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Diane Tabilo, LCSW, CD(DONA) - Bilingual

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Warrenville, IL Service range 30 miles



Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 32 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Due to COVID-19, please ask your provider about the hospital's policy pertaining to who is allowed to attend your birth. Not all hospitals are the same. Some allow only one person, others allow your partner and a doula, some allow only certified doulas. While I may not be able to attend your birth at a hospital due to a hospital only allowing one person, I can help you labor as long as you like at home and then can continue to support you and your partner over the phone, whether that be via phone calls/text/video call, as needed, or continuously.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I have had three most-wonderful home births myself! I attend hospital, birth centers, and home births. I do not attend unassisted home births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have previously worked as a Bilingual Youth & Family Therapist at a community-based agency, as well as a school social worker. I currently have a minimal caseload at Cedar Tree Counseling (https://cedartreecounseling.com/diane-tabilo/). ~~~ I have volunteered at Pregnancy Information Center in Aurora as a prenatal class instructor and interned at Lakeshore Pregnancy Center in Holland, MI as a client advocate. ~~~ I am trained in Spinning Babies. (https://www.spinningbabies.com/) ~~~ I care deeply for women, children, and families.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

$1200 includes one prenatal meeting, continuous labor support, immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support, postpartum visit, and availability to be your birth resource via phone/email prenatally and postpartum. ~~~ $1400 includes all the above in addition to photography of the birth. ~~~ Reduced rate for women considering adoption or abortion, teen moms, and refugees. ~~~ Contact me for a free consultation!

Service Area

Warrenville, IL Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Diane Tabilo, LCSW, CD(DONA) - Bilingual

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Diane was absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed in a doula. She was there for my 3rd birth, but it was my first home birth. I was on the fence about hiring a doula, but my midwives strongly recommended one since it was my first time at home. So just a month away from my due date I found Diane who through pure luck happened to be available. I don't know that I would have made it through without her. My husband was so happy we found her because going into this he was nervous about his role and not knowing what to do, but she was so knowledgeable and calm. It made him feel so much more confident. I also had 2 older children who were present and she was just a fantastic resource to the whole family. 

As for me, labor came on very strong and very quick. As soon as we called her she headed right over and at that point I was only an hour into labor but it was very fast and intense. She was calm, soothing, helped me to change positions when needed. It was a very instense birth and she kept right by my side, kept me breathing, talked me through it, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm probably a lot to handle sometimes but Diane knew exactly what to do and what to say. She also took absolutely beautiful stunning photos/video that I will treasure forever. I cannot say enough positive things.

From the moment we hired her she was responsive, she checked in on me, she had tons of information for us and answered all of our questions. Our entire family was so grateful to have her here. If I am ever pregnant again she will be my first phone call :)

Rachel Ellis


Choosing to hire Diane was truly the best decision I made in preparation for the birth of my son. She is a consummate professional who’s passion for motherhood and birth is obvious from the first moments you meet her. She has such a kind and loving touch, and makes you feel so safe and cared for in the delivery room. Having a degree in social work was important to me - just knowing she was fully equipped to help me in case I had a panic attack during labor was so reassuring. Daine made sure to gather every piece of information about me she needed and took into account everything we hoped and wanted for our birth. 

Without getting carried away with the details, I’ll just simply say that our hospital experience was very disappointing. Our delivery nurse was a nightmare, she was abusive and incredibly rude to me, my husband and Diane, and triggered my anxiety in the worst ways. It was so bad that we banded together to file a formal complaint after the fact, but despite all the awful factors - my labor went smoothly and I ultimately got all of support I needed.

Diane gave me an amazing pep talk when I was completely emotionally shutting down. She helped me reignite the excitement about my baby coming. She advocated for my care, comfort, and needs against the combative nurse and maintained her professional boundaries and composure while doing so. I was able to have the birth I wanted - unmedicated and natural - with the wonderful guidance and support she gave us. My husband followed her lead and she helped him feel confident in what to do to help me. She listened, instinctually met all of my needs, and performed her duties beautifully. When baby arrived she took some of the most beautiful photos for us that I treasure dearly.

