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Honey Birth Birmingham

Birmingham, AL Service range 50 miles Preference for hospitals in Birmingham, but will travel up to 50 miles for homebirth clients!


Birth Fee

$950 to $1300

Birth Fee

$950 to $1300

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 52 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Only with a midwife attending the birth!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Photography - Newborn
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Contract Birth Doula- Birthwell Partners Community Doula Project Community Outreach Coordinator - Birthwell Partners Community Doula Project

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Cost includes a free consultation, two prenatal visits, labor and delivery support, and one postpartum visit. For birth photography and doula support the cost is $1300. For doula support only the cost is $950 (I give preference to clients who want both birth photography and doula support!). Reach out to see if we'd be a good fit! If you think we'd be a great fit but I am out of your price range, please still contact me or check out www.birthwellpartners.org.

Service Area

Birmingham, AL Service range 50 miles Preference for hospitals in Birmingham, but will travel up to 50 miles for homebirth clients!

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Client Testimonials for Emily Thayer

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Love Assoue


I had such an amazing experience with Emily as my doula! Her support helped me to feel very educated and empowered during labor. We had several prenatal visits where she talked through my birth plans with me and shared educational resources to prepare me and my partner for labor. During labor she advocated for my birth preferences, gave me hands-on support to provide relief from contraction intensity, and she was  a voice of comfort and reassurance. I felt safe and confident during labor knowing Emily was there to support my partner and I. Her presence was such a blessing to have!!

Grace S.


The moment we met Emily, we knew she would be the perfect fit for what we were looking for. She was kind, patient, and had the most peaceful way of speaking to us. She listened to all of my concerns and history with medical trauma while also empowering me. 

Our child had to spend time in the NICU and she stayed in the NICU until we could be there, which was several hours. We felt like our child was safe with her there and this allowed my wife to stay with me in recovery. 

To say that Emily did a phenomenal job supporting our family, would be an understatement. I can't recommend her enough to any family that is looking for an affirming,  guiding hand through childbirth and postpartum. 



Working with Emily was hands down the best thing my husband and I did to prepare for the birth of our daughter. We knew we wanted to have a doula who would help us navigate an unmedicated birth and to be an advocate for us in the hospital. Emily was everything we hoped for and more! She provided informative prenatal visits that helped us learn about different labor positions and pain management techniques we could use, answered questions and pointed us to resources to research various birth/postpartum topics, and was an empathetic listening ear when talking through any fears or worries about giving birth for the first time. In the hospital, Emily created a peaceful environment, supported me through different techniques & positions to help labor progress, coached my husband on ways to help manage pain through contractions, and was overall a calming presence to me throughout the whole labor/birth process. It was so comforting to have Emily with us and to know that we had a trusted person to advocate for us when needed and be there for us for truly anything during birth - I can't imagine giving birth without Emily there. I would not hesitate one bit to hire Emily to be your doula! She will be my first call for any future pregnancy!

Mel Cosio


I cannot imagine my birth experience without Emily!

When she arrived at the hospital, I had been laboring for over 20 hours and things were progressing, but slowly. She turned off the baseball game on TV (haha), turned down the lights, hung string lights, and turned on our L&D Spotify playlist -- she completely transformed the ambiance of our room.

Once she got the *~mood~* just right, she got the real work started about began coaching me into positions to help things progress. Simultaneously, she offered me physical support to reduce the pain -- for me, that meant she and my husband did hip squeezes for basically 10 hours straight. 

Our baby was not in an ideal position (sunny side up) and near the end of transition, she teamed up with my nurse to help me into positions to get him to turn -- it worked!

Not long after that, our son was born!

Having her support helped me stick to my plan of an unmedicated birth and without her, that definitely wouldn't have been the case.

We have nothing but good things to say about Emily, our doula, who is an integral part of our birth story.

Tabitha Cortner


Emily was an absolute joy to have at my birth. We did not hire her directly, but due to the length of my labor and another laboring mom my doula had to tend to, she was called in as a backup for us. And how thankful I was to have her there! We could not have had a better advocate with us. I had a successful VBA2C after laboring for over 50 hours. I wanted to give up on the plan to have a vaginal delivery so many times, but a he was a constant encouragement to me and my husband. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby, regardless of your plan! She encouraged us to continue with our natural plan, and when it came time for us to decide it was best for me to have the epidural, she was incredibly supportive. Reminding me that I was not "failing" but was giving my body the rest it needed to continue on. She played a significant part in our experience this time around, and for that I'm incredibly grateful. 

Lauren Wicks


Emily was truly the MVP of my birth experience. I had hoped for an unmedicated birth and things didn't seem to be going my way when I had to get induced 9 days after my delivery date. Thankfully, between the preparation and education she provided with me with in the prenatal visits and the gentle strength she offered through endless encouragement (and hip squeezes!!), I was able to still deliver my son naturally and have a birth experience that I am really proud of and look back fondly on. She was such a calming but powerful force in that delivery room, and I can't imagine doing it without her! 

