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Birth Matters & Modern Nest Kamloops

Kamloops, BC Service range 10 miles In the Kamloops area


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, October 2020

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 2 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smoking in the house.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Our doula services have supported families in Kamloops at the RIH since 2000. We have a great working relationship with all Dr's, Midwives, Pediatricians, L&D, Maternity & NICU Nursing staff.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
We have many years experience with home births with all the midwives in Kamloops, Vernon & Revelstoke areas.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Photography - Birth
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Registered with the Doulas For Aboriginal Families Grant Program

Service Area

Kamloops, BC Service range 10 miles In the Kamloops area

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Fred Z.


One thankful husband’s POV: Kayla, our doula, was an absolute godsend throughout the entire birthing process. Her caring and supportive nature eased both my wife's nerves and mine, providing a sense of calm during what could have been an overwhelming experience. From early labor pains to the delivery room, Kayla was there every step of the way, offering invaluable guidance, massage techniques, and reassurance. She anticipated our needs before we even knew them ourselves, creating a supportive environment that empowered us through every contraction. We couldn't have asked for a better support system during such a pivotal moment in our lives. Highly recommend her services to any expecting parents seeking not just assistance, but genuine care and compassion. Thank you so much for being there! See you at the next birth! 

Jasper Bailey


We were so lucky to have Kayla as our Doula.   Her support, knowledge and expertise is outstanding.  My last pregnancy was a surrogacy and it was important for me to have someone with me that was there for me as everyone else in the room was there for the baby.   Kayla has this magical way of showing up for everyone in the room and meeting you were you are at.   She was not only the doula for me but also for the parents of the baby that I was going to birth.   I could not imagine having a birth without her present, her care and attention was so incredible.   You didnt know you were thirsty until she gives your husband a nudge to offer you water, making your partner seem like the rockstar (of course he was anyways), who knew you needed a cold cloth, or a snack to eat before you even felt hungry.  Her support in that room was what everyone needed, she was able to help each one of us succeed in our roles in that day.   Her support started well before the labour and birth.  She can help you navigate your birth prefences and how to relay that information to the medical team when things get a little intense.   Kayla would be my doula again if I were to birth another baby.  You would not regret having her as your support through your birth journey.

David Anderson


As a surrogate's partner Kayla did an amazing job of supporting and caring for me even while taking care of my wife. 
She is a kind, caring, thoughtful, detail oriented person exceeding my expectations of what a doula would be. 
We were lucky enough to have the intended parents present for the birth and Kayla did an excellent job of including and supporting them through the journey as well. 
I highly recommend Kayla; she was a great asset to our experience. 

Dave Anderson



Kayla was an awesome doula to have in our birth space for our first baby! My husband and I didn’t really know what a doula was or did, but our midwife recommended that we get one. I’m glad they did because I couldn’t imagine going through labour without Kayla.

Leading up to the birth, she made us feel comfortable and helped us develop a birth plan that suited our preferences. Kayla was a rockstar during labour and supported me mentally and physically. She suggested different positions, applied counter pressure, made me feel safe, and gave me energy. As an athlete, I appreciated how she was like a coach in the delivery room, pushing me to work my hardest. I didn’t realize that’s what I needed during labour! She also guided my husband on how to support me best. And the pictures that she captured during the birth were so special. I highly recommend Kayla and I would definitely want her in my birth space again.

Damian Buckley


If you’re thinking of having the support of a Doula -do it! From a surrogacy perspective, we as the intended patents were so grateful that our surrogate had the amazing support from Kayla. A few months prior to the birth of our son we had the pleasure of a video call with Kayla and our surrogate to discuss our birth plan. Kayla is extremely professional with a warm and kind heart. On the day of the birth she made us all feel instantly at ease. Throughout the day she was such a wonderful support to our surrogate. She invited us back a few weeks after to let us view all the beautiful photos she had taken throughout the birth. Thank you Kayla we truly appreciate all the support you have given our surrogate and both myself and my husband.

Michelle Clark


Kayla was my doula for my second home birth. My experience with from start to finish was amazing and without her support I would not have had the wonderful experience I did. She knew exactly what to do and where to be during active labour, her calming techniques and positive affirmations during those tough contractions helped me mentally stay where I needed to be for baby to come. For anyone who hasn't experienced birth yet, trust me when I say you need a doula you can trust and count on, and Kayla is that person. I cannot say enough about the positive birth experience I had and a huge part of it was because of my amazing doula Kayla! 

