Rebekkah Carney CD/PCD(DONA), SpBCPE Photo

Rebekkah Carney CD/PCD(DONA), SpBCPE

Supported Serenity LLC

Hoffman Estates, IL Service range 75 miles Travels to Chicago, travel within 1 hour of Hoffman Estates is the radius.


Birth Fee

$1700 to $2400

Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: Highly experienced in supporting unmedicated births at birth centers, home, or hospitals.

Birth Fee

$1700 to $2400

Postpartum Rate


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 130 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 23 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2021
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers, Dogs and Cats are well loved! Postpartum hours for overnight and day time hours. I do not work 6:30-8am or 5pm-9pm. Each daytime visit will be 4 hours (minimum) and 6 hours (maximum). Cost is based on distance traveled per client. Overnight work is available in limited capacity as well with 8 hour minimum each night. Reduced postpartum fees for birth clients.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Sherman, Good Shepherd, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Evanston, Central DuPage, Northwest Community, Alexian Brothers, Condell Hospital, NorthShore, Lutheran General, Good Samaritan, Huntley, Prentice, Swedish, Hinsdale, West Suburban, St. Alexius, McHenry, Serving DuPage, Cook, Kane, Kendall, McHenry Counties

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
All birth centers (Birth Center of Chicago, Burr Ridge Birth Center, NorthPointe Birth Center) majority of Rebekkah's clients are planning birth center births

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No unassisted births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth education services
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

My dream for you is to walk into your birth feeling supported, prepared, and knowing you will always have someone caring and focused on you and your family. To fill you with confidence, give you grace when you need it and help you discover the strength you already have within yourself. Set up a free consultation: or text me: 224-423-5974

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I specialize in birth center and unmedicated births, a VBAC certified doula, Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, and Placenta Specialist. The birth package includes two prenatal appointments, unlimited prenatal text/call support, continuous labor support from the time you need me to join you until 2 hours post-birth, unlimited text/call support for 6 weeks postpartum, and one postpartum follow-up visit to provide additional breastfeeding support and informational support as needed. My goal for all clients is to leave your BIRTH feeling empowered, in control, and POSITIVE about the choices that were made. I provide evidence-based information on benefits/risks, hands-on physical support to help with positioning, pain relief and comfort techniques, and emotional support through encouragement, reassurance, and care. Discount for midwife-led hospital births

Service Area

Hoffman Estates, IL Service range 75 miles Travels to Chicago, travel within 1 hour of Hoffman Estates is the radius.

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Client Testimonials for Rebekkah Carney CD/PCD(DONA), SpBCPE

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Rebekkah of Supported Serenity Doula Care LLC, was present, eager and supportive of our family from the beginning of bringing her on to present day. She was expanding her (already abundant) knowledge while I was pregnant, making me very aware of her passion and enthusiasm for her line of work. Having her with us durring labor was emboldening. She made calm and level headed suggestions to progress labor or ease the challenge. Never once did she pressure us into rushing or making decisions I wasn't comfortable with. Durring the pushing phase it was like having a coach with you in the boxing ring. She was mindful enough to step back and capture the babies entrance into the world and our reactions as first time parents. The only thing I would change for next time is exploring home birth as an option. Rebekkah is a solid choice to help you lay the foundation to bring a new life into this world.



Where can I even begin, Rebekkah is one of a kind. I was lucky enough to meet her in a spinning babies class as a fellow doula. Being a doula myself you tend to look for someone who is going to really help you during birth, being a little more selective. I kept getting asked why can't I doula myself and I point blank said "I am confident in the doula I chose to help me achieve a great birth" and I was truly not wrong. Rebekkah is a very strong, knowledgeable doula. One that will push you when you need to be pushed, but guide you with gentle hands. She will fight for you when you get the bad doctor that is over their delivery career. She helped my family become whole. Even with being a doula there are many things that I still am learning and Rebekkah is a Swiss army knife with her knowledge. I am extremely grateful for every single moment I got to spend with her. I had a very tough pregnancy and birth and postpartum, but with her I am already excited to have her one day when we decide for another. She took the most phenomenal photos of our birth that I will forever be grateful for. I wish I could type the words that express my gratitude for her guidance and support. She also really helped my husband with feeling confident and comfortable during our experience, letting him help. If you are looking for someone who you feel is strong, confident, humble, and caring Rebekkah is your doula.

Julie S


This was my first pregnancy and I knew I wanted to have a doula to not only support myself, but also to give my husband a support person during labor. The birth center I gave birth at had a list of doulas who had experience at the birth center and Rebekkah was the first one that my husband and I met with. After the initial meeting, my husband and I knew right away that we wanted Rebekkah on our team! She was confident, knowledgeable, and very kind. 

