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Kristin Eapen

Nurtured Nest

Kelowna, BC Service range 25 miles Will travel within Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country.

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 30 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a member of the Kelowna Doula Association, Board member (Regional Interior rep) and volunteer doula with the Doula Services Association of BC and childbirth educator at Maternity Care Westside.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

All of my fees are listed on my website. Please contact me for any questions regarding fees and services

Service Area

Kelowna, BC Service range 25 miles Will travel within Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country.

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Client Testimonials for Kristin Eapen

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Megan C


We feel beyond lucky to have had Kristin as a part of the birth of our daughter. As first time parents she kept us both informed and calm about the events ahead. We never hesitated to reach out to Kristin after doctor’s appointments for information and research so we could feel empowered by the decisions we were making. Prior to and during our birth, she really was our emotional support through everything. She felt like a counsellor, friend, and doula all in one! Her presence during the birth was very calming and reassuring to the both of us. Although our birth did not go as planned her knowledge helped us understand and pivot as needed, all the mattered was a healthy baby!

We can’t imagine our birth without Kristin there, she will be the first person we recommend to any friends or family members that are expecting! Thank you for everything Kristin <3


Megan, Brendan & Evie

Hayley Kellestine


We are so grateful to have had Kristin's support during the birth of our second son. Prenatally Kristin provided wonderful resources to prepare for birth both mentally and physically. Kristin's presence allowed both myself and my spouse to feel calm during labour. She knows exactly what to offer from position suggestions, to a handheld fan to words of encouragement and reassurance. I had a lovely VBAC without the need for pain management other than her TENS machine and a heating pad. It was a wonderful experience I am so thankful I was able to have and incredibly redeeming compared to my first birth/c-section. We highly recommend Kristin. 



Kristin was so supportive throughout our pregnancy and birth journey. Her knowledge and shared resources helped me feel empowered to advocate for my dream VBAC experience! Her calm presence in our birth space, words of affirmation, and various pain management tools helped me remain confident in my abilities to birth my baby the way I visualized, with the most connection to my baby and lowest amount of intervention as possible. Kristin was an invaluable asset to our birth team and I am so thankful we had her with us on our special day ??

Erin Lalach


I had the privilege of having Kristin present for the birth of my little one. Despite initially planning a homebirth, circumstances led to a hospital transfer. From the moment she arrived, her calm presence enveloped the room, instantly creating a sense of calm and safety.

Kristin is absolutely incredible when it comes to offering both emotional and physical support. She seemed to know exactly what I needed and when, as I was in the midst of the intensity of labour. Throughout the entire journey, her support was unwavering, creating an environment where I felt heard, cared for, and empowered.

I am forever grateful for the invaluable role she played in welcoming our little one into the world. Thank you Kristin, you are truly one of a kind.

Sarah Snow


We cannot express in words how grateful we are to have had Kristen beside us on our journey in preparing and birthing our daughter into this world.

The amount of support and care that we have recieved from her during our pregnancy has been invaluable in navigating the complex world of maternity and labour.  

Even though my labour took a turn for the unexpected -- she showed incredible support and care. Never leaving our side even through our homebirth journey transitioned to the hospital and ended in a C-Section. We never had to question the her support, intuition, deep resourcefulness, honest care and love all the way through.

Care for mama, baby and family is truly her calling. She is like a counsellor, a midwife and a friend all in one. If you are looking for someone to care and walk beside you in your journey, you'd be so lucky to have an Angel by your side. We are so grateful. 

Sarah, Michael and Avi 



Kristin was absolutely wonderful as a doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for doula services. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy, labour, and delivery. She was so helpful in answering any questions we had and sending information over when I had any requests for pdfs. Kristin was great during my labour and delivery helping with pain and coping techniques. I was very grateful to have her during my birthing experience and to meet with her afterwards to discuss about it. 



We met Kristin through the prenatal class she runs at Maternity Care Westside. Her class was very informative, welcoming and a safe space. She was able to engage with everyone and answer everyone's questions. Her different activities helped the learners with the content and made it fun! After the class my partner and I reached out as we loved the idea of how a doula could support both him and I. Kristin again was warm and welcoming. She clearly outlined how she could supoort us and what the limitations of her role were. She took time to get to know us and learn about our hopes, fears, questions and experiences with with labour and newborns. Based on this information she provided great resources and guidance. Her home visits pre-delivery were so helpful in learning skills on coping with labour. She was available via text to answer any questions and provided support through the last few weeks as we dealt with intermittent prelabour and worries about what to do if we were evacuted due to forest fires and went into labour. She was so incredibly kind and reassuring during these super stressful events. My labour ended up being very fast, Kristin was quick to get to the hospital and once there she was she was responsive and calm to both my and my partners needs. A lovely bonus that I didn’t think we wanted was photos she took throughout the delivery, she had mentioned she could do this for us in our pre visits and we weren’t sure we needed them. She offered to send them anyways in case and it was the most lovely gift!!! Because my labour was so fast and I was so internally focused I felt like I missed some really beautiful moments and the photos are a great way to look back and reconnect with those moments! Her postpartum support was also very helpful. I would recommend Kristin to everyone and if we have another pregnancy we will be reaching out to Kristin again! Thank you Kristin for everything!



