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Debbie Hull


Phone: (281) 599-1381

Birth Fee: Not specified

Fee Details: I would be happy to discuss my fee with you on the phone or by e-mail. I am willing to accept payment plans (I've never turned one down).

Birth Doula Experience: 17 years and 343 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), March 2017
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 0 to 5

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I made the decision to not work at Women's Hospital of Texas because I believe that I serve the women in our community better by refusing to attend births there than I can by going there. I have worked at 29 local hospitals, including Women's Hospital.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have worked at all birth centers in town but the newest birth center.
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I do not attend unattended homebirths, but I will birth with you at home if you are under the care of a midwife.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • BirthWorks

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Rebozo certified, Spinning Babies trained, Acupressure trained

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

CAPPA Labor Doula Training Faculty Popular guest lecturer at Baylor College of Medicine Co-founder & former co-leader ICAN of West Houston Frequent guest host of KPFT radio's Whole Mother Volunteer & speaker for BIRTH (Bringing Information & Resources To Houston) Cast member of Karen Brody's play, Birth, for 5 years (I play Jillian)

Languages spoken: English; Sign Language

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Katy, TX
Travel Range: 75 Miles

Client Testimonials for Debbie Hull

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Annie Andrea Neilson

My experience with Debbie Hull from start to finish was absolutely perfect. I was referred to her by a client who became a friend of mine, she swore Debbie would authentically love me and my baby. That statement couldnt be more true. Debbie was with me every step of the way, answering questions, calls, and texts. All visits were extensive and inquisitive, never rushed. I felt empowered, educated, and supported throughout my entire pregnancy. She was so thorough in finding out how my fiancé and I both needed to be supported. All boundaries were clearly set, if needed. Our birth was amazing. Labor was quick, unmedicated, and fully supported. Debbie knew every position to encourage me to move in. I never felt pressured or dismissed with questions or comments. She let us know that everything I was feeling, even though slightly uncomfortable (i was in active labor!) was completely natural and comfortable. Wether it was her words, her touch, or just her presence, I felt safe. Her support to my fiancé was crucial to, he felt confident and educated in what to do and when. I can't say enough positive words about Debbie, and everything she offers. I am beyond grateful we found her. I would recommend Debbie for anyone even questioning having a doula, you won't regret it!! 

Posted 4/3/2017

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Anna Caffrey

Debbie was a priceless resource not only during our home birth but also during pregnancy and postpartum. She helped me dive deep into the opportunity that pregnancy and birth present. I know I was the one giving birth, but having her there made it so much better. She knew what to say, when to say it, when to be silent, how to hold space for us and also somehow pressed on my back for HOURS. My husband loved her, too. We agree - we don't want to give birth without Debbie there! Oh and she made me mac n cheese postpartum (my much desired meal). Debbie is an angel from heaven. Hire her!

Posted 8/8/2015

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Amanda Lawrence Hyman

Finding Debbie for my pregnancy and birth was a God-send.  I had just moved to Houston from out of state, and I was 6 months pregnant.  I knew no one and had no doctor, but what I did know is I wanted to try an unmedicated birth in a hospital.  Never having done that before and being in a new place, I knew I needed a doula.  

Debbie's listening ear, wisdom and guidance helped me immensely during this process.  First, she helped me  find an OBGYN that would #1, take me, #2 be covered by my insurance and #3 be supportive of my unmedicated birth.  She helped me find that thanks to her vast knowledge and experience in this area.  Second, as a first time mom I had a lot of fears and misconceptions about what birth would really be like.  She did such a good job of educating us about what to expect before, during and after birth.  

Labor and birth was different than I imagined, but it turned out so good. I ended up suddently feeling the urge to push while still at home 45 min from the hospital.  Debbie said, 'we gotta go!' and off we went and she in our car with us- which i now know is not the usual way she gets to the hospital.  Well we made it safe and sound, with the little one still in the tummy. But just barely!! :)  

Debbie was a phone call away at the beginning of labor and right by our side the rest of the time. She was our compass throughout the whole crazy ordeal.  Thank goodness!! 

Afterwards, I had a tough time with recovery and breastfeeding, and Debbie was always there to reply to me when I had a question or just needed to reach out. She connected me with some of the best lactation consultants in Houston which through seeing them, allowed me to continue breastfeeding.  We had a very specific issue with breastfeeding and she knew right away where we should go.  

Thank you Debbie.  Let's do it again sometime!

Posted 6/18/2015

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Mona Karimullah

Our experience with Debbie as our doula was amazing.  Her guidance and advice was invaluable to us from the birth classes up until delivery.  In fact, I think the classes and meetings were almost more important.  For me (a doctor), it was important to have someone who was not anti-modern medicine, but rather recognized that modern interventions have their place but are generally overused.   I felt that she prepared me for what would happen during labor and the options available to me.

Debbie was very helpful and supportive to me and perhaps even more so to my husband during the delivery.  I was glad that he had someone to lean on for support while I was leaning on him during the delivery.   It was also so important that she supported all the decisions that I made.  I know this endorsement is not long, mostly because it is so hard to put into words how much it helps to have a doula like Debbie, but I would recommend her without any reserviations to anyone looking for a doula. 

