Erin Ronder Neves, MA, CD(DONA), CLC, SpBCPE, BCCE Photo

Erin Ronder Neves, MA, CD(DONA), CLC, SpBCPE, BCCE

ERN Doula & Perinatal Education

Beverly, MA Service range 30 miles My client base is focused, but not limited to, North Shore Residents.


Birth Fee

$2000 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $60

Availability Remarks: An in-person, group, 3 hour Spinning Babies Parent Class, and a group, virtual, 3 hour Prenatal Breastfeeding Class are included in my birth doula package!

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$55 to $60

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 225 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 200 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2019
  • ProDoula, September 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Most often supporting births at: Beverly Hospital & Newton Wellesley Hospital

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pelvic floor health education & support
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

MEET ERIN RONDER NEVES... No stranger to the learning curve of parenthood, I am committed to helping new families find their true north on this life-changing journey. I strive to validate & fulfill a family’s birth preferences through evidence based education, access to quality perinatal care, & personal empowerment. I let my intuition, expansive knowledge, & instinct guide my hands-on support style, & help create a nurturing environment that fosters confidence, self-advocacy, & love. I aspire to give birthing individuals & families the space to be themselves to create deep connections during this beautiful, miraculous & vulnerable time. 2 full length childbirth classes are included in my birth doula support package! WHY DID I GET INTO BIRTH WORK: My interest in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum began with my own journey into parenthood in 2013. I decided to become a doula after the birth of my second daughter in 2016. Those experiences are what ignited my passion for supporting families from conception through the first year. For thousands of years, across all cultures and colors, birthing people have been surrounded by others throughout perinatal period. Our society today does not promote this communal support network that taught our ancestors how to stay comfortable in pregnancy, how to birth or breastfeed, and most importantly, heal afterwards. I seek to empower families through the steep learning curve of becoming a larger family so that they can reconnect with their instincts, & know they are not alone on this unpredictable journey. SOME ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: My training as a dancer, actor, singer, and certified yoga teacher provides me with a deep understanding of the capabilities of the human body. I encourage my birthing persons to be active participants in their pregnancy and birth by being their cheerleader, and incorporating movement, yoga and Spinning Babies® into their daily prenatal and laboring routines.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

OTHER INTERESTS: When I am not helping families in the arts or in the birth process, I enjoy acting, dancing, singing, teaching theater to students of all ages, working with the neurodiverse community (check out my arts inclusion specialist & arts education work here:, going to live performances, reading, listening to audiobooks, going to any library or bookstore, practicing yoga, exercising, martial arts, driving fun cars, comic books (DC preferred), spending time with my two amazing daughters, laughing with my husband, & snuggling with my two Labrador Retrievers, Bruce Wayne and Barbara “Babs” Gordon. (Yes, they are named after Batman and Batgirl.)

Service Area

Beverly, MA Service range 30 miles My client base is focused, but not limited to, North Shore Residents.

Client Testimonials for Erin Ronder Neves, MA, CD(DONA), CLC, SpBCPE, BCCE

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Erin was an incredible source of support during my pregnancy and after the birth of my son. I first met Erin while taking her "Spinning Babies" class and found her to be super knowledgeable, funny, and down-to-earth. I felt like I needed extra support in the final weeks of pregnancy and Erin came to my house to offer guidance and support, helping to manage so much anxiety. After my son was born she made several home visits and I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and wisdom she gave me, making me feel seen and validated as a new mother. I highly recommend Erin as a Doula! She is the best!



Erin is so special. She was our doula for the birth of both of our boys, and our experiences before, during and after birth were undoubtedly more positive because of her support and friendship. Erin is incredibly knowledgeable in her field, but I think her true gift is her intuition. She has an incredible knack for understanding what kind of support you need at every step of the way. You need lightheartedness? She'll make you laugh. You need information? She's got the facts and then some. You need motivation? She's your cheerleader. You need some time alone with your partner? She'll step out of the room. And at the end of it all, she'll be your friend.

Teagan Siderewicz


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Erin as a doula, childbirth educator, and person. She is beyond exceptional to work with and she is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and supportive. From our first initial meeting, through all of our childbirth education classes and doula support, she made us feel comfortable and confident moving through our journey to becoming parents. Erin became an extension of our family and we were in contact every week (sometimes everyday) leading up to giving birth and for many weeks postpartum. My husband was also extremely grateful that Erin was a support person for him as well during the entire process. We will forever be thankful for Erin and all she has done for our family and we highly recommend her! 

Kristen V


Erin served as my postpartum doula, and she helped make my journey into motherhood much more empowering and manageable. When our son Victor was born, she came for our first night home from the hospital. We're so glad she did! It was so overwhelming to try to figure out how to keep a new baby alive and breastfeed. But with Erin by our side, we were able to get into a routine and figure out exactly what we needed to make parenthood a success for us in our home.

