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Jennifer Michel-Wilson

La Belle Doula

Arverne, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$60 to $75

Black Doula

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$60 to $75

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 263 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 174 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2021
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smoking and no reptiles

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a V.P. Board Member of NAMI(National Alliance of Mental Illness) for queens/Nassau

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Haitian Creole

Service Area

Arverne, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Client Testimonials for Jennifer Michel-Wilson

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Anna Hernandez-Krol


Jennifer offered me and my family the support and strength that we needed during my pregnancy and labor journey. I lived over an hour away from Jennifer during most of my pregnancy, but her willingness to show up for me when I needed support over phone and text never waivered. She always made me feel seen. She is so knowledgable and offered me countless tips and remedies throughout my experience that were both encouraging and helpful. Jennifer's classic New York spunk and humor is everything my family needed when I was in labor. She was excellent at directing my family and keeping the mood uplifting. Even though my intended home birth became a hospital transfer, I have no regrets about my decision to try for the former and am grateful that I was still able to labor at home in a comfortable setting with family. Jennifer empowered me to embrace my labor and go with the flow, even as things were rapidly changing. I feel as though this was a huge contributing factor to keeping me and my baby safe during our intense birth. With her vast skillset and lively personality, Jennifer will make an one-of-a-kind addition to your birth "team". 

Jennifer White


I was referred to Jennifer late in my pregnancy by a yoga friend who had her as a doula and was I so lucky to have been able to have her as my doula! She answered all of our questions throughout and was incredibly knowledgeable--often elaborating on our inquiries which left us feeling more confident, empowered and safe, which was especially appreciated since this was our first birth. She was very communicative, punctual and above all seasoned in all types of birthing situations and it really shows. She knows how to best prepare you for the entire process, whether it's what foods to eat and stay away from, what exercises to do and how often, what to expect postpartum and so much more--definitely don't forget your pen and paper because you'll need to take notes! And, even with all of the information she gives you before the actual labor and delivery, during labor and delivery, she will still be there to advocate for you if needed and help you process/weigh any real time decisions you may need to make in the moment and we absolutely needed her in that respect for our experience-- we truly don't know what we would have done without her. She also is understanding of and respectful of all birthing experiences/preferences; her goal is to help you achieve your dream birth as best as she can. She is caring and fun but also takes her role very seriously. We are hoping to try for another little at some point and fingers crossed we are able to have Jennifer as our doula again. For those in the back, I repeat: Jennifer's the best.

Kadia C


This was my second pregnancy but first time using a doula. I had a lot of anxiety this pregnancy about the changes my body was going through and also my upcoming labor. While I have the support of my husband, I know his strengths and what I needed during the labor process. We decided to look into hiring a doula.  We are very happy we found Jennifer, she gave my husband and I just the right amount of space and support needed. Most importantly she gave me peace of mind (looking back at the process now, I realized this was what I really needed from our doula journey) During our first meeting, she identified my anxious personality and explained things just the way I needed to process the information. Jennifer gave me exercises and recommended things to help prepare my body for labor, and surprisingly labor turned out to be the best part of my pregnancy!! During postpartum she checked in on us, she made sure I was taking care of myself and checking my pressure (which turned out to be high and I had to go to the emergency room) If it wasn't for Jennifer I would not have been checking my numbers. Jennifer is knowledgeable, caring, dedicated to her craft, easy to talk to and she meets you where you are. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a doula services!!! 

Michelle G


I hired Jennifer as my doula for the birth of my first child and it was incredibly helpful to have a knowledgeable, supportive and consistent presence for the last few months of my pregnancy and delivery. Jennifer's focus on positioning her clients to optimize both their physical and


mental health reduced my anxiety throughout pregnancy and helped me have a positive birthing experience. Jennifer's guidance was complimentary to and above and beyond what my doctors provided given her detailed and thorough approach to information sharing, including exactly how to push when the time came and how to manage postpartum care (this was especially helpful because as a first time mom you may not know what you don't know and therefore don't always know the right questions to ask). I also appreciate Jennifer's comittment to ultimately letting her client decide on their birth preferences and then doing everything possible to adhere to those preferences unless there's a valid medical reason not to. I'm glad I hired Jennifer to be a part of my support team during my pregnancy and I recommend her for anyone interested in working with a doula.

Ben Lander


When my wife told me that she hired a postpartum doula, my initial reaction was skepticism. I thought that we would have everything we need to take care of our child from day one. The fact that our first day with Jen wasn’t until one week after the baby arrived, allowed me to realize how wrong I was and how much help we truly needed. When Jen entered our lives, we were exhausted, frustrated, and extremely anxious as our baby was keeping us up all night and we had no clue what we were doing. Within a few short visits, Jen taught us all the necessary skills to keep our baby happy, safe, and healthy. She also encouraged self care for both my wife and I and was an absolute joy to work with. She is kind, authentic and fosters a non-judgmental learning environment and I can not recommend her enough if your family is welcoming a new baby.

Madison Lander


Working with Jen was an absolute life saver for me. I knew she would be amazing from the first zoom call but her loving and down to earth presence in-person truly contributed to my postpartum recovery. Jen is a wealth of knowledge. She taught me how to wear my baby, clean her, feed her, and most importantly, how to take care of myself during this time, so that I can be the best mom for my daughter. She was a shoulder to cry on when I felt weak and a cheerleader when I needed extra uplifting. My husband could not wait for her to come every time we had a session with her scheduled and that says a lot considering he originally thought that a doula was a waste of money. Having a postpartum doula is invaluable and I know that we worked with the best one ever! If you are lucky enough to book Jen, sit back and relax with because she is truly magical and you are in the best care.

Jennifer Gittens


I recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer as a doula for my niece.  When I tell you she really knows her business she really knows her business! She is so caring, thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable, respectful, and tricky when necessary ?? If it wasn’t for her  quick thinking Michelle probably would have had an unnecessary c-section and would have had weeks of recovery instead of just days to heal and be able to care for our  new baby boy !! She is the best doula ever and again I want  to say a heartfelt thank you ????

Amy H


Navigating through my prenatal and postpartum phases with Jennifer was a blessing. Her positive vibes and straightforwardness infused each moment with encouragement. Given her busy schedule, flexibility became key, but her unwavering support and knowledge never wavered. From pregnancy to postpartum, Jennifer's dedication shone through, making her an exceptional doula choice for any new or expecting mother.

Nick L


Jennifer was truly amazing as our doula. My wife felt so supported by her throughout the entire journey. Despite her busy schedule, Jennifer always came through with the right advice and a positive attitude. We're incredibly thankful for her and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.

Daniel Walsh


Jennifer was amazing. She is easy to talk to and meets you where you are.  She is so knowledgeable and ready to help no matter what the situation is. She taught us stretches and exercises that really helped my wife feel better and more confident, as well as dieting tips and breathing exercises. She provided emotional support for us both throughout the pregnancy and was very communicative with us about possible outcomes. As the non-birthing parent, I was able to focus on emotionally supporting my wife and leave the health advocacy to Jennifer during delivery.  I never felt excluded from the conversation just because I was the Dad. She went above and beyond and was there every step of the way.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula to help navigate child birth with proven techniques and results.

Joy Walsh


From the first initial interview, I knew I wanted Jennifer to be my doula. She was kind, personable and knowledgeable about my experience. Throughout the whole experience, from beginning to end, she was always available. Even if it was just to ask a question or to have a chat. When she came for in person visits, she was fun and gentle. We did a lot of exercises for an easy delivery and she massaged me for relaxation. During my birth, which was 3 days long, she was there the whole time with me. That meant so much to my family and I. She was truly a Godsent and I recommend her to literally anyone who is pregnant or even thinking about getting pregnant. She was the BEST. 

Jeffrey G Ryan Jr


Jennifer was great. She was very knowledgeable about the ENTIRE pregnancy process from the moment we hired her to after our babies were delivered. She even checks in on us periodically weeks after the babies were born. She was very consisitent with her communication throughout our pregnanacy. She gave greats tips on dieting, excersicing, clarity throughout our pregnancy. We were able to conduct various ZOOM meeting online & in-person visits in which she supplied an abundance of props to help teach about the importance of flexibility for the soon-to-be mother. After my girlfriend went into labor Jennifer was with her EVERY STEP PF THE WAY guiding her in her decision making & overall well being.

I would HIGHLY recommend her services for anyone looking for knowledgeable & supportive Dula.

You will not be disappointed =)

Courtney Snowden


As a 1st time mom, for my pregnancy 1 thing for sure and two things for certain was I wanted a doula and needed one with Twin experience. Jennifer was that and then some. She instantly took my wants and vision for my birth to heart and help understand the realities of birthing twins. I felt the most safe and reassurance with her than my actual OB. She empowered me at every step and crossroad and made me feel seen at all times. Jennifer's knowledge and experience examplfies true professionalism across the board. Any woman/partner/family would be lucky and well taken care of with her apart of their birthing experience. I overly recommend Jennifer as a phenomenal doula not because everything went right, but because everything was genuine & real, and I know absolutely I wouldn't have been able to become the mom I am without her!