Diane is truly a gem, a rare one. You will not regret hiring her, you will love working with her, and you will have a huge asset in and out of the delivery room, whatever obstacles come your way. 

Sarah A.


We hired Diane to be our doula for the birth of our second child.  She was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the pregnancy and labor. We were hoping to have a low intervention birth, and thanks to Diane's support and guidance I was able to labor at home for the majority of my labor. My labor kept stalling, but Diane gave us practical advice and helped me feel comfortable remaining at home. We arrived at the hospital and had our daughter shortly after arriving and everything  went very smoothly with the delivery. Diane was very encouraging and helped me focus when it was time to push. We would recommend Diane to anyone looking to hire a doula for their baby's birth.

Brittney Disov | Home Birth Photographer


What a pleasure it was to work along side Diane at a recent home birth that I photographed. I was BEYOND impressed with her kindness & compassion, positive energy & professionalism. She was extremely attentive to our client during a very long birth and was just an all around rockstar human being. Mamas without a doubt you won't have any regrets hiring Diane for support!! I'm looking foward to working again with her at future home births. 

Liliana and Frank


Diane was truly a Godsend to us. Our birth journey did not go according to plan. 21 hours of intense labor at home, followed by a hospital transfer, Diane never left our side. She was very actively involved with pain management techniques, encouragement and compassion. She came to the hospital with us and only went home for an hour while still checking in and was ready to come

back right away. She advocated for me when I was out of strength to speak and stand at the hospital. She asked all the right questions ensuring our concerns were addressed and we had all the answers. Diane was the first doula we interviewed and met with and the last. We cancelled with the other candidates because we just got a great feeling of confidence and calmness/peace from Diane that clicked with us. We cannot thank Diane enough for all she did for us and all the follow through after the birth. She was and still is available for questions and checks in which we really appreciate. We feel truly blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Diane. 



We cannot say enough positive things about Diane as a doula! This was our second time working with Diane as we prepared to welcome our sweet daughter, who was born earlier this month. Diane is a natural coach, so encouraging, readily informed, and an excellent advocate. She is a calming presence and a kind word, participating in and celebrating with us such an important moment in the life of our family. Diane was proactive leading up to the birth to ensure I was prepared and to talk through questions. She reviewed our birth plan and talked through potential scenarios with patience and enthusiasm. At the birth, she was the perfect complement to my husband. And she even snapped photos for us! So thankful for Diane and this important work she does to help Moms and Dads welcome the next generation into the world.

Alex Kenzie


Going into the birth process, I wanted to make sure my wife was as comfortable and prepared as she could be so that she would have a good labor. She approached me about having a doula, and to be honest I was indifferent due to my lack of knowledge in the field. If it was something she wanted and felt was helpful throughout pregnancy and at birth, then I was on board. 

When I tell you that Diane's presence made all the difference in the world, I truly mean that. She came to our house a few weeks before our son was due and we spoke for hours. She asked great questions that helped her learn about us, what my wife truly wanted for her labor, and how we could all work together to make that happen. As the husband, I of course wanted to be right there with her to offer all the love and support I could. But I’ve never given birth, nor seen one, so to have someone trained in so many facets of the process right by our side was incredible. She never tried to overtake my place in the delivery room, but was right there to help coach my wife and me through the process. My wife's labor didn't necessarily go according to our birth plan, but Diane's guidance and ability to pivot allowed us to have the most beautiful birth we could have asked for.

If you are looking for a doula, look no further. Diane is the best!



I gave birth two weeks ago to my first child, and I have to say without a doubt, Diane improved the whole experience by an immeasurable amount. From the beginning, when my water broke but contractions didn't start right away (which is not what all the books said would happen!), she was there to offer advice, reassure me and my husband, and explain our options. As soon as I got to the hospital, the staff wanted to start me on pitocin, which I had hoped to not use. My husband and I were really stressed and felt like we had no choice and no time to decide, but Diane calmed us down and helped us to work with the hospial staff to hold off on the pitocin. When my contractions did get more intense, Diane was amazing, offering encouragement and breathing with me. She also gave my husband suggestions on how to best support me through each contraction, and also helped him to remain calm when I was in a lot of pain. When it came time to push, Diane cheered me on, and also got a bunch of really incredible pictures of the pushing process & the birth, which I am so grateful that I will have forever to remember the birth of my first child. 