Erin came a few times a week to help support my husband's transition back to work, and my transition to being home alone with a newborn. She taught me so much about how to make motherhood sustainable for me, and gave me a break by watching Victor while I got myself clean, fed myself, took a nap, or went to an appointment. I really appreciated having someone to talk to about all of the difficult parts of being a mother, and Erin was available via phone or text when I needed help to problem solve an issue. She was calm and reassuring when I was upset about struggles with breastfeeding or other concerns that came up. 

Erin was extremely respectful when she stepped inside our home. She always made sure to ask how things are done in our house, rather than making assumptions. Throughout my postpartum journey, I knew that I could rely on Erin to be a non-judgmental, supportive, kind person to help me through any situation. She made it very clear that she would go along with whatever I say is right for my child, even if she did something different with her own children or her other clients. 

I don't know how I would have managed without Erin by my side. My family live far away, and my husband had to go back to work, so I would have felt very alone without her. I love her motto that she helps to provide the village that we all deserve! I am so grateful to Erin for helping me and my new little family go from surviving to thriving!

Nicole Restrepo


Erin was recommended to me by a coworker that used her as a birth and postpartum doula for both her 2 kids. She was our postpartum doula for about 2 to 3 months and I can't over state how amazing she has been for my family, especially as a FTM during the pandemic. In part because we do not have family in the area, Erin was even more critical for my husband and I maintaining our sanity during this time. She's helped guide me through lactation issues (i.e Dmer) , product selection for baby items, and ensuring I take care of myself so I can better care for my princess. Erin is like having a professional Mom + highly trained birthing support all in one. We plan to use her birthing services for any future kids. In fact my husband keeps bringing up that we need to financially plan in advance to ensure her services for baby #2 LOL.

Stephanie Carroll


Doula Services + Spinning Babies Class + Breast feeding Class + Child birthing class
If you are just looking for the classes, I highly recommend. Erin is wildly entertaining and can make the scary not so bad and the mundane more fun to listen to. Really great information with a great teacher.

For doula services, Erin is exactly what we all need more of in the world of pregnancy, birthing, babies, and parenthood. Both myself and my partner felt completely supported. Her sense of humor is a huge asset. She can deescalate the unknowns while still validating our feelings. My labor did not go as planned, and in fact everything I said I didn't want to happen ended up happening. I cannot express the relief I felt when I saw Erin walk into my hospital room. She jumped right into action, somehow knew exactly what to say to me, and really pulled me out of a very low point. She changed everything for me that day, and although I didn't have the birth I wanted, I ended up still feeling empowered and safe because of her. In my eyes she is the super hero every laboring person needs



Erin jumped in at the last minute as a substitute doula. We were so lucky to have landed with her!

She used her expertise to help my labor progress smoothly and steadily. My kiddo had been breach so we had been using the Spinning Babies techniques for a few weeks. Erin helped us to employ them during labor in a way that felt like magic. She knew exactly what position I needed to be in to get my baby to move even further into position, over and over.

She also helped me to advocate for my needs and comfort with hospital staff. Her postpartum follow up texts were helpful too! In my post-baby haze, I had a hard time figuring out what was normal and what needed medical follow up. She helped me by being a reassuring sounding board and made sure that I got the essential care.

Megan Swaim


Erin gets it. We attended her Spinning Babies class this fall and both my husband and I walked out of the class feeling supported and empowered as we prepared for the birth of our second child. She knows what she is talking about, gets to the point, is hands-on in her practices, and makes you feel like she has your back, no matter what. You also will leave her class feeling full of the best medicine out there, laughter- she is a hoot! Erin followed up with us several times after taking her class to ensure we were in the place we wanted to be before birth. I could not recommend Erin enough. She is phenomenal! 

Kelly Donahue


Erin was the best doula I could have asked for - she had all the tools & tricks and was the support for both me and my husband that we needed - both leading up to and during the birth. When things took an unexpected turn and the baby came 2.5 weeks early she helped us feel so at ease, capable, and prepared. We had a 3.5 hour dreamy, powerful, badass birth and I feel so lucky to have had her support. Erin is the bomb bringing both education, support, and a great sense energy to the room (her OMing with my husband while I was in the tub having contractions was one of the most magical and intense experiences of my life). Talk to Erin - she’s got your back.

Scott Krupsky


My wife Alexandra and I had a wonderful experience with Erin as our Doula! Our goal was to have an easy, natural birth, and everything she taught us in her Spinning Babies class helped us to reach that goal. She is very devoted to her clients and will provide support even in the middle of the night! Speaking for all the future Dads out there, trust me when I say that having a Doula throughout this amazing and sometimes stressful journey was one of the best decisions we could have made. Having her at our side during the birth and helping to bring our beautiful daughter into the world was something we will never forget. Her amazing energy and professionalism made us feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process. In the weeks following the birth, Erin was always there to answer any questions we had and would help us with anything we needed. We are so grateful that we found her and highly recommend her services. You will not regret it!

