Leah Heinz CD(DONA), PCD(DONA) Photo

Leah Heinz CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)

Cradle + Bloom

Meridian, ID Service range 16 miles


Birth Fee

$1250 to $1550

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1250 to $1550

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 88 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 35 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2020
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2021

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 7 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Deliveries with a birth center team present

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Infant massage education
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • TENS units rental

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Treasure Valley Doulas - Board of Directors Vice President 2024 Secretary 2023 Secretary 2022

Fee Details

I believe the time of pregnancy and birth are sacred and I am honored to be considered as your birth & postpartum doula. I am confident in your abilities to birth your baby in any environment. You will feel nurtured, and supported with my services. My goal is to equip you with the skills and information necessary to gently birth your baby with confidence. For more details on the services I provide, please contact me via email. I am looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you during this transformative time in your life.

Service Area

Meridian, ID Service range 16 miles

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Client Testimonials for Leah Heinz CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)

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Leah was incredible and such a joy and blessing to work with. I had some birth trauma from my last birth, and Leah validated and helped me work through coming up with a game plan for this birth. I genuinely think that's a huge reason why my birth went so beautifully. She made me feel confident in my decisions, and I needed that going into it. My son's birth was for me, my redemptive birth, and I had an incredible birth team, and Leah went above and beyond. She was highly attentive while I was in labor, making it a relaxing and memorable experience. I'm so thankful for her, and would highly reccomend her! 

Whitney Schwartz


Leah was wonderful to work with! After having a rough first delivery which started with an unwanted induction and then led to the typical cascade of events, I knew the type of birth I was looking to have the second time around. I wanted to go unmediated and Leah made sure all our goals were met in order to set us up for success. We were able to have a very redemptive and amazing physiological second birth and were very happy with all the support she provided for both myself and my husband.

One big stressor from our first birth experience was that my husband felt like there were many decisions around pain management that were his sole responsibility.  With a wife exhausted from hours of labor and struggling to communicate her needs, it was difficult to know exactly what to do to help the situation. With Leah, he was able to take a breath and enjoy the experience as she guided us to meeting our baby girl. We will absolutely be using her for all future births!

Jessica Booth


I feel so fortunate and lucky to have had Leah as my Doula. From our first conversation I knew I wanted to work with Leah, I felt heard and my birth wishes were completely respected. She has the experience of attending all sorts of births. She is very personable, fun to talk to, has an ease to her and gentle energy. I love that she thinks and provides everything you can think of for a birth which took so much off my plate. During my birth she had a calming presence and was an advocate for me with the nurses in the hospital. Asked informed questions I didn't even think about. She was so encouraging during labor, informed me what was going on during all stages. Took photos for us, created the perfect environment in the room. I was fortunate to have a wonderful birth with my second child and I owe a lot to her. She also followed-up after birth spent a few hours in my home making sure all my questions were answered and was a great resource for postpartum help. Highly recommend working with Leah! I would again but no more babies for me! 

Cheyanne Rose Taylor


After having my first baby in the hospital & wishing I would have had  a doula, I knew as soon as I got pregnant with baby no. 2, Leah would be my "dream doula" to add to my birth team! Leah has the most beautiful gift of making you feel so heard, supported and empowered through all your decision making on the journey through your birth experience. During my birth, from the moment she walked into my house, her calm yet sturdy energy enveloped the room, which fueled my confidence and empowered me through the intense waves that came. She is such an in-tune presence and truly a gift to any Mom/family that invites her into their space. Leah, thank you for being a beautiful advocate to all Mothers, regardless of what their birth looks like, your passion shines through everything you do! I cannot recommend or thank you enough! 

Melissa Gardner


Before I even got pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula. Leah was recommended by a friend as a postpartum doula and hiring her was one of the best decisions we made as a couple for our journey to parenthood. After meeting her at the very start of my pregnancy, I knew she was a great match for us. She has always been so easy to talk to and is a wealth of knowledge. One thing that drew me to Leah was how involved she is in the birthing/doula community. She is always learning and growing and it was so apparent that this work is not just a paycheck, it is work done with intention and purpose. She truly loves what she does. As a first time mom, this was essential for me as I wanted someone who was passionate about childbirth, and also kept up with the latest evidence based information.

When I reflect on my birth story, I remember vividly the moment she came through my front door, dimmed my bathroom lights, started some relaxing music, and began to do her “doula-ing” as I call it. ?? Her words and her voice made me feel safe and I believe helped contribute to a quick and successful at home delivery. After our son was born, she was an incredible support for our family and took such loving care of our baby as our postpartum doula. I’d spend nearly an hour each shift just talking to her and picking her brain. She quickly became a cherished friend.

The experience I had through working with Leah as my birth and postpartum doula was incredibly rewarding and comforting. Somehow she found time in her busy days to provide me with individualized care and never made me feel like I was asking too much. She is down to earth, honest and real. In a chapter of my life where all things were new and unfamiliar, having someone like Leah to ground me and guide me was just what I needed. I will never forget the care she provided us as a family during the most special times! We love you Leah!

-Derek, Melissa and Atlas



As a birth doula myself, I knew exactly who I wanted on my birth team when I found out I was pregnant. Leah is one of the best in the Treasure Valley. I wanted her calm and reassuring presence at my birth, which proved to be so helpful as my labor was fast and furious! She grounded me during the most intense moments and was supportive to both my husband and myself through the whole process. I highly recommend her!! 

