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Carolyn was so amazing! Absolute game changer for me as a first time dad. Before working with her I thought there wasn't much I could do to support my wife through labor. In reality, when the labor came I felt really confident helping my wife think through and make decisions in the hospital and play an active role in the birth. I felt confident applying counter pressure, helping my wife Breath effectively, and give affirmation through her contractions. Seriously could not have done it without Carolyn and am so grateful she was there during and after labor to help us with our questions and concerns. We were so comfortable around her, she felt like a close family friend even though we only met a few times. We cannot recommend her enough.
Thanks, Carolyn!

Lauren Samson


When I became pregnant with my second child, I knew I wanted Carolyn to be my doula. She was with me when I went through a previous miscarriage which, unfortunately, involved a trip to the ER. Carolyn was so calm, present and reassuring through it all. She brings that energy into every space, and adds a little humor when needed. Hiring a doula is an intimate thing, they are with you in one of the most powerful and also vulnerable experiences - giving birth. For me, Carolyn's presence, attitude and knowledge were a great fit. Carolyn met with us 3x during my pregnancy for an interview, sharing general birth information and going over roles and birth preferences. She was professional but warm during these meetings. I felt comfortable asking her awkward questions and she was non judgemental about our preferences. She was also clear about her role as a doula (i.e. would not provide medical advice, privacy policy). For my birth, Carolyn kept in touch all day once I left her know I'd lost my mucus plug. Once my contractions started, I told her I'd connect again in a couple hours. In that two hours things really sped up. However, it still wasn't clear to my husband and me that she needed to come yet, but when she heard I was having to get on all fours and moan through contractions she said she was on her way. She knew what she was about because in the 20 mins it took her to arrive, my contractions went from 10 mins apart to 5 mins apart. When she arrived she quickly recommended we call our midwives and head in. I absolutely credit her assesment of my labor progress for preventing an unintended home birth! We arrived at the birth center, I got in the tub and in 25 mins we'd had a baby! Carolyn stayed calm and supportive through the whirlwind of getting to our house, driving to the birth center with us and having a baby in very rapid succession. She even brought us a meal a couple days later when she checked in on us. 

Lauren Gehrke


Carolyn helped us welcome our first daughter this January. She was so helpful during our pre- and post-natal appointments, answering the many questions I had. During labor, Carolyn was a lovely, calming presence in the hospital. She ensured that I stayed hydrated and as comfortable as possible, even going so far as to spoon feed me my Jello. :) I will always remember Carolyn's words of affirmation and encouragement as I pushed for 3 hours before the birth. She also captured the precious moment of delivery on video using my phone, something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would recommend Carolyn to any expecting parents!

Samantha Jolley


Carolyn was a pleasure to work with!  I always felt comfortable around her and I could ask questions without bad about it.  I felt validated, seen, and heard!  I would highly recommend her services!

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