Thanks, Erin. You are the best!!!



I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to have had Erin as my birth doula. It must have been kismet that brought her to us, as she was not our original doula (ours could not make it, and Erin filled in!). It was a challenging multi-day labor/birth experience, but having Erin helped us tremendously. She had relationships with the nurses, midwives and doctors, which was extra helpful, plus had so much knowledge of spinning babies techniques. Erin was supportive, attentive, comforting and really guided us through the whole experience and beyond. She came to our house once we were settled in to debrief and check in on my husband and I and to give me some breastfeeding tips. She is simply the best!



My baby, my husband, and I are all so lucky to have had Erin with us during my labor, delivery, and postpartum. We did not hire Erin - she was our original doula's backup and had never met any of us when she showed up to the hospital during my labor. But she stayed with us and worked tirelessly (literally) for 24 hours to support us, advocate for us, and help us feel safe. She also provided a wealth of kindness, information, and support in the first weeks and months postpartum that I truly cannot imagine going without. Erin has my absolute strongest recommendation and I'm sure she'll have yours too!



While we didn't formally hire a doula, we met Erin through a group class at Newton-Wellesley and then hired her for a private Spinning Babies session a few weeks later.  Even over Zoom we were immediately drawn to her energy and candor.  She ran a respectful, inclusive, and fun class that really put us at ease and helped us feel more confident about welcoming baby #2 into the world.  As for the Spinning Babies session, she was open and curious, spending time getting to know me and my husband in an effort to most effectively support us.  She guided us through different approaches and techniques, customizing them for our needs, and then followed up with several additional resources for us to review on our own time.  Although this was not my first pregnancy or delivery, I still had plenty of nerves and Erin helped me (and my husband) feel so much more confident about the process.  Thankfully, my sunny side up baby made her way with no problem and came out in 3 contractions with a swift recovery to boot.  If we end up deciding to try for a third someday, Erin will be one of our first calls!



Erin supported us through an unmedicated natural birth, and we are confident saying there is absolutely no way that could have happened without her. She went above and beyond helping with laboring exercises and support at home till it was time to head to the hospital at 2am. She was also fantastic at managing things with our 2 rescue dogs. At the hospital she helped me move through multiple positions and provided counterpressure support along with guiding my husband where/how to apply pressure. This was absolutely crucial to have the extra hands of support. Her knowledge of the Beverly hospital staff and system gave me the opportunity to prioritize my desires and my health.

Her knowledge of spinning babies helped prepare us leading up to birth and throughout early labor. The breastfeeding class she taught was a great intro to it, and her constant support helped us be as ready as possible when it came time to breastfeed. After birth she was able to provide great guidance on early parenting, as well as more helpful tips and opinions on breastfeeding. 

We are so thankful we connected with Erin and couldn't imagine anyone else supporting us through this gigantic milestone in our lives. Highly recommend.



We worked with Erin for both birth and postpartum and I can't imagine how we would have gotten through without her! My husband and I felt so out of our depth, even after birth classes and baby care classes. But Erin's confident and positive presence really helped keep us calm and helped us both feel like we could handle all of it. It was so great having her there as a physical and emotional support throughout my pregnancy, during hours of pushing in labor, to guide us through our baby's first bath, my milk coming in and being super engorged, and our first time giving a bottle. It felt like I had a cheerleader there to support and encourage me throughout everything. I can't thank her enough!



I highly recommend Erin for her doula services. When you sign up with Erin, you are not just getting her expertise during labor, but also her support before (e.g. with exercises, courses, resources and planning to help labor go more smoothly) and extensive postpartum support after labor (this was helpful emotionally but also practically, as she answered many of our first-time-parent questions). Erin has a great combination of skills (I attribute my great birthing experience to her) and personality (she both made me laugh and feel safe during transition). Her courses provided essential information we didn't even know to ask about and were both practical and enjoyable. The thing that stands out the most about Erin is how reliable and trustworthy she is. Erin provided support over the phone for the beginning of my labor as she drove to the hospital since she was out-of-town visiting her family (it was a holiday) and met us at the hospital when I was in transition, which was a difficult time as I was doing an all-natural birth. I honestly felt like she was my knight in shining armor coming in - she took charge of my labor (while ensuring that my husband was still meaningfully involved), immediately applied intense counter pressure to help with back labor, suggested thoughtful positions to labor in based on now my labor was going and was a real advocate for my needs. I'd hire her again in a second!

Steve W


As the partner, preparing for our family's first birth, I was SO appreciative of Erin's services. The reduction in anxiety for both my wife and for me was palpable. With Erin, we knew were were not in this alone and she represented a constant through the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum times.

