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Katie Richardson, CD(DONA)

Nashville Doula Katie/Placenta Encapsulation

Smyrna, TN Service range 100 miles

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Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 115 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am very comfortable working with clients from other countries, cultures, and religious backgrounds.

Fee Details

Don't let a fee stand in your way of having the benefits of a doula!!! I will work with you on a payment plan if needed.

Smyrna, TN Service range 100 miles

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Anne S.


I decided I wanted a doula after reading several books on unmedicated childbirth. When thinking about what I wanted in a doula I knew I’d want someone that I could talk to like they were a lifelong friend. That is exactly the experience I had with Katie. She reminded me of my two closest friends combined into one person. I also knew she’d get along great with my partner, which was very important to me because they made up my birth team and having a good synergy between them was crucial.

Katie met with us twice before my delivery first to discuss what we’d like to happen at birth and answer questions we had about what to expect. The second time was to go over labor and birth positions. She was also very responsive to any questions I had leading up to my delivery.

I ended up having to be induced and she was there throughout the whole delivery, working in tandem with my partner. My partner said without her he wasn’t sure he’d be able to help me through the labor without her help. After our baby was delivered she took candid photos of us meeting our baby for the first time which are priceless and photos I’ll cherish forever.

I can’t recommend Katie enough as a doula. If I were to have another child I would definitely use her again.

Diana Bailey


It's impossible to describe how valuable Katie was to our birthing process and bringing our sweet girl into this world. After deciding that I wanted to try as hard as possible to have a natural/med free labor, I knew that my husband and I would probably need some help. After lots of research and procrastination, we decided to reach out to Katie and set up a meeting. From the first meeting we hit it off and I felt extremely comfortable talking through my pregnancy and labor/delivery hopes. She was supportive of every wish we had and provided guidance and support on some topics that we hadn't thought of. We stayed in contact regularly over the rest of my pregnancy, reassuring us of her commitment. The morning I went into labor, I sent a message at 4:30AM and SHE RESPONDED helping to walk me through what I was feeling. She met us at the Birthing Center at St. Thomas once I was admitted (11AM) and stayed with us for the next 8 hours. With Katie's guidance and support (seriously, she let me hang off her for many hours during contractions) we successfully delivered my daughter in the Birthing Center. My OB was extremely impressed with Katie (as was I) and made a point to tell me that she appreciated Katie's ability to "be okay with silence". Everyone has their own way of getting through contractions and I just happened to be quiet and focused and she followed my lead. 

We will 100% be using Katie again when we decide to have another child. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

Jordan Murphy


I can’t recommend Katie highly enough!! Just book her to be your doula and let this be an easy decision during this crazy time! I had a goal for a medication free birth and with Katie we were able to do it! My husband and I took her extremely informative birthing class and I was so impressed by her knowledge, experience, and overall demeanor that we decided that night when class let out that we wanted her with us during this special time. One thing that impressed me most about Katie was her way of communicating. She was available and helpful before, during, and after the big day. And when the time came, Katie was texting with me- day and night- throughout my 2 days worth of laboring at home and my husband slept (one of us needed to be rested at least)! I didn’t want to go to the hospital too early (part of the reason to hire a doula) but boy when those contractions come with such intensity it’s easy to want to jump the gun. Katie would simply ask me about a pain management technique we’d previously talked about (and in the moment I couldn’t remember by myself). This way of diverting my attention was excellent in calming me down and giving me other options- mind you this is all happening in the wee morning hours when normally we would all be asleep!! She’s equally as stellar in the L&D room. Katie brought things that turned the room into a very calm place, even the nurses and midwife commented how they appreciated what she had done. She knows these tricks with counter pressure that are AMAZING. I think at one point my husband tried to do what she had done and I immediately asked for Katie’s pressure back. She stayed in touch and came back to the house afterward for a follow up which was wonderful. I really can’t sing her praises highly enough! Thank you Katie for everything!!

Susannah Berry


Katie is knowledgeable, caring and has a wonderful, positive energy. I was so pleased to have her by my side during my labor and delivery. She advocated for me during difficult medical decisions, helped me make decisions and supported me as my birth plan changed.

She had amazing (what felt like life saving) tools and ideas that helped with pain management while I was laboring naturally. She made sure my partner stayed comfortable and healthy, to best support me, during a 36 hour labor. She even slept on the floor of our hospital room during this incredibly long labor. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is.

Additionally, she checked on our family after our baby was born and offered helpful advice. You can't go wrong with Katie - I look forward to working with her again when we have our next child.

Sarah Taylor Funkhouser


Being a first time mom and not having family in the state, Katie was a perfect match to support my and my husband through the birth of our first child. We met Katie at a Doula event where we interviewed 10 doulas and we both felt the most connected to Katie. She asked us questions about what we wanted and actually listened to our hopes and fears. She continues to support and encourage us during the pregnancy. Katie was also our birthing class instructor and We enjoyed getting to know her while getting more prepared for the birth.  At the time of the birth, Katie was very supportive to Both my husband and I. I went into labor with the idea that I would probably get an epidural, but with the support of Katie and the knowledge I had from the birthing classes, I was able to have a natural child birth. Something I never thought I was capable of. Over all I would absolutely recommend Katie to any of my friends or family considering a doula. You cannot put a price tag on having that extra layer of suport when you need it most. Thanks Katie!