Meghan Kolodka


Kayla was everything I needed during the most vulnerable experience of my life. Calm, consistent, supportive and empathetic; she was clearly born to be a doula. As a first time surrogate I wanted to ensure I had some extra support during my labour and delivery since it was a totally new experience. From the very start, both myself and the intended parents felt an immediate sense of trust and support from Kayla which carried through the entire pregnancy and even after baby was born. We are incredibly grateful for her presence during the delivery, and the pictures she captured are mind blowing and something we will cherish forever. She held space for me to feel empowered and fully in charge of the situation, while offering gentle encouragement and physical support when she knew I needed it. For anyone looking for a doula, or anyone who is on the fence about hiring one, Kayla is the best of the best and you won't regret it.



Such a special experience. Kayla is so incredibly caring. This was my first baby and am so grateful she was there to help. She made sure to check up on me frequently after baby was born. My only wish would have been to have her with me before I went into active labor.



We are so grateful to have had Kayla with us before, during and after our birth. Leading up to the birth my husband and I felt comfort in knowing we would have someone knowledgeable and caring by our side through birth. During the birth Kayla kept us calm and really helped me through the labour experience with pain management techniques and her encouraging words. She was also so supportive postpartum as those days can be so rough. I would highly recommend her as a doula, you will not regret the decision to have her by your side during your birth experience.

Jackie Parobec


Inviting Kayla into our birth space was the best thing we could have done. She was such a calm and present support for us while preparing for birth - she breathed so much wisdom into our journey to parenting a toddler and a newborn. It helped melt away so much stress when I felt like I didn’t have the same amount of time to prepare for my second birth as I did my first. And I just can’t say enough good things about her during our birth. I felt like I needed her to come fairly early into my labour but was doubting my own intuition on that. She saw through that and came right over and didn’t doubt me for a second - it turned out that my labour was shorter and I was actually quite far along when she arrived. She is so so strong and gave the best hip squeezes with every contraction. She helped my husband set up (and clean up) all the necessary things at home. When my labour did stall out briefly she recognized that I was feeling a bit stuck with so many people in the room and so with my midwives decided that I should labour with just her and hubby in the room for awhile. Somehow between all that she also took the most beautiful birth photos and a few bonus videos too. I can’t recommend Kayla highly enough.

Kalie McIntosh


My husband and I first attended Birth Matters for their prenatal class and loved Kayla and her outlook on supporting parents on their new journey. We hadn’t considered a doula before taking the class but by the 3rd class we had hired Kayla and also signed up for their newborn 101 class. Between the classes and one on one support we felt as prepared as any first time parents can be prepared. Kayla was available, kind, supportive and creative in making sure our birth and postnatal support was there. If you’re a first time parent I highly recommend Kayla and Birth Matters. Looking forward to staying connected with the community as our little one grows up.

Caitlin Rizzardo


Kayla at Birth Matters is amazing! She was so compassionate and supportive while I worked to welcome my son into this world. Kayla was incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging throughout the birth process and having her as my Doula was the best choice I made in our pregnancy. She has also been incredibly supportive throughout the first few months of motherhood! If we decide to welcome another baby in the future there is no other person we would welcome into our birth space than her.

Hillary schneider


We recently chose Kayla to be our doula for our first birth.  Kayla from the beginning was very present and supportive and went above and beyond our expectations. As first time parents it she was very helpful during the birth and after. We were very thankful for how much time and presence Kayla spent and how much care she gave. We are very grateful that we had Kayla for our birth experience and wil do so again in the future! Highly recommend! 