Posted 5/13/2015

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Melanie Tomsula

Debbie is a wonderful doula with a tremendous wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth. She comes highly recommended by midwifes in Houston for her childbirth class and doula experience. Debbie was instrumental in my having a successful VBAC as she helped me work through insecurities and worries prior to attempting the VBAC and helped me navigate through solutions to obstacles we encountered while in labor. Our entire birth experience was wonderful and I attribute this in a large part to Debbie's coaching and support.

Posted 2/16/2015

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Liz Rutherford

Debbie was an exellent childbirth educator and doula.  The skills we learned and applied from class to birth were invaluable.  Additionally, her support during labor was essential when I started a contraction and couldn't focus - hearing her voice talking me through the contraction was way more effective than doing it alone or listening to my husband (who, let's be real, doesn't know how to talk through a contraction).  She was also quite helpful to my husband, running to get warm towels or water so that he could be with me providing the emotional and physical support.  While I was pushing, she held a mirror so I could see the progress.  This may be a minor thing for some, but after two hours pushing, it was a HUGE help to see what was happening and the progress I was making.  She was also able to take pictures for us, which helped me remember the happy blur that was the birth.  Highly recommend.

Posted 2/15/2015

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Bhargavi Vishwanath

We hired Debbie Hull as our Doula to deliver our VBAC baby girl in August 2014. Choosing Debbie as our Doula was a no-brainer as she comes highly recommended by everyone in Houston, TX. i had decided that if I was hiring a Doula, I'd rather get the best to support me towards achieving my birth plan/goals. I was apprehensive about my VBAC attempt but once I had Debbie on-board as my Doula, my doubts vanished and I moved towards my VBAC delivery with much confidence. She is highly experienced and very understanding. She gave me the strenght and courage to deliver my baby girl successfully. I may not have proceeded with a VBAC if I did not have an experienced Doula like Debbie to support me. I highly recommend her to everyone having a baby.

Posted 1/21/2015

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Julie Quates

Debbie was wonderful!  I had a doula lined up who I was familiar with but one week before my due date it fell through.  I wad put in contact with Debbie.  We were able to meet her briefly to make sure we meshed.  I got good vibes right away!

So the second time I met her was at my birth!  She was calm, unobtrusive,  helpful, communicated well with my midwife and most importantly helped my husband support me through a 12 hour tough natural water birth.  

My husband felt at ease with her and was able to follow her directives.  She held my hand and put a washcloth on my head at the right time.  

So happy she ended up being my doula.   Id definitely recommend her!

Posted 1/16/2015

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Lea Brinkley

We absolutely love Debbie!

After a rather stressful C-section with our first baby, we found a doctor that would help us VBAC, only to find out at 34 weeks that he changed his mind.  So, I started furiously looking for a new doctor and started by researching within the doula community.  After interviewing several doulas, one thing stuck out about Debbie.  She was there to help.  It wasn't about money or a contract; she just offered her very best help and suggestions.  She truly cares about people, and her lifes work is about helping women achieve the birth they want.  

Debbie was wonderful from the time we spoke on the phone to post-partum follow up care.  I couldn't believe she was willing to help us when we were so close to the due date.  She offered suggestions and help as my search for a supportive/willing doctor continued, and when we found a doctor, she guided us to make the decisions that were best for us.

The support that Debbie offered me was priceless, but for my husband, she was a God-send!  Instead of being my only support, he had an extra set of hands and a very calm woman to guide him.  Now, every time we see new parents-to-be, he tells them, "Every dad needs a doula... Doulas are NOT just for mom."

Debbie is very knowledgeable and is willing to share her wisdom whenever it's needed.  Her experience, her gentle nature, and her positive attitude make her presence very calming during birth.  I truly believe we had a successful VBAC because of Debbie.  When we have another one, she will be the FIRST person we call!

Posted 5/5/2014

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Monica Suman

I did a lot of research and soul searching before I decided to go the route of using a doula and delivering at a hospital rather than a midwife. My hubby thought we didn't really need a doula but man, he ate his words after we had our little girl :) He said that Debbie was the best decision we ever made!! We had a horrible nurse and no support during delivery and if it wasn't for Debbie, we would not have had a positive thing to talk about when it came to our daughter's birth (besides our daughter :)). Also, I wanted a drug free, vaginal birth and I got that and I believe it was because of the support I received from Debbie. We love her and if/when we decide to have another child, the first call I make when I find out I am pregnant will be making sure I have Debbie as my doula :)

My mini birth story: We took a birthing class with Debbie at around my 4th month of pregnancy and it was really a great class. We both wanted to see how we felt about Debbie.Throughout the pregnancy, I called, emailed and texted Debbie and felt as though I had someone that I could ask all my silly questions to and also voice my fears.I changed my doctor three times before I found the one that worked for me. The big day arrived, but it was NOT how we planned, (it hardly ever is). I went in for my 40 week checkup and my doctor was on vacation. Her substitute told me that I had very low fluids and I would have to be induced. I was VERY scared, as I wanted to make every effort to try and have a vaginal birth and not a c-section.I called Debbie right away. She told me a couple things I could ask the doctor to help me feel better about the induction and my chances of having a vaginal birth. Debbie got there within an hour and I felt at ease. The night nurse came on and was horrible and unsupportive. If Debbie wasn't there, I am sure we would have had a different outcome that night.  We had our little girl and it was because of Debbie it was a wonderful experience!

