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Abbotsford, BC Service range 30 miles Serving Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Years in Operation: 4

Type of practice: Collective

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We won't work in houses where people smoke indoors

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
We attend births in hospital if a home birth transfer becomes necessary

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
B.C. currently does not have any birth centres

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
We specialize in supporting home and water birth

Fee Details

Our birth doula fee includes two prenatal visits, a 6 week online prenatal birth education series through My Powerful Birth, continuous labour, birth & immediate postpartum support, access to our lending library, TENS machine, massage tools, essential oils, home & water birth supplies, and one postpartum visit. Our postpartum support packages include feeding support, baby wearing information & support, light household tasks & laundry, meal preparation & cooking, grocery pickup, newborn supervision, bathing, feeding & care, support for siblings & fur babies, as well as resources & references beyond our scope. Daytime rates are $35/hour & overnight rates are $45/hour.

Service Area

Abbotsford, BC Service range 30 miles Serving Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack

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Birth Fee: $1800

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $50


Updated 3/23/2024

Years in practice

Birth Fee: $1575

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $55


Updated 3/4/2024

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $1800

Postpartum Rate: $30 to $35


Updated 2/1/2023

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Client Testimonials for Wildflower Birth Collective

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Stop your scrolling right now and make sure to read this. If you are looking for a ?sign ?that Wildflower Birth Collective is for you or if hiring a doula is for YOU...????this????is ????it

I began talking with these wonderful humans before I even fell pregnant with my second. Reeling from a very traumatic first birth experience I knew things needed to be and COULD be different the second time around. I went into my first pregnancy and birth uninformed, fearful, and so out of touch with my true intuition, inner knowing, and innate power. No matter what type of birth you're desiring or circumstances you have around your pregnancy, Michelle and Steph will help equip you with so much knowledge (their shared drive alone - that you have full access to - is bursting with so much information so you can make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum) and support that you will walk into your birth feeling prepared and most importantly empowered and in control no matter what.
One of my biggest regrets and lessons learnt is that I did not hire a doula and prepare for my first birth. It is worth it a million times over. Can't afford it? Perhaps you can put it on a wishlist for friends and family to go in on instead of baby items. I can guarantee you don't need half of the stuff these companies make you think you do??

Seriously, it makes me want to have another baby (almost ??) just to work with these souls again. Michelle felt like family and my husband and oldest son absolutely adore her. My son called her the hulk after seeing her perform endless hip squeezes on me at home ????????

If you have any questions at all from a past client, please feel free to reach out to me at 778-773-9250 or find me at @mumblingsofamama on Instagram.

Much love and blessings for your journey ???

Alicia van den Brink


Working with Wildflower was the best decision we made for our pregnancy. Michelle and Stephanie are wildly passionate and educated when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We loved getting to know Michelle over the three prenatal appointments and she quickly felt like a member of our family. I am so glad I had her to help navigate the difficult decisions that came up with the birth of our daughter and she honored my space and grief. 

If you're on the fence about hiring a doula, do it! It's the best investment you can make for yourself and your journey. My only regret is that I didn't hire them for my first pregnancy. 



Wildflower Birth Collective is truly something special! We had the honor of having Michelle as our doula as first time parents planning a home birth. We had met with multiple doulas but as soon as we did a zoom call with Michelle we knew she was the one. During our prenatal meetings Michelle walked us through physiological birth in detail - the sessions were incredibly informative, engaging and FUN! Michelle is incredibly warm and personable and her humor was just the icing on the cake (and had us laughing throughout!). Most importantly, we felt supported in every single one of our birthing choices. During the birth, Michelle was the ultimate calming presence and an anchor throughout the experience. Not to mention, she brought out her bag of tricks when baby needed to be rotated and saved the day from us having to be transferred to the hospital (which I'm forever grateful for!). During our postpartum visit, Michelle brought coffee and we debriefed the birth and chatted for hours about new motherhood, her commitment and care is really top notch. We couldn't have asked for better support and care and can't recommend Michelle & Wildflower Birth Collective enough!



To say every part of our pregnancy and birth experience was positively impacted by Steph and Michelle, would be an understatement. They saw us through a loss, a recovery, a bumpy start to a second pregnancy, all the way through to the home birth of our rainbow baby. These two women felt like big sisters to me from the moment we met and I was instantly put at ease by their lighthearted approach and calm confidence. They remained fierce advocates for the best possible experience for us at every turn, which made all the difference during some unexpected tough decisions.

