to answer questions and help us decide when to leave for the hospital. From the moment Paige met us at the hospital, I immediately felt a sense of relief. With my OB’s practice model, I did not know any of the members of my hospital birth team; I never even met the midwife who helped deliver my baby before. Therefore having a doula who I already formed a relationship with present for my baby’s birth was even more important. Paige exceeded our expectations during our birth experience. She was hands on, knowledgeable, supportive (to my husband and me), encouraging, calm, and confident. Without Paige, I am not sure I would have been able to achieve a completely unmedicated birth. She was exactly what my husband and I needed, especially during transition, when I started to doubt myself. I cannot be happier with my first labor and delivery experience, and I can’t imagine going through it without Paige. She was an integral part of my empowering birth story and we already know we would love her present for our next one!

Maggie Lancioni


Wow, where to even begin! After my first baby, I never thought I'd be able to make it through those early newborn days again, so we hired Paige for our second baby, and boy was she worth it. Saying that Paige is an incredible postpartum doula is truly an understatement. I'm not sure there are words to truly depict how much she helped me and my family during what is arguably the most difficult transition life has to offer - the fourth trimester. Paige is loving, kind, gentle, passionate, helpful, and just an all-around joy to be around. When she left our family, I felt grief! Not just because of her help with the baby (which she was phenomenal at), but because of her comraderie with ME. She helped me feel so heard, understood, validated, and less alone during those middle-of-the-night feeds at all hours. She wanted to do nothing but help - always. Always offering to cook things, bake things, change/wash/fold/bathe, truly anything. She was able to predict what we needed without us even having to ask. She helped me heal from past newborn experiences with my first and realize how beautiful and wonderful the newborn stage can be. Hiring her was easily one of the greatest gifts I gave myself and my family.

Joni Sullivan


I am so grateful to have had Paige as a support and resource throughout my pregnancy, and particularly grateful to have had her at my side during a difficult birth. Paige was always available via phone, text, or email to answer questions and troubleshoot symptoms. Using her as a sounding board helped me remain at ease during my pregnancy. She provided information in a compassionate and non-overwhelming way, which was so important for me to have when I felt oversaturated and confused by Google and social media information. 

When it came time for my birth, Paige showed up right away. My birth progressed quickly and we were met with a series of challenges due to unforseen circumstances, like an overbooked labor and delivery floor with no beds available. Every step of the way, Paige was there, guiding me through my contractions using her touch and her voice. She teamed up with our nurse and my husband to provide the best support imaginable. I cannot imagine getting through my labor and birth without her. I felt so ecnouraged, supported, and strong. My birth ended in a Cesarean section and Paige was waiting for me in the post-op room to facilitate skin-to-skin and baby's first latch. I would recommend Paige again and again to anyone looking for a kind, compassionate, patient, well-informed, and fun doula. My husband and I love Paige and we are so glad we took the steps to hire her early in our pregnancy. 



I hired Paige (and her business partner Cali) to be my doula for the birth of my first child. She was absolutely instrumental for me throughout my pregnancy. I knew immediately from our first call that she was going to be a calming, positive presence for me - we just clicked. She served as a valuable resource when I had questions throughout my pregnancy, and when it came time for my birth, she is the reason I believe I had a positive birth experience. My water broke at 36 weeks, which for a first time parent is nerve wracking. I went to the hospital, and they decided to induce me (again, not in the "plan"), but Paige and her partner Cali were able to talk me through all of my options and help me be apart of the decisions. When Paige got to the hospital, I had just gotten my epidural and she helped me with safe movements in the bed to engage the baby in the pelvis. My epidural wore off, and I felt everything (again - not in the plan!!!), but Paige sat by my side and helped me stay calm. In one of the most intense experiences of my life, I never once felt unsafe. Although so many parts of my birth experience were unexpected, Paige brought me immense calm and warmth. Just a few days later, I am already looking back on the experience as beautiful and empowering despite so many things happening that I wasn't expecting. She was also very helpful to my husband who was also going through this for the first time and scared at seeing me in pain - she gave him the support he needed to encourage me along. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind & warm. I would recommend her to anyone giving birth. 