Emily rickman


So many good things about Leah. I know I will miss a few things, but this is what my freshly postpartum brain can put together. Her prenatal care was helpful, informative, personal, and clear. When we went post term and our plans were changing by the hour (didn’t really have any solid plan), Leah stayed connected and flexible with us. When we were induced and it was time for Leah to come, she came! She showed up ready, energetically matched us right away and her presence was so powerful for us. I felt like she helped kickstart our care and advocated for the best to the hospital. She allowed me to try new things and was always such a big support and teammate. She included my husband and taught and educated us both how to care for one another during such an intimate time. Post-partum Leah checked in on us, came to our home and we got to retell the highs and lows, the joys and all the moments together. I would hire Leah again in a heartbeat- if we have another baby! Leah is a true professional and excels in her craft!

Sarah Price


Leah is the gold standard, point blank. From Initial interview to postpartum visits, she quite literally carried me through this vulnerable and critical season in my life and will be forever engrained on my heart. She invests fully and can relate to you like a best friend. She was there for every text I had, tear I shed and struggle I went through along the way with open arms, a listening ear and resources and support where I needed it most. Leah goes above and beyond when it comes to her families and her passion and calling is evident in all she does. I will never know another beautiful soul like hers and I am so humbled to have her be a part of my story.

If you’ve never had a doula or are on the fence about getting one, start with the best. Leah’s lioness experience and gentle heart with cradle you till you bloom.



Having a doula makes all the difference! I've had the privilege of 5 beautiful home births and I can confidently say having a doula is a must for a solid birth team! Leah did an incredible job of facilitating a calm and beautiful atmosphere, keeping me cool and hydrated and taking care of anything else so that my husband could remain right by my side. She was incredible encouraging and her presence is calm and steady. I chose her because although we wanted a home birth I also wanted a doula that could act as a strong and confident advocate in the event of a transfer and Leah's experience in both atmospheres made her a well rounded choice. I'm so thankful for her help and highly recommend to mothers looking for a cheerleader and advocate at home, birthing center or hospital!

Rebecca Fivecoat


My husband and I chose Leah for the birth of our first baby, after a trusted friend and my midwives confirmed that "she's the best!". We chose a birth center setting and decided on a unmedicated birth. After meeting Leah officially we knew we would be well taken care of, she was genuine and knowledgeable, she answered all our questions about what she was able to provide for both of us. I hoped my husband would gleen confidence and security from her during this new and potentially stressful experience. No surprise, he did great! 
When things started happening the night before baby was born. It was such a relief to know I could lean on Leah with questions about what I should expect in early labor while it was underway. She was available and competent to communicate with my midwives when I mentally wasn't. Labor moved quickly and she helped me to trust myself and my instincts in labor, during all stages. She let me know that the strong sensations I was feeling were normal and safe which put my mind at ease and allowed me to surrender to the forces and be united with my baby girl! She was such a cheerleader for my little family and we are so blessed to have met her and brought her into our birth and lives. She has checked in on us my many times after birth and provided great resources for newborn care.

It was an incredible joy to birth my daughter, Leah was an essential part of my birth team that I know helped me have the most perfect labor/delivery experience I could have ever dreamed of. I wholeheartedly believe that choosing my dream birth team made my out of hospital, physiological birth one of my most proud and accomplished experiences of my life thus far. I cannot begin to express all the gratitude I have for Leah. I will recommend her to all my friends and family because they know they will love her and love their births just like we did! 

Whitney Bachman


Leah is truly incredible. After a hard first postpartum experience, I was determined for my second to be different. That all starts with having the right people in your corner supporting you, cheering you on, and teaching you. Leah is absolutely that person. This time around was truly the best experience I could of ever asked for and my family and I are so grateful to have found Leah! She is so gracious, so knowledgeable and so trustworthy. We hired her for postpartum care and it was the best thing I could of ever done. If we have any more babies, first thing I would do is hire her! I trust her completely with my little one and being in our home. Thank you Leah for all you have done for us. We can never thank you enough! All our love, xx

Ashley Franklin


Leah is truly incredible, and is such a huge blessing to our family. As soon as we met Leah we knew it was a great fit, she was comforting, caring, so knowledgeable and just had a calming aura and we knew she was exactly what we had been praying for so that our birth experience this time would be healing and peaceful after a very traumatic birth experience with our first. In such a short time I felt connected with Leah and knew she was such an important piece I had missed with my other pregnancy. She helped me to navigate my feelings of worry and fear after our first birth along with having gone through miscarriage and IVF. She was always available for all my questions no matter the time and just poured out so much love and support for both myself and my husband. She helped me to feel so empowered and confident and really advocated for the birth we hoped for. I was in early labor for weeks which was mentally very challenging but she kept reassuring me of Gods plan and helped me to work through my feelings, just providing me with constant reassurance that everything was ok and was even just a sounding board for me Having her with us during labor and delivery was such a huge comfort and I just felt at ease knowing I had her there. She ensured the environment stayed peaceful and advocated for me constantly. She provided me with massage and other comforts throughout labor as well. Even when I needed to make pivots to my original birth plan she helped me to feel empowered in my choices and assured me I was making the best decisions. And ultimately this birth was so healing for me and something I prayed for so deeply, it was everything I hoped for and Leah helped make that possible as well as having her PP. I truly can’t say enough amazing things, I’m so thankful for her and the love she has shown for not only me but my entire family. And she is now one of my three year olds favorite people, we just love Leah and she will forever be apart of our family.



