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Erin Stanton

Mama Bear Strong

Oregon City, OR Service range 50 miles

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Fee

$1500 to $2000

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 116 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 46 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2020
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2021
  • Birthing From Within, September 2021

Type of practice: Independent contractor with a doula agency

Clients per month: 2 to 5 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I serve clients within 20 miles of downtown Oregon City. Additional range is negatable with increased fee. I offer daytime and overnight postpartum care. I have areas of special interest in working with families of multiples, meal prep, cloth diapering, and postpartum exercise.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am a verified Legacy and Providence Health system doula. I have attended births at all Portland and Vancouver area hospitals.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I charge a sliding scale fee between $1,500-$2,000. Pay what you feel comfortable on that scale. I am also a THW and accept OHP. As well as FSA/HSA accounts. Please see my website for what is included in my birth package.

Service Area

Oregon City, OR Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Erin Stanton

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KaiLee Chambers


We love Erin! My husband and I were very nervous about having a baby. I had struggled with anxiety in the past and wasn't sure if that would play a part in my birthing story. I also wanted to do an unmedicated birth and researched ways of pain management, but was still nervous that I wouldn't know what to do in the moment. For us, having a doula completely changed our birthing experience for the better. Erin especially was very knowledgable and caring. She met with us a few times before the birth and explained every detail, something the researcher in me appreciated. I went into labor feeling prepared and ready. On the day of our birth, I was considering getting an epidural until Erin joined us at the hospital; she expertly helped me with the pain management and I was able to continue with an unmedicated birth. Erin brought my husband a coffee and made sure he was taken care of as well, that for me was the best moment, to know that Erin cared not only about me, but also the person in this life I love the most and was doing this with. After our birth, Erin met with us again and shared more resources we needed at that time, such as a counselor and lactation consultant. Lastly, I would just encourage anyone on the fence about getting a doula, to just get a doula. Their expertise and calming presence cannot be overlooked. We recommend it to all our friends that it is worth it. A doula is there to focus on your needs outside of what a doctor or nurse can provide, you do not have to do this alone. 

Marissa Hoover


Erin was an absolute godsend throughout our entire journey into parenthood. From the very first pre-natal visit, her calming presence and wealth of knowledge instantly put us at ease. Even as first-time parents, she made us feel confident and empowered with her guidance and support.

When our baby decided to make an early entrance into the world, Erin's presence in the hospital was like a beacon of reassurance amidst the chaos. She helped us navigate the unexpected challenges of a premature birth with grace and compassion, always providing invaluable guidance and comfort.

But her support didn't end there. In the whirlwind of post-labor life and the NICU, Erin remained a steadfast source of strength for us. Her post-natal visits were a lifeline, offering practical assistance and emotional support as we adjusted to life with our newborn. Her expertise and genuine care made all the difference during those early days and nights of parenthood.

Erin's kindness, compassion, and attentive listening truly set her apart. She didn't just provide care; she connected with us on a personal level, understanding our fears and uncertainties and guiding us through them with patience and understanding.

We are endlessly grateful to have had Erin by our side during such a pivotal time in our lives. She's not just a doula; she's become a trusted friend and an invaluable resource for all our baby-related questions and concerns. Working with Erin was one of the best decisions we made, and we can't recommend her enough to any expecting parents.

Hannah Soares


Erin was a huge blessing to me during my pregnancy and birth! With my husband being gone I really wanted someone that could take over that roll to encourage me and help me through the delivery. Erin did everything that was specifically helpful to me and had such great tools. Near the end of delivery it got really hard with having a shoulder distocia and she just let me squeeze her hands to get through it! She also applied hip squeezes throughout labor that felt amazing. I highly recommend Erin and am very thankful for her getting me through my first birth!



Erin was our birth doula and now post Partum doula. We picked her because of her calm confident demeanor. I had a complicated birth as a first time mom and she was there alongside my husband and I to advocate for us with confidence. She provides education to us about newborn care and has helped us learn quickly as new parents. She even loved on our son when my husband and I recently went through one of the most painful experiences - putting our dog down at home. Erin will forever be a part of our family and I am dreading the day our post Partum contract ends. 

