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Shaniqua Briggs-Dubose

Modern Childbearing

Fort Washington, MD Service range 50 miles

Birth Fee

$1100 to $2250

Postpartum Rate


Black Doula

Birth Fee

$1100 to $2250

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 47 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 55 families served

Doula Training

  • International Black Doula Institute, February 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No large/aggressive dogs

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Service Area

Fort Washington, MD Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Shaniqua Briggs-Dubose

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We are so lucky to have worked with Shaniqua during the birth of our first child. We initially decided to work with her because of her boundless positive energy and wealth of information. And then, she blew us away during labor and delivery beyond our already-high expectations. Shaniqua has the incredible ability to read the room and match our energy, and she was able to seamlessly shift from bubbly to a quiet but steady presence when appropriate. Throughout our entire experience working with her, she maintained such professionalism, while being personable and connecting with each of us.

We knew intellectually that working with a doula is associated with better birth outcomes, and we are now able to see why. Shaniqua had such a grip on the entire experience, asserting herself without ever overstepping. She was constantly on top of the fetal monitoring to make sure that the baby was safe and to prevent unnecessary interventions. Shaniqua was there for each contraction, providing guidance and support. She made sure to ask the care provider about the baby's station, always planning ahead to promote a smooth delivery and minimize risk. In addition to the countless ways Shaniqua made for a safer birth of our baby, she also did so preserving our privacy and respect. She looked out for both the birthing partner and the support person, and we are so grateful for her care and expertise. Her love and commitment to this work was apparent, and we felt so taken care of throughout the entire process. It is rare to meet someone like Shaniqua, and we are so fortunate we did.



I had the absolute best experience with Shaniqua as my doula. I work in public health as a maternal and child health program manager so I was well aware of the doula's role and the positive impact that they could have on someone's pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum experience. Since this was my first pregnancy, I knew I wanted a doula just to feel more emotionally supported. Shaniqua is very knowledgeable and personable and really made my husband and I feel empowered as we welcomed our son. Highly highly recommend!



If you are on this page to look for the perfect doula, you have found the right person. Snaniqua is an expert in her craft. Why did I choose her? It's because of her loving spirit. Her warmth and brilliance are bonuses to the individual she is as a doula. As a black mother and first-time parent, one thing I was adamant about having as part of my care team was a doula. A doula who is nonjudgemental, informed, kind, and caring. Pregnancy is unique to each birthing parent's experience and Shaniqua was able to meet my family's unique needs for our pregnancy journey, labor & delivery, and now postpartum. Shaniqua's diligence in being available to answer phone calls, regardless of the time of day, and providing text support was also especially helpful. The cost of the level of service she pays for is truly astounding. She provided my husband and me with the tools to ask vital questions to meet the needs of our pregnancy journey. She warmly embraced and supported the family that has been involved in the journey. Her willingness to provide demonstrations and educational materials has also been helpful. Through her educational materials, I saw such incredible diversity. This was incredibly uplifting.

Bonita Smith


I am a first time mom who experienced significant challenges on my journey to motherhood. I searched for a doula to help learn about the child birthing process but also to retain an objective advocate for myself and family at my delivering hospital.

I knew from my very first encounter with Shaniqua that she was the right fit- not only was she warm and kind, but she was incredibly knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

She checked in on me consistently (still does several weeks postpartum), offered several in person and virtual classes for my husband and I to learn about childbirth, was a safe place while I managed my pregnancy and birthing anxiety, advocated for us with hospital staff, offered incredibly helpful resources (everything from baby bottles to lactation consultants to belly band supports), provided amazing postpartum support- honestly the list goes on.

My birthing experience was much simpler than I expected because she prepared me for all of the possibilities in advance. Shaniqua is also serious about providing quality care to moms, babies, and their families. She’s always studying and learning about fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care so that she can continue to provide stellar support to families.

She is theeee premier birthing support person in this area. I would recommend her a million times over. Don’t hesitate, set up the consultation. There’s no one better.

Mariana Arbor


Shaniqua is an incredible birth doula and was an absolute blessing before and during the birth of our baby. She was always available to offer advice, encouragement, and comfort, and we felt like we had a true friend by our side throughout the entire experience. After the birth, Shaniqua continued to go above and beyond, offering guidance and support as we navigated the early days of parenting with a newborn. We are so grateful for her expertise, kindness, and genuine care for our family. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of a caring and dedicated birth doula.

Monique L.


I was beyond happy to write this review of Shaniqua!! Pregnancy is such a beautiful, intimate, and blessed experience. It was important for me to be surrounded by someone with an amazing spirit and energy. Shaniqua was just that.. she is knowledgeable, and provided a comfort to my birthing experience I won't forget. She is also invested in you sure to leverage her experience beyond the birth day.

