Stacey  Tweedle CD/PCD (DONA) Postpartum Doula Photo

Stacey Tweedle CD/PCD (DONA) Postpartum Doula

Stacey Tweedle Doula Care

Calgary, AB Service range 60 miles *fully vaccinated* Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified in VBAC births and Spinning Babies proficient

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 50 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am pleased to support at all hospitals in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I am pleased to support at all birth centers in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am pleased to support all home birth that are attended by a practicing midwife.

Special Services Offered

  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth pool rental
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have been elected to the board of the Calgary Doula Association for the 2022/2023 year with the events and marketing team. I also volunteer at a domestic violence shelter here in the city of Calgary, supporting women there in their birth and postpartum journeys.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I am thrilled to be considered as your birth and postpartum Doula. I'm a mom of two (girl and boy) and absolutely love birth. I am passionate about supporting and advocating for you in the birth you desire. I am a certified birth and postpartum doula through DONA. I provide care prenatally (2 visits), throughout labor and delivery from the time you feel you need me, after baby has arrived and 1 postpartum visit. I'm also able to assist with the first breastfeed if you so choose. I am also VBAC certified through the VBAC Link and could not be more thrilled to support birthers in their VBAC journey. I offer low barrier birth support as well as payment plans and sliding scale. Please connect with me for details on that.

Service Area

Calgary, AB Service range 60 miles *fully vaccinated* Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Certified in VBAC births and Spinning Babies proficient

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Client Testimonials for Stacey Tweedle CD/PCD (DONA) Postpartum Doula

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Stacey was our birth and postpartum doula for the birth of our daughter! We are so grateful for her knowledge and experience. I had a wonderful, positive birth, and a huge part of that was having Stacey with me to help me feel confident and reassured during my hospital birth. 
My partner and I met with Stacey for a prenatal appointment to discuss our fears and ideal birth. She showed us coping techniques for labour and various positions. 
Stacey was our first phone call when I was in labour and helped talk us through next steps. She met us at the hospital and I felt so cared for and supported. It was wonderful for my partner to have someone to help him to help me. Stacey helped me move around, suggested positions, provider comfort, took so much pressure off my husband to be the perfect support person, and even helped coach me through pushing when I asked. I'm so glad we had Stacey with us to support both of us - the birth of our first child was absolutely better because we had her on our team! 

Jade Vincelli


We had a great experience with Stacey both for our birth and postpartum! Stacey was extremely responsive to any questions and concerns we had, and we felt she really went above and beyond during those exhausting first few weeks with a newborn! We would definitely recommend Stacey to anyone looking for doula services!



Stacey came into our lives at just the right time. We hired her as a PP Doula when we needed a bit of support later on in our post partum journey. My son was 8 months old and my daughter was 2.5 years when she started. She made us feel very comfortable as she came into our home and was at ease with me and my children. You can see that she has a real passion for helping families during this time of transition. She is a complete natural with kids of all ages and makes amazing egg bites and pancakes too! :)

Always friendly and eager to help, I would highly recommend Stacey as a PP Doula. 



We hired Stacey because she fully supports all types of births and we felt we could trust her with this experience no matter what happened. She has a wonderful personality and passion for what she does. We met Stacey during my first pregnancy that ended in a loss. With her loss training she provided us with strong emotional support and guided us to some very helpful resources that helped us through the grieving process. When I became pregnant again I was very nervous. Her wealth of knowledge helped ease my anxieties during pregnancy and helped me prepare for birth and postpartum. She was a wonderful resource to ask about programs and books and anything else I wanted to know about pregnancy and birth related.

I wound up having a very quick birth that didn't quite go to plan. However, I look back on my birth with great fondness and gratitude. If it wasn't for her, I may have accidentally had the baby without help in our bathroom! With everything happening so fast, I heavily relied on her for helping make quick informed decisions. She helped me into different positions to help labour and provided effective pain management techniques. She supported my husband so he could support me and made sure he was taken care of as well. Thanks to her I had a smooth, empowering delivery with no complications and am recovering well with my sweet baby boy. We will not hesitate to hire Stacey for future pregnancies and I am recommending her to all my friends! 




Our experience with Stacey as our doula was excellent. She is an experienced, knowledgeable and kind practitioner. I am so grateful to her that she took the time to understand and get to know me, so that when the time came during my labor, she knew how best to support me. Her prenatal visits were helpful in setting up realistic expectations and I so appreciated her skill level by practicing different positions in advance of the big event.