Posted 1/14/2014

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Jennifer Thompson

Debbie was an answer to prayer for us. We hadnt set out to do a natural birth, but after some health issues after my first delivery, we learned in the middle of my second pregnancy that natural birth without pain meds and delivering while not on my back was a must to avoid further damage to my pelvis. Debbie was the third doula we interviewed, and we knew when she left she was the best choice for us. She was confident, experienced, reassuring, and we just knew we were in good hands...and that she'd be our best choice for being able to make it through delivery the way we hoped to. She was great about checking in even when I forgot to Every few weeks up until our due date :). The morning my water broke, I called her at 4am (and woke her up :)), and she came right over, and talked us through our options when my contractions completely stopped. she even went to the store and bought some essential oils for me to see if it would help get my contractions going again. Finally with no contractions, we went to the hospital that afternoon. She patiently walked the halls and talked with me as we tried to stimulate the contractions. She helped me talk through all my fears of the pain and even prayed with me as we walked. She stayed with us in the room as i slept trying to rest before they had to put me on pitocin to start contractions.  At 1130pm, when they started the pitocin, she was with us for holding ice, getting things we needed, talking to our midwife, helping get my tub filled so my husband could stay with me while I was in the worst part of the labor, massaging, and quietly encouraging the whole time. And during pushing, she helped rub out the cramp I got in my leg every time I had to push! Whew!  Then after it was all over when our baby was born at 230am, she stayed with us to help get me food and  got my husbands bed ready in our postpartum room and finally got to go home around 6am.I'm sure she did much more I didn't know about. Hire her!

Posted 10/21/2013

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Jamie Lynn

Debbie came recommended by our midwife, so my husband and I chose her as the doula for the home birth of our first child. Debbie was the calm face of support throughout the entire labor. I squeezed her hands and looked pleadingly at her, wishing she could make the pain end and she continuously reassured me that I was more than capable of getting through labor. I wouldn't have wanted to go through the day without her there. 


Posted 7/24/2013

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Khanh Ngo

I did not have a good experience for my first birth which ended in a C-section (no fetal distress, main reason was maternal exhaustion). 

For my second pregnancy, I was lucky to find an OB/GYN doctor in Houston that still does VBAC.  I was determined to have a VBAC for my second birth and I wanted to do everything I could to maximize my chances of a successful VBAC.  Also, I had decided I would not have an epidural for my second birth, and I was terrified that I would not be able to deal with the labor pain.  Therefore, I wanted to find a doula to help me deal with labor pain and to increase my chances of success at VBAC.

I found Debbie Hull's name from one of the forums for doulas and VBAC.  At the beginning, my husband and I were skeptical of how much a doula would be able to help me during the birthing process.  I thought that having a doula is more about comfort and a spa-like ambience for the birththing room.  However, when I met Debbie for the first time, she raised so many medical questions about the birthing process that I haven't even thought about (and I work in a hospital myself).  I realized that not only would she provide comfort, she would be my advocate during the birthing process due to her knowledge about the medicalized birthing process in the hospital. 

On the day of my labor, Debbie showed up soon after I checked into the hospital.  To make a long story short, Debbie was amazing in what she was able to do for me.  I could deal with the labor pain so well with all her positioning, massaging, and counter-pressure techniques.  Her presence was reassuring for me.  She did not make my husband feel like he was sidelined.  They worked together to make me feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  I felt amazing after my VBAC and I had Debbie to thank for it.  I highly recommend Debbie to anyone. 

Posted 6/1/2013

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John Allison

I have 7 children.  My first 4 were natural with lamaze and the Bradley method. Then I was so afraid of the pain, I tried epidurals for the next 2 births.  I didn't enjoy those experiences, so my husband agreed to hire a doula.  

The first time I talked with Debbie, we connected.  She had wisdom I'd never heard before even through my yrs of study (and I'm an RN).  We made a birth plan and she talked me through my fears so they didn't scare me anymore.  

She was very available through my entire pregnancy and when labor day came, she was at the hospital with me the whole time  (til 4 AM)!!  She calmed me and rubbed my feet, back and hips. She got my ice, music, and shower ready!  In my indecisive moments, I looked to her for direction. She got me in different positions to help me, and get this: I WAS SMILING WHILE DILATED A 9!!!!!!!!! I only had 30 minutes of pushing and her voice and touch kept me grounded to push through!

My husband was so appreciative to have her expertice to take the pressure off him, so he could just love me!  She had me write out what I wanted from him (and didn't want) so that we had an amazing birth together!  It brought my husband and I closer than ever!  What a beautiful design God has created!

I will call Debbie for sure if we have #8!