From our first meeting when I was just a few months pregnant, to our game-planning meeting a few weeks before the birth, and to the postpartum visit and follow-up texts to check in, Diane has been nothing short of phenomenal. She is truly meant to be a doula, and I highly recommend her, no matter what sort of birth you are planning on, or what number pregnancy you are on. My husband and I could not stop saying how glad we were to have her with us through the whole process. Even though the birth didn't go as I expected or planned, we have absolutely no regrets and we could not be happier with the overall experience and outcome. Diane's guidance and support truly made a huge impact on us!

Katy Krause


You know how, sometimes you just want SOMETHING, but can't quite put your finger on what it is??

In labor, that "something" you want, is Diane.

It was my third labor, but first time with a doula. I wanted to try a more "hands on support of the mother in labor" approach this time around. Diane was absolutely perfect for this. I loved feeling her with me every step of the way--from the beginning of labor, through reliving the joys realities of it all while holding my sweet baby.

Diane was amazing at adapting to the situation at hand -- Her soothing encouragement to press on through the moment of each contraction, firm admonition to not fight the pain but relax and embrace it's good work toward our end goal, and just overall calming presence elevated my labor experience all around.

One of my concerns was that a doula would replace my husband as my support person. And while, I think Diane would make an excellent support person all on he own, she thoroughly dispelled that fear as she constantly sought out ways to involve and push my husband to be apart of supporting me in labor, all while simultaneously remaining involved herself. 

We are so thankful we included Diane in our birth plan this third time around—I wish I had done so with my first!

She is a sweet addition to our memories of that happy birthing day!

Kate W


Diane was my doula for my last two births and I'm so grateful for her attentive care! During my last pregnancy, I was contemplating doing an epidural for the first time and we talked at length about the pros and cons. She was knowledgeable and helpful. I felt completely supported regardless of the choice I'd make. I did decide to get an epidural but was actually risked out of getting one and talking with her about my fears and worries about the last minute change of plans was extremely helpful. I especially appreciated how generous she was with verbal affirmations during labor. I'm so glad she was there for me! 

Sara Owens


Diane is truly worth her weight in gold as a doula. She went above and beyond our expectations and stuck with us in the hospital for 36+ hours through a very long and difficult labor. She cheered us on, gave amazing suggestions on positions and comfort techniques, and worked alongside my husband, the doctors and nursing staff with ease. She helped us navigate a lot of hard decisions in the midst of a birth that did not go as we hoped it would, and thanks to her counsel and support, we can still feel confident about our birth story. Diane stayed with us well past the birth of our daughter to make sure we were comfortable, and has made herself available as an ongoing resource for questions -- which we have a lot of as new parents! She's knowledgeable, empathetic and obviously cares so deeply for the families she works with. Simply put, we cannot recommend or thank Diane enough. She's truly a gift!

Macey Merlak


I cannot recommend Diane enough! My husband and I are so thankful we hired her to come alongside us as we welcomed our baby girl into the world. Diane’s services, whether prenatal, during delivery, or postpartum, far surpassed any expectations we had. Diane was thorough and thoughtful in her preparation for our birth experience. She was so uplifting, encouraging, and empowering! During delivery, Diane’s guidance and coaching played a huge role in getting our baby into my arms. She was hands-on, practical, and focused. She was also so easy to communicate with during the day as labor progressed! After the birth, she continued her care for us with a postpartum visit. It was such a comfort to know that we still had her support as we navigated the new territory of parenthood. If you are considering Diane to be your doula, I would highly recommend you hire her!