I was so relieved to not be the sole support person for my wife in the birthing room! Erin was incredible. Massaged my wife, massaged ME, made sure we were both staying hydrated, offered suggestions to the medical team which ultimately proved to be super helpful. All of this, while maintaining a light, appropriately funny, and professional tone. Couldn't imagine going through another birth without her!



Erin was massively helpful in the entire process, from meetings during pregnancy, to the birth itself, and also to postpartum visits. She was always available to take a call or text and brought comfort and experience to a stressful time for us.

When labor didn’t go according to plan (as everyone promises), Erin was on the phone to talk us through next steps and jumped in her car to the hospital once it progressed enough. She wore many hats in the hospital: support system for mom and dad, nurse’s aide to help with late stages of labor, and lactation support.

Finally, her follow-up calls and visit helped keep us on the right track with our newborn. Selecting a doula is an incredibly personal process and Erin was absolutely the right choice for us.

Lauren McKay


Erin was an invaluable resource and source of support for me during my first pregnancy and labor & delivery. When I was pregnant, she was there to text or call whenever I had a question or was freaking out about something (which was a lot). She was supportive, caring, and knowledgeable, and was constantly reminding me that I was enough and to advocate for myself — which are two important things when dealing with the healthcare system during such a hormonal and emotional experience.

During labor and delivery, having Erin by my side was priceless. Having someone present in the room who knows exactly what to do in any given scenario was beyond helpful. I felt comforted the moment she walked into the room. For first-time moms, it truly takes a village, especially when you feel alone at any point in the journey — and having Erin on my team made all the difference.

Ali Aylward


My husband and I took Erin’s childbirth education class which we did virtually in a group setting. We loved her way of teaching and the energy she brought to class so much we hired her to come to our home and do a one on one breastfeeding education session where she taught me about proper latch and even helped me figure out what flange size I needed for pumping. I can not stress enough how helpful the visit was for me in boosting my confidence with breastfeeding. We then did a follow up private home class to learn the Spinning Babies exercises which were extremely helpful both leading up to and during labor. If you want a direct, kind, outgoing and super happy human to help you navigate the many overwhelming parts of becoming parents Erin would be a wonderful addition to your journey.

PJ Allen


Erin is a doula for everyone. She’s the kind of doula that gets high-fives and hugs from hospital staff when the birth completes. The kind of doula that feeds you a pb&j while you’re nursing your newborn baby for the first time. The kind of doula that knows all the right tricks to power you and your partner/support-person through labor. The kind of doula that teaches you about all the options for birth and helps you make the best decisions for yourself. The kind of doula who takes care of you from the early days of pregnancy — helping to address areas of discomfort and putting your mind at ease.

My pregnancy and birth experiences were so good, and I attribute much of that to Erin’s support, both mentally and physically. She has the best energy — upbeat and unwavering. She fully embraces her clients and freely shares her deep knowledge on pregnancy, birth, and feeding. I had know idea how helpful a doula like Erin could be, and I am so grateful that we found her. Absolutely priceless.

Charlotte Luber


Erin exceeded all expectations as a doula. She was with us every step of the way helping manage anxieties about birthing in a new location, adding a second child to the mix, going for a VBAC and working through previous birth trauma. During the actual labor and delivery she was incredible and super human. Her energy never wavered and she both mentally and physically supported me through the VBAC birth I so badly wanted. She got along with all the midwives and nurses, brought her in depth knowledge of spinning babies and was able to keep both my husband and I calm during tricky moments. I cannot recommend her enough! She will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Sara Hall


Erin was simply wonderful throughout the entire pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Her down to earth, lighthearted and supportive approach made me and my husband feel extremely comfortable. I love that she offers the knowledge of spinning babies and breastfeeding - we found these to be a game changer that made me feel empowered and confident as a first time mother.



My husband and I had the pleasure of participating in Erin’s perinatal education classes before the birth of our first child. We attended her Childbirth Education, Lactation Support and Spinning Babies classes, both virtually and in-person.

Erin is a tremendous educator. Her courses are routed in evidence but she made them digestible, empowering and fun! We learned so much about what to expect during each stage of labor, how to mitigate pain, what choices were available to us in the hospital, and how to dive into our breastfeeding journey. She left us feeling prepared for the birth of our daughter, provided us a clear understanding of our birth plan and preferences, and shows us how we could support each other as a couple in this new chapter. We know the work we did with Erin helped us to have the unmediated, and intervention free birth we both desired.

Most importantly Erin is an incredible person. She is funny, caring, intelligent, and realistic. She routinely went above and beyond to make us feel taken care, at ease, and listened to during a time that felt really overwhelming. We will forever be grateful for her presence in our lives.

We can’t recommend Erin enough for all of your perinatal needs!