I am so grateful to have had Leah as my doula through my entire pregnancy, birthing process, and postpartum journey. Her knowledge, support, and encouragement was absolutely priceless. I had a lot of anxiety going into my delivery because I had to be induced (which wasn't part of my birthing plan), and Leah helped me stay positive and calm through my laboring process. After baby was born, Leah became not only a huge support person for me because of all of her knowledge, but she also became a friend when I needed one most. I truly don't know if I could've gotten through it without her.

Thank you Leah for all of your wisdom and just for being such a wonderful person! I can't wait to have you with me again for baby #2, whenever that will be :) You da best! 

Alana Harmon


Leah is truly an angel. She was referred to me by a friend who had nothing but amazing things to say, and I can absolutely see why. I had a traumatic birth experience and Leah made me feel informed and safe. She advocated for me and stayed by my side during the entire process. Without Leah by my side, I honestly believe my birth story would have gone a lot different. She is very knowledgeable and an amazing resource that I very much needed. Leah has been a priceless resource for us and I would hire her over and over again. Thank you so much Leah for being there for my family! We love you! 

Madeline waddle


Leah is hands down the best doula you could ask for. She is there for you ever step of the way. Whether you have a question about the simplest thing at the beginning of your pregnancy to the end of your pregnancy, she will be there. She was there for me every step of the way through my birth journey and I had a long one, but not only was she there for me but also my mom, sister and husband. She helped with comforting them as they watched me go through this process and helped reassure them that everything was okay. Leah is there for you to hold your hand, coach you through pushing, and just an extra shoulder to lean on through the process . She was there for me for my whole birth journey and I couldn't of done it without her. She advocates for you and what you want for your birth plan and makes sure you are heard and appreciated every step of the way. I highly reccommend Leah as your doula and I will have her for each of the births of my children. We are so appreciative of her and how much she did for us during the birth of our baby girl and are so blessed that she was there for the best day of our lives. 



Leah is the main reason my natural hospital birth was so amazing. During my 26 hour labor, with no pain medication, I never felt unsupported or uncomfortable because Leah was there during every contraction doing something to relieve the intensity (or instructing my husband on what to do). She helped us make informed decisions and to feel confident in our choices. From early pregnancy to months postpartum Leah has been a text/phone call away to answer all of my questions and offer loving support. She’s such a strong, caring, genuine person. I could not ask for a better doula and don’t know how I would I have gotten through everything postpartum without her. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a doula for your birth, you do. And it needs to be Leah. You want her on your team! I’m so grateful to her for my peaceful hospital birth.

Josie S


We were so lucky to find Leah to be our postpartum doula! After struggling with naps and breastfeeding for weeks, Leah was recommended to us by our lactation consultant - I wish we had known what a postpartum doula was, we would have hired her from day 1.

We'd start each visit with a check-in: how we were all doing, what developmental milestones baby was working on, and what kind of support we needed for that day. Leah helped get baby on track to taking longer and more independent naps and becoming exlusively breasfed, and also established a fun playtime routine. I loved our chats - I learned so much from our conversations about babies, what fun and enriching toys and activities to introduce, and most importantly, how to be the best mom to my baby boy. Leah is so knowledgeable, and was always willing to offer advice without telling me how to parent. Having that added support, especially when my husband went back to work at 6 weeks, introduced some balance back into our lives, which was so important to get our whole family thriving. 

Leah makes herself so available to her clients, even on her days off, which as a first time mom without a ton of local support, was so helpful to have. It was bittersweet to say goodbye after around 14 weeks, but we were set up for success and ready to go forward on our own. Getting to this point and enjoying the newborn stage would have been so much harder without her!

Carly Ransom


Our experience with Leah was incredible from the very beginning. She helped us navigate our pregnancy all the way from the beginning off TTC. Through secondary infertility and finally sharing in the joy of our long awaited positive pregnancy test. During our pregnancy she supported us in our homebirth decision and gave knowledge no app or website  could in order to prepare. When the time came for our daughter to be born, she was absolutely amazing. She was calm and knew exactly how to help me navigate intense contractions and just what to say when I was at a breaking point. She knew when to step in and when to step out and help my husband step in. I cannot imagine a birth that didn't include her. We are forever blessed for the kindness and support we received in Leah!

Kim Stewart


When my daughter Christiana said she had chosen a Doula to assist her in L&D, I thought, wow what an amazing talent to help Mamas. After being in the room for 10 or more hours with Leah, I can truly say she was PHENOMENAL! Every detail to Christiana's concerns were addressed, her caring, patient, skillfullness, professionalism, &  loving demeanor she displayed in that room gave me, as the grandmother, a whole new respect for Doulas!  Leah made it look effortless, why? because her heart, mind, body, & soul is dedicated to helping  Mothers usher the most precious gift, a human Baby into this world!   I HUGELY & HIGHLY RECOMMEND LEAH!  Thank you Leah, I know you are reading this, I appreciate you for giving my baby Christiana a memorable experience!????

Madison Garrett


Our experience with Leah was great, especially given the fact that she wasn't our hired doula! We had gone into labor at the same time as another client of our original doula, and thankfully our doula had a backup and that was Leah! She was very patient and calming with me as I navigated all that I was feeling as a first time mom going through labor. She came to our house in the middle of the night and was with us for around 10 hours or so until our doula was available. We are so thankful she was so quick to get to us. She was so kind, especially since we had never even met her, it felt like we had. She was hands on with us at the birthing center and helped my husband figure out how he could help best in each position. Thank you Leah, we appreciate you stepping up for us! We would highly recommend Leah as your doula! 

