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West Orange, NJ Service range 25 miles No longer taking births in NY, servicing NJ only!



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Black Doula

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Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • National Black Doulas Association - Certified Birth Doula
  • The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth - Certified Doula

Birth Doula Experience

16 years

Doula Training

  • The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth, November 2006
  • The National Black Doulas Association, March 2020
  • DONA International, July 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

West Orange, NJ Service range 25 miles No longer taking births in NY, servicing NJ only!

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Shanika & Parker


Michelle is simply the best. 

There's a lot of information about black maternal health out there and, with the news, it can be scary. Having Michelle in our corner made the difference in our pregnancy. Her evidence based approach helped calm our anxieties and helped us get thorough Labor & Delivery better than we imagined. Furthermore, she gave us the tools/knowledge to advocate for ourselves in the hospital when she wasn't yet present. We made confident decisions for our son and have no regrets. Finally, when she was there she was a great coach, but I could also see, through her guidance, that she had also made my partner a decisive coach as well. So in a lot of ways, I had the best team. 

Thank you, Michelle. You helped us produce the greatest gift of our lives. 



Wow, where do I start??? Michelle is the total package as a doula. She is so informative. She could explain when what going on during my pregnancy, labor and delivery better than my midwife. Most of my labor pains were in my back, Michelle helped relieve that pressure and didn't leave my side. She is a loving and amazing woman. I wish every woman could experience the beauty of labor the way I did.



My husband and I are so thankful to have found Michelle to be our Doula. She was beyond informed, supportive, encouraging, and comforting.
We moved to NJ three years ago and didn't not feel confident in the hospitals close to our hime. We felt it was important to find a Doula to have an advocate and Michelle was the perfect one.  She also taught us how to advocate for ourselves during our doctors appointments, and while in the hospital.  We felt prepared when delivery day approached, and Michelle was one phone call away, and showed up in person shortly after.  She stayed by your side through the entire process; meeting us at home and heading to the hospital when it was closer to delivery time. We delivered our baby boy, safely, quickly, and recovery was extremely fast. We are truly grateful to have found her and hthinks situations would have been different at the hospital if she was not there. 



Michelle is a great doula and I highly recommend her services! Because of her, I had the birth experience I desired. As a first time mom, I had 1 million questions and she answered them all with grace and wisdom and made me feel at ease. During my labor, she was very supportive, attentive, and encouraging. After the birth of my daughter, I had trouble breastfeeding and Michelle came to my home to help me, checked-in often to see how things were going and offered support, and connected me to resources that have further helped me with breastfeeding. If it wasn't for her, I would've given up on breastfeeding. All around, she is great, and anyone would be lucky to have her in their corner. 

Mackenze Chesney


As first time parents, my husband Brian and I wanted to go into the childbirth experience with as much information as possible. I knew from the start that I wanted a doula by my side when giving birth. I set out to find a doula, and through my OBGYN/The Birth Center of NJ, I was able to connect with Michelle.

Michelle provided us the tools and knowledge needed to feel comfortable and at ease when preparing for our baby. We were lucky enough to take a birthing course with Michelle as our instructor and we felt so empowered at the conclusion of the course.

Preparing for birth, I felt confidence in myself that I never had before. I owe much of that to Michelle. When meeting with us for the first time, Michelle took the time to ask us questions and get to know us as people and to understand what we wanted to gain from our birth experience.

When it came showtime, Michelle was my rock. Waking up the morning of March 13, 2021 and feeling strong contractions, I knew it was time to give her a call. Michelle offered comforting words and we talked through what our plan for the day would be. When it came time to labor at home, Michelle was in my bedroom, offering massages, water, snacks, and support.

Having Michelle next to me during my entire labor was the ultimate feeling of comfort and support. I would not have had the experience I did had she not been at my side. Even when I had to be transferred from a birthing center to a hospital post-birth, Michelle was right there. She stayed with me in my hospital room into the early morning hours and always had my best interests in mind.

She was my advocate, my support, my comfort, my strength. She helped guide me to finally meet my baby girl. A doula's work is truly magical.