Kristin was very kind and easy to communicate with. She gave me lots of patience and understanding during my pregnancy and birth. I felt educated from my meetings with her which helped greatly as a first time mom. She was very lovely to work with, she empowered me and gave support to my partner. I'm so happy she was able to share the experience with us



My partner and I are so thankful to have had Kristin as part of our care team. She provided incredible physical and emotional support leading up to the birth, for the birth and after the birth. She was a wealth of knowledge answering all of our questions and providing additional resources, such as books from her lending library. Kristin was a calm presence when things felt overwhelming. Her support during the birth of my son was consistent, compassionate and caring; it allowed me to have the birth I envisioned. We highly recommend Kristin! 



As first time parents – my husband and I are infinitely grateful Kristin's knowledge, kindness and compassion. Kristin is a phenomenal support and I cannot thank her enough for being there for me during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  I had so many fears and doubts and Kristin was always there to provide evidence-based research and talk things through to help me make informed decisions related birth. We met Kristin quite late in my pregnancy. I was undecided about hiring a doula, in addition to having midwives. However, I am so glad we did and highly recommend Kristin's birth support to birthing families. Kristin made all the difference! I was able to have the home birth I was hoping for. Without Kristin, I don't think my husband and I would have made it until the midwives arrived and we may have transferred to the hospital due to pain. Kristin was so helpful in suggesting positions to manage pain during contractions and offering guidance when I was having doubts. She knew exactly what to say to make me feel safe. She worked closely with my husband to ensure he was able to participate throughout labour. Birth and labour was such an empowering experience and I reflect back with positive memories - I believe this is in part due to Kristin's birth support.  Further, her postpartum visits and ongoing communication, have been so important for both my own healing and understanding of changes postpartum. I highly recommend meeting Kristin to see if she will be a great fit for you too!

Laura Geier


Kristen was a compassionate, education-focused doula that we were lucky to have! She made us feel comfortable at the start and came prepared to our visits with teaching materials and exercises for us to do together. I appreciated that even though it was our second birth, she took us through birthing positions and reeducated us on the process. She had a lot of tools to offer, including exercises to envision the process of our birth, acupressure and massage activities, and more.

We also used her Tens machine and birth ball and both were incredibly valuable to reducing my pain through the labour (which was way faster than we expected).

For our postpartum visit, she told us the sky was the limit in how she could help us so I asked her for some help with practical chores around the house and it helped reduce my mental load of what I wanted to accomplish - so helpful!

Claire Brodrick


When we had our initial consult with Kristin, I knew she was the one. From that day forward, she was our rock. Throughout the pregnancy, she researched when I had a million questions, shared information in an accessible way, helped me prepare for hard appointments, had my back, listened to my fears without judgment, heard me cry, and helped me navigate my emotions.  She helped me to identify and frame my goals for the birth in a healthy way.

During labour, she was a calming and supportive presence, making suggestions and offering help for different positions and comfort measures. She continued to calmly share knowledge and supported my partner in supporting me.

I watched her work seamlessly with my midwife team and the hospital nurses, and also witnessed her keep her cool and continue to hold space for me to make my own decisions about my care in the face of a very condescending and snarky OB.

In short, she is exactly the person you want in your corner. I will never forget the impact she had. Thank you, Kristin!

Katelin Cheney


My husband and I were reccomended to seek out a doula in the midst of moving cities at about 30 weeks pregnant. As first-time parents we were feeling very overwhelmed and looking for support. After researching local Doula's, we came across Kristin Eapen. From my first call with Kristin, I immediately felt a sense of calm and relief. My husband after meeting with Kristin via Zoom, said it was the best decision we could have made through our pregnancy. Kristin was always avaialable to answer all of our questions un-biased, share reliable resources, and help us make powerful decisions that best suited our family. Kristin was there for us through our roller coaster final weeks of pregnancy as well as through labour, delivery and post birth. Kristin was a strong advocate for myself when I couldn't be, standing for my birth preferneces. She seemed to know what I needed before I did, providing so many lovely additions through the labour and birth to make both myself and my husband feel comfortable. We could not be more grateful for Kristin in helping bring our beautiful baby boy into this world, and will always cherish Kristin in our lives as being apart of Jack's first hours with us. Thank you Kristin!

