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Lola Katschke CD(PALS), PCD(NAPS), CLE, NCS

Lola The Doula Care Services LLC

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: *** Vaccinated * Lactation - Sleep - Childbirth Educator * Newborn Care Specialist ***

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 106 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 71 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) - Certified Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Northwest Association for Perinatal Support (NAPS) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2020
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No heavy duty cleaning ( e.g., bathroom, windows, yard work)

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
no unassisted births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

When I think about the significant impact my work as a doula can have on people’s lives, it immediately warms my heart. Through countless hours supporting families, I have learned that parents are experts on their children. For sure, I am a specialist on all things bumps and babies, but they are the true masters on their newborns. It is my job and goal to set them up for success, build their confidence, educate, foster and nourish their bond, give solid parenting tools, and lead them to the point they no longer need me because they have accomplished a mutual goal: thrive in this new journey! When I join a family during labor, I appreciate and honor that I am witnessing one of the most precious and vulnerable moments in their lives. I observe and adjust my support strategies to meet the family’s needs, reassure them that they are making the right decisions based on their values and wishes, and accompany them on that beautiful path until the baby is in their arms. I bring into the birth space various suggestions in my toolbox and will work with the birthing parent to meet the best coping plan, be it words of affirmation, hip squeezes, TENS unit use, movement, humor, and so much more. As a Latina immigrant, I have experienced the challenges of adjusting to life in a new country without family nearby. I know first-hand how challenging and scary it can be to reach out for help in sensitive times. I am here for you to provide comfort as well as to help you make informed and empowered decisions. -- Lactation / Sleep / Childbirth Educator - Newborn Care Specialist -Spinning Babies trained --

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lola Katschke CD(PALS), PCD(NAPS), CLE, NCS

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Louis Mancini


Lola was referred to us by friends.  This was our first child so we had never been through the birth process or readied our house to take care of a newborn.  Lola was a wealth of knowledge that allowed us to be in a state of confidence rather than anxiety before, during and after the birth.  During the birth she provided timely and valuable knowledge as issues arose.  We felt informed and confident throughout our hospital stay when we easily could have been in a position to feel overwhelmed without Lola’s guidance.  Post-birth Lola went above and beyond with allowing us to reach out to her with questions and proactively checking in with us to make sure we were doing well.  All in all, we are so happy we decided to use a doula and that we got one as excellent as Lola.  She made a huge positive impact on our experience.



We had the pleasure of welcoming Lola into our home on the very first day of our daughter arriving home. As a nighttime doula, she provided us with invaluable support over the course of 9 weeks. Each night she was here, I experienced the luxury of a truly restful sleep, never once disturbed by the sound of our baby crying.

One of the early challenges we faced was our baby having trouble with bottle feeding, often leaking milk. Lola came prepared with various nipples to help improve our baby's latching and feeding. Her expertise and thoughtful care made a significant difference in those crucial early days.

We wholeheartedly recommend Lola; she is absolutely the best doula you could ask for. If you are considering hiring a doula, Lola should be at the top of your list!

Thais Ronconi


Hiring Lola was the best decision I made regarding my pregnancy. The fear of delivering a baby was huge but having Lola by our side was what I needed to help me overcome this fear and go through this journey with confidence. Lola knows it all! I was in labor for long hours and Lola was a guiding force, bringing a lot of energy and ideas to help me manage the pain and anxiety. She was also the advocate I needed in a crucial moment of labor - she was my voice with the labor and delivery team to ensure my desires and preferences were heard when I was exhausted and couldn't speak up. She was taking care of me and my baby, and partnering with my husband the whole time, from our first zoom meeting until the wonderful post partum visit. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again when baby #2 is on the way :) 

Brittany Gregory


Lola was amazing, and helped us get through the newborn phase. We wouldn't have made it without her!



I have not enough words to describe how wonderful it was to have Lola on our side during this journey. She shared so much knowledge and helped us through this new parent experience, making things so much easier. 

We first connected by being Brazilians, but her skills with breastfeeding and experience in the area was the defining reasons on why I choose her as my doula.

At our prenatal consultation Lola not only shared knowledge about delivery and coping methods, but also gave us lots of tips on how to best prepare our nest.

On our delivery day, I felt supported all the time. She was there to help me cope with pain, to chat and to guide me through the process. Lola's presence will always be a special memory for me.

I strongly recommend her services!



Being a new parent is never easy. We had Lola come to help at the time baby was quite fuzzy during the night. She suspected the fuzziness was because of severe reflux and directed us to pediatrician. She is professional, responsive, and kind to our baby. With her great help, we went though a tough month. She is very generous to share baby caring knowledge and tips which helped me a lot. 

Brendan Bryant


If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, hire Lola!

Lola is kind, caring, knowledgeable and so nurturing. During some of our most difficult hours during labor and postpartum, when we were tired, maybe frustrated or scared, Lola brings energy and care to help you only through birth and enjoy the process. She is a wonderful guiding force, with tons of ideas, tools and experience to help the birthing partner as well as the supporting partner. From making sure our water bottles were full, to guiding my wife through different positions and tactics during labor, I always knew we were in good hands.

Thank you Lola for your help and reassurance!

Stephen Wallison


Lola was an absolute savior for us during many stages of our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is so well experienced that she was even able to give insight and instruction that our nurses and midwifes also found very valuable during labor. Her knowledge around shifting positions was very critical for us to ensure our baby was repositioned in the correct way during birth. Having her by our side the whole time really provided peace of mind and comfort throughout the labor process that we needed. Her support after the birth was also so critical for us to not get overwhelmed with our first baby and we felt we had such a leg up once we came home from the hospital. She was critical in lactation education / support and allowing us to get additional rest when needed. I would highly recommend Lola and look forward to leveraging her again for our next child! 



Lola helped us immensely before, during, and after a topsy turvy late pregnancy and birth. She excitedly joined our team, had us feeling prepared with an in-home visit in week ~30, and was incredibly proactive and responsive in the last few weeks if we had an off-hand question, or just to check in. Lola's energy was infectious, and we were fortunate to have her with us as moral support through the tough decisions as well.

We ended up having to tear up the birth plan (that Lola helped us write, looking around corners we didn't know were there) multiple times, but Lola's presence, ideas, and support had us pivoting with confidence, and coming out the other side with full health for momma and baby, mental, physical, and emotional. Her advocacy for the birthing parent was needed at crucial points, helping verbalize our qualms and concerns about the path we were taking. In the end, we had to make the last choice we wanted to, but did so knowing it was the right one. That's a testament to Lola's expertise and extra set of eyes and ears to help us find out everything we could from the hospital staff. 