Kerry dignard


Having kayla as my doula was the best decision I could have made for postpartum, her knowledge/expertise and personality is everything you'd want in a doula and more , Kayla is literally the BEST , she held such a safe space for me and my family when she was over and helped me navigate the new role of motherhood and everything that comes with it , I hope more mama's will be able to experience the same support , because it honestly made all the difference ?? can't say enough about her and the services she offers ! I am so happy I made this connection and will be using her services in the future :)

Jessica Wallace


With a history of miscarriages, Kayla was recommended to us. We thought, given our history and state of the healthcare system, it couldn’t hurt to chat. From our first conversation, I knew we needed her in our corner. Although we had been treated by OBs and had a healthy pregnancy, I was scared it would end with heartbreak. Kayla made me feel safe and like my baby was safe. She pledged to be available for questions. We had meetings and she asked us about birth preferences, how she could help, provided insights about the hospital and gave us tips for pregnancy. She dropped off a tens machine when we went into labour, which eased pain. We had three days of early labour and were admitted for an induction. I was exhausted and spiralled, scared my baby was at harm. Kayla came immediately and talked to staff to find out what was going on and communicated everything to us. Soon after, I progressed into active labour. Kayla was our reset button. She took me for a walk and got me in a bath tub (which she advocated we get) in our labour room doing yoga stretches with the lights dim, soft music, laughing gas and my husband putting cold towels on my head. I got out and emotions had passed and I was relaxed. My body was jelly. I ended up pushing out a nine-pound baby with minimal damage. I think the tub was critical. Before, during and after pushing, Kayla made sure I had fuel. She helped my husband support me. I can hear her voice telling me I was safe and my baby was safe. Those words were the most meaningful. Kayla visited later and spoke with my husband about hormone changes I would be experiencing. A few days after our son was born, she sent me photos she took during labour. She captured what I was feeling when my son was born. I think of her now as our birthing guardian angel, who knew exactly what we needed physically and emotionally and when and filling in gaps to improve the experience. I can’t picture having a baby without her.

Scott Johnson


I’ll be the first to say I was not really on board with having a doula. I felt it was as unnecessary as us also having a midwife. Well, I am a changed man. This was the birth of my first child and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to do it without Kayla. She was incredible. She supported us before, during and after childbirth. When I was at the hospital, I felt like I had everything I needed to make my wife comfortable. I was worried that with her there, I would be unnecessary for the birth of my son. Instead, she assisted and encouraged me in any way I needed. She helped me be who I wanted to be for my wife during the raw, but incredible, experience that is child birth. Watching your wife give birth is scary, but with a doula like Kayla in your corner, it is so much less so. It allowed me to worry less and enjoy the whole experience so much more. We also allowed Kayla to take pictures during the entire process and it was so great to see them, and a couple of short videos, afterwards. I have my memories but she managed to capture the magical moments perfectly and bring my memories, of one of the most incredible days, back to life. Without any hesitation whatsoever, my wife and I would both have Kayla as our doula if we have another child.



It was no small thing to hire a doula, given our finances, but we did it because there is good evidence for reduced interventions, and I wanted to give my babies the best start. Neither of my births went as planned. Our first was a marathon and could have easily been a c-section. The help and expertise were essential. For our second, Kayla stepped up to help after labour too, when we were exhausted, disorganized and overwhelmed. And now, we have the most precious moments of our new family recorded in photos and video. That alone is an incredible gift. Thank you, Kayla, for your hard work and care!

Bronwyn Duquemin


Kayla supported us during the birth of our first baby and it was one of the best decisions we made. Her calm encouragement was invaluable during a very long labour. I would 100% recommend Kayla to anyone interested in working with doula. She was available to answer our questions before and after birth and took wonderful photos for us throughout labour. Thank you!!

Mary K


Kayla is fantastic! If you are looking for a doula who will help you prepare for labour and then be there for very step of the way during, look no further. My husband and I would recommend her to any expecting parents. 

She also took the most beautiful photos of us right after I had delivered our son! 

Nicole Harris


I had been told by many friends that getting a doula for the birth of their babies was the best decision they made. I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the moment we met Kayla she was so caring and knowledgeable for not only our birth plan but what we expected from her support.

I ended up having a very long labour and she stood by our side through it all. She was a big support not only for myself but a very big support for my husband. He felt helpful and included in each step. As my husband would say “the best money we ever spent and everyone needs a Kayla” She has the most calming presence and gives you the courage that you can overcome anything. She went above and beyond our expectations for having a doula. Her knowledge and experience made us never feel alone in the process or lost in what to do or try next. She is a big part of our daughter's birth story and she will absolutely be a part of our future children's births.

She was so helpful post birth as well, checking in on us, visiting and also connecting me with other new moms so I didn’t feel alone. I could not be more grateful for Kayla.