Katisha Edwards


My name is Katisha Edwards and i got pregnant with twins at the end of May 2022. Before being pregnant i had no idea what a doula was but Jennifer is our neighbor and my husband was aware that she does work with pregnant women. He wasn't sure of exactly what a doula entails but because this was my first pregnancy, it being a twin pregnancy, and me not having my mom here with me he asked if i wanted to see what a doula was about. At first I was okay with going through my pregnancy alone as i do not like opening up to people but i decided to have an open mind and support our neighbor. Upon having our first consultation we decided that it made sense for me to have Jen as our doula. My pregnancy was not as bad as expected but whenever i needed clarification on anything, Jen and i communicated. I would keep her up to date on all appointments and she'd often guide me on how i should proceed to prevent me from experience any trauma. The invaluable part of having Jen as our doula took place when i went in to be induced at 38+1 weeks. Jen advocated for me at my most vulnerable time which in turn allowed me to stand up for myself when the medical staff were attempting to push their fears on me. I was able to dance and exercise while laboring, 2 of my favorite things to do, and i had such a smooth and speedy delivery of my beautiful boy/girl twin. I had the most amazing birth experience with Jen as our doula and I love this for us.



I didn’t know anything about doulas and I was kind of skeptical about hiring one for our second birth. But my wife really wanted one and believed it would help her get her VBAC so I supported it. When I first met her and I saw the bond she had with my wife I started to warm up that it was a good idea. Man I have to tell you all it was the best investment we could have made!!! As soon as Jennifer got to our home i was so relieved.  I could not have done what she did during birth to support my wife. Her role was so important and we could not have done it without her. Everyone should have Jennifer at their birth!



Having Jennifer as my doula was one of the best decisions of my life!! If it was not for her I would 100% not have achieved my VBAC. Every step of my pregnancy Jennifer was there for me. From nutrition to custom workouts to helping my breech baby turn at 36 weeks, she constantly supported me. In early labor after a night of contractions I was so out of it and not myself, Jennifer sensed the situation and came right over. From our first interaction on zoom I felt like she knew me and knew exactly what I needed. Such a rare gem!!! As soon as she got to our house my spirits were lifted and contractions started to regulate with her expert moves and beautiful energy! We had a few obstacles to face during labor and every time Jennifer knew exactly how to get me through. She motivated me and never stopped encouraging me even through the toughest moments. After labor stalling a few hours my provider said if I didn't progress from 6cm in the next hour we would be rolling to the OR for a c-section. I felt a wave of shock roll over me since we had gotten so far, but Jennifer snapped me out of it, and that’s when we went to work! We turned up the music and had a dance party doing Jennifer’s amazing dilating moves. When my doctor came back I was dilated to 8-9! What felt like minutes later I had my successful VBAC, and the moment I was dreaming about since my traumatic first birth: that magical skin to skin with my new baby. The best moment of my life!!!! I can’t believe our VBAC journey is finished but I know I will think about Jennifer every time I think of my amazing birth, and she will be in my life and heart forever. Jennifer not only has the expertise, the ability to sense exactly what you need but she is an amazing woman, wife, mother, doula, educator, advocate and the list goes on. She’s truly the best of the best and I will be forever grateful for her and our journey together<3



Truly amazing. Breastfeeding can be a nerve racking experience with a lot of pressure, but Jennifer helped to decrease my stress level. She didn't make me feel like I'm failing or doing something wrong. She provided me with information that will help me navigate my experience and constantly followed up. She helped to build my trust in myself to feed my baby from my body. She is patient and very supportive 



I didn’t even know postpartum doulas existed until Jenn offered her services but I was so thankful they do exist. I struggled so much after giving birth to my daughter 7 weeks early. I struggled with my daughter’s acid reflux, milk regurgitation through her nose, postpartum depression, the relationship with my daughters father, and breast feeding. But mostly i struggled with feeling guilty that my body had failed my daughter! Jenn helped me navigate each and every one of those areas. She helped me to see that I wasn't a failure and that my daughter coming early wasn't my fault.

She gave me suggestions on how to feed my daughter to minimize the reflux and regurgitation. She also gave me a list of foods to eat to minimize my daughter’s gas and aide in milk production. After I gave birth, it was one of the loneliest times in my life. It felt like no one was in my corner but Jenn was! She was a friend, a consultant, and a mother figure to me at my lowest points. She helped me seek help for my postpartum depression. Her being a mother herself, she shared many of her own experiences with me and helped me navigate the difficulties of motherhood.

Jenn even helped me to deal with my daughters father in a loving, kind way that wouldn’t have been possible if she wasn’t in my life.

Jenn is kind, loving, and a very special person. She is truly one of a kind. She treated me like I was her family and not just another client. She absolutely went above and beyond to assist me. She made me feel comfortable to share everything I was going through with her so that she could help me in the best possible way. Her services were more than just that! She was a lifeline for me and my daughter and I’m standing here today because of her! Jenn is an amazing person and this is the line of work she is meant to be in. I would recommend her services to anyone and would seek out her services again if I had anymore children.

Matej Grguric


The best sub that me and mom were ever honored with. Our original doula got sick a day before delivery and Jen stepped in and facetimed us and reassured that we will be in great hands! While in delivery she brought great energy and atmosphere to the room. She and grandpa had amazing chemistry and their fun made the experience easier than it would be. Through out the delivery she guided us with clarity and expectations of whats happening and what we can expect to happen while in labor. While we did have some hiccups she voiced herself to us that everything is going to be fine and made sure the whole hospital staff understood our needs and did everything in our favor. Overall great person that opened herself up to me, my wife, my father in law and my newborn daughter like and made our labor and delivery the best experience we ever had!!! Thank you Jen, Grguric family loves you!!!

Ayana Rivera


Unfortunately my original doula fell ill shortly before my induction; however she highly recommended Jenn as a backup. From the moment my husband and I first met Jenn,  we knew we were in great hands. During our birth, Jenn was a great source of knowledge and an absolute joy to be around. She was an absolute godsend. Her professionalism is unmatched. It was hard to believe that we had only met her less than 24 hours before. Jenn’s ability to fit seamlessly into our dynamic was truly what made her a standout. Her positivity, patience, and guidance really helped shape my birthing experience for the better. We would definitely love to have Jenn again for our next birth.

Jose Noel Torres


Good morning, My name is José Noel Torres and my beautiful granddaughter Denver was born February 12, 2023 on Super Bowl Sunday. I am a man of faith and dare I say there was a living Angel with us during my daughter Ayana's labor and delivery. Her name is Jennifer Michel-Wilson. Jen was amazing ! She was contstantly tending to Ayana's needs at all times. She beautifully walked her and her husband Matej through the process of this extraordinary period of their life in giving birth to their child. She was simply wonderful ! She provided music which personally I enjoyed ! LOL ! Her coaching Ayana in the exercises needed were on point. Her sharing of stories regarding her father were so touching. I'm a emotional man and there were tears of joy on numerous occasions. She was so full of life ! Dare I say if it wasn't for Jennifer being present I am not sure if this would have been same experience. Jennifer was full of love for us and for baby Denver. In recalling the day as I am writing this, I am close to coming to tears again. 
May God continue to bless Jennifer and the work she does. She is truly a blessed woman. If Ayana and Matej are blessed with another child, I am certain that Jennifer will be asked to be their doula in this amazing experience of Love ! ! 

Allison Curtiss


Jennifer is a lifesaver, a keeper-of-the-calm, and an expert doula! During my pregnancy, she gave me all of the information that I didn't even know I needed, and was a reputable source that I used to ask questions so I didn't get misinformation from Dr. Google. I was never afraid to ask Jennifer about anything, even the "gross" stuff because she made me feel comfortable and reassured to do so -- I could always count on her to give me the REAL real information. She has so much experience that comes into play in every part of having her as a doula, from exercises she recommends to get in shape for birth to tips for what to eat/not eat while breastfeeding. She provided mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical support for me throughout everything. My boyfriend and I still talk to this day about how we couldn't have gone through everything without her, and our daughter is 3 months old now! Jennifer advocated for me to the nurses at the hospital and also told my boyfriend how he could help out when we both were clueless because this is our first child. She helped my daughter latch for the first time I breastfed her after birth and let me know what the nurses were doing while I was occupied appreciating my new baby. She captured photos of us that allowed me to see the moment my daughter was born in an entirely different way. I felt confident every step of the way throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery and can wholeheartedly say that that is only because I had Jennifer on my side! I'm probably forgetting several things I'm thankful for, I know I could probably go on for days about how much she helped BOTH of us (all 3 of us, now!). Jennifer can easily adapt and is to be appreciated and respected for her experience and how much she brings to the table.