I could not recommend 1) hiring a doula and 2) hiring Lola as that doula any more enthusiastically, and if you're having a birth in the area you should definitely reach out to her to see if Lola's a good fit for you.

Kassidy Zerda


My husband and I are so incredibly lucky to have had Lola as our birth doula! From preparation resources to advocating for us on the day our son was born, we felt so secure in our labor and delivery decisions because of her. She is all about empowering YOU in your birth plan and execution and never for one second did I feel judged for choosing to have a medicated birth, which is something I felt strongly about. Thank you Lola for being an amazing Doula and human in general! You won’t regret hiring her!

Andrea Augustine Curtis


If you are considering hiring Lola, she has our highest recommendation (for both birth and postpartum)! Lola is worth the cost and we would do it again (next time with more nights!).
As a first-time parent, Lola taught us how to be parents. Over the several weeks that we had her, she empowered us in our care and decision making. She was one of the best resources we had to help us as new parents, and referred us to helpful providers for things outside of her and our scope.

From the day we met her, Lola felt like family. It never felt like a stranger was in our house but instead a fairy godmother who watched over not just our baby but also our animals. Our house felt empty the nights we did not have Lola. 
My husband and I had “Sunday Scaries” on the nights we did not have Lola – and on the days we had her, we would send each other texts like “Lola tonight!” to help each other get through the day.
Next time around, Lola will be the first person to know I’m pregnant so we can be the first to get on her calendar for birth and postpartum.

Ryan & Megan Harris


Lola was incredible to work with. We had initially started to work with another doula, who ended up not working out, so Lola came into the picture a little closer to the delivery date than normal and was able to quickly get us up to speed.

This was our first child, so we were really unsure what to expect. It gave us a lot of peace of mind to know that Lola was on our team. Our delivery ended up being a bit complicated, so it was really helpful to have someone there to advocate for us, communicate with the nursing staff with a firm but tactful voice, explain our options, and provide labor support. She has a wonderful Marry Poppins bag of activities to soothe and ease pain during the labor process.

We also greatly appreciated the home visits where Lola walked us through what we might need to prepare for baby and provided some lactation support after baby was born. She was so helpful and communicative throughout the whole process!

Dustin Welch García


Working with Lola was absolutely wonderful. She was really knowledgeable throughout, and most importantly, she facilitated my wife having a vaginal birth and really played an integral role in an overall amazing birth experience. As the non-birthing parent, I can say she was a great person to have in our corner throughout the delivery and helped put me at ease as much as she was able to help my wife in the delivery itself. 100% recommend her.

Elizabeth, Tanner & River Beard


We all know how important the right people on your birth team is. Before even getting pregnant I started researching doulas and when I found Lola, I knew she was the one for us. Her attention to detail, deep and true  care for my birthing and pregnant experience, and her professionalism made me feel safe, prepared and supported. Birth is an incredibly personal event and Lola was dedicated to helping me build the experience I wanted in addition to creating plans for the unexpected and how I wanted to be treated by providers. Talking to her throughout pregnancy allowed me to really clarify the environment and tools I wanted to birth our daughter without any interventions. 
I was able to come to her with any questions and always left our communications with encouragement. 
I began labor at 2 am and I decided to labor on my own while my husband slept a few more hours, Lola was quick to respond and I never felt alone. She planned with us, laughed with us, danced with us and was there every step of the way to bring our River girl earthside. some of my favorite moments imclude Lola giving me hip counter pressure and nurturing touches during my bendryl nap right before my water broke. She watched my emotional state and guided my husband to step in and how support my body. And finally, so thoughtfully brought me snacks postpartum which actually made me cry. 
Lola is the ultimate doula! 

Elizabeth Jarvie


I consider Lola like family after only 4 nights.

That is the kind of care Lola shares to the lives she touches.

I received Lola's contact information from a dear friend who also raved about how wonderful Lola is, and I can safely say that having Lola support me and my newborn baby for 4 nights during postpartum, particularly the first night home, made all the difference in the world with starting this journey of second-time parenthood off. 

For my first child, I didn't reach out for any support and experience severe PPD & PPA for 11 months, depsite getting on medication and seeing a therapist.

This time around, I started taking Zoloft and seeing a perinatal therapist 6 months prior to the baby's due date AND most notebly, hired Lola as our postpartum overnight doula for 4 nights. 

I am overjoyed to report that I am not experiencing any PPD or PPA symptoms this time around, and I attribute a lot of that to Lola's wisdom she shared, her calming presence, her sweet interactions with my children, and overall wonderful personhood.

I think it says a LOT that my 2-year-old named TWO of her dolls "Lola" after ONE interaction with Lola during the pre-visit. 

She will leave an imprint in your life you will never forget and forever be grateful for.

Love you, Lola!


Alex Slivka


We were extremely fortunate to have Lola with us a few nights a week from our baby's first night home and through her 3rd month birthday. She was instrumental in those tough early days - setting up the space, navigating breastfeeding challenges, providing suggestions for products,  and patiently care for our baby who struggled with reflux. Our baby loved  her company and so did I!

We cannot imagine having gone through the experience without Lola. She was the best possible combination of extremely professional and loving to both parents and baby. Any family would be lucky to work with her!

Amanda Caradoc


As first time parents lacking a “village” we decided we wanted a Doula to help us navigate birth. That proved to be a very daunting task until we found Lola. I would honestly say it was a match made in Heaven. Lola is the perfect balance of nurture and spunk and that’s exactly what we needed. Having her on our team made us feel so empowered, especially as first time parents you are filled with so much self doubt and she truly filled us with confidence (even at my follow up the week after having my son my OB wouldn’t stop raving about how much all the nurses loved her). While I have never ending wonderful things to say about all the ways she helped me navigate labor and accept that just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you have to stick to that plan I have to say I am most thankful for her not only supporting me but also supporting my husband. Labor is so hard on both parents for very different reasons. For my husband he really struggled seeing me in pain and not being able to take that away from me but Lola supported him in supporting me. How she managed to support the two of us so gracefully and with such positivity I will never understand but trust me when I say Lola was born to be a Doula! Even postpartum Lola proved to be such an asset to us, she helped us navigate some bumps in the road and where she couldn’t directly assist us she provided us with wonderful resources. Lola made our family feel instantly loved and cared for and has continued to do so throughout our journey as first time parents. The world is blessed to have Lola in it!