Kee Tromsness


Kristin was such a wonderful addition to our birth team! I cannot say enough about her kindness, commitment, and professionalism over the course of her time as our Doula. From our very first interaction onwards, Kristin was prompt with her replies and always responded to my questions with encouragement and care. Never once did I feel like my concerns were too silly or unimportant to bring up. I had a particularly challenging and painful third trimester, and had many medical concerns that needed to be addressed. Kristin sent me lots of evidence-based research to help me process my concerns and to prep me for interactions with my medical providers. She regularly reiterated the importance of informed consent when it comes to any prenatal/postpartum decision and in doing so, helped me feel confident in what I wanted/needed for myself and my baby.

During labour and delivery, Kristin was a calm, caring and intuitive presence in the labour room. She was attentive to my needs from the moment she arrived until she left, and provided excellent hands-on support throughout my labour. I especially appreciated being reminded of the various birth tools available for pain management (including the use of the comb to help redirect pain and alternating positions as contractions intensified).

I can truly say that my husband and I would not have experienced the peace of mind that we did had Kristin not been a part of my pregnancy and birth journey. So very grateful to have had her on board!

Ps. Take a moment and go check out Kristin’s informative and beautifully curated Instagram account: @nurturednestdoula !

Terri Dreger


I knew additional support was going to be important for me during the whole pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum period of my life! I hoped finding a doula would help with managing many of the emotional aspects of the process and ensure I felt supported as an individual. I was SO lucky to find Kristin! She is incredibly intelligent, professional and organized, but is also warm, compassionate and sensitive. During delivery, seeing Kristin nearby had an instant calming effect on me, especially when unexpected events transpired. She was always available if I wanted clarifiation on something from another health care professional but she has this unique ability to be present and accessible without every being intrusive. She's well spoken, an excellent communicator, and knowledgeable. She has a resource for any question I have and has remained available postpartum.  She was supportive of all my decisions, birth plan and last minute changes. My partner was so grateful Kristin was there throughout the process. He felt less stress and more confidence in the care and support I was receiving. I would highly highly recommend Kristin as a doula to anyone who wants to ensure a positive birth experience!

Kailey Barendregt


Hiring Kristin was one of the best things my husband and I did and that contributed hugely to our successful birth. Kristin gently helped us navigate many situations that came up during my pregnancy from doctors/midwives appointments and guided us with evidence based information to make our decision. We really appreciated having her unwavering support, whatever came our way. She also provided educational appointments along the way during pregnancy to help us learn and understand what we really wanted for our birth! Kristin provided so much more than just showing up for the birth. 

It is Kristin that made me believe I could have a natural birth with no epidural, before her that was not a thought in my mind. During labor and birth, she was a ROCK and empowered me through the whole thing. She lead peacefully and gently but also assertively. She helped me physically, mentally and emotionally and also was a great support to my husband. She set up the room with LED candles, applied acupressure along with lots of other relaxation techniques, had a fan during pushing, and really anything I needed she was there to help with. I am so grateful I found Kristin and had the complete honor of having her guide me through my dream birth. I was able to have a drug free birth with zero complications and I contribute a lot of that to her support. If you ever doubted the power of a doula, I could not recommend Kristin enough!



Sadie Unrau


Kristin is professional, kind, peaceful, and warm. Our prenatal visits were very helpful. She taught us pain-management techniques and how my husband could be a greater support during labour and delivery. She also did a wonderful job at discovering what we really wanted so that she could make those desires a reality. She didn't insist we do it any certain way, but let us take the lead. That being said, she also provided us with options to us that we wouldn't have known otherwise. The perfect balance of giving us autonomy and agency, while simultaneously guiding us with her expertise. 

During my labour at home, Kristin brought an entire toolkit of things that we could use to help manage pain and fear, and to maintain a peaceful environment. She diffused essential oils, provided a tens machine (this machine worked wonders!), brought a handheld fan that was significant while I was in transition, and set up our entire birth space with the affirmations I provided to her. She encouraged me constantly throughout my labour and I felt supported, championed, and believed in. She stayed by my side and was a deeply peaceful presence as I laboured. 

This was our second child and the difference between doing this with her and doing it without was significant. My husband and I really appreciated having someone who was focused on us and what we needed, while others (midwives and medical professionals) were focused on the baby. Even our 20-month-old son loved Kristin because she brought such a lovely presence with her. She was delightful! 

We cannot recommend Kristin highly enough! She is a wonderful doula and anyone could benefit greatly by having her be a part of their birth experience. Thank you, Kristin, for enabling this birth to be the peaceful experience that it was!



My experiences with Kristin was amazing! I am so thankful for her knowledge, support and presence during the birth of our son. She was professional, caring and advocated for us when needed. Her kindness and natural nurturing ways really made us feel comfortable and that we could trust her during this experience. I cannot recommend Kristin enough as a Doula. She truly is a natural and was meant to be in this role for families. We truly had the best birth experience and having her by our side meant a lot. 

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