Benjamin Hinamanu


A guiding force through the ups, downs, and all over the place nature of pregnancy and child birth. Jennifer provided comfort, insight, and joy to the entire experience. We're forever grateful for her coming into our lives during this time. 

Diana Lawrence


Jennifer was a fantastic support for me and my family in the weeks following the birth of my first child. She was dedicated to helping us solve whatever problems I was facing, including struggles with breast-feeding, postpartum anxiety, pumping and increasing supply, or just feeling less alone. Jennifer  never makes you feel judged or uncomfortable, she instead makes you feel like you can succeed, no matter where you are on your journey. Thank you Jennifer!

Novel Campbell


Would definitely recommend Jen to every expecting mother. From day 1 Jen was helpful and always educating me. I learned so much from the beginning to post pregnancy. My pregnancy was easier with Jen by my side and I will always be grateful! 



My experience with Jennifer was better than I could have imagined. I wish I knew about her doula services sooner. I would have used her for all my pregnancies.  She was very patient and helpful throughout the laboring process. I had a challenging pregnancy and with so many complications she listened and helped me to be able to deliver my healthy baby boy.

Kelson Ayers


   I want to start off by saying that my experience with Jennifer was truly one of the highlights of me and my partners experience. Through it all. The pregnancy, the birth and the post partum visit. As a first time father to be I was a little skeptical of what the doula experience may be. I had a lot of questions going into the interview with Jennifer. I was pleasently surprised when I did not have to ask a single one of those questions because Jennifer had already covered everything that I was concerned about. I was immediately put at ease because I knew I was talking to someone who had experience and knew what they were doing. 

The due date came along, and of course I was flodded with a wave of emotions from the moment that contractions first began. I felt a confidence though about me because I had the tools that Jenneifer had provided me with to make sure that we got where we needed and that I was able to be the best partner I could be. That continued through that long, emotional day. I do not do well when not being of service to my partner. Unstructured time for me is very uncomfortable. Jennifer knew this, she set me with the most useful tasks I could be doing in the birth room and let me know when it was ok to take a moment for myself. 

 It was clear to me from the moment that we stepped into the hospital that we had made one of the, if not the best decisions of our experience and that was hiring Jennifer.

As much as I like to pretend Im some sort of Superman and maybe I could have done this with just my partner and I, I know thats just not true. I would have been out matched and overwhelmed and it would have been a pretty poor birthing experience. Having Jennifer by my side as a partner made our experience a 10. It was seriously worth every penny and I couldnt have more gratitude. Im happy I asked for help, I cant imagine doing this without Jennifer. 



Scarlet M RIvera


My partner wasn't fully sold on the need for a Doula, so we set up interviews to meet a few 12 weeks into my pregnancy. We knew Jennifer was the person we wanted to work with immediately after our meeting, but we still continued to meet with others to be certain. We knew right away because after talking to Jennifer, my partner became so much more at ease and relaxed. He was impressed by how Jennifer answered so many questions without him having to ask, and any reservations about why we might need a Doula went away. It became clear that having a wealth of knowledge and experience by our side, especially as first-time parents was something that we both wanted. 

As a full-time worker balancing multiple jobs, it could be hard for me to ask for things, but Jennifer gave me gentle reminders throughout my pregnancy, check-ins, and anticipated my needs. This intuitive approach remained true all the way through to the delivery room. 

When the big day came, we felt ready. The examples of things we did to prepare that proved useful under the guidance and support of Jennifer seem endless. Everything from what was in our hospital bag to what we had at home postpartum.  The exercises we did in preparation for labor at home and then continued in the hospital supported my steady dilation. As an advocate, she felt like my superhero. While I was sweating and bleeding and in pain, she was helping me breathe, massaging and relieving pain where it hurt, and being a rock to my partner. Her presence allowed him to be his best and most present.  Truly a gift!

To sum it all up, without Jennifer my birth experience was likely to be a 3 or less, but with her, it was certainly a 10. Her intuitive style, the way she anticipated my needs, and her ability to be present allowed me to have an incredible and informed birth. Having her as a Doula was the best investment in our family's health and well-being that we could have made. 

Allen Berry


We called Jennifer to help us with the birth of our second child and she was amazing! This was my first experience with a doula and I was a bit skeptical about needing the extra  support at first but my wife was determined to go with the vbac route and so she convinced me that we needed one. From a father/husband's perspective it was great to see how communicative and informative Jennifer was and how much it made my wife and I more confident and comfortable. During labor and delivery Jennifer was very present and active, helping my wife with stretches and exercises as well as words of support. Everything went smoothly and both my wife and new daughter are doing well because of it. I'm very grateful for this experience and look forward to calling Jennifer again if we decide to have another child!

Ashlie Berry


We are so grateful our paths crossed with Jennifer as our doula!  From having a very emergent C-section with our first daughter during Covid times we knew for this pregnancy we wanted the support of a doula to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  As soon as we met Jennifer was kind, supportive, professional and very knowledgeable in her field.  She also referred us to one of the best OB/GYN's we could find to deliver a VBAC. During our in-person visits she provided my husband and I with exercises, techniques and a great overall plan to help support our desired birth. We followed her lead and could not be happier to have achieved a successful VBAC! Even when I doubted myself Jennifer kept us grounded and whole heartedly advocated for us throughout the entire process.  She will forever be a part of our family and even though we are moving out of state are planning how she can attend all future deliveries. She is truly amazing! 

Tyler Lewis


My experience with Jennifer was everything I imagined. She has such a welcoming personality and was really informative! She gave me and my fiancé reassurance during the whole pregnancy and made us feel safe. I would definitely recommend her to other moms expecting. If I could I would love to do it all over again. Thank you so much Jen for helping us deliver our beautiful baby boy!

Cantrese M


This pregnancy was extremely sensitive for me, and nonetheless from the time I met Jennifer until now, she's been nothing but supportive and informative. I didn't know too much about what a doula was, so I came into this experience not expecting much and she surpassed all of my expectations! Jennifer has helped me get through ALOT during this pregnancy. Not only was she extremely supportive to me, she was a major help to my boyfriend as well. From experience, I can say for certain that Jennifer will go above and beyond to ensure your health and safety during your entire pregnancy. Not only does she advocate for you to get the best treatment during your pregnancy, she makes sure YOU know how to advocate for yourself as well, which I  think is very important. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone I know that is expecting, I feel as if everyone black women should experience having a doula during their pregnancy. Throughout my entire experience I never felt like I couldn't come to Jennifer for anything! I probably came to her about things that were out of her profession lol but she never made me feel uncomfortable, she always gave me more than enough information needed in order for me to feel confident during my pregnancy. Thank you for everything you've done Jennifer!! You are the best & when Azai gets older I will tell him all about you ????


xoxo Cali??

Gerald Augustin


As a first time Dad trying to be prepared for the birth Jennifer provided my fiancée and I a lot of helpful information that was extremely helpful as first time parents going through the process for the first. She provided me with guidance as a partner to assist my fiancée through the birth process to make sure it was a positive process and environment! She thought me few things that I didn't know and made me better prepared as first time Dad. She was also extremely helpful and present during the birth of my daughter to advocate for us. Which allowed me to focus and provide comfort to my fiancée. I would definitely Recommend Jennifer as a doula. 

Alexis Holloway


As a first time mom I had the pleasure of working with Jen as my Doula. From the initial meet and greet up until our postpartum visit Jen was amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable. My fiancée and I learned a lot about having a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery, and taking care of our beautiful baby girl through her counsel and guidance. During our labor and delivery process, I had a medical scare and Jen was present and advocated that I received the best medical care possible. After my delivery, I developed postpartum preeclampsia and Jen was able to help me navigate through this difficult process. It was great working with Jen and she has a passion for what she does.




Jennifer’s services were referred to me by a good friend. Allowing Jennifer to be my doula was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Upon my first meeting with Jennifer, I felt an instant connection. Jennifer made me feel as if I was talking to a long-time friend. I was able to comfortably share my long and unique journey with her. As a first-time single mom, I knew I would need all the support I can get. She exceeded all my expectations. She would check-in with me, assess my physical and emotional needs and provide support as needed. Jennifer was helpful in providing information I needed to take classes that would help me prepare for the arrival of my miracle baby. She prepared me for his arrival by educating me on diet, exercise and expectations. During the hospital stay, Jennifer was able to keep me calm and relaxed. My delivery didn’t go as expected. Instead of having a vaginal birth, I had an emergency c-section. Knowing that Jennifer was around, I knew things would be fine. She provided the security I needed. At my postpartum visit, Jennifer still continued to educate and encourage me in any way she could. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a down to earth and humble individual who is well educated in her field.