I could not have imagined giving birth without Lola by my side! From our initial appointment, I knew she was the doula for me. She was informative, supportive and had the personality I felt like I'd need during a very vunerable time. Our prenatal appointment helped us determine if our home was ready to welcome baby earth side, and ways to work through active labor. However, I unexpectedly had to be induced at 39 weeks and felt so scared as to what would happen to my baby and myself. We texted Lola immediately and she instantly jumped into action asking us questions for the play-by-play. When she arrived at the hospital, I was in the middle of a really tough contraction while getting my epidural placed, and she jumped into action with my husband and nurses. During labor, she worked with the L&D nurses to get me into different positions, adjust positions that weren't working, and provided words of affirmation to really help me get into a better mental space. She also did little things that made a huge impact, like packing our belongings and taking photos of us, so that we could really foucs on welcoming out little boy into the world. She helped create the positive birth eperience that I was looking for! But she didn't stop there, after birth, she checked in on us and was able to help us get breastfeeding established! If you are looking for a doula, Lola is worth her weight in gold!



We are so grateful that Lola came into our birth story recommended to us by dear friends. Lola provided more than just support during birth; she comprehensively prepared and assisted us before, during, and after the arrival of our daughter. As new parents, the advice and tools she provided us at each stage was uniquely helpful and highlighted her expertise she has amassed from supporting so many other families. From the support she gave ranging from how to set up our space for postpartum ease, to hands on positioning and pain management during labor, to support for successful feeding, Lola allowed us to not feel the pressure that we had to be experts ourselves, and trust that we had an advocate and birth team member who could navigate us through the unknowns.



I can't even begin to tell you what a life saver Lola was!  We had hired her as a post-partum doula, primarily overnights. Our first night with her we had just found out that our baby was having trouble feeding.  Lola was so supportive in helping me navigate breast pumps WAY before I had intended to and had such a wonderful calming presense.  She helped us get set up and made sure we slept! 

So grateful that she set us up for success with a pre-natal visit as well.  She had great recommendations for products and was able to answer lots of questions that I had about what was needed and how they were helpful.  We were commonly asked about things we had or ways we were doing things and we always replied "Our doula turned us on to it!"

It's been nearly a year at this point and I still frequently think about how helpful she was in helping us navigate this brave new world. She is encouraging and supportive, so easy to talk to.  I cannot overstate how grateful we are to her, next time I am pregnant I know her schedule will be the first one I'm checking. 

Kayleigh Elder


I can’t say enough how much I appreciate Lola’s steadfast support as our birth doula. From our 1st meeting Lola had plenty of advice and resources to offer. She answered all of our questions quickly and without judgement, including the late night “am I crazy for…?” text messages. Leading up to and during our 42 week induction, Lola encouraged me to advocate for myself, ask questions, and think through the risks and benefits of each decision. Lola’s support during labor was quick and efficient. As soon as she arrived, she jumped into action, suggesting position changes, offering massages, reminding me to eat and drink, reminding hospital staff of my birth wishes, etc. My husband especially appreciated her calm and swift presence as we were both becoming overwhelmed. Ultimately, labor was a long 35 hours and ended in an unplanned C-section. I’d like to say I was calm and collected during the C-section, but that would be a lie. In those moments, mentally processing a major surgery, a huge fear of mine, was a lot for my already exhausted mind and Lola never made me feel guilty for that. She was by my side through the entire surgery, trying to distract me with conversation, warm blankets, and baby updates. Lola also stuck around for a few hours post-op, helping with baby’s latch, packing up our L&D room, and seeing me through to a much calmer and happier place physically and mentally. In total, Lola was with us in the hospital for over 24 hours. A few days later, Lola came to our home for a postpartum visit. We spent this time catching up and chatting about our first few days as parents. Once again Lola came through big time, offering a ton of advice, referring us to a lactation consultant, and helping us secure an appointment to quickly address breastfeeding issues. Lola’s support has gone above and beyond expectations. I’d recommend her services to any friend in a heartbeat.



Lola is simply the best. From the moment I sent an email to inquire about her services to the postpartum visit, Lola has been with us every step of the way. My partner and I knew from the moment we had our first virtual meeting, that we wanted to have her as our doula. She was knowledgable, easy to connect with, kind, and had a great sense of humor. To top it all off, it was important for us to find a BIPOC doula, as we identify as such.

Hiring Lola as our doula was the best decision we could have made during our pregnancy. As soon as she was a part of our team, a weight was lifted off our shoulders and we knew we were in good hands. 

During the in-person prenatal visit, Lola provided great insight on our nursery setup, demonstrated Spinning baby techniques, and overall shared many useful resources. During our postpartum visit, Lola answered questions about pumping, feeding, diaper changes, baby-wearing and what to expect in the days/weeks to come.

Lola came to the hospital on my delivery date with an arsenal of coping tools. She had LEDs tea candles to make my bath more relaxing. She had a comb to deflect some of the contraction pain. She acted as our mediator between the L&D nurses and my partner and I. She helped my partner throughout this 20+ hour labor to give him some breaks, and stayed with us the entire time. When it was time to push, she was by my side guiding me and trusting me to know what to do at each contraction. She was even able to capture some photos of this unforgettable moment.

We are so glad and grateful to have had Lola throughout this pregnancy. We highly recommend hiring Lola. She knows what she is doing and is there to empower families like us. She allowed us to have the birth experience we wanted. We will see her when time comes for baby #2!

Rohit Vashishtha


As our baby boy turns a month old today, I feel hiring Lola as his birth doula was one of the most thoughtful decisions we've made. Lola shared lots of helpful resources with us 3 months in advance which turned out to be very handy for - 1) Mom's readiness for delivery 2) Baby's birth 4) Mom's postpartum recovery  3) Initial days of baby's care.

Even though the hospital's nurses and doctors were present on delivery day, the kind of support Lola provided to my wife was more like having another person from our family in that room on that hectic and stressful day. She was actively assisting with exercises and steps to assist with delivery. Following delivery, Lola was constantly in touch with us, answering many of our questions as a first-time parent.