Shaniqua is the total doula package... Smart, educated, compassionate, invested, and a great human ??

Ceceliaann Green


I messaged Shaniqua looking for a gladiator at 37 weeks pregnant. I was a medically complicated patient on the cusp of firing my OB and the whole hospital that I had planned to deliver at. At this point, I had interviewed several doulas always leading with I am looking for a Gladiator, Shaniqua was the only one who was confident in her ability to guide me safely through this delivery and willing to walk with me no matter what decision I made.

I fired my OB and that hospital a few days after hiring Shaniqua and she rolled with the punches. My water broke at 1 am, 10 days after meeting Shaniqua and you would have thought we knew each other my entire pregnancy. It seemed that she knew all of my quirks, and provided my needs without me asking.  

Shaniqua was amazing in dealing with my physician spouse and making sure my birthing environment was supportive. When my labor started to slow down she was able to get it going naturally. With her support, I was able to have my first unmedicated birth after a cesarean. 

I am forever grateful that she was willing to be my gladiator. 





Shaniqua is heaven-sent! She was actually my backup doula so the first time I met her in person was during my labor. I felt that I was in great hands with her, especially after my husband left to pick up my other children from school and I went into active labor soon afterwards. She brought affirmation cards to give me strength and encouraged me to move around in different positions which helped a lot with pain management. In the last stages of labor, she even helped adjust my daughter in my belly as she was about to enter the world! Shaniqua also helped me a lot postpartum, especially with scheduling and sleep consultations. She (and my prenatal doula, Tiara) was my first experience with a doula and I'm very happy to have worked with her.



Let me start by saying I highly recommend getting a doula during pregnancy. I didn’t know where to start when I started the search for a doula. I was well past 32 weeks and thought maybe it was too late to get one.I researched and researched until I came across the doula match website. Shaniqua was one of three doulas I contacted.  I was drawn to Shaniqua’s demeanor and personality from the first conversation we had on the phone. I could instantly tell she was patient, knowledgeable, and caring. She answered all my questions thoroughly, she explained everything in a way my husband and I would understand.  Her home visits were super helpful as she educated us on what to expect and things to help prepare for childbirth. My mother absolutely loved Shaniqua!!!! Shaniqua checked on us frequently throughout the weeks. And she was also available at anytime when we had a question or concern. When in was time for me to go to the hospital, she came not too long after. Even though nothing went as planned, as far as my birth plan, having Shaniqua at the hospital was a blessing. She was big on advocating and helping me to advocate for myself.  She stayed up with me at night while my mom and husband were asleep on the hospital chairs.She worked with me during my contractions doing the exercises we practiced at our home visits. At the end of day I ended up with a C section, but I fully accepted that decision knowing we have tried every possible option. Shaniqua stayed by my side until I was transported to the OR for my C-section. I can’t stress this enough, working with Shaniqua was the best decision I could have made. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her for your pregnancy and postpartum needs. Doing this comes so naturally for her. Hopefully I can work with her again if I get the chance to have my natural birth as planned next time. Thank You so much for everything Shaniqua. I will always recommend you to anyone looking for your services. With love CKGK

Bria Harris


How we found Shaniqua was through, we narrowed our favorites down based on the many occupations they offered with the exception of being a doula — which Shaniqua have a plethora of! Our first meeting over the phone was a literal interrogation, and she answered every question with sincerity and confidence. So well our “interrogation” turned into a friendly conversation. Our first in-person encounter seamlessly solidified our decision with choosing Shaniqua as our doula. Even though we hired her pretty late in our pregnancy, she prepared me not just psychologically and physically in a matter of 8wks, but also included my son’s dad! Her guidance, support, & constructive criticism kept us both mentally assured in the remaining of our journey. Every time we spoke there was always informative facts, positive interactions, and authenticity. She always provided possibilities and realistic scenarios that could happen during labor and delivery. As a first time mom, this helped calmed my nerves tremendously. Also, our coupled exercises really allowed a space for my boyfriend and I to develop an unspeakable bond before bringing life into the world. Shaniqua, we thank you so much for helping us deliver our angel to us safely. Thank you for brutally being honest with us about every meticulous detail we needed. Thank you for helping us reassuring our doubt.


We cannot thank you enough! THANK YOU Shaniqua!


- Bria, Carlos, & Ace ♥?

Sarah Bolivar


Shaniqua was instrumental to helping my partner and me prepare mentally and physically for an unmedicated labor process. She shared valuable resources beforehand and on the day of the birth, she guided me though exercises that would help better position the baby. I felt more at ease knowing Shaniqua was at my side. She met me at the hospital and, again, it was great to have her guidance. I was able to have a very positive birth experience and am very grateful for her knowledge and care! 