Fiona Mancill


Erin was an absolutely fantastic addition to my birth team. She brought a calm, focused and compassionate demeanor to the whole process and provided lots of resources and supportive tools for before, during, and after delivery. She is easy to talk to, truly listens with an empathetic ear and literally goes the extra mile to support the birth process. I started with a planned home delivery that ended up as an emergency csection in hospital and she was with me and my family the whole way, and helped keep things calm. Highly recommend Erin for support during this special time!

Janay Weaver


I couldn't have done it without her! I am beyond grateful for her guidance and her calming, grounding energy she brought to my labor. She was my rock And if I do this again, I'd choose her every time. Thank you Erin!



Hiring Erin after the birth of my daughter was the best decision, she was an absolute lifeline during those crucial three months. Her incredible support went beyond expectations – she intuitively asked all the right questions and creating a judgement-free space where I felt heard and understood.

Erin is dedicated to her craft and is a wealth of knowledge. Whenever faced with unfamiliar situations, she effortlessly tapped into her extensive network, leaving no stone unturned to provide me with accurate and valuable information.

With Erin helping our family we navigated the challenges of early parenthood.I am eternally grateful for her role in making those first three months a positive and transformative experience.

Rebecca Steen


I met with three Doula's before choosing Erin. All three Doula's were amazing, but Erin made me feel the most comfortable with being my first pregnancy. She was very open and down-to-earth about what to expect and how all my feelings and emotions were very normal. She came with all sorts of various resources, i.e., recommendations for books, recipes, podcasts, comfort measures, birth plan templates, birthing positions, partner advice, and so on. She was available for in-person appointments, 24-7 phone calls or texts and emails to answer any questions I had. Erin also provided placenta encapsulation services and had options for post-partum services also. It’s too early to tell if I will have another baby, but if I do, I will hire Erin again in a heartbeat!

Meredith S


We had Erin as our doula to care for our newborn twins overnight 3 nights a week for the first 2 months. She was fantastic and I had complete confidence in her caring for our boys. She was available for questions about their care but not pushy about her opinions at all. She has a straightforward approach to communication and an evidence-based approach to newborn care which I appreciate. I can't recommend her highly enough and would hire her again without a second thought. 



Kelly Noack


Erin is professional, knowledgeable, and prepares for every detail of your birth. With years of experience, she is the certified doula that you want by your side. When asked questions, she provides evidenced-based research to help first time parents make the right decision for their growing family. During our birth, she had a calm presence and brought a bag with comfort measure tools and visual guides for positioning. During our prenatal visit, she came to our home to get to know us and we discussed preferences, what to expect, and basic newborn care. During our postpartum visit, she sincerely helped talk me through my birth and checked in on how I was doing with PPD and recovery. Erin genuinely cares about each one of her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend investing in her as your doula. We were matched as strangers by Doula Love, but I feel like we ended this experience as friends.

Lauren T.


Bringing Erin on board as our doula for the birth of our first child was the best decision we could have made – we feel so fortunate to have had her as a resource, advocate, and partner in our birth experience.

Erin is not only extremely kind, she is also an incredibly strong communicator and makes an overwhelming situation like the birth of a firstborn (and all the accompanying decisions) easy to understand, manage, and navigate. She provided a host of her own handy checklists – ranging from must-pack hospital bag items to postpartum care essentials – and also always knew where to point us for additional information on any decision we were weighing. During labor, she was an absolute godsend whose thoughtful touches helped create an environment of calm and whose suggestions helped us avert undesired interventions. Erin is organized, conscientious, caring, calming, knowledgeable, and confident – the list goes on and on. If we are ever pregnant again, a call to Erin will be the first call we make! 