Cayce Boughton


I can't imagine my brith without Katie! When I first met Katie while looking for a doula, I was immeidately struck by her calm energy and knowledge in pregnancy and labor & delivery. I knew she was the fit we needed. Katie checked in throughout my prgenancy and met with us at home twice to ensure we were as prepared as possible, always bringing with her that comforting presence. 

My labor took an unexpected turn, lasting 31 hours without medications. Katie was messaging with me all day while laboring at home (answering questions and provding guidance we would not have otherwise had!) and met us at the hospital as soon as we requested. Her presence in my hospital room was incredible. Katie created a serene atmosphere that helped bring calm to me while working through contractions and discomfort. She supported me (emotionall, mentally and physically) and my husband throughout the entire night until our baby girl finally arrived at 9AM the next morning. Through extreme exhaustion and a stressful birth, Katie held her composure and never left my side. 

Even after birth, with some complications for baby, Katie stayed by my side giving love, support, and comfort throughout difficult conversations with doctors. Katie continued her care for us throughout the weeks following our delivery. We truly could not have made it without her and highly recommend her services for your pregnancy and labor support no matter your borth plan. Katie is excellent at what she does and her passion for her clients will carry you through any situation!

Katie Richardson


**Responding to the previous testimonial**
Hey Amber,
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to give your honest feedback. I am so very sorry that you didn’t feel fully supported! I’m sorry you’ve been carrying that for the last 16 months since the birth of your baby! I really wish we could have talked about this sooner! I have such a different memory of your birth! It seems like we had a miscommunication along the way.

When I asked if you wanted me to meet you at the hospital or wait until you got checked in, you told me to wait and not come yet. Knowing that you would need me soon, I was trying to get a little bit of sleep while I waited for you to let me know you were ready for me to come. When your husband text me at 3:30am to let me know you’d been checked and were getting a room, I didn’t hear the notification from my phone. I knew it was possible not to hear a notification when sleeping, that’s why I had specifically asked that you call me if I didn’t respond to your text in the night.

I didn’t hear from you guys again for three more hours. Thankfully, when your husband did text again, I heard the notification and I left immediately. Did you think that I had gotten the first message, that I was on my way, and then it took hours for me to arrive? What an awful feeling that must have been! Again, I am so very sorry that it appeared as though I just didn’t show up for you when you needed me. My entire reason for being a Doula is so that moms don’t have to feel alone or unsupported. I didn’t mean for you to ever feel like that and I’m truly sorry that you did.

Amber Russell Overcast


Unfortunately, on a scale of one to five, I give Katie 2.5 stars from my experience. I write this so that future clients understand my experience and make a decision for themselves. Katie was very nice and kind. She met with us twice prior to birth. That was great and she put me at ease. However, once I actually went into labor, she text me and gave me support but was not there when I went to Vandy. She held off and that was not the agreement that I thought we had. I asked her to come once I got checked in. She showed up hours later. After explaining to family members that we wanted a doula and for them to show up before she got there. It was embarrassing. Furthermore, the midwives and nurses kept asking where my doula was. Once she got there she provided support to myself and my husband. I appreciate her for that. However, for the money I paid, I wanted her there when I asked her to come. Not hours later... I needed her. I was only at the hospital in labor from 2am to 11am. She showed up around 7am. I feel like I paid a lot of money for a few hours of work. After baby was born, I had issues with breastfeeding and I would have loved for her to have been supportive in that effort.

Claire Meneely


Katie was a wonderful doula! My husband and I met with several potential doulas for our first birth - when we met with Katie, we knew she would be a great fit for us. She's confident but laid-back, passionate but open-minded, knowledgable but not pushy. I loved hearing her birth stories and the reasons why she became a doula. 

Katie met with us a couple of times before the birth and helped us feel more confident and even more excited about the childbirth. She helped us think about different potential situations and how we'd like to handle them. She got to know us and developed communication with both my husband and me, and made it clear that she was there to work with both of us during this process. 

During the birth Katie was soooooo helpful. I wanted to have the baby at a birthing center, but, due to an extended labor, was transfered to a hospital. Katie was available to us every step of the way from early morning phone calls when my water broke to driving with us during the transfer through the hospital delivery and checking in with us a couple of days later. She was there when we needed her and stepped back when we didn't. It was exactly what I wanted from a doula. 

You can tell she loves what she does and that she really wants to know you and help you have the birth experience you want to have. 


Elizabeth Menkveld


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Katie. She made sure we knew she was available for any questions we might have during pregnancy and postpartum. During labor, Katie did a great job working with my husband to provide support; I felt that I had everything I needed during labor and my husband was able to participate as much as he had hoped too. She is so easy to talk to and we immediately felt very comfortable with her. We would recommend Katie to any one who is interested in having a doula!



We are really happy Katie was our doula, we can’t imagine having gone through the birth of our son without her! This was my first pregnancy, so I had no idea what to expect about the birth process. I had a bad experience with a midwife that shook my confidence in my providers.  That’s when we decided to look into having a doula.  I felt that I needed someone experienced to bounce info off of and who could help me look out for myself during my pregnancy and birth experience.  We chose Katie because she was so personable right off the bat and she genuinely addressed my fears and concerns because of her own experiences.  Throughout my pregnancy she was able to answer any questions I had and helped me form my birth plan.  During my labor she was calm, helpful, soothing, and respectful.  She played a big role in us having a positive birth experience and we highly recommend her! 