Posted 5/20/2013

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Erin Lyons

From our first meeting with Debbie, we knew she was the right doula for our needs.  She supported our plan for a natural hospital VBAC, and we could tell she would do whatever we needed her for depending on how labor and delivery went.  We took a private in-home childbirth class with Debbie, and although this was our second child, we learned things that we didn't know before.  It was a comfortable and enjoyable experience that definitely contributed to our relationship and our successful VBAC.  All of our meetings with Debbie were postiive experiences and really prepared us for birth. I had a very long and difficult labor and Debbie was a constant support, initially by phone call and text, and eventually in person for 24 hours at the hospital.  She stood by me with confidence that I could have the delivery I had planned for even when things got tough.  I very much doubt that I would have had a successful natural VBAC if it weren't for all of the preparation and support that Debbie gave me during pregnancy and labor.

Posted 5/20/2013

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Mark and Lorissa Eichenberger

When I found out I was pregnant with our third child, I already knew who I wanted to call for doula services.  I had come across her name while searching for VBAC care providers when I was pregnant with our second child, but we moved out of state before I contacted her to request an interview.  She came so very highly recommended from our local ICAN group, and she had been a part of the local birth community for decades.  I was so excited to finally meet her nearly two years later!  I felt connected to her from our very first meeting.  

Debbie Hull is incredibly gracious and selfless, as many doulas are, but there is such a calming peace about her that makes her special.  I never had a doubt in my mind of her talents in supporting laboring women.  Debbie is dedicated to her clients and their families, and she makes every effort possible to be helpful and resourceful.  This is especially important to those of us planning VBACs.  She is also very well-respected and welcomed by both midwives and physicians.

Throughout my pregnancy I was so thankful to be able to call, text, or email her whenever needed.  She was prompt and thorough in our conversations, and I felt very comfortable around her.  She stayed with me during my entire labor and delivery at the hospital, all 24+ hours of it.  She asked questions to my care providers, advocated for me when needed, and only left my side if I requested alone time.  At times when I could not calm myself down, I leaned on her every word for comfort and strength.  After our son was born, she stayed right next to me and assured me everything was going to be fine and told me how wonderful I had done.  Such a blessing she has been in our family's life!  I will continue to sing her praises to women looking for a doula and to care providers in our area.  Thank you a thousand times over Debbie!

Posted 1/31/2013

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Jennifer Jordan

I have one regret for the birth of my first child: not hiring a doula. We wanted to save money and, even though we had no idea what to expect during labor and delivery, we thought that paying a random stranger to hold my hand was a little bizarre and unnecessary. But we were so wrong. As a companion to pregnant and birthing women, Debbie Hull is clearly living out her calling, and she will make your birth team better. Having Debbie at your birth is like having all the knowledge of her child-birth classes literally at your fingertips. When you are not sure what to expect, she is the calm, soothing presence that reassures you. She's the one who knows what you need before you do and is there to make it happen. She's the one who lovingly puts the straw to your lips and whispers, "Drink." And yet, her presence is never overwhelming. She never once overshadowed my husband or took his place as my birth partner. Instead, she supported him as well and helped him to better help me. She made us both more confident and more capable of fulfilling our respective roles during our birth experience. And while Debbie never pressured us to do anything in any particular way or to make any specific decisions, she was an amazing advocate who lovingly guided us when we did not know what to do. We highly recommend Debbie Hull as both a child-birth instructor and doula. She will give you the confidence to overcome obstacles and pursue the birth you want.=

Posted 9/16/2012

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Lisa Johnston

 I first met Debbie when I was going through my Doula Certification and I needed to take a Child Birth Education class.  I learned so much from Debbie in the one class, I immediately fell in love with her. 

When i found out I was pregnant (really early), I called Debbie before I told any of my family or many of my friends.  I had not even made an appointment with my midwife yet!  Debbie joked with me about only being 5 mintues pregnant, but she is so highly sought after, I wanted to make sure I was the first Sept/Oct mom to hire her!!

Throughout my pregnancy, Debbie answered all the quesitons that I had, and she even helped my daughter have the confidence to step up and decide that she wanted to be the one to catch our baby when he was born.

My water broke at 41 weeks, and even though I was not in labor, Debbie agreed to go with me to the birthing center.  We were there for a while and nothing went on, and we all went to sleep until the next morning when things were set in to definite motion!  Debbie never left my side while I was in labor.  She listened to me sing, listened to my stories about life... and death... she shared stories, and was wonderful.

I loved listening to her talk while I was in labor.  There was somethign about her voice, and ease with words, that kept me calm and focused.

Debbie knew when to touch, not touch... talk, not talk... when I needed to walk around and when I just needed to squat or dip!  She was great with my husband, giving him suggestions to help me. It was the dipping action that she showed me that I believe sped up my labor and had Jett literally fly out into my daughter's arms.

I am forever grateful that Debbie was at the birth of my son.  I am thankful for her love, kindness, sweet spirit, and friendship.  

 My entire family loves you, Debbie!!!

Posted 3/22/2012

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Larissa Friddell

I am very happy to say that I had two wonderful home births. I really don’t think I would have managed the first one without Debbie’s help. For 21 hours she supported and encouraged me. I would have given up were it not for her really believing that I could “do this”. When it was time to plan for my youngest child’s birth it was a given that Debbie would be there.