Erin is wonderful! I was looking for a doula to help boost my odds of a VBAC.  I was hoping to get support during the whole labor process as we had an entirely different experience with our first kiddo and going through a planned C-section.  She provided a ton of resources in preparation leading up to birth. And she was amazing while I was in labor. She was a champ for providing counter pressure every single contraction! She had lots of ideas for positioning and working through each stage of labor. Her encouragements as things got tough really helped me get through to seeing our baby boy. She better be available for any of our future kids because I could not have done it without her :) 



Erin was our doula for the birth of our first child and she was incredible! She was with us throughout every stage of the process, offering insight and support, and walking us through every possible option or decision we would have to make. Erin’s guidance allowed us to feel calm, prepared, and empowered to make decisions, even in a world that felt very new to us as first time parents! As for the actual birth, Erin completely respected our wishes and offered countless tools and coping strategies for us to use to allow us to have an unmedicated birth experience - we couldn’t have done it without her! She provided unwavering support for both myself and my husband, and served as a barrier between us and our midwives to ensure we had the knowledge to make informed decisions at all times. I am so grateful we had Erin by our side - we would recommend her support to anyone, helping to ensure everyone can have a positive birth experience for both birthing parents and partners! Thank you Erin!!



Erin's expertise and warmth were invaluable during our postpartum days. I always looked forward to her coming over, when I'd get to rest knowing that our baby was in caring, competent hands. Her confident manner and ability to read and soothe our daughter gave me peace of mind and freed me up to sleep, work, and get in some much needed self-care time. She answered countless questions and calmed my postpartum worries with helpful tips and recommendations. I would recommend her to any parent, and especially new ones. She's a trustworthy and attentive caregiver, and has a deep well of knowledge on all things baby-related. When Erin is there, you know that everything is going to be okay! :)



Erin was so helpful throughout my pregnancy and postpartum! When I thought I might have to be induced the same day we met in person, she didn't hesitate to help me get my house in order instead of her usual first-time meeting. Luckily I didn't have to be induced that day but her calm state and quick action grounded me and set the tone for how my actual birth would be. Erin is lovely, smart, and capable! I'm so happy she was there to guide me and make my birthing space more peaceful. She really knows what she's doing!  

Lillian Lauer


Erin was an amazing birth and postpartum doula! During my pregnancy, she did an excellent job at giving me suggestions on how to prepare mentally and physically for the birth of our second child. For example, she provided me birth exercises, mantras for labor, or shared resources for lactation consultants.

During the labor, she helped me stay calm, comfortable and supported. She brought music, tea lights and massage oil to massage my feet. Once delivery got intense, she stayed by my side to help give me some hip pain relief and moral support with mantras. She also advocated for me to the nurses on staff for my birth plan. With her guidance and coaching, I was able to achieve my intention of an unmedicated birth.

For postpartum support, she provided self-care suggestions for recovery, taking the baby while I shower or nap, helped with laundry and meal prep etc. I also hired her to do the placenta encapsulation and she made the whole process seamless!

I can't say enough to express how thankful I was to have Erin at my side and highly recommend her as a birth or postpartum doula!



We really loved working with Erin. When we started our search for a doula, it was important to us to find someone who understood our active lifestyles and who would support a more evidence based approach to birth. Erin was fantastic on both fronts. She gave us a lot of information on what to expect during the birth process and the choices available without any bias. She respected our choice to use pain relief; but also let me labor stubbornly for a while without it. At the end of the day, I felt like I had experienced what I wanted to. 

During birth, she navigated and arranged for different props, bath tub time, and pushed on my hips and back to help relieve the pain. She took turns with my partner to keep him rested and ready to support me. She was on top of the situation when our daughter needed a little more help breathing after coming out. After birth she was a terrific mentor in how to care for our newborn and answered all of our questions. Erin helped us the first time we had to bathe our daughter, showed us how to use different child carriers, and demonstrated different soothing techniques. She also walked me through different postpartum exercises and help me get on my way back to hiking and climbing.