I can't say enough great things about Paige as my birth doula. I am a trained doula myself and had a different doula with my first birth. This time around I was looking for someone more hands on that really understood the importance of movement and positioning in labor, and I found that with Paige!

From our initial phone consult, I was really excited to work with her because she was so personable and knowledgeable, but I didn't know just how incredibly helpful and necessary she'd be to my birth experience.

My labor progressed quickly, so when she arrived I was already 8cm. She guided me into and supported me in helpful positions, and was extremely intuitive when it came to comfort measures like hip squeezes and massage. She brought such a positive, calm energy to the birth space, was completely focused on me and my husband the entire time, and worked so well with the hospital staff too - they all raved about her as well.

Throughout my contractions I literally needed Paige's hands on me to help get me through. I was able to have the most natural and positive birth experience possible in a hospital setting (planned homebirth transfer) and Paige played a major role in that. I truly can't recommend her enough and will absolutely need her there for any future births!

Francisco Stoll


I don't know where to start, my wife and I had such an amazing experience with Paige and Cali. We had two different in person sessions with them, one to help go over what to expect for the birthing process, and one to help go over what to expect post partum. They were also always accesible by phone or text leading up to the birth of our son. My wife's contractions came very strong and very fast in the middle of the night. Cali helped talk me through how to apply pressure in the correct spot on my wife's back to give her relief. When we arrived at the hospital, they told us the baby was facing the wrong direction. My wife got an eppidural, and Paige helped move her hips, legs and body around to help the baby move to face the correct way, while also helping talk us through any fears we may have. By the time my wife was ready to push, the baby was facing the correct direction which we attribute heavily to Paige's work. She also helped support us after his birth when he breastfed for the first time. The best part of all is that after the birth, they have both been so helpful answering any and all of the many baby questions we've had in the weeks since! They made what we thought would be a daunting and scary experiece, a wonderful and peaceful one, better then we ever could have imagined possible.  We can not reccomend them both enough!



First of all, Paige is an amazing person overall. She's kind, smart, and talented. 
Second, Paige is an incredible doula too. She really knows her stuff, and she genuinely loves what she does.
She made me feel at ease from the very first emails we exchanged. I knew instantly that she was a perfect fit for my growing family. 
I'm so grateful for the resources and support that Paige has provided me since the beginning. I will definitely be hiring her again when it's time for my next baby :)

Anna de la Motte


From the minute we met Paige (virtually), we knew she had the right energy for us.  She's upbeat and positive but also has a naturally calming presence.  Our prenatal visits were well-structured and Paige felt like an old friend after her first hour at our home.  I had some worries about sharing something as personal as my birth with someone that I had only met several months earlier, but Paige felt as comfortable as a family member (and without any of the baggage!).  She had so many tools ready to help soothe and calm me.  She partnered easily with the other clinicians in the room...I felt like we were all on the same team!  Most importantly, though, she stepped in at key times to make sure that decisions were not made without my permission...I will forever be grateful to her for playing that role.  Choosing Paige was the best decision we made regarding the birth.  Every mom (and birthing partner) deserves a Paige in their corner.  She is absolute magic!



Working with Paige as our doula was a great experience. I'd recommend her to anyone seeking an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and thoughtful birth doula.

During our two pre-labor visits, Paige provided great resources and questions for my husband and I to consider as we were putting together our birth plan. With her guidance, we felt incredibly prepared for both labor & delivery and the postpartum period - our birth vision covered everything from intervention preferences to our perspective on in-hospital visitors. 

Paige was supportive during the entirety of our 35 hour labor experience. Even as our birth plan changed, she was there to guide us through key moments and decisions. In the early parts of labor, she was incredibly receptive to our many questions and was a great advisor as the process progressed. Paige worked well with the medical staff at the hospital and was a reassuring presence for me during the pushing phase of delivery. 

Paige really went above and beyond at our postpartum meeting as well. She showed us burping techniques, how to use our new baby-wearing wrap, baked lactation cookies, and gave our baby an adorable homemade gift. We are very grateful to have had Paige on our team for the birth of our baby boy! 