She has a wonderful gift for offering support, not pressure. She stays so calm, always aware of when I might need a encouragement. She offers suggestions for things that might provide comfort and relief without pushing them. She’s a tranquil presence, undemanding, and has real faith in a woman’s ability to birth her children in the way of her choosing.

Posted 11/30/2011

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Becky Barton

We contracted Debbie Hull (after much research) for my 3rd birth, my first VBAC, in August 2007. I chose Debbie because she is very experienced with VBAC and home births. My second birth had been a c/section for breech 3 years earlier.

Going into labor at 40 weeks, I labored at home with 2 midwifes and Debbie for a day. My labor stalled and my waters had broken and I was ~ 6-7cm dilated, so we ended up transporting to West Houston Medical Center for augmentation with Pitocin.  Pitocin brings on very strong contractions but with Debbie's invaluable help, I did not let them conquer me, and my son was born vaginally about 2 1/2 hours after our arrival at the hospital. I had no pain relief, just Doula Power.

Debbie is very knowledgeable, highly experienced, personable, reliable, calm, and a pillar of strength which just resonates to everyone involved.

Even now, when I need to dig deep (I have since completed a marathon), I can still hear her voice "You can do anything for a minute" and she's right, you can.

Posted 11/9/2011

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Natasha Oliver

Our experience with Debbie Hull was an incredible one.

Debbie is not only extremly qualified but also compassionate and patient. She made sure she was clear on the expectations we had with the delivery of our daughter. Her experience in this field became aparent in the weeks leading to the delivery with her advice and check ins after my dr appointments.

Once at the hospital Debbie was the first to notice that our daughter was face up from my contraction pattern- even the nurses hadnt identified that.

During my labor Debbie said the exact right things to keep my frame of mind steady and balanced during my natural delivery. Her support with my husband too was great and i know he appreciated her presence as much as I did.

i highly recommend Debbie to anyone interested in a Dould service. I will definately use Debbie again when we decide to expand our family

Posted 11/9/2011

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Krysten Funk

Debbie Hull is an amazing doula.  She was exactly what we were looking for.  This was our first child.  My husband loved having her present during my labor and delivery.  She was nurturing and supportive but allowed us the space and privacy to have the special intimate experience we were looking for.  

I was induced at 42 weeks and she was extremely helpful in getting me through that process.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and was always available when I needed her.  Even a couple false alarms out to my house when we thought it was labor.  :)

Posted 11/9/2011

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Melody Barbin

Engaging Debbie Hull was the best thing I could have done to ease my fears. From the very first moment I spoke to Debbie on the phone, her immense knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth along with her calm manner let me know I was in the right hands. In her birthing classes, she gave us the soup to nuts and helped us consider all of our options. The classes were informative and intimate and answered all of our questions and more! Due to health concerns, I was admitted into L&D at 36 weeks and were there 5 days before we induced. We talked to Debbie often and she helped guide us through the long week. When induction finally began, Debbie was with us all day on a Saturday, helping me through early labor contractions. Debbie went home for the night after they turned off the pitocin. The next morning, I had my baby very quickly. Debbie was walking in the door as my daughter was put on my chest. While Debbie may have been sorry to have missed the birth, what she did for me afterwards was more than I could have ever hoped. While everyone's attention was now on the baby, Debbie was my personal advocate. She made sure that I got a shower and she literally helped bathe me (reminding me to not soap my nipples and to hold the shower spray downward). She got me dried and dressed and back in bed. Even though I had my husband, mother, and mother-in-law there, and also the L&D nurse, it was still Debbie that handled me with her full attention and care. She tidied up our things. She got me juice and ice and water. And she gave us our most cherished gift: a canvas with our daughter's minutes-old footprints on it. Debbie is a dear and gentle person who is also tough as nails when need be. I am more than pleased to have met her and to have her be such an integral part of the birth of my baby girl.

Posted 11/9/2011

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Angie Canon

Debbie Hull was my doula for the birth of my second child, in 2007. Debbie was very attentive in the weeks leading up to the birth. My son was born at 38 weeks (unexpected timing; my daughter was born at 42 weeks and 1 day in 2006!), and Debbie was right there as soon as I called. She was very respectful of my wishes to be in the birthing room when I needed her. I waited until I was ready to push to call her in. I think if it had been my first birth, I would have had her with me the entire time! Having a woman in the room who had been in my place previously made a huge difference. My husband was very helpful with both births, but first-hand experience makes a huge difference. I wish I had known of Debbie for my first birth!

If we were having a third child, I would not hesitate to work with Debbie again. She is wonderful!

Posted 11/9/2011

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Sarah Muirhead

Wonderful.  Debbie made all the difference in our birth experience with our second child.  I had a not-so-good first experience with a very medical birth and wanted something completely different.  She met with us and we talked about what we wanted.  When we agreed to hire her as our doula... she was pretty much on duty 24 hours a day.  She was there for me through the entire pregnancy with support and answering questions, calming me down when I needed it, etc.

When I finally went into labor, 2 weeks after my official due date (fine with me), Debbie really went into action.  She came to our house and we labored at home for several hours.  She was great!  So supportive in every way possible... even making me scrambled eggs.  We left for the hospital early morning and I was 8cm when we arrived there.  Less than 2 hours later, Matthew was born.  Debbie helped me have the birth experience I wanted, without induction, medications, epidural, etc.  It was fantastic.  My recovery was so much faster too.