Shaniqua was an impeccable doula! She was knowledgeable, warm, and compassionate. She readily answered my questions, which made it easy to trust her expertise. She shared a ton of resources that helped us make informed choices. Our classes and workshops in preparation for labor and delivery were informative and practical. After our lessons, I felt equipped and prepared. Not only did she support me but my partner as well. During labor and delivery, she provided just the care I needed to assure me that I could make it. When I was ready to make rash decisions at the height of my pain, she came in and calmed my storm. I am ever grateful that she was part of my journey. If you want a doula of quality, seek out her services! Your birth experience will be better for it!

Jordan and Ben


From our first prenatal meeting to our postnatal visit, Shaniqua was always just what we needed for support during that season of transition as we welcomed our first child into the world. Kind and observant, knowledgable and professional, she catches on quickly to the spoken and unspoken needs of her clients and acts with amazing promptness and accuracy to meet those needs for support. My husband and I ended up having an unplanned home birth because my labor moved more quickly than we had anticipated. Shaniqua came to our house at 2 a.m. and immediately jumped into the chaos (it was probably quite chaotic since I was pushing by that time). She perfectly balanced making sure I was supported and supporting my birth coach (my husband). Not only that, but she also jumped into the role of birth assistant when the midwife arrived and our original birth assistant was still not present (she arrived after our birth). All in all, we had a wonderful birth experience and Shaniqua played a huge role in making that happen. We are so thankful for her and her work as a doula!   



Shaniqua was an amazing doula for my husband and I. Although my birthing experience didn’t go according to plan due to pre-eclampsia and having to deliver sooner than expected, Shaniqua was there every step of the way. She responded to any question/concern I had promptly and I really felt supported. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking a doula and will definitely use her again for the birth of my future children.

Armonni Johnson


My overall experience with Shaniqua was excellent. She is beyond knowledgeable at what she does. I came to her expressing my concerns  from my first labor and told her I wanted this journey to be completely different. She ensured just that by filling me with so much  knowledge in preparation for labor. She was always available for me when I needed her from the visits, FaceTime calls, and texts. My laboring experience peaceful, easy, and special thanks to Shaniqua. Support continues after labor, she continues to check on my baby and I even after birth. She even provides an abundance of resources from referrals, informational videos , and items. I truly appreciate my doula and would recommend her to all new mommies. 



Hi Shaniqua:
It was a pleasure having you as a doula. At first my husband wasn’t too sure about getting a doula wasn’t interested at all. However, after the first meeting you won him over! You had me at the phone interview, at how Knowledgeable, informative, and honest you were. Because of you I found my confidence to rock this whole labor and delivery. You made me see things in a different way and I love how you encourage and motivated me. I told you I wanted to labor at home as long as I could and that’s exactly how it happened and you were by my side helping me getting through the contractions. If I decide to have another child I would most definitely get you again and recommend you to friends and family. Thank you Shaniqua for everything you totally rock being a doula!

Ashley W


Shaniqua is nothing short of amazing. She came into our home, politely and appropriately made herself comfortable as I encouraged, and immediately and confidently took an authentic maternal, caring role for our 2-month old. She shared invaluable advice, including some to help our baby sleep better both during daytime naps and overnight. Shaniqua was also flexible and understanding as I'm still getting things together as a new mom. Her warm, professional, non-judgmental, and supportive attitude made me feel so comfortable having her in our home to care for our baby so I could be fully present in accomplishing items on my to do list and addressing my own self-care. I'm incredibly grateful for Shaniqua.



Shaniqua was absolutely amazing; we are so thankful to have had her on our side during my delivery. I went in hoping for an unmedicated delivery, and she helped my husband, and I push all the way through to 9 cm without an epidural, coaching me and encouraging my husband. After hours of laboring, I decided I needed some relief, and she was so comforting during this time, knowing it wasn't my first choice but empowering me to do what felt right. I labored for twenty-four hours - 6 of those were me pushing, with Shaniqua right by our side the whole way. She was there for me, encouraging me, helping the nurses, doing whatever was needed to ensure I was comfortable. We ended up needing a C-section which she stuck through and patiently waited for us; she helped my husband do skin-to-skin since I was unable to and made sure we were both ok. Shaniqua was truly amazing; I can't praise her enough... I'm so thankful for everything that she did, comforting me and giving my husband the support that he needed. Thank you, Shaniqua!!

Ebonie and Marcus


I had a somewhat difficult pregnancy. Shaniqua was a God-sent. She was reliable, punctual, and mentally present at all of our appointments. She sought consent to do anything that involved physical touch- which was extremely important for me. During my delivery, she was a rock star. Having her there in the midst of a pandemic was so comforting. It was like having a very close friend there who knew everything I wanted and got when I needed it. I'm very grateful for Shaniqua and her gifts.