I am moved to tears recalling the incredibly present and tender way Michelle was with me throughout labour, accompanied by Steph who was providing some very important and empowering remote support. I have no hesitation in saying that our pregnancy and birth experience wouldn't have been anywhere near as beautiful, supported, informed and positive had we not had them on our team. We are forever grateful (and honestly want to have a bunch more kids if it means we get to work with them again). ??



Speaking as a birth partner, I felt so present, confident, and at ease during the labor and birth of my son knowing that I had the love, wisdom, and support of Michelle and Steph. Just when the nerves would start to creep in, Michelle will say "That's the way." and my spouse and I would feel a sense of calm and reassurance knowing that we were on the right path. 

This team stuck with us through a miscarriage and all the way through to the birth of our rainbow child. We appreciated everything that Michelle and Steph brought to the table to help us tap into a positive and healing birth experience, including evidence-based resources, essential birthing equipment, birth values, reflections, Whatsapp chats, partnership with our midwives, and in-the-moment care. Thank you!



Michelle and Steph were highly recommended to us when we first found out we were having a baby. Michelle was our doula all during pregnancy, at our home birth, and also for post partum support. The first time we met her we instantly felt comfortable asking her any questions and never felt judged or awkward. She empowered us to go through pregnancy and birth with confidence and openly discussed what to expect and she helped us create a birth plan and post partum plan. During our home birth, Michelle was super supportive and a wonderful cheerleader for us as we welcomed our baby girl. She did an amazing job tidying up our house after the birth, made us tea, and even did a load of laundry. She continues to go above and beyond even months afterwards she quickly responds to any questions we have. She is amazing and we highly recommend Michelle and Steph to everyone!!!



Stephanie and Michelle are an incredible team! They are super passionate, caring, and knowledgeable (about birth itself and the systems we birth in!) They supported me/my family through 2 pregnancies (1 loss/1 birth) with the utmost warmth and compassion. Prenatally, they provided a wealth of information that helped me make informed choices aligned with my values/wishes for birth.  I felt very safe and comfortable with them too. They are both quite funny and easy to talk to, and very quickly it felt like we had known each other for years. When we chose to have a home birth, they helped us prepare with supplies and logistics. They even bonded with our preschooler and helped her have a part in the birth. Hiring a doula was the best decision we made and Steph and Michelle are the best there is - I cannot recommend them enough!

Anna Rodriguez


AMAZING HUMANS. My husband and I still talk about how much we loved Michelle and Steph and how much they helped us prepare for our first baby and answer any questions we had!
They are so educated, kind and caring. I can’t even put into words how amazing they are because I would be writing a novel at that point!
If you’re reading this, HIRE THEM! You will not regret it??



Hiring Steph and Michelle as our doulas was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy. Immediately after our first meeting with them, my husband and I felt that they were absolutely the ones we wanted on our birthing team. It felt so easy and comfortable to chat with them. They were fun, energetic, knowledgeable and supportive of our home birth plans. Their values surrounding birth gave us confidence in our decision to deliver our baby at home. Throughout our pregnancy they offered us helpful and thorough information and assisted us in creating our birth plan. When we were met with “road blocks” from other care providers throughout pregnancy, Steph and Michelle were always there for us to help and support us.

When I was in labour Steph quickly arrived in the middle of the night to be with us. She guided me through each phase of my labour and we felt that we truly could not have had our beautiful home birth without her. We were beyond grateful to have her with us in those life changing moments as we welcomed our son.

I feel empowered through the knowledge and confidence I gained during our time with Wildflower.

Not only were they instrumental in our labour and delivery, it felt we had gained two wonderful friends along the way as well.

Jessica Hensby


I don't know how people give birth without doulas, especially these amazing ones. My husband went from being on the FAR side of the fence about home birth to telling everyone who will listen about home birth. The multiple hour long visits with Steph & Michelle leading up to our daughters birth were so valuable. We learnt SO much & grew a strong connection to the people who were going to help us bring our daughter earth side. We felt so supported & heard during our first birth. A minor emergency occurred & Michelle acted in a such a calm manor alongside the midwife to keep our little Hazel safe. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again & recommend Steph & Michelle to everyone.



Stephanie and Michelle are two amazing and supportive women who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with expecting families. This was hands-down, the best investment I made while preparing to meet my little angel. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is expecting! They put me at ease and made me laugh a lot! I appreciate their open, honest approach to sharing the birthing experience. 



Steph and Michelle were nothing short of absolutely amazing. Educated, professional, but friendly, deeply caring and compassionate - also somehow light and fun at the same time. My partner and I simply could have not asked for a better experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives.   I'm sure my partner will add a post, but from a male perspective - I wasn't even sure what a doula was or why it would be needed for a birth.   Now i understand that it is incredible value and absolutely worth it.  