I was in a high risk pregnancy and naturally I had concerns about my journey. Finding Michelle was nothing but the grace of God for me and my little one. Michelle isn’t just a “doula”. Her title extends far beyond the Labor & Delivery room. She is compassionate, loving, nurturing, knowledgeable, an advocate and I’d dare say she has become a friend; an extension of my family. Michelle took the time to reassure me as often as possible. She made me feel as though I mattered. My child’s life mattered. She equipped me with tools and information about my pregnancy, birthing, and child care. She was with me every step of the way. I couldn’t have delivered my baby without her. She has gone above & beyond and continues to do so. She is one of the greatest blessings in my pregnancy & parenting journey.  Michelle you are one of kind. Thank you will never suffice. You are wonderful! Thank you so much for being a beautiful soul. Thank you for listening and comforting me. Thank you for being the best addition in the labor & delivery room. 35 hours long and you were there every step of the way.  I am forever grateful for you.

Dr. Shelley Sousa


Michelle is one of the most genuine, kind, and caring people I have ever met. Combine that with her immense amount of birth education and EXPERIENCE you get the best birth ever. She listened to all of my birth choices and understood the environment I wanted to birth in. She taught me formally in her Bradley Birthing Method Classes what to expect with pregnancy and delivery, as well as provided excellent post partum care. Even as a doctor knowing about birth second hand there isn't anything that can get you ready for what birth actually is mentally, emotionally, and physically. Michelle provided support throughout the entire process. During labor she kept me moving, hydrated, and helped me to trust my body. She is also an excellent cheerleader when needed.  When you think you can't possibly get that baby out, she's right there telling you YOU CAN! She is legitimately the best doula ever. 

Jon Allen


Michelle and Brent are a team, the dyamic duo. Michelle gave us the overall perspective of pregnancy and what to expect and Brent was able to give us the perspective of the man/father in the role they play. They work great together.

Having Michelle as our doula was one of the best decisions my wife and I made during her pregnancy. Michelle is very knowledgeable, people friendly, a great teacher & communicator. Throughout our classes for The Bradley Method, she provided great examples that allowed me to better understand the stages of pregnancy and what my wife was going through and how I could better support her. I personally, appreciated this because I didn't know how to support my wife throughout the pregnancy.

During my wife's pre-labor all the way until the baby was born, Michelle was truly God sent! I saw Michelle in her glory and recognized that this is truly a passion of hers. This is what she loves to do.  She came to our home and assisted my wife with her contractions from massaging, to holding or posturing her, to the different positioning, she made an unbearable experience bearable.

She was with us from 9am Thursday to Saturday mid afternoon(after the baby was born). Michelle knew her way around the hospital, protocol and procedures for the nurses and was able to inform us of what was happening so that my wife and I  were able to make better informed decisions. With covid and all its restrictions to the number people that could be present, Michelle again was truly the mother my wife needed in order to have a successful VBAC.

Even after the birth Michelle and Brent made themselves available in the postpartum stage. Giving us advice on breastfeeding, general things concerning the baby.

Michelle & Brent made our experience that much more pleasant and memorable.

Danielle & Jon Allen

Thomas and Zakiya


Michelle was knowledgeable and reassuring throughout our birth process. As first time parents with several risk factors, we wanted to go into the childbirth experience with as much information as possible. Michelle was recommended to us and her informative, evidence-based approach helped us to feel less nervous and more empowered going into our birth. Even during labor and delivery, when things didn't go as planned, Michelle was by our side coaching us and helping us to make the best decision for our little one. She checked in on us after the birth and clearly wanted to ensuring our baby was thriving, even out of the womb. We are so thankful that we had her services and guidance throughout this process. It made all the difference in our ability to handle what can feel like an overwhelming experience otherwise! 

Kailey Spencer


I am incredibly greateful to have had Michelle play such an important role in my pregnancy/labor/birth/postpartum experience. Her calm, supportive, and incredibly knowledgable presence ensured that my husband and I felt safe and cared for during my labor and delivery, and her continued support after my baby arrived was just as important, especially as a first-time mom. 