Throughout my pregnancy, Rebekkah kept communication open and encouraged us to touch base to build a relationship. Through text, video chats, and in-person meetings, we got to know Rebekkah ahead of the labor, which increased our trust and comfortability with her. On the day I went into labor, Rebekkah kept in close contact and came to our home as soon as we asked her to. She helped me continue to labor at home and had a variety of comfort measures she suggested. Once we went to the birth center, Rebekkah continued to be a calm and consistent support person - making suggestions about when and how to change positions, offering physical support, providing snacks, and keeping me in a positive headspace. It was also great that she already knew the staff and facilities at the birth center. 

Looking back on my pregnancy and the delivery of my child, Rebekkah was an integral part of our team and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. We will absolutely have her as our doula for future pregnancies. Experienced, knowledgeable, kind, relatable - Rebekkah checks all the boxes! 

Debora Maftei


Oh my goodness where do I start! Rebekkah is amazing! We hired Rebekkah just a few weeks before my due date, & boy am I glad we did! Rebekkah is so knowledgeable in all things pregnancy and post-partum. She did a great job teaching my husband and I different techniques to help manage the labor pains. She brought such peace & calmness during my labor! As soon as she walked into the room, I felt relieved and her calm and nurturing demeanor helped me relax and focus on my breathing. I can’t imagine having to navigate my first birth without Rebekkah. I highly recommend her and I cannot stress enough how blessed you will be with her services!

Sara Lewis-Atishev


Rebekkah was such a critical support person in my unmedicated birth. With her, I never felt like it was not possible - we only focused on how to make it the best experience. She is very direct and confident, which was reassuring for me as a first time mom. We spent all day laboring at home, and she was key in keeping me comfortable but also switching things up to keep labor progressing. We ended up at the birth center and our daughter was born just 30 minutes later. Rebekkah prepared us some food to enjoy afterward and made sure we were comfortable before leaving us to enjoy those first quiet moments with our baby.


Postpartum, she is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about all of her clients. I would have her as our doula again in a heartbeat!

Parvathi Ravindran


Rebecca is simply amazing.I had an unmedicated VBAC which I’m sure couldn’t have done without having Rebecca by my side.She pointed me in the right direction every time I needed it.She was fully hands on during my really long labor and reminded me how strong I’m when I started to lose trust in my body.Again,couldn’t have done it without her.Highly recommend her.

Emily W Elipas


Rebekkah was an incredible cornerstone of my birth team. After an unplanned C-section with my first, I knew I needed a strong support team through pregnancy and birth in order to feel confident with a TOLAC. Rebekkah’s calm presence from our very first meeting through postpartum was so critical to my redemptive birth. She challenged me to find strength, give myself grace, and advocate for myself. With her guidance, I was able to find moments of peace and stay centered on birth-day. She was a fantastic coach through labor and delivery, and a helpful and encouraging voice during uncertain and emotional postpartum days. Our baby would have come out one way or another, but I believe I was able to have a successful VBAC thanks to Rebekkah’s leadership on our birth team.

Gabby Garcia


I couldn't imagine navigating the birthing space without Rebekkah by my side. As first time parents, I didn't realize how helpful it would be to have a doula in my corner (even though I know I wanted one). Rebekkah is 10/10. Having her guidance and support during my daughter's birth is irreplaceable. There are nearly no words to describe how much my partner and I valued her support throughout the whole pre & postpartum time. I will be shouting her name from the rooftops for years to come!



I was super late to the game when it came to finding a doula, but boy was I one lucky gal for finding Rebekkah. She was super easy to talk to, flexible, very informative, and always helpful. Just after one consultation, her suggestion to transfer hospitals to one that aligned more with my birth wishes made all the difference in my labor.

My wish for an unmedicated, spontaneous labor was unfortunately put to a halt when I needed to be induced for health reasons. Rebekkah provided a ton of helpful resources and information to ease my anxiety leading up to the induction. Come the day of, her support and pain management techniques still got the unmedicated birth I wanted. Not only did she support me but also my husband which made it that much better of an experience for the both of us.

I truly wouldn't have had the birth experience I did without her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I felt so heard, respected, and cared for. Not only do I recommend finding a doula, but pick Rebekkah. You will not regret it.

Morgan Castellvi


Rebekkah is the best! Having a calm, supportive, and well-educated doula by my side was essential to getting the birth I wanted. She spent time with my family prenatally to make sure we felt fully equipped mentally and physically for birth and postpartum. We took her Spinning Babies class too, which was amazing! It helped us learn about baby positioning, and how to optimize my movements before and during labor to have it go as smoothly as possible. Thank you for being there for our family, Rebekkah!