Joseph A


Jennifer was awesome! After our first child, the experience we had as black parents with some of the nursing/hospital staff, and the higher mortality rate in black women during labor, my wife and I agreed to get the help of a doula for our next child. That's when we met Jennifer! She went above and beyond our expectations in helping us bring in our second child. As a father, I felt helpless not fully understanding the scope of pregnancy/birth the first time around but having Jennifer present for this one really eased my nervousness. Best decision we've made by hiring her. Jennifer is very energetic, supportive (called or texted during her off hours to check in on us), attentive, informative and also militant (inside joke lol). She made sure my wife was properly attended to by the nurses and questioned anything that seemed unclear/obscure by the nursing staff during her labor. Jennifer made it her priority that my wife was safe and comfortable at all times. I'd highly recommend Jennifer for anyone searching for a great doula who goes above and beyond for her clients. 

Mia Aime


After my first childbirth experience five years ago, and my unfortunate experience feeling unheard and unseen as a patient, combined with the staggering black maternal mortality  rates in the US, I decided it would be critical to have a doula as my birth partner. Jennifer heard my concerns, was incredibly well researched and in the weeks leading up to my birth was available to support me physically and emotionally. She offered me tips and tricks to help ready me for labor. She also provided emotional support to help assuage my anxiety. When it was time she showed up and was extremely professional but still fun and a good partner that helped me and my husband smile and take our mind off the stressful experience we were approaching. Jennifer was attentive every time a nurse or doctor walked in explaining what they were doing. She asked thoughtful and appropriate questions with my well being and comfort in mind. If they came in and said they were doing something that I didn't want, Jenn didn't hesitate to chime in and gently push back or inquire about the necessity of something. When I didn't want student residents to learn to do different procedures on me Jennifer politely asked them to leave. When there was a conflicting plan btwn a doctor and a nurse Jennifer asked them to communicate with one another and regroup with us once they had their ducks in a row. When my husband was a bag of nerves we got close to pushing, she told jokes and shared family stories that made us laugh. Finally, when I wound up experiencing a complication, Jennifer rose to the occasion, insisting that doctors explain to her and my family what was going on and allowing my family to see me before I was rushed to the OR. She did everything I needed her to do as my doula and advocate and I'd highly recommend her to any birthing person who is looking for someone to have their back ahead of their experience. 

Rashida Voorhies


What we thought was a set back became a great set up when we met our doula Jennifer. Not only was she grounded and down to earth she shared a wealth of advice and knowledge to kickstart my motherhood journey. Before meeting our doula Jennifer, we had an inexperienced doula that we had to fire. We we're extremely frustrated when we reached out to have a replacement doula help with our newborn Hunter Salomon.  As soon as Jennifer walked in our house she pointed out and made suggestions. We did an overhaul with our baby room, bottles, humidifier, cleaning supplies and more. Both my husband and I were so happy just on that first visit and felt confident in this journey. We renewed our package with her and will again on our next pregnancy. We highly recommend Jennifer 100%! 



My experience with Jennifer was truly a gift from God. From our initial conversation she had such a warm and embracing positive energy which is something you really need and appreciate during your pregnancy. I immediately told my husband that we needed to hire her as our Doula to deliver our son. This was the best decision we made. For my personal journey it was an emotional, mental and physical adjustment since my last pregnancy was 14 years ago. It seemed overwhelming at first. After speaking with Jennifer she put me at ease with reminders of how my body was built for this, sharing healthy eating tips, sleep remedies and exercises to help during pregnancy. The day my bundle of joy arrived, I was a week past my due date. Jennifer accompanied me to the hospital. She was an amazing advocate especially since we discussed my Birth Plan. Once we were in the delivery room, Jennifer immediately began some breathing exercises and a multitude of massages and stretches to assist in bringing the baby down. The Midwives and nurses were very impressed with how physically involved Jennifer was. They said "I have an amazing Doula". I progressed from 2 cm to 6 cm dilated. Unfortunately at 6 cm it became too stressful on my sons heart and my midwife advised to proceed with a cesarean to ensure his survival. This news was devastating since my plan was a natural birth. Jennifer immediately held my hand and shared comforting words. She reminded me that "Yes our aim was for a natural birth, but the focus is always for a safe and healthy baby". After speaking with her and the reassurance from my husband we proceeded with the C-section and I met my son whom I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH. Jennifer is a phenomenal Doula. Not only is she professional and extremely knowledgeable, she is a genuine person. From my experience I can tell that she loves bringing new beautiful lives into this world. She has an amazing positive spirit, patience and good energy.??


Akeem Eagle


Jen supported us throughout my wife’s pregnancy, after delivery for lactation/ support and postpartum . Jen was very informative from beginning to end. I appreciated how she made me feel comfortable as the dad and teammate to my wife. She treated me with the same respect she gave my wife. Jen helped me calm down when I was overwhelmed and confused. I was overwhelmed now having a daughter, and being a parent again after 5 years. She taught me how to change my daughters pamper and I learned to wrap my daughter in a carrying wrap (moby wrap). Jen helped us get our 5 year old son involved as well as ways I can help my wife and help my daughter to feel comfortable. She not only gave us the information we needed but she incorporated our whole family. I highly recommend Jennifer Wilson.

Chelsea Eagle


Hiring Jennifer Michel-Wilson as my doula was one of the best decisions I made, My husband and I experienced 2 previous deliveries one where we lost our first son and needed to deliver early and the second ending in an emergency C-section that was truly traumatizing for me. This time around we wanted to make sure that we had help to advocate for myself with hospital staff. We also wanted to receive assistance transitioning back home. Jen was very empathetic and you can tell she cares about her clients. I decided to have a repeat C-section and I received so much encouragement and support with my decision . Jen was very informative from our first consultation to our last session. she was there for us with super-helpful suggestions to keep me healthy and hydrated. She made sure I was as comfortable and safe after receiving my (planned) C-section . She also provided and informed me of different options I could talk to my doctor about to make my C-section more relaxing (I had a gentle C-section). She even caught a few things that the medical staff missed for example realized why I was triggered to throw up (movement and water) . She’s great with her hands and gives an amazing foot massage. She is very knowledgeable, respectful and aided us in communicating with medical staff. She was an assertive coach when one was needed, and gracious helper when that was needed. I highly recommend her.

Chelsea Eagle



I did not have the best of experience with my first pregnancy, labor and delivery. I also had postpartum blues with my firstborn. I was determined to change the narrative this time around, and thankfully, I met Jennifer. Working with Jennifer, La Belle Doula, was an amazing experience. From the start, she listened to my birth story and showed empathy. I am now a week and a half post partum and I feel great. Jennifer prepared me for labor during pregnancy with daily exercises, mental and emotional support. We also reviewed and discussed my birth preferences and the importance of being prepared for  multiple outcomes. We focused on the goal of a non-traumatic birth, and that's what I got. Jennifer was a huge support during labor, especially during moments of distress; she spoke words of affirmation and encouraged me, she held my hand, and grounded me. She supported my birth team, my husband and mom, as well. We danced, laughed, and made the most of the laboring process. She supported me and walked me through key decisions during labor, advocated for me, and helped my husband manage as well. Not only did Jennifer support us during pregnancy and labor, she also set us up to have a successful postpartum experience. This time is full of exhaustion, changes, and bonding. During her post partum visit, she reinforced that we achieved our goal: a non traumatic birth. She included our son and walked him through how to care for his brand new baby sister, and support me. She walked my husband through some post partum routines and supports I will need as well. She provided tips and strategies that have all proven to be effective. We are grateful for Jennifer Michel-Wilson, La Belle Doula.



Working with Jennifer was a huge help to me as a husband, a game changer. Jennifer always included me in her visits and provided me with tips and direction to support my wife during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My wife is doing well, and PPD-free. Also, the pointers provided by Jennifer during the post partum visit to support our baby have worked. 



Jennifer was our back-up doula when our primary had a family emergency and had to be out of town.  We scheduled an introduction FaceTime call but our little man was too ready to come into the world, so we had to forge ahead as a team without having met in person or over FaceTime!

Jennifer was absolutely fantastic from start to finish, putting us at ease, helping us to labor at home, and then a truly wonderful advocate in the hospital.  My wife had some difficult experiences with some of her medical team and Jennifer was ready and able to get us some space in the hospital, make informed decisions, help us understand what was normal, and provide a wonderfully positive environment during our five hours of pushing.  She helped us go from what would be a scary, difficult experience into feeling like we had another member of the family helping us experience a wonderful birth.

I highly recommend Jennifer as a doula and will absolutely be referring friends and family members to her in future!



I interviewed many Doulas and knew from the moment I spoke with Jennifer I would be in good hands.  I feel like  this is her calling. She truly loves what she does and is passionate about it.  Although my birthing experience did not go as planned she was there for me and ultimately I had a healthy baby.  You can't go wrong if you choose her as your Doula.

Michaela Profitt


Thank you so much for everything you did to help us with the arrival of our baby! I meant it when I said that I couldn’t have done it without you. You are very good at what you do and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. My birth experience sure was different to what I had planned, but having you along the way was the last piece to my puzzle. Jennifer  ensured that I was comfortable throughout my 3-day induction process. She advocated for me at time when I felt like I had no voice. The techniques introduced by Jennifer before and during my labor most certainly assisted in my fast delivery. Without Jennifer I cannot imagine what my delivery would've been like. If it's one person that's good at their job, it's DEFINITELY JENNIFER! We thank you so much for your assistance and pray that you continue blessing families with your gift. 