Katie Homza


I had such a wonderful experience working with Paige. From our very first meeting, I knew she was the perfect person to support me through my pregnancy and birth. She was so calming, knowledgeable and easy to talk to and this stayed true throughout my entire experience with her. I felt so supported throughout every step of my pregnancy and birth, which was so important to me being a first time mom! During my birth, she was such an amazing coach and made me feel so much more confident during labor. She was also wonderful at interacting with the nurses and advocating for my and my baby's needs.  I honestly don't know what I have done without her and having her as my doula was hands down the best decision I made for my family. 

Emily Z


I planned a medicated hospital birth for our first child, and decided I wanted a doula for extra support and to make it a better & more personalized experience. I'm so gad we found Paige. Our first meetings with her were so helpful in terms of getting to know each other and finding out what to expect. She helped us write our birth plan, and had lots of good suggestions and resources as questions came up about preparing for the birth and baby. I ended up having an unplanned induction at 38.5 weeks, and Paige was so reassuring when I called her to tell her what was happening. At the hospital she was wonderful, and worked well with the rest of my team (my husband, sister-in-law, medical staff). Even though it wasn't the birth I had planned for, Paige played a major role in making it a positive experience anyway, keeping things moving at a pace I was comfortable with  and helping make sure that things that mattered to me, like movement and different labor positions, could still happen. Since then she's continued to be a great resource as things come up with our newborn. I'd absolutey recommend her to anyone looking for a doula around Philly.



Hiring Paige as our postpartum doula was the best decision we made as first time parents. Paige helped and supported us beyond measure during the fourth trimester. Beyond her dear friendship, here are just some of the things that Paige helped with: 

- setting up the pump and teaching me how to pump
- helping through engorgement for the first 2 weeks postpartum 
- breastfeeding- she suggested a nipple shield and it changed everything
- introducing a pacifier
- introducing the bottle and feeding our baby during the night so we could SLEEP! 
- sharing product recommendations that actually help (ie the susher, halo swaddles, magic merlin, nightgowns, and much much more) 
- cleaning bottles, pumping supplies, etc. and setting everything up for the next day
- changing diapers (as new parents, we really had no idea what we were doing and Paige helped and educated us without judgment on even the "simple" things)
- bathing our newborn
- teaching us how to file his nails

In addition, knowing Paige would be coming for an overnight alleviated SO much stress and anxiety. My husband and I knew we would get a solid night's sleep when Paige would be here, and that gave us so much peace of mind for the first 8 weeks of being new parents. She was incredible with our new baby and was so kind to our dog as well. Although we were nervous to invite someone into our home in such an intimate way, Paige fit right in. 

Even before our contract with Paige officially started, she was always available when we had questions--she got back to us quickly and shared information and resources on everything from formula and products to sleeping and diapers. 

I cannot recommend Paige enough--she is kind, smart, generous, and an incredible doula. 

Erin Callahan


Such a wonderful and easy experience with Paige. From the very beginning she helped us prepare for our second child and was there with confidence and assistance during the birthing process that I wish I had the first time. Very happy!

Stephanie Fitzgerald


Paige was so wonderful to have as a resource and advocate during my birth experience. I could tell by our first phone call how incredibly passionate she was. Before meeting, I drafted a birth plan but felt overwhelmed by all the research and was indecisive about what I wanted. With Paige’s help putting research into real terms, I made a birth vision that I was confident in. Paige also gave me courage to voice my values to my medical team, which helped spark discussions and build trust with my midwives. As a physical therapist myself, I appreciated how knowledgeable she was about pelvic dynamics and how that information would help my labor. When labor arrived, it had progressed so quickly that I was unable to receive an epidural or pain medication, unable to bring the hospital bag full of comfort measures, or even have time to park the car! Thankfully, Paige was there with essential oils and a paper fan me to keep me comfortable and relaxed between contractions. I felt much more confidant laboring with her help trying different positions. Paige and my husband were assisting me at either side to reach the squat bar during contractions. She also knew when to suggest another position once I was getting tired. Paige was indispensable bringing our son into the world, and I’ll be hiring her again for our next child!