Nikki D.


Leah provided love, support, comfort, and encouragement that I needed to achieve the natural birth story of my dreams. Because of her, I felt confident and calm during labor (as a first time mom too!) Leah not only provided me with support, but my husband as well. She is a great coach. Her loving care didn’t stop when the baby was born. She has been a lifeline for me postpartum! Words can’t express how thankful I am for her reassurance during postpartum. She is always “on call” for her clients. I am so thankful we met. 



I'm not sure where to start because Leah is so much greatness wrapped into one person!

She met with us

beforehand to ensure we understood the process to birth and how she will advocate for our wishes. She recommended classes, stretches and other methods to help induce labor.

Once labor was underway, she came to the hospital and really ensured every step a nurse or the doctor was taking was well explained to us and we gave our consent. My mom was also in attendance and Leah did so well chatting her up while the time went by. She really helped my husband know how to support me and walk away from this experience feeling great (he wants to be a doula now lol). I feel like she never took a rest from being by my side or sheu knew when I needed to rest and ensured I had the space to do so.

She visited us post partum and of course made me feel confident in new mommyhood plus showed us some new tips and tricks. She even took the time to wash my baby's hair and teach/sit through my first full pump routine.

I can't say enough good things about her, I want her in my life forever because once someone has stood strong by you through birth you never want to lose them!

Oh and did I mention she was battling a double ear infection through the whole process, what dedication to her clients and the task at hand!



From my first consultation with Leah, I knew I wanted her to be a part of my birth team! She has such a caring demeanor which immediately puts you at ease. I initially thought I would only need a doula for extra support if my husband was out of town when I went into labor. Though he was home for the birth, Leah was an integral part of our experience. She is calm, has an amazing ability to know what you need when you need it, and seems to think of everything! She was so informative during our pre-birth meetings which made me feel extra confident in my decision to try a home brith. I really appreciated that she also prepared me on how to advocate for myself and my baby if I ended up needing to go to the hospital. Thankfully, that wasn't necessary- our baby was born at home while Leah encouraged me and helped comfort our older daughter as she watched her sister be born. I am so thankful I found Leah and I highly recommend her services!



I was hesitant on getting a Doula because I didn't really understand their value. I went along with it because I knew it was something my wife requested and was more intriguing to me than anything else.  

I mean this when I say it, the difference between a beautiful labor versus an extremely traumatic labor was Leah. She is insanely good at what she does and you can't help but feed off from her passion for you, your wife, and your baby. 

Leah is the person that shows up to fight for you at all costs. It was like having two husbands in the delivery room. I was their for my wife emotionally while Leah was there for strength, guidance, and compassion - she's been there before and IS the calm you crave in that that atmosphere. 

If you have to rush yourself to the hospital/birthing center. I can vouch for her, Leah is the kind of person running red lights with you. 

She is the ride or die of doulas. Thank you one million times over. 

Mallory Buscemi


If you are unsure of the value a doula can bring, I guarantee you will once you work with Leah. Prior to our birth she responded to all of my questions and concerns promptly, would jump on the phone to discuss options, and had limitless resources for things I was interested in such as Hypnobirthing. She was very much involved and interested in how my husband and I worked together and presented the experience of birth as a team effort. She made him feel so included and guided us through the process so that we felt confident in our ability to tackle this life changing experience. 

During my 24-hour labor, she thought of every tool and trick to make me more comfortable from music, to words of affirmation, to the type of touch I would want at each stage of labor. She was so conscious of our birth vision and went to bat for us at the birth center, suggesting things to the midwives that would (and did) make me so much more comfortable. While our midwives were exceptional, Leah spoke up for us in ways that we didn't know we needed. She encouraged positions for baby to move, was very gentle in her reminders of how I should breathe, and felt like a family member looking me in the eyes and supporting me when I needed it while still giving me space when necessary. 

Leah's bedside manner is unmatched. She feels like a friend from the beginning and will absolutely change your birth experience. There aren't enough characters to describe her in this review, but I'm more than willing to speak about my experience in more detail if you are on the fence about her services. 

Leah, thank you for making what could have been a difficult experience one that was filled with love and true bliss! I am eternally grateful for you. 

Brittany McCarthy


For my home birth I found Leah and I am so happy I did! At our first meeting she was knowledgable, organized, and prepared. Immediately, I felt at ease that I had made the right choice. She aims to have a solid connection with you and to understand your desires for the birth. She also empowered us to be well informed and understand what goes on during birth. Many times she helped me with different exercises I could do at home. If you have any concerns about the upcoming birth she helps you talk through them and discuss what to do in unexpected circumstances. By the time my birth came, I felt prepared. When you need her, Leah will be there for you 100%. She is SO gifted: supportive, nurturing, compassionate, confident, and experienced. My labor was long. She was flexible, patient and knew when to have me rest. She helped me to trust my own body's cues. I cannot tell you how many times she knew I needed something before I did. Her deep understanding of what happens during the entire process of labor mentally, emotionally, physically is priceless. When I was worried during a labor stall, she was confident and calm. And she intuitively gave space when needed during intimate moments between my husband and I, and also stepped in at the perfect times when I started to get hot, cold, uncomfortable, scared, discouraged. She helped my husband understand how to be there for me. Then at the end when it felt like too much to bear, she was right there when I needed her most. Her calm presence, encouragement, and prayers were worth more than words can say. She helped me to trust God, to find peace in His presence and to believe how powerful he made me to be. As my baby was born there was prayer and shouts of praise and it was incredibly beautiful. Leah is also phenomenal postpartum! She walked through the story of my birth and helped me understand all that happened. And she held my sweet baby so I could get some much needed sleep!