Overall we are glad that Lola was there to help us. If any of our friends are planning to have a baby in the neighborhood, we will be more than happy to recommend her.

Pao Ferrese


We are so glad and thankful that Lola was part of our birth journey from pregnancy, birth and to postpartum. Lola provided helpful resources in preparation for the birth and was always happy to answer any and all our questions. She’s always quick to respond, which we appreciated, as well. I ended up getting a last minute c-section, which we weren’t expecting, but Lola’s presence helped my husband and I get in the right mindset for it. She also went above and beyond and changed her schedule post-birth, so that she can come and help us when we got discharged from the hospital. Her postpartum night visits were so invaluable for us. Not only did it help us catch up on some much needed rest, but she also gave us the tools to be the best parents that we can be. As first time parents, it can be tough trying to figure out parenthood, but Lola’s knowledge is so immensely helpful that it made the first two months less stressful. There are so many things that she helped us with: breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding tips, baby’s first bath, items to buy, baby’s sleeping style, tummy time, and most importantly, re-assuring us whenever we are having tough moments. I would run out of space if I were to list everything down that she has helped us with! Lola’s knowledge and compassion gave us the comfort and confidence we needed as first time parents. We are forever grateful to have had her, and if you’re looking for a doula, I would highly recommend Lola! She truly is a wonderful soul and any family would be fortunate to have her.



My wife had a birth that didn’t go to plan as she had to be induced due to late pregnancy pre-eclampsia. We couldn’t have done it without Lola. She came and provided such a calming presence and helped my wife through preplanned stretches during a difficult time. In the end we had a really good outcome considering the circumstances, and Lola also took the birth photos so discreetly that wife said she didn’t even know that happened!

During the after birth visit she also live demonstrated on baby some very practical and effective soothing tips which we put to use right away.

Definitely hire Lola as your Doula - we couldn’t imagine a better experience with anyone else.



My wife had a birth that didn’t go to plan as she had to be induced due to late pregnancy pre-eclampsia. We couldn’t have done it without Lola. She came and provided such a calming presence and helped my wife through preplanned stretches during a difficult time. In the end we had a really good outcome considering the circumstances, and Lola also took the birth photos so discreetly that wife said she didn’t even know that happened!

During the after birth visit she also live demonstrated on baby some very practical and effective soothing tips which we put to use right away.

Definitely hire Lola as your Doula - we couldn’t imagine a better experience with anyone else.



We used Lola as an overnight postpartum doula for our daughter starting when she was just a few weeks old.  Lola really saved us. Her knowledge is vast and she is a baby whisperer. We are first time parents and she swooped in, told us which bottles, pacifiers, and swaddles to buy.  She talked with me about pumping and how to properly store milk.  In our sleep deprived states this was extremely helpful and supportive--on top of the fact that it gave us both extra time to sleep and recover.  I never worried about my daughter's safety.  Lola knows what she's doing and is a wonderful person to chat with at 2am when feeding baby before she sends you back to bed!  I appreciate how seriously Lola takes her job.  You can tell just by spending time with her that she is passionate about her career.  Simply put:  book her now.  



We hired Lola as a doula for the birth of our second child. From the beginning, we appreciated Lola's clear communication, passion for birth and babies, professionalism, and sense of humor. During our preliminary meetings, she asked great questions that helped us to build trust and understand our needs during labor. I had a moment of false labor at 39 weeks due to a stomach virus and Lola met us at the hospital with her calm and reassuring presence. Over the next few weeks, Lola offered me many suggestions for ways to induce labor naturally and checked in regularly, helping me find patience, distractions, and humor during that very difficult waiting period. Once I was finally induced, I had also contracted COVID from our toddler. Lola was able to work with us to come up with a plan where she felt comfortable supporting us. During labor, she suggested positions to encourage dilation and comfort, helped me to advocate for myself with the midwife, and gave me a much needed pep talk in a moment of suffering to get me into a positive headspace as I waited for the epidural. Lola is easy to talk to and committed to her clients. She is someone who is a lifelong learner and open to trying new things and asking questions to better her practice. Lola is able to read the room and without being asked, offer the kind of energy that is needed for that moment, whether that is a good joke or some firm coaching. We are very grateful for Lola's support and presence throughout our birth journey and adjustment into life as a family of four. Thank you, Lola!



We are so grateful to have had Lola support the birth of our daughter! From our very first conversation and throughout our journey together, Lola was informative, supportive, and provided valuable guidance at every turn. When the time came for an emergency induction, rather than feeling scared and overwhelmed we felt prepared and empowered. Lola's high level of communication and care are unmatched, and we will forever be grateful to her for her support as we welcomed our daughter into this world. Beyond the preparation and birth itself, Lola has continued to provide us with amazing referrals and ensure that we've remained supported as we navigate this new world of parenthood. I can't emphasize enough how valuable her support has been, and I highly recommend Lola's services to any parents-to-be!

Lauren Blake


Lola's amazing. A perfect mix of knowledge, sincerity, humor, and passion for what she does, for both the baby and you. She was there when we needed, and after when i had trouble healing she was kind and really supportive and made me feel like I was taken care of. When we moved way out of the area and I was needing postpartum care, she helped connect me to a doula in the area I moved to. If you're on the fence, don't be. She goes above and beyond, and at a really reasonable price for something so priceless. We love you, Lola!!

Nicole M


Let me start by saying if you’re expecting a child and considering a doula, don’t even hesitate and go ahead and reach out to Lola for postpartum support! We got so lucky to welcome her into our life and home at such a beautiful yet difficult moment for our new family. Lola was our night doula and it was so comforting knowing our 2 week old was in such loving, capable hands. Being able to sleep soundly those nights helped me more than I can even articulate.

What I most appreciated about Lola was her unique blend of professionalism and warmth. She is organized, punctual and has a kick-ass business style, yet she’s flexible, so fun and easy to work with and has an enormous heart! Sometimes I wouldn't even go to bed right away because I really just wanted to hang and chat with her. From the extra special gifts she left for our family to all the comforting texts to the wonderful Brazilian music group she recommended for J’s play time, I was just overjoyed with how supported we felt. I had an unexpected early delivery and Lola came to my rescue before her first shift to drop off a Spectra pump I could use while waiting for my insurance one to arrive. On so many levels, she is the epitome of the doula philosophy - care for the whole family, the birthing parent, the newborn and everybody’s wellbeing. My partner and I would look forward to every single night Lola was scheduled and we would have kept her on for many more months (nights and days!) if we could.