Caitlyn Barrett


From supporting me during a threatened preterm labour at the hospital, through a home birth and into the postpartum, Kayla provided wonderful continuous support to me and my partner.
Kayla was a calm, confident presence at our home birth. As soon as we needed her, she brought a sturdy touch, a gentle prompt and encouraging word to keep our birth space feeling safe. I would not have been able to stay so focused or have such a positive birth without her.

Adrienne Beacom


I would recommend Kayla to anyone expecting. Her calm presence was a game changer for both my partner and I. We had a long, tough labour and when it was over we both felt like we would have been lost without her! She was able to sense when I was getting anxious about things going on around me and help me stay grounded and get me through it.  She also did a home visit in the first couple weeks and linked me up with a great lactation consultant. Kayla set up a tour of the labour ward for me around the 8 month mark and got me linked up with Spinning Babies information (which I have passed on to anyone I know having a baby)! Kayla was available by phone/text anytime I had questions postpartum and provided me with awesome resources for both pumping and baby carriers. I honestly cannot say enough good things about our experience with her and if I am ever brave enough to do this all again she will be my first phone call!!!

Kimberly McMillan


At the start of my pregnancy, I decided I wanted a doula mostly for "a little extra support". I am so thankful to have had (and still continue to have) Kayla by my side. She offered so much more than a little support and truly helped ease my difficult labour in all the ways she could. She continues to amaze me with her plethora of knowledge and care for both my partner and I. I will 100% want Kayla to attend any future births and you won't regret having her for yours ♥?



Kayla is absolutely amazing!! We reluctantly had a c section with our first, and Kayla helped me have a vbac with our second. She brought me confidence and reassurance through a gruelling 5 day labour and 3 hours of pushing. I could not have persevered for the vbac without her. She also made my husband feel more at ease and give him a necessary break. She is extremely calm and brings a necessary and welcome energy to your birthing space. She ensures your birth space is not only protected but comfortable. ??



Kayla 100% made our birth a positive and empowering experience. The support we have received is second to none. We had a long labour and Kayla was there to support us with a tens machine and met us at the hospital when it was time. Her encouragement and demeanour helped me stay focused and she pushed me to keep labour progressing and try different positions to keep moving forward.
She kept the music going and the room calm and serene (there was a few times during labour where my mind wandered into feeling like I was at a spa). Kayla helped us with our birth plan and knew exactly what we wanted and thankfully we were able to have it all! My husband didn't have much idea what support to expect from a doula going into pregnancy but now he says "I would definitely tell anyone going through this to have a doula and to attend prenatal classes". We both felt so prepared from our classes and meetings with Kayla and then we had an amazing first birth. I felt like a superhero after and can't imagine feeling any different! Thanks Kayla for helping us into parenthood ??



We couldn't imagine labouring and giving birth to our second child without Kayla there to support me and my husband. Our first birth was traumatic and she was attentive to our needs and birth plan for this birth. She also advocated for us when needed. Kayla was so helpful in reducing pain, creating a relaxing environment and amazing with breastfeeding support. Kayla was such a calming and empowering presence while I was labouring and knew exactly what I needed for support when I didn't even know. She checked up on us via messages and a home visit postpartum. We couldn't recommend her doula services more! We will definitely be asking Kayla to be our doula again. 



Kayla provided such wonderful support during my pregnancy and birth! She respected my natural birthing decisions/plan and always helped me feel in control of my birth. Her confidence and calm aura was so assuring throughout the entire birthing process. She made sure I was taken care of from the moment she arrived at our house until the moment she left after baby was born. I am so grateful she was part of my birthing team and would highly recommend Kayla to anyone searching for doula support!


Katie Ryan


I m so thankful I had Kayla as my doula and couldn't have done it without her! She was so supportive, never left my side, helped me in ways I didn't think I needed it. My fiancé  and I were so happy we had her. Not only was she there for me but she helped him so much too! I tell everyone about our experience and recommend Kayla all the time! It's so worth it!! Thanks for all you did Kayla??