Danielle Rowett


Leah made such a meaningful impact on my post-partum journey! I couldn't have thought of a better experience. I had hired Leah as my post-partum doula but I wish I had met her before as I would've 100% hired her as my birth doula too! After having my baby, Leah came over after about 1-week of bringing him home. She got to work right away with training on breastfeeding, showing me how breast pumps work, how to swaddle, and so much more. She was there when I was too tired and needed a night off. It's always something extra to invite a "stranger" into your home especially when you have a newborn baby but Leah was instantly comforting and quickly became a part of our family. We looked forward to having her there every night and even talked her into extending her contract with us, which she graciously accepted. THANK YOU, Leah, for your amazing work! You were so instrumental in Oliver's life; we will never forget our wonderful experience with you. 

Gabby Wiens


Leah was everything that I never realized I needed as my son came flying into this world!! Let me start by explaining that Leah was not my original Doula. She stepped in to not only help a fellow Doula Friend but to be the guide for this nervous and very unprepared first time mama!! Leah became a part of our birth plan when our original Doula was assisting another mama who needed her loving support. Leah took on our care without a second thought! Her comforting and confident demeanor was every bit of the comfort I needed to be successful in my labor journey.  To explain in so few words how in tune she was with me and my husband is impossible. There are not enough words to explain our gratitude for her kind soul and encouraging words as we faced what ended up being the beautiful birth of our baby boy. Leah advocated for me in every way I needed without me having to express my concerns. Given the opportunity I wouldn't change a thing of our whirlwind labor experience and such a huge part of that was because we had Leah by our side. Leah helped bring out the confidence in myself that I did not realize I had. She was the perfect glue that helped my husband, our hospital labor team, and myself mesh together so well. If we have the chance to bring another bundle of joy into this world you best believe Leah will be by our side holding my hand and we would be beyond greatful for her and her kind soul. 



I can't recommend Leah enough as a postpartum doula. Her demeanor is calming, gentle yet direct, warm, knowledgeable, and professional. I feel like so many care and service providers approach their clients with a subconscious goal to make the clients reliant on them; which frankly is super fair and normal. Leah, however, goes above and beyond and rather than make parents feel disempowered, or like they aren't fully capable of caring for their babies without her, Leah's approach is entirely different. From the first moment we met her, my husband and I both felt like she was looking out for our best interests as a family, sincerely wanted to equip us to be the best parents we could be, and used her expertise to empower us to confidently approach parenthood. As a new mom, I can't even express how grateful I am for Leah!



I knew I wanted to have my third and final birth at home unmediated. I immediately sought out the help of a doula. When I first met with Leah she seemed very knowledgeable on how to have a peaceful unmedicated birth and I felt so much at ease knowing she would be helping me throughout labor. She was very supportive of mine and my husbands wishes and helped me through fears that I had from my past two pregnancies/ labors. We met twice before going into labor and went over positions for labor and hypnobirthing  techniques which I was so excited about. On the day of my home birth Leah came over when my labor had stalled and gave me the most amazing massage which I think got things moving really fast. She was so helpful with being positive throughout and being a support to my husband. My labor progresses so fast that not all things ended up going to plan. Leah was there to assist my husband and keep an eye on my kids as my midwives and childcare was not in time for the birth of my son. I’m so thankful Leah was with us and keeping my midwife informed while my son was born. I loved having Leah as my doula. She made me feel comfortable supported and cared for throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum.



Leah was a great person to have in our corner as we navigated our breech birth and scheduled c-section. It wasn't what we expected our birth to look like, but her insight and tips helped us to feel more confident as we brought our beautiful baby girl into the world. 
Leah also supported us with postpartum care which was so comforting as a first time mom, home alone after my husband went back to work. From bringing me lunches, giving advice, and being a sounding board for new mama anxieties I was grateful to have her as a part of my support system. 

Kelly Prigge


Having Leah as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made for this birth. She has the sweetest and most calming spirit and is so knowledgeable on many aspects related to pregnancy and birth. She came to our house twice and equipped my husband and I with labor positions, breastfeeding tips and so much more which gave us confidence going in to delivery. It was so nice to be able to text her when I wasn't sure if I was actually in labor or not and have her instruct me on different positions to try to relieve some of the back labor I was experiencing. As soon as she arrived on the day of our son's birth she got right to work helping my contractions move along and offering support and guidance. Her voice was also extremely calming which is an added bonus. A few days after the birth she came over again and we got to tak over everything that happened and relive the experience. It's so fun to talk about your birth with someone who was there!! I would definitely recommend Leah to anyone who is about to have a baby! Whether it is your 1st or 5th birth it's so nice to have another support person around. 

Veronica Espinoza


There are so many great things that can be said about Leah! She is truly such an amazing person to have on your side advocating for you during the birthing process. I couldn’t have gotten through my twin pregnancy without her and I’m so happy my husband and I reached out to Leah when we did. She is full of useful knowledge, honest, and the kindest and most supportive being. From the moment we first spoke to her we connected and knew she was the perfect fit for our growing family. Hiring Leah as our doula was the best decision we could have ever made and I highly encourage anyone who is seeking support to do the same.