If we decide to have any more children, I will be giving her a call.  I highly recommend her!

Posted 11/9/2011

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Elena Gutierrez

My husband and I found out in late May/early June that we were expecting twins and we found Debbie at the B.I.R.T.H. Fair in October. After interviewing her and a couple other doulas we felt most at ease with Debbie. She was patient, kind and a very good person. She made us feel like birth was natural and I felt empowered, I could do this! On the day that I went into labor, Debbie and I kept in contact via phone calls and text messages. I live pretty far from Debbie so she didn’t spend the whole day with me but when I felt like it was time she came as quickly as she could. Labor got intense but with the support of my husband and Debbie I managed to stay calm, stay focused and at home until I was 8cm dilated and ready to go. Unfortunately, the hospital I chose did not allow Debbie into the birthing room since it was multiple birth, although they previously said that she’d be allowed. Maybe it was because of her teaching and help before the delivery, but my husband and I were even comfortable in the delivery room. He was there for me and took great care of me and our girls. After the birth of the girls though, Debbie came to my side to ensure I was comfortable and tried to get the girls back to me as quickly as possible. She set up a bed in my room for my husband to be comfortable. Overall Debbie was awesome and I’d use her again if I have more kids; I’ve already recommended her to family and friends and I’ll continue to do so.

Posted 11/9/2011

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Julia Czarnik

Like many first time mothers, I wanted the birth of my first child to be perfect. As a couple, my partner and I didn’t know what to expect during the pregnancy, or how to prepare for the birth, and we wanted to get all the answers ahead of time. In came Debbie Hull. From the moment we met her, there was a sense calm that came over the situation. Debbie walked us through what to expect during the pregnancy, she wanted to make sure I was taking care of myself, and that we as a couple were both becoming mentally prepared for the whole experience of birth and afterward. The private birthing class Debbie offered was invaluable because we had the opportunity to ask as many questions as we wanted, it also allowed us “bonding time”, that I felt we needed because birth is such a personal experience, I wanted to know the woman who was going to help us bring our “little angel” into this world. Debbie was by my side through it all. I wanted to try natural childbirth, but at the 12th hour, Debbie supported my decision to have an epidural, and afterward, when I verbalized that my childbirth experience was “less-than” because I had an epidural, Debbie had something to say.... “Everyone has a different experience. You did everything you could to bring your baby into this world the way you wanted, and in the end you just needed a bit of support to do that, don’t let that take anything away from your unique and wonderful birth”. She was right. I appreciate that Debbie knows just what to do and say at the right time, just when it counts most. And let me just mention, I did get that “natural” birth I wanted, with my second child, my daughter, ( 2 years later) and Debbie was right by my side the entire time! Debbie, we can’t thank you enough for making this experience one of the best of our lives!

Posted 5/17/2011

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Stephanie Capps

We were honored  to have Debbie at the birth of our first child and would definitely hope to have her at any future births. She has the perfect presence- very warm and caring, trustworthy and reliable, and knows when to give you and your partner space and when you need support. I also highly recommend her birthing classes. We felt  well educated and prepared for the birth experience.  When the going got tough during labor which required pitocin, I relied on many of the coping techniques she taught us and managed a difficult delivery without pain medication. She stayed with us for a very long birth process and still spent the time to make sure that we were settled in our room afterwards and that breastfeeding was going well. She did so much more than I ever expected and we were so grateful for her support before during and after birth.

Posted 4/8/2011

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Katy McClelland

Having a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is hard these days, especially in a hospital. Debbie played an important role in the wonderful, healing birth of my second daughter. I almost don’t know what to say, as nothing could really capture the warm, respectful presence of this woman during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. I am picky, I am hard to please, and I have been described as overly critical a time or two. I was more than pleased with Debbie and can’t think of a single detail to criticize. She was completely there for me and my husband throughout the process, knowing when to speak up and when to stand quietly by in support. She was very comforting through contractions and vital to our smooth transition from home to hospital. She never left my side (and I was so glad to have her there). I could list all the words that describe her: caring, intuitive, knowledgeable, honest, experienced, kind, tireless, etc. but what matters most is that Debbie is a special person with a unique appreciation of the beauty of birth and the skills to help couples achieve empowering, satisfying birth experiences. She is a gift to babies, women, and all who love them.

Posted 4/1/2011

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Rahel Gersch

Debbie helped us to have the natural birth we aimed for. We had our daughter at St. Lukes and were a little scared of the hospital environment, so we decided for a doula - the best choice ever. Debbie stayed with me the whole time and worked with me to get me through the contractions. This was very effective and I didn't need any pain medication. She was calm and tactful. Debbie helped tremendously in getting my husband involved and stayed in the background when she felt that he would help me most. She was like our guardian angel and I think without her we wouldn't have had the wonderful birth experience we had (her advice helped so much - we switched to the midwives when I was seven months pregnant). When my daughter was born and my husband followed her to oversee the clinical checks, Debbie stayed with me the whole time and made sure I was getting food and everything I needed. She stayed with us until we all were united and in our own room and she gave us follow up calls to make sure that we were allright. If you want someone who really cares, Debbie is the right person. Sensitive about your needs in every situation, always calm and collected, tender and strong. If I'd be pregnant again, I'd call her as soon as I knew I was pregnant just to make sure that she'd be our doula. Thanks for having been our "birth angel".