Shane Fitzgerald


Paige was so amazing to have at our side through all of our pregnancy. As first time parents she provided information and guidance to better help us prepare. Then, on delivery day we had a very hectic delivery and she was such a calming and helpful presence and also served as a spokesperson for our wishes. It also really helped having someone be a bit more clear headed when descions needed to be made. Thanks Paige!

Amy Schlesinger


Every family needs a Paige in their life. We worked with Paige for postpartum care over the course of several weeks and I cannot say enough amazing things about her incredible work as a Doula. Paige was patient, kind, and non-judgmental. She fit right in with our family and identified how she could help us immediately. She assisted me with breastfeeding, learning how to use multiple pumps, and finding the right sleep schedule for my baby. Paige always brought a happy smile to our home and made all the newness, changes, and challenges of becoming a first time parent, slip away. She taught us fun things too - like how to solly wrap, trim baby's nails, give a bath, and even use our sterilizer for bottles & pacifiers. She helped me with baby laundry when we needed it and really provided relief during the night - my husband and I knew we would get amazing sleep with Paige in our house! Not to mention our baby absolutely loved her and she treated him as if he was her own! Paige also did A LOT of cooking and meal prepping for our family. She made lots of goodies that helped support my milk supply (lactation cookies, muffins, and brownies) but also made healthy meals that we could eat for lunch and dinner! Paige was an extension of me when I needed extra hands. Paige was also the calm amongst our chaos at times. She is a brilliant individual with a wealth of knowledge to share. She knows so much and what she doesn't have the perfect answer for, she will research for you! Working with Paige for postpartum care was the best decision we made to start our new life as a family of three. She made this transition positive and empowered us to be great parents. I would recommend Paige to anyone and everyone and plan to work with her again myself! An overall beautiful person, soul, and spirit that will treat you and your baby like family. 



My husband and I were looking for a doula for our second baby (after unfortunately having a poor experience with a different doula with our first birth in Boston). I was hesitant but knew I wanted some additional support. Paige immediately made us feel comfortable and excited to work with a doula again! Her warm demeanor is so welcoming and we knew we made a good decision.

Leading up to the birth Paige did an amazing job of sharing evidence based information for any questions I had, and she was always available for any questions / would check in with me to see how I was feeling which was so kind.

Our daughter's birth couldn't have gone better. Paige was incredible in a hospital setting, winning over nurses and doctors while being a strong support for me and my husband. I (and my husband!) feel so grateful to have had the birth experience I did and I would highly HIGHLY recommend Paige to anyone looking for a doula support system! 


Samantha G.


My husband and I hired Paige as our birth and postpartum doula for the birth of our first child. We had considered for some time whether a doula was necessary, but when we met Paige, we knew she was the perfect fit and we are so thankful we had her by our side!

Paige not only provided compassionate, evidence-based care before and during labor, but has also been an essential resource to us since the birth of our daughter. As the first birth either of us had experienced, there were lots of unknowns. Paige was able to confidently provide us with the knowledge we needed to make informed, empowered decisions. 

We highly recommend Paige to any parents looking to add a passionate, caring member to their birth team! 



We LOVED working with Paige, who provided both daytime and overnight shifts in the month after our first child was born. She was friendly, confident and a natural with both our baby and stressed-out puppy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for postpartum support and only wish we could have worked with her for longer!

Cassie Cameron


My partner and I hired Paige to be our doula for the birth of our first child. After our initial meeting when I was 12 weeks pregnant, we instantly felt like Paige was the right fit for us! She listened to our concerns, wishes, and questions with genuine interest and sincerity. Each conversation after that felt like chatting with an old friend! When I went into labor five days early, Paige was there to soothe nerves and offer guidance. When our birth vision changed suddenly, I was anxious but she reminded us that we would still have a beautiful birth, and she was right. Paige offered us a steady hand and voice, and was constantly reassuring me that I could handle anything that came my way. I felt so confident and empowered through her support, and so did my partner! We highly recommend Paige to anyone looking for a doula to help make their birth experience more special and empowering. 