Demi Brandner


Leah is absolutely amazing! I had the most magical birth and she was such a big part of it! With only a 5 hour first time labor things progressed intensely and very fast. Leah was calming and reassured me the entire time how my body was capable and powerful. I still remember during the birth her telling me to channel the power of my contractions down and it helped me focus each one. After my daughter was born I even ended up hemorrhaging. Being out of hospital made this scary for not only me but everyone apart of my birth. I asked Leah if I should be worried and she reassured me that the midwives were taking great care of me. I felt great piece of mind having her experience in that moment and the entire pregnany. 

Stefanie Brandt


Leah is the sweetest and most supportive person! I'm so thankful I found Leah when looking for a doula for the birth of my 2nd daughter. While preparing for the birth, she works with you in-depth to ensure transparent communication and was 100% in support of our preferences/wishes. This birth was quick and a very positive experience, Leah recommended things to do to prepare my body for labor, which I truly believe contributed to how amazing everything went. While in labor, she provided the best emotional and physical support that I needed to work through contractions, as well as help baby get into the most optimal position. I strongly recommend Leah for any couple expecting, my husband and I always felt very comfortable around her, she helped guide my husband on how to helpful and included in the experience as well. Thank you Leah for being apart of a truly wonderful birth, I could not have imagined it any better!

Omega Healy


The best decision we made when preparing for the birth of our first born was hiring Leah as our Doula. Leah was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, kind, and prompt to respond to all of my communication - even regarding recommendations/ referrals. During labor, inside and outside of the hospital, Leah was the best emotional and physical support we could’ve asked for - She helped me focus my energy and keep me on track to get through the planned and unplanned parts of giving birth all whilst engaging with my husband throughout the entire experience. She knew exactly what to do to keep the atmosphere calm the entire time. As someone who doesn’t always require a lot of soothing, Leah’s voice, words, and touch were more comforting than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend having Leah Heinz as your Doula as part of your experience when preparing for a baby - We will 110% be using Leah again for all our future children... plus she doesn’t really have a choice, considering she’s apart of our little family now!



When I decided to have an unmedicated birth, I wanted to ensure I had carefully chosen a team to support me through the journey. As soon as I met Leah, I knew she was right for us! Not having family or a support network nearby, having Leah by our side throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum was the best decision we made.  

Throughout labor she was a tremendous support - encouraging me when I was tired, finding positions that would allow me to rest and regain my strength, and constantly reminding me how powerful I was and that I would meet my baby soon. 

Many times I looked to her for support and guidance. Because she had taken the time to get to know me and my birth wishes, she was able to guide me when I was overwhelmed. Leah was also able to capture some incredible photos that I’ll always cherish. 

Postpartum did not come without a few challenges but Leah always promptly responded to text messages with the questions I feel like I couldn’t ask anyone else. 

We are truly grateful for Leah and all her support! She is an incredible woman who genuinely cares and will be there for you every step of the way! 

Tasha Hall


When my husband and I found out I was pregnant we were excited and very anxious at the same time.  I had suffered a miscarriage in 2020 and wanted to care for this new pregnancy with knowledge and support.  I had seen Leah tagged in a post by a friend and decided to research doulas and what one could offer us.  I had assumed that a doula was only for those who wanted all natural, unmedicated and/or home births but after reaching out to Leah I realized that a doula can offer support in any birth scenario.  During our first conversation, Leah had such a calm demeanor about her.  She took the time to listen to me, my concerns and that I wanted my birth to be in a hospital with an epidural, etc.  She was very open and nonjudgmental when I shared my first time mom nerves and anxiety; she helped ease them.  Throughout my pregnancy I had ALL of the questions and needed guidance through those nine months.  Leah was always a text or phone call away.  When the time came to deliver, she was at the hospital with us and all through my labor, supporting and guiding us.  When my birth plan went sideways with an unexpected c-section, I was terrified.  She talked me through my tears and supported us in making the best and safest decision for our baby and myself.  There aren’t words to describe the comfort and trust I had in Leah’s guidance and still have, as she continues to support us when we need.  She even came to our rescue the first night we were home from the hospital because I was so panicked!  My husband and I are so incredibly thankful we decided to have Leah as our doula and will recommend her to anyone seeking support in their pregnancy and birth.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  -Tasha, Josh and Emrie. 

Aubree Panatopoulos


Having Leah as my doula was like having a really knowledgeable best friend at my side. I called or texted her anytime I had questions or worries and she was always there for me. She is also very direct and calls it like she sees it but in the most kind gentle way. I loved that she met with my husband and I and worked with us through all of our fears. My first time giving birth was not a positive experience. I was determined to have a better birthing experience this time around so we hired Leah! I decided to do a natural birth at a birthing center. It was challenging to say the least and Leah's voice was the only one I could hear when in labor and pushing. All other voices were muted but she was there every step reminding me to breathe, giving me water, applying a cool cloth and showering me with love and praise. I honestly couldn't have done it without her. Leah has found her true calling as a gifted doula and I'm so blessed we found her. 