Labor is a marathon and she did everything she could to make that journey easier for my husband and I. This included the attention to detail in our birthing room like soft lighting, music and even having the right tools like a warm/cold pack when I needed it most. She also doubles as an talented photographer! I highly recommend choosing her to help you bring your little one into the world.

Katie T


We were so grateful for Stacey's help, even though our birth definitely didn't go as planned... Through a rather traumatic experience, Stacey was a calm and thoughtful partner, and mostly importantly, I knew I could trust her to advocate for me when I wasn't able. 

She was also our postpartum doula and she was a godsend. She just stepped right in and helped with laundry, bottles, feeding, and meal prep - knowing what needed to be done and just doing it! (Which as a tired mom was exactly what I needed). 

If you're looking for a doula to support you in a hospital setting who can roll with the punches, I highly recommend giving Stacey a call! 

Sarah Pender


Working with Stacey made my unmedicated home birth such an amazing and empowering! As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect from labor and she helped me feel confident and prepared. In our first prenatal appointment, we discussed any fears my spouse and I had and went over ways to help progress my labor. She encouraged us to determine what we wanted to prioritize in my labor and delivery. 

When my labor started fast and furious, she knew when to come to our home and how to assist. When laboring in the pool was not progressing as quickly as we would have liked, she suggested that we change positions and get out of the pool. These adjustments helped my baby descend so when we were finally at the pushing stage we were ready to go. 

Not only was Stacey aware of how to help, she also ensured that my husband was fully involved which was amazing for both of us. She stayed out of the way until she needed to step in. She also captured photo and video footage of the labor and delivery which has been wonderful to have to remember that incredible experience.

Following the birth, Stacey ensured we were feeling good and stayed until our midwives were done everything they needed to do as well. We also chose to hire her for postpartum care, which has been wonderful to have some extra support in which Stacey got groceries for us, held our baby, and made energy bites.

Stacey loves what she does and it shows!



I can't thank Stacey enough for all her help during my daughter's birth. She was there for me every step of the way, making sure I was okay and feeling as comfortable as possible. It was clear she really cared about me and wanted me to have the best experience. Her support meant the world to me, and I'm so grateful for everything she did.



I hired Stacey to be apart of my birth for my second child, and did not have a doula with my first. I honestly can't recommend Stacey enough. I had a wonderful birth (despite it being very very fast) and post partum experience and I think a lot of that can be attributed to Stacey's support during pregnancy, labour and post partum. Stacey is extremely knowledgeable and very supportive during the prenatal period, offering 2 prenatal visits which was amazing. She checked in on my multiple times before birth and after birth to make sure I was doing alright. And was able to make it to the hospital so quickly to support me during birth as well. She was supportive and encouraging during birth and managed to take such amazing photos during without me even noticing! It's very obvious that Stacey is passionate about labour, pregnancy and post partum and her work is a reflection of her passion that she has for her job and her clients. I highly recommend Stacey as a doula! She is such a great asset to any birth team. Thank you, Stacey! 


Gabi LeMoine


Working with Stacey and having her as a part of my birthing team was a great experience! She made me feel confident to tackle labour and gives you some great tools to help you through pre and early labor. I had a long labour but I'm so glad Stacey was there to help encourage me and guide me through each stage with necessary exercises to help me progress. She was supportive in my birthing plan and helped me navigate any situation that arose during labour and delivery! Most notably she helped me identify where to push which had my baby out in 30 minutes as a first time mom! 

Emily Barriscale


Personable, knowledgeable, and compassionate are just some of the words I would use to describe Stacey.  She provided me with reassurance through my pregnancy, labor and delivery and helped me go into motherhood feeling well equipped.  Stacey has been wonderful making herself available to answer texts or phone calls if there was anything I was struggling with and it really means so much. I had an amazing birth experience and I thank Stacey for it. I'm officially a month postpartum and I can't wait to do it again. 

Abby Fowler


Our experience with Stacey was everything that I had hoped for! We hired her as our birth doula and I was looking for someone to support me and advocate for us during the birth. The first thing I noticed about Stacey was her confidence as a doula. I never doubted that she would be an amazing advocate for us in the delivery room and she definitely was!  Stacey was also very confident in her support for us. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always gave us lots of perspectives to consider. I always came away from speaking with her feeling relaxed and reassured. If you are looking for someone who is easy to talk to, has lots of experience and resources, and helps you to feel confident as a first time mom then I would highly recommend her! Thank you so much Stacey for making our first pregnancy and birth a great experience! 