After working with Michelle and having such an overwhemingly postive experience, my first and most fervent piece of advice to any expetant friends or relatives it to hire a doula. During such an overwhemling time, having someone there to focus on addressing your needs (both those that you recognize and those that you don't acknowledge) and serve as your advcoate is so invaluable. 

Cheryse Damon-Wilson


Having a doula throughout my pregnancy & birth has always been a "must have" for me. Little did I know the amount of support, knowledge, & wisdom that Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell carries in her! The amount of knowledge we were given is priceless. Michelle has been a HUGE rock for my husband & I, pre COVID & post COVID. I had given birth around the height of COVID in NJ when hospitals were only letting one support person attend the birth (my husband). Michelle's presence was STILL felt even though she was there over the phone. Had it not been for her, my birth would have turned out completely different & I am eternally grateful for her! For my next pregnancy, we know who to call.

Vivian A Longo


We first found Michelle through taking her Bradley Birthing Method course, and loved her so much, we hired her as our doula.  Michelle is knowledgeable, professional, and a strong advocate for birthing mother’s needs. 

I needed Michelle for things I didn’t even know I would need. From pre labor text messages, to prenatal chiropractor and masseuse recommendations, to questions while at dr appointments, she was available to provide me with support, information and help, even as a second opinion. 


Going into prodromal labor for 5 days, she recognized and intuitively knew even without my asking, that I needed help and support. Michelle anticipated my needs. She went above and beyond. She brought food, her tranquil mood, her solutions, and her bag of tricks to ease the pain and mental difficulty of contractions. Once I was at the hospital, and birth plans went semi awry, she assuaged the anxieties and the chaos by explaining things in detail as they happened around me, so I could better decide what choice would be the right one for me at the time.


I am irrevocably and irreversibly grateful for her support. My delivery experience was one of a lifetime, all due to her expertise, passion, and attentiveness. Not only did she make sure I was taken care of, but that my husband was taken care of too, ensuring that we both had the best birth experience possible. 




My experience working with Michelle was outstanding. She was an amazing support and resource person. She is compassionate, professional, and EXTREMELY SMART. My husband and I worked with Michelle for the birth of my second child. We took her refresher Bradley course which I found to be more educational then my previous course. Upon completing the Bradley course my husband and I decided that Michelle absolutely had to be a part of our birthing process. Michelle was involved with my labor and postpartum period. She went above and beyond and even provided me assistance with my Placenta since I decided to keep it after giving birth. She respected my wishes and was my advocate when I went to the hospital. She made my birthing experience stress free and pleasant. I highly recommend Michelle to any expecting mother. Although my son is almost 2, I still contact Michelle with any questions I may have. I refer all my pregnant patients to her. She is truly the best Doula and there is no one like her. 



April Copeland


Working with Michelle was the best thing that I did for my pregnancy and being a first-time mom. I knew I always wanted to have a natural approach to my birth because I was born naturally, so that was my goal. Michelle, from the beginning, was very warm, knowledgeable, and that is what my husband and I needed since we knew it would be just the two of us throughout the birth. She also makes sure that you are just as knowledgeable about your rights as new parents and empowers you to advocate for yourself, and she will always be there to support you, which is a blessing. 

Michelle leads the childbirth education classes at The Birth Center of New Jersey in Union, NJ, and my husband and I were required to take them, and I'm so glad we did. We got a better understanding of what to expect for a natural birth, what we needed to change during the 3rd trimester, and what to expect after giving birth. Since she was my doula, she was able to tailor what I needed to start doing to prepare for labor early so that when the day came, I would be as prepared as possible.

I was a 42 weeker, and even then, Michelle was with me every step of the way. I had back-labor from 6cm to about 8 cm, and the transition was tough for me. But she was so supportive, reminded me of our teachings in class, and I had my son in a very calm and relaxing environment as planned. She followed up with my husband and me after I gave birth, and we refer to her as our son's "doula mom" because she truly is and will forever be apart of our family and baby's life. 

If my husband and I decide to have another baby, Michelle will be the only person we call. Without her, I don't think my pregnancy and birth experience would be as positive and memorable as it was. 