Abby Faber


Rebekkah was so helpful during my second pregnancy and birth. I moved home during my pregnancy and Rebekkah helped me learn more about the different providers in my new area, which enabled me to make a choice about who would be the best fit for me. When an induction was suggested she helped me weigh up my different choices and supported me in being informed along the whole process. During the birth she held in mind everything that I had asked her to do and both me and my husband found this a great support. I found her especially helpful during the pushing stage as she was able to remind me to direct my pushes effectively! She also makes a great postpartum mocktail! I would highly recommend using her services.

Amber Dahlberg


I cannot recommend Rebekkah enough. She was my doula for my 2019 baby, and I knew that I had to rehire her for my second birth. My goal with my second was to have an unmedicated birth and knowing that is something Rebekkah specializes in helped give me the confidence that I could do it. When my labor started, she was readily available to answer any questions and confirm when it was time to head to the hospital. She had techniques to help ease the pain such as the use of her TENS unit (which helped tremendously) and using counter pressure. She coached me and encouraged me the entire time, even when I was completely ready to give up, which I completely believe helped me achieve my unmedicated birth goal. After going through PPA/PPD with my first, I knew that I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated, which Rebekkah was able to do and made the entire process seamless. She worked with the hospital to make sure that my placenta was stored and ready to take home, and once she finished encapsulating it, she delivered it to my home (along with a keepsake from the cord). I truly believe that it made a huge difference in my recovery. Rebekkah was an asset to my family during my pregnancy, delivery, and post partum. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly helped me reach my goals and deliver a healthy and happy baby exactly how I wanted to.

Ivy L


Rebekkah was our postpartum doula and we can't recommend her enough! She is so knowledgeble, patient, and calm- just what every mother & family needs during the chaos of having a newborn in the house. She supported us during the most challnegest weeks. We learned so mcuh from her from helping with the baby's sleep schedule, nursing, to bottle-feeding, etc. She also has the most amazing network of doulas to support us when she was attedning births. She is truly one of the best doulas out there!! We are so grateful for Rebekkah!



Rebekkah is amazingly kind, calm, and empathetic- just what you want in someone to accompany your birth. From our first conversation, I felt steadied by Rebekkah's experience and knowledge, and I appreciated her warmth. She left space for me to make my own calls, but also gave her opinion when I asked for it. Something I didn't anticipate was how important it was for my partner to have support during the birth, not just me. Mine was a prolonged labor, and for a lot of it I was in "labor land" and not really tuned in to what was happening around me. My partner really appreciated having someone else there the whole time, even just for the reassuring company. There were times when I felt scared and uncertain because labor felt like it was taking so long, and just seeing Rebekkah's calmness helped me stay calm. I really can't express how invaluable it was to have her there. If, like me initially, you're on the fence about hiring a doula: this is your sign :) Get in touch with Rebekkah.



Rebekkah was an essential part of my birth experience -- she helped me manage through a long, often-painful labor with words of encouragement, helpful touch, frequent guidance and beyond. I honestly feel like I couldn't have given birth without her! I'm grateful for her patience, knowledge and strength. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a down-to-earth, supportive doula. 

Chelsea Palmer


After speaking with several doulas, I knew Rebekkah was the best fit for my family and me.  I wanted someone who felt like a friend right away, who was knowledgeable, and who would support me on my dream of an unmedicated childbirth - and that's exactly what I got with Rebekkah.  Beyond that, she was someone who my husband (and two dogs :)) also took a liking to right away.  Rebekkah was always available to answer questions and give great advice.  When I was having some pain while walking, Rebekkah referred me to her mentor who does bodywork and it was truly lifechanging.  We also hired Rebekkah to do our birth photography and placenta encapsulation (because she does it all!!) and now we have the most beautiful photos of the most special time in our lives AND I have a placenta tincture that will last me a lifetime.  We are forever grateful to have had her help on this journey.  If you're looking for your perfect match, look no further - I can almost guarantee Rebekkah is it!  

Bexi T.


We whole heartedly wish that everyone was able to get the same support that we got from Rebecca!

Rebecca felt totally like the “Mary Poppins” of our life as a new family - helping us, as a postpartum doula, with her whole heart and love for babies to have the quickest recovery and the easiest transition to our new role as parents.
Asking for help doesn’t come easy to me or my husband but when we were preparing for the arrival of our lil one  (having no family or very close friends nearby) we knew right away we’ll need some help while recovering so we can spend the most time bonding with the love of our lives. We met Rebecca just a couple of days before giving birth and we already got the very best advise to reach out to a lactation consultant ahead of time just in case to ensure availability. (Turned out we needed one and my husband was able to schedule our first meeting in our home the very first day - and on top, we couldn’t be happier with her recommendation).
We truly feel blessed for being able to have her care and we’ll cherish the time she spent with us forever. All the advices in regards to baby care and how not to waste money on unnecessary baby items; the mornings when she sneaked in to our house and got warm breakfast ready by the time we woke up allowing us to stay in bed a lil longer; making endless lactation bites so it fills both mommy’s and daddy’s stomach during the night - and with the baby attached to her in a carrier!;  her tough love making sure mommy took care of herself, took a shower or napped when baby slept, even taking me for my first walks ensuring I don’t postpone that over and over again; for loading the freezer with her home recipes on her last days with us - just to highlight some. She listened carefully, read amongst the lines cand helped us where we needed it the most! 