Brittany Holden


Where do I even begin? I can't say enough good things about Steph & Michelle at WBC...they helped me in so many ways following a traumatic first birth experience. As soon as I met them, albeit virtually, I knew I had found something special. The warmth, humour and straight up knowledge this pair exude is truly refreshing and inspiring. My husband and I felt like we were chatting with our dearest friends by the end of our first prenatal session. This rapport continued to grow and by the time my little one arrived, Steph and Michelle were family. I'm so happy I had/have their support and agree that life doulas should be a thing!! 

Taylar Sherriff


Highly recommend both Stephanie and Michelle - who are equally as passionate as they are educated & knowledgeable. They supported all of my decisions but also provided guidance and options that I appreciated. Our birth went amazingly & I have to attribute at least some of that, because of them. We are so grateful to have met them & have them be a part of our birth.

Ashley Zhou


Steph & Michelle were amazing! I could write up an essay about them. They were very professional and empowering. I felt very prepared for my labour because of all the information they presented to me, which allowed me to build a birth plan and make informed decisions. As a first time mom, I don’t know what to expect, felt extremely scared, having Michelle there on my big day was the wisest decision I’ve ever made. My labour went super quick, almost delivered on the way to the hospital. My husband was def nervous and didn’t know what to do when we got to RCH. Good thing we did a trial run beforehand, at least we know where to go. Once we arrived, we ran to delivery unit. It all happened way too fast, while my husband was struggling with information and registration, Michelle arrived. She calmed me down, dealt with nurse, and according to my husband, she calmed him down as well. I had unmedicated labour, which wasn’t something I planned to do, it was very scary for me. I was sabotaging my birth plan, caving in for everything I initially didn’t want. Michelle was there to make sure my best interest was met. She also took few photos for us to remember this whole experience. I don’t know what happened during my delivery, but all I know was my husband couldn’t be more grateful that we had Michelle there. I quote him “thank god Michelle was there, I was so scared for you and she told me everything is gonna be okay and constantly reassuring me”. Labour is a big experience for both mom and dad. Never know what would happen. Hiring these ladies is definitely the best choice one can make. With them, you know you got your options. Did I mention they supported us through whatsapp group chat this whole time? Even weeks after? 

Karl LS


Steph and Michelle were an incredible team to help with the birth of our second child. From helping us to work through some of the trauma that we were carrying from the birth of our first-born, to planning for a birth during COVID, to supporting us through nine days of prodromal labour, they were flexible, knowledgeable, and supportive every step of the way. Michelle was a great support during labour, working with our delivery team in helping Victoria to get our baby into a better position and then having the birth that we had hoped for! As a partner, it was great to worry less about the housekeeping, conferring with medical staff, and advocacy parts of the process - I could just focus on supporting Victoria and what she needed instead. Thanks Steph and Michelle - we can’t recommend these two enough! 



We first found Michelle through DoulaMatch.net. We reached out to several doulas and easily selected Michelle for our postpartum doula. As first time parents, we didn't know what to expect nor didn't know what we need. Michelle was a major support for us and asked all the right questions. She showed up within a few days of our baby's birth and was the reason why we were able to make sure our baby's weight regained just in time. She was committed to making sure baby and mama were thriving. Our baby loved napping on her while she helped us around the house. She advocated for postpartum healing which I very much appreciated. Her calming presence and empowering encouragement were crucial in helping us navigate through the first 2 months. Her role continually evolved as we grew in our confidence as parents. 

Michelle is part of the Wildflower Birth Collective with Steph, another doula we had access to. We were set up through a Whatsapp group, which allowed 24-7 access to these two wonderful, resourceful ladies. No questions and photos were off the table. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience!

Felicia Rai


I don't even know where to begin! Michelle & Steph are absolutely incredible at making your birth experience one filled with empowerment. They bring joy, sassy-ness (might have invented a word here), and best of all make you feel cared for and supported. If you want someone to turn any of the awkwardness of birth to fun and take away the vulnerability that can often come with birthing, THESE. ARE. YOUR. LADIES! The prenatal classes they offer help to educate both you and your partner about informed decision making, and the ins and outs of all things labour, instill confidence in your partner and in knowing that your body is so capable for what's to come. We had some unexpected changes to our birth/values plan and they were always the first to check in and see how we were feeling, talking about options and really just being there in any capacity that we needed. Their passion for helping mama's bring their babies earthside shines through as soon as you meet them, I knew right away that these were the women to help me bring my baby into the world, and I was not wrong. I feel like I have made friends for life, and can't wait until they help to bring babe number 2 earthside sometime in the future. Thank you ladies for your incredible work