Posted 3/28/2011

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Marcie Baker Turrin

Debbie's patience, expertise, confidence and good humor were just incredible tools to have alongside me while I brought our little guy into the world!  She helped my husband be a big part of the experience, as well.  She was just a wonderful person to have with me, and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Posted 11/1/2010

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Kelsey Babb Lenoble

Debbie Hull came highly recommended from my midwife, Pat Jones. She was the first doula that I personally interviewed and after meeting her I felt very comfortable with hiring her as my doula right on the spot! What can I say? I was an expecting mother who knew exactly who she wanted attending the birth of her first child. I was impressed with her knowledge and how easy it was to connect with her. I had the most empowering, beautiful and completely natural birth. I really believe all women are strong and brave, but for some women it is not so readily known. Debbie believes that birth works and I trusted that during my son's birth. As long as Debbie was at my side, I was constantly aware of how awesome I was doing. How the intensity of childbirth could not get bigger than me. I quitted my thoughts and I just let Debbie guide me. I "let it be." Today, I am so proud to say that I am a witness to how well birth works and I have to thank Debbie for being exactly what I needed on that wonderful night that my son was born.

Posted 10/29/2010

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Stephanie Dyer

I have been fortunate to have Debbie at three of my births ~ my first three children.  We learned of her service through a friend ( of course she was highly recommended!) and took a class called Birth Works from her.  It was then that I realized that my birth could be so much more than I had ever expected.  I am so thankful that I met Debbie with my first pregnancy!

Debbie not only is amazing at what she does but she brings the added complement of education with her.  I learned so much about pregnancy, labor, and  birth from Debbie and felt more than  'equipt' for what was to come in my birth.  

Debbie has a natural talent for connecting to a pregnant woman in labor.  She knew just what to do and say to enable me to be in the moment and focus on the work that I was doing (labor).  I was EMPOWERED~ and excited about each of my births.  They were all beautiful and amazing natural birth experiences. 

I highly recommend Debbie Hull's doula services and her Birth Works class (if they are available)!

Posted 9/23/2010

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Carol Schumacher

Having the right doula at your birth is important to your birth experience.  As a midwife with a homebirth practice I appreciate Debbie's assistance at births.  Her knowledge base is huge, her experience level is high and she has a lot of wisdom being with women.  I highly recommend Debbie to my clients. 

Posted 9/21/2010

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Krystal Sodaitis

It’s a pleasure to write this testimonial for Debbie Hull. I found Debbie at the BIRTH fair after hearing about her through another doula I had interviewed. Debbie was our third doula interview and I knew almost instantly knew that she was "the one”. I 100% agree with everything that has been said in the previous testimonials. I want to add a few things:

1) I’m a pediatrician. I’ve seen good births and bad births. I’ve seen well intentioned couples taken care of by highly competent obstetricians who end up down the wrong path because of seemingly innocent decisions. Debbie is a great sounding board. She will not make decisions for you but will help you to pause and think things over.

2) My husband put it best. Debbie is like a wedding planner. Before the “big day” you are not really sure what they are going to do for their fee. However, once that day arrives it’s CLEAR, and you are SO thankful she is there.

We couldn’t say enough good things about Debbie. She was there for all 36 hours of my labor (in the hospital) over thanksgiving weekend and then for several hours afterwards. She kept our family informed both in person and over the phone. We don’t live in the Houston area anymore but if we have another baby, I hope that I can find anther doula as special as she is.


Posted 9/20/2010

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Julie Ustruck

After reading a huge selection of birth preparation books, I took Debbie Hull's birth classes, thinking that they would be more for my husband than for myself, but her classes are the best, most informative, most practical classes out there. I truly felt prepared for birth after having taken her classes, and I learned more from her classes than from all the books I had read.  Debbie has an awesome sense of humor, so the classes were very fun. She is a natural teacher and a lover of knowledge.   I knew I wanted Debbie to be my doula the first night of childbirth class (even though we had not yet conceived)!  She's amazing!  You just have to meet her to see why I say that!

I have used Debbie Hull for my last three homebirths!  Debbie is definitely the doula you want to assist you during birth!  She is EXTREMELY  knowledgeable.  She genuinely loves women, birth, and babies, and she genuinely cares.  Debbie understands birth and your needs; she is very intuitive and thoughtful.  She is VERY respectful of your needs and desires during birth.  Debbie Hull can accommodate anyone.  She is also the person you want with you in case of an emergency.  She is smart, dedicated, and a strong advocate if you need someone to go to bat for you and your personal birth plan while you are in the throes of labor.  I trust her fully and recommend her to everyone.  She goes above and beyond your expectations of a labor support person!  Thank you, Sweet Debbie!  Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to you for three incredible births!