We truly appreciate and recommend her!



If you’re looking into hiring Rebekkah as your doula - do it. A friend of ours recommended her to us and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision! Rebekkah is knowledgeable in all the things and we truly appreciated her advocating for us during our hospital birth. Leading up to our delivery, she was always a phone call away, provided me with endless material to prepare for birth, and gave me the confidence to have the birth experience that I was wanting. Although things didn’t happen quite as expected during delivery, Rebekkah was so supportive and helpful from the beginning to the end!



I knew I wanted a doula for my birth experience as a first time parent with a desire for an unmedicated birth. My husband wasn’t initially sure why we needed one; however, when all was said and done, he agreed it was one of the best choices we made in preparing for our son’s arrival.

When we interviewed Rebekkah, it was clear she would be incredible advocate with her calming presence, matter-of-fact tone, and wealth of knowledge. I can say without a doubt that our birth experience would not have been possible without her coaching. She also photographed our birth - the pictures turned out incredible and will be cherished for years to come.

Additionally, we hired her for postpartum support as we adjusted to life as new parents. We initially looked forward to her nights so we could get some sleep, but the added bonus was seeing the little things she did to care for our son. She has a vast toolkit of tricks as someone who works with many children, and we picked up a lot of good tips that in turn helped us care better for him. She would also share recommendations for other providers depending on what we were wrestling with that week (e.g. lactation, pediatric dentists, bodywork). There’s no manual that comes with a newborn, but I would recommend Rebekkah as a postpartum doula for a highly reliable alternative.

If we had to do it all over again, Rebekkah would be my first call. I can't imagine not having her by our side for pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

(I posted this review on Google, but I wanted to post this here too as I initially came across Rebekkah's profile on doulamatch). 

Bexi & MaT


Rebecca felt totally like the “Mary Poppins” of our life as a new family - helping us, as a postpartum doula, with her whole heart and love for babies to have the quickest recovery and the easiest transition to our new role as parents.

Asking for help doesn’t come easy to me or my husband but when we were preparing for the arrival of our lil one  (having no family or very close friends nearby) we knew right away we’ll need some help while recovering so we can spend the most time binding with the love of our lives.
We met Rebecca just a couple of days before giving birth and we already got the very best advise to reach out to a lactation consultant ahead of time just in case we needed one when time comes to ensure availability. (Turned out we needed one and my husband was able to schedule our first meeting in our home the very first day we went home from the hospital - and on top, we couldn’t be happier with her recommendation).
We truly feel blessed for being able to have her care and we’ll cherish the time she spent with us for the rest of our lives. All the advices in regards to baby care and how not to waste money on unnecessary baby items, the mornings when she sneaked in to our house and got warm breakfast ready by the time we woke up allowing us to stay in bed a lil longer, making endless lactation bites so it fills both mommy’s and daddy’s stomach during the night - and with the baby attached to her in a carrier!,  her tough love making sure mommy took care of herself, took a shower or napped when baby slept (which she managed from time to time), taking me for my first walks making sure I don’t postpone that over and over again, for loading the freezer with her home recipes on her last days with us - just to highlight some. She truly listened and helped us where we needed it the most!

We truly appreciate and recommend her!

Amanda Lobo


At 30 weeks pregnant, I decided that I no longer wanted to deliver our first born in a hospital. I started exploring other ways to give birth (I specifically wanted a water birth) and came across the birth center model. When I met with the midwife, she strongly recommended that I hire a doula to support a healthy and positive experience and I can say with 100% certainty, my experience was made exponentially better by hiring Rebekkah. I had my exact birth experience thanks to her knowledge and ability to coach me into different positions to assist my labor. Additionally, her emotional support was exactly what I needed — lots of “that’s it!” as I worked through contractions and “I’ve got you”.. and even affirming “yes you can” when I started to doubt my ability to have an unmedicated birth.

I credit a great deal of my positive experience to Rebekkah and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a positive birth experience. Make the investment — you will not regret it!!