Tina Leknois


Hiring Steph and Michelle was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For my first birth I had no idea what a doula was. But after a bit of a traumatic experience I knew once I was pregnant again I needed support. The moment I met Steph I knew she would create a safe environment for me and once I met Michelle I knew this dynamic duo was exactly what I had been looking for. Between their knowledge, community and empathy anyone in their care can know they are in the best hands. I have never felt more supported by individuals before. I had in my mind that I had low pain tolerance and could not have an Unmedicated birth but Michelle supported me through a fully unmedicated birth. I do not think I would have gotten the result I did without her. This birth team advocated for me when I could not for myself, they kept my goals in the forefront of their minds and when challenges arose postpartum they supported me emotionally and championed me through it. I am usually a person who has a hard time reaching out for help but these two women have created such a safe place for me that I have reached out to them for almost every obstacle I have had postpartum and they have been there to answer all of my questions each time and even show up for me in a way I never expected when I started having some problems in my breastfeeding journey. The care and support these women give goes above and beyond the traditional role of a doula and I know that they will be my first call if we grow our family again. I am so grateful for these two women and how they assisted to facilitate a very healing birth experience for me as well as their continued support throughout my journey.

Tanya Bentley


My partner and I had the pleasure of working with both Michelle and Stephanie for our first birth experience.  We appreciated the balance Michelle and Stephanie offer with evidence-based practice and down to earth personal experience.   The prenatal sessions were thorough, informative, and comprehensive - they provided us with the information and tools we needed for labour, birth, and postpartum.  At the end of my pregnancy, I encountered some health issues which entailed some challenging decisions, and radical changes to my birth plan.  Stephanie and Michelle provided us with their knowledge and experience supporting us as our birth plan changed minute to minute.  We are so grateful for their support during my long labour. Michelle and Stephanie are genuine, caring, and responsive.  We loved the personal touches of homemade bath salts for when my hips hurt, essential oils for labour, and lactation cookies for breastfeeding.  The postpartum visits are an added bonus.  Stephanie and Michelle are truly the best!   

Kevin Robertson


I can't recommend the support of Wildflower Birth Collective enough.  As a first-time father in the birthing process, there was a lot to understand, consider and discuss.  Michelle and Steph were so amazing in considering the "guys side" of things.  They always brought up things to think about as we went through the pregnancy journey.  I was able to contribute to decisions in a very informed way and they gave me confidence leading up to the delivery.  

During the birth Michelle supported us immensely and allowed me to relax (for the most part) and be present for the mother and baby.  In the moment of labour as the supporting father having her do the little things like giving me a drink and explaining things was just such a weight off.  I remember thinking, how do other people manage the anxiety and stress going through this without the support. 

To any expecting parents, if you're on the fence at all you will not regret having WIldflower help guide you through your pregnancy.  Looking back at the knowledge, confidence and all the support they gave us I couldn’t imagine not having them.



If you are looking for doulas who will tell you how it is, then look no further. These ladies will not sugar coat things, yet they inform you empathetically. They are honest and upfront. They will advocate for you and your rights from the get-go. They will ALWAYS respect your decisions. They will make you feel powerful and help you trust your body even when the world is crumbling around you. Trust me, I know because I gave birth to a preemie during a pandemic. I hired Steph and Michelle because my support system was stuck in Ontario, and it was the best decision. Without a support system, I had no one to watch my daughter at my planned homebirth. So they BOTH offered to come to my home birth. Cue happy crying. 

They were always there when I was upset, which was a lot. I was scared of covid, uneasy, in pain but they eased all of that. They gave me tons of resources and information. They comforted me, loved my family during my pregnancy, and helped us make informed decisions. Then my water broke. A MONTH EARLY. The birthing plan took a 180. I was so sad and concerned that we had to go to the hospital during covid. Michelle was there moments after we arrived. She was our rock during my labor. She reminded me this was MY birth, MY labour, MY choices. When they wanted to invade my body to hook clamps to my baby’s head in utero to easily (for them) survey his heartbeat, I was able to say NO, check it another way. And I said it with confidence. So they found another way that let me move during labour, and he was fine.  I mourn that I did not have a homebirth. Steph and Michelle mourned with me. Post-natal, they touched base with me regularly and continued to support us emotionally and physically.

These women are passionate, kind, loving, supportive, enlightening, strong, knowledgeable, they advocate, provide care for dads(which is SO important), so many more things to say, but I maxed out on my word count. 


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