I had the privilege of being Diane's first birth experience as a doula, and she was a huge blessing and answer to prayer. I had an epidural and a doctor for my 1st; then did drugfree and a doctor and a doula for my 2nd. For my 3rd baby, it was my first time with a midwife and first time trying a water birth, so I knew I wanted extra support again. I also had tested positive for group b strep, so had to be at the hospital much earlier than the other deliveries. God lined up the circumstances of meeting Diane. She was a huge help and support leading up to the birth, as she had delivered her own 2 babies via waterbirth. She helped me to know what to expect, what helped her, etc. She really cared about knowing my hopes and expectations and working to make those a reality. When I was in labor, struggling with whether or not to go to the hospital yet, she came to our house and helped us make that decision. Once at the hospital, she was great helping ask questions of the medical staff, constantly reminding me to breathe, stay calm, and work through the contractions. As a brand new doula at the time, she wasn't sure how much imput to give, but everything she did do was very much appreciated. She kindly took pictures throughout the labor and delivery and did a great job. I'm so glad she was there to help me bring my precious John into the world. She's kept in touch throughout the year and even sent a very sweet card on his first birthday. 

Hanna Gonzalez


Following a traumatic first birth — escalating interventions leading to a c-section against my will — and after years of research and recovery both as a doctor and as a patient, I prayed for a different birth. What joy I felt when Diane became a doula! Diane walked with me every step of the way. She connected me to an expert midwife team. We participated in a Bradley class. We discussed our goals, how specifically to support me, what ways I seek comfort, things I like/dislike. She respected our desire for my husband as my main support, and for a birth centered in Christ and focused on faith in God’s will. I felt tumultuous ocean waves to be both a metaphor for suffering but also for how God washes us clean and lifts us up to rest in the comfort of His arms. Diane reminded me of this; reading curated scripture verses and showing me gorgeous scripture affirmation cards she specifically created for me. Her calm and experienced solace was palpable during labor pains. She was a pillar of strength and peace. My husband and her stood on either side of me; rocking, massaging, encouraging, pressing with firm hands, and praying every minute of my labor and birth. She supported me outside, inside, and in the birth pool. She was so comforting to me that I did not want her to leave my side for the brief moments she used the restroom, pumped, or fueled up. God guided us to a remarkable home birth with a tale to tell for ages to come, and a healthy, darling baby boy as a testimony of God’s providence. I know you will not regret choosing Diane. She has personal and professional experience. She birthed her two babes in her home! She has a soothing, serene tranquility to her attendance. She has warm, strong hands, and a loving embrace. She is respectful and kind. And, most pivotally, she is filled with the Holy Spirit and a vessel through which God’s hands will be present at your birth.

David A. Martin


Diane was everything we hoped for in a doula and more. From our very first meeting, my wife and I were comfortable with her. She has a calm demeanor, which makes her a natural fit for the many stressful situations a doula is called to deal with. But she is also attentive, thoughtful, and kind. All these wonderful qualities of hers shone through during the two days from my wife's water breaking to the delivery of our firstborn child.

I can honestly say Diane was there for us every step of the way. My wife's water broke two weeks early about five minutes after I came home from work one evening. We naturally phoned our doctor after we got our bearings. He talked to us for maybe three minutes. While he didn't do anything wrong, we were still left feeling uneasy and unsure of ourselves after we hung up. This was our first rodeo after all!

In this void of uncertainty, Diane took all the time we needed on the phone with us. She answered all our questions and helped calm us down. We never felt rushed. It was clear we had her attention the entire time.
Later that evening, Diane came over to our home to attend us in person. She helped my wife relax and work through her contractions. She even helped us put together our hospital bag, which we hadn't gotten round to packing yet!

Diane helped my wife get to sleep sometime around midnight. She came back again in the wee hours of the morning. From then on she never left our side. I can't tell you how grateful I am to her for that service.

I should note that my wife is a native Spanish speaker. I'm not. Diane's ability to speak in my wife's native language during the difficulties of labor is just one more reason I can heartily recommend her.