BB and Austin


Paige was there alongside us from the days carrying our son a to after delivery. Working with Paige gave us a sense of confidence throughout the whole process especially during delivery. 

We really felt her love for our son and the whole family, and she was there to listen to our needs and offer outstanding guidance and support -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you Paige! 

Even after our son came into the world, Paige was there checking in and offering continued support. She really takes a holistic, human-centered approach to supporting families through a challenging yet beautiful time. 

Hillary Ammon


We decided to have a doula for our birth experience after having a bad experience with a medical provider during my first pregnancy, and ultimate miscarriage. Our hope was to have a trained provider support us through the journey of pregnancy and prepare us for the birth experience, as well as having another advocate in the delivery room. Paige did just that! Paige was warm and made me feel comfortable sharing intimate details related to my pregnancies. She was supportive of our birth decisions and provided education when we had questions. As a first time mom, I felt better prepared for the birthing process because of Paige. During labor, she suggested multiple positions to ensure progression and comfort, despite having an epidural. She also suggested how to better advocate for myself related to medical procedures. While preparing for active labor, she ensured that aspects of my birth plan were put in place, all things my partner and I weren't able to focus on at the time. During active labor, she felt like a family member, holding one of my hands and cheering me on. She was so compassionate during active labor. She captured some beautiful pictures, as well. Postpartum, Paige visited us and has continuously checked up on us, which was so unexpected but appreciated.  Paige is an informed, compassionate doula  and I strongly recommend her services! 

Beth Lang


Paige was an absolutely vital part of my labor & delivery support team. Working with her leading up to the delivery was helpful, as we thought about the birth vision, possible decisions to make, how things would look after the baby came, but she was invaluable when the day actually came. I ended up throwing my birth vision out the window as baby was two weeks late and I needed to be induced. Paige was available at every step whenever we had questions about what options were being presented to us by the doctors. She helped me feel empowered and at peace with any decision I had to make, which to me was especially important as I was presented with interventions that I hadn't anticipated. 

Paige spent hours with me and my husband in the labor room once I felt that I needed her there. I really feel like she helped move my labor along with her knowledge of different positions and also her ability to keep me positive and confident in what I was experiencing. She also gave my husband great support the whole time, keeping him positive and confident in his role as a support person. Paige is so easy to be with for long periods of time with her positive, sunny, and easy going style. She also collaborated well with the hospital staff, knowing how to communicate with the nurses in a professional and friendly way as well as knowing when to let them do their thing while still supporting us. 

I am so grateful for Paige's support, knowledge, and empowerment. I feel that having her in our corner really helped me through the birth's such a crazy experience, especially as a first time mom, knowing you have that support  really helped. Paige was amazing. 

Tristin Fabro


Working with Paige as a postpartum doula for my second child was such a wonderful experience. With the new addition extra hands were definitely needed and Paige did a great job at being those. She was so helpful with the baby but also with me and what I needed - whether it be a walk for fresh air or help with household chores. I hope you enjoy your time with Paige as much as I did!



We brought Paige on as a postpartum doula for the arrival of our second child. Paige jumped right in on her first day, helping with anything I needed. In the beginning, she cooked food from recipes we chose together, tidied, and brought me food and drink as I nursed for hours. As my needs changed over the weeks, Paige adjusted to meet them, later providing care to my baby who did not want to be put down and held for naps so I could have a little bit of time to myself. Our two year old son also loved Paige and she would play with him before he went to school in the morning. I wish I knew about postpartum doulas for the birth of my first son! Paige definitely made this recovery and fourth trimester easier. 



My wife met with several doulas to find the right fit for the birth of our second son. She told me that Paige was clearly the one; upon meeting her, I understood why. Our meeting and communication prior to birth were excellent, informative, and full of both pure professionalism and much welcomed levity. We’d made a friend.