I was fortune to have Lola's support for almost two months after giving birth to my newborn son. She was so knowledgeable and encouraging and did it all with a great sense of humor. I appreciated her ability to come up with quick tips and ways to manage a very stressful (and joyous) change in my life. As a single mom I was thankful to have her as a sounding board - she listened intently and provided thoughtful ideas and suggestions. What is also unique about Lola is the very special touches she incorporates into everything she does. Whether it was a great breakfast, flowers for Mother's Day or a beautiful thank you gift. Can't say enough about the care she takes in her work and support she provides!

Kristen Bechtold


Lola was an integral partner in my birthing experience. From our first meeting she asked thoughtful questions and guided my husband and I through this transition in our lives with patience and SO much knowledge. Everything from our birth plan, to breastfeeding and product recommendations - she shared wisdom that made our journey into parenthood a thousand times better than it would have been otherwise. I will never forget her calm presence during labor - just what I needed to offset my nerves and the intensity of the situation.

The things that really set Lola apart are 1. Attention to detail - she thought to make sure the recieving blanket from labor was kept for our dogs to smell before being introduced to baby E. 2. Practical care - Lola knew that the hospital kitchen would close soon after my son was born, so made sure to put in a dinner order for me right away (even spoon feeding me while I was being stiched up!). and 3. Sense of humor - which is really important for me in stressful situations. Lola is good company and a joy to have by your side in what can be strange and new situations.

"Thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it, but it's a good start. Lola is wonderful at what she does, and working with her as my doula was the best choice I could have made to prepare for my first birth.

Tavita Coimbra


Even before getting pregnant, I followed Lola on social media and I always admired her work. Before I even met my obstetrician, I got in touch with Lola so we could get to know each other, and it was love at first sight.
From informal conversations to the birth plan, everything was available and willing to listen to me, always with a lot of patience and, especially, with a lot of information.
On the day of delivery, Lola assisted me promptly, even though it was early in the morning, she arrived at the hospital minutes after me, from that moment until I went to the room with the baby in my arms, she did not leave me alone, always encouraging me and providing information and listing the choices I had. Everything was perfect and painless.
The postpartum visit was essential, it helped me with breastfeeding and listened to my baby blues cry.
My husband and I would not have gone through this experience without the support of such a competent professional.
Every pregnant woman should have the assistance of a doula. Should have Lola

J and J


We truly don't know where we would be without Lola. We worked with another doula for our birth, but thank GOD she convinced us to hire postpartum support, as we had no family nearby. *~*Enter Lola the Doula*~*. She was there for us on our first night home, holding space for us to process our traumatic birth and NICU experience after five days in the hospital. Those first couple months were an incredibly raw and vulnerable time for all of us, navigating severe breastfeeding challenges, sleep deprivation, and a postpartum mood disorder. We are so fortunate to have had Lola by our side for both day and night support for three months. Not only was she extremely attentive to my needs as a first-time mother, she was incredibly caring, playful, and loving to our beautiful son. She helped us through developmental milestones, bathing, feeding, nursery organization, and product recommendations, to name only a few. Our son's development is directly correlated to the foundation Lola helped us establish in the early days, and we are forever grateful. We cannot recommend Lola enough to anyone looking for postpartum care.



My husband and I were fortunate to have Lola as our doula for the birth of our second daughter, where I had a successful VBAC. We loved Lola's energy from the start. We had scheduled intros with two other lovely doulas, but came back to Lola because she made us feel so confident in her knowledge & education, and her commitment to fully supporting us. She even provided detailed back-up doula info to make sure I was comfortable when she had to be out of town for a few days (even though it was well before 38 weeks).

Lola provided a wealth of information at each of our meetings with her - so valuable for first time parents and also a much-needed refresher for us having our second baby. One thing I loved was how she showed us how to use the TENS unit and left it with us so that we could make use of it during early labor, which we did. Lola made sure we were ready for postpartum too (breastfeeding, etc.), which I was grateful for because I had been so focused on labor & delivery.

Labor started slowly, and Lola checked in frequently to see how things were progressing and provide guidance (when she tells you to try to rest, REST :)). When things eventually picked up, Lola met us at the hospital at 2:30am and brought her calm, measured energy to the room. Sometimes people are concerned that a doula may take the place of their partner, but Lola not only supported me and my partner, she also left space for my partner to support me through labor & delivery. Lola helped us get breastfeeding off to a great start, too. Thank you, Lola!

Natasha Ransom


We absolutely loved working with Lola! It was so helpful to know that we would have someone who was part of the process before, during, and after our birth. Not only did Lola help us with tons of resources as we prepared for the birth (videos, class referals, and even supplies) but she also helped us fine-tune our birth plan. She was ready to answer any questions we had and her expertise was a really important part of our decision making. When it was time for her to meet us at the hospital, she showed up with a calm energy, ready to help and prepare the space for our birth journey. Her presence during the birth was relaxed and encouraging, and she also gave tons of space for my partner to come in and support. Following the birth, she visited our home and helped with breastfeeding, more fine-tuning of our space, and other areas where we needed support. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a birth or postpartum doula- she was fantastic!

Girishni K


We hired Lola a couple of months before my due date just because we had just moved to Seattle. Lola was incredibly supportive, and always kept us informed.  Throughout my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum,  we really enjoyed and profited from her advice, attention and expertise. When I was rushed to the hospital week before my due date, she was at the hospital within an hour. I felt safe and confident throughout my labour while she was there.   Lola wasn’t afraid to question anything, she made sure i or my partner  had any medical intervention explained and questioned. She would answer my late night texts so promptly, she’s honestly the best! When I first met her on Zoom, her drive was so evident, extremely hard working.

During her postpartum visits We were exhausted and trying to figure everything out as first-time parents, she made sure everything was organized and that we got plenty of rest. Even now she continues to shares resourceful information for each stage of baby A development and useful tips for us. We could not have asked for a better experience. If you are looking for a doula, I highly recommend Lola. Can't wait to have her by myside again for my next baby. 




One of the best decisions we made early in my pregnancy was to work with a postpartum doula. New parenthood is filled with enough challenges and transitions on its own. The reality of this pandemic and its limitations added a whole new layer of caution and potential isolation. I’m so thankful Lola chose to be on our team.