Kayla is currently supporting our family as a postpartum doula.  I am home with baby twin boys for 2 weeks at a time while their dad works away. It had been extremely overwhelming and Kayla comes in and helps in any way I need, sometimes I don't even know I needed until she did it. From making sure I'm eating at least one healthy meal a day, allowing me to have a bath and just check out for a few minutes, go to an appointment without dragging my boys with me or just having coffee with me and providing me a safe space to talk about all my feelings.  I cannot recommend her enough.  Because of her I feel that I can truly be in the moment with my boys and enjoy being a mom without the extra pressures of my laundry not being folded or my kitchen being a disaster.  If I were planing anymore kids I 1000% would not do it without her.



Kayla supported my family as a postpartum doula. We have 2 young children, 2 newborns, pets, and a whole lot of unplanned life chaos. Kayla created a safe feeling space, and provided an incredible amount of support through some stressful moments. We never knew what each day was bringing, and Kayla came with an open, positive attitude each day, and helped support in whatever way we needed that day. This is our first time hiring a postpartum doula, and we would hire Kayla again in a heartbeat! Thank you for holding space for our family Kayla, and walking along side us. 



If you are contemplating hiring a doula, don't hesitate. Kayla was absolutely wonderful during my birth and pregnancy. I wouldn't even consider giving birth again without her by my side. She was supportive, informative and a great resource. I had a tough time at the end of my pregnancy and her words of encouragement made the world of difference. I couldn't even imagine what my birth experience would have been without her. I felt like superwoman after having my baby and if I didn't have Kayla to guide me along the way, it would have been a much different experience. I'm so grateful I had her. The birth of my son was one of the best experiences I have ever had, made possible with her help. 

Classes offered by Modern Nest were very helpful to both my husband and I to get some more in depth information that isn't really supplied by doctors. My husband felt like he knew what the signs of labor were after attending the Prenatal in a Day class and he said he wasn't confident before then. 



Wonderful support for my wife to be able to talk to when she was worried after hours. Kayla was actually recommended by one of my friends whose wife used Modern Nest for both their babies. He said the doula was a great support for both of us and I couldn't agree more. 



Kayla was an incredible support to my husband and I before, during and after the birth of our daughter.

From the moment we hired Kayla she was incredibly supportive and understanding. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple and our preferences. She also helped explain some of our options so that we could make informed decisions about our care and the care of our child once born. 

Our labour and birthing experience could not have gone better. I had a relatively quick, minimal pain and minimal tearing unmedicated experience. Kayla made both my husband and I feel supported during the labour and birth. Her techniques during the pushing phase made a huge difference in my ability to relax between pushes. Additionally, her Tens machine was super helpful during my contractions and allowed me to relax and breathe through an unmedicated labour. 

After the birth Kayla followed up with both my husband and I regularly to ensure we were doing okay. She offered tips and additional support. It was really helpful for us to have that extra person to talk to and ask questions during the first few months of our little girls life. Just knowing we had her there provided relaxation as we entered parenthood. 

I highly recommend Kayla and would absolutely hire her again. 

Christina Miner


We are so grateful to have had Kayla on our birth journey. Not just for myself, but for my husband. She is kind and calming.
Especially after birth she was always available for questions via text or even phone call. Those days / few weeks after birth can be very overwhelming for a first time Mom with many questions marks flying over your head.
She also took amazing photos of us during labour and delivery.
At first we weren’t sure if we really need a Doula. But we are so happy we had Kayla with us! We highly recommend Kayla!
Thank you Kayla! 



Kayla was great! I was overwhelmed trying to support Skylar so having someone that has the experience to help us along was amazing.



We were so lucky to have Kayla attend the birth of our third child as our Doula.  Having had a C-section with our second child, we wanted to maximize our chances of a successful VBAC delivery and Doula services are proven to positively influence birthing experiences in all ways. 

We were so impressed with Kayla.

She has a calming, respectful, helpful presence and fantastic intuition and so perfectly holds space for the unfolding of labour and delivery.  She is also highly skilled in knowledge about birth and offered very helpful suggestions in the most respectful and empowering way.

As is common, my partner wondered how having a Doula would fit with his presence at the birth, but I am here to tell you officially that having a Doula can strongly improve the experience between partners because so much of the behind-the-scene care and logistics are taken care of by Kayla and allowed space for both of us to be present and connected during labour and delivery.

I highly recommend Kayla and feel lucky that future mamas in Kamloops will have access to her as a resource. 