Lindsay Black


Katie was so great! She always answered all of our questions and did so in a non bided way. We met with her prenatally twice and each time was a couple of hours. We felt so comfortable with her. During our birth, I stayed at home for 24 hours because my water door but things didn’t pick up for awhile. We didn’t feel we needed her at the house yet, but she stayed up all night texting me and reassuring me.  When we finally went to our birth center we had a change of plans and she kept us calm and reasure us everything would be ok. When we transferred to the hospital she made sure our wishes were known, but did so in a very friendly, professional way. She was very knowledgeable about birth and different positions to help baby move down.  She was always supportive physically and emotionally. I would definitely recommend Katie and will be using her in the future!! 

Rebecca Haw


Katie was a wonderful doula! She is low-key, down to earth, and super reliable. I don't know what we would have done if it were not for her warm, kind, knowledgeable support at the birth of both of our children. She also was a real support in the weeks following. She knows her stuff, and has a fabulous personality for this work! I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Amber Waterman Music


We hired Katie for the birth of both of our girls, about 3 years apart! Without a doubt, neither my husband nor I would’ve made it through a natural birth without her expertise, experience, and support! We fully trusted her to guide us through both birth experiences and help us navigate all options (complicated labor the first time around, easier the second!). I’ve recommended her to my friends and we’d definitely use her a third time if we decided to have another child! She’s also been a great resource for follow-up questions and “mom advice” after both babes were born! She has great energy, is easy going, down to earth, and calming in the most stressful moments! 

Chelsea Young


Katie was the perfect compliment to my birth team and knew exactly what I needed at all stages of my labor. She was calm and helped me stay calm throughout which made a huge impact on how fast my labor went. She was extremely knowledgable on where I was in labor and was able to communicate that with my midwife without me having to worry about it. I would recommend Katie to anyone and so thankful we found her as our doula! I also loved that she came for postpartum checkups & also did my placenta pills.

Sarah McFarland


Katie is the absolute best!  I was induced at 39 weeks and had the goal of going natural.  My total induction took 48 hours and Katie was accessible and supportive throughout.  She was flexible with the timing and was amazing in labor and delivery once everything got started.  She kept the room calm and was a valuable source of coaching and information.  My birth experience could not have gone any smoother and I know that Katie made the difference!  Hire her today!!

Pathana Manivong


Katie was Amazing! Not only did I love her but so did everyone in my family. She was honestly the best decision I made when creating a birth plan. I didn't want much other than making sure my baby was safe and healthy and to reassure me that I was very much capable of having a natural birth. Katie was there throughout my birth journey even post pregnancy. She was extremely professional but what I loved most about her was her kind spirit! I certainly recommend Katie and hope to work with her again with future births ??

Chris Carr


From a Husband's perspective: When my wife informed me that she'd like to get a Doula to assist with the birth of our first child, I'll admit - I had no clue what a Doula was. I thought it was probably something we'd have to buy off Amazon...So after a bit of research, I was on board, but admittedly hesitant. As husband and first time father-to-be, I was initially worried that if we hired a Doula, that I'd be pushed aside or overshadowed; and not be able to be a strong presence for my wife. I quickly realized that I could not have been more wrong! Hiring Katie was one of the best decisions we made throughout the entire birthing process. Katie's warm personality immediately made us feel comfortable. We met multiple times leading up to birth to discuss our plan and expectations. She was professional every step of the way, very qualified and well-prepared. For me, what really stood out about Katie (other than the aforementioned - again coming from a guy's perspective) was that she never made me feel excluded or like I wasn't a part of the process. Her calm demeanor and knowledge of how to handle each situation my wife was facing, all while helping me handle those same situations from a different pt. of view, alleviated any stress I/we had (trust me, I had plenty). She helped me feel confident and never over-stepped. She helped w/ various birth positions, applied heating pads, massaged her back, offered countless words of encouragement and positive support; and so much more... We were a team - while I concentrated on holding my wife's hand or helping her stay focused, Katie was doing everything else to help minimize pain, keep her calm, or explain to her what she was experiencing. Katie never complained during the entire 24 hour labor and gave me time to rest when needed. Hiring Katie took the weight off my shoulders and allowed me to be present and to enjoy the best experience of my life. We will definitely hire Katie again!

Allison Turner


We hired Katie as our postpartum doula after the birth of our fourth baby in January. She would come over and keep me company as he was busy with our older kids and I was riding those postpartum emotions and attempting to process my homebirth experience. I cannot overemphasize how comforting it was to have someone to listen while I talked, and who had no agenda other than to just be there for me. She also helped in so many tangible ways like switching over laundry, tidying main living areas, and lunch table clean up. Katie read to my big kids, held my baby so I could shower or nap, and provided friendly company for me once my husband was back at work and our visiting family was gone. She would be a blessing to any mother and family! If we were having another baby, I'd hire her again in an instant. 

Danae Hutchinson


Katie has encapsulated my placenta with my last 2 babies and it's been pivotal in my recovery. She came shortly after birth and returned in less than 2 days with everything done professionally. In both instances, she managed to get a good amount of supplements for me. My last baby was smaller and had a small placenta and this baby was much larger with a large placenta. Katie is kind, personable, attentive, and does a fantastic job! I haven't used a doula because my husband has been an incredible support but if I decided to use a doula, I'd definitely use Katie! I highly recommend her! 

Heather M


Katie was amazing! From the very initial interview we could tell she had the calm and positive energy we were looking for to be a part of this amazing process and experience! She was always very knowledgeable and honest with all of our questions and concerns. It was wonderful to know the number of birth experiences she had been a part of. Even though I ended up needing a c section Katie was still there that day supporting me and my husband. We also used her to do our place ta encapsulation and she delivered it to us the day after we got home from the hospital! It was very fast. We couldn't have asked for a better doula and it was worth every dollar. 