I’d had an early induction followed by a 19 hr labor that ended in an emergency c-section. My husband and I were so exhausted and drained, to say the least. Lola moved things around in her schedule and met us at home within hours of our being discharged from the hospital. And she showed up for us constantly from that moment - in the way of showing us the ropes of all things bathing, breast pump, baby hygiene, changing diapers, carefully organizing baby’s changing station, dresser, and clothes. Patiently sharing helpful tips/recommendations on everything from swaddling to tummy time; from bottle nipples to baby-safe products, toys, etc. This and so much more. My breastfeeding journey in particular was taxing and she was consistently helpful, encouraging, nonjudgmental while my husband, baby, and I found our way.

I think my favorite thing about Lola is simply how safe she made my little one feel. Due to covid, my sweet and affectionate baby has not been held or loved on by anyone, really. I’m so grateful for the safe love and warmth she’s been shown by Lola these past three months.

To work with Lola is to support an entrepreneur and small business owner. Professionalism and genuine care. Advocacy and support. To work with her is also to invest in you, your little one, your support system (partner, family, etc), and the very sensitive and crucial postpartum period of the fourth trimester.

This season will always hold a special place in my heart and Lola is such a big part of that.   



My partner and I had the joy of having Lola as our doula for our first birth! I delivered vaginally unmedicated and so much of that was made possible by Lola’s expertise and kind support. Leading up to the birth she thoughtfully walked us through birth and post partum planning, provided resources so we could make informed decisions ahead of time, and even came for a home visit! My husband and I often remarked that we felt we could not fail, because of how thoroughly Lola supported and empowered us. During labor, she was critical in my coping, as she provided consistent counter pressure and met whatever need came up. Her presence gave my husband peace of mind, so he could support me and stay present throughout the process. Even after the birth, Lola provided breastfeeding support and regular check-ins! We really could not fail with her in our corner.

Lola is incredible at what she does, and brings such warmth and confidence to her work - I have truly felt like she is part of our family, and I can’t imagine giving birth without her.

India Posner


As a doula in Seattle, I always knew I wanted to hire a postpartum doula and meeting with Lola I quickly knew she is who we wanted in our space post partum. Arriving home from the hopsital was such a special and emotional time and having the support from Lola was crucial. She and my mom spent countless hours making nourishing meals, tidying and caring for our baby P. When my mom finally left we began overnight support and it was a lifesaver-that deep sleep is so important and knowing Lola was with our baby let me and my partner fully close our eyes. 

Lola is such an amazing and loving human to have in your space. She is gentle, warm, professional, skilled and so sweet with the babies (and cats!) I never once felt like she was going to judge my rawness or emotions orrrr cluttered home. She was even there for us during our big move! Can't wait to see her again for our next additoin one day :) 

Kelly Rader


My husband, Matt, and I had the pleasure of working with Lola for the birth of our first child. My sister had worked with Lola a year prior for the unmedicated birth of her son--she credits Lola with helping her get through labor without an epidural which was enough of an endorsement for me. 

Lola was amazing and steadfast throughout the prenatal, labor, and postpartum periods and I highly recommend her for your birthing support needs! She listens without judgement, offers feedback and tips when appropriate and helpful, and advocates for you and your family both in and out of the delivery room. 

Tangible contributions:

-Prenatal home visit: Lola came and observed our baby logistics setup (nursery, sleeping, changing, feeding etc.); she offered some helpful advice about how to better arrange clothes in the nursery and having a feeding backup plan in case breastfeeding didn't work out

-Natural induction movements and acupressure points: Lola shared a handful of movements to do both solo and with my husband to make space for the baby and naturally induce labor which included acupressure points that I swear helped my baby come two days before her due date

-TENS Unit: she let us try out the TENS Unit weeks before we had our baby so we could get comfortable with it; this was INSTRUMENTAL during contractions

-Postpartum home visit: she gave some great breastfeeding and bottle feeding tips and provided closure on the whole experience

Intangible contributions:

-Helping my husband and I feel empowered in the delivery room

-Endless moral support through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum






Lauren S.


Our family is so lucky to have had Lola by our side during pregnancy, birth and beyond! We were originally paired with a different doula but feel so blessed that a last minute, unexpected occurence led to us being supported by the best doula on the planet. My husband and I felt so supported by Lola during every step of the way – it’s so hard to imagine what will happen in the birthing suite as a first time mom, but she was extremely helpful in preparing us for all situations. Education is one of the biggest gifts she gave us, which helped us feel prepared and confident going into this new and tremendous situation. 


Lola is a rockstar. When I started contractions at 2am she was there for me, even while I let my husband sleep! We worked together (along with my calls to the hospital) to find out the best time for me to go in. I was very overwhelmed with the pain and even though my plan was the labor naturally Lola was there, understanding and wholeheartedly supportive when things needed to change. I didn’t feel judged but instead felt celebrated for listening to my body and honoring my needs. I am so thankful we had someone like Lola who is ready to pivot and follow the birthing person’s need at a moment’s notice.


Every step of the way Lola was calm, encouraging, and I keep using this word but it’s the most important: *supportive*. Anything that I needed, as a nervous person in labor for the first time, Lola provided. She was (and still is!) my cheerleader and source of wisdom when I’m unsure. I was so thankful to have her arm’s length away during my birth and am still so incredibly thankful to have her just a text away during postpartum. If you are reading this review I hope you reach out to Lola so you can experience her excitement and joy around birth and babies. It is infectious and such a beautiful thing! Thank you, from all three of us, Lola!  

Sierra A


Lola was our birth and postpartum doula for our first child. As two people without any family in the area, she was a huge relief and invaluable resource throughout the process.

Lola provided knowledge, comfort, and experience through the whole birthing process. I labored for a total of four days, in and out of the hospital. Lola checked in on us throughout the process, and even joined us on a late night trip to the hospital to chat with doctors when we knew we wouldn’t be admitted.

On the morning of our induction, she came to our house to help get baby better positioned while laboring at home. In the birthing suite she was a trusted, unbiased source of information, and was extremely supportive through the long process. She took beautiful photos of labor, as well as our first moments with our son. When he arrived via c-birth, she was in the OR, supporting us and helping us get our first latch.