Posted 9/20/2010

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Lisa Ferrara

Debbie was my doula and taught my husband and I private birth classes in our home. I had monozygotic-diamniotic twins. I very much wanted to have a natural birth, but I had a complicated pregnancy and had to prepare for many possible birth scenarios. I'm not sure how we would have made it through all of our drama without Debbie's constant and prayerful support. Through three months of bedrest, a breech twin B and a hurricane evacuation thrown in to boot, Debbie helped us not only be prepared, but was a counselor as we had to make unexpected decisions and deal with life's circumstances. In the end, my twin daughters were born at 38 weeks, delivered vaginally, with a successful labor. I believe that the birth is when all of Debbie's skills truly shown. She was a calm presence that took care of me immpecably and made sure all of pre-determined concerns were addressed. My girls were some what stressed from birth and still needed to spend time in the NICU, but Debbie stayed with us until they were stable, I was pumping and cord blood was picked up by the courrier. I'm positive some balls would have been dropped if Debbie hadn't been there, and those were all things that mattered to my husband and me. My girls just turned two and every birthday I especially think about my birth experience and how lucky I am that Debbie was there. I truly believe she is the best support a new mother and father can have.

Posted 9/18/2010

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Kellie Moeller

I am a Certified Nurse Midwife who has the privilege of having worked with Debbie both in the hospital and at home births. As your doula, she is very knowledgeable about the process of birth as well as the many interventions and options that may occur during your birth experience. She can help you decide prior to the event how you may want to procede when different situations arise during the birth. She is a respectful, assertive voice for you when you are in the vulnerable stages of labor. Debbie has "magic" hands that are a bonus, especially, for back pain. She has many tips and ideas as well as encouraging affirmations which help you through the labor. My favorite attribute about Debbie Hull, the doula, is she does not usurp the husband's role. She guides your husband when he seems lost about how to help you. This birth experience belongs to you and your husband and Debbie honors that right. Debbie is an excellent choice for a doula.

Kellie Moeller, CNM

Posted 9/18/2010

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Veronika Prisztas

Absolutely great! I had an HBAC and I don't think I could have done it without her! She is the most patient person I have ever met. She knows exactly what to do when you are in "pain", what not to do, she knows what to say and not to say, her counter pressure during contraction is amazing. I could go on and on, bottom line is that her services are worth every penny!

Posted 9/18/2010

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Kimberly Robbins

Debbie has been our doula for the birth of both of our sons. My oldest, was a difficult birth that required pitocin (without an epidural). Such an intense 8-hour labor, Debbie was key in not only keeping me focused and talking me through many contractions, but she was also key in reassuring my husband by giving him strength to know that everything was ok and to continue to encourage me. With that in mind, she was an easy choice for our second son, who was an amazingly easy birth, and arrived truly before anyone had a chance to blink an eye. Debbie was always available for questions before, during and after the birth and helped us with many questions or situations we encountered (ie kidney stones, gestational diabetes tests, etc). She also remained after the birth to make sure that we were doing well and on the right track to successful nursing. She really felt a part of our family.

Posted 9/17/2010

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Brian Clark

I hope I'm not intruding here, but perhaps a father's perspective will be of value to some folks.  We left our OB at 30+ weeks (with our first child) for a midwife at a birth center, and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  It's also the direct result of Debbie's counsel. 

My wife met Debbie at a BIRTH Fair, and she was struck with Debbie's candid manner and strong convictions.  We were considering enrolling in one of her classes, so I called Debbie out of the blue to...uh, interview her.  I'll never forget that conversation.  I asked her to state her agenda and voice her biases -- something our OB had resolutely refused to do.  Debbie took a deep breath....and spoke her mind.  That's rare, and it's valuable.

We took her class.  We took her on as our doula.  She became a friend.  She was with my wife literally EVERY moment throughout her labor and delivery -- she never left her side.  She was the voice of comfort in my wife's ear, and a voice of reason in the room.  She was patient, and always positive -- but here's the thing:  Debbie has the rare ability to tread the fine line between keeping things positive and keeping things real.  She never drifted into sappy cliches or empty chatter.  She brings sincere passion and energy to birth, but she also understands the depth of emotion and intensity and pain of the experience.  She won't suffer much nonsense or superficiality, but she'll never give up on you.

Debbie was the core of the support team that brought both of our children into the world.  We hope she'll always be a part of our lives.

Posted 9/17/2010

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Shazia Ashraf

Debbie became my doula by chance and I give her much credit for helping me get through my labor.  I began labor at home and transferred to a hospital due to risk of infection.  My midwife had another patient who went into labor, so she called Debbie as a back up, hence my chance meeting with her.  Immediately, Debbie helped me focus on "riding" my contractions and used her powerful hands to put pressure on my lower back - where I needed it most.  She reassured me, encouraged me, massaged me, and fed me for many hours in a room that was 85 degrees because I was cold.  Her powerful mantras like "pressure is the way out" really helped me get through labor without drugs or other unecessary interventions.  She did all this throughout my labor without taking a break.  She was always focused on my needs and did not leave me for a minute. After having experienced birthing with a doula, I cannot imagine giving birth without one.  Every woman should have a doula.  And every lucky woman should have Debbie. 

Posted 9/17/2010

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