Erin is an absolutely incredible doula. So great that I used her for both my first pregnancy and my second. She is kind, knowledgeable, and also hilarious. One of the things I loved most about working with her is that she really met me where I was at in terms of my lifestyle and my pregnancy, birth plan, and postpartum goals. She alwasy helped me understand my options and what certain things meant along the way, but never pressured me to do anything outside of what I ultimately wanted or was outside of my comfort zone. I cannot say enough good things about Erin! We are done with two children but I'd hire her again in an instant!



Erin is awesome! She is a perfect combination of responsiveness, positivity and deep knowledge. Erin is also extremely personable; I felt very comfortable around her throughout this experience.  Erin shared so much information with us through every stage of the process, prior to our son being born, during labor and postpartum.

I would recommend Erin's services to anyone looking for a doula! 

Eric B


Erin was absolutely PHENOMENAL for our family. When we got home from the hospital, we were nervous about how to handle the most basic tasks - diaper changes, swaddling, feeding - but Erin was right there by our side to show us the way. Her energy is contagious and immediately snapped us into a better mood. We are so grateful for everything she taught us and carry those learnings with us today. 

We would 100% recommend Erin to any new parents! She got us started on the right foot and helped welcome our daughter in the best way possible! 

Marin bergman


Erin made my journey into motherhood not only easier but more enjoyable. From loads of lactation issues to mastitis my first two weeks postpartum were tough. Had Erin not been by my side they would be been unbearable. 

I felt prepared throughout my entire pregnancy and labor because of all the preparation Erin had led me through. 

She not only helped me but helped my husband best understand how he could help me and be a partner in the early days and throughout labor.

Forever grateful for Erin!!! 



Emily -

The best choice my husband and I made for our pregnancy was choosing Erin as our doula. What makes Erin an incredible doula is her ability to sense what is needed in the room. Erin always managed to know exactly when my husband and I needed time to ourselves to have a moment or talk something out. She knew when I needed that extra hug or a hand on my back to give me the comfort I didn't know I needed. She sang and danced to Disney and Broadway songs with me to help me get through contractions. When the doctor came in and told us we HAD to do certain things, Erin was our champion and helped us understand why or if we really needed to do them. She helped us be confident in the choices we wanted to make while keeping our family safe.  That confidence both came from all of the classes we took with her and the conversations we had as a group. All throughout our pregnancy Erin was there for us when we needed her. She made us feel safe and prepared for the remainder of our pregnancy, labor/delivery, and for life with a baby. I'll forever be grateful we found Erin and had her join us on our journey to deliver our baby. I'd recommend her to everyone!

Kanav - 

Erin's breastfeeding class manages to break down some incredible science into bite size digestible information. What we learned in that class and the resources Erin provided after the class enabled me to learn how I could best support my wife, and more specifically, how I could physically help my wife in our breastfeeding journey. Throughout the labor/delivery process whenever I was alone with Erin (my wife was sleeping or she went into the OR to prepare for her c-section) Erin let me know my wife was going to be okay. Which I really needed to hear. I can't wait to use Erin for our next baby!


Kyra Spradlin


When I found out I was expecting our third child, I immediately knew Erin—a trusted and long time friend—was going to be my doula and I couldn’t wait to have her by my side. Throughout my pregnancy she checked in often and made me feel like a queen. She has the natural ability to be your biggest cheerleader AND stay calm under any circumstance. Considering my birth story was a wild one, I can fully attest to that.

The week before I gave birth I had false labor pains for days and it was excruciating. Erin came over to do her spinning babies magic (yoga poses that help the baby drop into place properly) and no joke, within 30 minutes something shifted and I went into full blown labor FAST. Erin calmly and assertively helped inform everyone what was going on and helped me advocate for myself. Anything that didn’t seem clear, she calmly explained or clarified and helped take the fear of the unknown away. From directing my husband to call 911, to the ambulance crew of first responders, the ER nurses, doctors, midwives and whoever else helped me safely deliver my baby girl, I always felt like I was in the best possible and capable hands having Erin by my side.

Erin is a one in a million doula and absolutely amazing at what she does. I am forever grateful that she was there to help guide me and bring our little Quinny into the world. What Erin does is so special and meaningful and her love for her work truly shows in how well she cares for her mamas. She empowers and supports like no other. ??????

Ryan Bernstein


Although we were pregnant with our first child, we hadn't really considered working with a doula.  We knew about them but just assumed between Google and Youtube we were covered.  Plus for us it was during the Covid lock down so doulas were being restricted from even being in the room, so what was the point?

Holy cow, we were wrong and ARE SO GLAD WE WORKED WITH ERIN.  She grew our confidence in everything related to the pregnancy and the birth of our first child.  She was such a good champion, coach, and friend throughout we couldn't thank her enough.  I now recommend her to everyone I know.  Pregnancy and birth are hard and weird, but Erin makes the process fun, educational, and so much easier.  

Do yourself a favor, and work with Erin today.