Kallei Dolan


Great experience! Stacey was quick to respond to messages/calls, made sure you had your feelings/concerns/questions  addressed by the medical team, and was sure to step in if wishes were not being respected. 
My birth was relatively quick and easy, but nonetheless Stacey made for lovely support during the process. Would definitely use her again in the future if I planned on having more children! 



Stacey is wonderful! She is confident, caring and funny. She was a great support for myself and my husband and we were lucky to have her with us for birth and post partum support. 

Sidney Eby


I unfortunately experienced postpartum anxiety as a first time mom and felt very overwhelmed with the transition into motherhood!  Stacey made it very comfortable to ask any questions I had and provided me with amazing advice!  She helped me build up my confidence and trust my intuition!  I am so great full to have welcomed Stacey in to your home during such a vulnerable time and I highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking for support through their postpartum journey!



Allisa Anderson


I had initially reached out to Stacey as I was hoping for a VBA2C and knew I wanted someone who was going to be able to advocate for me, and support both myself and my husband during labour, but plans changed and I ended up with a scheduled cesarean. 
Stacey encouraged us to still advocate for our wishes, and I’ll forever be grateful we did, because we still got to do delayed cord clamping/my husband was able to cut the cord, and we even got to do a little skin to skin while still in the OR. 
Stacey stayed with me overnight for my first night in hospital, and I don’t think I can put into words how incredibly grateful I am. Having her with me for the first night to help with breastfeeding and to help with baby while I got some rest, and honestly just having someone to talk to was the greatest. 
Stacey is so kind, easy to talk too, knowledgeable and a fierce advocate. I would recommend Stacey to anyone, and truly believe hiring her was one of the best decisions we made for our birth experience. 

Emilie M


At first, I was not sure if we should bother hiring a doula, but as it was our first baby/birth experience, my fiancé and I decided that having extra help and a larger support team could not hurt. I am very glad we did! 

We hired Stacey after meeting her at a "meet your doula" event hosted here in Calgary. Upon our first meeting, I knew that she was the gal for us. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very friendly/ easy to get along with, respected our birth plan and wishes completely and without any judgement/pressure to change anything and was very adamant that she would advocate for us if need be.

With her help, we had a successful unmedicated home birth. She was there from the second I went into active labour, and was a great support for my partner as he navigated supporting me during my contractions. She stepped in when needed to help with positioning, grabbing whatever we needed/I requested, reminding me to relax/ breathe when I tensed up and provided me with lots of reassurance when we got to the pushing stage (which was by far the most challenging for me). 

Stacey also worked super well with my midwives, and the whole support team were amazing chearleeders in my times of doubt and struggle. 

Highly recommend!! 




Stacey was just the kind of Doula we needed, someone who was calm, encouraging and who also knew when my husband and I needed some help or direction during labour and birth. She helped set up a calm and relaxing birth space in our home, and was a great resource both before and after the birth. She helped us talk through our fears beforehand and figure out our birth preferences. She is very knowledgable and was invaluable during the labour especially, knowing where we were at in the labour, and when to call our midwives, etc. We highly recommend Stacey as a Doula, she is easy to work with and answered and talked through all our questions with us. 

Sarah Secter


Stacey is truely an exceptional doula! She is kind, caring and compassionate. We had just moved to Calgary at 23 weeks pregnant and Stacey was able to provide us with a list of supports as well as help us navigate where to deliver. While in labour Stacey provided my husband and I with constant attention. She advocated for our needs and made sure that our wishes were respected by the medical team. Stacey will make an amazing additon to any brith team and we highly recommend her!



I hired Stacey as my doula for my second pregnancy.  I was hoping for a VBAC after delivering my first child via emergency c-section. I did not experience labour with my first child and I was excited about having her support alongside my midwife during labour with my second. I appreciated that she had additional training in VBAC deliveries.

Stacey was a big support during my labour at the hospital. Things were not progressing quickly enough and she would encourage me to get up and move around, change positions, etc. I feel that without her there pushing me I would not have known what to do. She guided my husband and together they would support me through contractions. 

Ultimately I ended up having another c-section delivery, but she was there in recovery to help with baby and made sure I was establishing breast feeding.

My experience overall was positive and I would recommend Stacey. Thank you! 