Lola was great as a birth doula, but post partum she has been a gift from the heavens. She is a wealth spring of information and guidance, and has helped us get our footing as parents. When our son had problems with feeding, she set up a baby mouth gym training program that helped him get back up to his birth weight. When he struggled with gas, she made zero-judgment recommendations and helped us figure out what worked well for us and him. When we traveled with him at just 6 weeks old, she helped us think through everything we should bring and how to prepare for the trip. I slept soundly on overnight shifts, knowing there was a truly trustworthy caretaker watching our little guy.

If you’re reading this, hire Lola. Hire her for birth, hire her for post partum, hire her for as many shifts as you can afford. My only regret is that I can’t convince her to stick around until we ship the baby off to college.



We hired Lola a few months before my due date in anticipation of wanting help with sleeping, lactation, and everything in between. When I found out I would need to have a c-section just a few days before our baby was due Lola was there for us right away to provide support and adjust to our needs. She stayed the night we came home from the hospital and for the next couple of nights. Handing your 3 day old baby off to a stranger is no easy task but Lola made it feel like we had known her our entire lives. Lola provided me with the extra assistance I needed to fully heal from a major surgery. And also gave my husband a break from the demand of a newborn and a healing wife. I was able to rest and ask a knowledgeable source questions and receive answers I could trust. Lola has been with us for 2.5 months during the night and during the day. I look forward to her being there and I'm sad when she has to go. She has made our experience being new parents seamless and dare I say easy!? We have learned so much from her and our baby girl adores Lola. I can say without fail that if we have another child Lola will be the first to know so we can get on her schedule. I can't imagine life without Lola (and I don't want to!)... she is such an incredible gift and I just can't recommend her enough. Lola is a hard worker and an incredible care giver. We love Lola!!!


Keira, Sarah, and Olivia Johnson


We are transplants in Seattle and having Lola in our birthing suite was like having family with us. Lola was there for us In the weeks leading up to delivery, arming us with useful information and fielding all of our many questions. Our Olivia came 2 weeks early and when my water broke at 6am my first call was Lola. Without skipping a beat Lola was right there for us even after just coming off of another late night delivery. She listened to me and did so much to create the exact atmosphere that would make me feel the most comfortable and when it came time we had a techno dance pushing party at sunrise to welcome our little girl! My SO isn't the best photographer so Lola stepped in and took some amazing pics for us with her phone and we are so thankful! I'm so happy that she will be part of our birth story forever! 

Amadae Breaux


Working in the healthcare field myself and it being my first pregnancy it was really important for me to build a team. When I found The Perfect Push it struck me that they were really the first team I came across where representation mattered! And to score the doula we wanted (Lola) because they booked up far in advance. My husband and I are beyond pleased with our experience, and it really isn’t over yet. Prenatally, we had several Telehealth visits and she was very knowledgeable, encouraging, empowering, and energetic not just for me but for my husband as well. It was really refreshing. I went into labor 2 weeks in advance at 10pm and Lola was there every step of the way via text and call. Unexpectedly I was pushing at 230am and she made it just in time. At the hospital she was more than helpful with making it a wonderful experience by taking pictures in the moment, walking through certain aspects that seemed overwhelming, packing things up for us as we moved to a different room, and being supportive to my husband as well. Postpartum she was really responsive to every single question we had, checked in frequently, and made things easy when we weren’t sure which supplies to get around the house by just sending us the links themselves. Her in-house visit was a God-send because I definitely wouldn’t know what to do as far as getting our babies weight back up with so much conflicting information out there. Being 4 weeks out, we are so happy with the progress of our baby’s growth since the beginning of our journey and I know we couldn’t do it without Lola.

Harriet and Michael


My birthing experience wouldn't have been the same without Lola. From prep, to labor, pushing, and postpartum – I felt better knowing she was there for me (and my husband!). Before and after birth, Lola was available to answer my questions and send me resources/links. During labor, she was a rock star. I felt instantly more relaxed and in control once she arrived at my house during labor. She helped me move and breathe through contractions, always offering the support I needed. The work continued at the hospital and she helped me work through my thoughts about pain management options. I eventually got an epidural, and Lola continued to provide amazing support with positioning and making sure I was getting fluids. After birth, she even fed me so I didn’t have to take one hand off of my baby! On top of being an amazing support person, Lola captured photos of my labor/birth/immediate postpartum that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Lola has an amazing ability at being right next to you without overpowering the situation. I never felt crowded or that my husband wasn’t also a part of my labor support. Lola is an intuitive and caring doula. I would love to have her by my side for any future births.



We cannot recommend Lola enough!  Lola was our birth and postpartum doula and was absolutely wonderful in both roles.  She has a calm, cheerful, and warm presence, which was precisely what we needed as first-time parents to make us feel at ease.  She is professional, helpful, and her extensive knowledge about the birthing process and newborn care enabled us to make informed decisions about the well being of our son, which in turn has made our son happier and our lives easier.

Anindita Kar


Lola is a delight to work with she is an expert in her work as a doula. We simply loved working with her she took such great care of our baby Mirra, every time Lola would come in, we will relax as she took better care of Mirra than us. Lola is very knowledgeable, so she does a great job in educating new parents on how to take care of their little ones. She also helped us in buying the right kind of items for Mirra, she will always send us detailed notes after her work on Mirra's feedings day to day updates and her recommendations. Lola is very punctual extremely professional & very efficient in whatever work she does.

Any family who will get her as their doula will be very lucky!!

Harsha Kim


It was a pleasure knowing Lola since the time she was a day care teacher for my older son. When I learned that she became a Doula I did not think twice before requesting her services for my 2nd son. It was such a joy to work with her. She is very flexible, accommodative, thoughtful and informative!! She was always checking in on me, making sure I have all the support I need. After delivery I had high fever and before I checked in with my doctor I reached out to Lola and she pointed me in the right direction in a timely manner. She gave me so many reources to make my journey as a 2nd time mom very stress free. Both my sons and I are very lucky to have been taken care of by Lola!! She goes above and beyond to help her clients and I highly recommend her!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!! Wish you a wonderful career ahead!!

Amanda G


Lola did a fantastic job providing in-home postpartum support while consistently following safety practices to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. She put us at ease immediately, and provided guidance on lactation, pumping and breast care; bathing and sleep care for our baby; as well as play and tummy time to help keep our baby on track developmentally. Critically, she also helped us find resources and gear we didn't know we needed -- and gave us time to catch up on sleep while taking great care of our newborn. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!



Lola was crucial to our birth story. She was kind, helpful, and enabled us to make tough in-the-moment decisions that empowered me. 