Jessica Appeltofft


Erin is an incredible childbirth educator and doula! She customized a package for my husband and me. I enjoyed both our private and group classes. Erin has a motivating energy about her and is clearly very passionate about what she teaches. She is super knowledgeable, personable and engaging. Her slides are very detailed, organized and easy to understand. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a childbirth educator or doula on the North Shore! I will be sure to connect with her again in the future for my babies to come!



I truly cannot say enough good things about Erin!! My husband and I were looking for someone who could educate us on the labor and delivery process, in addition to providing structure, guidance and loving care throughout my pregnancy and in the delivery room. Erin did just that -- and so much more.

She has a very high emotional intelligence, and brings that to the table for each prenatal session. She is understanding and patient and it's clear she truly cares about her clients and the little one they are bringing into this world. My husband and I approached the birthing process in two different ways, and Erin was somehow able to meet both of us exactly where we needed. Not only did she spend time working through our birth preferences and answering all our questions, but she also helped us work through issues outside of our sessions together, so that we (my husband and I) were able to create the time and space for ourselves to feel prepared come delivery. 

I was induced at a little over 41 weeks, and Erin (metaphorically) held my hand through the entire process. As with most births, mine didn't necessarily go according to plan -- but Erin helped me to find peace with the process. Her presence in the delivery room was exactly what we needed; she was our rock. She helped us work through each and every decision with patience and empathy, and kept us laughing through the entire delivery -- exactly what I needed/wanted.

I truly cannot say enough about how competent and wonderful Erin is; I firmly believe that my delivery experience would not have been the same without her there with us. If we decide to have another child down the road, I would without a doubt ask Erin to be our doula again.



Erin did an outstanding job preparing us for labor and delivery via her 4 week childbirth class. The way she broke down the class allowed for us to digest the information, ask questions, and reflect on what was previously learned. We were without a doubt more prepared for birth because of our participation in this class. We were also able to connect with other couples in a similar stage of pregancy as we were. Having that built in community was reassuring and helpful as we all navigated our first pregnancies. I would highly recommend everyone take Erin's class ahead of birth, especially if this is your first child. Thank you, Erin! 



J'ai assisté aux cours prénataux d'Erin (Empowered Childbirth Education, 4 week virtual class) en février dernier (les cours sont donnés en anglais) et mon conjoint et moi avons tout simplement adoré! Certains de nos amis nous parlaient des cours prénataux comme d'une étape à faire sans grand enthousiasme, voir même ennuyeux et pénible, mais ça s'est révélé être complètement l'inverse pour nous avec Erin. Elle est tellement divertissante/instructive que nous étions pendus à ses lèvres tout au long des cours. Nous avons appris beaucoup et elle rend l'ambiance entre les différents couples participants extraordinaire (on se donne encore des nouvelles de ceux qui ont eu leur enfant et on compte se faire un zoom une fois tous les bébés nés!). C'est l'opposé d'un cours magistral et froid donné sur zoom. Le temps passe tellement vite, Erin rend tellement les gens à l'aise que tout le monde pose ses questions, questions qu'on se posait souvent soit même. Bref, je recommande chaleureusement et du plus profond de mon coeur les cours d'Erin! Elle est fantastique !!!



The pre/post natal journey was new, exciting, and scary for me and my husband.  We decided that hiring a doula would be valuable for us.  We had the pleasure of working with Erin and she exceeded our expectations. She was an amazing support person to have on this journey.

Asking the doctor questions about my birth plan and medications was something that I struggled with and Erin worked with us to figure out questions to ask the doctor at our appointments to make sure we had information we wanted and needed. 

During labor and delivery it was amazing to see Erin work her magic and how well she communicated with us, the doctors, and nurses.  Erin consistently checked in to ensure I was comfortable and was great at communicating to the healthcare team in an appropriate manner. She was an amazing coach during the birth and helped coach my husband as well about what to do.  We are beyond grateful and happy with our decision to have Erin be part of our pre/post natal journey and to have her be part of our son's birth.

Megan M


As a fellow doula, I thought I knew what I was doing when I was pregnant and now a new mom, but turns out I did not! Thank god for Erin. She counseled me through my difficult third trimester and helped prep me for birth with her Spinning Babies training (and I'm pretty sure the oxytocin from meeting her 8 week old puppy induced my labor). When I seriously struggled with breast feeding after my baby was born, Erin was a constant source of support and knowledge for me. We Zoomed, we talked on the phone, we text, she just made it happen. She helped me navigate challenges I faced with compassion and support- how many times did she tell me "You're doing a great job" no matter how crappy I felt. She always made me feel like I would be okay- aside from her incredible depth of birth/post partum knowledge and resources, I think the emotional support she provided was the most valuable to me. Erin is an absolute gem in the birth world, and any parent would be lucky to have her by their side.