Lana Goss


As soon as I met Katie I knew she was the doula for us. She is down to earth and so easy to talk to and open up to. She has so much experience and knowledge. We felt right at home with her. In the hospital she was by my side the whole time and I can't imagine having our son or another birth without her. My birthing didn't end up as planned but Katie was there to support us. She helped me understand what was happening and helped me emotionally. I'm not sure how my husband and I would've made it alone. 

Brooke Windsor


Katie was wonderful and easy to talk to from day one. Having her as our doula eased my nervousness in a time of uncertainty. We were grateful to have extra support and a caring team! Thank you Katie!

Katie Gillis


I found Katie through Baby in Co in Nashville.   I needed someone for placenta encapsulation. Katie came the same day that I called her and picked up the placenta and brought back the capsules and tincture the next afternoon. She was really easy to commminicate with on the phone and through text. She's really friendly and helpful in person!  I would totally recommend her and plan to use her services again in the future if we have baby number three. 

-Katie Gillis

April 2017

Kyrsten L.


When searching for a doula, you want someone who is educated and experienced. But, you also want someone who is calm, encouraging, and intuitive. And regardless of what kind of birth you choose, you may also want someone who is familiar with home birth as well as common hospital procedures and interventions. With Kate as our doula, we had ALL of this! 

With this baby, I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth. However, having passed our due date, and facing some other pressing health concerns, we opted for an induction. Katie did not judge me at all. She agreed to be there with us regardless of our situation, and encouraged me in making whatever decision was best for our family. 

Our induction didn't go quite as planned, but Katie provided much needed assistance throughout the process. She encouraged me to ask the right questions, some of which I hadn't even thought of until she suggested them! As the morning progressed, Katie stayed with us, with a watchful eye on my contractions, making sure I was staying confident and had everything I could need or want. Labor and delivery were grueling for me, as my body decided to suddenly race through and kick baby out! I went from 4cm to Baby in 1hr and 13min - what they call a "rapid labor". While it didn't last very long, it was extremely intense, and happened too quickly for me to have an epidural. It was very difficult to maintain focus, and I didn't have time to adapt to the contractions. I'm not sure what I would have done without Katie's help. She knew exactly where and when to apply counter pressure, she knew just how to help the midwife, she knew when to hold my hand and when to support the rest of me. I was especially impressed with how the hospital staff responded to her. You know you've got a great doula when the nurses and midwife invite her back in the future!  

I cannot state strongly enough how amazingly helpful Katie was for us. She's wonderful!

Mary Chris


We HIGHLY recommend Katie. She attend my first and second birth. My first birth was lengthy and involved a few complications. Being a first time mom, having Katie to talk to, text with and be with me in person was crucial. She was great to help with understanding at what point of labor I was in, when to head to the hospital, helping understand what was going on while at the hospital and providing techniques when things were not progressing. My husband was skeptical at first of hiring a doula but after our first daughter was born, he said she was worth every penny. We decided to have her back for our second birth as well. Things were very different this time around and progressed much more quickly. Without Katie I feel confident I would have had my baby at home or in the car, neither of which we were planning or prepared for. She walked me through laboring at home and let me know when it was time to head to the hospital. She was on site before we arrived and was extremely helpful for the 30 minutes we were at the hospital before our baby was born. Katie was a better "pushing coach" than all the nurses combined. It so helpful to have someone on your side that you have a relationship with to help you through the process. My unmedicated birth was exactly what I wanted. Katie new how important this was to me after things did not go as I wished the first time so she was ready with her camera phone to capture the precious moments after our second daughter was born. From my first contractions, through laboring at home, then at the hospital, pushing, new baby's arrival and processing what just happened after a very quick labor - Katie was so wonderful. If we have a 3rd I will have her with us again. We just love her and recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula (which everyone should do!)

Devon Allen Tessier


I cannot thank Katie Richardson enough for what she did for our family. Nor could I recommend a better doula. She was not only supportive and caring, but she drove 3 hours to help with our birth after we moved when I was 8 month pregnant. She came up as soon as I let her know that they were going to induce me, although it could have taken a day or two, since this was my first pregnancy. She was amazing and helped me have the birth that we wanted!

Lauren Douglass


Katie was an amazing source of support for me and my husband as we prepared for the birth of our daughter, the day she was born and postpartum. I had planned a natural birth at a hospital with a doula, and when I met Katie I just knew she was the one to coach us through our birth. At about 35 weeks we learned our little girl was breech and despite our efforts to get her to turn she wouldn’t budge.

Katie helped us modify our birth plan and on “birth day” was with us before the c-section and in the recovery room. Thank goodness she was there! We were able to get our daughter to latch immediately -- this was something I was VERY concerned about with a planned c-section and Katie helped us put a plan in place to succeed. Shortly after the first feeding I had some complications related to the procedure and was not able to hold our daughter. Katie was an absolute godsend. She helped my husband kangaroo with the baby, made sure I was as comfortable as I could be and communicated with our family members about what is going on. Had she not been there I am not sure what we would have done.

We also elected to do placenta encapsulation. The pills were delivered two days after the birth, and I think they really helped me avoid the baby blues. After we came home from the hospital she came over and listened to me as I worked through my birth experience. She helped me remember the positive things, provided VBAC resources and lactation support.