Husband testimonial:


       My wife had a VBAC on Tuesday.  She worked her ass off for it, but it her doula made sure that she had a fair shot and was not rushed at the hospital.  While the cost up front made us hesitate-because you're not sure what will happen after you spend the money, I'm glad we did.  The Doula labored with my wife, changed her positions, did things to help the baby come down and out, that I would not have been able to.  

    Words cannot express my gratitude Mrs. Jennifer.  Men-spend the money, encourage your wife to get support (more than you), and to do all the supportive things to help her birth the way she wants to me.  My wife wasn't the same after the first c-section, this time she's the woman I met and we have 2 kids under 2...



VBAC Success!!!

    Don't let the cost deter you...another C-section is way more costly!  I birthed with dignity, time, understanding, and respect of the process.  Mrs. Jennifer is a kind person, but in the delivery room she zones in, labors with you, and helps you push that baby out!  

     I had a short interval pregnancy, with 12 moths in which I was not pregnant, which for prior c-sections 18 moths was advised.  To add to that, I had a c-section complicated with post partum hemmorhage requiring hemabate and a modified b-lynch suture.  I was 33, and thought my body failed/I failed, and then had two OBs that were my ethnicity (black), tell me that at 35, the "safest thing" to avoid uterine rupture, and that since my pelvis was tested in previous labor and cannot "handle birth" was to have another c-section...ACOG says opposite.  

       I knew I wanted a VBAC, so I switched providers 3 times at 26 weeks, and then was referred Mrs. Jennifer.  I live in Westchester, and she made an exception for me...she tailored my package to fit my schedule/needs..she let me lead at times, came to my home while I was in labor, drove with us, and labored down in delivery with me.  We changed positions, she did what the L&D nurse couldn't-she was the expert at birth, while the others were the expert at their shifts woek... In the delivery room she created a space for me to be heard and seen.  She got my baby down and out in 30 mins of pushing.  

      I am a Vbac!  Spend the money-hire her.

Katie K


I felt a connection with Jennifer from our first conversation via Zoom while I was looking for a doula. I initially thought I would only work with a doula postpartum, as my partner and I don't have any family close. I am SO GLAD I decided to go with both the birth and postpartum hours with Jenn! She made our prenatal visits fun but also super informative and helpful with various techniques to prepare my body and also hopefully avoid an induction.

I went well past my due date but went into labor the morning of my induction, I think truly in part to the exercises Jenn continually encouraged me to do. She was also my and my partner's saving grace at the hospital. It was so busy when we arrived that I was in labor in the waiting room for several hours. Jenn was able to come once I was triaged and the first thing my partner said was "she needs you." It was true. I was already so tired of pacing the waiting room in pain that I was mentally/emotionally drained. Jenn provided the support I needed and also was able to advocate for me with the hospital staff in a way I just wasn't able to. 

I ended up needing a c-section based on my son's position and failure to progress. Jenn knew that wasn't what I had hoped for, and was so kind and supportive once we made the call, I quickly felt at ease knowing we were doing what was best for me and the baby.

During our postpartum hours Jennifer really felt like the most helpful friend I've ever had. Plus I loved watching her interact with my baby!

Jennifer is super knowledgeable and great at what she does. But the best part of working with her was how much she really, really cares about her clients. We had multiple moments where she knew I was stressed, overwhelmed, scared but am also a person who keeps my emotions guarded. Jenn's compassion and understanding helped me feel comfortable expressing my fears and feelings and led to a deeper level of trust and comfort between us. 



OMG!!! As a second time mommy and it's been 19 years since my last one, I must say Jennifer was amazing. I suffered from fibroids that caused me severe pain so my husband decided to seek Jennifer's services to aid my pain. Well i must say I'm one lucky woman because Jennifer came and understood the assignment. I'm a very stubborn person and inpatient but Jennifer was kind, patient and knew when to take control (my husband would just look away). It was my first experience with a Doula and she was amazing in all of our interactions. She was very helpful when it came to my recovery after a c-section. She helped with latching, breastfeeding and my mental health post delivery. I appreciate her and so did my family. I could not recommend her any higher especially having to deal with a stubborn client like me. Thank you Jen????



Wow Let me be clear that Jennifer is the BOMB (no pun intended). When i first encounter her on a cold day via zoom late January 2021, I immediately felt a connection. She was genuine in the way she spoke with my wife and showed great compassion. As a husband I felt helpless until Jennifer came to the rescue. She was attentive and took time to speak with me away from my wife to ensure we both were doing good. Up until our encounter, I never knew the role of a doula and how important and vital it was in reassuring both my wife and I in our journey. As a father and husband I will most definitely recommend her services to any women out there. Jennifer knows her stuff and she is down to earth. Thank you again Jen and thank you most importantly for being you. 

Adrian S


I wanted to ensure my wife and son received the best care. I read books, watched YouTube videos, and did as much googling as I could. The more I researched, the more anxious I became. The horror stories were so many, I didn't want my wife to be one of them. My Google searches led me to the term "Doula", so after learning what they are, I set out to find one. Two weeks before my wife's due date, I interviewed countless Doulas, but never found one I could trust to care for my wife and son throughout the pregnancy. A coworker mentioned Jennifer. After speaking with her for 10 minutes, I knew she was the Doula for us. Jennifer arrived a week before my wife went into labor to teach her exercises for dropping the baby. In my head, it all seemed silly. Two days after Jennifer's session, my wife started having contractions. 

Upon being told that my wife was in labor, Jennifer arrived within 30 minutes. Such is the type of urgency she brings to the table. She made sure she was comfortable as soon as she arrived in our room. My wife's doctor told her it was necessary to perform a C-section a few hours later. With a few eloquent words, Jennifer assured the doctor she would give birth naturally. The nurse we encountered at the hospital when my wife arrived was unprofessional and empathy fatigued. As my wife's contractions intensified, she became rude and snarky, not offering any assistance. Jennifer raised hell on the birthing floor when she saw my wife's tears. The nurse was disciplined for her actions, and the entire staff was retrained.

You might think you are prepared, all you men out there. In the midst of a situation where your wife is screaming in pain and 100 things are happening at the same time, it is hard for you to process what is happening. However, Jennifer will. In addition to taking good care of your wife, she will fight for your rights and ensure no malpractice occurs. You can count on her. 



My birth experience would have not been the same without Jennifer. To have someone you trust present day of labor is priceless. I was able to labor mainly at home (which was my goal) and a major part of this was due to my doula. She coached me through what to do and had I not had her I may have not kept moving day of. This was crucial to getting labor successfully moving along. She went beyond what I thought I needed not only day of labor but during pregnancy.  When you are in labor there is a lot of unknown, you may or may not deliver with your doctor & having Jennifer calmed my anxiety and made me feel I had someone on my team. Her personality is awesome which even made the nurses love her and felt like a whole big team. I had my vaginal delivery as I wanted and would 150% recommend working with Jennifer! 



My husband and I met Jenn 2 weeks before my due date. Within 10 minutes of speaking to Jenn, we knew we wanted to hire her. Her energetic, humorous , enthusiast personality drew us to her.

I expressed that I did not want a C-section, so we went to work! Lots of stretches and exercises and before I knew it, I gave birth a day before my due date. Jenn made herself available 24/7 for any questions, concerns and updates throughout my pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery.

She is the most compassionate, strong and pioneering advocate for my family and I during my labour and delivery. She collaborated with the hospital staff and was respectful. I cannot thank this woman enough for helping me with my prenatal and postnatal recovery. 

J Persaud


LaBelle Doula services, experience, and knowledge were beyond our expectations. Of the 4 women giving birth that night in the hospital, only 1 had a vaginal delivery and we owe it to LaBelle Doula's care, compassion and professionalism. Our family would definitely recommend her services!! 

Katie Aumuller


I can't thank Jennifer enough for her help with breastfeeding. I reached out to her when I was 2 months into my journey, I was so thankful we were able to have an in- person consultation. She spent several hours with myself, my husband and my baby. She made us feel safe and supported throughout our entire experience, her beautiful and caring energy were a breath of fresh air for me in those very difficult post partum days. We spoke about my diet and pumping strategies to boost my supply. She continues to check in on me even after our appointment and encourages me everyday. Breastfeeding is truly one of the hardest things I have ever done, but with the love, support and guidance  of Jennifer I know I can do this and will not give up! Having been through her own post partum journey and breastfeeding struggles she relates well to her clients and makes you feel at ease.  I am lucky to have found her and encourage anyone in search of a great lactation consulatant to reach out as well.. her fun and eclectic energy may be just what you need !! ?? Thank you so much!!!!!! 