From my parnter: Erin was a great guide in parenthood. She not only provides support for mothers and babies but helps fathers. Her advice helped me feel more confident as a dad. She was essential after the baby was born to learning all of the latest information and techniques. 

Lisa Dean


Erin was a gift to have for both birth and post-partum care. She loves her work, and it shows in both the level of care received and her professionalism throughout our work with her. With Erin’s guidance, I had a birth plan that I was very comfortable with and felt her guidance would get me through the birthing process. Things did not go as planned and I had an early emergency c-section. Erin was right there when the procedure was done, offering her support, helping me stayed focused on the positive, and supporting me to build a strong breast-feeding relationship with my baby. She worked well with both my husband and me through the entire experience and was a great communicator.


We also had Erin as a post-partum doula and for overnight care. Erin is a baby whisperer, and my baby was immediately comfortable with her. She consistently offered advice I could trust for the many issues faced as a new parent and listened to and consoled me as I vented. Her work with both my baby and me gave me so much confidence and I knew we were in the best of care.


My husband and I worked with Erin for 5 months, and we really miss her. We would hire her again in an instant and believe hiring her was one of our best birthing/early parenthood decisions.



We were going to be first time parents and didn't have a ton of time to research all the things to do while laboring in the hospital. We found Erin and immediately knew she would be great. She has a calming and laid back personality, has lots of great information and is always willing to talk about what we would and were experiencing. She came to the hospital with lots of tools to try out various calming techniques, we found a couple positions and massages that worked well for us. In addition to helping mom feel at ease, she gave very helpful tips to new dad during labor too. Overall we were so happy to have her with us and are happy to give her our recommendation.



We were matched with Erin for our Doula. We were first time parents and pretty uncertain about the whole process. Erin was amazing! She addressed all of our concerns and made making our birth plan very easy. She had a lot of resources we could read and then make educated decisions on what we wanted to do. She also had great knowledge of many birth centers around us. Erin also was super intentive leading up to the due date. I'm so glad she was in the delivery room with me. She was so helpful in helping me relax, as well encourage me to do different laboring positions that supported what my birth plan was. Erin made sure I had a voice in the delivery room. I would hire her all over again. I couldn't imagine anyone else I would want by my side during this amazing experience. Erin came over for a postpartum visit and was super helpful. I was very thankful for the support during the weeks after my birth. 



Erin was an incredible source of information and support for us leading up to and during our labor and delivery. I really appreciated the time Erin spent getting to know us and educating us before I went into labor so that we were as prepared as possible for the big day. Erin is hands on and easy to talk to-we always felt heard and supported as we made decisions for our birth plan. She also has great resources and tools to help with comfort management during labor, and I really appreciated that she came over to help us practice these before I went into labor. My husband and I felt informed and empowered heading into the birth of our baby and we felt supported through postpartum with Erin's check ins as well. I highly recommend working with Erin!



Erin has been such a gift to our family as our postpartum and night doula. As first time parents, we had no idea what to expect with this collaboration and entrusting someone with our twin boys but she was so caring, calming, invested, patient and treated our boys like her own. Her caring and loving energy allowed the boys to feel comfortable and with our busy, demanding schedule she was adaptable, flexible, a great problem solver and effective communicator. We cannot emphasize how wonderdul of a doula Erin is. We highly recommend Erin for any expectant families.



We absolutely loved working with, Erin!

She's warm, affriming, knowledgeable and committed.

I especially appreciated Erin's guidance in our prenatal sessions.  By asking questions about our upcoming delivery, she helped to put us both mentally and emotionally at ease, as well as give us a sense of ownership over our labor delivery (eventhough there's so much out of your control).  She also gave me strategies for helping to get baby in an optimal position.  

During labor and delivery, she assisted with some early decision making, which I greatly appreciated her support.  In delivery she was a calming and encouraging presence by my side.  She also took photos and took care of getting and transporting the placenta.  