Itzel Lucio


Stacey was a saviour after we had our baby. As first time parents with family out of provence we were so happy and relieved we were able to have her help. Stacey helped us with all kinds of things, including breast feeding (including how to place baby, shoiwng us different position to burp baby, how to take care of yourself, etc), bathing, showing us how to put baby in the carrier, taking care of baby when we were in need of rest, etc. Even when we didn't have instructions for her she would help around the house, like clearing kitchen counters, which was a huge help when you you are so tired and barely surviving by the hour. She also made us healthy snacks to have handy. Stacey is a wonderful person, pleasent and understanding, and she is calm when handling babies which is really reassuring. An amazing resource, we would highly reccomend her! 

Lisa Maxwell


I was searching for first time to use a doula for my 2nd birth as I didn't use one for my first. Which ended up in a c section cause I did the epidural cause the nurses didn't remind me of the pain meds to use first. The epidural helped me relax and fall into a deep sleep where I awoke to the panic in nurses telling me baby heartbeat was dropping. I wasn't thinking clearly and opted for the c section asap. It went well in surgery but my baby couldn't nurse first 24 hrs cause we were both drowsy from epidural.

my 2nd  birth is a surrogate journey. And Stacey also being a surrogate connected us. Week after due date I went in for induction after being informed of the procedures by Stacey. I did the foleys and oxytocin. After oxytocin started it was 5 hrs labor where I called Stacey in at 1am. The nurses kept pushing for me to have epidural and stressing me out. She was quick to action and helping me relax and do my breathing. While taking care of my needs. She stayed post partum still I was back in bed resting after being showered and fed with her help and encouragement. 

being a single mom or even having a first time dad helping I would choose a doula everytime. She is focused on healthy mom and delivery. Knowing what they do as drs and nurses and the positive or negatives behind procedures. her calm relaxed demeanour helped me to relax knowing I would get through birth pains. 



Hiring Stacey was one of the best decisions we made for our daughter's birth. My goal was to have a natural birth if possible, but I also developed a medical issue which meant I couldn't have an epidural even if I wanted one. I don't think the birth would have gone as smoothly as it did without Stacey's expertise and guidance during labour. When contractions slowed down a bit a couple of times she suggested new positions which kept things moving and I wouldn't have tried without her encouragement. She also helped a lot with breathing techniques and relaxation techniques and helped make sure the hospital staff were aware of my birth wishes. Overall I was very happy with the birth and would highly recommend hiring Stacey. We haven't had a chance to use her postpartum services yet but I'm sure those will also be very helpful.

Sarah Klemenz


Stacey is such a supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful doula. She was really calming for me in regards to delivery and her postpartum care was amazing. She was so encouraging and helpful. She even made me lactation cookies, went grocery shopping for me, let me sleep while she watched my son, and much more. If you need a doula that is spunky in personality, calming in tense situations, and passionate about her work, she is for you.  



Stacey has been an absolutely wonderful doula to work with. The education, knowledge/ research based information, preparation,  and confidence she gave us prior to birth was astounding. Sje helped to create the perfect birthplan for us and gave us the strenth and vpurage to be our own advocates when needed.

On top of that, her tips and tricks for so many little things like hip pain or nausea came in handy almost daily! This was our first baby and as new parents we have had so many questions and concerns. She helped to alleviate all of those topics and offered sources that backed up the information given to us. She is friendly, patient  and never made us feel like we were asking silly questions (even though I'm sure we were haha!).

We have kept Stacey on for post partum care as well and it has been the best investment we could have ever made. She has helped us with breastfeeding and latching issues, allowed us stress free hours to catch up on sleep or chores, and even helped my husband and I have the time to go out for our anniversary. Knowing your child is in great hands is something you can't get with just anyone. Knowing that the doula looking after your baby is educated, experienced, loving, kind, and generous? It makes for the easiest time trusting the health and safety of your little one to another person.  

I would recommend Stacey to family and friends  whether it be a first pregnancy or 10th. The support and care you will receive is 100% worth it. 


Rebecca Stretch


Stacey is a wonderful Doula! She is confident, knowledgeable and supportive, which is exactly what I needed to feel comfortable through the labour and delivery of my second baby. I didn't feel nervous through the process, because I knew Stacey was there to help and support me. She used a few techniques that helped keep me calm during contractions and I think helped progress the labour. She provided the extra level of support that I was looking for in a Doula. I would highly recommend Stacey! 



Stacey was our doula for our first baby! I was extremely fearful and anxious, and she helped us several times through out my pregnancy to relax and sharing educated information to calm my nerves and with things to do.
Once we went to the hospital she was really helpful, she helped me to be switching positions that would help me progress, she helped us to make decisions and to analyze the information we were getting from the doctors and nurses, and she was an incredible emotional support for me and helped us to get the delivery we wanted.