In closing, I will say that if my wife and I are ever blessed with more children in the future, we intend to have Diane by our side for each and every one. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Karis Jones


Hiring Diane at 36 weeks was the best decision we made during my pregnancy. Being a first time mom and giving birth during the uncertainty of COVID, Diane changed everything. After hearing from the hospital that she might not be able to be with us, she talked me through different options, including switching to a home birth with midwives. My husband and I had laughed at the idea in the past and never considered it for ourselves. However, given the current COVID crisis, our negative experience with our OB group at the hospital, and the chance that Diane would not be able to join us, we ended up changing providers at 37 weeks. Diane personally had two homebirths herself and talked us through what to expect, which really helped to calm any fears in this radical shift we were making. During labor she helped get me through contractions, spoke encouraging words, stayed awake with me for 24 hours and never complained, and was always full of peace and grace as she sat by my side. I really valued how Diane was able to help my husband know how to support me. After our first meeting with her, my husband remarked that we had learned more about childbirth and felt more supported in that one meeting than we had through our OB group. She answered all my questions postpartum, was available to help during the difficulties of nursing, and even brought us food. She was quick to return calls and text messages with answers to any question. I would not have been able to have the natural unmedicated birth I wanted and or had a home birth without her. I cannot speak her praises enough. Diane wasn't just my doula--she has become a friend. She is an incredible woman who loves with her whole heart, embodies peace and compassion and is competent about birth. She went above and beyond anything we expected in a doula. I told my husband I thought she was an angel sent from God during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby and will use her again!

Kelsey W.


I am incredibly thankful to have found Diane to be my doula. From our first meeting with her, my husband and I immediately felt her passion for childbirth and her warm personality. We knew she would be the perfect fit as our doula.
Diane was a resource to me throughout my pregnancy. She checked in with me, answered my questions and supported my goals. Although I felt I had done plenty of my own research and prep, at every meeting Diane would mention something that I hadn’t thought about. It was great to have an additional and experienced voice guiding me.
I wanted a natural birth at a hospital and to labor at home for as long as possible. Although Diane was not able to come to the hospital due to covid restrictions, I credit her with providing myself and my husband with the skills to use at the hospital. I went into labor 3 weeks early but Diane was ready to help. She came over to our house in the evening and stayed with us until we left for the hospital (in the middle of the night). I would not have labored as long at home without her. She answered our questions, suggested different positions, helped my husband get involved with counter pressure and convinced me to use sounds to get through contractions (a necessary skill that I used throughout the rest of my labor). She also suggested that we rest when I said I was tired and finally told us when it was time to head to the hospital. My goal had been to be dilated to 7cm when we arrived at the hospital and when we actually arrived I was at 8cm. Just three hours later my baby girl arrived!
I am so thankful for her help and support during that time at home, and I know it was the skills she gave me and my husband that helped us have a natural labor. After our baby was born, I met with Diane again to follow up and ask any questions I had. I know that even now she would be happy to answer any questions I have. I’m so grateful to her and will definitely call her again for baby #2.

Meagan Himmerich


Diane was a wonderful doula for the birth of our fourth daughter.  I did not intend to have a doula since I had birthed 3 daughters, but it was a last minute switch. We planned a home birth and had plannned to have Diane and my husband switch taking care of the 3 bigger girls while I birthed. Although that was the intention, my parents made it in time for our birth so Diane was able to be all hands on with me. And I could not be more grateful, because our lovely peanut was our hardest labor of all four girls. 

Diane was steadfast and helped me grip courage when I was exhausted after hours of on again off again labor. She gave great ideas when I needed them and she made space for the midwives to give ideas as well. She lead me emotionally when I needed to be lead and stood behind me when I needed support. 

If you are pregnant I recommend hiring a doula. They are truly worth their weight in gold. And if you are local, use Diane. She is calm and collected and yet swift to fight for your family and the birth you want. 



Working with Diane for my first delivery was an absolute pleasure. Even with unforeseen complications that did not align with my birth plan, Diane knowledgeably adapted to my unique situation, suggesting relaxing strategies, various positions, and pain management techniques that ultimately made for a wonderful labor experience. Working with a doula like Diane transformed the labor and delivery experience for me. I would 100% recommend her - and look forward to working with her again in any future deliveries! ??