It should be said that this was my second pregnancy and delivery.  The delivery of our first was especially challenging and left us both with a lot of anxiety around the whole experience.  The compassion and calm she showed helped us enormously, and in which we felt more in control.

I highly recommend Erin!

Kelsey Clevenger


I learned I was going to become a mother in September 2020. I was so excited but so nervous and I was about to enter single motherhood. As soon as I moved from Florida to Portland, I started looking for a Doula. I met virtually with a few doulas and I knew right away, when I met with Erin, she was the perfect match!

Erin is knowledgeable in all things pregnancy, postpartum, breast-feeding, pregnancy/postpartum fitness. She gave me ample education, helped build my confidence and overcome fears.

Because of Erin's support, I labored in a way I wanted and had a better birth experience than I could've imagined! I am so thankful. Hiring Erin was the best decision I could've made. The VERY BEST financial investment I made during my pregnancy!

She has been a wealth of knowledge even after my sweet baby girl arrived earthside. I have no doubt that you will be eaqually grateful to work with Erin. She really is amazing! 

Sydney Nettles


My journey with Erin started fairly early in my pregnancy. I was having some issues with my healthcare provider and felt very out of control of my own care. I knew I needed some extra support and guidance. Erin was the perfect person for me. She has a very unique ability to be a leader and take charge in a situation without comprimising emapthy or flexibility. She is passionate about the birth experience and all the ways you can support a birthing person through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She gives the best advice while also leaving space for you to follow your instinct, and she emphasizes the power of a parent's instinct. With Erin in my corner I felt empowered to birth my baby. I knew that in those out of control moments, the ones where you need a safety net, she was a rock. She has a solution for everything: every question, every worry, every insecurity. She exudes "mama bear energy."

I am wowed by Erin's ability to be supportive to me as the birthing person and to my husband as my birthing partner. She made us feel safe. When I think of my birth story, I'll always remember how amazing Erin was and how lucky we were to have her there.

Caitlin Hudson


Erin worked with us as both a night and daytime doula over the first 10 weeks of our daughters life. She was suuchhh a great help and steady support for us!! She has a can-do attitude, is friendly, kind, thoughtful, and an easy presence to have in your home. During the days she would help with laundry, cooking, baby care, baby feeding, and more. At night she would either bring baby to me or give a bottle when I started pumping. She was great at settling baby when she woke but didn't need a feeding. In scheduling, she was super flexible and accomodating. She gave us good advice on any baby Qs we had. I'd recommend her to anyone! 



After a C-section, my family was looking for additional support as we welcomed our second child to our family. Erin came recommended by a family member and we enjoyed working with her- professional, respectful, and trustworthy. She took great care for our newborn daughter overnight while we rested, and provided advice and support on how to care for her and better respond to her needs. She also helped with light tasks around the house - food prep and laundry folding. I would definitely recommend hiring Erin, and she will help support you with what your parenting goals are.

Erin Moon


Erin is absolutely wonderful, and I'm so grateful to be working with her. I had a difficult labor with complications that made me relatively immobile after the birth, and Erin has been crucial in helping me care for my baby in the immediate weeks afterwards. I knew my baby was in great hands whenever she was at our house helping out, and she made me feel both seen and heard when I needed to talk through my traumatic birth experience (I didn't have Erin as my birth doula--I found her afterwards--but I wish I had been able to work with her during labor and hope I will have the opportunity to do so if I have another baby!). 

Erin is kind, calm, empathetic, and really knows her stuff. She's also flexible with scheduling and can be reached through text for any questions that may come up in between home visits. 

Working with her has shown me how crucial it is for women to have postpartum support, especially in the initial weeks after birth when everything feels incredibly overwhelming. I'm so grateful for Erin and for all the help she has provided over the past month. I can't recommend her enough! 



We hired Erin as a postpartum doula and she has been helping us take care of our newborn son. She is friendly, caring and very competent. Erin is also punctual and dependable, she has gone out of her way to accommodate certain days and times that work for us. We are so glad to have found Erin and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

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