My husband & I hired Rebekkah to be our doula and I am so glad we did. As first time parents, we had SO many questions and anxiety about all the things, and Rebekkah's calm & transparent demeanor was exactly what we needed. As a project manager, I constantly wanted to plan - especially towards the end - and Rebekkah helped bring me back down to reality. She was always a text message or call away, giving me stats on all my unrealistic thoughts, provided me with great questions to ask the medical staff, and endless tips along the way. The night my water broke (of course early hours of the morning), I texted Rebekkah and she was so fast to respond. I gave birth at Prentice, and she arrived quickly making sure I was drinking water constantly, snacks along the way & was the motivation I needed. I had a really complicated labor, so having her support was everything my husband and I needed. She knew my birth plan ahead of time, so she was the voice I needed to remind me of what was important in the most trying of times. She was not only supportive to me in those moments, but also was there for my husband. If you are looking to hire a smart & supportive doula...she is your girl!

Jesse H.


I’m a first time mom and I knew going into the birth process that I’d want a doula. I’m also very shy, so the thought of being vulnerable around a new person made me a bit uncomfortable, but the first moment I spoke with Rebekkah I knew she was going to be right for our family. She immediately put me at ease, is calm, confident, and truly cares about what she does and each family she works with.

Rebekkah was a great comfort during my long early labor at home and once at the hospital with keeping me focused on my breathing and giving me the encouragement and support that I needed.

Rebekkah was such an important part of my birth process and will always hold a special place in my heart. I cannot recommend her enough and am grateful she was there with us as our baby made his way into the world.

Rachel Kelzer


I would highly recommend Rebekkah as a doula! My husband and I were pregnant with our first baby and were planning on giving birth at a birth center. I knew that doulas were great advocates, and I didn’t think I would need that at the birth center. But the midwives highly encouraged me to hire a doula and it was the best decision! After I gave birth, my husband literally said, “that was the best money we’ve ever spent.”

Rebekkah was there as a constant support to me and my husband and helped me cope during the most intense part of my labor with hip squeezes and words of affirmation. She helped us prepare mentally before the birth, processed our birth experience with me in postpartum, and even took a couple pictures for us on my phone during the birth that I will forever treasure! She helped our birthing experience go so smoothly and I’m so glad she was on our team — it wouldn’t have been the same without her!



Rebekkah and her partner Marie supported my first labor and delivery. I'm so grateful for their immense knowledge and emotional support. Their calming presence and expertise provided us with a lot of comfort and peace of mind during a stressful time, and they played a big role in why I'm content with my birth experience. Highly recommend hiring them!

Vanessa Flowers


Rebekkah is an amazing doula! I'm grateful to have had such a knowledgeable, caring, and empowering woman to help me during my pregnancy and labor. She advocated for me and supported me throughout the process. Rebekkah was responsive, coaching me every step of the way, along with her partner, Marie. I highly recommend Rebekkah of Supported Serenity Doula Care and its services.



As a newly trained birth doula myself, I was looking for someone who was supportive, positive, and would walk me through this entire process from prenatal to postpartum. Even though this was my fourth birth, I knew the importance of someone to be able to be there during the birth to offer space, support, and positive energy. It is an amazing feeling to know that my husband and I would not be alone in this process, especially during COVID. This time around, I wanted to change things up with my hospital birth plan and I wanted to be able to speak up for myself and listen to my body. During the prenatal time, Rebekkah would send me evidence based articles and helped me find my voice in making decisions. During the delivery, it was a quicker birth and she made sure that I felt comfortable with the decisions that were being made and that she asked me what I wanted in each moment. I am grateful for her to witness and help be a part of my birth journey. I felt so much peace just knowing that she was there and could be a constant encourager. I highly recommend, that you pay for the birth photography that she offers, the picutres are amazing and helps remind me of all of the little moments of this very important day. I also appreciated the postpartum visits and the listening ear that she provided. Rebekkah is professional, positive, life giving, and high quality doula. So thankful for her!



I desired a VBAC for my second pregnancy and hired Rebekkah to be my birth coach, but she ended up being so much more than that. She helped me throughout my pregnancy by providing moral support after my OB appointments and offering her advice on things from self-guided meditation, to natural labor induction, to pain management, to breastfeeding. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the evidence to back it up. When one of my OB appointments turned into an emergency C-section, Rebbekah was there by my side as my support person since my husband was unable to make it to the hospital with such short notice. She took the initiative to take photos and videos using my cell phone to document the birth so that my husband could view them later on. Because of Rebekkah's support, even though I didn't get to experience a VBAC, I am very happy with my birth experience and have no regrets with how things unfolded.

Emily Jett


I highly recommend Rebekkah. She was my postpartum doula. She was very helpful in caring for my family. She helped take care of the newborn, supervised the older kids and helped me get some needed rest. Rebekkah was able to assess what needed to be done and did it without me needing to tell her what to do. She is a wealth of information and when I had questions she knew how to answer them and gave me the resources. Rebekkah helped make the transition easier for my family and I and gave me the confidence I needed to get back on my feet. Rebekkah is someone who you can trust and is dedicated to giving her clients the best care. 