Ashley Hayward


10/10 recommend getting a Erin as your doula! Erin was super informative, well organized and you can tell how much passion she has for this job. Just weeks before our baby was due, she was able to visit us at our home and show us stretches to get baby into optimal position (which literally felt like I was getting a spa treatment!). She also shared a birth preference plan that we reviewed together, which came in handy when I was labor because it covered a lot of the occurrences that may or may not happen because you never know what to expect! And I just love how I was able to ask her anything with no judgement and she answered me right away - no matter what! It was great to know while I was pregnant for the first time, I didn’t have to spend hours googling things, but rather she was so helpful in providing materials that was evidence based and educational.

She ultimately showed her doula superpowers when it came to delivery time. Erin was there from the very start once I was admitted to the hospital. When I started to feel contractions after getting induced, Erin was right there. Talking me through and being there for me while I was in the most pain I ever been. It was in that moment, damn - I am so glad she’s here right now! She knew how to calm me down and be there for every decision I had to make. 

Unfortunately after 20+ hours of labor, my son was not descending, so I had no choice but to do a c-section, which was not what I had planned. But Erin was so sweet, so kind and answered all of my questions that I had feared before going into surgery since she too had to get a c-section. She shared her personal experiences, which meant so much to me in that moment where I felt like I failed, but she reassured me that I can do this and we will soon meet our baby boy. If you’re on the fence about getting one, don’t think twice. You’ll look back and be so glad you did!



As is often the case, labor did not go as planned for us.  It was challenging physically, but also challenging because in our case, there were important decisions that needed to be made all along the way, with us weighing our own instincts and our desired experience next to the medical information and trade offs that were presented.  We were so thankful that the day after my water broke was the first day that the hospital was letting doulas back in after not being allowed for many months due to COVID.  Erin was so incredible, providing support to both of us to help with staying relaxed and comfortable, as well as thinking through the different trade-offs for fast decision-making.  We were so thankful she was there.  And because Erin understands the longer impacts of a challenging labor she stayed by my side, checking in often, after labor and after we were home.  She has such an amazing heart for this work and we are so grateful to her for that.



I am so grateful to have had Erin as my doula through my first birthing experience. From day one, she provided us with so many resources so I didn't have to fall down the rabbit hole of the internet. I knew I could trust in full what she gave to us, and every resouce was amazing. She met with us semi-regularly throughout my pregnancy to check in, answer questions, and help us prepare for the birth of our baby girl. We were so at ease talking to Erin, and her ability to be supportive and guide us through what we wanted our experience to be significantly helped ease our anxieties. Even during my pandemic birthing experience, she made sure to video call with me to help guide me through my labor pains. She was an incredible advocate for me from home, so I can only imagine how amazing she would be in person. If you want an incredibly supportive doula who will make you feel cared for and completely at ease, Erin is handsdown the best.



Erin is an amazing doula. She was the perfect addition to our family.  She not only laid out everything for my wife but she also explained to me exactly how she plans on supporting the father throughout the process. She did just that too.  I would message her anytime I was struggling as a soon to be father and even as a new father. She took time out of day to call me to make sure I was alright. She's extremely knowledgeable and I couldn't see us going through this process without her.  If you are looking for someone with an awesome personality, knowledge, very caring, willing to go out of their way for you, then Erin is that person. Highly recommended. 



Erin provided my husband and I the most amazing support during our ultra-marathon of a labor and delivery experience. I think by the time baby girl was in arms about 40 hours had passed. Due to COVID we had no family near whatsoever and Erin filled what would have been emptiness with tons of love, thoughtfulness, patience, reassurance and positivity. My labor experience would have been a total nightmare without her due to unanticipated complications. She tailored her support to exactly what we needed during a most turbulent time in our lives. I would recommend her to any family member or friend, with highest praise. JG

Erin Lucca


Erin helped us through the birth of our first baby. We didn't think of ourselves as 'doula people' and when we went out looking for doulas we knew that Erin was the one for us from the moment we met. Erin brought professionalism, compassion and humor to our bieth experience. Erin talked me through having my water broken and when to get the epidural. She stayed up with me all night when my epidural wasn't functioning. She kept my husband company (even sat back-to-back with him to help him sleep)! Our L&D nurses commented that they felt that Erin was one of the best doulas they had ever worked with! She also took a bagillion photos of all of us moments after the birth. Erin is forever a part of our family and we are forever grateful for her love and support. You will not regret choosing her to be your doula.



Erin was an integral part of our birth story. Our daughter arrived 10 days late and throughout the wait for her arrival Erin was responsive and supportive and helped both my husband and I with the wait. While our birth didn't go as planned, Erin was with us every step of the way and helped us feel confident in and comfortable with the decisions we were making. She allowed room for us to process our emotions and provided reassurance when we needed it. After the birth, Erin checked in with us regularly and helped us process the intensity of the whole experience as well as provided welcome advice for adjusting to life with a newborn. We would work with Erin again in a heartbeat!