Sharene Morley


Having Leah as my Doula was invaluable for my unmedicated first birth. During my pregnancy Leah took an active role in checking in with me and offering resources to help me prepare for labor and delivery. She came to our home at 2:00 in the morning as soon as we let her know we needed her. She immediately took charge and helped me get into different positions and try different things to make labor more comfortable and encouraged my husband to go rest. She knew exactly the right time to have us leave for the birth center, and once we got there, she continued to actively support me during every contraction. Her calm demeanor and steadiness was SO helpful during those intense contractions. Every time I felt like I was starting to lose control, Leah was able to breathe with me and calm me back down. When I felt like I couldn't go on, she helped me understand my options and communicated with the midwives on my behalf. It was so hard for me to think and make decisions on my own, but it didn't matter because Leah knew me and what I wanted and what I was feeling, and made sure the right choices were made for me. Once our baby girl, Eden, was born, Leah helped me with breastfeeding and stayed at the Birth Center until we were all settled and felt comfortable with her leaving. My husband was so grateful for Leah and her support, both during pregnancy and during labor and delivery. If you're a first time mom, considering an unmediacted birth, a hospital birth or have had 5 children already, I highly recommend Leah as a doula and birth coach. She made my childbirth experience so beautiful, and I can't imagine not having her support during that experience. I know she will do the same for you and your family. I'll be reaching out to Leah when we're pregnant with our second child in the future! I can't recommend her enough!

Emily Frey


I had always wanted to have a non-medicated birth but wasn’t able to with my two oldest daughters after being induced both times. When I got pregnant with my third, I knew I wanted to try again and have a homebirth this time around. I knew that a doula would be beneficial for me to achieve this goal and I came across Leah’s profile on doulamatch.com. What I found in Leah was not only an informed and educated doula, I found a friend and a trusted confidant. There were many days when I felt nervous about my upcoming homebirth and Leah was always there to reassure me and ease my nerves. I texted her many times throughout my entire pregnancy with my fears, anxieties and all the questions I had along the way. She replied to every text quickly and with so much compassion for what I was going through that day. One of my favorite parts of my birth was when Leah encouraged me through contractions during early labor. She had me get into different positions to try and get things moving and was even rubbing my feet and trying out different essential oils to see what I liked. We listened to music, talked, laughed and it just felt like a close friend was there to help me through each contraction. Even after I found out my photographer had canceled last minute, Leah was there taking pictures the whole way through and even took an hour long video of the birth of my baby. I was able to debrief my entire labor and birth process with her at our postpartum appointment and she helped me through some feelings that I didn’t even realize I had. Leah helped me through my pregnancy, labor and postpartum in so many ways and I couldn’t have done it without her. I will be forever grateful that she helped bring my third and last baby girl into the world. Not only did I have an amazing doula to help me through each step of the way, I also feel like I have gained a friend for life.



When I found out I was pregnant, I had just turned 37. My age brought additional uncertainty and fear of all the things that could go wrong with being an advanced maternal age pregnancy. I’ve heard the horror stories and my anxiety was through the roof! 

Leah is the real deal and was put on this earth to be a doula, and a fantastic doula she was for the delivery of our first baby. When we went over my birth preferences she made me feel so comfortable with my choices and was very supportive. I never felt judgment during the whole experience.

Being a first time mom she was so patient with me and constantly reminded me of how powerful I am and knew what I needed. Her amazing coaching during labor for me and my husband is how we knew that hiring a doula like Leah was the best decision we could have made. It’s like she could read my mind on what I wanted during labor when I could not talk. I cannot express how invaluable it was to our family to have hired Leah. She truly made our delivery memorable with her knowledge and experience being a doula as well as a mother of 3 herself. Words cannot express our gratitude we have for her. We are looking forward to Leah being with us again for the future pregnancy. 



My husband and I wanted Leah to be our “constant” for the rest of the pregnancy. The energy, knowledge, comfort and understanding she brought to each in-person meeting and her availability for texts/calls was the most valuable part of our journey.   

She was there to answer any question I had after my OB appts and any late night rabbit hole I would find myself in.

One huge benefit to having Leah as our doula was that she helped my labor start before my induction date. She knew I didn’t want to be induced and gave me every tip under the sun to get my baby moving. :)

When Leah showed up at the hospital, my husband and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing our ‘constant’ who we planned our ideal birth with was there. She kept me “jiggling”, my favorite calming technique, and helped us understand what was going on as our birth progressed. Leah’s guidance in my breathing helped me get in the zone and deliver our baby in record time. Thanks to Leah we have the most incredible pictures of my husband cutting the umbilical cord and our first family cuddles.

I remember our 1st pp visit like it was yesterday. We had a very rough 1st night home and Leah came over the following morning like a knight on a horse. She not only brought me an item that brings me joy but held our crying baby and put him instantly at peace. She’s a Baby Whisper!!! Leah was been instrumental in  my 4th trimester recovery. She’s helped me heal, given advice on every subject under the moon and even helped me give our baby his first bath.

Leah became a quick member of the family and I still look forward to each visit! She will always be my go-to.

Jane Costa


It's difficult to put into words how powerful Leah's presence was during my second labor and birth experience. She helped me achieve my absolute dream birth with seemingly minimal effort. She has a natural, easy presence that instantly calmed me during very difficult points of my labor. When I felt as if I was spiralling into the fear-tension-anxiety cycle, she simply stepped next to me with a gentle touch and brought me back to my relaxed state. She seemed to inherently know what I needed during times when I didn't even know what I needed. She timed our arrival to the hospital perfectly—I labored at home as long as I could and when we reached the hospital, I was 8cm, 90% effaced, and we met our baby girl one hour later. My midwife, who shared that she has seen her fair share of not-so-great doulas even said that Leah was very good. I could go on and on about my amazing experience and couldn’t speak more highly of her!