Our son was 11 days late with all of the ups and downs of thinking it’s on only to realize it’s not. Paige was a great companion through all of this. When the day finally arrived, she was right on time at the birch center. As the dad and a man, I’ve found myself in much need of direction and prompting to be as useful as possible in the births of my sons. Paige plugged me right in, much to my wife’s relief. Her presence was perfect, a force and participant that I’d fumble to find the correct words for at the moment. So I’ll just say she’s the best. 



Paige is fantastic! I immediately felt comfortable with her and trusted her to help us develop our birth vision. She is incredibly smart and kind and made each step of our preparation process so easy and enjoyable. She was always on time for appointments and was an excellent communicator, always accessible to answer questions and chat. She was also super helpful during postpartum care and took excellent care of me and my baby during her visits! She was such a joy to work with and I would work with her again in a heartbeat! 

Courtney Haran


My husband and I hired Paige to be our birth doula. We were looking for a doula who would be able to support us both, as well as be an advocate for us during our birth experience. Paige checked off both of those boxes for us and more. Even before she got to the hospital, she was able to assist with what we were being told and help ensure we were making the best decisions. She made us feel comfortable at the hospital, making sure we were okay and answering any questions we had (especially translating a lot of the medical terms we were unsure of). Her attitude and support during labor and delivery were amazing. Outside of the birth experience, Paige has gone above and beyond in checking in on us and the baby during the postpartum period, which has been so supportive. Her postpartum doula services have also been a godsend, allowing me to get some much needed rest and self-care time. We can't imagine going through any of this without her support. I highly recommend Paige! 

Marike Heyns


I really enjoyed having Paige as my Doula. She has such a calming and caring personality.  She worked well with everyone in the room, especially with the midwife who delivered my baby and my husband. She is very knowledgeable and I really appreciated the way she explained everything to me. The biggest thing is that I trusted Paige in helping us through this intimate experience. 
Thank you Paige, we appreciate you! 



My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Paige for the birth of our first child. My perspective as the Dad in this experience was that Paige was incredibly educated, thoughtful, prompt and patient. Paige was able to clearly communicate lots of complex information to me and answer every question I had in detail. During labor, Paige was available and promptly replied to all of our text messages providing helpful advice and direction when needed. Paige jumped on a phone call when we needed her at midnight. During delivery Paige was by our side and warmly guided us through a surreal experience. I would highly recommended Paige to anyone looking for doula.



My husband and I hired Paige to accompany us at the birth of our daughter in February. From our very first meeting, I knew Paige was a good fit. She is completely non-judgmental (I knew I wanted a medicated birth and also knew I didn't want to breast feed, which is outside the norm) and supports whatever decisions are best for you as an individual and as a family. From educating us about what to expect at the hospital during delivery, to helping me with positioning when I was in pain, I (and my husband!) felt so comfortable and taken care of with Paige by my side. 

Paige is truly incredible - don't think twice about hiring her!!



Paige was a beacon of light in the dim fog that is the postpartum period. She was the extra set of hands I never knew I needed. There were days I would be fatigued, have no idea what was going on, feel unable to get out of bed, and suddenly she would show up like a cheerful sunbeam folding my laundry, giving my attention starved doggies some love, or holding my baby with reassuring confidence. I could take long showers and actually shave my legs and exercise without feeling the guilt of taking my partner away from work. Paige was kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and considerate the entire time she was working with us. She went above and beyond, providing assistance with light housekeeping, meal prep, walking our dogs, teaching me about baby massage, milk storage, giving me confidence in using my breat pump and bottles, and generally helping me function when I was too exhausted to remember to do basic self care like feeding myself. I would look forward to her coming over so I could hear my own thoughts, get one on one time with my partner, and have a few hours to feel like myself after a huge life transition. I could have survived the fourth trimester without her, but it would have been a much more stressful experience. Hiring a postpartum doula after the birth of my baby was money better spent than all of the gifts from my baby shower registry combined. 



I'm convinced Paige is a sensitive based on the connection we have with her. She's very talented and knowledgeable. Helped us feel so confident and comfortable in a setting we had zero experience in. We were new to the doula concept but now recommend doulas (especially Paige) to all expecting mothers. She has a great soul and shows how much she truly cares for her clients. Our birth experience was scary and wild but if we didn't have Paige, I truly believe it would've been such a traumatic experience. She has amazing intuition and is truly one of a kind. 