My delivery experience would not have been what it was without her at my side!


Tamara & John Antenucci


We hired Stacey as our birthing doula after hearing her speak at an event for new expecting parents. Her personality really meshed well with ours and what we wanted in our birthing plan. Stacey was able to give us all the options available to us in helping us creating our ideal plan. As first time expecting parents, Stacey was available to answer any and all questions about the birthing process, hospital stays and new born babies. When we were at the hospital she provided a calming environment, especially with her beautiful fairy lights. Her encouragement during labour was much appreciated as well as the suggested birthing positions to try. We would highly recommend hiring her as a doula to help with any birth.



I was around 38 weeks pregnant when I decided to ask for help from a doula. My husband and I thought we both need someone with knowledge and experience to support us. I found Stacey on Calgary Pregnant Mom and New Moms group on facebook. Her comments were always based on evidence-base science and with respect and kindness. I also followed her on Instagram to know her better and I loved everything about her. 
She was with me through labour for vaginal birth and when we have to change our birth plan to an emergency Cesarean she came with me as the main support to the operation room. and I felt so safe with her. She didn't left the hospital until making sure I'm in my postpartum room and in good condition. She also supported my husband all through the long process. 
I suggest her to all moms. 

Stephanie Chavez


Stacey was our birth doula (and currently our postpartum doula) for the birth of our second son at RGH. I had found Stacey through many searches for a doula and took an instant liking to her. She is very forthright, non-judgemental and a great knowledge resource. She is great at helping you advocate for yourself and for helping you achieve the birth experience you want. Leading up to birth, Stacey met with us twice and provided me with exercises and information to prepare myself and my husband. During my birth experience, Stacey was invaluable both to my husband and I, and to our midwives. She is definitely the supporting character that works hard behind the scenes, assisting in ways you don't even realize until after! It was her suggestions also that helped to make sure my son was in a good position for delivery that resulted in a way less severe tear than my first birth. I know I wouldn't have had as good a birth without Stacey there. And I know my midwives were super grateful to her being there! Thank you Stacey ??

Kayla G


Absolutely invaluable member of my care during pregnancy/birth/postpartum.

Things might not have gone to plan birth wise but she heard what I needed/wanted and did her best to accommodate that when no one else would and was able to help me make the most out of a not ideal situation. 

She is super approachable and down to earth. Shares her experiances openly and really knows her stuff. Lays out all your options when others dont, and supports your decisions. Provides scientific info to questions/concerns, and really made herself acceptable when I had a concern or problem. Really went above and beyond to help me problem solve.

Will 100% use her services again for another pregnancy.

Melissa DeMichele


Stacey was absolutely amazing. She was so encouraging and also a tremendous support for Joe and I. We don't know how we could have done our labor and birth without her. You can tell she truly loves what she does and cares so much for her clients! Highly recommend her to any woman who is expecting! 

Melissa H.


I am so thankful that we connected with Stacey! 

This was our first pregnancy and from the beginning I was followed closely by the fertlity clinic and an OB. Being a plus size mama with past miscarriages, I had experienced more than my fair share of testing, appointments and negative comments about my risks and potential complications to this pregnancy. I knew that I wanted some form of personal care and support over and above the health care system, and searched for a doula to come alongside us. 

Stacey calmed my anxiety from our very first meeting. She was knowledgable and supportive and was a great support to my husband and I throughout the pregnancy. She met us for prenatal sessions and discussed our hopes and fears for our birth. She listened and gave advice when needed and quickly became a friend that we both could reach out to when she was on call. 

Stacey taught me the importance of advocating for myself in my birth. She gave me the courage to find my voice and demand the care that I deserved. I ended up switching to midwifery care with the support of Stacey and had the birth that I dreamed about!

On delivery day, she recieved a text at 6:30am from me and kept in touch until my contractions were more intense. She then came straight over and supported us throughout the evening and into the morning hours. She took amazing photos of that day that we will cherish forever. 

Stacey was able to support us in postpartum care and checked in often.

I would recommend Stacey Tweedle as a doula without hesitation! 

Ashleigh Guenter


Stacey was incredibly supportive, steady, and attentive throughout the entire process. She offered suggestions for labouring, and used several methods to help manage labour while listening attentively to what was helping and what wasn't. Post birth, she made sure I was fed well by fetching several pieces of PB and jam toast from the kitchen (haha!). She's truly an advocate for informed birth choices and is passionate about what she does. She's a fantastic doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking out an excellent support during labour, birth, and post-birth.