Since I got pregnant for the first time and delivered during the pandemic, Lola was flexible with her prenatal consults and spent as much time with us as needed to help answer all of our questions and set me up for a successful birth. I have hypertension, and thus was induced - Lola was knowledgeable about the process, available to show up at the hospital at exactly the right time, and guided me through positions that eased contractions. She guided me to write a birth plan that informed hospital staff about my hopes for labor and put me at ease about making the right choice for my body when it came time to decide on whether or not I would have an epidural. She stayed with us throughout the whole labor and helped relieve my husband when he needed a short nap. When it came time to push, Lola advised me on a better position that helped me to not have any tearing and coached me through how to push. 

During our postpartum visits, Lola helped me with breastfeeding tips and debriefed our birth story, which we found helpful since there were some complications immediately after our son was born. 

Overall, I cannot recommend Lola more and would be quick to hire her again. She is warm, loving, and embraces birth empowerment as she welcomes us and we welcome her to be part of our new family. Truly, I could not have done it without her. 10/10



In addition to the amazing work Lola did with our family that we previously wrote about in our review, we have now reached the end of our sleep training work with Lola and wanted to provide an additional review about that. I feel like our daughter's sleep routine says it all: she went from waking up every hour, only wanting to be held to go to sleep, to sleeping 7.5 hours in a row, waking up once to eat and going back to sleep for 2 hours, all in her bassinet. Lola is amazing!!! She taught our daughter how to self soothe, get used to sleeping in her bassinet, and change positions to become more comfortable. And our daughter loves Lola - she smiles and coos for her. In addition, Lola spent time talking to us about what we could do to get our daughter to sleep better and how we could implement that techniques she was doing. One of our issues was that she had digestive discomfort, and Lola also worked with us on tips and advice related to that to help our daughter sleep better. I am so grateful for the work she did with our family. 



Lola is simply the best! She's been very flexible to meet our schedule and is the textbook definition of professional. We feel so comfortable with her in our house at night taking care of our little guy. Can't wait to start utilizing her during the day so we can get to know her even better!



Lola is a lifesaver! We had her initially for three weeks and it was so fantastic we asked to schedule two more weeks. She gets our refluxing-baby to sleep while we get a wonderful night's sleep. Plus she has great advice and tips and is such a lovely presence. We cannot thank her enough for making our lives so much easier during the hard newborn time period of no-sleeping. 

Jasmyne LeDosquet


Where to begin? There are so many wonderful things I wish to say about Lola. The two words that come immediately to my mind: HIRE HER. Lola became my doula shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I knew right away when we had a consultation I could count on her as my advocate, friend, and support throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Even though we couldn't meet much in person, Lola's warm, kind, straightforward personality really helped my husband and me feel comfortable and supported through the pregnancy as first time parents. She provided us with many resources, and always made herself available to talk via text, email, or call. Lola's coaching and support during labor helped keep me calm and focused at all times, even when things didn't go as planned. My labor was a long and difficult process that involved several changes to my birth plan, and Lola helped to ease the difficulty of the new decisions I had to make, and eased the physical and emotional toll it had on me. Her ability to help me feel empowered and safe no matter the situation was incredible. During a postpartum visit Lola went right into help mode and took care of us. She assisted us with our son, ran laundry, helped me with my breast pumping, and was an excellent listening ear for me to vent my woes and worries. She never once stopped validating me as a new mom or my feelings. We cannot stress how grateful we were to have her be a part of such a beautiful, real, and raw emotional portion our lives. She is excellent at what she does, and I know she will support you the way she supported us one hundred percent.

Isabella Law


Given COVID, we decided to not fly in our families to help with the arrival of our baby girl, so we decided to hire a Postpartum Doula. Lola was our choice and we couldn’t be happier. We hired her to spend the night with me in the hospital while my husband stayed at home with our older daughter. Lola is passionate about what she does and was definitely helpful in providing all the support I needed in such a special time. She was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.  If we decide to go for baby #3, Lola will certainly be by our side again.

Thanks, Lola!!

Erin MacDougall


It was an incredible pleasure to work with Lola as a postpartum doula. Due to hospital policy during COVID-19, my partner could only be with me in the hospital for the first night. I was so fortunate to have Lola's assistance for the remaining time on my own with my newborn and then later at home. She is an amazingly good listener and provided such empathetic support for me during this tender time. I would highly recommend any parent/family to work with Lola as a birth or postpartum doula. She provided great communication and high quality support during a stressful and also exciting time for our family. We appreciated her gentle and knowledgeable approach to family and newborn support.



I'd recommend Lola to be your Doula. I felt confident and empowered when we’re together. Having my first pregnancy, being high risk during Covid 19 was a fearful time for me. Lola was punctual at all of our meetings, informative, communicative, and provided a lot of good resources for me which helped me and my partner have an idea what to expect and should know. Unfortunately, during covid, my birthing center were limiting people allowed in the room and was unable to have her attend my birth. But with all the wisdom and knowledge she’d already shared, I remembered  and it felt like she was with me the entire time. It helped me push through when I wanted to give up, gave me confidence and reassurance when I was in doubt. Thank you, Lola for your time and knowledge. You truly made an great impact with my first pregnancy.

Cassie Yango


Before Lola, I was not aware of what a doula was. Immediately I was intrigued and happened to he pregnant so I got the opportunity to have lola as my doula. I'll start by saying I'm absolutely happy and satisfied with Lola and her hell throughout the process, specifically in these times of covid-19. Lola made sure to always ask me if o had questions to ask her or if I needed help she was there. She sent multiple great resources for all parts of the birthing experience which helped me prepare for the big day. Before hand she made sure she knew what I was comfortable with, what would sooth me during my contractions, and how she could help. Lola was prepared and came to the hospital in a very timely manner, ready to jump in. My hospital experience before she got there was terrible and I immediately felt better with her there, she knew exactly where to massage me to help relieve pain. She was very delightful to talk to just to pass some time and contractions while I was in the bath tub. She engaged and listened to everything that was going on and made sure I was okay and things were going according to plan. Lola has checked up on my family and continues to ask if I need help or have any questions about postpartum.. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience with a doula. 

Birth Availability for Lola Katschke CD(PALS), PCD(NAPS), CLE, NCS

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Postpartum Availability for Lola Katschke CD(PALS), PCD(NAPS), CLE, NCS

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