Tina Durrenberger


Rebekkah as our doula was so meant to be! Last minute changes in hospital policies meant we needed to act fast and find a new match. Rebekkah was available and quick to set up time to meet with my husband and I as we were already in week 36! She provided great prep for Labor Day, as well as fun excercises that helped us prepare for anything! When our child's birth day arrived, Rebekkah was available to be anywhere we wanted and when she arrived at the hospital she was prepared with a large bag of tools and tricks that surely helped me progress very naturally through the labor process. We cant wait to be pregnant again and hope that Rebekkah can come back and support us as our doula in the future!  

Katie S


Rebekkah was my virtual doula for my third birth and it was a great experience! It’s very reassuring to have someone who is not part of your OB's office to bounce ideas off of and to ask questions. Rebekkah always responded quickly and thoughtfully, and was able to provide further information on anything I was thinking about as my birth approached. During the birth itself, Rebekkah provided practical ideas for labor and baby positioning, all while being generally supportive and encouraging, which was very nice. I highly recommend adding Rebekkah to your birth team! 


Lucia Favela


Where can I even begin with how wonderful Rebekkah is as a Doula? From the minute we spoke I knew she was the perfect match for my birth. Even when both our schedules were so busy she always manages to answer any text or call when I had questions or doubts and provided us with all the information needed. When the day finally arrived she showed up exactly when I had asked her and she was nothing but amazing her words and  touch where more than I can ever express, she just knew what I needed at the right timing. I must say I'll for ever be grateful for that couterpressure that helped me get through the transitioning period. 

Sarah D'Angelo


As a first time mom, I really wanted to have a positive birth experience. I planned and prepared for a natural and unmediated birth with a midwife. We decided last minute to hire Rebekkah for extra support and guidance. We are so grateful that we did because our baby had plans of his own and the birth was nothing like we envisioned. After a long and difficult labor, our baby was in distress and I ended up having a c-section. Rebekkah kept me calm and focused through it all. I could not have done it without her! Even though the birth did not turn out the way I had hoped, with Rebekkah’s support, I know that I did everything possible to bring my baby into the world naturally and I am at peace with the end result. I am so thankful for Rebekkah’s support and cannot imagine my birth without her! 

Jessica Smith


As first time parents, my husband and I were admittedly clueless about what to expect and wanted to hire a Doula for guidance and direction. As an African American woman, I was very concerned about being as knowledgeable, informed and heard as possible. Rebekkah was fantastic with informing us about all things pregnancy, from what to expect, to tips on what to do in different scenarios. She was only a phone call or text away if we ever needed anything. She was extremely personable, almost like having a great friend along for the ride! My husband and I felt very comfortable with her. During L&D, she was extremely helpful and hands on and made the entire experience exactly how I wanted it to be-calm, informative and most importantly, I felt supported and heard. She even sat with us and went through hundreds of baby names in the hospital to help us finally pick one. Hiring Rebekkah was one of the best decisions we made in our pregnancy journey.

We also added on L&D photography services offered by Rebekkah-HIGHLY recommended. Our photographs were beautiful and we now have images of one of the best days of our lives to cherish forever! 



As a FTM with a pregnancy full of unexpected challenges, I could not be happier wi the Rebekkah’s doula services. Originally I wanted to have an unmedicated hospital delivery and knew my husband and I would need support. When we met with Rebbekah, we knew right away she was the right choice for us. After I had a negative experience at my OB office at the start of my third trimester, Rebbekah helped me find an amazing midwife group which greatly reduced my stress of trying to find a new provider so late in the game. She provided materials for me when I received my gestational diabetes diagnosis and all sorts of advice for flipping my baby when I found out he was transverse/breech. Finally, she showed up in the final hours for an ECV procedure just in case something went wrong and it turned into my baby’s birth day, and Lo and behold, it did. While I was being prepped for my emergency c section, Rebbekah prayed with my husband, who was in shock over the suddenness of everything, and she came and helped me with my first breastfeeding experience and reminded me to breathe during my first fundal massage in recovery. She also snapped this beautiful and priceless photo of baby boy and I in recovery. <3 Rebbekah is a dime a dozen and I highly recommend her services to any expecting or post partum mama.

Chen Ling


Rebekkah is a great postpartum doula that I will definitely recommend for everyone. She is very detailed-oriented, patient, and knowledgeable. She took wonderful care of my baby boy since day 1. Working with her is so easy because she remembers everything and pays attention to details. She gets things done without us mentioning them to her. She made our first weeks with our newborn peaceful and relaxed. We could not have been happier. She is very compassionate and completely trustworthy. She is a good listener and always has answers to my questions. I love how she helps me with breastfeeding and offers creative ways to use overdue breast milk. She is very caring. She cared a lot about my emotional and physical recovery after birth.