Even though I didn’t have the natural birth I had always dreamed of I am so glad Katie was with us on that day. I cannot recommend her enough!

Peyton French


Katie was an amazing help my entire pregnancy. She was always there to answer all of my questions and I was always able to contact her no matter the time of day. During my long 26 hours of all natural labor she was there with my husband and I every step of the way. She kept me calm and motivated me the entire time. Katie continued to remind me of my wishes to give birth naturally and was patient with me no matter how difficult I became. My husband wasnt on board with the thought of a doula at the start of my pregnancy but that opinion definitely changed when he saw how much help she provided. We can not recommend her enough.

Mary Chris


We LOVE Katie! She was at the birth of our first child and will be attending the birth of our second baby as well. Katie was extremely helpful from the very first meeting. She was great about getting to know us first and talking through all aspects of birth since this was our first baby. We texted during my early labor while I was at home which was very helpful. Then Katie met us at the hospital and was there for over 24 hours until our daughter was born. When complications arose she was extremely helpful in talking through options, helping with various birthing positions and being a educationed friend who could help talk through what the Drs/nurses were saying. I had a long labor and there would have been many hours when it was just my husband and me in the room since the nurses and Drs come and go. It was so comforting to have Katie there the entire time and to have birth coach who had  been through it before. My husband was hesitant about hiring a doula and really didnt think she would be necessary. After our baby was born, he said Katie was worth every penny. I think he felt a lot of pressure lifted knowing she was there and we had someone else to go through the process with us. We would definitely recommend Katie!!



Christy Conway


Katie Richardson helped me with my first labor at St. Thomas Midtown in June of 2015. I knew early on that I wanted a doula who had lots of experience, was willing to include my husband, and --most importantly-- was chill and normal. We met with a few ladies that didn't quite fit. Personality fit is so important! Upon meeting Katie, I saw that she wasn't uber granola, which I greatly appreciated. I simply wanted emotional support and assistance with managing my pain. I didn't want birth theories, spiritual pushing, or judgement. That's why Katie turned out to be so great! She was there on time--important. She helped me navigate positions that helped me cope and massaged my back throughout. This turned out to be such a blessing because my kiddo was posterior. I was able to go natural thanks to Katie and my patient OB. In fact, I like Katie so much I am going to use her for my next labor. We're pregnant again! 

Virginia Griswold


My husband and I are so pleased with the support we recieved from Katie Richardson. We were initially concerned about the added expense of working with a doula...but it Katie is completely worth it! Hire her!! We wanted a natural birth at Baby and Company and, thanks to Katie's expertise, we acheieved our goal. Katie was there for us through 30 hours of labor, with our daughter in a posterior position for the majority of it. It was exhausting work for everyone, yet she was steadfastly by my side. In addition, she worked seamlessly with my husband to ensure that he felt included in the labor and delivery of our daughter. As a result, my relationship with him has never been stronger. 

My birth experience was amazing and empowering. I am so grateful to Katie for her help on this journey. We couldn't have done it without her. 

Cecilia Mo


There were a lot of unexpected hiccups during our son's birth, and we were very fortunate to have Katie by our side. She was always available to us when we needed her before the big day, and when contractions started, she was responsive and a calming presence. She met us at the hospital, and was a great source on information when we were trying to process information from the doctors. She was great with me and my husband with pain management techniques, and when things were not going to plan, I was very glad to have her by our sides. We would work with Katie again - she is wonderful, and a real advocate and ally. 

Lindsey Carlson


Immediately upon meeting Katie I knew she was a perfect fit for my husband and me. She is extremely down to earth and informed having attended well over 60 births. My birth plan included a natural birth at Baby & Co. However, at 39.2 weeks my blood pressure was elevated to unsafe levels, which required me to transfer care to Vanderbilt where I was admitted to L&D for preeclampsia. At this point I was started on a Beta-Blocker, Magnesium, and Pitocin to help stabilize and progress me in the labor process. During this time my husband was on the phone multiple times with Katie discussing my condition, she prepared us to embrace an epidural as an additional means to lower my blood pressure that was rising to critical levels. She advised me to stay rested and to eat as much as I could tolerate to ensure I would have enough energy for the road ahead. Katie spent 12 hours by my side while I was on the Magnesium up until the time I delivered. After pushing for 4.5 hours and two attempts by physicians to manually rotate the baby in the birth canal I had to have a forceps assisted vaginal delivery. Katie was well known by the hospital staff and made me feel at ease as she had seen the attending physician perform multiple forceps assisted deliveries in her time as a doula. Over the course of my labor, my goals quickly shifted to a healthy baby born vaginally. It was important to me to “deliver” my own baby after the head and shoulders were safely out. Katie advocated on my behalf to ensure that I was able to do this as planned. She came prepared with peppermint oil as I became nauseated and vomited after delivery. She also held a fan on me to help improve my symptoms, all of these gestures come from her wealth of experience as a birth doula. She truly was my “Fairy God Mother” throughout my difficult labor. I highly recommend Katie to anyone considering the use of a birth doula. She will forever hold a special place in my heart!

Amelia Allen


When we got pregnant with our second child, I knew we were going to need to find a doula. We had one for our first birth while living in Kentucky and were able to have an awesome, intervention free experience. We interviewed several people, and as soon as we met and talked to Katie we knew she was right for us. I loved how easy she was to talk to, and she really fit well with me and my husband's laid-back personalities.  She immediately felt like a friend. 