Cheryse Damon-Wilson


Having a doula throughout my pregnancy & birth has always been a "must have" for me. Little did I know the amount of support, knowledge, & wisdom that Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell carries in her! The amount of knowledge we were given is priceless. Michelle has been a HUGE rock for my husband & I, pre COVID & post COVID. I had given birth around the height of COVID in NJ when hospitals were only letting one support person attend the birth (my husband). Michelle's presence was STILL felt even though she was there over the phone. Had it not been for her, my birth would have turned out completely different & I am eternally grateful for her! For my next pregnancy, we know who to call.

Monaé Torres


Michelle is an amazing doula/person. I honestly don't know what I would have done or even if I could've done it the way I did without her. She focuses all her attention on you and makes you and your baby top priority. I felt so safe with her being by my side and automatically had so much trust in her because you know she only wants whats best for you and your baby. She is there whenever you need her even at 2am. We love you Michelle. 

Nicola Pemberton, MD FACOG


It is an honor and a privilege to work with a doula who has amazing qualities and character that exude dedication, strength, focus, determination and, most of all, passion for what she does. Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell is the physical embodiment of the term "birth advocate".

I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle on several occasions, both in the hospital, as well as, birth center setting. I have seen, on many occasions, Michelle encourage a mother-to-be through the birthing process with a calm and quiet confidence of knowing 2 things: 1) that her client is going to have a baby; 2) and that she can empower  her client through this process. 

As a certified instructor  of "Evidence-Based Birth" and a staunch advocate for birth justice, Michelle is 'no-nonsense', yet loving toward her clients and deeply attuned to her craft. She cannot help but command respect from the birth community, including an Ob/Gyn, such as myself. 

I will never be able to share enough wonderful words about Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell. Just know that whoever chooses Michelle to be her doula chooses a labor/birth supporter whose passion, knowledge and skill is a price 'far above rubies'. 


N. Pemberton, MD FACOG

Claudine Lewis


I have had 2 natural births without intervention and I credit my success to the guidance that I received from Michelle. I enrolled in the Bradley Method course taught by her and her husband prior to hiring her as my doula. The 12 week course was life changing! I felt comfortable and safe with Michelle. I knew that I did not have to worry because she had everything under control. Her massage techniques, verbal coaching, use of essential oils, and labor exercises helped with pain management and speeding up the delivery process. I remember starting to feel defeated after being in labor for a few hours, contractions were kicking my butt and my midwife told me that I was only 6cm. Michelle sensed a change in my mood and said "let's go walk." I trusted her and followed her lead by walking up and down my stairs with squatting in between. In less than 2 hours I delivered my second baby girl. Michelle is truly a blessing and I would never want to give birth without her. She is very passionate, knowledgeable, patient, dedicated and provides a high level of care every time. Her postpartum services are on another level. She helped to make my breastfeeding journey a success. She was always there to answer all of my questions with both kids. I loved that she was also concerned about me and not just our baby. She was fully invested both times and I will always appreciate her for that. She is highly recommended without hesitation!


Emily M.


With Michelle as my doula, I was able to have the birth I always wanted.  Michelle is caring, experienced, and very knowledgeable about all things birth.  From the start, Michelle was there for me as a first-time mom and felt to me more like a trusted friend than a hired doula. She visited me in my home and chatted with me about what I expected for my upcoming birth, and she helped me to write the perfect birth plan.  During my labor, Michelle worked hard to make me feel comfortable and to help my labor to progress. She knew the perfect time to leave my home to travel to the birth center where I had my baby.  We were at the birth center for only 3 hours before my beautiful baby boy arrived!  After the birth, Michelle advised me on things I could do to safeguard myself against possible postpartum depression and helped me to do them.  In the weeks following the birth, Michelle was always available to answer my questions and visited me in my home multiple times.  She even came an additional time when she learned I did not have any family in the area to check on me in the first weeks.  Without Michelle, I’m not sure I would have been able to have my baby naturally.  Her calm demeanor, experience, and hands-on care were invaluable to me, and I am so thankful to have met her.  I will certainly be using Michelle again as my doula in the future!

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