Erin Bradley


Looking back on my pregnancy and birth experience, I am confident it wouldn't have been as special without Rebekkah. Not only was she available to answer my questions throughout pregnancy, she was the best coach for my husband during our birth and it's because of her that he knew ways to comfort me. She is so knowledgeable about birth and was able to explain all of our options to my husband and I. She listens without judgement and is totally focused on Mama during birth and the postpartum period. Rebekkah was hands on, provided encouragement throughout our birth space, and helped advocate for our desires in the hospital. I cannot recommend her enough - she is now a great friend and I am so grateful she was there with me as we welcomed our son into the world!

Agata Kaluza


When I first learned about what a doula does, I read "a good doula is worth her weight in gold" my boyfriend and I were curious, but weren't convinced. We decided to meet with Rebekkah anyway. We are both so glad we did. This was my first pregnancy and I wanted it to be as natural and unmedicated as possible. Looking back I honestly don't think it would have been possible without Rebekkah there, during my pregnancy and especially during labor and delivery. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the knowledge, care, and support we received from Rebekkah. It is thanks to her that I can call my labor and delivery a positive experience. Even when I was ready to give up and questioned my strength and willpower, Rebekkah was there to help me get through every contraction and every push. She was correcting my breathing, suggesting different positions we could try, reminding me of my affirmations, and using other techniques to help me continue. When I was about to lose it, she and my boyfriend kept it together for me, and I will be forever grateful. Also, he can't say enough good things about her, but he'll be writing his own review. I believe that every pregnant person should have a doula by their side, and I hope that every one could be so lucky to have one as amazing as Rebekkah. If you are reading this and are still skeptical, just as I was, trust me when I say- Rebekkah is one of those doulas who's worth her weight in gold.



I met Rebekkah when she showed up in my delivery room, 18 hours after I had checked in for my induction. My initially contracted doula broke her foot a few days before my due date, then my backup doula was in a birth when I went in for my induction. Rebekkah was sent by the agency I was using, and my husband, new baby and I are so fortunate for that turn of events. Having spent months getting to know another doula who I had planned on being with us for the delivery of our first child, I was a little uneasy being sent a back up. Rebekkah showed up and within an hour, made me feel so at ease and supported. It was a relief to have someone keep me company while my husband was out of the room. She rubbed my feet and then spent hours providing hip compressions as my epidural started to not work. She continued to check in with me after care providers visited to make sure I was okay with how things were progressing. My only regret is that I wish she could have been with me in the operating room during the cesarean. She stayed with us in recovery for two hours after my unplanned cesarean.


After we settled in at home with our new baby, Rebekkah proved to be an even greater help in my fourth trimester. Through nursing and supply struggles, she was always checking in on me. She was with me and showed me how to use my Ergobaby to wear my son for the very first time. The weekly Postpartum Support Group she hosts on Zoom was a great source of comfort for me, and continues to be, 5 months postpartum. When I asked her, she provided me with recommendations for a therapist. When she found out I was interested in donor milk for my son, she lead me to a local group. When my son started solids, and I became concerned with baby first aid, she pointed me to a local CPR class. Many mothers talk about the fourth trimester as lacking in support for the new mother, but Rebekkah made that completely untrue for my life. I could not have felt MORE supported by her.

Katie Bevier


Rebekkah is down-to-earth, honest, and caring. It is clear she has a passion for what she does, and my husband and I agree she was invaluable to have as our doula. As first-time parents, preparing for the arrival of a newborn is quite daunting – but she helped us navigate our birth experience confidently and answered any silly questions we had. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Hannah Johnson


Rebekkah was a joy to work with! From our first introduction, I loved her evidence-based approach to care and support. She has an incredible knowledge base and shares information in an accessible and helpful manner. As unexpected situations came up during my pregnancy, she was a great resource for emotional support, learning, and setting realistic expectations. Her prenatal visit prepared us well for our child's birth. Night or day, she was available for support and questions. She was also a great advocate in the delivery room, and worked with with our medical team to optimize my care and decision making. She was respectful of our wishes and made us feel like whatever decision we made was appropriate and correct for our unique situation. She asked good questions during delivery and helped to clarify my options and wishes with the medical team. Finally, she was incredibly supportive after delivery and was able to stay at my bedside while my husband spent time with our daughter. Rebekkah is a kind and incredibly smart doula, I would love to work with her again in the future! 

Sarah Levine-Miles


Rebekkah was life changing when we had our little one. She was the only person besides my mom that I trusted with my baby. He had really bad reflux and was a challenge to feed. Rebekkah knows exactly what she's doing. She's patient, competent, and has years of experience. She's exactly who you want in your home post-baby. I wish I would have known her before-- I absolutely would have used her as my labor doula. I refer everyone to her. I wish I was having another baby so I could use her again. 