Aislinn & Alex


Paige has been an amazing source of support for our family as we navigate the transition from one to two children. She is kind, reliable and cheerful, and brings a warm presence to our home. She cares for our new little one, which lets us spend some one-on-one time with our older son and catch a few winks of much-needed sleep. She also helps with the myriad household tasks that accompany two small children, such as folding laundry and tidying. Paige is very knowledgable about breastfeeding, and provides support with all aspects of it, from bringing the baby to me to feed, to burping and holding him upright afterward, to preparing the breast pump and giving him bottles while I sleep. Our baby lights up when he sees Paige, and our two year-old absolutely adores having her around.

As a bonus, she is an amazing artist! We had so much fun talking with her about her art :-)

Maura & Francis


We are incredibly grateful to have had Paige as our birth doula. From our very first phone call we knew she was a natural fit. Paige has a calming presence and warm spirit; she is very knowledgeable, and shares guidance while making sure that you feel informed and empowered to make the decisions that feel best for yourself, baby, and birthing experience. Paige met with us prior to birth to create our birth vision and postpartum plan; she reviewed childbirth education and we practiced birthing positions I could use, and supportive positions my partner could use to provide counter pression and help relieve discomfort. She stayed in touch leading up to our due date, and despite being nervous about delivering for the first time-I felt supported and encouraged knowing that Paige would be with us. When the day finally came, Paige was amazing.  I had a long and difficult birth due to the position of the baby, and she was with us throughout it offering suggestions for labor positions, helping me use breathing techniques, advocating with and for us to ensure that hospital staff were aware of our wishes, and supporting us in making decisions that felt right for me and the baby. As we adjusted home, Paige came for our post-partum visit to process the birthing experience and the transition to parenthood. She even brought a beautiful handmade gift for our little one that we will cherish. We can not recommend her highly enough!

Jenn Liney


Paige was my PP doula - I reached out to her a few months into my sons life desperate for some sleep. While her schedule was booked she still worked on my behalf to find me some help (without me asking or paying) until her schedule opened up. When her schedule did open up, she reached out and helped me while my baby was a nighttime terror. She was very communicative, kind, prompt, and easy to talk to. I just wish I had contacted her sooner and will hopefully use her support for my next baby. I highly recommend her for your pre and postpartum needs. 

Michelle P


Our experience with Paige was great.  She supported us on a day about one month postpartum and a partial overnight about 8 weeks postpartum.  She is very kind, easy to talk with and clearly loves babies.  Our little one seemed to love her too! :)



Paige played a huge role in helping us integrate our newborn into our lives and helped to make the transition thst much smoother and enjoyable. Paige's kindheartedness and friend-like demeanor made me as a new mom constantly feel supported and cared for. She was wonderful in caring for my daughter doing tasks such as feeding, putting her to sleep and doing age appropriate activities. Paige was also always only a phone call or text away with anything I needed! Be it my baby wasn't wanting to eat or helping me deal with my postpartum hair loss and emotions. I highly recommend Paige for doula services as she truly approaches her job with love and passion. 

Vanessa Rosenzweig


Paige was a great help to both me and my family after the birth of my daughter. She was attentive to my needs post surgery and also the needs of my daughter. Paige is a great listener, providing emotional support in a time when motherhood can be quite isolating. 
She cooked and prepped nutritious meals to aide in my healing while also helping with some light house chores such as the babies laundry and groceries. She helped get the nursery organized and cleaned. 

The overnight stays were incredibly beneficial, I was able to get lots of extra rest to heal knowing my daughter was in good hands. 

She was able to provide outside resources when needed, such as a lactation consultant when I had issues with the baby latching.  

I highly recommend Paige to any new mom seeking a doula, I think the support is so necessary and looking back it would have been a much more difficult time without her help and comfort.  

She acclimated very easily into our family, my toddler son still asks for her to come visit on a daily basis.  Paige is reliable, super sweet, caring and able to provide full postpartum support to any new mom. 

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