Stephanie Henry


From the very first day I met Jennifer I knew she would be the perfect doula for my family and I. I've always been afraid when it came to childbirth and due to the pandemic, my anxiety made it worse. She made us feel comfortable and safe through our entire process. I went into labor on the day of a horrible storm and though Jennifer had some personal things going on, she still made it her priority to walk my finace and I through my labor process until she was able to make it to us. She made us feel comfortable talking with her and even helped us two connect better within our relationship. While in the delivery room she played music, conversed with us, and made us feel as comfortable as she could. Throughout the 24 hours Jennifer spent with us in that room, I didn't see her as a doula, I saw her as my mother. The way Jennifer nutured me, massaged me, talked me through the process and held my hand when I needed her too. She explained everything that was happening in more details than the doctors did and for that I appreciated her even more. She never left us hanging and treated us with so much love and kindness. I will always recommend Jennifer to others when I can because I would love for other moms to feel as comfortable and loved as I did.



When my wife first told me she was interested in getting a doula, I was kept skeptical because I thought we didn’t need a support person. But seeing how this was our first child, I figured it wouldn’t hurt. However, my expectations of Jen’s parental support services were highly exceeded. She is phenomenal. She was very knowledgeable of on all facets of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum but will never make you feel dumb or powerless. Her personality was very kind, and she was always positive and encouraging. My wife and I had many questions about birth because this was our first child, and we heard many myths and conversations regarding many touchy pregnancy topics. She was so responsive and had an answer for every question with references to back it up. Jen sets herself apart from other doulas because she was flexible with her teaching and coaching approaches, and they were practical, hands-on, polite and professional. In fact, she enabled and encouraged me to have to confidence for my wife as spouse and support partner during the wonderful experience of the birth of our first child.

As for our labor story, my wife had most of the labor at homebecause of techniques we learned from Jen and by the time we got the hospital, we were 9cm! But my wife and I were completely calm, cool and collected before, during and after labor! We had an AMAZING experience!! If you are serious about providing yourself with a reliable, trustworthy pre-natal and/or post-partum support person, Jen is the one to call!



Jennifer is the BOMB!  She was very caring, patient and supportive. She didn't treat us just like clients but like family. She really helped prepare my husband and I for labor and delivery and helped us during the postpartum period. She made sure we participated in the right child birth classes so that by the time we got to the hospital, we were well educated on what to expect and certain terms as this was all new to us. Thank you again Jennifer!

Natalie Magloire


Jennifer Wilson is an amazing doula, she is caring and very compassionate. You can tell she enjoys what she does for a living. Which indeed made my doula experience so much better. I spent 8 hours in labor and she held my hand every minute and hour, while trying to make me comfortable as best as she could. As I was in labor she taught me technics on how to push, did some exercises so I could tolerate the contractions, we conversed and laugh. She really knew how to set the tone in the room. She interacted amazingly with the nurses and doctors which was also a plus. To see my doula get along really well with  the nurses and doctors also made my delivery experience so much better. Overall Jennifer know what she’s doing and has amazing people skills. 

Ebony Wharton


My name is Ebony Wharton ..  

Jennifer Michel-Wilson was my doula . I gave birth to my son September 18,2021 at Lij medical center in NY . My experience with Jennifer was amazingly informative ; she was very calming and soothing. She provided music to my liking and massage essential oils to help with my contractions. 

I am a African American woman with a genetic disorder called cystic fibrosis .Jennifer Michel -Wilson educated herself about the chronic illness . I had a high risk pregnancy because of my disorder . Being diagnose with gestational diabetes made my pregnancy a challenge. 

My doula Jennifer was prepared for anything spontaneous that could happen during my labor. She advocated my concerns with certain procedures the doctors was trying to do. She helped with my breathing technique . I needed to be centered in my mental space . I stood focused on my doula the whole entire time.

Jennifer gave me a list of things to bring with me to the hospital . All that she suggested work wonders  for me . I totally recommend Jennifer Michel-Wilson . Jennifer personality is so grounded and loving . The professionalism from her is superb . There's so much passion that Jennifer puts into her work . 

Jermaine Campbell


Let me just start by saying she exceeds expectations. Jenn was the Doula for the birth of my little girl. Before this I didn’t even know what a doula was, but no future child of mines will be born without giving Jen a call. As much as I was trying to be a supportive father, it’s a lot of things that I'm just not privy to as man. Jen filled in those spots perfectly. She kept us informed about every option and every step. She helped us fill out paper work and with her on our side we were always one step ahead of things. Very knowledgeable and worked well with the doctor in the delivery room. Most importantly, she's just great person and good energy radiates off of her.
We love you Jenn thanks for keeping our stress levels down and making it a great experience!!



From the moment i spoke with Jennifer for our consultation i knew she was the perfect doula for me. There was an instant connection, she was personable, warm, passionate &, most importantly knowledgeable. I felt this all from a video call. My first visit this feeling only intensified for me. I then felt safe and had no worries about giving birth because i knew i had her by our side. My partner also felt way better know that we had a doula. The days leading up to delivery Jen was helpful and available to answer all of our questions and concerns. My actual delivery was nothing short on an enjoyable experience. She comforted me, guided me, & supported me through every left turn that was thrown our way. My partner was even well equipped to comfort me thanks to prior visits with Jen as well! Labor & delivery was such a wonderful experience overall. I can't wait to do it again just to have Jennifer as my doula ! Even the doctor and nurses loved her!  If you're reading this look no further! You will not be disappointed having Jen as a doula! I can't even begin to express my thanks and gratitude for her i am forever in debt. Jennifer was definitely the perfect fit to my story. 

Shirley Huong Wong


Initially I hired Jen as a prenatal doula since my baby was breech. She has resources and tips to prepare us for labor and ways to flip her before the due date. Though I still had the c-section, her knowledge and support prepared us mentally. One thing I’d like to mention is how helpful she was for the postpartum visit. Jen helped my little one latch successfully and also gave pointers on how to relieve my engorged breasts. (Was fearful of getting mastitis) Having Jen guide myself and my husband through this experience made a world of a difference.



I cannot recommend Jennifer enough.  Her support and involvment in our birth and postpartum experience was critical.  Not only did she provide positivity and encouragement throughout our experience - she was consitently upfront and honest, even when things were tough.  Never shying away from the truth, but keeping things positive - one step ahead with a plan. 

When I started interviewing doulas I was unsure if I even wanted one, now I can't imagine not having Jennifer by our side throughout the process.  Jennifer was constantly checking in when she wasn't with us (answering questions, and not afraid of the dirty details!), and when she arrived for our induction and delivery - she was on her A-game ready to help us navigate the hospital proceedures, work seamlessly with the labor and delivery nursing team, and ultimatley provide a thoughtful sounding board for my husband and I as we made decisions that were right for us.  She honored and respected our wishes and navigated our personalities with grace.  She guided me through multiple labor positions, helped me manage pain, maintain focus and relaxation mentally, and supported my partner and his needs.  Her geniue passion for birth (and lactation!) shines through and her thoughtful, caring nature cannot be matched by anyone.  

In postpartum follow up Jennifer helped us transiton home smoothly.  She also helped me process and talk through my birth experience and recover - navigating mental and phsyical challenges.  Her experience and advice we're so helpful.  She helped me gain confidence with newborn care and consistently reminded me of my strength/capaiblities.  

Jenn is the positive, genuine, loving force you never knew you needed. I'd recommend her to anyone seeking a birth or post partum doula.




I'm sure Jenn could be a success in a variety of professions, but it seems as if she was made to be a doula. Not only because of her expertise, but also because of her love for new life and respect for the birthing process. If you are fortunate enough to work with Jenn, prepare for a compassionate, professional,  uniquely skilled addition to your birth team. Jenn supported our family, and my birth journey physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She was able to sense what is needed in our hospital and postpartum setting. She knew when to step back and when to step forward throughout the journey. As an advocate, she was clear and strong yet kind and friendly with our doctors and nurses. Some of the hospital staff have already referred her to other parents! 


Physically, Jenn was a powerhouse. She stayed alert and attentive, offering massages, and essential oil therapy throughout my 24 hour labor. She guided me through birthing ball techniques and danced (yes, danced) with me in the earlier stages of labor. She paid close attention my progress, recognized when I needed her to voice my concerns to doctors, and was an incredible support during the most demanding stages of labor.

Since my son's birth we've stayed connected. She's checked in and offered gentle advice and support. 

We feel incredibly grateful to have worked with Jenn!


Justin Wong


Jen was an immense resource for us during pregnancy and post partum. As first time expecting parents, her advice, guidance and support were invaluable to navigating our pregnancy. We were able to explore various options and techniques to flip our breeched baby with Jen. Although our baby did not end up flipping, we gained the peace of mind that we did all that we could safely do.

Since our baby was breeched, my partner had a planned c-section. Due to the hospital's COVID restrictions, Jen wasn't able to be with us pre-op.  She would have been able to assist during labor if my partner were to deliver vaginally. Instead, she joined us post partum and helped us get situated for our stay and helped our baby latch for the first time.