My husband and I used Rebekkah as our doula and it was definitely the best decision for our family. She was calm, encouraging, educated and a source of energy and empowerment for us both. After a traumatic birth experience with our first, we knew wanted to do things differently with baby #2. Rebekkah supported everything we wanted for labor and delivery and enabled things to go as planned. She worked alongside us, the L&D nurses and my OB, making a solid team for a successful unmedicated VBAC. I felt her support throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and into the postpartum season. We would highly recommend using Rebekkah as a doula! She made our experience extremely positive and unforgettable.

Jeff D


Rebekkah was fantastic! With our daughter joining us five weeks early and having some unexpected bumps along the way, having Rebekkah help us as we transitioned our lives from a couple to a family of three was instrumental. Her calmness when we were freaking out, knowledge and experience on what was normal and what we could expect next, and ability to let us get some sound sleep while the baby was in her care was priceless. The helpfulness of having an extra set of hands while we figured out our new normal cannot be overstated. If we go through this journey again I sincerely hope Rebekkah can be a part of it then too!

Cara Decker


As first time parents, having Rebekkah as our post partum doula was the smartest thing we could have done. Our daughter was born preterm, at 35 weeks via cesarean. Rebekkah came to our home when we were discharged from the hospital and knew what we needed before we did! Her passion to care for our family was evident in everything she did for us. She was extremely competent in helping us care for our preterm baby, which included helping us feed her via a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS). Rebekkah made us feel so comfortable with her, that it was a no brainer to leave our daughter in her care at night in order for us to get some much needed sleep.

The most important thing to me, as a first time mother, wasn’t all of the delicious meals Rebekkah made for us, or all of the laundry she did, or the dishes she washed- although all of that was extremely helpful! It was the nurturing and emotional support that Rebekkah provided to me as I was transitioning into the fourth trimester. She helped reduce my stress and anxiety and answered all of my questions about newborn care. She also took the time to listen to my husband’s version of our birth story, which was equally as important for him to process.

She gave us the confidence we needed to feel comfortable with our first newborn at home. With Rebekkah’s help, my husband and I are embracing parenting for the wonderful gift that it is! We are forever grateful and highly recommend her services. Thank you Rebekkah!

Natalia N


I had the privilege of having Rebekkah as my doula during the birth of my baby girl. Weeks  before my baby’s due date Rebekkah had taken the time to meet with me and work on my birth plan to make sure all possible issues associated with the birth of my child were addressed. It was reassuring and empowering for me to learn that I could ask for certain accommodations to make my baby’s birth a positive experience. Rebekkah checked-in with me throughout the pregnancy and that made me feel that I could really count on her and ask her anything. It was nice to have someone else invested in my pregnancy and my baby’s birth.

The date of my c-section came and Rebekkah walked into the hospital with me and my husband. She was immediately advocating for me to have my wishes considered. We even spoke with the supervising nurse to make sure my birth plan would be followed. Rebekkah also helped facilitate my placenta encapsulation process and even took my placenta home with her so the encapsulator could pick it up and make the pills for me.

Rebekkah even stayed with my husband and I and our newborn in the recovery room for some time and she gratuitously offered to take pictures of us. We have great pictures now because she was there. She also helped make sure my breastfeeding journey had a good start, making sure my baby was latching on well and encouraging me to ask for a lactation consultant at the hospital.

My baby’s arrival into the world was flawless and such a positive experience. I don’t think that would have been the case had I not had Rebekkah as my doula.

Births can be scary and even traumatic at times, but having a knowledgeable and caring doula by my side made a tremendous difference. I feel that a doula should be part of every woman’s birth, it’s an invaluable investment in one of the most important and terrifying days in a woman’s life.

Amber Dahlberg


I highly recommend Rebekkah for a birth Doula! When I had my daughter she was there to support me throughout the last weeks of my pregnancy, during my labor, and in the days following. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge that made me feel very grateful for when I was preoccupied with anxious feelings and excitement of meeting my daughter. It was nice to have her there to help translate what the doctors and nurses were saying when I was unsure of all of the medical lingo. She held my hand, rubbed my back, helped me to the bathroom, reminded me to breath, and was right there coaching me when it was time to finally meet my daughter. Rebekkah knew that I was going to try for an unmedicated birth, but supported me fully when I decided to get an epidural. She even took pictures of my sweet girls first moments that I otherwise would not have gotten. After the birth of my daughter, she checked up on me and was readily available to answer any questions that I had. If having a doula is an option for your birth plan, I could not say enough good things about the support I received from Rebekkah!

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