Jenna LaVallee


We had Leah at the birth of our first little girl. Having her there made the whole experience much more calming and amazing. I thought it was a tough labor and delivery but with Leah's support it went so much more smoothly. She was able to help me stay calm and work through the whole process with minimal stress. I would highly recommend Leah. She is an amazing person and amazing doula. We are so thankful we had her on our team

Tara Heinz


I pause for a second as I write this review because I truly don't know how to articulate how valuable Leah was in the delivery of my baby boy.  She made sure I prepped my home and car properly and helped me think of think I never even knew existed!!  Leah knew how to help me articulate my wants and needs before and during delivery without making me feel crazy.. which can happen for a first time mom!  She provided a sense of calming certainty when I otherwise would have been terrified.  I always felt heard and understood and I knew that she had my best interest and especially my baby's best interests at the focus at all times. She has a wealth of knowledge and I still lean on her for references and her thoughts often.  Whether you have a partner or not, having Leah by your side will make your birthing experience the best that it can be. She will make sure of it!  

Casey Heinen


I was at first unsure about a doula and how it would be beneficial during my antepartum, labor/delivery, and post partum period. 

I can whole heartedly say that hiring Leah as our doula was one of THE BEST decisions that my husband and I made. She was incredibly informative for my husband and I prior to having our son. Provided us with lots of information to help us feel more comfortable as we headed to the unknown with our first baby. 

Not only was she supportive of me during the entire process, but also incredibly supportive of my husband and myself when my labor failed to progress and a c-section was needed. It was less than ideal but she helped us through the entire thing and couldn't be more grateful. 

We couldn't recommend Leah enough! 



Leah is absolutely wonderful!! When I first saw her profile on the website I thought "she looks like a really nice person!", and she really is so sweet. Leah is very professional and always responded promptly to emails, texts, and phone calls. I was pretty nervous about having a natural delivery with this baby after having an epidural with my first, and Leah was very helpful in encouraging me that I could do it. She provided lots of resources for me to help prepare for labor and delivery. She advocated for us at the hospital and I am definitely grateful that she was there. I 100% recommend Leah Heinz as a doula!



Leah is amazing! She has been so helpful and a wonderful sounding board for this new momma. She's kind, understanding, and so supportive. Her advice and suggestions come from a mom who knows and cares. I 1000% recommend her!!!

Amanda Wilson


Leah was great to work with as a postpartum doula! She helped take care of our preemie son after he was born and did a great job. We would highly recommend her as a doula!

Sarah Kain


When I discovers I was finally pregnant with my 2 child on my 40 birthday I was thrilled and a bit apprehensive as going into this pregnancy I already had some high risk markers and my age added even more. Leah has been an absolute God send In my life.  As a few things showed up with my son in urtero Leah was always my first call.  Her knowledge and calm demeanor settled my nerves and gave me a voice with the right language when I needed to advocate for myself and my son. 
My son came into this world 4 weeks early. Leah's insite and presence allowed me to have control of my labor. I did have an epidural but progressed so quickly it wasn't fully effective. She is so gifted, reading all of my thoughts and feelings, using general coaching when needed and not being afraid to call me out when I was not in control. Thankfully my son didn't need to go into the NICU and once home her post pardom care was AMAZING. With him being preterm she was instrumentals in helping with latching and helping him be a thriving premie! My body was able to recover and I allowed myself to sleep all because I knew he was being cared for. Waking up and having my pump parts washed and clothes folded was over the top.  I highly recommend her to any Mama!

Michelle Jones


Leah has been my doula for both of my deliveries. Each one unique in their own way, but Leah was consistent for both. Her gentle touch and soft voice was exactly what I needed to stick with my birthing plan. I had an epidural for my first baby and was impressed at how attentive Leah was to me. Even though we were in the hospital with medications, she was still exactly what I needed at that time. She coached me in a calm way and helped me stay on top of my emotions. She was great with my husband and helped ease his worries.
With my second child I wanted to attempt a natural, unmedicated delivery in the hospital. Leah was there with lots of knowledge on positioning, and ideas to help me persevere. Her massage skills are amazing. She has a mother’s intuition that helped her predict exactly what I would need and when. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her.
She has been with us postpartum as well, and her experience and advice is perfect in those times of need and imbalance. She has helped care for my babies over night, and helped us regulate sleep schedules. She has cared for my toddler while I needed to focus on my infant. She has become the best friend to our family and I am forever thankful to her and the gift of calm she offers us.

Katie Thomas


Being a first time mom can be a scary thing, but it was made considerably more comfortable knowing that a three-time mom VETERAN was around to provide guidance for me. Leah Heinz provided great advice and helped calm down this nervous first time mom. Thanks again for all the great tips, tricks and support!

Robyn Hill


Leah provided invaluable support before my daughter was born and  after her birth. Leah helped me with my birth plan, setting up my nursery, made sure I had all the supplies I needed for my daughter, and gave me to tools to have a healthy and safe birthing experience. After our daughter was born she helped me with nursing and lactation, tons of tips and tricks for bringing a newborn home, and provided emotional support to me and my husband. Bringing our daughter into the world could have been an overwhelming experience however Leah's presence made every aspect calm and simple. Her experience as a Mother, her passion for babies, and hypnobirthing makes her services invaluable. 

Gabrielle Moser


Leah is such a kind and supportive person which makes her the perfect doula! I met her last summer when I was pregnant with baby number two and she coached my husband and I through what I consider to be the most magical birth experience! Thanks to the tips and advice she gave us on hypnobirthing techniques, I had an amazing home birth that was nearly pain free! If you're looking for someone to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your pregnancy and birth, Leah is definitely your girl!

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