We scheduled our post partum visit with Jen the day after our discharge from the hosptial.  Thankfully we did because my partner and I were struggling without the help from the hospital staff. Jen helped us get a routine in place which relieved a lot of our stress. Most importantly, with her guidance, my partner was able to confidently progress with her breast feeding journey. 

Justin Pierre-Louis


Jennifer is so caring and passionate about her work that it was so unbelievable. Jennifer went above and beyond for my fiancé and I. She gives the best advice down to the last minute and she never tries to lie and cover things up.Jennifer was my doula , but she felt like family .I highly recommend her, and she will be the doula to all my future children . Her knowledge on child birth is unmatched , she is the perfect guider for new parents that are at risk for being taken advantage of. I can write millions of positive things about Jennifer but I can't think of one negative. She is what every young African American couple needs inside the delivery room .

Francesco Menonna


As a first-time father, before my wife introduced me to Jen I didn’t really know what a doula did, and I didn’t have a strong opinion about using one. But after meeting Jen, I immediately understood the value of working with her and felt really lucky for securing her services.

She really made my wife feel more comfortable and less worried about giving birth, and I was very grateful to her for this. She also made sure I was involved and instructed me on how to be the best support to my wife in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Her experience and expertise are immediately clear when working with her, and her good humour and positive attitude are great assets in a potentially stressful moment.

In the hospital during delivery, she proved to be an even more vital support system to my wife and I. She took great care of my wife and advocated for her at every step of her journey, all while also providing a reassuring presence for me and guiding me to be my wife’s partner in the birthing process.

Finally, she provided excellent advice in the post-partum phase, teaching me a few handy tricks on how to feed, burp and hold my baby.

In conclusion, I am grateful to Jen for all her help and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula who is experienced, supportive, strong and fun to work with. We were very lucky to have her with us in such a significant time of our life and look forward to staying in touch with her.

Angie Mompoint


Jennifer has been a Godsend to my family and I. I gave birth on  8/3 to beautiful and health baby boy with the help of Jennifer as my doula. She went above and beyond in service , dedication and support throughout my pregnancy and labor. Jennifer was there as a source of information , genuine support and advocate for me when I needed her. Through this support, I was encouraged to access resources, and approach giving birth in a way I'd never imagined before.

I gave birth in  4 short hours with no medication, and had all my needs met post-delivery.


Jennifer thank you for being my rock while my partner was not there. I put my trust in you  and you delivered.  You provided me with an experience I will never forget!  And for that I am very grateful.

Elena & Florisel


Both my beautiful wife and fully belief that Jennifer has unmatched qualities that make Her the best doula in the universe. She carries out her work with great passion and responsibility, She is kind, educated, creative, understanding and cares about her customers. Labor didnt went as we expect it was much much better and Jennifer was the key. She made labor so much easier for Us and always was available to answer our questions/worries taking every call no matter the circumstances. Pica pica ( as we call her because a Dominican song) is undoubtedly a great human being and an excelent professional, to whom We wish all the success in the world and to whom We thank immensely for the attentions She had with our beautiful family. 

K Marney


I have only happy memories of our prenatal period, birth and post partum because we had Jen supporting my husband and I through it. Jen struck the right balance between positivity, assertiveness and caring right off the bat that she kept us as ease, even when we were on the edge of welcoming our son into the world. Jen combined massage, movement, music and laughter to keep my labor moving. She also advocated for me at the right moments at the hospital. Ultimately, all of this helped me get the birth I wanted and kept me calm as we moved into the next phase of our lives. Jen also checks in on her clients regularly throughout the pre/postpartum period. She is full of useful advice and addresses any concerns you might have without judgment. I would highly recommend Jen as a doula to accompany you during the birth or postpartum time. Thank you Jen! 



Shatesha Davis


Such a great first time experience. Jennifer is a wonderful doula, I highly recommend. If I ever decide to have another baby, I will definitely be hiring her again. 

Vanessa Mitchell


We had the pleasure of having Jennifer as our birth doula and lactation consultant and she was truly amazing! She offered so much support and education during and after my birth experience. My baby boy was brought into the world in a peaceful environment thanks to her. She gave my husband and I such great advice and tips for the birth experience, postpartum stage and newborn stage.  Highly recommend her as a antepartum, birth and postpartum doula!

David M


Our firts meeting with Jenn produced an instant connection. Jenn took immediate interest in my wife's wellbeing before birth and did an excellent job helping her feel confident and prepared for labor. This was our second child and second experience with a doula. I can confidently say Jenn's presence during the birth experience was invaluable. The labor process was lengthy but Jenn made it all seem easier and manageable thanks to her positive attitude, caring nature and proactive support to us. In my line of work, I believe it is critical to make sure you find the right fit before moving forward. Jenn is clear, transparent, caring and trustworthy. Jenn also delivers value well before we ever hired her to help. She clearly cares about her work, her quality of service and in making the birth process for parents a positive and memorable experience.  I would recommend her to anyone!

Star Henderson


I was 29 and pregnant with my first child and nervous about giving birth! All I knew was that I desired a birth outside of the hospital with a doula that I could connect with on a personal level. God sent Jennifer and she made my experience something very special even through fear and pain. Something I'll never forget. She was on the same page as me and provided more knowledge than what I had. She provided me with comfort. She made me feel cared about and like there was nothing that my body and I couldn't handle. I enjoyed every minute with her from personality to dancing/techniques to her love for what she does! I have no regrets working with Jennifer even though I ended up delivering in a hospital. Had it not been for her, I know my experience would not have been as great as it was!

Jonathon Beckham


This is my 1st child and I know for fact if it wasn't for Jennifer things wouldn't have gone as well.  She !comforted my girlfriend the whole way through until the end. She had music ready, she gave helpful tips to help us during the process as well as having THE BEST attitude.  I'd definitely recommend Jennifer for your Doula needs.  She goes above and beyond to make sure the experience as a whole is perfect for whoever is present. THANKS JENNIFER!!! and oh yea.....we calling u again for baby #2 ??????????????????

Tariq Sidney


%1000 PERFECT EXPERIENCE ! Jen felt like a family member I always knew. She was very motivational & educating ?????? Definitely recommend 

Brianna Morgan


Jennifer was absolutely amazing! From the first time we met, she was very understanding & she is very knowledgeable in her work. My boyfriend and I had a great connection with her. She was also very patient with me throughout every visit & while I was in labor. I definitely recommend her to anyone 

Troy Light


Good Day everyone i am here to give a wonderful testimonial for our doula Jennifer. Speaking from a father's perspective she was mind blowing and i mean that in a good way. She was our support system during and after the pregnancy. I am not a type of person who would befriend a stranger but she felt like family. She joked around with us, shared stories with us but the most important thing she did was made my wife feel comfortable all the way through. She definitely spoke up for us in regards to what my wife needed, she even took notes whenever the doctor came in which it came in handy later on.

After waiting for quite sometime for the baby to come, I left to go get something to eat and honestly i felt comfortable leaving knowing my wife would be in good hands. She kept me posted all the way and when it was time for the baby to come, she rushed to get me and spoke to both me and my wife to calm us down.

I would overall give her the highest ratings there is to give. I appreciate everything she has done for my wife and myself. If we happen to get pregnant again she is the first one i have on my speed dial. 

I swear you would not be disappointed with her. 

Samantha Popo


AMAZING!!!!!! I definitely had to start off with that. Jennifer did exactly what a doula is supposed to do. She even went above and beyond for me with things i would not expect her to do. She held my hands all the way through, gave me that peanut ball to open up my cervix, and when we was ready she always reminded me to breathe. I love this lady she then became like family they way she interacted with me and my husband. Would RECOMMEND her to anyone who would want an amazing experience with their a doula. If i can i will give Jennifer a 1000/1000. 

After my delivery, she stayed to make sure my well beings was good. She even followed up with me via text and when i didn't respond right away she called. Love that!!! She evn did research and educate me with information regarding my stay at the hospital. 

I cannot stop stress the fact that she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!



I couldn't ask for anyone better! When nurses were giving flimsy advice, Jen was there to assist and guide us with baby and postpartum care. It is good to have someone who understands how to do certain things and how they feel. As a man no matter who many books I read or youtube videos I've watched I can never exactly guide someone on a path I could never take. With that said, I believe wholeheartedly Jen is the correct doula for you!