Erin was the perfect Doula. She helped me with virtual support and I coudn't give a higher reccomendation, I have told all of my friends about Erin. In fact, I loved working with Erin so much that I've continued to see her post-partum for breastfeeding support.

Before birth, Erin helped me think through and put together my birth plan in a really organized way and she was available to talk at all times. Erin also shared a lot of helpful information and guided me to ask the right questions with my doctor. During birth it was especially helpful to talk to Erin about some of the tough decisions I was making, like when and if I should get an epirdural. There are a lot of things that I love about Erin, but what stands out to me is that she never tells me what to do, rather, she helps me find my intuition to feel good about all the decisions I'm making. 

Erin is positive, helpful, comforting, warm, sharing, non-judgmental... shes exactly who you need to work with. 





Erin is wonderful! She's sweet, courteous, knowledgeable, and punctual. She helped my husband and I with feeding and changing our son, his latching, sleep, etc. She made sure all of us were happy and fed. She also helped to organize our entire house and suggested options we never even thought about before. Erin has an excellent eye for dimensions - it's truly a gift. Overall, very happy with my experience, can't thank her enough.





We initially hired Erin for my husband because I knew he would need a calming presence to help him help me with labor. However the birth experience was completely different than I expected, in that I WANTED and NEEDED Erin! I was correct in guessing my husband wouldn't know what to do, which made a lot of sense because it is a distinctly female experience! Erin encouraged me throughout the whole experience, articulated my wishes to the nurses/ doctor when I was in so much pain I could barely speak, laid out my options so I felt I had CHOICE, and CARED for me far more than the nurses or doctor could ever do. I honestly wonder what I would have done without her support, and joke with husband if we get pregnant again during the pandemic and I can only have one person in the room during the birth I might choose Erin! 

Kevin Busch


Prior to my wife getting pregnant, I'd never heard of a doula before. When she first explained it to me, I figured it was just another of the litany of expenses to prepare for our baby's birth. I soon learned that hiring a doula, specifically Erin, was the best investment we made in a long time.

We interviewed a couple other doulas, but especially appreciated Erin's candor and transparency. Almost immediately we felt like we could trust her. She met with us on FaceTime and in-person in the months leading up to the birth and helped us figure out what items to include on our baby registry, how to draft a detailed birthing plan, and how my wife and I could do stretches together to make sure our baby was in the optimal birthing position and to relieve pain in my wife's back and pelvis.

My wife and I are both naturally anxious people, so having Erin with us throughout the pregnancy proved to be incredibly helpful in assuring us that everything would be okay. We were ecstatic to learn that Erin would be able to join us in the hospital for the birth, where she was a huge support to my wife with her breathing, how/when to push, and supporting her love languages of physical touch and words of affirmation.

Even now that our baby was born in what our midwife called "such a joyful birth" (in large part thanks to Erin!), Erin has continued to support my wife and I. Erin made sure to prepare my wife and I with post-partum supports and has also been really helpful to my wife with lactation consulting. 

In short, throughout our pregnancy Erin was able to support my wife in ways I wanted to, but wasn't able to without the first-hand experience of being a mother and her expertise in all things labor and delivery. I can assure you that if you hire Erin you won't regret it--we consider her one of our friends now!

Nick Steglich


I really can't say enough about the incredible and exceptional experience we had with Erin as our doula. Certainly not in 2000 characters. Probably not even in 200,000. But I'll try to be concise. Erin is a rare breed of person who manages to stay completely connected and engaged and present, while still maintaining her own sense of self and her impact on the situation. She was extraordinarily helpful to us, and even the nurses and midwives during our time in the hospital in anticipation of the birth of our daughter. So much so, in fact, that many of the nurses and midwives commented on how different and wonderful she is from other doulas they've met. She was so comfortable around and worked so seamlessly with everyone that you'd swear they had been friends for years.

But most importantly, she was there for us. And I don't just mean physically. We were 100% of her focus. And I mean both of us. From "go", Erin made absolute sure that all of my (the dad's) needs were met, concerns were addressed, and that I felt included and as much a part of the process as I felt comfortable with. Which was amazing. I never once felt neglected or put in a corner. In fact, it was Erin who consoled me and helped me through a very hard moment when I was scared and feeling very helpless. And she was so kind, and sweet, and fun, and funny at all of the points that we needed her to be. And then again, focused, engaged, direct, honest and supportive for all of the other times. She offered helpful suggestions when nothing else seemed to be working, and constant praise and encouragement when they were. And - before I run out of space - I want to say that one of the best things about Erin - besides her outstanding commitment to her work - is that she is a 'real' person. She's someone I could easily be friends with and doesn't put on a disguise for work. So... if you are looking for a genuine, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, kind, engaging, incredible doula - Erin is it!

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