Kayla was an amazing support person to both myself and my partner during the labor and delivery of our daughter at home. She is so kind, gentle and knowledgeable. We legitimately could have not done it without her guidance. She even took photos and videos that we will have to cherish forever. We would both recommend using Kayla as your doula and look forward to having her at our next birth! Thank you Kayla xoxo

Jenna L


Kayla was the perfect support member through labour, delivery, and postpartum that we never knew we needed, and we cannot say enough how thankful we were to have her with us on the craziest journey.

Kayla was available to us whenever we needed and had many helpful suggestions throughout the whole process. Besides my husband, hers was the only other voice I could hear coaching me through delivery.

I cannot say enough good things about her care, and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula.



Kayla is the calming force that we underestimated how much we needed. We weren't sure if we needed a doula but because it was our first child we wanted to give everything a try. Our baby came sudden and 5 weeks early. We had only had the initial meeting with Kayla but that didn't stop her from giving us her full support. Her knowledge about the process, body's signs, and the hospital was so valuable.

She stayed with me in the early stage while my fiance could grab the bags from the car and get us food. She taught him different holds and techniques to help me through the contractions. She brought her TENS machine for me to use which was a huge help!

We weren't sure if we wanted photos of the process but we figured that we could always not use or keep them. Kayla captured beutiful and intimate moments between my fiance and I during labour and then with our new baby right after she was born. We are eternally grateful for them. 

Kayla was patient, non-judgemental, and empathetic. She struck a great balance of supportive comments, helping physically, and knowing when distactions were needed. 



I am so incredibly thankful I had Kayla along with me through the crazy, emotional and beautiful ride that pregnancy, birth and postpartum is!

Kayla is a calm, steady and nurturing presence. She makes you feel safe, reassured, encouraged, and listened to.

She has an innate ability to read a situation and your emotions/ reactions to it and somehow does exactly what you are needing without you even having to ask for it! As a new mom half the time I didn’t even know what I needed, and yet somehow Kayla always did!

When I brought up the idea of hiring a doula to my partner he was hesitant. My husband is more of a private person and I think he felt nervous about allowing another person into our journey as it is an intimate journey. However, he agreed to whatever I wanted to do and whatever would make me feel best during this time! He is so happy we hired a doula in the end and especially that it was Kayla! During the birth she also was able to reassure and support him and teach him some techniques like the hip squeeze so he could help support me and be apart of it and be a relaxed and present support to me during the birth! That allowed him to really be hands on and present In the birth and make it so much more memorable for him as well and make him feel like he really could be a help to me during it! It also was SO powerful for me to have my husband so hands on during it and feel like we were doing it together! It made it so much more intimate!

All the support and advice Kayla gave us postpartum was so spot on to what we needed to hear and experience.
Being able to feel supported, listened to, safe and encouraged are incredibly important during this time. I believe that made a significant impact on my journey! One that I am incredibly thankful for!! Thank you Kayla for giving that to us!

If your on the fence about weather or not to get a doula, do yourself a favour and call this girl up!!



Kayla was our doula for the birth of my first child and she was amazing; supportive for not only myself but my husband also. She was attentive and compassionate and does excellent hip squeezes! While my birth definitely didn't go as I had hoped, Kayla was there to support and enourage me though it, and was incredibly empathetic following my son's birth. I would highly recommend her to all pregnant women considering a doula.



Kayla's patient, nurturing, non-judgemental and genuine personality leads her to be a natural at doula work! It is evident she is passionate about her career and supporting families through all the emotions that come with pregnancy, child birth and postnatal recovery. 

Kayla is wonderful at reading people's needs. I had been alone at the hospital (COVID protocol) for hours waiting to hear if my scheduled cesarean would need to be performed 6 days earlier than my original surgery date. My husband was home with our toddler and I had told Kayla I was fine to wait by myself. However, Kayla decided to come to the hospital anyways (on short notice) to wait with me. I'm so thankful she did! After 10 hours at the hospital (while fasting), I was exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed. Kayla had a steady, calm manner and helped me process medical information/options/implications for the birth. She was with me until I was pushed into the OR because my husband hadn't arrived at the hospital yet.

The birth of our firstborn was traumatic. Kayla did a great job continually checking in with my husband and I before and after our sweet baby girl arrived. Thanks for everything, Kayla! 

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