Caroline Dyer


We loved Shaniqua and how great she was throughout our whole pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She was such a calming presence and a great resource leading up to being in labor and for the hours during labor. Shaniqua made me feel so comfortable with my body and the process of labor, teaching me many skills to help keep me calm and cope with pain. We had such a postive and empowering experience with her. 



Shaniqua was absolutely amazing; we are so thankful to have had her on our side during my delivery. I went in hoping for an unmedicated delivery, and she helped my husband, and I push all the way through to 9 cm without an epidural, coaching me and encouraging my husband. After hours of laboring, I decided I needed some relief, and she was so comforting during this time, knowing it wasn't my first choice but empowering me to do what felt right. I labored for twenty-four hours - 6 of those were me pushing, with Shaniqua right by our side the whole way. She was there for me, encouraging me, helping the nurses, doing whatever was needed to ensure I was comfortable. We ended up needing a C-section which she stuck through and patiently waited for us; she helped my husband do skin-to-skin since I was unable to and made sure we were both ok. Shaniqua was truly amazing; I can't praise her enough... I'm so thankful for everything that she did, comforting me and giving my husband the support that he needed. Thank you, Shaniqua!!

Miranda Franco


Shaniqua has been an invaluable source of support and advice. We are tremendously grateful for her role as our labor doula and newborn care specialist.  She helped us navigate delivery fears and hopes and prepare for the baby's arrival. We were amazed by how accessible she was given that we were five weeks early. We greatly appreciated her support as I pivoted to an epidural and other elements that were not exactly planned.  We also loved how well she gelled with the nurses on service that evening! We both felt informed as she taught us many things we did not know.  In addition, she helped us advocate by making us aware in advance to question certain elements and not simply take things as is because they come from a clinician. Lastly, she kindly provided overnight care for our daughter while we got some much-needed sleep and shared priceless baby-care tips. Her expertise, experience, professionalism, and kind nature have provided comfort as we acclimate to parenthood.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and we could not recommend her more highly to other growing families. 



I had a great experience with Shaniqua. She was attentive, caring and very proactive. She made our time working together so much easier. She took care of my daughter, organized, cleaned and more importantly, was able to help me get my daughter to sleep consistently in her bassinet which meant more sleep time for me. I would absolutely hire her again. She has such a sunny disposition and was a joy to work with." -Manoucheka

Essence and Man


Shaniqua was a Godsend to my husband and I during our pregnancy journey. She was very hands on. Not only did Shaniqua help us prepare for our baby's arrival, but she sent us a plethora of handouts to read over even after our sessions were over. She provided sample meal plans/eating schedules, beneficial pregnancy videos, pre labor exercises, and more! The day I went into labor, she came over to teach my husband and I how to handle and care for our newborn, including changing and swaddling him. While in the hospital she worked closely with my husband as an advocate and second support system. Even after J.R. was born, Shaniqua continues to check up on us and provide us assistance with newborn care. If I could give 100 stars I would!! I DEFINITELY recommend to any and EVERYONE looking for a doula and I can't wait to utilize her services again in the future!!! -The Bowen Family



Raquita and Marcus


I was really really pleased with Shaniqua’s Doula services. Not only did she make me feel super comfortable and confident in myself during our meetings before having my baby, but she gave me and my boyfriend more than enough information to know what to do and how to advocate for myself and my unborn son. During my labor, Shaniqua was fully present the entire time and not just physically. Shaniqua showed my boyfriend different techniques to help me through my natural birth. She came fully prepared and kept a calm presence, in the midst of me losing it. I appreciate how knowledgeable and firm Shaniqua was. I also loved the constant affirmation of “you can do this and you are doing it” when I second guessed myself. If I do have another baby, I will hands down gave Shaniqua by my side for the ride! thank you so much. 



Keylanda James


Shaniqua was very supportive and helpful throughout my whole pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. When I came into this experience as a first-time mother I wasn't aware of anything going on. My partner and I were very uninformed and uneducated, to say the least. Shaniqua answered every call and text in a timely manner, she always offered the best information, she educated us on all of our options. Shaniqua is so knowledgeable, she allowed for my partner and me to have a moment to decide on what was best for us when the doctor came in to tell me that I was in need of having a c-section because my labor had stalled at for 3 hours, Shaniqua told me not to give up and that we still had time to make an informed decision. Shaniqua tried some techniques on me and my labor progressed in less than an hour to full, it blew the doctor and nurse away. She helped me and my partner so much, her support was invaluable to me. I don't think that we could have done this without Shaniqua's love and support. 

I highly recommend Shaniqua's doula services. 

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