I got pre-eclampsia about 2 weeks before my due date, which was so NOT in my birth plan! I wasn't induced immediately, and Katie was there for me during those four days when I wasn't sure if I should go in to induce or wait a bit longer for labor.  She provided me emotional and factual support, assuring me I could still have the birth I wanted even though it wasn't what I had expected. 


During labor, I want a calm, low key experience. I need to be reminded to change positions, cold wet washcloths for my hot hands, water, and some words of encouragement during the harder contractions.  Katie did all this and more, without me asking. She just knew.  It was exactly what I needed. I was able to have a natural birth, despite being induced with a Foley bulb. 

I really can't say enough good things about Katie, I think she is awesome and if we have a third baby, we will definitely ask her to be our doula again. Thank you Katie! 


Jessica Krassow


Having Katie as our doula was an awesome experience. When we hired her, I warned her that I was fairly low-maintenance during birth, but needed someone I could rely on to be an extra set of hands when I needed something specific. Even though I know her capabilities far outreach what I specifically needed, she was a great listener and was right where I needed her when I needed it, plus some. We felt like she immediately gelled with our family and felt like she was more like a good friend, and our older daughter just loved her. She also gets bonus points for catching a frog that had gotten inside during all the birth commotion! Thanks for the great experience, Katie!

Rebecca Sweet


I had a great experience with Katie encapsulating my placenta. It's something I feel has made a huge difference during my postpartum period. She took the time to answer all of my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the whole procedure. If we have another child I will be contacting her again. A+ service!

Diane Barrett


At 36wks, hubby and I knew we were behind in preparing for a natural birth. Overwhelmed and stressed from other areas of our lives being very busy, we decided to find a doula to help us have a positive birth experience. Katie immediately stood out to us. She answered our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, and we just felt her genuineness and nurturing, giving spirit. Once we talked to Katie about what we wanted (as natural as possible, but mostly a positive labor/birth experience for us and baby), we felt so much weight lift off our shoulders. We no longer felt the need to do tons of research and prep for laboring. She helped us to focus on the things that matter most for our plan (positive affirmations, relaxing, reading Hypnobabies if time allowed).

At 38 weeks, I went into labor. She made sure to be in contact with me from the moment my water broke and I texted her at 5:45am! She seemed to know exactly what I was worried about each step of the way. She'd remind me that I've got this and I AM ready despite me initially feeling behind. After we got to the hospital, she reassured me after every bit of news or information explaining the positive side to each bit of news. It didn't go as natural as I planned, but Katie really helped me to remember that plans change and my health and babies health was the most important thing.

Without her helping to put things in perspective, I would've had an extremely different birth experience that would've been stressful and fear-based. Her knowledge, social grace, and intuition to what my body was going through/needed was a huge blessing. We are so grateful that we had a wonderful 1st birth experience thanks to Katie. When I shopped around for doulas, a couple of friends mentioned that they liked their doula, but probably wouldn't be friends outside of the labor room. I'm glad I found a doula that I'd be lucky to call a friend! She's just a good person, and you don't meet those everyday!

Randy Barrett


My wife and I absolutely love Katie. If we're blessed with another child in the future, we'll definitely want to use her again. As a devoted husband and first time father, I wanted to be the best support person I could be, however being my first baby, knew I could use some help. With Katie, we were no longer stressing about what to expect on our labor day. We immediately felt relief knowing that we had a great person with tons of knowledge on our side!

I was overwhelmed with trying to learn all that there is to learn about labor and how to best support my wife. Hypnobabies, Pitocin, Epidurals, C Sections, Effaced, Ring of Fire...would I really be able to remember everything in the heat of the moment!? The thought of Katie being there took a huge load off my shoulders. With Katie there, I was able to focus and be present with my wife.

My wife was in labor for nearly 24hrs with really painful contractions starting at every 3 minutes. During each contraction my wife needed her lower back massaged vigorously, which was very tiring for all of us! Katie had great intuition with what we needed. She took over when she felt I was tired from massaging. She encouraged us to eat, and offered to grab the family food before I even noticed I was starving. I had to step away a few times to go to the car and help my mother-in-law find her way, and It was nice knowing that Katie was there to look after her while I was gone.

When decisions about labor needed to be made, Katie was there to make sure we understood what they meant, and how that effects our labor plan. We were encouraged the entire time with every decision we made.

She was a trooper the whole time, and never seemed to tire. Her emotional and physical support was priceless, and we're very happy to have had her there on such an important day of our lives.

Thanks Katie!

Kathryn Tyminski


Hiring Katie is one of the best decisions that we made for our birth experience. Zack and I felt that we were pretty well prepared for the experience of childbirth as we had taken the Bradley Method course (12 weeks of classes) and taken classes at Baby and Company where we planed to deliver as well. When it came down to it, I think having Katie there was more important than all of the other preparation we had done combined. I went into labor Wednesday evening and very quickly progressed to what we thought was transition-- my contractions were 3 minutes apart and I was throwing up so we called Katie to meet us at the birth center. When we arrived it turns out I was only 2cm dilated so we were sent home. Katie met is back at our house and proceeded to stay with us while I labored for another 5 hours before heading back to the birth center. Once there, she was fantastic help. She held my hand and encouraged me through every contraction and when I really felt like I couldn't do it anymore she reminded me that I am strong and literally made to bring our child into the world. I wound up with a uterine infection and had to transfer to the hospital mid-labor and it was amazing having Katie there to help with the medical staff. She made sure that we were able to follow our birth plan to the best of our ability and when we had to make decisions that we didn't want to have to make (like choosing to have Pitocin administred), she was a wealth of knowledge and reassurance that we were making the best decision for our family. If we decide to add to our family, she will be the first person I call. 