Maya Martin


Jennifer was extremely supportive during the duration of my pregnancy. She would always routinely reach out and check on me even before I signed up for her services. I quickly realized how passionate she is about caring for expectant Mothers by how knowledgeable she is, her willingness to travel, and her nurturing protective spirit. It is her mission to a help Mothers thrive during and after pregnancy. She ensures that her clients are well in body, mind, and Spirit. Jennifer is more than a doula-She quickly became my friend, cheer leader, advocate, and spiritual support after I became ill with a severe case of mastitis and an abscess. I had 3 surgical procedures in one month. She reached out to pedetricians, lactation experts, and medical professionals on my behalf. When I was distraught and doubtful about my ability to physically recover and breastfeed my son she was there every step of the way encouraging and coaching me on how to increase my milk supply. As a first time Mom it's easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed. Jennifer is the guide and help you need to ensure that you and your baby thrive. She's easy to talk to, a great listener and wants nothing but the highest level of care for her clients. I highly recommend her. 

Jerome Thomas


My wife was the one who initiated the idea of a Doula.. I was never a Big fan since both families are so involve. This perspective  changed After seeing Our doula in actions.. From the hospital helping my wife making our baby boy latch to her breast so breastfeed can start until we get home.  I was so happy.. My wife almost gave up on breastfeeding because of all the pain she experienced.. Thank God for our Doula great techniques and knowledge. All the obstacles we faced was was no longer an issue.. She helped to massage her breast with warm cloth to get rid of all the trapped milk that caused the discomfort. By the time she left, my wife was a new person. breastmilk was flowing well and pumping was a success.  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. We couldn't do it without you..

Daynell Kennely


Mrs. Wilson have been an instrumental force in my fiancé's maternity well being . The care and knowledge that she provided will be carried in our hearts forever 

Mrs. J Thomas


My Doula Journey  with Jen was beyond Amazing. From day one we connected from a phone call to later a video chat that made me even more comfortable.  Breastfeeding was my #1 Concern and she made sure I succeeded. I woke up one day with my breast so swollen, pain and I couldn't even raise my arm up.. I was literally in tears and was ready to give up.. Jen was scheduled with me that day and the Massage and warm compress she provided for me saved my life..  I Felt so much better  and her confidence in me gave me strength to not give up on breastfeeding.. Breastfeeding after a C section is not the easiest task but it can be done.. With Jen by my side,  we was able to make that happen for my Precious Baby boy JJ. Her continous teachings on breastfeeding were so vital for me to accomplish this Goal. I am glad I was able to have her as my doula. My husband Jerome was so skeptical at first but now he realized how important and useful the presence of a doula is for Postpartum mothers.  Jen, I appreciate you so much and i am very thankful for all you have done for my lil boy and I.. Thank you. thank you. thank you. 

Amber Blackwood


I am truly grateful for the services provided by Mrs Wilson  .when  people tell you that you it takes a village it is really true I would not know what I would’ve done without her during this entire process of being of new mommy .When  you go to your doctors visits especially during the pandemic it’s kind of like a windmill effect you are not a person but a check . Mrs Willson made me feel more than a vessel but a person .Being a overweight mommy with second trimester hypertension put me in a unusual category of mandatory C-section according to doctors Miss Wilson was able to guide me and encourage me to push my child out naturally and that I could do it even though everyone said I could not .The genuine care that was provided was beyond words . Once my son was born Miss Wilson was able to guide me through the process of it’s OK to be not OK we have our good days and bad days and that’s ok .Also she was able direct me

to a wonderful lactation specialist she made me feel comfortable expressing myself my fears and goals with my son Even  though Im a pumping mom I’m still a breast feeding mom and every day it will get better .The services provided is priceless and thanks to her I am a much stronger mom .


-Amber Blackwood



There is no words to describe what Jennifer means to me. She is so loving, caring, patient and understanding. Being a mother to a newborn, 5 year old and 13 year old is not easy. My last trimester was very hard on me mentally, emotionally and physically. So after having the baby my depression and anxiety got really bad. I felt so hopeless and defeated as a single mom. Jennifer is a great doula, she goes above beyond. She is a great support system. She is very encouraging and lifts you up as a women. I’m so thankful and grateful for her amazing support. I highly recommend her as a doula. She is worth every dollar.



She is very good with my baby. Interactive and a good listening. 
We enjoyed her company and wished the service can be prolonged ??.

Thank you Jennifer.

Lola Fakuade

Cora R-V Léveillé


On the 24th of January, my life change forever when I received in my arms my baby girl. I was dealing with a lot of stress, and I was grateful to God when I receive the great care of La Belle Doula: Jennifer Michel-Wilson.

At the 39 weeks prego my first  doula I had left me , long story short I felt more stress not only because I had a gestational diabetes but because the doctor said to me that my blood pressure was rising and also the we're going to induce me, now you can imagine my situation.

I reached out to Jennifer last minute and she did not hesitate to help meI felt so much better as I could see her love for her job which is a mix of great professionalism and human heart , knowing when to step in and step out in a way that the medical team complimented her on her ethics so much so they granted her request for a 5 minutes delayed cord clamping at a hospital.She made me laugh when I was crying and strength to push out my daughter.

My chances for having a vaginal birth we're slim but once she was there my fears lessen because she was fully equipped(music,oils, birthing techniques and good vibe)we definitely beat the odds because I had being diagnosed with preeclampsia  too. In my  post-partum period her friendly and always professional self help me step out of baby blues.

A doula is Very Important because even after taking classes ,read books ,getting ready nothing will prepare you to this overwhelming , exhilarating and scaring moment that is giving birth and the first weeks of postpartum. (Please Believe me I so do know what I'm talking about)

Thanks you Jennifer Michel-Wilson aka La Belle Doula for being great at your job and on doing it genuinely and with all your heart.

I am doing great as a new mother and doctor I highly recommend her as  a doula



After I gave birth to my son, I assumed breastfeeding would be a breeze! Unfortunately it was not as smooth as I thought it would be. After birth, my baby latched on to me just fine, however, the second day he was not latching on so easy and when I asked the nurse for help, she told me my milk supply was low and gave me formula to feed my baby. I was a new mom and just wanted my baby to eat. I felt as if I did not receive the support from the nurses that I needed from them to support my goal and decision to exclusively breastfeed my baby. Thankfully I have met Jennifer and she has supported me much more in a few minutes than the support I have received from the nurses in the hospital the few days I was there. Jennifer gave me advice on different foods to avoid, what foods to have which will increase my milk supply and she also taught me the power pump technique. Now I am grateful to say I am back to breastfeeding my baby. Jennifer was so patient with me and even to this day she still checks in on me to see how I am doing! I definitely plan on reaching out to her if I decide to get pregnant again and I highly recommend her.

Gisela Crichlow


Jennifer has been a tremendous help for my family during a difficult time.  Her warmth and positivity helps us to push through and keep going no matter what.  Her intuitiveness helps her to navigate situations with ease when dealing with a family that has special needs.  As a busy mom of three that struggles with a debilitating illness, Jennifer has been a great help to me personally.  We have three children, one amwith special needs and Jennifer has been especially instrumental in helping me making sure things run smoothly.  Whether it is helping with household chores, assisting with homework or helping with life skills, Jennifer shows up with strength and does it all with a beautiful smile.  Her positivity is infectious and we miss her when she is not here helping out. She is greatly appreciated!

Kimberly Seals Allers


Jennifer has a commitment to birth and breastfeeding that is precious and rare. Her passion for supporting families through pregnancy and postpartum and bringing her smile and style to each and every interaction will be a true asset to anyone's childbirth journey. She is a doula by nature and instinct and that is the best kind of doula to have. 

Julie Ulysse


From: The Ulysse’s family

To my wonderful, caring, passionate, loving and beautiful inside and out doula!  Thank you so much for everything you did to help me & my beautiful baby boy, Elijah, with breastfeeding. I meant everything when I told you I couldn't have done it without your help. You are very good and passionate at what you do and me and my husband would be happy to recommend you to anyone! I am grateful for you being my doula, Thank you for your warm hearted, sensitive and professional care.  I really feel that all the preparation of my diet we had together, plus your presence and assistance during my struggle with my diet led to not only the result I wanted, but the resulting positive experience with breastfeeding. Thank you for always checking in on me and the baby. It means everything. Thank you for introducing me to my favorite pump AKA HaaKaa. I am forever grateful for your service and to you personally. I owe most of my positive experience to you miss Jennifer Wilson.  Thank you for everything, we love and appreciate you. 

Tashia Stewart


For someone who is new to this country, being a newlywed and having a newborn was a whole new chapter for me, until I was introduced to Mrs Jennifer Wilson. She helped me out tremendously with not only her words but her action especially when it comes to postpartum care. It wasn’t an easy road  especially with the situation I was in and she reached out in more ways than one being a sister, and a wonderful friend.Thanks to the support group called Mommy- Wellness Vibez which she has introduced to other mommies and wives has been the backbone for all of us , a strengthening aid at its best . Without this group I wouldn’t have been able to be strong as how I am today.Her words of encouragement helps us all in the group to feel empowered, significant and that we should always put ourselves first no matter what. Self love is always important. I am really thankful for what she and being in the support group has done. I would encourage everyone to be a part of a group with someone who listens and  uplifts no matter what the circumstances may be. I thank her very much from the bottom of my heart.

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