Laura D


Emily was an absolute blessing to my family and me. She was always prompt and courteous and advocated for my birth preferences (including alerting medical staff to anxieties I had when I got to the point I couldn't speak in labor). Her voice is calm and soothing and was the perfect backdrop for my contractions reminding me to let each one go completely and relax in the space between surges. We had an unexpected NICU stay for baby and she continued to check in on us to be sure everyone was doing well. I would absolutely hire her again! Worth every cent. 

Hillary P


I can't imagine my birth without Emily! I knew I wanted someone besides my husband in the room that could support me - who knew what was going on and could help make decisions about my care options. Emily was amazing! She gave me what I needed when I asked, and offered options when I didn't know what I needed. She worked with the nurses to advocate for my needs and help me experience the birth I wanted. When I ultimately made the decision to have a C-section (after pushing for a few hours) - she helped me understand my options and supported me completely. Emily's kind and gentle spirit was the perfect addition to my birth team.  I encourage anyone who is considering a doula to work with her!



It was definitely a pleasure to have Emily to support me during my pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum. My first 2 deliveries without a doula had some complications that made me realize that I needed extra support and an advocate to ensure my experience this 3rd time went more smoothly. Emily provided everything I needed and more to make this birth successful. She was constantly in contact with me to check in and make sure I was ok mentally and physically. She also provided lots of research and education to keep me informed on all of my options in order to be able to make decisions confidently. Emily allowed me to make my decisions for my birth plan without judgement and helped me execute those decisions during my labor and delivery; even when things got tough and I couldn't speak up for myself, she made sure my desires were expressed to the medical team. After a traumatic delivery for my son, Emily stayed by my side to keep me calm, helped me initiate breastfeeding, and gave me a massage to relieve tension in my face and neck to help me relax so I could continue to nurse him. The support from her has even continued postpartum with check-ins via text and recommendations for other services that I have needed for myself and my baby. I would 100% recommend Emily for anyone looking for a doula. 



I waited until a bit later in my second pregnancy to decide on a doula but it was by far the best decision I made. I knew I wanted a natural birth but at a hospital and Emily was everything we needed. She is so incredibly sweet and knowledgeable, and was able to make sure my birth was exactly as I had planned. She is incredibly responsive both before and even well after we've had our little girl. Add to that my supportive but skeptical husband said she was by far the best decision we had made for this birth (and he's a tough sell lol). I 100% recommend Emily as your doula!!!

Amber Foster


Emily was amazing! She always put my needs first and made sure that I was always comfortable during pregnancy, throughout birth and afterwards. She went over options and made sure that I was educated of things that you don't know or sometimes doctors may not inform you of. This is really important to me as a woman and a second time mom! She also constantly checked in on me and my son to ensure we were ok and that he was growing healthy. She was there every step of the way during birth and was very hands-on! She is really a natural and there was nothing forced when it comes to her because she really cares! Having somebody like that for me made my experience much better than my first birthing experience. I honestly believe you don't get that from a lot of people and sometimes people have to force a genuine concern attitude but it definitely was not like that with Emily. I felt really comfortable. To digress back to my birthing experience, she offered helpful insights on things like pain management, being an advocate for me, and actually going above and beyond! She stood next to me in the tub to help me through my contractions. This is a omething she didn't have to do! She was prepared and came right away when I needed her. She arrived at the hospital in a timely manner and was there from the very beginning. She assisted in keeping me calm at self pacing. It was truly a delight and my pleasure to have Emily as my doula! I can only hope that I have her again as my doula for my future births! 



Emily was absolutely amazing!! I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to be my doula. She is so sweet and so so supportive. She made me feel proud of myself for making some hard decisions for my birth. She also set up my room beautifully. All the staff that came in commented on how great it was. She made sure my wishes were respected and everything was explained to me thoroughly. I can't express enough how grateful I am to have had Emily with me for my birth and would 10000000% recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! 

Emmy Anne Sudarsana


My husband and I had our first boy in April of 2021. He was my first baby but my husband's third child. Even though my husband had been through the labor and delivery process before and he was there to support me, I could not imagine doing it without the assistance of Emily! Emily was so helpful with all of her knowledge, skills and reassurance. She even showed my husband new ways he could help me. She provided massage, encouraging words, tips to progress my labor, she made me comfortable, confident and so much more! She always gave us the information needed to make the decisions that we felt were best for our family! She never tried to influence and never judged but always made sure we were informed about any choices we had to make. My labor went fairly smoothly and I had a pretty typical vagibal birth. Although It was a long 49 hours of contractions from early labor, to active labor, to our baby being born, Emily was there the entire time to assist! We are forever thankful for Emily and will absolutely be hiring her when we have another precious baby! 

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