Christine Micheel


Katie was a real trooper when it came to my birth. She arrived just after my birthing time (hypnobabies mama here!) really got going. We quickly decided to head to the hospital because of the intensity of my birthing waves. There we discovered I was only a few centimeters dilated, so we walked around the hospital for several hours until I was ready to be admitted. From there, it was a marathon.  Katie was tireless, I have huge respect for how hard she had to work during the 28 hours she was with me.  She was my cheerleader, reminded me of my birth plan, and provided support to my hubby, too. After my husband and I brought our baby home, Katie provided post-partum doula services to us, as well, which was so helpful.  I was in the new world of motherhood, trying to figure out how to do everything, including nursing my baby.  Katie enabled me to take a shower, eat some food, put in a load of laundry or two, and basically have a little adult conversation.  Those first few weeks were so much more manageable because of Katie's help.  Katie is professional, supportive, caring, responsive, and responsible. All important qualities for a doula!

Amanda Safford


I am happy to endorse Katie as a Doula.  My husband actually found her as we searched for a doula during my pregnancy.  Katie was so kind and easy going, while knowledgeable and versed in all things birthing.  We had planned for a natural birth and against all odds our little one had no intention of coming out.  After a long and very hard decision, my husband and I decided to opt for a scheduled cesarean.  I was even partially ashamed of the choice, and made him call Katie to tell her.  She was NOTHING BUT SUPPORTIVE.  Her actual worry was that we wouldn't want her there...and that couldn't have been more wrong.  Katie met us at the hospital and was our only support that we would allow until after the baby arrived.  We wanted our first moments with our baby to be just ours, but knew that we needed someone.  Her relaxed and sweet manner helped keep us both calm as the hospital staff prepped us for surgery.  Katie waited outside during the operation and was able to rejoin us in the recovery room.  As my husband went out to call our families, Katie was the support I needed in recovery.  With her knowledge she helped me to make decisions that aided my healing and gave me confidence and security during such an emotional time.  

I also opted for placenta encapsulation with Katie.  I couldn't feel more thankful that I made this decision.  As a person prone to depression, I wanted to take all the precautions I could to beat any potential baby blues.  I am happy to report that I have felt wonderful during the past year and only used my capsules for 2 weeks.  I am saving the remaining for other difficult times like weaning and menopause.  I believe that this treatment helped significantly and would do it again with another pregnancy.

Katie will always be a special person to our family and we are so thankful to have found her.  

Elizabeth Wanczak


There is no way for me to encapsulate in words just how amazing Katie is at what she does.  My husband and I interviewed three doulas - Katie happened to be our first. Immediately after the interview, I told multiple people that the other ones would have to be Mary Poppins to top our interview and impressions of Katie. She was incredibly informed and supportive through the end of my pregnancy; we had two meetings with her and then my delivery. As many know, you never know what to expect when it comes to birthing babies. After an 85 hour labor that resulted in an unfortunately medically necessitated cesearan, I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for Katie encouraging both me and my husband throughout the entire process to make the most informed decisions in a labor that had many twists and turns and ultimately some pretty intense curveballs. I went into natural labor on a Saturday night and Katie was there overnight for periodic inspirational text message and phone call check ins as things progressed and then spent most of Sunday with me as labor was intensifying. She stayed in close contact after the therapeutic rest recommendation that first night, all throughout the second day, was instrumental in how I approached the second night's recommendations, and was a constant companion during my 12 hour induction and ultimately to my husband after my complicated cesarean while he waited for me to leave the OR. She stayed in contact with me well into the postpartum period and I am honored to say a friendship has emerged from this partnership that I cherish. There is no better doula than Katie Richardson. The girl knows her stuff and really makes even the most challenging of births doable and enjoyable. I cannot recommend her enough!  


Christina Morales


If you are looking for a doula who is informed, experienced and unbiased, Katie is a great fit.  She is very down-to-earth and nonthreatening.  I witnessed first hand Katie's excellent rapport with local hospital staff and her ability to work in concert with a large variety of medical professionals. My husband and I found her to be a fantastic asset throughout the whole of our birthing experience.  My husband found Katie to be a calming presence during a very long and at moments, intense birthing experience.  As a first time mom that is new to the Nashville community, I feel very comfortable and eager to recommend her to any expecting mother. 



Danielle Allen


I cannot say enough good things about Katie. With her help, the birth of my second child was a wonderful experience that I am very grateful for. She was always willing to answer my questions (and I had a lot of them). Katie was also professional, yet I felt like she was an old friend by the time I went into labor. During my birth, she was proactive and made sure I was comfortable and calm at all times. She also thought of doing things that had not crossed the mind of me or my husband.

Katie was the first and only doula that I interviewed. As soon as I met her I knew she was the person I wanted to help me bring my daughter into the world. I can say with full confidence that you will not be disappointed if you choose her as your doula!

amy napier


My biggest fear going into labor was a c-section and I truly believe I would have had one if it weren't for Katie.  20 grueling hours of labor and Katie was there every step of the way. She was such great support physically and emotionally, for both me and my husband. There were so many times that I was scared and needed to make a decision, Katie was right by my side and gave me all the information I needed in order to make an informed, smart decision....All of which led to the vaginal birth I wanted. If there is one thing I learned in childbirth, it's that nothing goes as planned. Katie was prepared for every curve ball thrown our way. I cannot even think about how it would have turned out without her. We plan for her to attend the birth of any other babies we have. 