Kate Wood


I am so grateful to have had Diane as my doula for the birth of my daughter! Even though this was my fourth child, it was my first time having Diane with me and I did not realize how much of a difference a good doula can make. She was completely focused on me and knew when I started and finished each contraction. Your provider is generally good at taking care of you, but their attention is divided because they have to make sure everything is ok with you and the baby. But Diane was able to focus just on me and getting me through each contraction. In fact, she did such a wonderful job of helping me ease the pain that I was fooled into thinking I still have a long way to go because my previous births felt much more painful at the end! I definitely recommend Diane and plan to have her with me next time I have a baby. 

Megan M.


Diane is an incredible doula. She attended our home birth for our second child. She is warm, friendly, attentive, and easy to talk to. She provides a comforting presence. When I called her after my water broke and I went into labor, her calm and encouraging words put me at ease. Throughout the birthing process, she was quick to offer affirmation as often as I needed it. Having her at our birth made all the difference in the world. I looked to her every step along the way because she made me feel so comfortable and I knew I could ask her questions and she would provide answers and reassurance. She was highly attuned to my needs during labor and offered helpful suggestions. She also prayed for me and kept my focus on God's ability to meet my every need. It is clear that she is uniquely gifted and meant for this role. She made such an impact that I wish I could've had her at my first birth too! I was truly privileged to have her as my doula and will continue to use her for any future births. Thank you, Diane! 

Diana E.


Diane is a fantastic doula, and I highly recommend her! What drew us to her was knowledge of the Bradley Method and our mutual Christian faith. While the Bradley class was helpful, we wanted an experienced person to guide us through the birth. Diane was accessible and communicative ahead of time, helping establish a plan and expectations.
When labor began, she supported remotely until we needed hands-on assistance. To be candid, although I wanted the experienced help of a doula, I was unsure about having someone in our home with us during such a personal experience. However, Diane’s gentle demeanor perfectly fulfilled our needs during that time. She fostered a peaceful and comfortable environment, talking me through positions, relaxation, and pain-management techniques. I look back on that as a special time where I felt safe and cared-for, and the massage, relaxation, and breathing exercises were effective in managing the contractions. My husband appreciated her ability to focus his efforts so he could assist me effectively. The time I spent laboring at home with them was the most positive and empowering part of my labor experience.
Diane also helped determine when to go to the hospital. I was disappointed that she wasn’t allowed to join us (due to COVID-19); I missed her calm presence and help in coping with contractions. It was a long labor with unexpected complications. Diane supported via phone, offering prayers, advice, and encouragement. It was a relief to have her support during that stressful time. Afterward, she made a post-partum visit. Beyond her practical advice, it was good to have someone to talk to and process through our experience. I am grateful for her compassion and empathy during a time that was very emotional for us—excitement over the arrival of our beautiful daughter mixed with the difficulty of some unexpected challenges. I found not only a doula but also a friend. I would hire her again without hesitation!

Amanda Kuhlman


Diane is the most incredible doula! I don't think I can put into words how amazing my experience was with her. She attended my fourth birth, which was my second home/water birth. Her presence is so peaceful and nurturing. She was very attentive and hands-on in her support throughout my labor. It was truly my most beautiful birthing experience and I owe so much of that to Diane. It takes a special person to be a doula and Diane was made for this in every way.

Niki Ramirez


Diane is an amazing doula - we are so thankful to have had her at the birth of our son this past February! She was so helpful and supportive, not only throughout the entire birth experience, but also leading up to the birth and even after returning home when we had questions about nursing.

Diane connected with me multiple times leading up to my due date to discuss our birth plan, hopes and expectations. She is a great listener, was so well informed and was always willing to research further if I had specific questions that called for additional insight. She supported and encouraged me as a woman and mother. Diane is genuine, kind, caring and patient - she was such a blessing to us! 

Diane was a kind, patient, attentive and calming presence throughout the labor process, and an advocate for our birth plan with the hospital staff. Once baby was about to arrive, Diane even snapped some wonderful photos of our son’s birth! Memories we will forever cherish. I am so thankful to have had Diane as our doula, it made all the difference for me and for my husband. Thank you Diane!

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