Ana Arantes


My baby decided to come 1 month before the due date. I was very anxious since I didn't feel prepared yet. Even though I was only 35+6 weeks, Stacey showed up for the birth of my baby and having her there made a huge diffence since my husband and I were very anxious first time parents. She was amazing and helped us through the whole process which I am glad to say, it was a success. We also have her as a postpartum doula which is making ou experience with a premature newborn a bit easier. 

Sparshi Gupta


I found Stacey through google when I was looking for a midwife in the last few weeks of pregnancy. But I got no luck with midwife and then looked for a doula. Until I met Stacey in person, I was not very clear what a doula support is like but I really wanted a normal birth this time. When I first met Stacey at my house, I felt very confident that she is the girl and had full trust on her. She was very confident, strong and very well informed which you want in your labour support person. Me and my husband felt very comfortable with her. 

I had my first child with an emergency c-sec 5 years back and this time I did not want another c-sec. I did whatever I could during my pregnancy to stay fit and healthy so that my body supports it. But there is one thing I realized after having a vaginal birth. It is more mental game than physical and it is your support person who will give you that mental strength to bear the pain. And throughout my labour, Stacey was the person and of course my husband too. Stacey was a rock solid support with me every second and her techniques like the right breathing, walking, squatting, the ten's machine, the birthing ball, the rebozo, her positive vibes and words, her eye contact and just her presence is what made this VBAC successful. If she was not there, may be I would give up with all the pain and ended up in a c-sec. It was Stacey's support that I did not take any pain medication during my labour pain and it progressed smoothly as I followed her techniques. She is an amazing person and this birth is very emotional to me as I trusted my body and Stacey gave me confidence that you can do it. I am so proud and grateful that I found her just in time and she had an availability when I needed her. Thank you very much Stacey. We did it finally :)

Amanda cook


Stacey was a fantastic addition to my birth support team.  I was eager to try to birth without an epidural and Stacey had some fantastic pain relief methods that really helped me. I feel like she got quite the workout! With her support I was able to dilate up to 10cm and push for a couple hours without an epidural. She was very hands on and made me feel supported the entire time. It was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend Stacey!!

Kristy McCord


My experience with Stacey was invigorating.

The information and support that she provided through my pregnancy and postpartum was extremely helpful. 

Her positive, knowledgeable,  kindhearted personality supported me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. 

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth or postpartum doula. 

Alison Kallio


Stacey is very involved, very on top of things and wants to be as much help as possible. She said during our first meeting how she wants to help me make my pregnancy, labor and birth experience all I want it to be - and she made sure it was by listening to my hopes, but also supported me with my concerns, or back up plans for the birth. Covid definitely through a wrench in things as she was unable to be at the hospital with me during my sons birth, but she was on video chat with me the first moment she could until after he was born. She gave tips on things to try and support during it all. I felt way more relaxed during this labor and birth than I did with my first and couldn't thank Stacey enough for all she did to help me!



Oh dear Stacey! 
I experienced true sisterhood with Stacey as my doula. With my family far back at home and in a different time zone, Stacey made me feel a lot more assured and ready that everything in the labor room will be just good. As a first time mommy though, skepticism was not so far fetched from me especially after most hororrific labor room stories that other moms shared with me, but Stacey was emotionally available to tender to me with reassurance- (little did i know that her own labor room experience was interesting until later afetr giving birth!)

Not only was she emotionally available, she was physically present whenever we needed her as well. I recall her offering me to meet up with her for walks just so that I can get enough moving about- that was the sweetest thing under the circumstances that i was in as well as the harsh weather conditions.

She helped me champion the labor period with the massages/ compressions that she and my husband interchangeably gave me, the walking exercises that she helped me through, as well as the breathing exercises she encouraged me on- it was not a walk in the park! But her presence, prayers and encouragement were all spritually uplifting. My husband and I love and appreciate Stacey for having her as our doula. Our baby boy's birth was a wonder- Glory to God!

Thank you Stace, we wish you all the best in all your endeavours- we love you and we will recommend your wonderful services to anyone that may need them.


Birth Availability for Stacey Tweedle CD/PCD (DONA) Postpartum Doula

= Available. Calendar last updated: 05-18-2024

Postpartum Availability for Stacey Tweedle CD/PCD (DONA) Postpartum Doula

= Available. Calendar last updated: 05-18-2024