Joe Philip


Katie was such a God-send for the home birth of our beautiful baby girl.  This perspective is that of the husband,  and I can attest to the fact that having a doula present allowed me to be present with my wife during labor.   And our labor was particularly long.... 48 hours,  so it was wonderful to have her support,  advice,  and tips during the marathon that were extremely helpful.   Katie allowed me to take the necessary breaks I needed to take care of myself and even personal matters going on at the time of our birth.   She has a beautiful heart and wonderful,  patient temperament.   From the daddy's perspective, I couldn't recommend her more!   

Reyna Gordon


We were so grateful to have hired Katie to support me for the birth of our second daughter. During our prenatal meetings, she really took time to get to know us, and we had some great conversations about maternity care reform in general and my views on evidence-based care - her background in public health is an incredible asset as well. She read the story of my first birth and was very attentive to the details of what went well and what didn't. Then at the birth, she arrived just as my labor started to get really intense and she immediately remembered that we had discussed the "double-hip-squeeze", and so she started to apply pressure to my lower back. This was the first physical relief I had, as my other pain-coping techniques hadn't been helping much! I finally felt like I could handle the labor. She helped me labor in different positions and was very supportive of both me and my husband for the rest of the experience, which included a hospital transfer for some unpleasant (but not preventable) postpartum complications. Then after the fact, she helped me psychologically process what had transpired.

Many women who birth out-of-hospital don't feel that they need a doula as much as they would in hospital, because midwives also provide labor coaching and emotional support. I loved my midwives, and at the same time was also really grateful to have Katie's emotional and physical support. She is an excellent doula and an all-around-great person.

Katie Foss


After a horrible experience with our first child, we knew we wanted to do things differently this time. We interviewed two doulas--the second was Katie. While the first doula was fine, Katie made us feel so at ease immediately. She is down to earth without being so earthy that I couldn't relate to her. Katie, my husband and I made a plan. From the beginning, Katie was very supportive and open of my choices. Our baby was breech so we had an external version. Katie was right there the whole time, helping me relax. The version successfully turned the baby. About a week later, I went into labor. Over night, I tried to sleep and prepare for the upcoming event. When it became more intense, Katie came over. She was absolutely wonderful. She set small goals for me and recommended different positions. Most importantly though, she was a calming influence. We chatted between contractions and watched bad movies. My husband felt so much better with Katie there (afterward, he said he would have paid double). Finally, my contractions intensified (did not become closer together--heads up, pregnant women). We went to the hospital. Katie helped me to be assertive in my choices. As we got closer to the delivery, she and my husband kept supporting me. Then she noticed a change in my demeanor and tried to get the hospital staff. As she was trying to convince them to come in the room, my baby was born. Aside from the hospital staff, my birth experience was fantastic. Even with 31 hours of labor (29 at home), the pain was manageable. I recovered easily. I attribute much of this positive experience to having Katie as our Doula. She was open, without being wishy-washy; flexible, yet firm enough for me to meet her goals; supportive throughout the experience; and great at including my husband. I recommend Katie to any pregnant woman.

Amy Bell


This was my first pregnancy and I was interested in having a doula after doing some research and planned to have a natural childbirth. I knew that the success rate was greater with a doula present. I also am a private person and wanted my husband there but didn't want a lot of friends and relatives in the room, and it was helpful having another women there with special training and experience and it helped ease the burden on my husband.

My labor did not go entirely as I expected. I wanted to go into labor naturally, labor at home for as long as possible, and use relaxation techniques for my labor and delivery. However, at 38 weeks pregnant, I started leaking amniotic fluid. Due to the risk of infection, I was admitted into the hospital and ultimately the doctor broke my water fully and started IV pitocin to induce labor. This required continuous fetal monitoring and an IV drip which kept me confined to the bed. Because things were happening so quickly and earlier than I had planned, I was feeling very overwhelmed. Although I told myself to be prepared for anything, I felt that things were happening out of my control.

Katie has a very gentle nature and her presence was very calming when I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. She continually encouraged me and kept telling me what a great job I was doing in a very genuine way. She was flexible and never pushy with me or the nurses, and made herself available to help in any way possible. When I was dilated to 6 cm and the pitocin was causing me to have frequent and strong contractions, I decided to have an epidural for pain control. Katie was supportive throughout the process and encouraged me when I dealt with feelings of frustration and disappointment in myself. I can honestly say although things didn't go according to my "wish list", I had a very positive birth experience and Katie helped tremendously in making that possible.

Jennifer R


Katie Richardson is a wonderful doula. She helped us with the birth of our second child with very good results. My first son was born in a hospital and I was given pitocin and an epidural. It wasn't a good experience since we felt that the nurses and doctor did not communicate well with us and the pain level was incredibly high despite the pain medication. For my second son we chose a birthing center without pain medication. We prepared by going to classes for the Bradley Method. Katie went to one lesson with us to meet our teacher, ask questions, and to see what kinds of techniques worked best for us. During the deliver she was incredibly supportive. She stayed with us and provided assistance to both me and my husband but would also discretely give us privacy when we needed it. She would rub and push on my back during contractions while my husband read to me and that combination seemed to help me through the most. The pain level seemed about the same as my first labor but I was much calmer and comfortable in large part to Katie's help. She is a great doula and I would recommend her to anyone!

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